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Scott and Mitch, Part 6

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Scott and Mitch, Part 6
Cosmic Charlie -

Mitch left the house after spending the night with Scott. He snuck back into his house in the morning, having lied to his parents about where he was. They didn't seem to notice. If they did, they didn't say anything.

Scott's dad Tom, however, wasn't stupid. When Scott came downstairs with a big grin on his face, Tom knew why his son was so happy. Scott tried not to make eye-contact, but eventually he did and they both started laughing.

"You know," Tom said, "I could probably take you in for statutory rape."

"He's not that young, Dad. He'll be eighteen in a few months." Scott said.

Tom sat down at the table with his cereal and the newspaper. "You really like him, huh?"

"I don't know. I think so," Scott said, clearly confused. "The sex is amazing though."

"It sounded like it. You got some good head this morning, right?" Tom said.

"Sorry. I tried to keep it quiet." Scott said, "Don't tell his dad, ok?"

"Your business is your business." Tom said. "Just don't put me in a position where I have to lie to my partner."

There were a few moments of silence while they ate there breakfast. Scott and his dad were open with each other about their sex lives, so awkwardness was not a problem.

"I can see why you like him. He's cute and masculine at the same time. He's really a monster in the sack?" Tom said.

"It's like he worships me, Dad. All he wants to do is make me feel good and experience my body. Everything about me turns him on  - tastes, smells, muscles. It's totally unreal."  Scott said.

"I knew a guy back in my army days like that. I haven't told you this, but this guy used to love swinging on your old man's dick. He didn't just suck me. He devoured my junk." Tom said. Scott was a little surprised. Tom had never told him about experiences with men. "He liked it ripe too. Like at the end of the day."

"Mitch is that way." Scott said. "He jacks off every night sniffing my underwear."

Tom threw his spoon into the empty bowl. "Well, I'm going to bed. Be good to that kid, Scott. It sounds like he could be a keeper."

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
A few days later, Mitch was in the highschool locker-room after doing some weight training. Occasionally he skipped The Gym and worked out at school instead. He liked showing off his body to all the puny freshman who hoped to make the football team the following year.

Mitch had was just about to slip off his briefs when he heard some guys talking behind him. He turned around and saw Colin standing there with a younger guy that Mitch recognized as someone in the junior class. Colin's shirt was sweaty and he had clearly been working out. The younger guy was thin and lithe. He had spiky black hair and looked a little rough around the edges - like a skater or someone else who didn't hang out with the kinds of guys Mitch and Colin hung out with.

"Hey Mitch," Colin purred.

"Hey." Mitch said, "Dude, you shouldn't be here. They're not cool with people just walking into the school. You'll go to jail or something."

"Don't worry, I used to fuck the girl who watches the door at this end. Have you ever met my brother, Alex?" Colin asked.

Alex stepped forward to shake Mitch's hand. Mitch was suddenly very aware of how naked he was. His muscular chest was sweaty and his shorts barely covered his cock and balls. It didn't help that there was something wildly attractive about Alex. He was the total opposite of Colin, but exactly like him. He exuded confidence and raw masculine energy, but it came out in a completely different way.

"Alex has been complaining to me about how he can't find any good pussy in this place, and I told him that I knew of a hot piece of ass who would give it up for a guy like him." Colin said. "You know who I'm talking about?"

Mitch blushed, and then groaned a quick "Yeah." He looked at Alex and could see the guy's dick growing in his pants.

Colin turned to his brother. "We're talking Grade A cock-sucker and a golden pussy that will grip your dick and suck the cum right out of your nuts. Isn't that right Mitch?"

Mitch had a sudden burst of confidence. He didn't have to be embarrassed. He knew he was good and was done trying to hide it. "That's right." Mitch said with a smile.

"So what do you say, Mitch, you up for a few loads of cum?" Colin asked. He reached over and pulled Mitch against his body. Mitch felt Colin's damp shirt against his face and the hard muscle underneath. He didn't know if he should blow his load or fall in love. Colin rubbed Mitch's hair before pushing him away.

"Fuck yeah," Mitch said.

"Whoa, no way bro.” Alex said quickly as he stepped backward.  “Col, you know I'm straight, right?"

"Relax Alex. I'm going to teach you something that every straight man needs to learn at some point. " Colin said. He sat down on the bench and shoved his feet forward. "Take off my shoes, Mitch."

