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Becoming a Rugby Bitch, Part 19

Becoming a Rugby Bitch, Part 19
C. Charlie -

Perry pulled Bates from the side door of his truck. The leash was still attached, but he'd added a jockstrap and collar from home. He tied his hands behind his back and blindfolded him. It had only taken a few minutes to put together a night that Bates would never forget.

"Don't fight it." Perry said, "You'll enjoy it more that way, and you won't get your ass beaten."

Bates' body was sore and bruised already. His testicles were swollen, and his ass ached. He didn't know how much more he could take. "What are you going to do?"

"Nothing. I'm not sticking around." Perry answered. Bates heard a door open and he was pulled down some stairs. He stumbled forward until a strong hand grabbed him by the bicep. "Have fun boys." he yelled before walking out.

The blindfold was pulled from his eyes and the bright light blinded him. The hand released him, but he could sense several people milling around.

Perry laughed to himself as he left the basement of his old fraternity. Since coming to campus he'd connected with the guys and learned that many of them shared some of his tastes. Straight guys, gay guys, and guys in between, they liked using studs. One of them was an old friend of Bates' and was willing to assemble some guys for a gang-bang in the basement.

Bates' eyes adjusted to the light, and he looked around. He recognized three guys. His housemate Damian was there, and one of his best friends from way back, named Mark. There was a guy from the swim team named Sam who was in Mark's frat and two other guys he was sure he'd seen before. These weren't strangers, these were guys he partied with.

None were wearing clothes. Hard dicks bounced in front of a few, the other guys were still soft. They were all muscular and lean. Some, like Mark and Damian, had bulky, big bodies. Sam was tall and lean. His abs rippled and every cleft in his obliques was visible. Of the other two, one had an average body and the other had gym-honed muscles. He was big in the chest and arms, but small from the waist down. He didn't play. He built himself up to look good.

Bates knew what was going to happen. He knew that Perry had brought him here to be fucked. If he tried to run or fight, it would only make the guys angry. Still, his asshole ached from the double-fuck Perry and Tyler had administered, and he was ashamed of the way he had been handed over to these studs.

"Hey, Adam." Mark said. He took a step forward and flexed the massive muscles in his chest.

Bates glanced behind him and made a sudden break for the door. He wasn't going to be demeaned in front of his friends. Tyler was one thing, but these were guys he worked out and partied with. He reached the first step before a hand grabbed his foot. It held him tight and pulled him back. Bates fell forward into the stairs. "Let me go." he yelled.

He was dragged into the middle of the room as he pounded the floor. He sobbed a little. "Let me go." he whimpered.

"Are you crying?" Mark laughed. "Seriously guys, he's crying. Man, Coach Perry must have fucked you over good."

Damian walked to Bates and squatted down. "It's ok, bro. We're not going to hurt you. We're just going to have some fun." Damian’s hand grabbed his ass and pulled his cheeks open. His finger drifted over his red, wet, asshole. Then he snapped the band of Bates' jock strap. "You can have fun too, bro. Perry says you're a serious cock-hound."

Bates pounded his fist into the floor and laid still. He stopped crying, considering it little more than a break down after a pretty difficult day. "C'mon, bro." Damian cooed, "You can't tell me you don't want some of this."

Damian slid his thick, black dick across Bates' lips. Bates rolled his eyes. He'd given in with Perry and Tyler and he'd all but lost whatever control he had over Ryder, but if he did this he would be his buddies' sex toy for the rest of the year. But Damian didn't pull his cock away. He kept rubbing it across Bates' lips, and the smell of his warm dick was working its way into Bates' brain. He spread precum across Bates' lips like lip-gloss, making them sticky and shiny. Damian had fucked a few guys, and he knew how it worked. If you gave them time, they eventually came around. The truth was that most guys, even straight guys, fantasized about sucking dick at one point or another. If they thought they were in a situation where they could indulge the fantasy, they would go for it.

Bates' lips parted and Damian slid his cock in. Bates gave up completely. He rolled onto his back and suckled on the head of Damian's dick, closing his eyes and letting it happen.

Damian groaned loudly. The gentle mouth on the tip of his dick felt great, but even better was the sight of his arrogant roommate in his place. "That's right, baby." Damian moaned, "Suck on daddy's cock."

