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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 11

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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 11
Cosmic Charlie -

When the time for Jase to return to college finally came, the brothers convinced their parents that Mitch should drive Jase and stay with him for the weekend. There was no room to park a car at Jase's fraternity, so Mitch would go with Jase and then drive the car home. Jase thought Mitch was old enough to join in the festivities of college life, especially during move-in weekend. Mitch got permission to leave school early from his parents, and he and Jase made the three hour drive to his campus.

When they arrived they took Jase's clothes and things up to his room. The furniture was already there. Jase shared his room with one other guy, who hadn't returned yet. As they unpacked, Mitch made Jase's bed, folded his clothes and swept the floors. It occurred to him later that he was doing all the 'womens' work while Jase was focused on getting his internet running and saying hi to all his frat brothers.

The fraternity house was amazing. Mitch had never seen anything like it. It was an old building that most people would call a mansion. About 60 guys lived in the house and there were another 40 or so in the fraternity who lived in apartments. Jase seemed to be popular in the house, and everyone was excited to see him back on campus.

"So are we going to party tonight?" Mitch asked Jase. He was excited to go to his first real college party.

"Not really." Jase said, "There's a move-in day tradition. We sit out on the front porch and watch the 'cock walk'. You'll see it later."

The brothers went out and got some food before returning to the house. Jase was in one of his brotherly moods rather than a 'boyfriend' mood. He was being cool to Mitch, showing him around, and explaining college life to him. Both Mitch and Jase were going to be juniors this year. Mitch was starting to think about where he wanted to go to college. His parents were pushing him toward a small liberal arts college, but Mitch sort of wanted to go to a big rowdy public school like Jase attended. Seeing the campus was a good opportunity for Mitch to learn whether or not he liked the atmosphere.

When they returned to the frat, a bunch of frat brothers were already sitting on the porch and starting to drink. There were probably a dozen or so guys hanging around outside. The constant flow of people in and out of the house made it hard for Mitch to keep track of who was who. However, everyone was eager to meet Jase's little bro, and they all wanted to get him drunk. In fact, it seemed like watching Mitch get fucked up was becoming the primary purpose of the gathering.

Jase ran interference as the guys plied Mitch with alcohol. He wanted his brother to have a good time, not to pass out at nine in the evening. He did a good job, and Mitch retained a state of constant but moderate inebriation.

The cock walk, it turned out, was the constant flow of freshman guys walking down frat row. The freshman came to the row hoping to find a big party with lots of women. Whenever a group of three or more guys would walk by, everyone on the porch would yell out 'cock walk' and various other insults. It seemed kind of stupid to Mitch, but the frat brothers really enjoyed it.

As he drank more, Mitch started to focus more and more on the guys who surrounded him. He loved to watch them as the interacted with the constant stream of girls who were walking up to the house. The chicks were friends from various sororities, but there was always a lot of heavy flirting and seduction going on. Mitch recognized the moves well. They were the same moves Jase had used on him. These guys were masters of seduction.

The men were also incredibly good looking. At times, Mitch was straight out ogling them. For the most part, they were all in the best shape of their lives. The brother's clearly valued appearances, and they dressed well and took good care of themselves.

"Bro, you gotta stop stripping my frat brothers with your eyes." Jase whispered to him at one point, "I think they're starting to notice."

Mitch had had too much whiskey to care. Deep inside, he hoped that they were noticing. He wanted Jase's frat brothers to see him checking them out.

The night proceeded just like that. Drinking, flirting, laughing, smoking, goofing around, wrestling in the yard, and more drinking. It was soon pretty late, and the crowd started to thin out. Some of the guys were up in their rooms hooking up, while others had wandered off to bigger or better parties. The two guys who were left on the porch were Jase's closest friends. Jase was feeling protective of Mitch and didn't want to wander too far from the house to go to another party. His friends had hung around with him. Jase hoped they didn't feel like they were babysitting his little brother.

At some point they were standing in the front yard goofing around when Mitch made a wise crack about Jase's friend Chaz. Chaz playfully lunged at Mitch and they started to jokingly wrestle on the grass.

Chaz was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. He had very short black hair, dark eyebrows, and dark complexion. He was about as tall as Jase, but not nearly as heavily built. Mitch thought he looked mysterious and sexy. As Chaz wrestled Mitch to the ground, Mitch couldn't help but notice the older man's smell. He smelt like drink - rum and coke mostly - the cigars he had been smoking, and musk from a night of partying. Chaz finally pinned Mitch face down onto the lawn and was lying on top of him panting. Mitch, of course, instantly sprung a boner.

