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Scott and Mitch, Part 7

This is the seventh part of Scott and Mitch. Enjoy.

Scott and Mitch, Part 7
Cosmic Charlie -

In the days following the encounter in the locker-room with Colin and his little brother Alex, Mitch found himself pretty confused by the whole situation. He had seen Alex the next day in school, and Alex had shot him a quick wink. Mitch got hot knowing that he shared a dirty secret with this straight guy. He wondered if Alex had told his friends about the hot fuck he had had the day before. He would have left out the part about it being with a guy of course. Mitch was proud that he was so good at getting guys off. He was starting to think of it as his best asset.

He knew that Scott wouldn't be so impressed. Mitch was young, but not stupid. Scott had fallen for him hard, and Mitch was fucking around with other guys. Even though they hadn't discussed whether they were dating, or boyfriends, or whatever, Mitch knew that Scott had the expectation that any sex with Colin was ok because Mitch shared the experience with Scott. Take Scott out of the picture, and Mitch was really just whoring around behind Scott's back.

Mitch called his brother Jase to try to sort things out, but he didn't get much help. Jase was all for Mitch whoring around. After all, that was how Jase lived. Jase said that unless Mitch decided that he wanted to date Scott, he wasn't under any obligation to only have sex with him.

In a way it all made sense to Mitch.

Mitch was about a month away from turning 18 and his hormones were raging. He wanted to go down on just about every guy he saw - every hot one at least - and he wasn't sure that he wanted to limit himself. The experience with Alex had really woken him up. The guy was so different from the guys that he normally fucked around with. Now he looked at other dudes, nerds and jocks and everyone in between and wondered what they looked like naked. He walked around with a perpetual hard on. To top it off, he hadn't seen Scott in days. In a weird way it was almost like Scott didn't exist anymore.

When Mitch went to The Gym later that night, Colin was working at the desk. "Hey slut." Colin said to Mitch. He was laughing, and he reached over and rubbed Mitch's head before pushing him away.

"Hey." Mitch said, "Is Scott around?"

"He's training a client." Colin said. Colin had stepped out from behind the desk and was facing Mitch. Every time Mitch saw Colin from top to bottom, he was in awe. The guy was perfect. Every single inch of his body was perfectly proportioned, like a fucking miracle of genetics. Unfortunately, he was stupid and kind of a jerk.

"You want a pre-workout protein shake, Mitch?" Colin said. He lifted up the leg of his shorts until his balls hung out. "They're pretty full."

Colin's  big nuts hung down from his body. There was a good amount of black hair on his sack, which added to the overall effect. Mitch was staring when Scott walked in.

Scott passed Colin and smacked him on the back of his head. "Put your dick away, you fucking idiot. You're going to get us both fired."

"I was only showing him my balls." Colin said as he walked back behind the desk.

"Well, you can try to explain the difference to management if a customer complains." Scott said. He turned to Mitch and a big grin opened up across his face. "Hey sexy."

Scott had gotten a hair cut. The short crew cut made his face look angular and masculine. He had a day's worth of light brown stubble on his face. Mitch had forgotten how sexy he was. He blushed. "Hey."

Colin left to go on a break. Scott puzzled over the computer for a minute then looked up at Mitch, "You working out today?"

Mitch was still in his street clothes. "I ran this morning. I wanted to come by and see you."

"Yeah, why?" Scott asked. He was still fully immersed in his work.

Mitch walked behind the desk and ran his tongue along Scott's jaw line. When he got to Scott's ear, he bit down lightly. "I'm horny." he said.

Scott turned and kissed Mitch on the lips. As he opened Mitch's mouth with his tongue, he ran his hands down Mitch's torso and cupped his perfect ass. His fingers dug into the flesh, then he pulled away.

"I've got to work." Scott said.

Mitch lifted Scott's arm up and dove into his pit. He kissed Scott's pit through his sweaty t-shirt. Scott pulled away almost immediately. "Fuck, first Colin took his balls out and now you're licking my pit in front of everyone. You gotta leave before I get fired."

Mitch looked a little disappointed. He looked like a puppy who had been told no, and Scott felt bad. "Later, ok? Besides, I didn't get a chance to shower this morning. I'm rank as fuck."

"You think that's going to stop me?" Mitch said. He was already grabbing his things and starting for the door.

"You really want it?" Scott said. "You want a real man's dick? Come back here."

Mitch walked back behind the desk. "Get under the desk, bitch." Scott grinned, and Mitch understood that Scott was in the mood to play a little rough.

Mitch knelt down and crawled under the standing desk. He slid his hand up the leg of Scott's shorts. He was afraid to pull the front of the shorts down because he didn't want anyone to see Scott's bare ass if they walked by. He found Scott's balls and started to fondle them.

