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Quarterback Keeper, Part 1

Here's the first chapter of a new one. I hope you guys like it. 

Quarterback Keeper, Part 1
C. Charlie - cosmic709@yahoo.com

Tom Johnson walked out of his biology class, relieved to be finished with another day of school. They’d only been at it for a week, but between his social life, football practice, and the pressures of being a senior, he was exhausted. He moved through the hallway, watching the sea of people part before him. He’d waited for this moment for three years. He was a senior, he was the starting quarterback, and he was the undisputed king of his high-school.

A natural leader, Tom was the kind of guy that other people liked to follow. He had a relaxed, self-effacing personality, and a rugged, handsome demeanor. The girls stared at him slack-jawed, and his buddies envied him. Yet it had never gone to his head. He wasn’t popular because he was pretty; he was popular because people liked him.

He walked to his locker with a pack of friends in tow. They jostled each other, getting pumped up before practice. When he arrived the guy who had the locker next to his was standing in his way.

Tom had taken a class or two with Nick, but they'd never interacted until they became locker neighbors. Quiet and shy, Nick was a nobody, a literal non-entity in the school. Tom said hi to him in the mornings, but the conversation didn't go farther than that. He could tell that Nick was intimidated by him, so he tried to give him the space he needed.

His friends, however, couldn't resist hassling the kid. Nick was smaller, thinner, and a little feminine. The pack had seized on his vulnerability, and the ribbing was nearly constant. Tom didn't know how to handle it. He wanted to tell his friends to shut up. On the other hand, he didn’t want the guys to turn on him. As his friends amped up the brutality of their insults, the pressure to join in on the taunting grew. In the end, the desire to impress the pack won out.

Out of my way, fag.” Tom said as he shoved Nick.

He’d heard his friends say it before. When Nick got flustered and blushed in the mornings, he’d thought, ‘this guy’s a fag.’ But he’d never said it. As the words rolled off his tongue he instantly regretted it. He had no idea that he could hit a guy that hard.

Nick stumbled over his stuff, slammed his locker door, and quickly ran off. Tom’s buddies laughed and moved on to the next joke. Tom shoved some books into his locker, telling the guys he was going to study for half-an hour before football practice. The pack broke up, and Tom was alone. His face burned red and his heart thumped in his chest.

Suddenly someone grabbed him by the collar. He was pulled around the corner and into the men's room. When he turned around one of the assistant football coaches stood in front of him. Coach Miller was about an inch shorter than Tom and after a summer of lifting heavy Tom could have taken him. However, he naturally deferred to authority figures and respected his coaches. He took a step back and relaxed.

He straightened his shirt as the coach boomed, “What the fuck was that about?”

Tom stared at him blankly.

Did I hear you call that kid a fag?” he yelled. Miller stepped toward him. Though the coach had never gotten physical with a player, his aggression unnerved Tom.

I . . . uh . . . yeah I did coach,” Tom stammered as he looked down at the floor.

Do you have any idea how much trouble you can get into for shit like that? You’d be off the team. Suspended. The end.” Miller said. The anger had left his voice.

I don’t know why I said it.” Tom said. “Honestly, I’m not like that Coach.”

You were trying to impress your idiot friends.” The coach stepped toward him again and looked him in the eyes. “You’ve got pretty much everything going for you. You’re damn good looking, you’re athletic, not stupid, and a natural leader. It’s time for you to step up and be a man. You’ve got to set the tone with those guys. They follow you. Don’t forget it.”

I know.” Tom said. He felt like he was getting yelled at by his dad. The shame and disappointment were worse than the fear of punishment. “I’ll tell him I’m sorry. Next time I see him.”

Do it today. OK?” the coach said. “The last thing that kid needs right now is to get harassed by a guy like you. He probably looks up to you. Try to be the man he imagines you to be.”

Miller left without saying another word. Tom felt like an idiot. He stood in the bathroom for a solid ten minutes and set his mind on putting things right with Nick. The coach was right. He was too good for this kind of bullshit. It was time for him to step up.

* * * * *

Nick Walsh sped home after school, close to tears. His neck was hot and burning, and his chest hurt. He’d been called a fag before, and it had never bothered him all that much. But when Tom Johnson said it, it cut him to the core. He was crushed.

Tom had been nice to him, friendly even, and it had seemed too good to be true. Over the week, he’d convinced himself that Tom was better than he'd thought a guy like that could be. He’d even started to entertain the idea that Tom might like him. It was a fantasy, but there was some basis in reality.

