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Pucked, Part 12

Whoops. I forgot to post this chapter. This is the culmination of Ben's take down at the hand's of Tony. Read more below.

Pucked, Part 12
Cosmic Charlie -

Last time: When hockey jock Ben refused to relinquish his control over Luke, Tony, a burly baseball player, intervened to force Ben to let Luke live his own life. Tony eventually overpowered Ben and began to dominate him sexually.

Tony and Chase lifted Ben up and moved him into the training room. The room had a medical feel to it, which creeped me out, but the reason they had brought him in here was clear. There were chairs, adjustable tables, and a variety of other ways to tie Ben up. Initially, as they carried him, Ben was completely docile and didn't fight at all. It wasn't until they began to actually tie him to a chair that he lashed out. As Tony unbound Ben's arms to tie them to the arms of the chair, Ben took the opportunity to take a swing at him. His fist connected with a hollow sound, but Tony was unphased. He strapped Ben's wrist down tight.

"You know Ben," Tony said as he rubbed his jaw, "My cock is going in your ass tonight. I've already decided that that is what I'm going to do. I'm going to tear your virgin hole open with the biggest man-cock you've ever seen."

As if to emphasize the point Tony lowered the waistband of his jock and showed Ben his soft, but still huge dick. "So, you might want to be nice to me. Cause I can either be gentle or real mean when I pop your cherry." Tony said.

He leaned in and pretended like he was going to kiss Ben on the lips. Instead, he sucked Ben's lower lip into his mouth and bit down. Ben's eyes widened as Tony pulled the lip away from Ben's face before releasing it.

"First things first," Tony said, "Where's the key to Luke's cock cage?"

Ben didn't say a word. Instead a big smile grew across his face.

"I'm so fucking sick of this." Chase exploded. Without warning he was on top of Ben. He grabbed onto the jock's nipples and twisted as hard as he could. At the same time, he shoved his knee against Ben's balls and brought his weight down. Ben tried to resist yelling out but gave in after a second. He cried like a little bitch as Chase crushed his nuts and twisted his nips. I knew that Ben would have some serious bruising on his chest tomorrow morning.

Chase released Ben and stood next to him. Ben was panting from the pain and looked completely defeated.

"In my locker," he said as he tried to catch his breath. "Number 210. The combination is 6-46-23. It's on a hook inside of the door."

Will left my side to go and look for the key. Chase, whose sadistic energy was now going full bore, slapped Ben hard across the face.

"Why do you have to make everything so hard, you stupid fuck?" Chase said.

I felt oddly conflicted as I watched all of this go down. I didn't feel any pity for Ben. He had brought it onto himself. He also lost in a fair fight. While Tony brought Will and Chase with him, they hadn't ganged up on Ben during the fight. Ben thought he could take Tony, his sexy but stupid arrogance got in the way as usual, and he had been wrong. Still, I wasn't sure that I wanted to watch him pay the price. For a while he had basically owned me. If anything, I felt a little ashamed that I had turned on him like I did.

At the same time, his big, beautiful dick was standing tall and a slimy trail of precum was running down the side. Though he would have a hard time admitting it, Ben loved the pain and power games that were being played. It was his nature to get off on dominance and submission, and it turned out that it didn't really matter who was dominating whom.

Will returned with a small metal key. He knelt down in front of me and unlocked the cage that had surrounded my dick for almost a month. Save for one chance to clean myself three weeks prior, my dick hadn't really been washed carefully for a while. As Will pulled the ring away from my cock, the aroma of my dick hit both our nostrils.

Will smiled. He started to play with my instantly hard dick. I had to pull away. After a month without an orgasm, I was ready to blow. More than a few caresses would be enough to get me to spray my load, and I didn't want to just yet.

"Come over here." Tony said.

I walked over to him. He lifted me up and positioned me over Ben, so that my junk was hanging down into Ben's face. I resisted. Whatever Tony was going to do to Ben, I didn't want to play a part.

"Don't fuck with me, Luke," Tony growled, his mean side showing through. "I got you out of this mess. Now do as I say. "

I got into position and then I felt Will sneak up behind me. His cock-head pressed against my asshole.

