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Quarterback Keeper, Part 3

Here it is guys. Sorry it's taken me so long. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get a chapter of Dad's Proper Place up soon too. Thanks for waiting.

Quarterback Keeper, Part 3
C. Charlie -

Tom pulled on a polo and checked himself out in the mirror. The bright peach color looked good on him, and his nipples showed through the thin fabric. He'd styled his hair to the right and left it spiky. The sleeves of the shirt cut across the peak of his bicep, emphasizing their size.

He flashed himself a smile. The girls would be all over him tonight.

 His mom was out of town with her boyfriend for the weekend, and Tom would be able to bring a girl home. Though he'd been hanging out with Nick quite a bit, he decided against inviting him to the party. His sexual interactions with Nick were hot, but he had a psychological need to fuck a woman. He needed to reassure himself that he could still do it - that he still wanted to do it. He'd been ignoring women lately because Nick offered an easy alternative. What guy would bother to get a chick to blow him when he had easy access to a someone who would gladly do it no questions asked?

He'd trimmed his pubes earlier, surprised to see how long and thick they'd gotten. Nick liked him that way; more manly, more natural, more unkempt. It seemed to turn Nick on. Over the weeks, Tom had been unconsciously adapting his habits to please Nick. It was time for a change.

One more time he looked himself over in the mirror. His jeans were perfect, the shirt was perfect, and his hair was perfect. Pussy tonight, he growled as he smiled at himself in the mirror. There would be some college girls at the party, and they were way easier to get into bed than high school chicks. "Pussy tonight." he repeated, feeling his cock thicken.

As soon as he arrived at the party, the Pack closed in around him, grabbing his shoulders and attempting to establish their relationship with him. They're like a bunch of wolves, Tom thought, fighting for dominance over each other and eager to take whatever I toss them. They all knew that simply being seen with Tom would make them more popular.

Tom played the crowd, talking up one girl after another. He used to get numbers in case he ever wanted to hook up, and he came to derive a thrill from adding a girl to his list of contacts, but he wasn't getting much out of it tonight. Despite the pep talk he'd given himself in front of the mirror, he wasn't that into the chase.

"You seem kind of out of it man," said one of Tom's friends as he grabbed a beer.

"Yeah, I guess I am."

"Try this." He handed Tom a shot of green liquor.

"Do I want to know?" The friend shook his head, and Tom downed the shot. It tasted like mint and burned his throat. Strong. "Got another one?"

Within two minutes he'd downed four shots. Soon his mind was spinning and he was able to loosen up. He hadn't planned on drinking, and he wasn't sure how he would get home, but figured he'd burn that bridge later. He played a game of beer pong with some friends and then caught sight of a blond with long hair and a great body move into the kitchen. Tom sensed an opportunity: a girl all her own was easy prey. He broke away from his friends and followed her into the kitchen.

She turned around to look behind her. "Oh." Tom said softly.

Jen Gelman was a classmate of his. Since about six grade, she'd been an awkward and frumpy. Her hair was thick, and she never seemed to take much pride in her personal appearance. Over the past summer she'd made herself over. Her hair was shiny and her face was clear and beautiful She dressed in form fitting clothes that showed off a curvy, delicious figure.

The first day back to school, when Tom had seen her walk through the commons, he'd asked her out. He knew that she would be a hot commodity on the dating market, and he only dated the cream of the crop. Instead of fawning over his good looks, she turned him down. She said that since he never gave her the time of day before she wasn't going to give him the time of day now. Sounded fair, he thought, but she could say the same thing about every guy in the school. Who was she going to date if she didn't go out with anyone who had ignored her?

"Hey Jen," he said with a goofy smile.

"Tom." She said flatly.

He walked to the sink to grab a glass of water. "You could be nicer to me, you know." Tom said. "I wasn't ever mean to you. I don't think anyway."

She forced a smile. "You weren't mean to me." she said, "But I'm still not going to go out with you."

"No problem," Tom downed the glass of water. "I'm not looking for a girlfriend anyway."

She turned to walk out of the kitchen, then hesitated near the doorway. "What are you doing with Nick Miller, Tom?" she asked.

"What?" Tom said quickly before trying to recover. She couldn't know, he thought. There was absolutely no way that she knew, "I mean, we're locker buddies- just hanging out."

"Is it some kind of game. Make him think he's one of the cool kids and then fuck with him later?"

"No." Tom said, "What the hell, Jen?"

