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Michael Hoffman Gets Fucked

Michael Hoffman Gets Fucked
C. Charlie -

Thanks to another author who got me going with this idea in an email exchange. If you like pictures, go to and for pics of Hoffman and Cain.

Cain stared at the tattooed stud in the mirrors from across the gym. He'd gotten used to people, men and women, staring at him when he worked out. For ten years he'd stacked muscle onto his frame, building up a huge chest and arms that maxed out at over seventeen inches when he had a good pump. Everyone looked, and he'd learned to ignore it.

Occasionally though, he caught guys looking at him in a different way. These guys stared at him, their eyes panning over his body from the top of his chest all the way down to his tree trunk legs. Sometimes he could see their eyes widened as they realized that he was who they thought he was.

Years of doing gay porn had made him a minor celebrity in the fitness world. He didn't mind the attention, especially because he was able to parlay it into a free blowjob whenever he need one. He knew from the moment he caught the tatted stud staring that he was one of those guys, and he was fairly sure that he recognized him.

Cain looked at him again as the guy screwed up his face and pulled some weight off the ground. Though not as big as Cain, he had very well developed muscles and a lean body. His  skin was covered with tattoos; they ran down his arms, up his neck, and across his legs. Cain stared for a moment, trying to place him, and then his mind connected the dots.

He'd seen a Youtube video not too long ago where a guy said that doing porn had ruined his life. It was a story Cain was familiar with, and he looked the guy up online. He was surprised when he found out that all the guy had done was rub some oil on another guy's chest, shoved a few fingers up his ass, and let a dude suck him. Cain had done it all, and he didn't think the attention was all that bad. In the end, he pegged the guy as a whiny bitch.

Hoffman, he thought. Mike Hoffman or something like that. When he caught him stealing another glance, he started to put it together. Only guys who are worried that the rumors are hitting too close to home flip out like that.

He waited for the tatted gym rat to head into the locker room and then followed him. By chance, their lockers were near one another. Cain opened his up and stripped off his tank. Then he turned to Hoffman and ran his hand over his smooth chest.

"How's it going, dude? I feel like I've seen you around. Online, you know?"

Hoffman looked down at the floor for a second and then looked up at Cain. "Yeah? I recognized you too. You, uh, you did some stuff too, right?"

"Some stuff?" Cain laughed. He could tell that Hoffman was covering and that the guy had seen every one of his videos. "I did all the stuff, bro. Made good money too, and it was fun."

"Was it worth it?"

"Fuck yeah, man." Cain said. He put a hand on Hoffman's shoulder, rubbing it a little bit. He flinched under his touch. "I saw your vid. Don't let other people get you down."

"I know. It's just that, you know, I did all this stuff but nothing really came of it. It was almost all bad and no good."

"That's cause you didn't do it right. Who did you think was going to be watching your vids? Chicks? Your audience is a bunch of gay guys and you've got to play to them. If you do that, you'll make a ton of money. Like right now, tonight, we could pull down a few hundred in a few hours if you really tried."

"No way, man. I've tried."

"Shower and come back to my place. Trust me, if we just rub oil on each other and flex a little, we can blow up the cam sites. Guys love you, bro. That's why everyone knows who you are."

Hoffman hesitated, but Cain held his gaze and dared him to say no with his eyes. He flexed his muscles and broadened his shoulders. When Hoffman's pupil's dilated he knew that he'd hooked the little stud. Not only was he going to make big money, he was going to get a blowjob from this little bitch. As much as he loved women, almost nothing could beat teaching a little girl like Michael Hoffman what it means to be a man.

When they were in the shower, Cain gave Hoffman a once over. He had a tight body, thick with muscle that was spread out across his frame making him look thick and bulky. He hadn't been shaving, and there was hair on his stomach and a decent, trimmed bush above his dick. His dick, though not as big as Cain's was half hard. When he turned away from Cain, Cain stared at his ass. It was tight and muscular, two long ovals of solid muscles. In that moment, Cain changed his plans. He wasn't just going to make a few hundred dollars; he was going to own that muscled ass.