As he lifted himself up, Chaz planted a hand in the middle of Mitch's back. Suddenly, Mitch felt a tug on the waistband of his thong. It was a lavender colored thong that Jase really liked. Mitch had put it on, hoping he and his brother would hook up later that night.

"What the fuck is this?" Chaz said with a loud, deep laugh.

Jase and Andy, Jase's other friend, walked over. Chaz looked up at them, "Look at these fucking shorts he's got on."

For the first time in a while, Jase was a little worried. He didn't know where this was going to go. He didn't want the guys to make fun of Mitch, and the fact that Mitch was wearing the purple thong was at least partly his fault. He was about to step in, but Chaz kept talking.

"This boy thought he was going to get some college pussy tonight and wore his sexiest thong. Didn't you?" Chaz said.

Chaz pulled Mitch over onto his back, so he was looking up at the three guys. Jase had a worried look on his face, but also had a monstrous boner snaking down his leg.

"I, uh . . ." MItch started.

"I don't think those are the kind of underwear you wear when you're hunting for cunt." Andy said, "I think he's looking for something else. I bet if you pull down that thong, you're gonna find a tight man-cunt between this muscle-boy's legs."

"You think?" Chaz said. He grabbed at Mitch's waistband. "I gotta get a better look."

"Guys." Jase said loudly. "We can't do this on the front yard. Let's at least go into the garage."

Chaz and Andy immediately started to the garage. Jase took a minute to converse with Mitch. He had a half-drunk half-lusty look on his face.

"You know where this is going, girl. You ok with it?" Jase said.

Mitch didn't even think about his answer. "Fuck yeah." he said.

The four guys walked into the garage, which was an old carriage house overloaded with cars and lawn care tools. A whole stall of the garage was taken up by a ring of lawn chairs. The guys must come in here to party during the winter, Mitch thought. Mitch took in the dingy surroundings, the bare dirt floors and wooden walls. There was an old, earthy, and mechanical smell to the building. Mitch thought it was the perfect place to add a few cocks to his list.

Andy walked up to Mitch. He was about six foot tall and blond. His hair was buzzed short and he wore a baseball cap. He had on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. Mitch had been staring at him all night.

"I've seen you looking at me." Andy said. "I bet your pussy got wet thinking about me. Didn't it? Did your tight cunt open up when you were checking out my junk?"

Mitch hesitated, and then nodded. He heard Chaz inhale sharply.

"I want to see it." Andy said. He walked over to Mitch and sat down in a lawn chair. He pulled Mitch toward him and grabbed the waistband of his pants. He jerked down his jeans and then roughly bent Mitch over his lap. The purple thong's thin strap was the only thing covering his hole at this point. Andy pulled it to the side.

"There it is." Andy said with a whistle. "Look at that fucking boy-cunt."

Andy ran a finger over Mitch's hole and pushed at it a little. Mitch couldn't see his face, but Andy was practically drooling.

"Fuck, I didn't expect this. That's a smooth, pink, tight gash you've got. It's gotta be the prettiest pussy I've ever scene."

"And that's saying something." Jase said. He had meant to make the comment under his breath, but it came out louder than expected.

"Chaz," Andy called out, "You gotta get a closer look at this snatch."

Chaz turned to Jase. "Jase, uh . . ." he said, "are you ok with this?"

"Yeah, man, I've been fucking that cunt all summer." Jase said with a big shit eating grin on his face. "Unless she says no, I'm fine with it."

Chaz walked slowly toward Mitch, stumbling a little from all the drinking, and put his hand on his ass. He moved his hand to Mitch's shiny hole and circled it with his finger. The asshole was pulsing and twitching like Chaz had never seen before. Without warning, Chaz slipped his finger in to the first knuckle. Mitch gasped.

"Oh God," Chaz said loudly, "She's so fucking warm inside. You really fucked this cunt, Jase?"

"I've fucked that cunt a lot, dude." Jase said. "Stick your finger up deep enough and you might find the load I dropped in her this morning."

Chaz pulled his finger out and looked at it. It was shiny from Mitch's juices. He stuck out his tongue and licked the tip.

"Sweet as honey, man." Chaz said as he looked at Andy.