"You've never been one to reach out to your inferiors, and most of the guys you hang out with are dicks."

"Don't talk bad about the pack." Tom said quickly.

"Don't call them that. You sound like a fucking douche, you know that? Just call them your friends."

Tom blushed. He wasn't used to being talked to like this. Normally people deferred to him and let him control the flow of information. He wasn't opposed to being criticized, but it always happened on his terms. Jen had gone on the attack in a way he had never experienced, and now he was getting defensive.

"I'm not a bad guy." Tom said, "I'm not. Nick and I have lockers next to each other and we started to talk a little. I asked him if he wanted to hit the gym with us and he said yes."

She walked toward him and suddenly reached out and grabbed his crotch. She squeezed the big lump in his pants hard. "You fuck with him, and I will tear this off. You got it? I will tear it off."

Tom groaned loudly and wheezed. "I got it. I got it."

She let go and smiled at him. "Sorry. Guess you probably think I'm a bitch now."

Tom smiled again, rubbing the front of his pants. "Will you go out with me?"

"You wish." she replied as she walked away.

He slammed another glass of water and walked into the crowd. Talking about Nick was the last thing he wanted to do. Tonight Nick was supposed to be out of the picture, just a friend who occasionally got him off. Pussy tonight, he reminded himself. He wandered into the backyard. The air was cold and his nipples got hard, poking through his polo. Each step caused the fabric to brush against them and soon his dick was hard too. He pushed it down the leg of his jeans, and hoped no one would notice.

Two of his buddies were talking to a group of three girls. He walked up to them and smiled. "See," said his friend John, "I told you we had a third for you."

Though they made it sound like they had already divvied up the women, Tom knew that he could take his pick. Austin and Chris would settle for whatever he left them. He flashed his killer smile at a brunette with narrow eyebrows and opened up his chest. She winked back. Soon, he had broken her away from her friends and led her to the side of the house. He leaned forward and kissed her. The strangeness of her smell, the perfume especially, hit him. He'd become too used to Nick. He pushed her back against the wall and made out with her, as her hand rubbed his stomach and came to rest on his large bulge.

She kneaded the fabric, pulling on his soft dick and massaging his balls. His mind kept wandering, not to any particular place at once, but just all over. He couldn't get himself to focus on what he was doing or to get his thoughts out of the way and let his body respond. They kissed for a few minutes and she pulled away, raising an eyebrow. She clearly couldn’t' understand why he wasn't hard yet. He couldn't either. He had a coed ready to swing from his cock, and he was soft as soft gets. Absolutely nothing was happening down there.

"We could go back to my dorm." She whispered.

The scene played out in his mind. Him drilling her, getting what he came out tonight to get. Then, it was replaced by another scene. Him limp-dicked, unable to perform. Her awkward reassurances and his unsanctimonious exit. He didn't want to risk it.

"I think I'm going to just hang with my buddies tonight. Ok?"

She looked over his shoulder. "Your buddies are long gone."

He took a step away from her. "I can find them."

He stumbled out of the house and walked down the street toward his truck. A few people had asked him where he was going, but he ignored them. He opened the door and sat down, shaking his head. He was swimming in his own thoughts, completely unable to think things out. He didn't understand what was happening to him.

A little more than a mile away Nick sat in his bedroom gaming. He was popular enough to know there was a big party tonight but not quite popular enough to get invited. He knew that Tom could have invited him, which meant he'd made a decision not to.

Nick played out the evening in his head. First Tom would greet the pack, then he'd start flirting, then he'd take home some girl. Nick lay back on his bed and toyed with his cock, imagining Tom undressing the girl. He was torn. He was blowing the hottest guy at school, a guy who could get any girl he wanted. Imagining him with a woman made him seem even hotter to Nick. At the same time, the fact that Tom wanted to score with a woman reinforced the fact that there was something Nick couldn't give him.

Nick's phone buzzed. It was Tom, asking if he could come over.

Nick glanced at his hard cock, which throbbed at the first mention of Tom's name, but then remembered that he hadn't been invited to the party. He was beginning to feel like he was nothing more than a reliable booty call. Initially, he felt like this would develop into a friendship, or maybe something more, but over the past few weeks, he'd felt more and more like he was in Tom's life for only one reason. He knew that Tom had warned him about this - warned him that there would never be anything more - but that didn't mean he had to like it.

He texted back. "Kind of tired, maybe tomorrow."