They dressed and Hoffman followed Cain back to his place. Cain set up the camera and they sat down on the couch. For about an hour, the two guys talked on cam and flashed their cocks for tips. When they had a big following, they began to amp it up. Cain reached for a bottle of body oil and then got behind Hoffman and poured onto his back.

He began to rub the oil into Hoffman's shoulders, checking out his tattoos and massaging his muscles. Hoffman had solid muscle development for a guy with his frame. He wasn't nearly as bulky as Cain, but his strength was obvious and he looked amazing. Slowly, Cain moved his hands down over Hoffman's chest. As he did, he ran his lips along the back of the younger guy's neck.

Hoffman immediately tensed up, "What the fuck dude?"

"Just lean back into me," Cain whispered, "Just do it and give it a minute."

Hoffman did just that, rolling his head back and letting Cain rub his muscled chest. Every few seconds, Cain would kiss his neck or lick his shoulder, and  the tips came pouring in. "Quit thinking about whether what we're doing is gay and start thinking about the pile of money we're making. Eyes on the prize dude." Cain whispered.

When he thought about it that way, Hoffman wasn't so nervous. He'd done the body oil thing and it turned out pretty well. After a few more minutes, the guys changed places and Hoffman started to rub oil into Cain's broad back. After a few minutes, Cain suggested that Hoffman should work his chest and maybe his legs. Once he was on his back, he told Hoffman to straddle him and put his ass down on his crotch. The goal, he kept telling Hoffman, was to convince the viewers that these two straight studs were totally into each other's bodies.

As Hoffman ran his hands over Cains thick chest, Cain responded to his every touch, performing for the camera and drawing in more viewers. Hoffman was so impressed by Cain's body, the sheer amount of muscle that he'd stacked on his frame, that his attitude was almost worshipful. As he ran his fingers over Cain's tight, dark brown nipples, he felt Cain's dick start to thicken and press into his ass. The sexual contact and the eroticism of the encounter worked on his brain and soon his own dick thickened. He considered adjusting himself, but didn't want to draw attention to his hard-on.

"Lean in and kiss me," Cain said.

Hoffman balked again. Cain rolled his eyes and reached up and pulled him down. They locked lips and made out while the tips came pouring in. As Hoffman's body slid forward, Cain felt his hard cock against his abs and knew that he was right about the guy.

For a second, Hoffman tried to shut Cain out, but as the kissing continued he opened up his mouth and Cain shoved his tongue in. The tension left Hoffman's body as he relaxed, and then he returned the kiss with enthusiasm. Hoffman groaned and Cain broke away.

"You liked that, huh?"

"It was OK," Hoffman said, "But, uh, lets stick to massaging each other."

Cain pulled Hoffman close again and said, "I've kissed a lot of guys, bro. Straight guys, bi guys, gay guys, I've done it all, and you kiss me like a gay guy. You're not fooling me." He tweaked Hoffman's nipple hard and then pointed down at his cock.

Hoffman started to protest but Cain flipped him over and reversed their positions. He pinned Hoffman between his knees and smiled at him from above. His thick cock filled out one side of his white briefs, stretching them to one side. He grabbed one of Hoffman's hands and placed it on the bulge in his shorts. Hoffman's fingers gripped onto it.

"There you go dude," Cain said, "If people are going to say you're gay, you might as well just be gay, right?"

Hoffman remained silent.

"Take it out," Cain said.

Slowly Hoffman worked the huge tool out from under the fabric. Cain's cock was eight inches long, thick, and uncut. As Hoffman held onto it, the foreskin rolled back and revealed a slick, pink head. Cain grabbed the base and tapped his cock on Hoffman's body a few times. As he did, the chimes kept going off as more and more tips came in.

"How many cocks have you sucked?" Cain asked.

"I told you man, I'm not . . ."

Cain interrupted, "I didn't ask you that. I asked you how many cocks you've sucked."

"A few." Hoffman said as he broke off eye contact and blushed.

"Don't worry about it man," Cain said, "I've sucked, like, dozens of dudes. Quit being such a bitch."

