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Quarterback Keeper, Part 2

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Quarterback Keeper, Part 2
C. Charlie -

The next morning, Nick walked into school and found Tom standing at his locker. As Nick was putting in his combination, his backpack slipped off his shoulder onto the floor. He knelt down to pick it up and found himself a foot away from Tom's crotch.

"Don't get any ideas," Tom whispered.

Nick looked up and blushed. Then Tom laughed loudly. He reached down and gave him a hand up. Nick opened his locker and started to go through his stuff.

"So, Nick, I know this maybe isn't your scene, but I meant it when I said you could come and work out with me. You could meet the guys, and I could show you some stuff."

Nick wasn't sure where this was going, but he felt the need to keep his distance, "I don't know, man. Those guys . . "

"They're kind of idiots, but they won't fuck with you. I promise. Some of them are actually pretty cool."

"I'll see how I'm feeling later." Nick said. He tried to smile as he walked off to class, but it came off as more of a smirk.

At the end of the day he found Tom at his locker again. He got the feeling that the guy was waiting for him. "So, you gonna man up and come lift with us?"

'Yes.' Nick wanted to yell, but he was too afraid and embarrassed to admit it. He would look like a total weakling around these guys.

Tom got a little closer. "If you want, you can wear one of my gym shirts." He raised his eyebrows a couple of times and shot Nick his best smile.

"That won't help."

"I figured you'd be kind of into it."

"I'd have a hard on the whole time."

"Oh yeah, I didn't think about that." Tom sighed, "Just come with this one time, Nick. I swear you'll like it."

Nick knew that this was probably his only chance to spend an afternoon with the coolest guys at his school. He'd always wondered what it would be like to be one of them, to sit in on their conversations, and to hang out with them. Tom was giving him a chance to enter that world. If it sucked, he could leave. He tried to remind himself that he could always go back to his comfortable life.

"OK." Nick said.

"Sweet." Tom mumbled as he pulled out his phone and shot off a quick text.

They walked to the locker-room together. Tom changed into his work-out clothes, while Nick put on some gym clothes he had in his locker. Tom's friends Chris and Austin were waiting for them in the weight room. Both guys weighed at least thirty pounds more than Nick and looked like they had been lifting for years. Austin shook his hand awkwardly, still unsure of his presence, and then all four moved to the back of the room.

"We don't bother with machines." Chris said as they walked up to the power rack. "This is where you should start. The bar will be heavy enough at first, but you'll be able to stack on weight super fast."

That afternoon, Nick learned how to squat, do a bench press, and the dead lift. He started with the bar each time and struggled with the weight. While the guys joked around while they lifted, no one made fun of the fact that Nick could barely bench a hundred pounds. He left feeling sore, but more sure of himself than ever.

"You should come to the park with us, Nick." Chris said as they walked into the locker room. "It's sort of where we go when we're done here."

"Hanging out after lifting is kind of sacred to us. Except Tom blew us off yesterday." Austin said.

Nick glanced at Tom and blushed. Then he agreed to come with.

The guys showered and changed back into their street clothes. Nick had long since mastered the art of not checking out other guys when changing, so he managed to avoid boning up in front of them. Then they headed to the park.

They hung around a picnic table, occasionally shot a basket, and generally just goofed around. The conversation started with sports, which Nick was at least a little familiar with. Then they moved on to talking about girls, and Nick was thrown into the deep end. Ironically, the main problem was that these guys actually wanted to talk to him, but he didn't have much to say about the topic.

"C'mon, Nick." Chris said, exasperated by Nick's constant avoidance of the topic. "What girl do you have a crush on? If you tell us, we can probably get you together with her."

Austin laughed, "And we can tell you if she'll put out."

"Uh . . . there's not really any girl in particular."

Chris kept badgering him. "C'mon, you can tell us."

Tom jumped in, "If he doesn't want to say, just leave him alone."

"It's just a question, man. He's a guy. There's gotta be a girl he's got a crush on."

"Maybe there isn't." Tom said, "Just leave him alone."

Nick knew that Tom had come dangerously close to the line, and when he looked at Tom he could see that Tom was sorry he'd said it. His heart thundered in his chest and his face got hot. Hopefully it was one of those things that only made sense if you already knew what was going on. It was just a simple comment, he tried to tell himself, and Chris and Austin wouldn't pick up on it. He made an attempt to control his breathing and act naturally.