Scott groaned softly and massaged Mitch's scalp. His fingers pulled lightly on Mitch's short hair before moving down to his neck. He rubbed on Mitch's neck, enjoying how hard and thick it was getting. With his other hand he pretended like he was still working at the computer. In front of him, he could see into the weight room through the glass wall. No one was looking his way, but still he felt very exposed.

Mitch kissed his way up the inside of Scott's thigh. Every few inches, he would bite down, causing Scott to gasp and pull away. Eventually, his face was inside of the fabric and he could lick at Scott's balls. He wanted this to last, and he slowly took one of Scott's nuts into his mouth. He rolled it around for a while, then did the same thing with the other one. Then, when Scott's nuts were good and wet, Mitch slid his tongue underneath them and licked his way toward Scott's asshole.

Scott was having a hard time staying standing. Between Mitch's skull pushing him around and the feelings of pleasure coming from his junk, he kept shifting back and forth. Eventually, he tapped Mitch on the shoulder.

"Back to my dick, boy." he said.

Mitch moved out from underneath Scott. Scott looked down at him. Mitch's face was already sweaty and his hair was messed up. He looked sexy as hell. Scott ran a hand along the side of Mitch's face and slid his index finger into Mitch's mouth. Mitch immediately sucked on it. Scott slowly pushed his other fingers in. Every so often he would glance up from the desk to keep an eye on things, but the job Mitch was doing on his hand was blowing his mind. His dick was hard and leaking in his shorts as Mitch licked his fingers like a dog.

Scott wanted to leave the desk and fuck Mitch stupid, on the floor of the locker-room, like a dog. But he couldn't do it. Instead, he lifted the leg of his shorts and let his cock hang out of the bottom. He thrust his dick toward Mitch and said in a low, deep voice, "Get to work."

Mitch grabbed onto Scott's cock. When he got closer, he understood what Scott meant when he said he hadn't showered. His uncut dick smelled tangy and ripe. Mitch didn't mind. In fact, he fucking loved it. He took Scott's cock into his mouth and started to lick the head. He sucked up Scott's precum and the fruity flavor that surrounded his cock-head like a pro.

Scott turned back to the computer. Now that Mitch had settled into a more relaxed rhythm on his dick, he was able to actually focus on what he was doing. He kept working, but he felt better standing at that desk than he'd ever felt before. Waves of steady pleasure were flowing through his body. He and Mitch kept that up for about ten minutes. Every so often, Scott would reach down and run his fingers through Mitch's hair or smack his dick against the side of Mitch's face.

Suddenly, a man walked up to the desk. Scott recognized him as a client from the gym. He was about thirty years old - a professional who kept himself in decent shape. He wanted to pay his dues, and Scott started to take care of him.

From the moment the guy approached the desk, Scott tried to push Mitch away from his cock, but Mitch wouldn't let up. In fact, Mitch sucked even harder and began to work the shaft of Scott's dick with his hand. He swirled his tongue around the sensitive tip and across the underside of Scott's glans where his foreskin and head joined. It took every ounce of resilience not to moan or call out, but Scott thought he was doing a good job of remaining cool even as sweat formed on his brow.

When he handed the guy his receipt, the guy looked down to where Scott's waist was pressed into the desk. He smiled at Scott, "You got a girl under there, man?"

"Uh . . ." Scott said.

"C'mon, I'm not going to tell. Is she hot?" he said.

"Yeah man. She's real hot." Scott said.

Mitch dragged his teeth across the head of Scott's dick to let him know he didn't appreciate being called a she. There was only one man whom he allowed to do that. Scott winced, but didn't pull away from the desk.

"You young guys have all the fun." the guy said as he walked away.

Scott pulled back from the desk. Mitch, with Scott's cock still in his mouth, grinned at him and winked. "What the fuck? You trying to get caught, you little slut?"

Mitch spit Scott's cock out. "Maybe." he said. He kept stroking Scott's dick. "Maybe I was just trying to get your nut. I've been sucking you for forever. My knees are getting sore."

"You want my cum?" Scott said. He grabbed onto the front of Mitch's hair and pulled his head back. He shoved his junk into Mitch's face so that Mitch could suck the root of his cock while he finished himself off. Mitch knew that Scott was close. His dick was hard as a rock and the veins along the sides were bulging.

It took Scott about thirty seconds to bring himself to orgasm. Just before he started to cum, he pulled Mitch's mouth to his dickhead. Scott kept his head up, looking forward, just in case anyone glanced his way, but his mouth fell open. He moaned loudly as he shot his load into Mitch's hungry mouth. As he came, Scott hissed, "Fucking eat it slut." to Mitch.

Mitch let the cum fill his mouth, but didn't swallow it. He played with it with his tongue, letting the salty, chunky fluid mix with his spit. Scott shot a big load, and at least five or six ropes of cum filled Mitch's mouth. When he was finished, Scott quickly pulled his dick away and made an effort to compose himself. He couldn't believe he had just gotten a blow-job while at work.

