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Pucked, Part 5

I've posted a new chapter of my story Pucked on Had lots of fun writing this one, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

Overview: Lots of oral sex and piss in this chapter. Luke sucks off multiple guys in a bathroom upstairs during a party Ben is hosting. Ben and the other guys enjoy humiliating him and making him eat or play with their cum. Toward the end of the chapter, a competition between the guys on the hockey team and some guys from the baseball team heats up.

Read the whole story after the break.

Pucked, Part 5
Cosmic Charlie -

"Just suck my balls while I jerk off," he gruffly said.

I moved my face up underneath the guy's cock and took his low hangers into my mouth. His balls were shaved, even though he left a good amount of bush above his dick. The lack of hair seemed to augment the sweaty stickiness of his scrotum. I sucked his sack away from the side of his leg and took one of his nuts into my mouth. With my tongue, I licked underneath his sack and toward his asshole.

"That's right whore, you like my nuts in your mouth? You wish you had a pair like this hanging between your fag legs?" he taunted.

I moaned a yes as I licked at his sweaty sack. I did my best to push my face into his crotch to let him know how much I was enjoying it.

"This is where guys like you belong. Right between a real man's legs." he said.

As I sucked and tongued his genitals, I couldn't help but think about how much my life had changed over the last few weeks. Before I met Ben, I was a measly janitor who fantasized about getting a guy, any guy, in bed. Now, I was hanging out with some of the hottest and coolest guys at the school. The only catch was that whenever they asked, I got on my knees and serviced their jock dicks. All things considered, it seemed like a big step up. It wasn't like I didn't like licking and sucking at their junk and eating their cum, and when I wasn't helping them get off, they tended to treat me pretty well.

The guy raised up his ass and opened his legs, then said, "Go for it, fag."

I started to move my mouth lower, making sure to spend some time on the skin between his ass and his nuts. Then my tongue touched the skin around his asshole.

"Oh fuck yeah, eat my ass." he moaned loudly.

I dug my tongue into his asshole, feeling the ring of muscles pulse and tighten around the tip of my tongue. His ass was tight and clearly nothing bigger than a tongue had ever pushed its way into him. I would lick at his ass for a little while and then move my head back to his nuts before working my way back down. If I spent too much time in any one place, his big paw would grab onto my hair and move my mouth where he wanted it. His dirty talk devolved into babble as he got closer to cumming.

Everyone called the guy Anderson. I never bothered to learn his first name. He wasn't a huge fan of me sucking him, but he loved a good ball job and rimming while he jacked off. His ass and balls always smelled so good. He was clean, used Irish Spring soap I guessed, and the smell of the soap mingled with a days worth of crotch sweat. It was the sexiest cologne in the world. He had shoulder length blond hair that curled a little at the ends, and he was built like the guy on the roll of Brawny paper towels. Anderson was stacked, but his body wasn't so lean as to look like he spent every minute at the gym. His hard body wasn't gym sculpted. He had earned everyone of his muscles on the ice.

"Ok, time for your snack," he panted.

I moved my face away from his body and opened my mouth. Anderson liked to see me eat his load, but had some sort of hang up about feeding it to me directly. This always resulted in messy endings.

As usual, his cum erupted out of his dick in thick, slimy ropes. The first few shots missed my mouth and landed across my face and in my hair. After that, he planted four blasts directly into my mouth. I swallowed it down as quickly as he dumped it into my mouth. Within moments, all that was left was the bitter aftertaste.

"God you're a slut," Anderson said as I picked up a towel to wipe his cum off my face.

"Wait," he said, "Rub it into your hair."

"Dude, everyone will notice." I protested.

"Do it." He said roughly. I knew that if I refused he would tell Ben, and the resulting humiliation would be like five times worse. I rubbed the cum that landed on my head through my hair, trying my best to restyle it as I did.

Anderson gently slapped my on the side of my face. "Good boy," he said.

He zipped up, and I pulled my polo back on. We made our way back down to the party Ben was hosting. I instantly gravitated to Ben's side, and Smith followed me over.

"Hey Ben, here's the five bucks I owe you." he said.

Three or four of the guys standing around laughed. Ben had not been loaning my mouth to his teammates out of the goodness of his heart. They all paid to use my mouth at his parties. He didn't seem to charge much, and I was pretty sure that he just liked to idea of whoring me out. Still, I always felt a little shocked when I saw the actual exchange of money taking place.