Tom replied immediately. "Just want to talk to someone. You don't have to . . ."

Nick sighed and then gave in. "Ok, just to talk."

10 minutes later he met Tom behind his parents house and snuck him up the stairs. When he saw Tom stumbled, he frowned. "Are you drunk?"

"A little."

"You shouldn’t' have driven. I could have picked you up."

Tom shrugged his shoulders. "I'm in some kind of funk, man. I was all ready to go out and pick up some chick, any chick, man, and fuck her brains out. Just to do it, you know, there's no greater feeling than getting someone to come home with you. Total validation. And I had this brunette, a 10, Nick, up against a wall, feeling me up, and I couldn't close it. I don't know what's wrong with me."

"You couldn't get it up? That happens." Nick said as if he'd experienced it before, though he never had. Lately he was hard nearly all the time.

"I didn't want to get it up."

"So you came here."

Tom sighed. "I can't talk about this stuff with my friends - my other friends - Nick." he sat down on the edge of Nick's bed. "Can we just watch TV or something?"


Nick sat down on the bed next to Tom, their legs stretched out in front of them. Tom's were long and thick, dusted with light hair. Nick's were shorter, maybe a little stockier, and a lot hairier. Tom moved one leg next to Nick's and laughed, "You’re like a fucking gorilla."

"I'm an animal" Nick growled, almost embarrassed as soon as he did.

Tom grabbed his thigh. "You would be if you weren't so self-conscious."

They flipped through the channels and settled on a baseball game replay. Nick sat on one side of the bed while Tom sat on the other. He breathed heavily, unsure whether he should make a move. Thus far, he'd blown Tom in cars, parks, kitchens, and places like that, but he'd never just sat with him like this, alone. He'd never been with any guy like this, and he didn't know how to handle it. While he told himself that Tom was just a friend, he wanted much more.

Tom relaxed into the bed and watched the game, happy that he didn't have to talk or impress anyone. He felt like he could allow Nick to see him this way because he knew Nick's big secret. It assured him that he could trust Nick with almost anything. He didn't have to put on a front or act around the guy.

"Thanks for letting me come over." Tom said. He put his hand around Nick's shoulder and then pulled him into his body. He wanted the contact.

Nick's body was tense, but he relaxed quickly. They lay next to each other for a half an hour without saying anything. Nick did his best to cuddle without pushing Tom past where he wanted to be. He didn't want to make him feel awkward. They had already crossed a line that hadn't been crossed before. Since the time that Tom had kissed him, physical contact had been pretty limited.

Tom's mind was still spinning. Despite the fact that his body was relaxed, he couldn’t' help but reexamine the way the night had played out. He'd gone into it with so much intention, and maybe it was the pressure which made him unable to perform. He'd wanted to fuck. Plain and simple. That was what he'd wanted. Tight pussy. Nick's blow-jobs, though he was getting really good at giving them, didn't quite cut it. Yet for some reason he hadn't gotten what he wanted even when it was right in front of him. It didn't make sense.

He sighed loudly. "I just wanted to fuck tonight."

"You struck out." Nick said, "Don't stress about it."

"This sort of thing doesn't happen to me." Tom growled. He jumped off the bed. Nick noticed the hard lump in the front of his pants. Apparently thinking about getting laid was waking up the beast. Though he hadn't been into blowing Tom earlier, after an hour of cuddling he would do it in a second. Tom grabbed his cock and moved it to the side of his pants.

"Fuck me, I've got to go." he said, "I'm horny, my head's fucked up, I can't think straight. I just need to sleep or something."

"It's cool." Nick said as he got up to walk Tom downstairs so that he didn't accidentally wake up his parents.

"Man, I just wanted to fuck tonight."

Nick hesitated, then said what he'd been thinking for most of the night. "You could fuck me."

Tom laughed a little. "You wish."

"Yeah, I do." Nick said. Then he grabbed the hard rod that snaked down the side of Tom's leg. "At least let me take care of this for you."

Not able to resist the pull of a blow-job, Tom sat back down on the bed. "Real quick."

Nick started to open the front of his pants, yanking down his jeans and exposing the tent in his boxers. Tom started to hesitate, worried that he was falling into the very routine that he wanted to get out of. "You don't have to . . ." he started.

"I want to." Nick said as he kissed the tip of the bulge in Tom's boxers. "I keep telling you. I want to."