Cain grabbed onto his dick and slowly jerked it over Hoffman's chest. Hoffman reached up and began to run his hands over Cain's oily abs and chest. Cain rocked back and forth over Hoffman, occasionally driving his ass down into Hoffman's hard dick. He wondered if Hoffman knew what was coming, if he had known it when Cain first invited him to his apartment. Cain had played his hand perfectly, and there was no question in his mind that the day would end with his dick lodged firmly in Hoffman's ass.

He caught Hoffman staring at his dick, watching as precum slowly oozed out of the red piss-slit and his hood glided back and forth over his glans. He inched forward a bit, turned and mugged for the camera, and then placed the tip of his cock on Hoffman's lips.

"Taste it, bro." Cain said. Hoffman kept his lips locked tight. "Taste it," Cain said more firmly.

He watched as Hoffman's tongue darted out and tasted the tip of his dick. Cain knew that that was all it would take. If a guy was willing to take a taste, he was willing to take the whole thing. Cain gave a thumbs up to the camera and then wrapped his hand around the back of Hoffman's head. Slowly, he tilted his head upward and pressed the head of his dick firmly against Hoffman's lips and teeth.

"Look at me," Cain said. He stretched out his chest and filled his lungs with air. He suddenly appeared huge and substantial. His dick, inches from Hoffman's eyes, seemed long, veiny, and thick. "Just do it, dude. Live out your fantasies and suck my dick."

Hoffman looked at Cain's cock one more time, and then he opened his mouth and took it in. Cain let him suck on the head, barely taking it into his mouth, for a few minutes while he reached behind him and played with Hoffman's hard cock. He once again mugged for the camera while he pointed out Hoffman's big hard-on.

After a few minutes, Cain pulled away and stood up. His big dick, engorged with blood from the blowjob and the simple thrill of getting a guy to blow him, jutted out in front of him. He lightly grabbed onto Hoffman's neck and moved him to a standing position as well. He kissed the younger guy briefly, and then put the smallest amount of pressure on his shoulder. It didn't take long before Hoffman slid down onto his knees.

Almost as soon as he realized what was happening, Hoffman tried to stand back up. Cain put his hand on his shoulder and held the stud down. "What are you doing?"

"I told you man, I'm not into this. Not like this anyway?"

"Not like this? You mean, the camera?" Cain asked.

Hoffman nodded.

"So you'd be into it if the camera wasn't on?"

Hoffman looked at the camera again, but didn't answer. Cain rubbed the side of his head. "You gonna live like this forever, dude? Just let it go. End it today and be who you are. You want my cock, don't you?"

Cain held his head so that he had to maintain eye-contact. He stared at the young guy straight in the eyes and waited.

"Yes." Hoffman whispered.

"Tell all of our friends." Cain said. "Tell them you want my cock."

"Ah, fuck." Hoffman groaned, "Yes, I want your cock. You're fucking hot and I want your cock."

"Yeah you do," Cain said. He pulled Hoffman into his crotch and pushed the stud's face into the base of his dick. "Do my balls, bro. Get them good and wet."

He gasped as Hoffman tongued one ball and then the next before taking them into his mouth. He sucked on the silky smooth scrotum and rolled Cain's testicles around in his mouth. Cains hand, big and masculine, closed over the back of his skull and gently held him in place. His fingers moved through the short, sharp hair on his head, massaging his scalp. Hoffman looked up at Cain and blushed momentarily, but then whatever shame he was feeling disappeared.

The young stud wasn't practiced using his mouth on a guy, but Cain knew that he was getting into it. Whatever hesitation he'd shown in the beginning had faded away. Hoffman was tonguing the root of his dick now, working his way up the shaft. Just as he got to the tip and was about to take it all in his mouth, Cain stopped him and pulled away.

"You sure you want to do this? You sure you're ready for my dick?"

"Yeah man, I want it."

In the background, Hoffman could hear the chiming of tips coming in. Cain muted the volume. He didn't want Hoffman to think about how many people were watching them or how many screen grabs and pirated copies of the  show would be all over the internet tomorrow.

He rested the head of his uncut dick against Hoffman's lips and looked him in the eyes, "Go for it, cocksucker." Again he relished the flash of shame before Hoffman devoured his cock.

