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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 9

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Excerpt: He knelt down and placed his dick against Mitch's own hard dick. It was the first time their cocks had touched, and Mitch thought he was going to cum simply from the contact. Jase pressed his cock against Mitch's abs. His dick came up well past Mitch's belly button.

"Fuck, babe, look how deep I go." Jase said.

Mitch glanced down at Jase's cock laying against his stomach. It almost seemed impossible that anything could go that far into him.

"I wish I could see inside of you while I skewer you, girl. A couple more inches and I'd be coming out of your mouth." Jase said.

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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 9
Cosmic Charlie - cosmic709@yahoo.com

Mitch woke early on a Thursday morning. It was the last week before he had to go back to school, and he had been trying to sleep in. His leg was wrapped around Jase's thigh and his dick was hard against his brother's body. He looked at the clock. It was fifteen minutes before Jase's alarm would go off. His hand ventured across Jase's abs and down toward his dick. Jase's thick meat was draped over the thigh opposite to Mitch. It was half-hard and but still pliable.

Mitch had wanted to wake his brother up with a blow-job for a couple of weeks now, but he had never gotten up early enough to do it. He gently disengaged from Jase and started to make his way under the covers.

The hot moist air surrounding their bodies enveloped him and he immediately smelled the musky scent of Jase's body. Overnight, all of his brother's smells intensified, but his balls and dick head got especially musky. Mitch slid Jase's foreskin back and inhaled the masculine, natural odor that had built up underneath. He licked the head a few times and felt Jase's dick fill with blood and thicken between his fingers. He kissed Jase's abs and then kissed around his cock and down to his balls. Finally, he engulfed Jase's dick.

It took a few minutes for Jase to wake up. First, his body shuddered a little. Then, when he realized what was going on, his big manly hands gripped the sides of Mitch's skull.

Jase let Mitch tongue his dick for a few minutes before pulling him up and out from under the covers. Jase got out of the bed and quickly pulled on a pair of briefs. His hard cock stretched the white fabric.

"Fuck that's a nice way to wake up, babe, but I gotta get to work." Jase said. Then he walked over to the dresser and picked up an envelope. "I got you a present."

Jase dropped the envelope down onto Mitch's bare chest. Mitch opened it up. Inside was a driver's license for another guy. Mitch looked at the birthday - the guy was twenty one. Physically, he matched Mitch pretty well and the photo was dead on. It was a perfect fake ID for him.

"You don't want to know what I had to do to get that." Jase said. "The guy looks just like you though."

Mitch held his first fake id in his hands and gleamed at Jase. "Thanks Jase. You really think I can pass for 21?"

"Just be careful where you use it. Most places don't really check. It's the real deal though." Jase said. He tussled Mitch's hair. "You're growing up bro."

"Man, I can't wait to use it." Mitch said. He was now sitting on the side of the bed.

"I'm taking you out tonight. I've got something planned." Jase stood in front of Mitch as he pulled on his work shirt. Mitch reached out and grabbed Jase's cock through his boxers.

"You gonna let me thank you?" Mitch asked, rubbing Jase's soft cock through the fabric.

Jase batted his hand away. "Girl, you can be such a slut sometimes. Sorry, but I gotta go." Jase said pulling away from Mitch.

Jase grabbed his keys off of the dresser. Mitch figured he might as well get up rather than go back to sleep, so he followed Jase downstairs. "We're going out at 9. If I don't see you before then, be ready."  Jase said as he left.

* * * * * *
Later that evening, Jase and Mitch bumped into each other continuously as they readied themselves in the bathroom. Jase told Mitch that they were going to a club in the city and that he should dress appropriately. Mitch wore a clean white shirt with dark jeans. Underneath, he put on the camo thong that Jase had bought him. Even though Jase had now stocked his underwear drawer with all sorts of girly thongs which allowed his brother easy access to his cunt, this one was still Mitch's favorite. Jase wore a black shirt. Their mother fawned over them as they left, impressed by how well her boys cleaned up.

In the car on the way to the club, Jase explained what was going on to Mitch. "Girl, I've been thinking. I'm going back to college in a few weeks, and when I'm gone, you might want to find a new boyfriend."

"Jase, I've got you." Mitch said.

"Babe, I'm gonna be fucking your cunt until the day I die. But, seriously, someday you're going to want a real relationship. You know, like to settle down with someone. And, uh, I want that too. Really. I love fucking you, making love to you even, but someday . . ." Jase's voice drifted off.

Mitch felt like he was getting broken up with. He wanted to throw up.