"Jesus," Mark moaned, "I hate to interrupt this love fest, but I'm looking to have some fun."

"Give him a second." Damian said. He stroked Bates' hair, lulling his senses. Then he stood up. "Now go show each one of these guys how much you like dick."

Bates stood. His jock bulged uncomfortably. He saw the guys, some his good friends, notice. There was no question about what he was and what he wanted. He walked to Mark and briefly looked in his eyes. It was a last attempt to assert his manhood, and Mark stared him down. Bates broke eye contact first, looking down to the floor. He knew he'd lost at that point. He got down to his knees and came face to face with Mark's cock.

"Just kiss it." Mark said.

"Man," Bates whined. He glanced up at his buddy with a deep pleading in his eyes. He didn't want this to happen, not with these guys. Yet he knew that it wouldn’t take much for him to comply. He didn't have the capacity to resist.

"Kiss it, Adam." Mark said sternly.

Mark's dick was soft. The tube of flesh hung heavy from his groin in front of two large, hairy testicles. His pubes were trimmed, but not short, and they spread up onto his hairy stomach. Bates leaned forward and kissed his buddy's dick.

"Good boy." Mark said. "Now do the other guys."

Bates crawled down the line, kissing each guy's cock. Two of them were already hard. Each dick looked different, and with the exception of Damian they were all cut. Most were pretty average in size. Mark's cock was still soft, and he had no idea how big it would get.

Bates moved into the center of the circle and sat back on his knees. His dick was hard and had popped out of the pouch of his jock. There was no way he could hide the fact that he enjoyed it. The guys had noticed and considered it a kind of permission. They weren't bad guys, and they wouldn't force Bates to do anything. His hard dick let them know that he wanted it. They weren't forcing him. They were giving him what he needed.

"You want my dick?" Mark asked.

Bates paused, trying to decide how long he should resist.

Sam, the swimmer, spoke out. "Make him beg for it."

"Yeah, say please." Mark said.

"No man, like a dog." Sam looked at Bates, "Beg for it like a dog, dude."

Images of dogs begging came into his head - whining and paws in the air. There was no way that he would demean himself like that. No fucking way. If these guys wanted a blow-job, he'd give them one. And he'd probably enjoy doing it. But he wasn't going to humiliate himself.

Mark groaned. "Dudes, we could put an ad on Craigslist and get a real fag who would do anything for us by the end of the hour. Let's go."

As Mark turned his insatiable need reared its ugly head. Bates got up on his knees and started to whine like a dog. He pouted and then crawled toward Mark before getting up on his knees and begging again.

A chorus of laughter rang out. Damian scratched Bates behind the ear, "This is so fucked up dude." he said, "You've been top dog for so long. Are you tired of the pressure?"

Exactly, Bates' thought as he kept begging. The guys didn't stop laughing at him. Mark's cock thickened. It was something Bates had never paid attention to before - the slow, gradual thickening of the flesh, as it slowly rose into an erection. A minute later Mark's dick, conspicuously bigger than Bates', stood flat against his hairy stomach.

"That's a good bitch." Mark said. "Now come and get your bone."

Bates crawled forward. Mark stood with his legs spread apart and his big balls swinging freely. Bates gazed upward at his junk and brought his mouth to his balls. He licked them, and then he licked upward along Mark's ten inch shaft.

He took the glans into his mouth and pulled it away from his body. Mark groaned and placed his big paw on the back of Bates' head. He pushed forward, and when Bates resisted, he put another hand on the back of his head. His cock pushed against the back of Bates' throat, and Bates' gagged. Mark didn't let up. He bucked his hips forward and tried harder. Bates' gagged again and pulled away. He spit on the floor.

"You're going to have to do a lot better than that," Damian said. His beer-can thick cock was dripping.

"Let me do it." said another guy. It was the guy who spent all his time in the gym. He grabbed Bates shoulder and said, "Come here."

Bates followed him to a table. The guy told him to get up and lay on his back. Then he pulled his head over the edge of the table. The guy had a thin dick that was maybe seven inches long. Not very impressive in Bates' book, and he smiled to himself. There were some ways that he would always be superior to most guys.

The stranger lined his cock up with Bates' mouth and then turned toward the four dudes, "It's like threading a needle, boys."