At any given party, most of the guys did not know what my actual role was. Only Ben's teammates knew that I would suck their dicks for a fiver, payable to Ben of course. It became a kind of game with them to try to get me out of the party and into an upstairs bedroom with no one else noticing that I was gone. Usually, some excuse would be made, and I would be pulled away from whatever I was doing. Sometimes, I would disappear from the party to wait for a guy who would show up a few minutes later.

The parties at Ben's place took place at least twice a weak, though he didn't always invite me. Tonight he had people over to pre-party before heading over to a bigger party at a house down the street. There were about thirty people at the house, most of them dudes. Early on a gang of guys from the baseball team showed up, and started to hassle the hockey guys. The two teams hated each other, and everyone was out to prove that their sport was the manliest and most difficult. Any number of competitions and 'dick-measuring' contests were sure to occur if one team or the other didn't clear out early.

Around nine o'clock, Ben came over to me and whispered in my ear, "I gotta take a leak. Go upstairs and wait for me in the bathroom."

My dick got instantly hard. Drinking piss was something that I never imagined I would do, but after Ben marked me for the first time, I was as addicted to his urine as I was to his cum. It kind of saddened me that only on my best nights could I get Ben to make the same look of relief by sucking him off that he made when he released the piss he had been holding in.

I ran up to the bathroom and stripped down. I waited on my knees. This was not something that Ben ever taught me to do, but I knew that he expected it.

Ben walked in, "Get in the tub." he said.

I stood up and stepped over the side of the bathtub, then got back down on my knees.

"Drink it all," he said, "Don't waste any of it."

This was one of Ben's favorite games. He liked it so much because he knew that it was more likely than not that I would fail. He unzipped his jeans, and I took the head of his semi-hard dick into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his shaft and waited. Within seconds, Ben let loose a torrent of hot, beer piss. My mouth filled before I knew what was happening, and when I tried to swallow, piss sprayed out of the sides of my mouth.

Some guys in college can literally funnel beer into their gut. I wish I knew how they did it. I mean, I can open my throat for a dick, but I have never worked out how to open it for liquid. Ben was pissed.

"What the fuck, Luke," he said. "I don't know why I even bother with you."

He turned to the toilet and started to piss into it.

"Ben, please, I'll try harder. Please." I begged.

Ben cut off his stream again and looked down at me with a mix of pleasure and disgust.  "Well, if you're gonna beg me to piss on you, I guess I will."

Ben started to piss again, this time making sure that he got it all over the rest of my body. He pissed on my hair, in my mouth, down my front, and over my shoulders. His spray seemed to last forever. The hot liquid was electric on my skin and my six inch dick was rock hard and curving upward toward my abs. I savored and drank whatever piss landed in my mouth, but there wasn't much. Actually drinking his piss was a pleasure that Ben seemed intent to deny me.

When he finished pissing, he zipped up and said, "Wait here."

I sat in the bathroom and waited for whatever came next. While I waited, I realized that I was covered in piss. Going back down to the party was not really an option anymore. That was Ben's punishment for me. I had failed to serve him properly, so I could no longer hang out with his friends. Shame washed over me. I didn't like thinking that I had let Ben down.

Then the door opened, and a guy I only vaguely recognized walked into the bathroom. He was one of Ben's close friends, I think, from high-school. The dude was sexy as hell. He had dark, almost black hair and killer blue eyes. Like every man Ben hung out with, he was built like a brick shit house. This guy had a particularly narrow torso that gave his figure a nice V shape.

"So you're the bitch Ben's been telling me about." he said. "About time he let me get a piece of you."

The guy walked over and unzipped his fly. He started to piss on me. His stream was slow at first, but quickly gained force. After a second or two, it felt like I was getting blasted by a firehouse. It actually hurt if he held the stream in one place for too long.

"I love pissing on worthless pieces of trash." he said.

He directed his stream into my mouth, and I guzzled down whatever I could. His piss was stronger than Ben's and yellower. The bitter taste in my mouth made the experience more difficult and degrading. Taking a man's beer piss is one thing, but strong piss is a lot harder for me to drink.

As he finished, he brought his crotch level with my face. His thickening dick hung in front of my mouth. He had a good sized cock, maybe seven or eight inches when hard. I started to move my mouth toward him, eager to taste his cock.

"No fucking way man," he said as he backed away. "Look at this dick, fag. You will never taste it. You don't deserve it."

With that, he tucked his dick back into his pants and left the bathroom.

After that, two more guys from the team came in and pissed on me. Neither of them were really into getting blow-jobs from me in the past, and they weren't looking for it that night. I think they were pretty weirded out by the idea of putting their dick in another man's mouth. However, they couldn't pass up the opportunity to piss on Ben's bitch. Each laughed as he coated my body in piss. Neither tried to get it into my mouth. They probably couldn't imagine that I would want to drink it.