"Girl, don't worry about it. We've got lots of time together, and we can always be fuck buddies. I'm not leaving you or anything." Jase said.

"Then what's this about?" Mitch fired back.

"I want you to learn how to pick up men. Real men, not limp-dicked homos." Jase said.

"You're going to teach me how to flirt?" Mitch asked.

"Better." Jase said with a smile.

Since he was about ten, Mitch had wanted to be like his brother. He wanted his confidence, his charisma, and his body. Since Jase had put him on a strict workout regiment, he was closer to having that kind of body. He would always be smaller than Jase, but he was starting to look pretty cut. The thought of having Jase teach him how to do the rest was intriguing to say the least.

They pulled into the club's parking lot and went inside. Mitch's new ID didn't raise any eye-brows and Jase's fake was tried and tested.

They moved into a quieter corner and sat at a table with two women. They were both extremely pretty. Mitch was immediately impressed with how normal they seemed. So many of the girls in the clubs were dressed like bimbos or sluts. These girls just looked like they were just out to have a good time.

"This is Jenna and Emily." Jase said. "These ladies are master flirts and could pick up any guy in this bar. They're going to teach you what they know."

Mitch looked at Jase and then at the girls. The situation was weird and they knew it. Everyone was smiling. Mitch decided to roll with it.

Jase grabbed his shoulder and massaged it a little. "I'm going to go upstairs and get a drink with my buddies. I'll be back in a while."

Jase walked away leaving Mitch with the two women. Emily looked Mitch over and then said, "I think it's so cool that Jase is trying to teach you how to pick up guys. You're really lucky to have a brother like that, not a lot of guys do."

"You don't know the half of it." Mitch said with a secretive grin.

"Plus, the way he's so cool to you, it just makes him hotter. I mean, how many guys like him are this cool with their gay little bro?" Jenna added.

Mitch didn't know what to say. What would these chicks think if they knew just how cool Jase was with Mitch?

Over the next two hours Sarah and Emily taught Mitch how to get a guy's attention and lure him over to the table. They had all sorts of tricks for keeping the guy interested and eventually getting him to ask one of them for her number. Mitch was honestly impressed. The girls were bonafide pick up experts who seemed to know men really well. Mitch started to understand why Jase had brought him here. Left to his own devices, he would have been too aggressive, but men wanted to pursue the women. Sarah and Emily taught him how to go after a guy without turning him off.

It was also the first time that Mitch had ever been able to talk to anyone else about men. His friends at school talked about chicks all day long. Now he was able to talk to someone about who he found attractive and what he wanted to do with him. Sarah and Emily treated him like a little brother, and gave him all the details about their sex lives. Some of these things Mitch already knew. Both women agreed that guys like sexy underwear. Mitch felt the soft fabric of the thong he was wearing, knowing how much it turned Jase on. They also told him that guys like to feel like they are serving their girls. He knew that Jase got off on helping Mitch out, even if he sometimes did it in awkward ways.

Overall, Mitch was relaxed and having fun when Jase reentered the room.  Jase walked over and Mitch stood up. "Time for us to be going ladies." he said. "Did you give him a good lesson?"

"The best Jase." Emily said. "It's so cool the way you're helping your little bro. If you want to get together later, you should call me."

"Sorry Em." Jase said. He flashed her a sexy smile. It clearly told her that he would make good on the offer eventually.  "I've got plans."

When they got out to the car Jase immediately wanted details. Mitch filled him in on the key details.

"Someday that'll be you bro. You'll go into those gay bars and take home the hottest man there. You'll find yourself a real stud." Jase was so excited about making Mitch into a pick-up artist and acting so big brotherly that Mitch was getting turned on.

"I'm already taking home the hottest man there." Mitch said. He reached over and touched Jase's chest.

"Actually, babe, we're not going home. I've got a surprise for you." Jase said.

Jase drove them out to the edge of the city and pulled off the road. He drove down a paved driveway into the woods.

"You've got to see this place," Jase said, "We've been working on the landscaping for a couple of weeks now."

After about a quarter mile of driving, they pulled up to a huge, three story home. The house looked unfinished, and all of the lights were off. The accent lights in the landscaping were installed and turned on. The grandeur of the home instantly impressed Mitch.  Jase parked and they got out of the car.

"I thought we'd go for a swim." Jase said as he led Mitch around to the back.

Behind the house there was a large swimming pool surrounded by patios and decks. At one end of the pool, water flowed over a ledge creating a waterfall. In the dark night, the pool lights glowed brightly. Without saying anything, Jase started to strip down. He pulled off his jeans and then his boxers before jumping in.