Austin was too fast. "Do you mean, like, are you not into girls, Nick?" 
When Nick didn't answer, Austin quickly added, "Not that we'd have a problem with that, dude. We're cool."

"No kidding," Chris laughed, "A gay friend would really make chicks love us. We'd look sensitive and, like, enlightened."

It was now or never. If he didn't answer the question honestly this time, his friendship with these guys would always be built on this first lie. He would never be able to tell them the truth, and he would never really be close friends with any of them.

"Yeah, I'm not really into girls." Nick said. He wasn't able to muster up the courage to actually say that he was gay.

There was a moment when no one said anything. Tom was looking at his feet, clearly upset that he'd been the one to blow Nick's cover. Austin was still grinning ear to ear, apparently unphased, Chris was looking at the trees. Nick was sure that things were about to get weird.

"Alright, I've got something I need to ask you, and you've got to tell me the truth, cause you've lifted with me and that means we're bros now." Chris said seriously, "Bro to bro, who's the hottest guy in school?"

"Seriously," Austin yelled, "That's what you ask him?"

"I want to know." Chris said back, "I feel like we can finally settle this."

Nick tried to think of a way to dodge answering the question. As he did, he looked up at Tom. For a second, their eyes locked and Tom sort of chuckled to himself. Nick's face turned red as he looked back to Chris.

"Son of a bitch." Chris said.

"What?" Tom asked.

"Obviously it's you. He doesn't have to say it. Fucking perfect. I don't know why I even hang out with you. I'm always second best."

You're stronger than me.” Tom observed.

Alright, I guess you're not perfect.” Chris said as he rolled his eyes, “Thanks for that.”

They joked around together for another twenty minutes before the group broke up and they walked to their cars. Chris and Austin insisted that Nick show up in the weight room the following day, and he promised that he would. Driving home, he realized that some of his dreams were coming true. He'd come out of the closet to guys who didn't seem to care. He'd spent the afternoon with some of the coolest guys in the school, and he felt like he was maybe making some real friends after spending most of high-school as a little bit of a loner.

For the rest of the week, he hung out with the 'pack,' as they liked to call themselves, after school. First they lifted, and then they went to the park. The subject of Nick's sexuality would come up occasionally, mostly when they guys caught Nick checking one of them out. None of them were offended, and they seemed to enjoy the idea that Nick might find them attractive.

The truth was that after he started to spend time with Chris and Austin, he had a hard time thinking of them sexually. Once the mystery wore off and he got used to their bodies, he realized that they were just guys. Of course, they were hot guys. Really hot guys, but still just guys. Pretty soon, Nick was able to hang around with them without getting shy or nervous.

With Tom things were different. The more time he spent with him, the deeper his crush developed. Tom was a genuinely nice guy, hotter than fuck, and he seemed to like Nick back. The fact that they had had one sexual encounter made Nick think there could be more, but over the course of the week nothing happened. Tom still flirted and teased him, but he never tried to get Nick to repeat his performance. Nick didn't try to push it. He didn't really know how to make a move, and even if he had he wouldn't have had the courage to try anything.

Two weeks later, on a Friday, Nick's car wouldn't start. The guys didn't lift on Fridays, so Nick was waiting for his mom near the door when Tom walked by on his way out of the building.

"What are you up to?"

"Nothing. No car today."

"I can give you a ride." Tom said.

"Sure." Nick texted his mom quickly and followed Tom into the parking lot.

Tom was wearing a pair of white basketball shorts, and Nick was sure that he could see the guy's junk swinging around when the sun hit them right. He was amazed by Tom's confidence. What kind of guy comes to school free-balling in a pair of shorts like that? All of his goods were on display, and he could care less.

As Tom let him into his truck, Nick could smell his deodorant. He was just barely hanging on. He wanted to jump Tom’s bones, but didn’t want to jeopardize their friendship. Over the last two weeks, he'd slowly come to terms with the fact that what happened with Tom would be a one time experience.

They drove to Nick's home in silence. Their friendship had gotten to the point where they didn’t feel the need to constantly fill the space with their voices. Nick glanced in Tom’s direction every so often, studying the way his roped forearms bulged as he gripped the wheel.

When they reached his house, Tom parked in the driveway. Nick noticed him shifting uncomfortably, and when he looked over, he saw that Tom had a huge hard-on. Tom tried to hide it by pushing it down against the side of his leg, but his dick was too big and the material was too thin.