Tom closed his eyes and leaned back as Nick's mouth engulfed his cock. The familiar feelings of Nick’s oral skills, slowly becoming well tuned to Tom's needs, helped him to close down his mind. The last few days, there had been too much going on in there. This is what he needed. A reliable blow-job, a guy that wouldn't judge him, and ten minutes of peace.

When he opened his eyes after a few minutes, Nick had his pants off and was working his own cock. It was the first time Nick had taken this step, the first time he'd ever dared to undress around Tom while they were being sexual. Tom looked down Nick's back toward his bare ass. He'd never stared at another man's ass before and found it oddly appealing. The mix of hard hairiness, and soft roundness hit him on a bunch of different levels.

The lizard part of his brain woke up again. Before it took over, Tom wondered, where were you when a girl had her hand down my pants? His tongue lolled out of his mouth as Nick slobbered all over his cock and the urge hit him: mount it.

Nick pulled off and smiled at Tom. "You ok?"

"Yeah," Tom stammered, "I, uh, was just thinking . . . would you really let me fuck you?"

Nick pulled Tom's cock out of his mouth and thought about it. He wasn't sure if he was ready, especially for a big dick like Tom's. Strangely, he'd thought of the oral sex as just playing around, but fucking would be a new step. It still resonated in his mind with making love and he felt like it would take him and Tom to a different level. Yet, he had a strong desire to punch his v-card and get it out of the way. Once this was done, it would be easier with other guys. It wouldn't be a big deal anymore.

"Yeah." Nick said. "I mean, I'd try. You're kind of big for a first timer."

"I'll go slow." Tom whispered.

"Ok." Nick said as he grabbed the lube he used for beating off from under his bed. He handed it to Tom, "Be gentle, ok?"

Tom flashed him the toothy smile that he was known for, and Nick felt like everything was going to be ok. "I"ve done this before. I'll treat you good. I promise."

Nick got on all fours and presented himself to Tom. It wasn't sexy at all and he felt embarrassed. He'd assumed that this was how Tom would want to do it. What kind of guy wants to look at another guy while he fucks? Tom grabbed his hip and flipped him. He wasn't going to fuck Nick like a dog his very first time.

Tom was transformed as Nick flipped over. This role was familiar to him, and it translated well from woman to man. He knew that Nick was nervous and afraid, and he knew that it was his job to calm him down and make this as enjoyable as he could. He'd done anal before, and greased up his cock with about as much lube as it would take. Then he handed the bottle to Nick, who rubbed some into his asshole. Tom touched him on the side as he leaned between his legs and Nick's body became tense. Trying to relax him, Tom knelt over and kissed him on the shoulder. Despite the look of concern on his face, Nick's dick was hard and leaking a pool of precum onto his abs. He seemed ready.

Tom grabbed his cock and lined it up between Nick's legs, pushing up and down until it slid into the natural impression. He leaned forward a little, putting some pressure on Nick’s hole and then whispered, "Nice and slow."

He knew it wouldn’t work that way, and the head of his cock popped into Nick's body almost all at once. He held it there as Nick ground his teeth and grimaced. Tom rubbed his stomach, "Just relax. Let your body make room and then we'll get to the fun part."

Nick opened his eyes and rolled them. "You promise?” He asked through gritted teeth.

Tom leaned forward, pushing another inch of his shaft into Nick's hot body and kissed Nick on the forehead, "I promise."

It took five minutes to get two thirds of his monster into Nick - he didn't try to go any deeper. Thus far, he'd been so concerned with making sure Nick was ok that he'd practically ignored his own feelings. Now as Nick relaxed and got into it, he started to concentrate on the warmth and tightness that was massaging his thick rod.

"You ready?" Tom asked.

"There's more?" Nick said with a smile.

"Yeah, now we start fucking." Tom pulled half of his cock out of Nick and then pushed back in. Nick groaned, but the feeling of pleasure overwhelmed Tom and he thrust forward again. This time Nick moaned in pleasure.

"Feel's good?"

Nick moaned again, louder, and nodded. Tom grabbed onto his shoulders and started to rhythmically pump in and out of Nick. Each downward thrust was met with a low grumble from Nick, a deep expression of pleasure and pain. It was a new feeling he'd never known before. The deeper Tom got, the more the bed springs squeaked and the louder Nick moaned. Tom himself was grunting now, getting off on the sounds of sex. When the headboard slammed against the wall,  it popped into his head that they were in Nick's house, in the middle of the night, with his parents sleeping.