Jase popped up from the water and called out to Mitch, "C'mon babe. Get in."

Mitch started to strip down. He was a little embarrassed because his dick was already hard. Watching Jase remove his clothes got him horny again. He pulled the thong over his cheeks and his dick slapped up against his abs.  He jumped into the pool.

Jase immediately swam over to him and wrapped his arms around Mitch. Buoyant in the water, Mitch lifted his legs and straddled Jase's body.  He put his arms around Jase's neck, and Jase kissed him.

"I'm sorry about in the car earlier." Jase said. His voice sounded deeper, almost sultry. Perhaps the water was distorting it.

"It's ok." Mitch said.

"I love you, you know that right." Jase said, "You're my brother and I'm never going to stop loving you."

Jase started to kiss Mitch again. He brought his mouth down over his jawline and bit him on the neck.

"I just want you to be happy, babe." Jase said, his mouth an inch away from Mitch's ear.

"I am happy, Jase." Mitch said. "This summer has been amazing."

Jase was tonguing his ear. At the same time, he was starting to bring his hips up against Mitch's ass. Mitch felt his brother's hard cock poking him in the ass as they made out. He rubbed his own body against Jase's abs, using his brother's neck to move his pussy up and down over Jase's lower torso.

"God, you know how to get me hot girl." Jase said. He slowly walked Mitch over to the side of the pool. Years of being around Jase had taught Mitch what his brother likes - to feel in control, like a hunter. Jase felt the same way. His brother had always been submissive and deferential. Jase was just bringing that out in a different way. He was taking Mitch's natural weakness and showing him how to make it into a strength. Oddly, Mitch could utilize his submissiveness to take control of Jase just as easily as Jase controlled Mitch. He had Jase wrapped around his finger just as much as Jase had him wrapped up.

When they got to the edge of the pool, Jase released Mitch and let him fall away. He turned his little brother around, then lightly bit him on the back of the neck. "I've always wanted to do this." Jase said.

Jase took a breath and dove under the water. Mitch suddenly felt two hands on his ass and then Jase's tongue on his pussy. Intense waves of pleasure moved through Mitch's body and he moaned loudly. Jase licked at his hole and kissed it for ten seconds or so before coming up for air. Without saying anything, he took a deep breath and went down again. This time, Mitch could feel the bubbles from Jase's breathing roll up his crack as Jase slowly exhaled. He moaned, more loudly as he realized that there was no one around to hear them.

Jase came up again and Mitch turned around. He grabbed onto his brother's dick and started to fondle it. He rubbed the sides and ran his fingers through Jase's pubes. He moved his hands over his brother’s hips before going down to lift and rub his balls. The whole time, he sucked Jase's nipples, which sat right at the water line. Jase's nips hardened under his tongue and Mitch bit down a little.

"Fuck girl," Jase moaned, "That feels so good. Do it harder."

Mitch bit a little harder and Jase jumped underneath him. He would have thought that Jase was hurt except for the way his cock throbbed in Mitch's hand. Jase reached down and grabbed Mitch's hand.

"Come over here." Jase said.

They walked across the pool to the waterfall, which seemed to glow with blue and yellow light. Jase stepped into the waterfall and disappeared. Suddenly, Jase's hand reached through the sheet of water. Mitch grabbed it and Jase pulled him through. On the other side of the falling water, there was a large grotto built into the hill.

"Rich people love these things, but this is really amazing." Jase said.

The grotto was the size of a living-room. Pool furniture lined the walls and there was a jacuzzi and fireplace on one end. The jacuzzi was empty and still had stickers and plastic on it. The whole room glowed with a soft blue light.

"It's incredible." Mitch said.

"It pays to be a part of the one-percent." Jase said. He walked over to Mitch and put his hands on his hips. His half-soft cock hung between his legs, but MItch's dick still jutted out into Jase's crotch. "I thought that tonight would be a good night to bring you here."

He didn't wait for Mitch to respond, instead he planted an open mouthed kiss on Mitch and tongued the inside of his mouth. Jase's hand slid down Mitch's back and his fingers reached between his brother's cheeks. He touched Mitch's smooth, hot hole and then pressed a finger against it. Mitch pushed his ass back against Jase's big hand and opened up his asshole for Jase.

As Jase pushed a finger in, Mitch licked and sucked on Jase's neck. He ran his tongue over his brothers' jaw line and started to suck on his ear lobe. He nibbled the lobe lightly, feeling Jase gasp against the side of his face.

Jase pulled his finger out of Mitch's cunt and broke away from the kiss. He licked and sucked on his own finger before reaching down and starting to finger Mitch again.