Mitch stood up and quickly locked his  lips onto Scott's. He pushed Scott's semen into his mouth before Scott could fight back. Scott swapped the load with Mitch a little bit and then broke off the kiss. Some of the cum dribbled out, and he quickly wiped it away.

"I let my balls hang out and you flip your shit, but you feed him your load at the front desk?" Colin called out.

"What?" Scott said as he turned to see Colin.

"What?" Colin said, mocking Scott. "You guys are like rabbits. I turn around for a minute and someone is sucking a dick."

Mitch laughed a little bit. He liked how cool Colin was around he and Scott. Most straight guys who let gay dudes blow them were assholes the rest of the time to preserve their inflated sense of manhood. Colin wasn't like that.

"What can I say, he's good." Scott said.

"I know. Hey Mitch, my balls are still full if you want some." Colin said.

Mitch looked over at Scott, whose face told him to pass. "Not today Col." he said.  Colin walked into the gym.

"Let's hang out later. Dinner or something. I'm off at nine." Scott said to Mitch.

"Cool." Mitch said.

As Mitch walked out of the door, he heard Colin giving Scott shit about having a boyfriend. He smiled to himself and walked to his car.

  *  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Later that night, Scott picked Mitch up and took him to a local sushi joint. It was a Friday night and the place was packed. The two guys spent most of the meal making small talk about their respective upbringings. Both had cops for fathers, so they had a lot in common. Scott had been in school with Mitch's older brother, and they knew the same teachers and some of the same families. It was the first time they had ever really talked about themselves for more than a few minutes.

By the end of the night, Scott was smitten. He took Mitch back to his house, but instead of ripping each other's clothes off, they settled down with a few beers.

"Won't your dad freak if he sees me drinking?" Mitch asked.

"Nah, he'd give me some bullshit speech about giving beer to minors, then go up to his room. Besides, he won't be back until three or four." Scott said.

Slowly the conversation drifted. Ever since they had met, Scott had been impressed by the way Mitch carried himself. After a few beers, he was willing to say so.

"How'd you get so cool with who you are?" Scott asked.

"What do you mean?" Mitch said.

"You're like seventeen, but you act like you've been out of the closet for a decade. You're just totally ok with yourself." Scott said.

"My brother." Mitch said.

"Jase?" Scott asked.

"Jase figured me out. He taught me that it was ok to be myself." Mitch said.

"That was really cool of him." Scott said, "I sort of had a crush on him in highschool. I wasn't like you. It took me a while to admit to myself that I was gay."

"Jase would like you." Mitch said. "And he was really cool to me. Still is."

Mitch leaned into Scott's body. He didn't want to talk anymore. Slowly he drifted to sleep while they watched sports center. An hour or two later, Scott shook him awake. "Let's go to bed." Scott said.

Still half asleep, Mitch texted his mom to let her know he wasn't coming home. Then, he pulled off his clothes and Scott did the same. They were both in boxer briefs - a new style of underwear for Mitch - when they crawled into bed. Mitch let Scott wrap his arms around him and before he knew it he was asleep.

   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *    *
Mitch woke up with a hard cock in front of him and one pressed into his back. For a minute, he didn't know where he was. Then he took in Scott's smell and felt the warmth of his body. When he realized that Scott's arms were wrapped around him, his hard cock started to ache. He turned forward and pressed his dick into the mattress.

The movement woke Scott up. He ran his fingers down Mitch's muscular back and pushed his face into the base of Mitch's neck. He breathed in deeply. Mitch turned to face him.

"Morning," Scott said. He kissed Mitch quickly on the mouth.

"Morning." Mitch said. He smiled and rolled onto his back. Then he laughed a little bit.

"What's so funny?" Scott said.

"Nothing." Mitch said. "It's just that I've never slept with a guy before except after sex. It's different."

"You can hang around if you want." Scott said. "My dad's a cool guy, and he won't say anything to your dad."

Mitch reached down and grabbed Scott's dick. He played with it like it was a joystick. "I've gotta stick around for a while. You haven't fucked me yet."

Scott slid his hand behind Mitch and pushed his fingers down his crack. "Yesterday I wanted to throw you on the ground and fuck you like an animal, now I want to slowly hump you while I'm looking into your eyes." Scott said.

"That's the difference between waking up sex and end of the night sex." Mitch said.

Scott rolled over and pushed Mitch onto his back. He placed his body between Mitch's spread legs. They were both still wearing their underwear. Scott's hard dick pressed into Mitch's crotch and pulled against the fabric. Mitch's groin and his thighs were perfectly framed by his boxer briefs. Scott ground into him a little before kissing his way up Mitch's chest.