He put one hand on Bates' throat and massaged it gently as he pushed his dick forward. He moved slowly, and Bates didn't understand what was going on until the head was nearing the back of his throat. "Now relax and let me in, bitch. Nice and easy." The guy kept moving his fingers over his throat, and Bates did his best to open up.

As soon as his cock got into Bates' throat, the guy pushed faster. Within seconds, he had all seven inches inside of Bates. Bates started to struggle and he pulled out. "See bros, if you scare them, then they don't relax." He patted Bates on the cheek. "Not so bad, huh bitch? Faster this time."

He pushed into Bates' throat again, going balls deep before pulling out and pushing back in. He pulled out and let Bates suck on his glans for about fifteen seconds. Then he pushed back into his throat. Bates felt his hands roaming over his throat. The guy looked down at Bates. "See it's easy. You'll be getting face-fucked like a pro in no time."

Sam stepped forward, his hard dick sticking out from his trimmed bush, "Until then, you'll have to settle for getting face fucked like an amateur."

He stepped into place and slipped his dick into Bates' mouth. Then he pushed forward. His cock went in alright, but as he thrust in and out of his throat, Bates gagged and needed to breath. He grabbed onto Sam's thighs to try to push him out but he wouldn't budge. Finally Sam removed his cock.

"Jesus dude, you don't want him to pass out." the stranger said.

"Sorry, I got a little carried away."

Bates noticed a line had formed. For the next ten minutes, his throat was passed from one guy to the next. Each one tried to outdo the last, either in length of time they could skull fuck him before he choked or in terms of pure cruelty. Soon rivers of spit and throat slime ran down the sides of his jaw and neck. His eyes were red and he could barely breath. His hair was shiny with sweat, both his own and that of the guys whose thighs and balls were constantly rubbing against him.

Mark stepped over him for the third time and laughed, "You're starting to look like a cock-sucker." he said. "Bro, if you wanted dick, you could have told me years ago. I would have made you so happy."

Bates glared at him. If Mark had so much as suggested that he should suck a cock prior to about a week ago, Bates would have beaten his ass. Now he was opening up his throat for one of his best friends.

Mark pushed his cock into Bates' mouth. Of all the guys, it was the only one that Bates still had trouble with. When Mark finally got into his throat, Bates felt like he was going to throw up. Mark rubbed his neck. "I fucking love that." he said, "Seeing my thick cock stretching the throat of a fag. Fucking beautiful."

Mark and the two strangers continued to use Bates' mouth and throat, but the other guys seemed to have disappeared. They came back into the room with a twelve pack. As they broke into it, someone started to pry his legs apart. Sam smacked his hard cock. "Get that shit out of the way, bitch."

Bates tucked his cock back into his jockstrap as best as he could. Fingers began to touch his asshole. Then he felt the cold wetness of lube. He sighed in relief. At least they were going to use lube.

"That is one battered hole." Sam said. "How many dicks have you had up there today?"

"Two." Bates groaned around the cock in his mouth.

"Only two?"

Bates thought. Ryder had fucked him as well. "Three." he said.

"What is it, two or three?" The fingers played with him, moving inside of him and prying him open. It felt like an invasion. A dick was one thing, but this guy was examining him, spreading him open and displaying his hole.

"Three." Bates said, the humiliation starting to show on his face.

"Sounds like you're going for a new record today." Sam said.

Mark, who had been drinking a beer while Bates licked his balls, slammed it and walked over to Sam. He drizzled some lube on the empty bottle and aimed it at Bates' hole.

"How much do you think he can take?" he asked.

Damian answered. "Perry said he took two cocks at once."

"No shit." Mark said, "A beer bottle should be no problem then."

The glass was cold as it pressed against him. Mark pushed it in, and Bates took the long neck without any problem. After two cocks, the neck of a bottle was child's play. Mark kept pushing as the bottle flared out. Bates groaned loudly.

"C'mon man. Take the whole thing. Show us how much of a slut you are."

Mark pushed again. The thick, wide bottle pushed against his hole, and Bates felt like he was being torn open. He pounded his fist against the table. "No way, man. No way." When Mark kept putting pressure on the bottle, Bates started to thrash against him and the bottle slid out.

"Too much too soon?" Mark asked the guys.