Andy stood Mitch up in front of him. He turned Mitch around and then leaned forward and ran his tongue down Mitch's ass crack. When he got to Mitch's hole, he spent some time sucking on Mitch's ass lips. The 'make-out session' lasted about a minute before Andy finally pulled away. Mitch was relieved, he felt like he was going to cum in his pants.

"Nice." Andy hissed.

 Andy stood up and pushed Mitch between him and Chaz. Mitch's shirt was raised above his head and taken off. He felt hands moving over his skin - big, muscular, man hands. Both guys were feeling him up, tweaking his nipples, and pulling at his flesh. Fingers were playing with his asshole and tugging at the waistband of his thong.

Mitch looked over to Jase. When their eyes connected, Jase just smiled. He walked over and kissed Mitch full on the mouth. "You like that don't you babe? You like these hot college studs feeling up your body?"

Mitch moaned in the affirmative.

Andy's hands were now on Mitch's chest. He rubbed Mitch's ample pectoral muscles up and down before twisting a nipple. He brought his mouth to Mitch's nip and sucked on it slowly. Then he ran his tongue over the muscle and up the ridge between Mitch's tits.

Mitch could smell Andy's hair and the sweaty smell coming off of his body. Unlike so many of the jocks at his high-school who stunk like body spray and cheap shampoo, these guys smelled amazing.

Andy stepped back from Mitch. He reached out his hand and touched Mitch's chest again.

"Fucking nice tits, too." he said as he turned to Jase, "Jase, bro, I can't believe you've been keeping her from us all summer. This is a prime piece of boy-pussy."

Jase stepped behind Mitch. He wrapped his arms around his brother and started to toy with his tits. Mitch felt Jase's warmth and strength. What was happening with these guys would have freaked him out a little if he hadn't known that Jase would take care of him.

"This took time, bro." Jase said to Andy, "She needed a lot of training and work. But you're right, all that time in the gym really paid off."

Jase's hands moved up Mitch's body. He pushed his fingers into Mitch's mouth and started to pull on his lips. Mitch groaned and relaxed back into Jase. He sucked down on his brother's finger.

"Her mouth is real good too." Jase said, "Like, best blow-job you've ever had good."

Mitch heard a zipper unzip. He turned to Chaz, who had been quiet for a while. He had just pulled his dick out of his jeans. From what Mitch could see, it was a decent sized dick. A thick bunch of pubic hair shot out above. Mitch's mind was already thinking about burying his face in that bush.

Jase, whose finger was still in Mitch's mouth, started to slowly fuck his mouth with his thick digit. He whispered in his ear, "You want it? You want that big cock?"

Mitch nodded again.

"Go for it," Jase said. He released his grip on Mitch and removed his finger from his mouth.

Mitch took a step toward Chaz and then got down on his knees. He wanted to do this right. As he approached Chaz's seven inch dick, he kept his eyes on the man's face. Chaz looked back down at him, clearly pleased about what was going to happen. When Mitch was close enough, Chaz lifted his dick and pressed it against Mitch's lips. The head was slippery and wet with precum. Mitch kept his eyes looking upward.

He let the pressure from Chaz's dick part his lips and took the cock into his mouth. When the head hit the back of his throat, Mitch broke off his eye contact with Chaz and started to focus on sucking his dick.

While he sucked on the top few inches, Mitch reached up and started to pull down Chaz's jeans. There was no way he wasn't going to really get a taste of this guy's junk. As the pant's came off, the hot, moist air of Chaz' crotch washed over his face. He pulled his mouth off of Chaz' dick and moved to his nuts.

Chaz had heavy, low hanging nuts that smelled like they had been confined in his pants all day. Mitch licked at his salty scrotum, taking each testicle into his mouth and giving it a thorough tongue bath. Chaz was already bucking and moaning above him.  He had grabbed onto Mitch's skull and was mashing his face into his groin. Mitch responded by grabbing onto Chaz' ass and pulling his body into his face. He kneaded the stud's ass cheeks, feeling the hard muscles underneath the soft flesh. When he felt Chaz loosen up his grip, Mitch went back for his dick, taking the head into his mouth and working the shaft with his hand.

Within seconds, he felt something soft and hot tapping against his cheek. He turned his head and saw Andy's dick poking him. Andy's cock was a little thicker than Chaz's but about the same size. His foreskin had retreated back behind the head and the piss-slit glistened with precum. Mitch had to take a taste.