Tom was every gay boy’s wet dream come true. Tall with broad shoulders, his body was wrapped in muscle. His dark blond hair was cut short, his jaw square, his eyes a piercing brown. Popular and athletic, he had a personality to go with his looks. He’d even started to send Nick a little wave when they passed in the hallways.

And then . . . “out of my way fag.”

The whole fantasy collapsed. Tom was just another asshole jock. He would never like Nick, not as a friend, and certainly not in the way that Nick wanted to be liked.

He was upstairs changing his clothes when he heard the doorbell ring. He opened the front door, and Tom Johnson stood in front of him. Nick was a respectable height and weight, 5'10" and a defined 160 lbs, but he felt dwarfed by Tom. Tom wore a sleeveless white t-shirt and gray cotton shorts that clung to his quads. He ran a hand through his hair and asked if he could come in.

Nick nodded and stepped aside, dumbstruck. Tom walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. He spread his legs open and Nick could see the long bulge of his dick through his shorts.

Nick tried not to stare as he sat down. In his head, he yelled at himself for not saying anything. Why couldn't he say anything?

"Listen, today when I said, uh . . . when I called you a, uh . . . fag, I shouldn't have said that. I don't know why I did. I guess I was just trying to impress my friends. I'm sorry."

The words tumbled out of Tom's mouth all at once, and Nick could see that he meant them. He stared at Tom's gorgeous face. The fact that this hunk was so torn up about calling a guy a name made him even more attractive. His fantasy, momentarily sullied, was back and stronger than ever.

"The pack is going to leave you alone too. I'm not going to let them treat you that way anymore." Tom went on, hoping for some response.

"Thanks." Nick said softly, "This is, uh, really cool of you Tom."

"Hey, bud, I don't know if you're into it, but I've got some weed in my car if you want to toke up." Tom said with a grin. "I mean, if we're going to spend the year as neighbors, we should get to know each other, right?"

"Seriously?" Nick said, "Yeah, that'd be great."

Soon they were in the backyard smoking. They lay out on benches, taking in the last rays of the summer sun. They didn't talk about anything. Nick was too nervous to speak and was terrified that he would ruin everything. Tom enjoyed the silence. It was a welcome reprieve from the constant chatter of his friends. The sun was hot on his skin, and he stripped off his shirt without much thought. Nick's eyes widened in awe of the body that was revealed.

It had been obvious that Tom was muscular, but Nick had no idea that the guy was ripped to shreds. Every muscle in his torso rippled as he settled back onto the bench. His pecs were two huge slabs with perfect, quarter-sized nipples on top of them. Nick stole glances whenever he could, making a point of not staring.

After another five minutes, Tom stirred, "Man, I'm parched. You mind if I get a glass of water?"

Nick got up, and Tom followed him into the house. He filled a glass and handed it to Tom, who gulped it down. His huge Adams apple bounced as he swallowed. Nick's eyes wandered down Tom's torso to the perfect V that framed his groin. A patch of dark hair, trimmed close to the skin, trailed down into his shorts above a magnificent bulge.

Nick didn't realize he was staring until Tom said, "What's up man?"

Nick blushed and stepped backward. "Nothing." He stuttered.

Tom sat down on a stool. "You're gay, aren't you?"

Nick muttered something and looked away.

"Sorry, man," Tom said quickly, "That was kind of personal. You just seem really thrown off whenever you're around me."

"Yeah, I'm gay." Nick said. It was the first time he'd told anyone. Then he added quickly, without thinking, "And you're, like, really hot."

Nick blushed and looked away, beating himself up inside. Why the fuck did he say that? First he tells the guy he's gay. Then he tells him he's hot. What the fuck was that about?

"I'm just a guy." Tom said, ignoring the remark, "You don't have to be intimidated."

Nick continued to stare at the floor.

"It's ok if you look at my body, man. I'm not going to freak out or anything." Tom said. "Maybe then you wouldn't be so shy around me. If you just took it all in, you could relax a little."

Nick looked up. He stared at Tom's chest, and then briefly looked up at his face. Tom grinned, and Nick's heart melted. Why did this guy have to be so hot and so nice to him at the same time? His dick was throbbing, and he needed a minute to get his mind together. His thoughts were cloudy from the weed. He stepped back and pretended like he needed more water.

Tom read the move and almost instinctively grabbed Nick by the wrist. He slowly moved Nick's hand to his chest and placed the open palm against his skin. Nick didn't try to pull away.