"You're going to watch Luke get fucked by another dude, Ben. After that, you can't pretend he still belongs to you." Tony said.

Tony nodded to Will who pushed his cock into my ass. He started to fuck me hard almost immediately. At first I felt like I was on display, but then I zoned out and started to get into the sex. Will's dick was smaller than Ben's and while it didn't stretch me out in all the ways that a big dude like Ben or Tony could, it felt awesome. My hard dick was now resting on Ben's chest and rubbing against his skin.

I tried to imagine what Ben was seeing: my smooth asshole stretching around a dick, the muscles pulling and sliding against Will's cock, Will's balls, which were big and covered with short dark hair, hanging down and just barely missing his face as Will plunged into me. If Tony wanted Ben to see another guy taking me, he was getting his wish.

As Will's cock massaged me from the inside, my dick started to jump around. I concentrated on Will's dick inside of me and his hands on my hips. Then suddenly I smelt Ben. It occurred to me that this was it. Ben was the hockey stud who had put my on my knees in the locker room and given me my first taste of sweaty jock-cock. The man who had opened up a whole new world of sex and raunch to me and had introduced me to the man who was now plowing my ass. I realized that I would probably never see his dick, taste his cum, or smell his stink again.

I stared at Ben's cock and pulled his sweaty smell in through my nostrils. Though it felt a little unfair to Will, I remembered all the times that Ben had driven his big cock into my asshole. I especially remembered the first time, when Ben had insisted that he would make me cum like a chick. He had been right, the rhythm of his cock inside of me and the almost pornographic atmosphere of the locker-room had taken me over the edge.

While I thought of all these things and relived that night in my head, my dick started spasming. I shot my copious one month load across Ben's neck and chest.

As my body quivered and my ass clamped down on Will's cock, which was now driving in and out of my ass at top speed, rope after rope of thick white jism blasted onto my stomach and Ben's hairy chest. I wanted, more than anything, to bend down and lick it up and to get one final taste of Ben's sweaty chest, but I knew that if I did that Will would feel betrayed.

Will kept me on the ride for another four or five minutes. His fucking was merciless and by the time he actually started to cum, my dick was hard again. As he shoved into me, my cock-head slipped through the cum on Ben's chest. Will shouted out loudly and started to shoot his load into my ass. Rather than slide deep into me, Will shot his load right at the entrance to my hole. He jacked himself to orgasm, and I instantly felt his hot cum running out of my ass.

Will pulled the remaining inch of his cock out of my body. As he did, his load sort of gushed out. It ran down my balls and as I stood up some of it dribbled onto Ben's chin.

I took a few steps away from Ben as Tony moved toward him. Tony ran his finger through the cummy mess that Will and I had left on Ben's chin and chest. He slipped his finger into Ben's mouth. Ben didn't reject it, but sucked down and savored Will's cum.

"There you go. He's not your fag anymore." Tony said to Ben. "In fact, you're sucking up the cum that another man planted in his ass, what does that make you?"

Ben was too exhausted to respond.

"I think it makes you a whore." Tony said. "A total cum whore."

Tony scooped some of my cum off of Ben's chest. The ample load was thin and gloppy now. He moved his fingers near Ben's mouth, and Ben parted his lips slightly, getting ready to eat my load. Tony, however, moved his fingers away.

"Why don't you ask for it?" Tony said.

Ben just shook his head. With his other hand, Tony reached down and squeezed Ben's balls. For the third time that night, Ben's testicles were being crushed by one of these men. It only took a second before he gave in. His face was red and sweaty when he said, "Please give me the cum. Feed it to me."

"That's a good boy." Tony said softly. He slipped his fingers into Ben's mouth but also made sure that his cummy palm rubbed across Ben's nose and jaw.

Around this time, Chase started to glance at his phone. He came over to Tony and told him that he had to go soon. Tony had promised Chase that he would get a blow-job out of the deal. Tony looked at Ben. "Guess you're going to get to taste your first load straight from the tap."

