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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 1

20 year-old Jase is forced to share a bedroom with his sixteen year-old brother over summer vacation. Because he will not be able to get regular pussy while he is home, he decides to make Mitch into his summer girlfriend. In this chapter, Mitch begins to become Jase's girlfriend by sucking him off and giving him a hand-job.
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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 1
Cosmic Charlie -


Sixteen year-old Mitch woke up in the middle of the night with a raging hard-on. He slept on his stomach, so his hard dick was pressed between the mattress and his stomach. He pushed down with his hips and humped his cock into mattress. His dick throbbed, and the first thing Mitch thought about was whether it would be safe to jerk off now. His older brother had just come home from co^pllege for the summer, and they were being forced to share a bedroom. Mitch had not been able to get off for three days now because his brother was always in the room with him when he wanted to beat off.

As he came to, he realized that the covers were pulled off of him and his boxers were pulled down over his firm bubble butt. Just as he started to wonder how it had happened, he felt something warm hit his ass and then there was pressure against his asshole. It felt like a finger or something.

"Mmm, that's a nice hole." he heard a deep voice whisper.

Mitch jumped up and rolled over onto his back. "What the fuck?" he said loudly.

He felt a hand on his shoulder as the lamp on his nightstand was turned on. Mitch's twenty year old brother was standing next to the bed. His shirt was off and the outline of his big cock was visible through his jeans.

While Mitch had inherited his mother's genes, Jase seemed to have gotten all of his father's genes. Mitch had a well-developed body, but he never grew as quickly or as much as he hoped he would. Mitch was average - average height, weight, and so on - while Jase was huge. He stood six foot two and had an enormous frame. Jase spent a huge amount of time in the university gym, and he had an incredible, muscular body. Unlike Mitch, who had light brown hair and brown eyes, Jase had dark hair and blue eyes. When they were kids they figured out that the most important difference between them lay between their legs. Mitch had a normal six and a half inch cock while Jase had a grotesque ten incher between his legs. A few years ago Mitch had hoped his would get big like Jase's, but it never panned out.

"Hey bro." Jase said.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Mitch asked as he pulled his boxers back up over his ass.

Jase sat down on the bed next to him. Mitch could smell the alcohol on his breath as he started to talk. "After we went to the baseball game, I went to a party. I was hoping to score with this chick, but I couldn't bring her back here because you were here. I'm horny as fuck bro."

"So you thought you'd come back here and play with my asshole?" Mitch asked. His anger level was rising.

"I saw your hot ass there, bro, and I just had to touch it." Jase said, "You don't get it. A guy like me is used to getting ass all the time. I'm going to explode."

Mitch was still trying to get a grip on what was going on when Jase started to unzip the fly of his jeans.

"If you don't believe me, feel this." Jase said.

Jase grabbed Mitch's hand and shoved it into his loose jeans. It was the first time Mitch's hand had been down anyone's pants except his own. He felt the hot, humid crotch air on the back side of his hand and Jase's short wiry pubes on the front. Jase moved his hand along the shaft of his dick and Mitch instinctively took hold of it and squeezed. The cock throbbed in response.

Jase gasped, "You see bro?"

Jase pushed Mitch's hand lower. His fingers snaked around Jase's big balls. The skin of his scrotum was sticky and warm. Jase had huge, chicken-egg sized nuts. Mitch cupped the nuts before withdrawing his hand from Jase's pants.

Mitch had to admit that he was getting turned on. He and Jase had messed around a little when they were younger. Jase taught Mitch what jacking off was when he was twelve, and they did some mutual touching and feeling before Jase went to college. It never amounted to much, just your normal sexual exploration stuff. Since Jase came home, Mitch was constantly thinking about how sexual and masculine his brother was. He was all man, and Mitch wondered about the woman he fucked and how Jase's body moved when he fucked them. Now, his hand had touched Jase's huge cock and cupped his balls. Thinking about all the pussies that monster had split open caused Mitch's cock to pulse and leak.