Tom had no idea why he had reached out for Nick, and his head was spinning. He knew that Nick had a crush on him and that he was giving him what he desired, but it felt like a game. He was teasing Nick. Making him think he could get something that Tom wouldn't give.

Tom broke the silence. "Have you ever touched a guy like this before?"

Nick shook his head no.

"It's ok." Tom said as he let go of Nick's wrist.

Nick moved his hand across the muscular chest. The skin was a little sweaty, and his fingers slid around Tom's nipples. The touch suddenly turned erotic, and Tom stiffened up. Nick panicked and pulled his hand away.

Something in Tom wanted to give Nick the chance to explore his sexuality. He kept hearing the coach's voice telling him to be the man Nick imagined him to be, and letting a guy touch his chest wasn't too weird. On a deeper, visceral level, the contact with his nipples had woken up his lizard brain. It sensed an opportunity for sex; a chance to plant his seed. Tom wasn't cognizant of the desire, but he could feel his body reaching out and trying to pull Nick in.

He grabbed Nick's hand again and placed it on his stomach. He’d worked hard all summer, cutting his calories like a freak to get a rippling six pack. He was proud of his washboard abs, and would miss them once he bulked up for football. Nick gazed at his muscles, admiring his frame strength and size. Without thinking Tom reached over and put a hand on Nick’s chest, feeling his body through his shirt.

You should work out, man. You’ve got a good build.” Tom said. He moved his hand to Nick’s stomach. “You’d put on muscle in no time.”

You think?” Nick said through heavy breaths.

Yeah, man. You should start working out with the guys.”

The rational part of Tom’s brain was back in control. This was how he would make things up to Nick. He would teach him how to lift, introduce him to the dudes at the gym, and let him hang around with the pack. Nick would feel better about himself, and he would look better for helping him. It was a win-win.

That’d be so cool.” Nick said.

Tom stood and took a drink of water, letting Nick's hand fall away from his body. They awkwardly stood in silence for half a minute, and Nick started to worry that he would blow his one chance at getting into Tom’s pants. He had a jock standing in his kitchen who had stripped down and let him feel his body. Whatever was going on, whether it was the weed or something else, he could sense that Tom's guard was down. He mustered his courage and reached out toward Tom’s stomach.

As soon as Nick made contact Tom recoiled from the touch. Nick looked at him, terrified. It took a second, but then he smiled. He squared his shoulders and said, “It’s ok.” This time trying to reassure himself as much as Nick

Nick rubbed his hands over Tom’s abs, only once glancing up into his eyes. Tom look vulnerable, yet somehow still in control control.

I’d love to have a stomach like this,” Nick said, trying to mask the touching as admiration rather than a sexual advance.

Tom didn’t buy it. “How long have you wanted me?”

I don’t know, since I saw you.” Nick said. He blushed again.

Tom felt himself losing control. The hand on his stomach felt amazing. It was a different kind of touch - not at all like a girl’s. Nick’s hand was rougher, and his attitude bordered on worshipful. Tom had never had a person so interested in him before. His dick started to stir. He wanted to impress this guy, to show him how much of a man he was, to take him, conquer him, and own him.

He straightened up his back, making his body bigger and more intimidating. Then he threw back his shoulders, causing his chest to expand and his abs to contract. He could do whatever he wanted with Nick, and his dick decided that it wanted more. He grabbed Nick’s hand by the wrist and pushed it lower. When Nick’s fingers made contact with the waistband of his shorts, Tom guided them under the fabric. He let go and felt Nick's fingers move through his pubes.

His last rational thought was that he shouldn’t take advantage of Nick. Whatever happened between them today was the most there could ever be. He had no intention of continuing things outside of the strange circumstances of that afternoon. He knew that he was leading Nick on, creating expectations that couldn’t be fulfilled.

Then Nick’s fingers wrapped around his dick and he stopped thinking.

Nick's hand passed the head of his cock and grasped his shaft. Tom was hard as steel, and when he looked forward, Nick’s eyes were in front of his own. The guy looked terrified and elated at the same time. This was his first sexual experience, Tom remembered. Until ten minutes ago, he’d never even touched a guy. On top of that, Tom was the man of his dreams. He untied the drawstring that held his shorts up and let them slide down. Then he stepped out of the flimsy fabric. Nick kept his hand on his dick the whole time. Tom didn’t need to think about what came next. He had enough experience to know how to move things along.