He kept his hand wrapped around Chaz's shaft and turned to Andy's dick. He took a quick whiff of the head. Mitch had fallen in love with the smell of an uncut dick, and Andy's cock didn't let down. It smelled just a little ripe and tangy. Mitch couldn't wait to get a taste. He slipped his lips over the tip of Andy's dick before slowly burying the cock inside his mouth. Feeling confidant that he could deep-throat the dick without puking up the liquor he'd been drinking, Mitch slipped his throat down around the cock and slowly buried his face in Andy's bush.

Andy's body spasmed and he sort of humped Mitch's face a little. His hands were on the top of Mitch's head, he didn't take control, but Mitch did feel his fingers grab into his hair.

Mitch coughed up the cock and wiped the drool off of his chin.

"Fuck, boy," Andy said loudly, "Where'd you learn to do that?"

"Jase taught me." Mitch said proudly.

Chaz had shoved his dick back into Mitch's mouth. He looked at Jase and said, "I still can't believe your little brother puts out for you. That's so fucking hot."

"I've got a hot little bro." Jase said. He walked over to Mitch and rubbed his hair a little. "You guys want to see something really wild?"

The guys, of course, wanted to see whatever Jase was going to show them.

"Give him both of your cocks." Jase said.

At this point, Mitch had two pieces of man meat shoved into his mouth. HIs lips were pulled to the sides as each guy tried to get a better position inside of his mouth. Mitch glanced up. Andy and Chaz were leaning on each other for balance and Chaz had a hand over Andy's shoulder. His thick pit hair was sticking out. Mitch thought the guys looked like they could be boyfriends.

Suddenly, Mitch felt a finger at the entrance to his asshole. He knew what was coming. Jase slipped a long digit inside of him and started to work it in and out of his cunt. The first finger was quickly followed by a second. Now, with two fingers inside of him, Jase started to really play with Mitch's hole. He stretched it open, ran his fingers over Mitch's prostate, rubbed the inside and the outside. He kept up this play for about a minute before he felt Mitch's muscles start to twitch.

Mitch felt his body tense up as his cock throbbed in the thong. We was going to try to keep the orgasm a secret, but he knew he wouldn't be able to. He started to moan loudly as his dick spewed a fresh load into his underwear. The guys took his open mouth moaning as a chance to shove their dicks further into him. In the meantime, Jase worked his ass with his fingers, trying his best to give his little bro a stellar orgasm.

As Mitch calmed down, Andy and Chaz started to get what had happened.

"No way," said Andy, "Did he just cum?"

"She's got a sensitive pussy." Jase said.

Chaz didn't believe Jase until he looked down at Mitch's crotch. Sure enough, a big, dark wet spot was spreading across the thin fabric that covered up Mitch's dick. Mitch had never missed a beat on their cocks. His hands had been busy playing with their nuts and stroking their shafts and his hot mouth was still locked on their cocks.

"I think I'm going to cum." Andy said. He pulled his dick out of Mitch's mouth and looked like he was going to move away to jerk off. Mitch grabbed onto his shin. When Andy looked down at him, Mitch opened his mouth wide.

"You want it in your mouth? All right then." Andy said.

He rested the head of his dick on Mitch's lower lip and started to stroke himself. His foreskin slid back and forth over his glans, mesmerizing Mitch. Mitch occasionally stuck out his tongue and licked the tip. He was hungry for Andy's load.

After what seemed like an eternity, Andy's dick finally swelled and started to shoot cum directly into Mitch's mouth. It was well worth the wait. Andy's cum was thick and there was a ton of it. Mitch let it gather in his mouth as Andy continued to shoot. After five or six ropes of seed, Mitch shut his mouth and swished the cum around before guzzling it down. He opened his mouth to show Andy.

"He fucking swallowed it?" Andy asked. "That's awesome."

"If a girl doesn't swallow, she doesn't get a taste of my cock." Jase said matter of factly.

While Jase and Andy continued to talk about the fact that most girls don't like to swallow, Chaz stroked himself and Mitch sucked his fat dick. It only took about thirty seconds before Chaz stated moaning. Mitch dove onto his cock, taking as much as he could into his mouth. He tasted the first batch of Chaz's jizz on the back of his tongue. Chaz was overwhelmed by the hot mouth wrapped around his cock and instinctively grabbed onto Mitch's head. He shoved his dick into Mitch's throat and deposited the rest of his sperm directly into Mitch's gut. Mitch milked the last few drops from the cock as Chaz pulled it out of his mouth.