Jase pulled his cock out of his pants. The ten-inch monster slapped against his abs, leaking precum into the valleys between his muscles.

"You gonna help your big bro out?" he asked.

Before Mitch could respond, Jase grabbed his hand and put it around his cock. Mitch started to stroke his brother, actually enjoying the feeling of the hot rod in his hand. The combination of hardness and softness was something he had never really appreciated when he jerked off his own dick. He watched as Jase's foreskin slid over the head of his dick, allowing precum to pool around the tip and drizzle over the sides.

Jase leaned back against the wall and his whole body relaxed. He let out a long sigh and said, "That feels good baby." His eyes were closed, and Mitch figured that he was imagining that some chick was giving him a hand job instead of his little brother.

As Mitch continued to jerk him off, Jase's hand wandered across Mitch's groin. He pulled up the waistband of Mitch's boxers and reached into his shorts. Mitch bucked up against the hand, hoping to get a little action himself, but Jase reached lower. His fingers journeyed underneath Mitch's balls and back to his asshole. Jase lightly toyed with Mitch's hole, pushing on it and tickling it.

Mitch groaned. "You like that baby?" Jase asked.

Mitch hissed a long yes and continued to pull on his brother's dick.

"You got a hot cunt, babe." Jase said. With his free hand Jase grabbed onto the hand that was jerking his cock and gripped it hard. "Work my dick a little harder. I wanna get off."

Mitch squeezed hard and continued to jack off his brother. He had never seen a man's dick up close before, and was enjoying the show. He watched as his brother's balls rose and fell in his scrotum and was envious of the twitching muscles of Jase's six-pack. As his brother started to moan and breath harder, Mitch knew that Jase was going to cum soon. He saw his brother's low hanging, huge balls literally rise inches until they were tight against Jase's body.

"Here it comes, babe." Jase whispered. He grabbed onto his cock through Mitch's hand and squeezed hard.

Mitch felt his brother's dick bulge in his hand. Suddenly, shots of thick cum blasted out of his dick and across Jase's abs. With each shot, Jase's cock pulsed before spewing a rope of semen. The last few shots dribbled out over Mitch's hand. He was surprised by how hot the cum felt. As he finished jerking his brother off, slowly the smell of sex hit his nostrils. He breathed in the aroma of his brother's body and the pungent smell of the cum.

Jase pulled his hand out of Mitch's boxers and reached around his shoulder. He pulled his brother in and gave him a little bit of a side hug. Then he leaned over and kissed Mitch lightly on the forehead.

"Thanks bro." he said.

Jase picked up a random sock off the floor and wiped the cum off his abs before collapsing onto his bed on the other side of the room. Within a minute, Mitch could hear his breathing deepen as he drifted off to sleep.

Mitch wasn't sure about what had just unfolded with his brother, but he was horny as hell. He pulled his six inch, uncut dick out of the fly of his shorts and started to beat off. As he did, he used some of the cum left on his hand as lube. After only a few seconds of yanking, he added his own cum to the mix. He wiped his hand off on his boxer shorts before removing them and throwing them onto the floor. Totally spent, he quickly fell asleep.

* * * * * * * *

When the two brothers woke up the next morning, neither said anything about the night before. Mitch figured that Jase might not even remember the incident. He wasn't too weirded out about jacking Jase off. That seemed pretty benign. But waking up in the middle of the night with his brothers hands on his ass, playing with his asshole, seemed pretty strange to him. He picked up the cummy sock and boxers and threw them both into the laundry.

When they saw each other later, Jase barely acknowledge Mitch as he left for work at a landscaping company. Mitch was bothered by this. He had looked up to Jase since he was a little kid and downright worshipped him while he was in high-school. If Jase was going to ignore him from now on, it was going to be a long and sad summer for Mitch. He wanted to talk to his brother again and just pretend like they hadn't done anything, but he wasn't sure how Jase felt about the whole thing. He was relieved when Jase texted him asking him to go see a late movie after they both got off from work. Whatever was going on, at least Jase wasn't giving him the cold shoulder.