"See, Alex, chicks don't like men. They don't like the way we smell. They don't like the way we act. And they hate our dicks. If you're not careful, a chick will suck every single ounce of your manhood out of your veins and you'll end up a miserable, neutered, fuck."

"Yeah, Col, but you get pussy in return." Alex shot back. He was clearly bothered by the sight of Mitch, slowly removing Colin's shoes and now rubbing his feet.

"On the other hand, take a guy like Mitch here. Mitch loves men. He loves muscles and body hair. He loves the way men smell. And most of all, he loves dick. When you come home from a long run, Mitch doesn't yell at you and tell you to take a shower. He asks if he can massage your feet and lick your nuts clean. Because Mitch's favorite thing to do, is to make men like us happy. "

"That doesn't change the fact that he's a fag with a dick between his legs." Alex snapped.

"Watch your fucking mouth. Mitch might be gay, but he can suck dick better than any girl you will ever meet. You're never going to find a chick that can make you feel this good." Colin said. "Show my bro your ass-cunt Mitch."

Mitch spun around on the ground and pulled down his shorts. He was glad that he had shaved that morning. When he bent over, his cheeks naturally spread open, showing off his rosebud.

"Look at that," Colin said, "Look at that smooth, pink, hole. Have you ever seen a pussy that looked so inviting. So ready to take your cock?"

"It's a little hot, I admit it." Alex said. The lump in the front of his pants had returned, "but I'm still not sure about this."

"You're such a baby. Fucking a dude is the manliest thing you can do. You take a muscle stud like Mitch and put him on his hands and knees, mount him, and breed his ass. That's real dominance and strength. Any one can fuck a chick." Colin was starting to realize that he was getting nowhere with his brother. He gave up. "How about you just hang out while Mitch gets me off. Then you can go try to find some 'real' pussy."

Alex nodded and smiled. He moved about six feet away and sat down. Mitch was a little disappointed. Alex was slim and sexy. He wasn't yet another muscled jock. While Mitch loved the muscles, the difference was appealing. He'd never been with a man like that before.

"Come here, Mitch. Come rub your face in my crotch." Colin said. He spread his legs wide. Mitch crawled over to him and stuffed his face into the crotch of Colin's running shorts. He could feel the hardness of Colin's cock and balls press against him, and the dampness of the fabric made his skin feel cool. He breathed in Colin's musk and chewed a little on his junk.

"I got a little sweaty for you before I came over." Colin said, "I get hard seeing you get all nasty with my dirty body."

Mitch was still rooting around in Colin's junk. Colin slipped one of his muscular legs between Mitch's legs and pressed his calf into Mitch's cock. "You look just like a dog, sniffing away at my junk. Why don't you hump my leg for me."

Mitch started to slowly hump his cock into Colin's leg. He couldn't get any traction, but the feeling of his dick head sliding up Colin's hairy shin was enough to keep him hard.

"Good boy," Colin said. "You want to be my bitch, Mitch. You want me to breed you?"

"Fuck yeah," Mitch said. "Fucking mount me. Be my stud and breed my pussy."

Colin laughed. He looked over at Alex. "You see what I mean bro?"

Alex didn't respond.

Colin pulled down his shorts and jockstrap. Then he grabbed his dick by the shaft  He smacked Mitch's face with it. "Alright, boy, go for your bone."

Mitch started to suck on Colin's dick like it was the last dick on earth. He knew Alex was watching, and he wanted to put on a good show. He slid his lips over Colin's cock head and ran his hands over the shaft. Colin moved his hands over MItch's face and occasionally stuck a finger into Mitch's mouth alongside his dick.

"Come here, Alex. I want you to see this." Colin said.

Alex walked over. Colin pulled Mitch off of his dick and then opened Mitch's mouth with his fingers. "Ready to go all the way down, Mitch?" Colin said.

It wasn't a question. In a flash he replaced his fingers with his dick and shoved into Mitch's mouth. Mitch had just enough time to open his throat and Colin's massive cock slid into his gut without a problem.

"Fuck," Colin roared while holding Mitch's face down. "His throat is fucking massaging my dick."

Colin held Mitch on his cock for a while. Mitch needed to breath bad and put his hands on Colin's thighs, but Colin didn't let up. Colin waited until he felt Mitch's fingers dig into his muscular legs, and then he let Mitch pull off. A trail of spit connected Mitch's mouth to Colin's cock and Mitch sat back gasping for breath.