Chase unzipped his jeans and dropped them in a few seconds flat. He jumped up onto the table where Ben was tied down and shoved his junk into the jock's face. I watched as Chase ground his crotch into Ben's mouth, humping his face and smiling at the rest of us. Chase had pulled this same move on me, and I figured he must really like to 'rub it in' like this.

Chase moved his crotch away from Ben and then slipped his fingers into Ben's mouth. He pulled hard on Ben's lips, hooking his cheeks and opening up his mouth.

"You know, Ben, I really get off on stuffing a fag's mouth, but this'll be my first time skull-fucking a jock like you." Chase said. He pulled his fingers out of Ben's mouth, "Open wide."

Ben hesitated for a second. Chase grabbed onto the bottom of Ben's jaw and pulled his mouth open. I could see the pain on Ben's face. "When I say open wide, you better open your mouth wide, Ben." Chase sneered. He spit into Ben's open mouth to punctuate his point.

When Chase removed his hands, Ben kept his mouth open. Chase pulled down the waistband of his boxers and shoved his hard eight inch cock into Ben's mouth.

"Suck it." he said.

Chase gave Ben about a second to make a move. When Ben was too slow, Chase slapped him across the face hard. Ben's cheek turned red as his lips clamped down on Chase's dick.

"That's right, cocksucker. Suck my man-cream out of me. I've been waiting so long to get one of you pansy-assed hockey players on my cock. You look so good with a dick in your mouth." Chase continued to talk dirty to Ben. As he did, he would occasionally slap Ben across the mouth or pull his hair.

Then, Chase bent backwards. He untied Ben's left hand and then the right. Chase knew that Ben wouldn't try to get away.

"Put your hands on my ass." Chase told Ben.

Ben's hands moved onto Chase's ass. I saw his fingers dig into the soft flesh. He was feeling Chase up, getting a feel for the man who was feeding him his meat.

"Use your hands to pull my dick into your mouth. Feed yourself my cock." Chase said.

Ben did as he was told. He pulled on Chase's body and several inches of Chase's cock slipped into Ben's mouth. Chase pulled backwards and Ben had to pull even harder. Eventually, Chase was humping and out of Ben's mouth. Chase would pull his dick out and Ben would pull him back in. As Ben's mouth was fucked. He began to choke on Chase's dick. He would sputter and gag about every other thrust. The noise seemed to just turn Chase on even more.

"Fucking gag on my dick, you jock whore." Chase moaned. He plunged into Ben as his load began to build in his balls. I watched as his nuts lifted up against his body. Ben was about to get his first taste of fresh cum.

Chase pulled his dick out of Ben's mouth so that only the tip was still on Ben's tongue. He didn't want Ben to waste a drop coughing it up all over himself. The first few blasts of cum shot onto the top of Ben's mouth and then a slow, seemingly unending river of spooge poured out of Chase's dick into his mouth.

Chase grabbed onto Ben's short blond hair. "Lick it up, Ben Show me that you really are a cum whore." Ben did exactly as he was told. His tongue darted around the head of Chase's dick and he slowly ate up every drop of cum. He seemed to me to be savoring it.

Chase looked over at Tony. "Look at this shit, dude. Fucking captain of the hockey team sucking up my load."

It was not something I ever imagined I would see. There was no fight left in Ben. He had finally given up and he seemed to be really enjoying himself. Once he got past his macho persona, the feeling of being pushed around by these dudes was kind of getting him off.

Chase stepped away from Ben and pulled his clothes back on. He said a quick good-bye to Tony and then walked out without saying anything to Will and I. We continued to stand on the side lines and watch. Both of us had rock-hard cocks bouncing in front of us and my guess was that Will, like me, was unsure which position he wished he was in. Would it be better to be Chase, getting his dick sucked by a hot stud, or Ben, getting throat fucked by an aggressive ball-player?

Then Tony stripped off his pants. He ran his hands over his muscular body. Tony was a massive man. He stood well over six feet and had mounds of muscles on his chest. His broad shoulders gave way to thick arms. He didn't look like he was over-worked, but he was massive. His thick pubes, trimmed to about an inch, gathered around his crotch and then trailed upward across his stomach and to his chest. His whole body was covered with a sweaty sheen.