They got to the movie at 10:15 and found two seats next to each other. They were seeing a new comedy. Everything was going pretty normally until they got to a part in the flick that had some gratuitous nudity. Some young girl was walking around topless, basically to appease the high-school aged men who went to these kinds of movies. Mitch was feeling pretty turned on by the tits and felt himself start to get hard. As the seen ended, Jase grabbed Mitch's hand off of the arm rest and put it on his crotch. Mitch felt Jase's hard cock straining against the fabric of his jeans. He looked over at Jase who flashed him a toothy grin. Mitch squeezed Jase's cock once before letting go and moving his arm back to the armrest.

When they got home, they both headed up to the bedroom. It was late, and if they ran the TV they would wake up their parents. Mitch stripped down to his boxers and sat on the edge of his bed. When Jase came back to the room, he was wearing only a pair of grey boxer briefs.

Mitch couldn't help but be impressed by his brother's body. Jase had wide shoulders, a narrow waist, and his muscles were chiseled and tight. Even the muscles in his legs were strong and developed. While his chest was free of hair, there was a trail of hair running down his abs and his thighs and calves were covered in dark brown fur. Mitch was envious of his brother's form. He wished he was taller, bigger, stronger, and sexier. It occurred to him that that was what his brother was - sexy. He was sex on legs and probably got every chick he wanted.

Jase sat down on the side of the bed across from Mitch with his legs spread open wide. Mitch took a quick glance at the ample bulge between his brothers legs. Jase's boxer briefs hung heavy with his big sex. As he looked and recalled the size of his brother's cock, his dick started to get hard again.

Jase adjusted his junk, which caused Mitch to pull his eyes away. Jase sighed. "Fuck, bro, I'm horny all the time." he said.

"Get a girlfriend." Mitch replied.

"That's what I've been thinking about all day," Jase said. "See, I can't really have a girlfriend because no chick is going to let me fuck her with you in the room. Plus mom and dad would probably freak out if I started bringing a bunch of randoms home."

"Can't you take her to her place and fuck her there?" Mitch asked. He loved talking to his brother about sex. Jase was so much more experienced than him, and he wanted to learn all of his secrets before he got to college.

"No way man. I like young pussy. high-school chicks." Jase reached down and grabbed at his crotch, "This cock has wrecked more virgin cunts than I can remember, but if I go back to her place and get caught, I'm going to jail, bro."

"I guess you'll have to go without." Mitch said.

"I'd rather be dead than be celibate all summer." Jase shot back.

Jase paused for a minute and Mitch continued to get ready for bed. "You know, since you're the reason I can't bring a chick back here, you really should help me out."

"You mean like last night?" Mitch asked. He had been thinking about it all day, and the thought of fucking around some more with Jase sort of turned him on. Plus, he didn't mind jerking Jase off if Jase would occasionally give him a hand job in return.

"Something like that." Jase said. Jase stood up and walked over to the bed. As he approached, his thickening dick swaying in his boxer-briefs. Every ridge and edge was visible through the thin fabric.

"I don't know . . ." said Mitch. "I'm into girls you know."

"I know," said Jase as he sat down next to Mitch. "It's not like fucking around is going to make you gay or something. You would just be, like, my substitute girlfriend."

Jase took Mitch's hand and placed it on his crotch. Mitch was starting to get used to the feeling of Jase's hard dick and the incredible heat that emanated from his groin. The fabric of his boxer briefs was damp with sweat from the day. The fact that it turned him on scared him and he pulled his hand away.

"C'mon, don't be like that." Jase said. "Your little dick is tenting out your shorts. You can't pretend that you don't get off on my body. Now rub my dick."

The jab about Mitch's little dick didn't make him feel embarrassed. Instead, it reminded Mitch that compared to Jase, he was not much of a man. Jase once again grabbed onto Mitch's hand and placed it into his crotch. This time, Mitch didn't pull away. He gently massaged his brother's cock through the fabric as it hardened beneath his hand. Jase put his hand on Mitch's shoulder and massaged the back of his neck. Mitch relaxed as he felt his brother's hand touch his skin.