Mike Hoffman had only sucked a few dicks and he'd been drunk both times he'd done it. This time, though, Cain had seduced him, played him like a fiddle, and gotten him naked and on his knees. He felt taken advantage of, but he couldn't help but find Cain's masculinity and assertiveness attractive. It was like all the decisions were taken away from him and he could be exactly who he wanted to be.

He bobbed up and down on Cain's cock while the muscular stud called him names and mugged for the camera. Cain alternated between making fun of him for eating dick, calling him a cocksucker and asking him if he liked the taste of a man's cock, with affection, telling him how good he was making his dick feel and rubbing the side of his head. The alternating words were a mind-fuck, confusing the line between pleasure and humiliation.

Finally, Cain grabbed his head and turned it toward the camera. He slapped his cock against the side of Hoffman's face hard enough that it left a red mark on his scruffy cheek. Rubbing his hand's over the tatted skull, he rubbed the tip of his dick all over Hoffman's face, leaving trails of precum and cock slime.

"What do you say, boys, you wanna see this 'straight' stud get fucked?" He emphasized the word straight, implying that Hoffman was anything but.

"Dude," Hoffman said, "I'm not going to do that."

"You think some fingers up your ass feel good, bro? You think a toothbrush handle does it for you?" Cain teased, his dick still pressed into Hoffman's face while Hoffman's tongue occasionally licked it. "Just wait until you've got a man's dick up inside of you, a man's arms wrapped around you, and a man's strength taking you and owning you. Then you'll really know what you like."

"No way man." Hoffman said firmly.

Cain frowned into the cam and then shrugged. "Roll over then. Let me eat your fat ass and give the boys at home a show."

Amazed that Cain was going to lick his asshole, Hoffman turned over and lifted his ass into the air. He'd done enough of his own shows to know how to get the position right, and his muscular ass opened up to display his tight pink hole. His balls hung low and swayed between his legs, while his hard cock pressed against his stomach.

Cain looked at Hoffman's ass and again gave a thumbs up to the camera. He drooled onto Hoffman's hole and then smoothed the spit in with his fingers. He pressed a little bit, starting to open Hoffman up, and then bent down and went to work on his hole. Even though Cain tried to break away frequently and do some side shots for the guys at home, he devoured Hoffman's ass. He pressed his tongue into it, opening the stud up, and then lapped around the edges of his ass. The little guy was writhing on the bed as he discovered his true sexual calling, and, to his surprise, it had almost nothing to do with his dick.

Cain worked a finger into Hoffman's ass, and the stud groaned, flattened his chest against the bed, and presented his big butt to Cain. It was perfect, almost like he was begging the stud to mount him and take his virgin hole. Cain continued to finger him, and then said softly, "How does that feel, having a finger up your ass?"

"Good." Hoffman moaned and pressed backward against Cain. Nothing that he was doing felt masculine, but he didn't care. He fucked himself against Cain's thick fingers as his dick oozed onto the bedspread.

"How about this?" Cain asked as he slipped a second digit inside. Hoffman bucked forward a bit, but then settled back down.

"Fuck yes," he moaned. Cain reached between Hoffman's legs and began to play with his cock, slowly milking it and letting the precum drizzle down in long, glistening strings.

"That's right, stud. Feels good having a man work your ass." Cain said. Then he shoved a third finger in, taking Hoffman beyond were he'd ever been before.  When he started to pull away, Cain planted a hand firmly in the center of his back and held him in place. "Give yourself a minute to get used to it, stud. Feel yourself stretching out for me."

For another minute, Cain moved his thick digits in and out of Hoffman's asshole, pushing his fingers apart and getting the stud ready for something even bigger. He curled around inside of Hoffman's body and found his prostate. As he rubbed the hard knob, Hoffman twisted and turned on the bed, overcome by ecstasy.

Cain grabbed his shoulder and pulled Hoffman up to his knees. He made out with him, running his hands over Hoffman's tatted skin and then went back to work on his ass. His thick, muscular arms wrapped around Hoffman's narrow torso and dug into his asshole while his tongue reached deep into Hoffman's mouth.

"You want to give yourself to me." Cain stated. "Why not just do it?"