While they pissed, they called me slut, fag, whore, and every other name they could think of. One thing I had learned from hanging out with Ben is that straight guys get more and more aggressive as they drink. A seriously drunk guy has no problem slapping me around while I suck his cock, even if the next day in the locker room he is downright caring as I milk his load from his dick.

I wasn't sure how long I was supposed to hang around, and was starting to contemplate taking a shower to wash the piss off of myself when Ben came back into the room with two guys from his team. James and Adam were the only two dudes who didn't pay Ben to use my mouth, and both had pretty much free reign over my body.

"I gotta go again, fag." Ben mumbled as he unzipped his fly.

James and Adam quickly followed suit. In a flash, I had three hot streams of beer piss flowing over me. All three aimed for my mouth, and I knew that I was supposed to drink as much as I could. I started out swallowing, but soon choked on their piss. As I coughed and choked, the guys just laughed. Ben had his phone out and was recording the whole scene.

"You ever fuck up, Luke, and I'm going to post this shit all over the internet." he said as he laughed.

When their streams died down, I saw James' cock thickening up. From our frequent encounters, I was starting to guess that James was less straight than the rest of the guys. He seemed to really get into watching the other guys mess with me, and he clearly enjoyed man-sex.

"I'm so horned up, dudes." James said, "I think I'm gonna have to feed him my load."

Adam started to jerk on his dick too. "Dudes," he said, "Let's totally paint his face. I wanna see this bitch covered in man juice."

I watched as the three studs started to pull on their dicks. Of course, my own cock was hard as a rock and standing straight up.

"Don't just sit there and stare, bitch," Ben said, "Clean up my bathtub."

As they masturbated over me, I bent down and started to lick the sides of the tub and suck up the pools of piss that had gathered around me. I got even hornier as I imagined the six guys who had contributed to the mess. They were all hot as hell, and I was covered in their stank, man piss.

"I'm almost there, man. I'm gonna cum all over this slut." James moaned as he picked up the pace on his cock.

"Close your mouth, Luke." Ben said, "You don't get to taste it unless I tell you you can."

Within thirty seconds James started to shoot. He shot more cum than I had ever seen. Ropes of thick, chunky seed plastered my face and dripped off my chin. His orgasm seemed to last at least a full minute, just one geyser of cum after another. My chin and cheeks were covered in James' cum by the time he was done.

"Been saving that for you." he said. "I know you're addicted to my juice."

Adam moved in closer, and I could tell that he was about to blow. I had to resist every instinct in my pathetic fag body that told me to open up and drink his load. I knew that if I even parted my lips, even a little, Ben would take it out on me hard.

"God you're a pathetic slut. Good-looking dude like you covered in another jock's cum." Adam said as he moved his dick closer to my face. "You know what you are? You're a fucking waste of a man. You should've been born a chick."

With that final insult, Adam started to plaster my brow and hairline with his load. James had shot low, so Adam, who was committed to seeing my whole face covered, shot high. He blew a good load, four or five decent blasts of juice, but nothing like James had. Because I was not allowed to open my mouth, I was breathing heavily through my nose. The smell of piss had completely faded. All I could smell now was the harsh, intoxicating aroma of semen.

Ben moved in and shot his load on my face without comment. I now had cum dripping off of my jaw and sliding down my face. James' load felt cold on my skin and Ben's load felt like lava. My own mind was in erotic overdrive. I wanted to take the cum and use it as lube to jerk off my aching dick. I wanted to scoop the cum off my face and load it into my mouth, swishing it around before swallowing it. I wanted Ben to run his dick through it and then shove his cock up my ass. I just wanted to do something with it.

As Ben caught his breath he motioned for James and Adam to clear out. The whole scene had maybe lasted only five minutes, but they were some of the best minutes of my life. Ben handed me a hand towel from the rod in the bathroom.

"Wipe that shit off your face and don't you dare try to taste any of it." he said.

I dutifully wiped up the cum. My spirits dropped significantly when I realized that it was all going to go to waste. Ben was going to deny me the one pleasure he usually let me have by taking his cum away from me. While I cleaned up the three loads, Ben fiddled with his phone.

"Look at this," he said when I put down the towel.

He turned the screen of his phone toward me, and I saw myself. I did not see the handsome, good-looking guy that usually beamed at the camera. Instead, I saw a cum-dump slut, with rivers of jock seed running around his eyes and over his cheek bones, gobs of the shit hanging from his chin, and hair wet with piss.

"What do you think?" he asked.