"Ahh, that feels good, bro." Jase said as he arched his back and pushed his groin against his brother's hand. "But a good girlfriend does more."

Suddenly, Jase stood up. He turned his body so that he was facing Mitch. His ten inch cock was pulling at the fabric along the leg of his briefs, and Mitch could make out his two individual balls resting along the seam of the crotch.

Jase put both hands on Mitch's shoulders and began to pull his brother forward. Mitch resisted.

"Jase, man! What are you doing."

"Relax, babe," Jase cooed, "You're gonna like this. You just gotta trust your man."

Mitch continued to resist, but Jase was stronger. He pulled his brother's face into his abs. When he felt Mitch give up, he released the pressure enough for Mitch to pull away a little.

"Kiss my abs, babe. Show my body the respect it deserves." Jase said.

Mitch hesitated. This game Jase was playing had gotten weird again. At the same time, his dick was as hard as steel. He had never thought of sex with guys before. He had never even questioned that he wanted to have sex with lots of women. But now, with his brother's body an inch from his face, he wasn't so sure.

He kissed his brother's hard abs and felt the muscles quiver underneath his lips. Then he kissed again. Within seconds, he was worshiping Jase's eight-pack, sucking and licking at the skin which covered the muscles Jase worked so hard to develop.

"Lower babe" Jase said and Mitch moved his mouth down to Jase's waistband. "No, lower." Mitch felt the pressure on his shoulders again and suddenly figured out where this was going.

"No way Jase." he said as he pulled away.

Jase didn't say anything. He just overpowered his brother and pulled his face into his crotch. Jase had spent the day laying paving stones with the landscaping company where he worked, and his crotch rot was intense. Mitch struggled to break free, but was eventually forced to take a breath. His nose was filled with the damp, pungent air emanating from Jase's junk. It disgusted him, and he worked harder to pull away. Jase did not relent, but kept steady pressure on his brother's skull.

"We can do this the hard way if you want, baby." Jase said. He started to move his brother's face around his crotch. Mitch felt Jase's hard dick underneath the fabric, pressing up against the bones of his face. As he breathed deeper, he slowly started to enjoy the smell. It wasn't all that bad, and it reminded him of how manly his brother was and he would never be. He started to dig his face in all by himself, enjoying the feeling of Jase's cock against his face. It was the closest he had ever felt to his brother, and it was turning him on.

Jase pulled Mitch's head away. Mitch had broken out in a light sweat and his hair was mussed up from Jase's hands.

"I told you that you would like it, babe." Jase said. He moved his knee to his brother's groin and pressed on Mitch's cock. "Your hard little dick tells me you like it. Do you want to suck my cock and make your man happy?"

Whatever will Mitch had to resist had dissolved. He nodded.

"Let me lay down." Jase said. He moved onto the bed and lay down with his legs spread. "Pull of my pants."

Mitch pulled down Jase's briefs and gazed at his brother's body. His hard abs came together at the top of his cock, which was surrounded by dense, short pubes. Jase's cock lay flat against his stomach and was pulsing with his heartbeat. A little drizzle of precum was already leaking out onto his six-pack. As Mitch pulled the pants down, his nose was again filled with Jase's scent. This time, instead of being disgusted, he was overcome with a desire to put his face back into Jase's crotch.

"Go ahead and taste it, bro." Jase said.

Mitch leaned over his brother's crotch and stuck out his tongue. Slowly he moved his tongue up his brother's shaft and over the head. He licked up the drizzle of precum that had collected on his brother's abs and was surprised by its sweetness.

"Now suck it babe." he said.

Mitch pulled Jase's cock into his mouth and started to suck and lick. He had gotten a few blow-jobs from chicks, so he had an idea of what felt good. The velvety softness of Jase's cock surprised him as did the difficulty of getting Jase's monster into his mouth. The cock seemed even bigger as he tried to wrap his lips around it.