Tony's cock, the icing on the cake when it came to his body, hung about six inches from his crotch and was still soft. He had a thick foreskin that hung over the head. His egg-sized balls hung in the shadows behind his shaft.

"Get me hard, boys." Tony said to Will and I. He wasn't asking us. It was more like he was whistling for his dog.

We both rushed over to Tony and fell to our knees in front of him. Will immediately went for Tony's cock, sucking inches of semi-hard dick into his mouth with ease. I buried my face in Tony's balls and started to lick at his shaft. Tony's junk, in all my experiences, was never really clean. He tasted salty and tangy from the sweat that had built up, and he smelled like pure man. In pursuit of his musk I buried my mouth deeper, eventually licking at his taint.

As I pushed up into Tony's ass, he was caught a little off guard. After getting his balance again, he squatted down to give me better access. I pushed my tongue up his hairy crack. As I did this, my nose slid across the bottom of his sweaty nut-sack I licked at Tony's tight hole for a few minutes. Will, as he sucked Tony's cock, kept running his hands over my body. I, on the other hand, was running my fingers up and down Tony's strong calves and thick thighs.

Suddenly I felt Tony's hand on the back of my head. He grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth back to his cock. His dick now stood at full mast, nearly eleven and a half, veiny, thick inches. Tony cupped the back of my head with his big paw and did the same to Will. He pulled our faces together with his dick between our mouths. Both of us started licking. As we sucked his dick, we ended up licking each other's faces and occasionally making out. Tony was humping his dick between our mouths, sliding his cock across our tongues. He never took his hands off of our heads.

"Fuck," Tony sighed, "This is the life. Two hot cock sluts making out with my dick."

Tony let his dick fall from in between our mouths and pushed Will and I together. We started to make out, making as many sucking and licking noises as we could. Tony stuck his fingers in between us and we both sucked on his hand.

"I'm gonna get used to having you guys around." he said. Tony was dripping precum, and we licked that up as well. By the time Tony pulled us away, both of our faces were wet with saliva and dick slime.

"Good job, guys," Tony said with a smile. Then he turned to Ben, who, though no longer strapped down, was still laying on the table. "OK, big boy, time to pop your cherry."

Ben was white as a sheet. When Tony had turned he had finally seen the guy's dick. At nearly a foot long, it was not the kind of dick you wanted to take your first ride on. Tony grabbed some lube from the gym bag he had brought with him. He squeezed some onto Ben's asshole and started to rub it in.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to fuck you dry." Tony said. He then stabbed one of his thick fingers into Ben. Ben groaned loudly. "Even though you deserve it." Tony added.

Tony slipped in a second finger and started to twist it in and out of Ben's ass. Ben's face was contorted in pain, but he was keeping himself from crying out. His dick, however, which had been soft and laying on his leg was now standing straight up and dancing. Precum was oozing from the slit again.

"Time for number three." Tony said. "Take a deep breath."

Ben was breathing too heavily to try to breath in. Instead, he let out a soft whimper when Tony shoved in the third finger. Tony spent a good five minutes working Ben's hole, stretching it out and getting him ready to take his first dick. Though Ben stopped whimpering, his face proved that the feelings of discomfort in his ass had not gone away.

"Three fingers in your ass, Ben." Tony told him. "Got to get you ready for a man's dick. We're going to turn this ass into a cunt." Ben closed his eyes and groaned a little. Tony was reminding him of just how far he'd fallen.

"Give it up, fag." Tony said. "You've licked up another man's cum. You're about to get fucked and you're going to love it. Time to face the music - you're into dick."

Ben made a noise that was half a moan of resistance and also a whine of defeat. Then, he moved his hand to his dick and started to stroke himself.

"Be careful," Tony said. "It'll be harder to take my dick if you cum."

Tony toyed with Ben's ass for a few more seconds then pulled his fingers out. His dick was hard and jumping around in time with his heartbeat. A trail of precum ran from the head of his cock to the floor.

"You ready for it?" Tony asked.