Hoffman hesitated.

"Now or never." Cain said, "Just admit you want it. Even if we don't do anything, at least admit that you want it."

Hoffman hemmed and hawed. Cain drilled his asshole with two fingers and then pulled them out. He stared into Hoffman's eyes. "Admit you want it."

"I want your cock." Hoffman said softly.

"Where do you want it?"

"Inside of me."

"Yeah you do,” Cain growled. He pushed Hoffman backwards onto the bed and came down on top of him. As he made out with the muscular little guy, Hoffman wrapped his legs around Cain's ass. Cain humped against him, positioning his dick so that it was moving across Hoffman's asshole and rubbing the underside of his balls.

"Last chance." Cain said.

"Just do it." Hoffman responded.

Cain reached down and guided his cock toward Hoffman's tight hole. "Is this really your first time?"

"Uh uh." Hoffman said.

"Fuck yes." Cain grumbled as he teased Hoffman with his dick. "Look at me."

Hoffman looked into Cain's eyes, and Cain saw the trust required to get through having his cherry popped. He plunged his eight inch, uncut tool into his body and held him tight as his muscles tensed up and he started to whine.

"Relax, baby," Cain said, "You feel so good for me, so tight. Just relax and let me in."

They battled for a few minutes, but eventually Cain had at least six of his eight inches planted inside Hoffman's ass. “There you go, boy. You're not a virgin anymore."

Cain smiled at him as he started to slowly thrust in and out of Hoffman's asshole. He didn't kiss him once as he drove into his body. Instead, he stared at him, grinning and smiling as he used him like a toy, letting him know with his facial expressions that he'd been played. With a few glances, he had taken a man who whined about people thinking he was gay and fucked him on camera.

"Not so straight now, are you?" Cain teased, even though he himself had been fucked a bunch of times, "You like my cock up in you, like the feeling of opening up for a man, don't you?"

"Yes," Hoffman moaned.

"Flip over." Cain commanded.

Hoffman flipped over onto his hands and knees with his face facing the wall. Cain grinned. "I want you looking that way," he said as he pointed to the small red light on the top of his TV. "I want to show the guys at home just how much you love what I'm doing to you."

Hoffman's resistance was all but gone, and he turned to face the camera. Cain got behind him and mounted him like an animal. His cock slid in more easily this time, but it still hurt. Hoffman winced and put his head down into the cushions. Cain's hands were on him in an instant, pulling his head back and nipping at his neck. Cain fucked him hard, taking pleasure in the jerks of Hoffman's body as his huge cock stabbed him in new and unfamiliar ways. The whole time he held Hoffman's head up and grinned at the camera. He wanted everyone on earth to see him cover and breed the whiny little cocksucker.

"You like my dick, don't you? Say it. Tell everyone how much you love my cock."

Hoffman looked into the camera like a deer in the headlights. For a moment, it dawned on him just what he was doing and the consequences that were sure to follow. Cain stabbed into him again and he didn't care any more.

"I fucking love your dick inside of me. Breed my ass, stud."

"Do you love getting fucked by strong men?"

"Fuck yes. Wrap your arms around me, stud."

Cain did as he was told. He got Hoffman into a bear hug, dropped his weight on top of the guy, and started to drill him. Both of their muscles bulged as they went at each other, one fucking and the other doing his best to fuck back. Hoffman was delirious, chewing on Cain's couch, biting at the guys hands as they covered his mouth, and groaning each time Cain grabbed him around the throat and thrust into him.

Cain knew exactly what he was doing. He performed for the camera, shifting his weight and flexing his muscles for the guys at home to see.

"You boys want to see me breed this ass or do you want it on his face? Make a choice quick, cause I'm going to nut."

He grunted a few more times and a big tip came in asking him to unload on Hoffman's face. "Sorry stud,” Cain whispered in his ear, “but it looks like you're going to eat some cum on cam. Hope the dudes at home don't think you're gay."

Cain laughed as he pulled out of Hoffman's ass. He kept one hand on his cock and grabbed Hoffman by the neck and shoved him to the floor with the other. When the stud was on his hands and knees, Cain teased him.