Mitch remained on his knees, unsure what he was supposed to do next. He wanted to suck Jase off, but he didn't know what Jase had planned.

"You were right, Jase, that was the best blowjob I've ever had." Chaz said. He looked down at Mitch, "Thanks, man."

Mitch mumbled a quick, "You're welcome."

Jase finally stepped in. It occurred to Mitch that Jase was the only one who was still fully dressed. His thick, long piece of meat was hanging down the side of his jeans, and Mitch wanted to chew on it and eventually eat Jase's load.

"All right guys, I think we're going to go upstairs," Jase said. "Gotta get some sleep."

"Sleep. Yeah fucking right." Andy said with a laugh. "You're gonna fuck that cunt, aren't you?"

For probably the first time in his life, Mitch saw Jase blush. He was clearly embarrassed to talk about having sex with his brother in front of his friends. "Well, yeah." Jase stammered as he lifted Mitch off the ground. Mitch started to get dressed.

"You like your brother's cock don't you?" Chaz said to Mitch.

"Yeah, man." Mitch said proudly, "I like it a lot."

"He must tear you to pieces." Andy added. "I've seen what he's packing. That's a lot of cock."

Mitch didn't know what to say. Andy just whistled and rubbed Mitch's ass one last time. "I've gotta find me a boy like you." he said.

"Good luck," Jase said with a big grin as he wrapped an arm around Mitch's shoulder and started to walk with him out of the garage.

As they walked up the stairs, Jase commented on how good of a job Mitch had done down in the garage. "You've gotten so much more confidant bro." Jase said, "You used to be so embarrassed to admit you like cock."

"I guess I finally figured out that I am what I am, you know?" Mitch said, "I like what happened down there. Why should I pretend like I didn't?"

Jase laughed a little as they approached the door to his room, "Well, if you find a guy who wants you to pretend like you hate it, you might want to try to pretend."

When they walked into the room, Mitch had really expected Jase to just throw him down on to the bed and fuck the shit out of him. Instead, Jase immediately dropped his jeans and pulled off his shirt. His body was sticky and a little shiny from all the drinking and fucking around. He walked over to an arm chair in the corner and sat down. He reached over and pulled a bottle of beer out of the mini-fridge and knocked it open on the windowsill.

"Babe, I've been thinking of your mouth on my asshole all night." Jase said, "Come over here and lick your man's hole before he fucks you."

Mitch walked over to Jase and dropped onto his knees between his brother's open legs. Jase was still wearing his plaid boxer shorts, and Mitch stuck his face into the fabric and sniffed. Jase's crotch stunk more than normal. He smelled sweaty, but it also smelled like he'd been dribbling piss into the fabric. His advanced state of drunkenness probably contributed to this. Mitch looked up at Jase and smiled before pulling off his brother's boxers.

Jase's cock was half-hard and draped over his thigh. His thick foreskin was still bunched up over the head. Mitch took a quick lick at the shaft, and Jase responded by putting a hand on his head and pushing him lower. As Mitch descended, Jase lifted his legs and planted his feet on the chair. He took a sip of his beer and waited for Mitch to start in on his ass trench.

Mitch normally loved eating Jase's ass, but it looked pretty intimidating this time around. For whatever reason, Jase's crotch smelled intense tonight. Unlike his normal, wet and salty sweat, he had this coating of drunken slime all over his body. His asshole and the hairs around it glistened in the dim light of the bedroom.

"C'mon baby." Jase said, clearly getting impatient, "I want it bad."

He shoved Mitch's face forward and Mitch gave in. He started to lick Jase's asshole and to suck the sweat out of his ass crack. Jase's ass tasted salty. His deep, musky scent surrounded Mitch. It wasn't that Jase's ass was dirty, but the car ride combined with goofing off had intensified all the smells that lingered down there. It was pure man ass, and Mitch started to go wild for it.

"That's it girl, fucking make out with my asshole." Jase said with a slight slur. "Fucking get your tongue in there. Give my asshole a hot, sloppy french kiss."

For the next five minutes, Mitch ate Jase's ass like it was the last man ass on earth. After plunging his tongue into Jase's tight hole for a little while, he started to move outward. He licked the skin of Jase's cheeks and sucked the skin of his taint. When he got as far as Jase's balls, he paused to huff his bro's nut stink before Jase pushed him back down to his asshole. Through the whole treatment, Jase moaned and occasionally cooed. His eyes were closed and there was a slight smile on his face. He was clearly enjoying Mitch's rim-job.