Ben didn't say anything in response. Tony reached forward and grabbed onto Ben's chin. "I asked you a question. Are you ready for my dick?"

"Uh . . ." Ben said, "I think so."

"Not good enough." Tony said, "Beg me for it, hockey jock. I want to hear you ask for my dick."

When Ben was silent again, Tony reached for one of his nipples and twisted hard. Again, the strange mix of lust and pain flashed across Ben's face. It was clear to me now that he got off on the pain more than the submission.

"Please give me your cock." Ben mumbled. "Tear my ass open with your big fucking dick."

"Tear your what open?" Tony asked. He slapped Ben across the face. Clearly he was also figuring out that Ben derived a lot of pleasure from pain.

"Tear my jock cunt open. Fucking open me up with your cock, stud." Ben said.

Tony crawled up on the table. He wanted to look into Ben's eyes as he plunged his dick into his ass. He wanted to see it all happen right there. He lifted Ben's ass a little and lined his dick up with Ben's virgin hole. When Tony started to press forward, Ben pulled away.

"Having second thoughts?" Tony said with a laugh.

Tony didn't wait for Ben to say anything. He shoved forward and with a quick jerk the wide head of his dick slipped into Ben. Tony kept pushing forward until at least four or five inches of his dick was in Ben's ass.

Ben started to yell. "Oh fuck, take it out man. Take it out of me now, man." His hands came down and tried to push Tony away from him. Tears started to form in Ben's eyes.

Tony held firm and grabbed onto Ben's arms with his own. He pinned Ben's arms down, but Ben's torso still convulsed and his yelling didn't stop. Tony let him whine and moan for at least a minute before he moved his hands to Ben's shoulders and shook him.

"You gonna whine like a bitch while I fuck you?" Tony shoved another inch or two into Ben's ass. "Cause that's how I like it. Go for it, Ben, try to fight me off. It only makes popping your cherry more fun."

Ben stopped yelling but he kept whimpering and tears ran down the sides of his face. He tried to catch his breath and get used to Tony's big dick. Tony grabbed onto Ben's cock and gave it a few quick jerks. He figured that it was about the nicest thing he could do, given the circumstances.

"You still want me to take it out?" Tony asked. Slowly he pulled his dick out of Ben until only the head remained inside of him. "You done?"

Ben was huffing and puffing, but he managed to reply with a weak, "No."

Tony shoved back in and again Ben moaned and whined a little. This time, Tony didn't stop, he started to fuck Ben slowly and without any concern for Ben's comfort. On each inward plunge, Tony would go in about a half an inch deeper. Eventually, he had close to ten inches of his dick pumping in and out of Ben.

Ben, of course, continued to moan and occasionally yell. When Tony would go a little deeper or hit him fro a weird angle, Ben's hands would move to Tony's hips as if he was going to push him off.

"You're cunt is so tight, slut." Tony said. He was playing with Ben's mouth now and he spit into Ben's open mouth. "Fits my big dick like a glove. You like it don't you? You like having a real man inside of you?"

Ben whimpered a little and nodded. Tony bent down as if he was going to kiss him, but again he just spit a big loogie onto Ben's face.  Tony grabbed Ben's cock and pulled it down. When he let go it slapped down against Ben's abs with a loud noise. Then he started to rub Ben's stomach.

"You got a man's hard cock inside of you Ben, and you're about to shoot your load. What does that make you?"

"A fag," Ben whispered.

"That's right" Tony groaned as he pushed forward, trying to get the last few inches of his foot long dick into Ben's gut. Ben started to yell again and tried to back off of Tony's cock. Tony grabbed onto Ben's shoulders and held him in place.

"Take it fag. Open up that cunt for my cock." Tony commanded.

Tony humped Ben like this for another two minutes. Ben would occasionally twist or contort from the pain, but most of the time now he was groaning. The groans were usually brought on by discomfort, but ended with the tell-tale noises of a man getting off. I watched as Tony's bull balls pulled up against his body. His hard tight ass bulged as he thrust into Ben and every so often I would get a glimpse of his hairy asshole.