"As awesome as your throat feels, I need more than a blowjob." Colin said. "I'm going to shoot my load deep inside of your gut where it belongs. Since I'm not using your mouth, you can suck on this."

Colin grabbed his sweaty jock strap and shoved it into Mitch's mouth. "I want to hear you sucking it, Mitch." Colin said as a warning. Mitch started to suck. He would spit a little bit onto it and then suck his saliva out. The liquid tasted like salt and piss. Mitch knew from the taste and smell that Colin had been wearing the gear for a while.

In the meantime, Colin started to lick Mitch's asshole. Colin expected his brother to be grossed out by this part, but when he looked up, he saw Alex rubbing his hard on through his shorts. He went back to Mitch's tight hole, spitting on him and loosening his hole with his tongue and fingers. Mitch moaned into the jock strap. His eyes were now firmly focused on the dick snaking down the leg of Alex's pants. He wanted to see it so bad.

"I think it's time that you return the favor Mitch." Colin said. Colin sat back down on the bench but let his ass hang off the edge. Mitch got on his hands and knees and dove underneath Colin's balls.

This was, far and away, Mitch's favorite position. He got to put his mouth on an asshole and bury his nose in a man's sweaty nutsack and taint. It didn't get any better than that. When he started to lick at Colin's asshole, Colin let out a low rumble, and then grabbed onto the back of Mitch's head. He pressed Mitch into his ass crack.

"You ever had a mouth on your asshole, Alex?" Scott asked.

"No." Alex said.

"It feels so fucking amazing. It's like nothing you've ever felt before." Colin said.

Alex was staring at Mitch's head moving around between his brother's legs. He was starting to get past the fact that Mitch was a guy, and he was growing more and more intrigued by the fact that Mitch seemed to feed on his brother's dominance. The more Colin dished out, the happier Mitch seemed to get. It was totally fucked up, but it got him hot.

"You know, Alex. When I start to fuck him, he's going to need something to take his mind off the pain. Why don't you let him at your cock." Colin said. "C'mon bro."

Mitch heard the zipper on Alex's fly come down. Colin grabbed him by the hair and pulled him away from his ass. When he looked up, he saw Alex's dick. It was around seven inches with a wicked curve in it. He was uncut like his brother. Unlike Colin, he was shaved clean and his skin was whiter.

"Show him what you've got, Mitch." Colin said.

Mitch took the head of Alex's dick into his mouth and started to suck him while running his tongue along the bottom of the shaft. Alex let out a sigh and his body relaxed. Mitch didn't put his hand's on Alex, because he didn't want to creep him out. Instead he chased Alex's dick around with his mouth, occasionally letting it slip out, leaving a wet trail across his face.

"You gotta take charge bro." Colin said. He put his hand on Mitch's head and pushed him further onto his brother's dick. Then Alex's hands grabbed onto his skull and pulled him in. Mitch let the cock slip into his throat. Alex groaned loudly.

"Oh fuck," Alex said to Colin, "That's amazing."

"I told you he was good."  Colin said.

Alex's fingers tightened on Mitch's head, and he started to slowly fuck Mitch's face. At the same time, Colin went back to work on Mitch's ass. He inserted a finger every now and then, slowly loosening Mitch up for the fucking he was about to get.

Alex picked up the pace and Mitch choked a little bit. Alex's fingers dug into his skull and pulled him further onto his cock. "Fucking choke on my cock, you little bitch." Alex hissed.

He pulled his dick out of Mitch's mouth and slapped him with it. Mitch's face stung and his cheek reddened. Alex pushed him back down on his cock, but continued to lightly slap the sides of Mitch's face with his hands while he called Mitch a bitch or a slut.

"Look at this bitch diving for my cock, bro. It's fucking pathetic. If he wasn't so good sucking cock I'd probably kick his ass."  Alex said.

Colin didn't say anything. He liked that Alex was getting into the game. His brother was too good looking and too aggressive to pass up a blowjob just because the person giving it was a dude. However, Colin was way past just getting blowjobs. He wanted to fuck. He looked up at Alex who still had his pants on.

"Take your pants off bro." Colin said.