Sorry,” he said with a grin. “I was thinking about the last time I was here, and it just sort of happened.”

It’s fine.” Nick said. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Tom’s crotch. It was way more than fine. It was perfect.

It really was, like, the best blow job I ever got.” Tom said. "Super hot."

Think how good I’ll be when I get some practice.” Nick said. He half-smiled at Tom while avoiding eye contact. “You know, I could, like, if you want . . .”

The words were all jumbled up when he said them, but Tom caught his meaning.

Its not a good idea.”

You’re probably right.” Nick said.

Tom shifted in his seat again. His dick was painfully hard. He could feel it bouncing up and down against his thigh with his heart beat. It wouldn’t’ be long until a wet spot appeared on the front of his shorts. He couldn’t remember a time that he’d been as horny as he was now, and the longer he sat there the more he wanted it.

Screw everything up.” He mumbled to himself, but the words never really formed. He couldn’t understand why Nick was still in the car. He needed the guy to go away. He wanted him to leave but at the same time didn't. Being eighteen with a hard dick, Tom wasn’t able to resist the pull of his lizard brain for long.

I mean, if you want to . . .” Tom started.

Yeah, I want to.” Nick said immediately.

You don’t have to, you know.”

Trust me, I want to.”

Tom put his truck back into gear and drove toward the park. He knew the parking lot would be empty. As soon as they arrived, he shoved his seat back as far as it would go. Nick didn’t waste any time undoing his own seatbelt. He moved across the divider and found himself nearly face to face with Tom. He gazed at Tom's face while he felt his body heat against his own skin. He wanted to kiss him, to feel his lips against his own, but didn’t dare risk it. Instead, he moved his head downward, and began to fumble with the drawstring of Tom’s shorts.

Tom wanted stimulation immediately, and wasn’t willing to wait for Nick to undress him. He pushed Nick into his crotch and then moved his mouth toward his hard rod. Nick bit down on it lightly and then licked his way toward the head. When he got to the glans he sucked down, trying to get a taste of Tom’s sweet precum.

Tom realized that he wouldn’t be able to go home with a wet spot on the front of his shorts and pulled up the leg of his pants. The head of his dick slide out, and Nick locked his lips around it, starting to suck. Tom groaned in satisfaction.

Fuck that feels good.” Tom said. He looked down at Nick, “You’re really good at this.”

Nick licked around the head for a few more minutes and then moved his hands up to Tom’s waistband. He didn’t want to play around any more. He wanted Tom’s cock. Tom lifted his hips so that Nick could get his shorts down. Then Nick slid his hands up under Tom’s shirt and rubbed Tom’s chest. Tom got the hint and pulled his shirt up.

You’re so hot.” Nick said as he kissed the top of Tom’s abs.

If you keep working out, you'll look like this. It’s not hard, just discipline.” he said.

I’ll keep working out for as long as I get to stare at your ass while you’re squatting.”

Tom laughed and then moved his hand to the back of Nick’s neck. “We can talk later.” he said as he pushed Nick back down onto his cock.

Nick bypassed the thick shaft and buried his face at the base of Tom’s cock. He licked the root of his shaft while rooting around in the stud’s pubes. He was in heaven. He loved the feeling of the rough hair against his skin, as well as the hardness of Tom’s thighs twitching under his hands.

He knew from their first encounter that Tom liked his balls sucked, so he moved his mouth lower and sucked one of that monstrous nuts into his mouth. Tom groaned and his body tightened up. Then he palmed the back of Nick's head and pulled him into the gap between his legs. His cock was hard and leaking, and he rubbed it across Nick’s forehead and hair. As he got worked up, he pulled Nick in further, putting more pressure on him and pushing him into his nuts and taint.

Nick didn't try to pull away. He gave Tom what he wanted, and Tom responded. "Oh god." he yelled. "Fucking work my balls, man."

Nick pushed his face into Tom's crotch, devouring his nuts. He realized at that moment that he loved dick. He wasn't just gay. He didn't just like men. He loved cock. He could spend the rest of his life between Tom's legs, working his cock. That's what he wanted to do.

"God you're good." Tom said, He grabbed the back of Nick’s head and pulled him out of his crotch, "You fucking love it, don't you?"

"This is awesome." Nick said.

"Tell me." Tom said.

"I fucking love your big cock. I love the way you taste. I love the way you smell." He stuck out his tongue and licked a drop of precum off the tip of Tom's dick. Then he ran his hand over his abs. "I love the way you feel."