A million thoughts raced through my brain. I felt degraded, embarrassed, even a little ashamed, but one thing kept coming back to the top. "I like it." I said.

"See, even if you don't know it, I'm always looking out for my pussy-boy." he laughed. "Now take a shower. When you dry off, I want you to use the cum rag. Do a good job, or else."

Ben walked out of the room. I walked over and locked the door, then took a quick shower. When I was done, I started to dry off with the hand towel. Wanting to please Ben, I started at the top and worked my way down. Most of the cum ended up worked into my hair and face. I got dressed quickly and walked downstairs.

The party had thinned out considerably by then. Ben and four other guys from the hockey team were left and they were engaged in what appeared to be a high stakes game of flip cup.  During a break in the action, Ben walked up behind me and audibly smelled my hair.

"Good work, Luke. You smell just like a cum slut should." he said and slapped me on my ass.

I tried my best to avoid getting too close to anyone for the next half hour. These guys had smelled cum before, and I knew they would figure it out if they got a whiff of me.

Almost an hour passed with frequent runs at the flip cup table. Three out of five turned into four out of seven and on and on. The hockey guys were behind, and each time they lost, they would increase the wager by a few bucks. Finally, there was a hundred dollars a dude on the table and the baseball team declared that this round was the last. Everyone was amped up, but when the last cup fell, the baseball jocks were the winners.

"Pay up," said the most dominant guy. I guessed he was probably a captain on the team.

The hockey jocks all reached for their wallets, but Ben stepped out in front of them.

"What if we give you something better than money?" Ben asked.

"What do you have in mind?" said the ball player.

"We got a slut who literally lives for cock and will do anything to please a man. You get the slut for the night, and we keep our money." Ben said.

My stomach dropped, and I felt like I was going to throw up. I didn't know these guys and Ben would not be there to keep me safe. I was not sure I was up for this, and every muscle in my body hoped that the baseball guys would say no.

"No chick will go for that," the ballplayer said. "They all say they love cock and want to get gang banged by a bunch of jocks, but they chicken out at the last minute."

"You're in luck then. Our slut is a fag. And like I said, the dude lives for dick. He'll do what I tell him." Ben said.

All eyes from the baseball team suddenly turned to me. I was the only guy left who wasn't an athlete, and there was now no question what my role at the party was. I looked down at my feet. The smell of cum suddenly became prominent in my mind. Of course Ben was right, I had no will of my own when it came to cock.

"You're fucking with me," the ball-player said.

"Fag, get over here and suck my cock." Ben called out.

I looked into his eyes and knew that this was one of those moments when I had to decide if I ever wanted to see his dick and taste his cum again. If I didn't suck his dick in front of these nine straight guys, Ben would never talk to me again. That was our arrangement.

As I walked over to Ben and knelt down, Ben unzipped the fly of his jeans. When I knelt in front of him, he pulled my head into the boxer-briefs that covered his junk.

"Show them how much you love dick, Luke." Ben said as he took his hands off of my head.

I was going to humiliate myself whether I threw myself into worshipping Ben's dick or not. None of these guys would ever look at me the same way after tonight, so I decided to go full bore. I loudly sniffed at Ben's junk as I pressed my face into the folds of fabric and skin between his legs. I grunted and moaned as I tongued at the fabric. The hockey studs who had been feeding me their meat for weeks cheered a little as I pigged out on Ben's junk. I pushed my nose up under his fabric covered balls and dove toward his ass, causing Ben to lose his balance a little.

Ben grabbed onto the hair on the top of my head and pulled me away from his crotch. He took his dick out of the front of his shorts and all nine inches hung in front of my face. I lunged for it, but Ben pushed me back by my forehead.

"You want it?" Ben asked.

"Please, Ben, please let me suck your dick." I said.

"Tell them. Tell them what makes you happy and why," Ben said as he turned me around to face the baseball guys.

I looked at the jocks from the baseball team. They looked like a cross between an Abercrombie and Fitch spread and the New York Yankees. The guys were clean cut and wearing ball-caps. They all wore t-shirts and either jeans or board shorts. A few of them were seriously tenting out their pants and the others looked to have nice sized packages between their legs.

I looked down at the pavement. "Cock makes me happy. I want to suck all of your dicks and let you fuck my ass." I said.

"Why?" Ben prodded.

"Because I'm a cock whore and a fag. I was put on earth to serve men like you." I said.

"Here," Ben said as he grabbed my head and turned me around to face his crotch. He shoved his dick into my mouth and I eagerly started to blow him.

"This is unbelievable," said one of the guys on the baseball team. "Where did this guy come from?"