Alex stepped out of his pants. Just as Alex was about to pull Mitch's mouth back onto his cock, Colin pushed his thick uncut dick into Mitch's ass. Mitch opened his mouth and moaned loudly. Colin grabbed onto his head and shoved his face into Alex's junk.

“Lick his nuts.” Colin demanded.

"Fuck yeah, do my balls." Alex said.

Mitch took Alex's loose nutsack into his mouth and sucked on one of his balls. Alex had huge balls, bigger than Colin's. They didn't hang low like his brother's did, but they were big, ripe, and full of nut. Mitch kept sucking them, and Alex kept moaning. Mitch could tell that Alex was finally understanding what Colin had told him. Most girls don't love balls the way a guy like Mitch does. They don't get into it the way Mitch could get into it.

"Fucking amazing." Alex said.

"You should feel this asshole." Colin replied. He was fucking Mitch slow and long. On each thrust he pulled out the length of his dick before sliding it back into Mitch's body. Colin loved looking at Mitch's broad back as he fucked him. The muscles moved and bulged as Mitch moved his head around Alex's nuts. It reminded Colin that Mitch was a man, a strong one at that, and that Colin had put him in his place.

"Rim him." Colin said. Alex looked at Colin and didn't know what he was talking about. "Sit down, Alex."

Alex sat down. Mitch pushed his face up in between Alex's legs and started to lick his way toward his asshole. Alex's ass was smooth and smelled clean. It was totally unlike the cracks of the other guys Mitch had been with. They always smelled like sweat and dick. Alex smelled fresh, like he'd just taken a shower.

Mitch started to tongue his hole. Alex let out a squeal. It was high-pitched and he was immediately embarrassed. "Fuck dude, that's good. Go for my asshole bitch." he said in a deeper voice.

"You like that?" Colin said.

"How long have you been hiding this from me?" Alex said.

"Mitch is new. I've been fucking around with gay dudes since I was your age." Colin said. "The best part is that they don't flip out if you don't call them the next day."

"Fuck bro. I could get into this." Alex said.

"His ass is so good." Colin said. "Tight and smooth. Someone trained him well."

MItch had never told Scott or anyone else that he had spent a summer getting fucked by his older brother. Jase was away at college now and only came home a few times a year. When Mitch told him about what he was doing with Scott and Colin, Jase had approved. He liked the idea of Mitch getting laid and meeting guys he might be able to have an actual relationship with.

"You wanna have a go at him bro?" Colin asked.

Alex thought about it for a minute and then said yes. "You want it, Mitch?" Colin asked. "You want my brother inside of you or do you want me to keep pounding you? I know you like the way my dick feels way up in you. I bet I can shoot my cum deeper than your boyfriend,"

Mitch couldn't decide who he wanted to get fucked by, but Colin decided for him. He pulled his dick out. Mitch felt his asshole gaping in the cool air. He felt so empty, and he wanted desperately to get off. He needed a dick inside of him to take him over the edge and fuck the cum out of him.

Alex lined up behind Mitch and slowly slipped his dick in. It felt small after Colin's monster, but the curved shaft caused the head to press into his guts in all the right places. Colin slipped in front of Mitch and sat down on the bench.

"You want to taste the inside of your ass, Mitch?" Colin said with a grin before slipping his dick into Mitch's mouth. Mitch worked the head with his tongue and focused on sucking the load out of Colin's dick. Behind him, Alex was beginning to fuck him hard. The guy's long fingers dug into his hips and his thrusts were deep and forceful. Each down stroke sent a shock through Mitch's body as Alex's pelvis rammed into his ass.

"Fuck him, bro." Colin called out. "Give him your load. That's what he wants."

"Yeah, you want my cum bitch?" Alex said.

Mitch moaned a yes.

"Beg for it. Beg for my cum, bitch. Beg me to breed your jock ass." Alex yelled back.

Mitch spit out Colin's cock and started to beg Alex for his load. "Fucking give it to me stud. Fill my hot ass with your seed. Come on, show me how a real man fucks."

"Get on my balls Mitch." Colin said as he pushed Mitch into his sack. Mitch rolled the nuts around in his mouth, savoring the sweaty, musky flavor of Colin's crotch. This was it for him. This was what he loved. He felt his orgasm building and decided not to hang on any longer.

"Fuck," he moaned into Colin's junk. "Fuck."

Mitch's asshole started to pulsate around Alex's dick. Alex kept fucking him, but definitely felt what was going on.