"He's a beginner," someone observed.

"Good. He'll be nice and tight." Mark jabbed the bottle forward again, so he could watch Bates' wince. "I'm so fucking sick of your attitude dude. When Perry thew you at our feet, I just couldn't resist."

He had his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly. He was trying to decide which way to take him. Face to face would be hot. He wanted Bates to know who was doing him. From behind would be hot too. Something about pounding a dude doggy style really sent home the message that he was your bitch. Nothing like mounting something into submission.

"Who's going to go first?" he asked.

"Smallest?" Someone said.

"Make him choose." Sam said looking down at Bates, "We're going to run a train on your ass, bitch. You pick the order."

"Huh?" Bates groaned. He was recovering from getting face-fucked for nearly a half an hour and being torn open with a bottle. He barely knew what was going on.

Someone slapped him hard. "Who do you want first?"

"Uh . . ." the hand that had slapped him was poised near his face, waiting. "Uh . . . Damian."

"And then?"

"Uh, you, then Sam, then the other guy, then Mark."

"Why do you want me last, bitch?" Mark asked.

"I don't even want to talk to you right now, let alone get fucked by you." Bates spat back. "You're a fucking traitor."

"Damian's here too."

"You've been my friend since third grade." Bates said.

"True." Mark said, "Can you honestly tell me that if it was me in this position you would have passed it up. You, who loved lording your perfect looks and burly personality over everyone. You wouldn't have taken your shot at settling this thing once and for all?"

"What are you talking about?"

"C'mon, dude." Mark said, "We've been friends since third grade and we've been competing for just as long. Now we'll find out who's on top. Answer me, would you have turned down a shot at fucking me like this?"

Bates groaned, "No."

"Then shut your fucking mouth. " He shoved two fingers into Bates' hole. It was hard and fast and Bates yelped. "By the way, I'm going to be on top from now on."

"I'm fucking tired of all this talking. You two can figure your fucking school-girl problems out on your own time." Damian said. "You picked me to go first so get down on the floor, bitch."

Bates got down on all fours. He didn't want to look at anyone and doggy style seemed less personal. His cock popped out of his jock and hung down beneath him, dripping precum. Damian knelt behind him and pressed his cock-head against his asshole.

It slid in easily, and Bates let out a long moan of satisfaction as the cock snaked into his body. He'd been playing around with his ass a lot lately and had discovered that it could give him a ton of pleasure. As Damian's dick filled him up, it hit all the right spots. He felt full, complete, and completely at his mercy. Damian gripped his hips and started to slowly fuck him. He'd expected him to pound him hard, but instead he fucked him slow and deeply. There wasn't any pain to take his mind off the insane pleasure he felt.

Another guy stepped in front of him and presented Bates with his dick. Without being told, he sucked it into his mouth. Mark noticed.

"You didn't even have to be asked to suck that dick, you fucking cock gobbler."

It wasn't possible for him to feel embarrassed. There's no shame in being exactly what everyone thinks you are. The guys had decided that he loved dick, and no amount of pretending would change that. He might as well enjoy himself.

The guy he was sucking had a nice sized dick. It wasn't too big, and he wasn't intent on choking him. He just wanted to get off and that was something that Bates could help him with. He suckled on the dick as his body rocked back and forth. Damian had loosened up his grip, and Bates was leaning forward and then pushing back to meet his thrusts. He knew that this meant he wanted it, and he knew that guys around him would notice.

The dude pulled his cock out of Bates' mouth and got behind him. Someone else walked in front of him. It was Mark, and he grinned as he sat down and opened his legs. He lifted them up high. "Eat my ass, bro."

Bates wasn't quite ready for this. His buddy's pink hole was surrounded by thick, dark hair. His big balls hung down across his taint. Bates couldn't bring himself to do it. The guy who was fucking him went balls deep and gripped the back of his head. He pushed Bates into Mark's crack. "Fucking eat that ass, bitch."

Bates licked Mark's sweaty and musky ass. This smell, something he'd smelt on himself before but never really appreciated, moved into his awareness and completed the experience for him. It was sweat, body odor, and the heat of a man. He understood why someone like Ryder got off on guys who had just worked out. It was this turned up to eleven. He couldn't help himself and dove into Mark's ass.