"Flex for the guys at home. Show them what a strong little man you are." Cain said. As Hoffman started to flex, he moved his junk closer. "Now eat my balls while you show off those muscles. Be the beefy little cocksucker you were born to be."

Hoffman sucked both of the egg sized balls into his mouth and stared up at Cain's perfect body. The guy was bulky, sweaty, smooth, and thick. In that moment, Hoffman felt like Cain was right. This was exactly where a guy like him should be.

"Lick those sweaty balls." Cain mumbled as he jerked his cock. Then he pushed Hoffman deeper between his legs, "Lick my taint, cocksucker. Get back there and suck my asshole."

When Hoffman's supposedly straight tongue touched his asshole, Cain lost control. Moving quickly, he stepped back and pointed his cock at Hoffman's mouth. "Open up, stud." Cain said with a wicked grin.

He didn't even bother aiming for his mouth, because he knew Hoffman wouldn't open it. Instead, he painted the little guy's face, shooting ropes of cum across his cheeks, his brow-ridge, and the side of his tatted up skull. He groaned and moaned loudly for the guys at home as six thick ropes of pure alpha baby batter splattered across Hoffman's face. Cain couldn't have planned it better. When he was done, it looked like three or four guys had dumped their nut on Hoffman.

Cain quickly sat down and slipped in behind Hoffman. He started to scoop his own cum off of Hoffman's face and shovel it into the guy's mouth. Hoffman resisted at first, but Cain shoved his fingers between his lips and pressed against his teeth.

"Eat my cum, while you jerk off, slut. Do it now. Shoot your load for me."

Again his lust took over and Hoffman couldn't help himself. He began to lick Cain's cum up while he pulled on his cock. Within moments, he was leaning back into Cain's chest as his own load shot all over his chest. Four lines of thin cum splattered onto his perfect abs and pooled up in the ripples on his stomach. He breathed deeply and collapsed against Cain's body. Cain waited a moment, then he stood and turned toward the camera.

"Hope you dudes enjoyed that," he said as he turned away.

Hoffman stood up and went to the bathroom. He seemed worked up. Cain followed him in. "I can't believe I did that. On fucking cam too. Fuck." Hoffman said.

"Relax, dude. You made a load of money, and you're going to make a lot more now. Plus." Cain grabbed his hand and put it on his cock, "You like this, right? You like dick. Just get over yourself and have fun."

"Fuck you." Hoffman said.

"I'm pretty sure you're the one that gets fucked in this relationship." Cain said with a smile, "Get your shit and get out of here. When you've calmed down and are hungry for my dick again, text me."

With that, Michael Hoffman slipped back into his shorts and made for the door. Cain told him that he'd give him his half of the money at the gym in a few days and Hoffman told him he didn't even want it. "You're fucked in the head dude, but whatever." Cain said as he slammed the door on the arrogant bastard. 


  1. Did not think I would like this, but once I started reading I had to finish it, and finish i did ;)

    1. Glad you liked it. I wasn't sure I would like writing it, but kind of got into it as I went.

  2. I think this should be an ongoing series it sounds unfinished and I’d like to see where it goes !

  3. This was HOTTT Cain is a total stud. Miss seeing new scenes.
    Thank you!

    1. Cain was one of my all time favorites, especially his earlier scenes before he got super bulky. Still go back to his scenes when I'm looking to get off fast.

  4. Hey Charlie, Its Ryan R.
    SO glad you followed through on this! It was certainly worth the effort. Cain and Hoffman (at his prime) were two of my favs, but you "brought them them to life" in this, via your usual incredibly believable writing.

    Another outstanding story by one of my all time fav erotic writers.

  5. AWESOME! Seriously, today I was looking at some of Cain’s splendid work and wondering why nobody writes fanfiction about pornostuds like him, and, say, Sean Cody’s Brandon, and then some heavenly inspiration says to me “you haven’t checked out Cosmic Charlie for ages”, and lo & behold, there’s Cain doing his thing – damn near as hot as watching the man himself! I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time, but haven’t as much time to read as I’d like, you do excellent work! [Any more action from Cain would be welcome!]