As Mitch lapped at his brother's cock, Jase, leaned back and put his hands behind his head. He started to groan and mumble.

"Yeah girl, suck my cock." he said, "You like my big dick baby?"

Mitch looked up at Jase with his dick still between his lips and nodded. He wasn't sure about Jase calling him girl, but he knew he liked sucking on his dick. He loved the fact that he was making his brother feel so good.

"God, babe, you're making me feel good." Jase moaned.

Jase started to gently buck his hips into Mitch's mouth, forcing the first few inches of his cock in. Mitch did his best to accommodate Jase's girth. Drool was running down the sides of his brother's dick and into his pubes. Mitch pulled his mouth away and began to lick at the shaft and around the base of Jase's cock. His pubes smelled musky and tasted salty as Mitch's tongue ran through them.

"Get up here babe, I want to play with your hole." Jase said as he patted on the bed next to him.

Mitch jumped up on the bed and allowed Jase to manipulate his body. His head was now hovering over Jase's crotch and his torso was lying alongside Jase's long body. Jase pulled Mitch's boxer shorts down and threw them on the floor next to them while Mitch went back to work on his brother’s cock. As the boxers came down, Mitch's dick was pulled away from his abs and pressed down between his legs.

"Your little dick is hard and leaking onto your bed, babe." Jase said. "I'm glad I can make you feel good like this." He ran his fingers through Mitch's hair as his head bobbed up and down on his cock.

After caressing his brother's skull, Jase went to work on Mitch's ass. He pulled the cheeks apart and gazed at the pink hole that was pulsing and winking at him. There was some hair on Mitch's cheeks, but the hole itself was smooth and hairless. Jase spit a big loogie into Mitch's crack and pushed on the hole with his finger. He spit a few more times then finally slid his finger into Mitch's asshole.

Mitch gasped as the finger invaded him and writhed on the bed. Jase started to aggressively fuck him with his index finger. He pushed the finger in to the second knuckle, wiggled it around, and then withdrew it. The more he played with Mitch's ass, the more Mitch's cock pulsed and spewed precum. Mitch picked up the pace on Jase's dick, sucking him harder and with more intensity. He was trying to make his brother's dick feel as good as Jase was making his ass feel.

"How does that finger feel, bro?" Jase asked.

Mitch pulled off the dick and raised his butt to meet Jase's plunging finger. "Good," he said.

"You know why it feels so good, bro?" he asked, "You got a pussy between your legs. God gave you a little dick and a pussy and that hot mouth so you could make men like me feel good."

Mitch paused and took in the whole situation - the reek of Jase's sweaty crotch, the monster cock drooling precum into his mouth, the thick finger up his ass. None of it should be turning a dude like him on, but it was. He couldn't deny that he was hornier and hotter than he had ever been before.

Jase gently pet his brother on his head with his free hand. "It's ok bro. You've found your calling." he said. "Now suck my balls some."

Mitch hesitated, but Jase's big paw directed his head where it needed to go. He sucked one of his brother's nuts into his mouth and rolled it around some. The skin of his scrotum tasted salty and felt hot. He moved on to the other nut and gave it the same treatment. Then, Jases' hand pushed him underneath his sack. Just as he did this Jase plunged a second finger into Mitch's cunt, doubling the pressure on his sphincter. Mitch inhaled sharply, filling his lungs with the dark, musty air from underneath his brother's balls. Fireworks went off in his head and he started to lick, lapping at the base of Jase's nuts like a dog.

Jase was bucking his hips up and down and his big dick was smacking against Mitch's head. Mitch could feel the precum dripping off of Jase's cock and onto the back of his neck. As Jase moved, he ground his crotch against Mitch's face.

"All right baby, it's time for you to get what you've been working for." Jase said.

Mitch pulled his head up and looked at his brother. He honestly didn't know what he was talking about.

"Get your mouth on my dick, cunt, and jerk it while you suck." Jase said.