"Shh . . ." Tom whispered, but Nick didn't quiet down.

In a last ditch effort to silence him, Tom pushed his mouth over Nick's and kissed him hard. Nick raised his head to meet the kiss and then, in a flash, their arms were wrapped around each other. Tom's snaked under Nick's armpits and lifted him up against his own torso. Nick grabbed onto the back of Tom's neck and pulled himself upward. They rocked back and forth, mumbling soft groans into each other's mouths as Tom's cock drove deeper and deeper into Nick's body.

Nick held on to the muscular stud, loving the feelings he was experiencing. Every so often Tom's cock would stab him in a weird way and a flash of pain would shoot through him, but mostly he felt pleasure as Tom slid in and out of him. He removed a hand from Tom's neck and started to yank on his dick.

Tom wasn't sure what he was feeling. Pleasure for sure. Nick's asshole was tight. But his body was different. Harder and thicker. There was a feeling of Nick pushing back, almost like he was fucking an equal. This was a body that would take whatever he could give it. He wouldn't have to be careful with Nick. The roughness of Nick's facial hair against his own face sent a shiver down his spine whenever his lips moved over it. One word kept flashing in his brain - better. This was better than any girl he'd been with. Way, way, better.

He kept pumping into Nick as hard as he possibly could without making too much noise. The deeper he went, the less he cared, and at some point he was aware that if Nick’s parents did wake up, there would be no question about what was going on in the bedroom. Each thrust magnified the pleasure surrounding his dick and each time he thought the same thing, "Better." So much better than anything he'd ever felt. So much better to feel Nick's strong body against his and to feel his hands grabbing onto his neck. Better.

"I'm gonna cum, Nick." Tom groaned.

"Inside me." Nick whispered back. "Inside me."

Tom locked his lips over Nick’s and pushed his tongue into his mouth. At the same time he drove his dick inside and started to hump Nick quickly with short thrusts. The bed creaked under him and Nick's hand was between their bodies, pulling on his dick. He could hear the fapping noises as Nick's dick slapped against his stomach. He pulled his mouth off of Nick’s, licked his way around the edge of his jaw, and then bit into his neck, sucking down hard on the skin.

Deep inside of Nick's body, his dick exploded. His balls drew up against his cock and he started to unload one of the most epic loads of his life. Each thrust, each contraction of his muscles, dumped another glob of cum into Nick. He could feel it bubbling up around the shaft of his dick, the hot, slick wetness leaking out of Nick's ass.

Nick felt Tom's dick swell inside of him and would swear that he felt the hot rope of cum shoot into his body. Then his own cock erupted. His cum splattered across Tom's chest. He groaned loudly and his mouth hung open. Tom locked his lips over Nick's and made out with him, fully in the thrall of his orgasm. Their tongues wrestled as the flood of cum spread between them. When it was all over, Tom collapsed into Nick and pushed his head into the pillow.

"Oh my god dude." Tom groaned.

Nick kissed his shoulder. He wanted to thank Tom, but knew that it would sound corny. "That was amazing." he said. His first time, and it was with the most popular man in the school. No one could ever take that from him.

Tom rolled onto his back. His stomach was shiny with cum and his huge dick, now half hard, lay across his muscular thigh. Nick felt cum ooze out of his asshole onto his sheets. Tom laughed. "Nick, that was . . ."

Nick was still breathing hard, he grabbed Tom's cock and pulled on it a little. Tom yanked his sensitive dick away.

"That was . . ." Tom groaned. In his head he was thinking that it was the best sex of his life. He was glad he didn't actually say it.

Nick snuggled up against him, forgetting the fact that Tom was his friend and not his boyfriend, mostly straight and not gay. A popular guy with a lot to lose. Tom held Nick against him for a minute as his breathing calmed down, then he sat up on the bed. "I gotta go."

Nick snapped out of his love fest and realized that he needed to get Tom out of the house. He didn't want to have to explain Tom's presence when his parents woke up in the morning. He walked with Tom down the stairs and let him out of the front door. Tom smiled at him and said, "Thanks,"

"Thanks to you." Nick said back, "That was one hell of a first time."

"I meant for the talking." Tom said, "The sex, well, that was amazing. Thanks for that too."

Tom pulled the door closed, and Nick walked back upstairs. Tom's boxers were still on his floor. He picked them up, took a quick sniff, and then carefully folded them, before tucking them into his pillow and going to sleep.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you liked it. Charlie –


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