"Holy shit man. Holy shit. Don't stop what you're doing." Alex said.

Mitch shot his load onto the tile floor beneath him. He left a big puddle there of chunky white sperm. The load was still dripping from his dick when he came back to his senses.

"You like that bro?" Colin asked Alex, "He came just from you fucking him."

"I didn't know that was possible." said Alex.

"It is with a guy like Mitch. He's special. Aren't you boy?" Colin said. "You want a special treat?"

Colin pulled Mitch's head out of his junk and twisted his head upward by his hair. Colin's cock head flared and the piss slit opened up. Blast after blast of hot cum splashed across Mitch's face. Some of it slipped over his lips and he licked it up. The rest covered his cheeks and forehead. When Colin was done, Mitch's face was covered in man juice.

"Oh fuck man." Alex moaned as he started to cum. He thrust forward violently and pushed Mitch into Colin's crotch. Mitch's cum covered face slid over Colin's cock and inner thighs. Colin immediately got into it and started to rub Mitch's face all over his slimy dick and semen covered balls.

Alex kept swearing and cursing as he delivered his load deep into Mitch's gut. It was the best orgasm he had ever had. He'd never had a sexual experience that was so completely about him getting off. When he pulled out he watched as his cum leaked out of Mitch's abused hole. He laughed when he thought about his juices running out of Mitch's ass for the rest of the day.

"See?" Colin said. He was still mashing Mitch's face into his genitals. "I told you he's good."

"I should have trusted you bro." Alex said. "I need to get a guy like this full time."

"Mitch might be able to sniff out the homos in your grade." Colin said.

Mitch pulled away from Colin's dick to nod to Alex. He definitely could find a guy for Alex. It wouldn't be hard.

Alex was already pulling on his clothes. "I'm going to take off, Col. Thanks." Alex said as he finished getting dressed.

Mitch tried to stand but Colin held him down. "Where the fuck are you going? You don't get to leave until you clean up your mess,"

For about ten more minutes, Mitch licked his own cum off of Alex's nuts, out of his pubes, away from his inner thighs. When he was done he was exhausted and hard again. Colin stood up and pulled on his shorts. "You really are good you know. Just don't let it go to your head."

With that he walked out, leaving Mitch in the locker room totally spent and totally horny.

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  1. Good chapter but I'm disappointed in Mitch. He didn't once stop to consider Scott. There wasn't even a second's thought in his head that maybe he shouldn't be going with Colin and Alex without Scott's permission or even that he might be cheating on Scott. OK he couldn't resist but the Mitch we know and love would surely have paused for thought no?

    1. i agree
      Mitch should have thought of Scott first
      and even if he wanted to do things with others then he should have asked Scott first
      and why are the number of straight people increasing in the story???

    2. I'm just trying to add some dimension to the story so I have somewhere to take it. Come back for Part 7. I think you'll like it.

  2. Nice chapter, Charlie. I disagree a little with the two previous posts. It's not like Scott and Mitch even have an understanding, so I do not really fault Mitch for being the slut he is and I love. Besides, he is only 17, so I give him a break. On the other hand, I am REALLY starting to hate Colin. He is supposed to be Scott's friend, yet he keeps insinuating himself into Mitch's orbit. Scott is going have to do some thing (admittedly, I am not certain myself what that will be).....

    1. I disagree that they don't have an understanding, they've never addressed it directly but there's obviously feelings from both of them and Mitch hasn't had sex without Scott being present since the story began. Even if there aren't any feelings, Scott is clearly taking control of Mitch in a Dom/sub way which is patently obvious and that should have occurred to Mitch if nothing else.

      I'm not saying I think Mitch should or even could have resisted Colin but I think he should have at least thought about Scott somewhere in there. Maybe some guilt at wanting to be with Colin, some internal conflict which is overwhelmed, that kind of thing.

  3. Cosmic Charlie, first of all, dude, thanks for your completely awesome imagination and ability to bring me to new hights in a story. I loved Jase & Mitch's story and Collin & Mitch was a real treat. I'm glad you entertained straight characters & more siblings. Your on the right track and I can see myself getting hard for the freshest of sweaty athletic meat. Wow! I can't believe I said that. First time for everything. I just figured out whats in your name! Clever sir. Thanks man, your the best!
    Hungry Cris

  4. So did you get tired of writing stories?? Hope not!
    You have many fans!