"He likes it." Sam called out as one cock pulled out of his ass and was instantly replaced by another. The hard rod slipped over Bates' prostate, and he closed his eyes to enjoy it.

Over the next twenty minutes the four guys continued to fuck him while Mark presented him with different parts of his body to lick. After he felt like his ass had been solidly rimmed, he had Bates suck his nuts. For him this was the ultimate act of dominance whether he was with a woman or man. He made Bates open wide and take both of his hairy low hangers into his mouth. He watched with an odd sense of glee as Bates picked his pubes out of his teeth. Once, when Bates had both nuts deep in his gob he looked down and smiled, "Bro, you've got my balls in your mouth." Bates just moaned and nodded.

When the guys were getting close, Mark lifted his junk off of Bates' face and lined up behind him. He'd wanted to take his friend doggy style, but now realized that it wouldn't satisfy him. "Turn over, bitch." he said.

Bates blushed. It was what he had been dreading. He didn't want to look at Mark while he got fucked.

After he flipped over, Mark rubbed the head of his giant cock against Bates' hole. Bates' ass was slick with lube and the juices of the four other guys. Mark pushed the head in, and Bates turned his head to the side and waited for the rest.

Mark grabbed his chin. "You're going to look at me, while I fuck you. Got it?"

Bates nodded. Mark slipped his fingers into his mouth. He reached in deep, choking Bates as he pushed his dick into his buddy. Bates groaned, this cock was the biggest he'd taken, bigger even than Coach Perry. It was big enough that there was no chance that it would feel comfortable. The pain canceled out all of the pleasure. Bates sucked on Mark's fingers to take his mind off of it.

Mark leaned over him and cooed, "I know it's tough, bro, but you'll get used to it. You're going to get real good at taking this dick."

Mark bottomed out. He ground his pubes into Bates' ass and rubbed his belly with his free hand, almost like he was trying to feel his big cock inside of the stud. Bates' dick was hard and drooling onto his stomach. Mark was unbothered by it, smearing precum into his skin and pushing his cock around as if it wasn't there. He reached up and grabbed one of Bates' nipples.

"You seem to be doing ok, bitch." he said, "Is my cock big enough for you?"

Bates' asshole was practically numb after the double penetration and the half hour of fucking he'd taken. He hardly knew what was going on. He just felt really full.

"Yeah, it's big enough Mark." Bates said with some contempt.

Mark slapped him along the side of his face. "Don't get lippy with me bro." Then he shoved his dick forward again, punching Bates deep inside his stomach. "This isn't working." he said.

Mark stood up and laid down on the floor. The four guys looked on and stroked their dicks. Mark grabbed his cock and pointed it straight up in the air. "Ride me bitch." he said.

Bates was slow to get up, and one of the guys grabbed him by the neck and pulled him to his feet. "C'mon stud, fuck yourself on that cock." he said.

Bates squatted over Mark and felt the head of his dick press against his asshole. He slid downward and then knelt forward. Mark didn't wait for him to adjust, but lifted his hips and drove his cock home. Bates yelped and pulled off, but someone's hands were on his shoulders pushing him back down. He slowly sat on Marks cock, while Mark groaned and rolled his eyes.

"Now fuck yourself, bro." Mark said, "And stroke that big cock of yours."

Bates pulled his cock out of his jock and started to masturbate. It was difficult to coordinate bouncing up and down on his buddy's dick with getting himself off, but he managed to do it. Soon his dick was throbbing and he was writhing in pleasure as Mark's rod stabbed into him.

The other guys masturbated as they watched Bates turn into a total slut for Mark's dick. Sam was the first to get close to cumming, and he stepped over Bates to feed him his dick. Bates sucked on the head while Sam fapped furiously. Then his rod swelled up, the head flared, and Sam pulled it out of Bates' mouth. He shot his thick load all over the stud's face. Bates was surprised by the feeling of the hot semen landing in ropes over his chin and cheeks. He closed his mouth and eyes.

"Don't you dare stop fucking yourself." Mark growled and Bates realized that he was sitting still. He started to move up and down again, trying to get Mark off. As he did, chunks of cum dripped from his chin onto his chest and stomach.