Mitch complied, surprised by the harshness of Jase's tone. Suddenly he felt a hand on his dick. Jase was jerking him off. As a matter of course, Jase didn't normally touch dicks, but he knew that if he made his brother cum as he blew his own load into Mitch's mouth, it would solidify the connection between Mitch's orgasm and fulfilling Jase's needs.

Mitch was humping Jase's fist. Jase could tell by the pulsing of Mitch's dick that he was close to an orgasm, so he stopped holding back and let his orgasm rip through him.

"Here it comes, babe." Jase said as he started to shoot his hot juice into Mitch's mouth. After the first spurt, Mitch pulled away and spit the cum out onto Jase's thigh. The next three shots of Jase's cum spurt across his abs. Jase enjoyed his orgasm. Even though Mitch had failed to eat his cum, it was still a good blow job, and he would have plenty of chances to teach his brother how to eat cum.

Jase reached down and rubbed Mitch's hair and scratched around his ears. "That was good babe, but you choked on my load."

"Jase, I'm sorry," Mitch blathered out, "I just . . ."

"I know," Jase interrupted. "You were surprised. Why don't you clean me off while I jerk your little dick."

He knew that Jase expected him to do it with his mouth, and he wasn't sure if he could. The very thought of eating a man's cum disgusted him. As he thought about it, Jase started to stroke his dick. Waves of pleasure moved through his body. All he wanted to do at this point was get off.

Jase removed his hand from Mitch's dick. Mitch groaned and wriggled to try to get his cock back into Jase's grip.

"C'mon girl. Lick up your man's load." Jase said.

Mitch didn't hesitate any longer. He stuck out his tongue and licked up the cum that he had spit out onto Jase's leg. Immediately, Jase's hand returned to his dick. He was only moments from shooting. He lapped up the cum more vigorously and Jase increased the grip on his cock. After Mitch got over his disgust at eating another man's load, he wasn't so bothered by the taste. Jase's cum tasted salty and a little strange, but not bad. He was so close to blowing his own load that he couldn't really tell if he was getting off on the taste of Jase's cum or because of Jase's hand on his dick. It was all merging together in his mind.

He moved up to Jase's abs and sucked the puddles of cum off the rippling muscles. He was so close, so worked up, that he was pressing his face into the smeared cum in order to lick it all up. The slick and sticky cum covered his upper lip, chin, and the tip of his nose, and the harsh smell of cum surrounded him. He licked and sucked at Jase's skin, while he humped his hand into Jase's fist.

Suddenly, the most intense orgasm of his life started to rip through his body. His whole body spasmed as his cock ejected spurts of thick cum. Cum ran over Jase's hand and onto the bed. Mitch bit down hard on the sheets next to his brother's thigh as he pumped his hand through Jase's fist.

Jase brought his hand down to Mitch's face and told him to clean up his mess. Mitch did so without any question. His own cum tasted more familiar to him than Jase's, he had licked up a load or two since he started masturbating, but he liked Jase's load more. Eating Jase's cum made his cock hard and his head spin, while licking up his own cock sauce seemed more like a chore.

When he finished eating his own load off of Jase's hand, Jase pulled him up the bed and planted a kiss on his face. Jase was an aggressive kisser. His lips stayed hard as he pushed his mouth against Mitch's, and he roughly shoved his tongue into Mitch's mouth. He sucked on Mitch's face for a solid minute before breaking off the kiss.

"That was real nice, baby. You made me feel really good." Jase said.

"Thanks." Mitch replied as he lay his head down on Jase's chest.

"Do you like making me feel good Mitch?" As he said this Jase ran his hand over Mitch's hip and through his pubes, scratching the skin under Mitch's bush.

Mitch wasn't sure what to say and had to think about it. While he thought, the intoxicating aroma of Jase's body washed over him. A intensely masculine mixture of cum, sweat, and body odor was rising from his brother's body. Jase's muscles were hard and strong underneath his head. He felt like he could lie like this, on top of Jase's body,  forever.

"Yes," Mitch said.

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