"I love the way your pussy tastes, girl." Jase said. "You've got such a sweet cunt."

Mitch answered by pushing his ass down on Jase's thick finger. Letting him know how much he loved the feeling of Jase's gentle finger fucking. Jase twisted the digit around.

"It kind of makes sense, you know," Jase said, his face still against Mitch's. "I got the big dick and you got the sweet pussy. We were made for each other."

Mitch kissed the side of Jase's neck and breathed in his smell - now a mix of chlorine and expensive cologne.

"God, I want you in me, Jase." Mitch moaned.

"I know, girl. I know how much you need a big cock inside of you." Jase whispered. "You want me to fuck you? You want your big brother's cum inside of you?"

Mitch moaned. "Please, Jase."

Jase bit down on Mitch's earlobe. "Beg me." he whispered.

"Please give it to me, Jase." Mitch said. His voice echoed in the small space. "Please give me your big cock. Fuck my pussy."

Jase broke away. He stood in front of Mitch and pushed his brother to the ground. His ten-inch dick was standing straight up against his hard abs. A trail of dick drool hung from the head down onto the floor. Mitch fell to his knees and licked the head of Jase's dick. The sweet tang of his brother's precum made his mouth water. He slipped the top of Jase's cock into his mouth and began to suck.

Jase pulled a cushion off a nearby bench and let it fall to the floor. He slowly sat down, never letting Mitch take his lips off of his cock. He leaned back against the stone wall of the grotto and watched as Mitch licked his dick. His brother's ass was high in the air as his head moved up and down Mitch's shaft. Jase loved the way his dick looked against Mitch's face, especially when Mitch would look up at him. He ran his fingers through Mitch's hair and rubbed his brother's scalp.

"That's it babe. Get my dick ready." Jase groaned.

Mitch sucked on Jase's cock for another minute or two before he pulled his dick out of his brother's mouth. Mitch had been sucking so hard that he needed to catch his breath a little. As he panted, Jase shoved his fingers into Mitch's mouth, toying with him and pulling at his lips. Mitch sucked down on them and ran his tongue in between Jase's fingers.

"Bring that pussy over here, girl." Jase said pulling his hand away.

Mitch turned around so that his ass was in Jase's face and his mouth was still on Jase's cock. He planted his face at the base of Jase's dick and tongued his sac while Jase went to work on his cunt.

Jase pulled Mitch's butt cheeks apart and gazed at his brother's hot hole. Over the last few months, Jase had fallen in love with Mitch's muscle cunt. He loved the way Mitch's golden pussy sat between two mounds of muscle. The combination of strength and tenderness got him off.
Plus it was smooth and so much tighter than a pussy.

Jase dove his face in and started to lick at Mitch's gash. As he licked, he pulled MItch's pussy open and spit on his hole. He then rubbed the spit into MItch's ass lips. As his finger circled around his ass, Mitch twisted underneath Jase. The hand and mouth on his butt was getting him off, and he started to worry that he would cum too soon. He switched his focus to Jase's dick and tried to ignore the feelings in his ass as Jase prepared his cunt for his cock.

Jase pulled Mitch's ass open and blew on it. "Fucking look at that gaping cunt. Such a nice pussy, babe." Jase said before he planted his mouth on it again.

As much as Mitch enjoyed Jase's mouth on his cunt, he wanted his cock bad. He wanted to feel all ten-inches of Jase's manhood invading his gut and spewing Jase's baby-batter all over his insides.

"Please, Jase." Mitch said between moans. "Please fuck me."

Jase lifted Mitch off of him and stood up. He grabbed Mitch by the hands and directed him to sit on the cushion. Jase wanted to look at his bro while he fucked him this time. Mitch sat down and Jase stood over him. He rubbed his cock a few times, sliding his thick foreskin across the head. His dick was completely engorged and Mitch was blown away by its size.

He knelt down and placed his dick against Mitch's own hard dick. It was the first time their cocks had touched, and Mitch thought he was going to cum simply from the contact. Jase pressed his cock against Mitch's abs. His dick came up well past Mitch's belly button.

"Fuck, babe, look how deep I go." Jase said.

Mitch glanced down at Jase's cock laying against his stomach. It almost seemed impossible that anything could go that far into him.

"I wish I could see inside of you while I skewer you, girl. A couple more inches and I'd be coming out of your mouth." Jase said.

He let go of his cock and rubbed Mitch's chest for a few moments. Then he leaned forward and lined his dick up with Mitch's smooth cunt. Jase no longer felt the need to prepare Mitch. He lifted his brother's legs and slid his cock in. Mitch's bowels made room as Jase's monster snaked inside of his body. Eventually, Jase planted his pubes against Mitch's ass and he bent over to kiss Mitch.