"What a fucking slut." One of the strangers muttered as he stepped up to Bates. He aimed his cock at Bates' hairline and shot his load. His cum was watery, and there was a ton of it. It got into Bates' hair and ran over his brow into his eyes. He squinted and wiped it away. His whole face was slick, and nut was dripping off his chin.

"Time for you to cum, slut." Mark said. He reached up and twisted Bates' nipples. Bates kept yanking on his cock and soon he was blowing his own load. It shot up like a geyser and splashed across his abs. His asshole contracted and suddenly he felt the massiveness of Mark's dick in all of it's glory. An unbelievable orgasm shook him, and he leaned back to catch his breath. Cum dripped from his face and down his chest, and Mark's cock continued to throb inside of him.

Damian stuck his dick in Bates' mouth. As the last waves of his orgasm faded, his mouth was filled with a load of cum. He savored the flavor, tasting it all before he swallowed it down. Damian groaned and then pulled away as a trickle of semen ran over Bates lips.

"You're covered in it bro." Mark said as he bucked up into Bates' ass.

Bates glanced down. There was cum all over his body, in his hair, in his mouth. He felt it, tasted it, and smelled it. Suddenly it disgusted him. With his sexual desire released, the shame of what he was doing returned. He felt like he was going to throw up, and it didn't help that he had a huge cock rearranging his guts.

"Here you go bitch." the fifth man said as he pushed his cock against Bates' lips. Bates clamped them shut and shook his head.

Mark grabbed Bates by the balls. "Suck that dick, bitch! Suck it now."

Bates took the cock into his mouth. It only took a half a minute before the dude was unloading. The chunky, salty semen flooded over his tongue, and he gagged. There was no way that he was going to swallow it, so he held it in his mouth.

"What? You don't like the taste?" The dude asked. He grabbed onto Bates skull, pinching his nose shut and covering his mouth, "You fucking swallow my load, bitch."

Bates gulped it down, disgusted at himself. He took a breath and looked down at Mark. He plead with his eyes for things to end.

"Alright, bro, I'm almost there. Get on all fours." Mark said.

Bates lifted himself off of Marks' big cock. His asshole burned and felt stretched open. He turned over onto all fours. As he did, cum dripped from his face and body.

Mark moved behind him and slid his cock back in. He gripped onto Bates' torso and brought his chest down against his back. Then he started to hump Bates' ass, using his hips to drive the last few inches of his thick cock in and out of Bates' hole. Bates grunted as Mark held on tight and fucked him stupid.

"Almost there, bitch." Mark panted into his ear. "Almost there,"

Then his buddy slammed home, knocking him forward so that he fell flat onto his chest. Mark fell on top of him and never stopped grinding away at his ass. He felt Mark's cock swell inside him and then the flood of cum. The pressure inside of him increased, and he felt like he was going to split open. Mark didn't speak a word, he just breathed lustily against the side of his face. Bates took it like a man, letting his best friend claim him as his own.

When Mark was done, he rolled off of Bates and stood up. A drop of cum dripped from the tip of his cock. He reached down and grabbed Bates hand. "You ok bro?" he said, suddenly friendly again.

Bates smacked his hand away. "Just get the fuck away from me."

Another guy came close and tried to roll Bates over with his foot. "What if I want seconds?"

Mark stepped in. "Leave him alone guys." he said. "Someone text Perry and tell him that his new boy is here licking his wounds."

The guys quickly pulled on their clothes and then made for the stairs. As they left, Mark flipped off the lights, leaving Bates on the floor in the dark. When Perry found him, he was shivering and covered in dry cum. He wrapped an arm around Bates and felt the stud melt into his warmth, cuddling against his skin. Perfect, he thought.

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  1. HOT!

    I guess I should feel a little sorry for Bates since his life is going to be moving in a very different direction from now on but if you play a high stakes game like he did then the consequences are going to be big if you lose and he got exactly what he deserved. That and I wouldn't have minded being in his shoes!

    I'm guessing this story is nearly done and I've really enjoyed it. I'm wondering if Perry is going to give up Ryder now he has Bates and let Tyler and Ryder go off into the sunset together. Or something like that anyway! I also wonder about the relationship between Perry and Tyler now, are they equals and is Perry OK with that?

    Great stuff Charlie. I love how you let us get right into the minds of your characters and really feel what they're experiencing. Keep up the good work!