He put a hand on Nick’s shoulder and gently pushed him downward. He was amazed how quickly Nick complied and dropped to his knees. No resistance, no second thoughts. The heat rising from Tom’s groin called to him and suddenly he was confronted by Tom’s dick. Nine inches of uncut, veiny manhood shot out in front of him. He stared at it in awe, practically dumbstruck by the massive dick. Tom was truly the whole package.

If you had asked Tom that morning about getting sucked off by a guy, he would have told you that he would never do it. Now, horned up by the situation and Nick's devotional attitude, he realized that he wasn't too hung up on who sucked his dick as long as he got his nut. He smiled at Nick, who looked scared.

"Just explore." Tom said as he leaned back against the counter.

Nick put his hands on Tom's thighs and was immediately surprised at their hardness and their warmth. Tom's muscles twitched under his tight skin. Knowing that this wasn't the kind of exploration that Tom expected, he brought his lips to the head of Tom's cock.

He let it slip into his mouth. It was the first dick he had ever sucked, and he was confronted by the taste, smell, and heat of Tom's manhood. The time spend outside had created a coating of salty sweat, and warm, musky air rose up from between his legs. Nick grabbed onto Tom's balls. They were big and heavy in his hand. Tom's sack felt like silk as his nuts rolled between Nick's fingers.

The head of Tom's dick still in his mouth, Nick placed his hands on Tom's ass, moving them down the back of the jock's legs. As he grabbed onto Tom's calves, Tom flexed and pushed forward. His dick pushed deeper into Nick's mouth. Nick sucked eagerly on the head of Toms' dick, bobbing up and down while his hands rubbed his calves.

Tom looked down at him. "Everything you imagined?"


"You're a natural." Tom said, "It feels good."

Tom's big hand moved across Nick's neck and up into his hair, sending a shiver down Nick's spine. He played with the longish brown hair and caressed his scalp. Nick turned into putty under the gentle maneuvering, and slowly Tom moved his mouth from the tip of his dick onto his shaft. Nick allowed Tom to take control. He kissed his way down the shaft and then tongued the thick pubes at the root of Tom's massive cock.

The pressure on the back of his head didn't let up. Tom pushed him further downward. As Nick descended into Tom's junk, he felt things getting hotter and moister. He breathed in deeply. Tom smelled like a man. It was a moment of confirmation for him. Only a gay guy could love that smell, and he definitely loved it.

Tom pushed him into his nuts. They were the biggest pair of testicles Nick had ever seen, either in the locker-room or in porn. They hung low from Tom's body and were much larger than they had felt in his hand. They looked like a pair of eggs, swinging between his legs. Nick palmed them and kissed one of the orbs before looking up at Tom.

"Fucking wild, huh?" Tom grinned, "That's our dirty family secret."

Nick kept staring. They were larger than life.

"Kiss them again." Tom hissed.

Tom leaned back against the counter and opened his legs. Not only were his nuts huge, they were the most sensitive part of his body. Nothing made him happier than a warm, wet mouth sucking on his baby-makers. A dude’s nuts were his manhood - that’s where it all came from - and showing them some appreciation was synonymous in Tom's mind with showing him the respect he deserved. Girls always avoided his nuts. They were either grossed out by their size or turned off by sucking on a man’s sack. Tom had Nick completely under his spell, and he was determined to get a good ball job out of the encounter.

Nick sucked a nut into his mouth and looked up at Tom. His huge cock stood above him, the foreskin rolled back around the head. Tom’s perfect body lay beyond. It was an over whelming position to be in. A stud staring down at him, a cock in his face, muscular thighs on either side, and the smell and heat of Tom’s body. He went a little crazy as he dove into the jock’s junk. Tom groaned loudly.

Yes.” he moaned, “Fuck yes.”

Tom’s grabbed Nick’s hair and began to move Nick’s head around his sack. Nick sucked and licked while Tom directed his mouth from left to right, under his nuts and above them, into the crease between his legs and then back to his junk. Nick was slobbering all over him, and as his head got pushed around, his own saliva left a shiny film on his face.

Oh fuck yeah,” Tom groaned. He looked down at Nick, who was staring right back at him. “You’re doing good, man. I could stand here forever.”

This is so fucking hot,” Nick said as he tongued Tom's dick.

Tom moved his hand to his dick. As Nick sucked on his balls, he rubbed the head of his cock through Nick’s hair. He was leaking like a faucet now, and a steady stream of precum spilled out onto Nick’s scalp. It was dirty, Tom thought. It didn’t seem right to ooze dog water onto someone without them knowing. Seeing the slick mess grow fueled his frenzy, and as Nick’s hair rubbed his glans, he realized that he was getting close to cumming.