"I'm gonna cum soon, fag." Tony panted into Ben's face. "Where do you want it?"

Ben didn't hesitate. "Inside of me," he said.

"Good choice." Tony said. He started to fuck Ben harder and faster than he had yet. Ben started to whimper and cry a little again. However, his dick stayed hard the whole time, and I could have sworn that I saw him push his ass down against Tony's cock. Tony started to grunt like an animal and then suddenly pushed all the way into Ben. Ben jumped up but Tony held him down.

Tony collapsed onto Ben and bit down on Ben's shoulder, holding him in place. His ass muscles relaxed and contracted as he pumped his load into Ben's ass. Ben lifted his arms and put them around Tony's back, pulling the stud against his body. Ben's eyes were closed and he had a look of complete ecstasy on his face. It was a feeling that I knew well. The feeling of completely surrendering to another man and then feeling his hot load flooding your ass.

Tony started to roll off of Ben. His cock pulled out of Ben's ass. It seemed like it would never end as inch after inch of slimy cock slid from Ben's red, puffy asshole. Ben moaned a little during the withdrawal. When Tony was finally out, Ben's hole gaped open. The tight, perfect asshole that I had licked and worshiped so many times was a thing of the past.

"Stand up." Tony said. Before Ben had a chance to Tony had pulled him up to his feet. Then Tony grabbed Ben's head and shoved it into his armpit. "Get in there."

Ben pulled away a little bit. The smell of Tony's armpit was too much for him. Tony held on to the back of his head. "Fucking lick my pit and jerk your cock." Tony said.

Ben's tongue shot out of his mouth and he started to lick Tony's bitter and salty pit. It was a half-assed job, but I was impressed that he was doing it. At the same time Ben started to stroke his big dick. Ben was so worked up that it didn't take more than thirty seconds for him to cum.

Ben groaned as he shot ropes of cum on the floor. His breathing picked up and he was inhaling the stink of Tony's pit. As he came, his knees buckled and he looked like he was going to fall down. When he was finished, there was a puddle and a few lines of cum on the tiled floor.

"Clean up your mess, Ben." Tony said. His voice was still firm, but there was no longer an aggressive edge to it. He knew that he had won and that Ben would do anything he asked now.

Ben got down onto his hands and knees and started to lick up his cum. It reminded me of my first time with Ben, in this very locker-room, when Ben made me lick my precum off the floor. While he ate his own cum, Ben refused to look at me. His eyes were on the floor or Tony the entire time. I suddenly felt like it was no longer my place to be here. Whatever was going on between Tony and Ben, it was becoming weirdly intimate. I glanced at Will and he seemed to be getting the same feeling.

"We're going to take off." Will said to Tony.

Tony walked over to us. He had to step over Ben as he moved across the room. Tony was still in his dominant, master persona and he glared at both of us.

"Thanks." I said.

"No problem." Tony replied. Then he saw the cock cage that Ben had kept me locked up in. He grabbed it. "You know, I think I might be needing this."

Will and I both laughed. We started to get dressed, touching, fondling, and kissing each other as we did. We both knew that we had a long night of fucking ahead of us.


  1. wonder what will come next
    or are you gonna end it here charlie??

    1. There is one more chapter to come. Then I'm going to end it and move on to something else.

  2. hope that Ben can turn the tables on Tony in front of Chase and Will

  3. To be honest, I'm hoping for a happy ending for everyone in this story. I'd be fine if this was the beginning of a Ben/Tony relationship. Think it's just the romantic in me.

    1. There will be some romance. I probably won't take it so far as to get into Ben and Tony's time together. I bet they'd have a lot of good sex, though.

  4. just found your writing and having a hell of a time with it. thanks mate ;). Struggling to get through rugby slave, i keep having flashes of my first time in your writing..

    anyway, i would love for you to write a series about ben and tony. i'd definitely love to see that spinning out a little, maybe a little sexual humiliation (which I think is pretty hot). bises!

  5. ben got what he deserve !!! u_u , he doesnt even deserve the gentle/harshy tony in you want my opinion thats why am very pleased with how things ended !