"He cleans our locker-room," Ben said. "I found him staring at me and decided to give him what he wanted."

"He really does whatever you ask?" he asked.

"So far," Ben said. He scratched my scalp right above my ears. This was a quirk of Ben's that showed he enjoyed what I was doing. "He does a really good job too."

"So, like, if you wanted him to lick your balls . . ." the guy started to say.

Ben lifted his dick out of my mouth, and I started to suck on his big nuts. He groaned loudly as I rolled each ball around in my mouth. I pulled out all the stops, sliding my tongue underneath his sack as I mouthed his balls and jerking his dick with my hand. Ben moaned again. This was my big show, and I wanted Ben to be proud.

"Fuck, he's got me close already," Ben said. He pulled me back up to his cock. I took the head in my mouth while continuing to work on his shaft with my hand.

The other guys from the hockey team were cheering us both on. They were calling out things like "Feed him your load," to Ben and "Here it comes, fag," to me. Ben's knees started to buckle a little as he got ready for a standing orgasm. I sucked harder and twisted his shaft in my hand.

Suddenly Ben's cock throbbed and his cum exploded into my mouth. The salty flavor of Ben's seed drove me into a feeding frenzy. I went nuts lapping up his cum. I quickly reached down and pulled my own dick out of my pants. As my mouth filled with cum, I jerked my rock solid dick toward orgasm. Though I didn't look up, I knew that Ben would be pleased. I was so hooked on his cum that I was jerking my cock in front of ten guys while guzzling down another dude's jizz.

Ben pulled his sensitive cock out of my mouth right as my orgasm began. Deprived of sensory stimulation, I dropped my face into his crotch and planted my nose in his pubes. I inhaled deeply and allowed Ben's musk to take me over the edge. I shot four or five ropes of cum onto the pavement while huffing his smell. This was the smell that made me submit to Ben in the first place, and it gave me my first hands-free orgasm. I was totally addicted to both it and the man attached to it.

As I recovered, Ben started to talk again. I would have gotten up off my knees, but that would have meant looking someone in the face. Waves of post-orgasm shame were washing over me, and I needed a minute to get my bearings.

"See that guys," Ben said to the baseball players. "The fag blew his load with his face planted in my junk. Actually, the first time I fucked him he had my ripe jock in his face. One of his kinks. I guess he likes his men to smell like men."

"All right," said the leader of the baseball crew, "He'll do all this for us?"

"Yep, you can use his mouth and his ass all you want." Ben said.

I stole a quick glance at the guys. All ten of them had hard dicks in their pants. If I wasn't getting fucked by the baseball crew tonight, then the hockey guys were going to do me good.

"Deal," the guy said, "We'll take the cock sucker instead of the money."

"Good choice," Ben replied.

Ben called the hockey guys round and pulled me up to my feet. "Dudes, you all owe Luke big time. He's saving us a hundred bucks each."

Then Ben looked at me, "You ready for this?" he asked with a smirk on his face.

I didn't say anything. Getting gang banged by a bunch of jocks was something I had always fantasized about, but I was terrified now that it was becoming a reality.

"Relax Luke," Ben said, "You told me you wanted this. Sure, you were in a sex frenzy at the time, but once you see their cocks and smell their junk you'll be back in that mindset. Tell you what, keep your phone on you and text me if things get bad. I'll come and get you."

Ben leaned over and planted a kiss full on my mouth. It was an aggressive, dominant kiss, but a kiss none the less. As his tongue slipped into my mouth, I wondered if he had set this whole thing up. There was a tender side to Ben, and this might have been his twisted way of showing me that he liked me. I was one of his possessions, but I was his favorite possession. Maybe he was thinking that nothing says love like a surprise gang-bang.

Ben broke off the kiss. As if he was reading my mind he said with a smile, "Don't read anything into that kiss, fag." He slapped me hard on the ass and pushed me over to the baseball players.

"Three rules, boys. One, you hurt him I'll hurt you double. Two, the fag gets to keep his phone with him at all times. Three, I want pictures." Ben started to turn away and walk toward the house, leaving me alone with five horny jocks who had license to use me however they pleased.

"Oh," Ben said as he turned back around, "He likes to get pissed on too. Right in the face. Drinks it and everything." There was a collective moan of disgust from the baseball players and a laugh from the hockey players.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and before I knew it I was walking away from the house. "Hope you like dick fag," the baseball player who brokered the deal said as we walked out onto the street.

I'm sure you can guess where things go from here. If you have suggestions for the gang bang, let me know and I might be able to work them in. As always, I love to hear from you guys. Thanks for reading, Charlie -

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