Tom lay back. "I can tell. I can fucking feel it when you put your lips on my dick."

"Better than all those girls?"

"Way better." Tom grunted. "Now take my load."

Nick grabbed Tom's cock and began to pull on it. He was fascinated as the foreskin slid over the head. Up close it was almost hypnotic. He was staring when Tom cupped the back of his head and brought Nick's mouth close to his glans. Nick locked his lips around the head and began to suck.

Tom leaned back and relaxed. He figured that he had a solid five minutes before he would blow his load, and he intended to enjoy every minute of it. With his eyes shut he was almost able to forget that it was a guy's mouth on his cock and to give himself over to the pleasure he was feeling. At the same time, he couldn't really forget that a guy was working him over because no girl had ever treated his cock the way Nick was treating it. What Nick lacked in skill, he made up for in enthusiasm. Tom felt like he could do whatever he wanted, and Nick would go with the flow. If he got the urge to fuck the guy's throat, Nick would smile and thank him for it.

As his orgasm neared, he couldn't help but control Nick's head by pulling on his hair. He made Nick bob up and down faster as he felt the cum churning in his balls.

"I'm cumming." he muttered. When Nick didn't move away, he said it again, "Dude, I'm cumming."

If Nick had been willing to move his mouth away from Tom's dick, he would have told him that he didn't want to miss a single drop of his load. Instead, he waited patiently until Tom filled his mouth with semen. The taste was still unique to him, and he savored the flavor as Tom's dick pulsed against his tongue. He glanced upward and watched as Tom's abs rolled and recoiled like waves. His whole body flexed and then relaxed as he pumped his seed into Nick's mouth.

Tom muttered incomprehensibly as he lost himself in his pleasure. His fingers played with Nick's hair, no longer trying to hold him on his cock. When he was finished, he relaxed into the seat of the car, opened his eyes, and laughed.

"That was amazing, Nick. Seriously."

"Any time, bro." Nick said as he wiped his face.

"Bro?" Tom said with a grin.

"I'm trying it out."

Tom smiled. Nick began to move back into his seat, and in a moment of insanity, leaned in quickly and gave Tom a light kiss on the lips. Then he sat back and adjusted the hard-on in his pants.

"What was that?" Tom asked, still glassy eyed.

"That was my first kiss . . . bro."

Tom stared at Nick. He saw the guy's boner filling out the crotch of his pants, and suddenly he felt guilty. Twice, Nick had given him an insane orgasm and he had given Nick next to nothing in return. Of course, Nick considered it a privilege just to suck his cock, but that didn't change the fact that things felt one sided. He was doing exactly what he had wanted to avoid by taking advantage of Nick.

"You can't steal a first kiss." Tom said. "And that was hardly a kiss."

Nick looked away. "I just . . ."

Tom's arm jutted out and slipped behind Nick's back. He leaned over the divider and simultaneously pulled Nick into him.

"Forget that other thing." Tom said softly. Then he planted his mouth on Nick's.

Tom's lips were hard and at the same time soft against his own. Then Tom somehow pushed open Nick's mouth and his tongue slipped in. Their lips and tongues pressed against each other, and Nick suddenly felt completely inexperienced. He tried to pull away, but Tom held him tight. While lips slipped over and under Tom's, Tom pressed harder against him. They continued to make out, and then he felt Tom's hand on his own. Tom pushed Nick's hand down to his crotch, and Nick took the hint. He started to jerk himself off as Tom made out with him.

It only took him a few seconds to get off. His body shuddered as he came, but Tom never broke away. His load, always, copious, was bigger than usual. It blasted into his pants and spread out across the front. Nick moaned into Tom's mouth as the warm wetness filled his pants.

As he finished cumming, Tom pulled away. Though he could smell the stink of Nick's semen, he wasn't grossed out by it. Instead, he kissed Nick again quickly. "That was your first kiss."

Nick was dumbstruck. He literally didn't know what to say. A thousand ideas were racing through his mind. Tom sensed the awkwardness and pulled out his phone.

"Fuck, it's almost five. We gotta go."

Nick nodded and settled back into his seat. When they reached his house, Nick looked at Tom and didn't know what to say. Tom glanced at him quickly and then looked away.

"See you in the weight room Monday?"

Nick nodded. Then he pulled his backpack over the front of his body and walked up to his house.

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