Tom leaned forward and pushed his body down against Nick’s face. Surprisingly, Nick pushed back against him. Tom ground his junk into the eager mouth, while he jerked his cock. His mind was completely blank. He was just trying to get off.

Nick sensed that Tom was on the edge and reached into his pants for his dick. He was so hard and horny that it only took a few pulls for his orgasm to boil over. His whole body convulsed and his breathing became ragged. He felt a thick rope of cum race up his shaft and blast into his jeans. Five more volleys of seed followed, and he felt each one. It was the wildest, most intense orgasm of his life. The volume of cum filled his briefs and covered his hand. His dreams and fantasies had come true - he actually had his mouth on Tom Johnson’s nuts. He savored every twitch and wave of pleasure.

Tom watched Nick’s body shake. He could tell that Nick was cumming because he wasn’t even sucking his nuts any more. Instead, he was just breathing hard against his sack. Alternating blasts of hot, moist breath and cool air tingled across the skin of his scrotum.

What turned him on even more was the fact that Nick was willing to cum like that. Face jammed between his legs, wholly caught up in the act of servicing him, so hot that he blew his load in his pants. It was an incredible power trip, and he felt strong and powerful. No one had ever made their own sexual enjoyment about him before.

I’m ready,” Tom said out loud. ‘“Fuck, I’m going to cum.”

Without a second thought, Nick moved his mouth to the head of Tom’s dick. Tom looked down at him, surprised that Nick was actually trying to catch his cum in his mouth. This, again, was something that girls never, ever wanted to do.

You want it?” Tom asked. His face was sweaty and he was all smiles. He didn’t wait for Nick to respond. “Yeah you do.” He moved his hand along the side of Nick’s face and then slipped a finger into his mouth. Nick immediately sucked down on it.

Yeah, you’re going to get a big load of my cum. Get ready.”

Nick mumbled something as Tom removed his finger and slipped the tip of his dick between Nick’s lips. He let himself go and began to blast his load into Nick’s mouth.

Nick had tasted his own cum before, but the taste of Tom’s was different, and the way it just flooded his mouth was intense. It poured out onto his tongue in salty, thick globs. Nick swished it around, breaking it up as he continued to tongue Tom’s glans. Tom had one hand on his dick and one on Nick’s head, and he held both steady as he unloaded. Even if Nick had wanted to pull away, he wouldn’t have been able to.

When Nick glanced upward, he was amazed. Tom’s whole body contracted. The muscles of his chest bulged. His abs were tight and rigid. Then his dick would throb and dump another thick glob of semen into his mouth. This happened at least five times before Tom’s hips stopped moving and his cock ran dry. He continued to shudder, and his rod stayed rock hard in Nick’s mouth.

Tom let out a loud sigh and bent backward. He shook the tension out of his muscles and then stepped away from Nick. His dick began to soften, and he pulled his shorts back on. Nick stared at him, questioning whether or not he was dreaming. Tom's eyes moved down Nick's body and noticed the massive wet spot in Nick's shorts. It looked like Nick had pissed his pants.

"Jesus, bro, is that all cum?" he asked.

Nick blushed and looked down at himself. "Yeah," he said, "I'm kind of a shooter."

"You better keep that dick away from a pussy, cause you'll knock a chick up in a second."

Nick smiled. "I don't think that's going to happen."

Tom finished the glass of water that sat on the counter before pulling on his clothes. "I gotta get going." There was a moment of awkward silence. Neither guy knew what to do next. "I guess I should say thanks." Tom said.

"I'm the one who should be saying thanks." Nick said.

"Well, uh, I don't think I need to say it, but . . ."

"Don't worry," Nick said. "I'm not going to tell anyone."

"Well, uh, see you tomorrow then." Tom said as he turned to leave.

Nick stood in the middle of the room, breathing in the last fumes of their coupling. Post orgasm fear and insecurity had returned. He had no idea how Tom, Mr Straight Jock, would cope with the fact that he'd just let Nick blow him. Nick knew not to expect much. Hopefully, Tom wouldn't start ignoring him.

He stood up and did a quick scan of the kitchen. He didn't want his parents to come home and find a splash of cum somewhere. He cracked a window to air the room out. Then he went up to his bedroom, lubed his cock, closed his eyes, and relived it all.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you liked it. Charlie – cosmic709@yahoo.com.


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