Mitch's mouth was open. The feeling of Jase's cock inside him had left him speechless. No matter how many times he got his dick sucked, it didn't even compare to the feeling of being impaled on a big dick. When Jase was up inside him, he belonged to Jase, and when Jase started to thrust into him, his purpose was to please Jase.

"That's it girl, work that pussy around my cock." Jase moaned.

Jase moved his mouth to Mitch's tits. A summer's worth of working out, combined with Mitch's genetic predisposition to put on muscle, had helped his brother build up a really nice chest. His pecs sat above his rippling abs and thick neck. Mitch was turning into quite the little muscle stud. The more Mitch worked out, the more Jase loved taking his ass. As Mitch got stronger, his submission became more erotic.

Jase bit down on a nipple and felt Mitch squirm beneath him. "God, you're getting hot girl. All the jocks are gonna want you when you get back to school."

Jase increased the speed of his thrusts, causing Mitch to whine a little as Jase bottomed out deep inside of him.

"Mmm, that's tight. I'm so glad I got first crack at your cunt, girl. Your pussy is going to see a lot of action, but your big bro was there first." Jase said. His mouth was on Mitch's neck now, and his arms were wrapped around Mitch. He held him tight as he humped his brother's pussy.

Mitch was whining loudly now. Each of Jase's thrusts was emphasized by a high pitched noise from Mitch. Mitch felt his ass muscles start to contract and he knew he was about to cum.

"Jase, I'm going cum." he moaned.

Jase lifted his brother's ass up into the air, keeping his dick deep inside of him. "Fucking cum on your own face. Shoot your load into your slutty mouth, baby." Jase said as he practically bent Mitch in two.

Mitch grabbed onto his cock and did his best to point it at his face. His orgasm came fast and hard and the first rope of cum blasted into his hair. Mitch adjusted his aim a little and tried to shoot into his mouth. Five more shots of thick cum splattered across his face, but none of them ever landed directly into his mouth. By the end of his orgasm, Mitch had pretty well painted his own face in cum.

"Fuck that's hot girl." Jase said as he lowered MItch's ass back down to the floor. "Fucking rub it into your face." he said.

Mitch brought his hand to his face and rubbed the cum all over himself. He coated his neck and rubbed some through his hair. As he finished, Jase did something completely unexpected. He leaned down and planted a kiss directly on Mitch's mouth. The smell of Mitch's cum overwhelmed him, but his desire to kiss Mitch won out.

He broke away. "I love it when you get kinky for me, babe." Jase said.

Jase humped him hard for another minute or so until he declared that he was going to cum.

"Cum inside my ass Jase," Mitch said. He now regarded it as a waste whenever Jase came outside of his mouth or ass. He wanted every drop inside of him.

Jase drove deep and started to shoot his load. His whole body pulsed as he drove into his brother. Jase grabbed onto Mitch's torso underneath his armpits and pulled Mitch's cunt down onto his dick. Each thrust was accompanied by a thick volley of cum, blasted into Mitch's gut.

When he finished, Jase pulled his still hard cock out of Mitch. It flopped up against his abs. He roared loudly, "Fuck that's a tight cunt."

He dropped down and laid on his back next to Mitch. The cold concrete floor of the grotto felt good against his hot, strained muscles. Mitch turned over and straddled Jase. He licked his brother's well-developed chest and sucked some of the sweat out of his pits. He was careful to keep his asshole clenched to prevent Jase's cum from running out of him.

Jase tapped Mitch on his belly. "It's so hot to think of my boys swimming around in you, trying to knock you up." Jase said.

Mitch twisted a little as Jase's fingers caressed his abs. Jase's soft touch was tickling him. "Think of the beautiful fucking babies we'd make." Jase said.

Mitch straightened out his body and flexed a little. "So much of this muscle was fed by your cum, Jase. It's like I'm a part of you."

Jase pulled him forward and kissed his stomach, then rolled Mitch off. "We should really get home. Mom and Dad will flip if I keep you out too late."

Mitch grabbed Jase's cock. It was still half-hard and Mitch knew that he could get it up for another round if he tried.

"You don't want to go again." Mitch asked.

"Maybe when we get home." Jase said.

Jase stood and walked over to the waterfall. He dove through it, back out into the pool.  He ran his hands over his body to wash off a little and then climbed out of the pool. Mitch watched as his brother's ass bulged as he moved up the ladder. He knew that he was going to have to get a taste of that when they got home.


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