Finally Mitch felt Jase's hard cock tapping on his head. He had awoken the monster, and it was letting him know that it was ready for action. Mitch pulled away from Jase's ass and tried to catch his breath. Jase just held his cock at the base. A thick trail of precum ran down one side of his shaft.

"I want you to ride me, girl." Jase said, "Just come up here and sit on it."

Mitch crawled up onto the arm-chair. It creaked underneath him. Mitch had put on almost 20 pounds of muscle since the beginning of the summer. He let Jase line up his cock with his asshole before he started to lower himself onto Jase's ten inch monster. Mitch was focused not on the dick in his ass, but the pain in his thighs from the stress on his muscles. He was worried that he would slip and impale himself on Jase's cock. His ass was well trained, but not well-enough to take Jase's whole dick that fast and in that way.

He finally reached the base and nestled his ass into Jase's groin. His own dick was straining against the thong and Mitch realized that Jase might be drunk enough to let him unleash it, he slipped the fabric to the side and his dick popped out. Jase just smiled when he saw Mitch's hard dick.

Then Jase groaned loudly. "Girl, I want you to ride my dick, not just sit there. Put that pussy to work."

Mitch stated to bounce up and down on Jase's cock. He quickly realized that he didn't have anything to get leverage on, so he grabbed onto Jase's shoulders. He used Jase's body to lift himself up and down on his brother's hard dick.

The movement and the sensations of Mitch's boy-pussy working over his dick seemed to revive Jase. He brought his hands up along Mitch's side and rubbed his brother's back. Then he moved his fingers over Mitch's ribs and started to pull and tug on Mitch's nipples. Mitch moaned, both from the tit play and the girth of the big cock inside of him.

Jase grabbed on to the back of Mitch's head and pulled his mouth to his face. His tongue invaded Mitch's mouth as he started a sloppy make-out session with his little bro. Mitch could taste the whiskey on Jase's breath as his brother breathed into him. Their tongues wrestled as they licked and kissed each other's open mouths, lips, and cheeks. After about a minute, Jase broke away from Mitch and leaned back in the chair.

He started moaning, almost like he was in a trance. "Oh, that's a good girl," he said, "Oh baby that's good" He repeated this over and over again. Mitch knew that he was close.

Jase grabbed onto Mitch's hips and started to really fuck his brother. He pulled his dick out five or six inches and then plunged back into Mitch. His pace quickened and he started to grunt.

"Here it comes, girl. Another load of stud cum for your hungry cunt." Jase moaned.

Mitch watched Jase's face as his brother started to cum. His lips were slightly opened and his facial expressions changed as waves of pleasure washed over him. Mitch imagined Jase's cock swelling deep in his gut and the ropes of Jase's baby batter spewing from the flared head. He bucked up and down on his brother, getting off on Jase's orgasm.

As Jase came, Mitch's own dick decided to cum. It wasn't so much something that Mitch tried to do anymore. It just happened to him. His dick had been hard and standing straight up throughout the fucking. He moaned loudly and let his orgasm take him.

Six shots of semen blasted from Mitch's cock just as Jase was recovering from his orgasm. The thick ropes of cum painted Jase's chest, but the first few shots had gotten as high as Jase's face. Two lines of cum ran across his brother's lips. Mitch was mortified, not knowing what Jase would do. For a minute, Jase just had a slightly bemused look on his face, then he pulled Mitch toward him.

When they're faces met, Mitch licked his cum off of Jase's jaw and lips. Jase opened his mouth slightly and kissed Mitch back. Jase cautiously started to taste his brother's semen. Surprised by how hot he found the cummy kiss, Jase went in for more, licking his brother's load out of his mouth as they made out. When the cum was cleaned up, Jase broke away.

Jase ran his fingers through the gobs of cum sliding down his chest and brought it up to Mitch's mouth. Mitch dutifully sucked the cum off his finger. Jase fed him the rest of his load like this, sticking his fingers deep into Mitch's mouth each time. While they played, the smell of semen rose from their bodies and kept both brothers in an intense sexual haze.

As they both calmed down, Mitch was worried that Jase was going to pass out naked in the chair. He pulled himself off of Jase's dick. The soft cock made a squishy, sucking noise as it left Mitch's wet hole. Then he grabbed Jase's hand and pulled him over to the twin bed. Jase fell onto the bed, and Mitch laid down next to him. They fell asleep fully entwined and wrapped up in one another.

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