When he got to Mitch's neck he pulled away a little, and said, "You're such a sexy fucker, Mitch."

Scott leaned in to kiss Mitch. Mitch opened his mouth and let Scott's tongue in. He loved the total sensation of Scott in the morning. It wasn't all mint mouthwash and deodorant and shampoo. There was something raw about the way he tasted and smelled. Mitch let his hands slide down onto Scott's ass. He pulled Scott into him and lifted his own body into Scott's.

After a few moments, Scott broke off the kiss and then licked his way back down Mitch's body. As he moved lower, he lifted Mitch's ass off the bed and pulled him up toward his mouth. When he got to the waistband of Mitch's underwear, he tongued the elastic a little and then made out with Mitch's belly button. Mitch had his hands in Scott's hair, rubbing and tugging on his head. He couldn't believe how turned on he was getting.

Scott moved his mouth to Mitch's hard cock. He gnawed on the shaft through the fabric. Every so often he would put his mouth over the head and suck on it. Soon the front of Mitch's briefs were damp from Scott's saliva and Mitch's precum.

Mitch wanted some real attention bad, and he pulled down his underwear. His dick flopped up and slapped against his abs. Scott pulled it back down a few times and let it smack into Mitch stomach before laughing and saying, "Fuck, I wish mine did that."

"It's like that all the time," Mitch said.

"Mmm" Scott groaned as he wrapped his lips around the head of Mitch's dick. He took it all the way to the root, letting the tip of Mitch's dick slip into his throat. He pulled off and licked at the shaft before going for Mitch's balls. He continued to work the shaft with his hand as he took Mitch's nuts into his mouth one by one. He heard Mitch groan and knew he was doing a good job. He worked Mitch's cock for a few more minutes before going for what he really wanted.

Scott lifted Mitch up higher and pulled his underwear off. Mitch let his legs open up and presented his asshole to Scott. Scott licked his way across Mitch's taint and then buried his face in his ass. He ran his tongue all around the inside of Mitch's crack before finally focusing on his asshole.

Mitch's hole was always smooth and always tight. Scott couldn't figure out how a guy who took a pounding like Mitch did could keep his ass looking so nice. He flicked his tongue across Mitch's rosebud and then pulled away.

"That's so nice, baby." he said, "You like that?"

Mitch nodded, then said, "I want you to fuck me, bad."

Scott moved his fingers to Mitch's hole. He slipped one of his digits in unlubed. Mitch gasped a little bit, but recovered. Scott pulled out and grabbed a bottle of lube from his bed-stand. He poured some on Mitch's asshole and then slid two fingers in. Now Mitch was really happy.

"Fuck me with your fingers man," he said.

Scott pushed his fingers in and pulled them back out. As he fucked Mitch's ass, the boy's cock danced and drooled precum all over the place. It ran down from the tip to Mitch's chest and neck. Scott couldn't help himself. He grabbed Mitch's dick with his free hand and licked up his juice.

"Sweet and delicious." he said.

Mitch was smiling but had his eyes closed. When he opened them back up Scott was surprised how innocent he looked. Usually Mitch looked a little possessed when he wanted to get fucked - like an animal. Now he looked calm and completely different.

"You want it?" Scott asked.

Mitch nodded.

Scott let Mitch's legs fall back onto the bed. He lubed up his dick and then slid up against Mitch. He lifted Mitch's ass and then pushed the head toward Mitch's asshole. He saw Mitch's face tense up as he prepared for Scott's dick, and then Scott pushed it in. The flashes of pain and then total pleasure that shot across Mitch's face were almost enough to make him cum right then.

"How's it feel?" Scott said.

"Good," Mitch said. Scott thrusted forward hard and Mitch let out a moan, "Oh, fuck man."

"You like my bid dick inside of you? You like it Mitch?" Scott said.

Mitch was too into getting fucked to talk back. He moaned and grabbed onto Scott's back and then onto his ass. Mitch loved the feeling of getting pounded like this.

Scott suddenly slowed down. He leaned in and covered Mitch with his body. He kept fucking him, but now Scott was using long, slow thrusts. He would slide his dick deep into Mitch's ass before slowly pulling it back out. As he did this, Mitch's body spasmed around his cock. Slowing down gave Mitch a chance to really feel each and every inch of Scott's rod.

Scott moved his mouth to Mitch's neck and kissed across his throat. His lips moved along Mitch's collarbone and then down to his nipples. Mitch kept his face against the top of Scott's head, breathing into his hair and occasionally kissing his scalp.

"You ready big boy?" Scott asked.

Mitch groaned into Scott's ear and then hissed, "Yes."

Scott bit down onto Mitch's nipple. Mitch's body stiffened up underneath him. He bit down again and this time Mitch made a sound of approval. Scott lifted his torso off of Mitch and placed his hands onto Mitch's shoulders. He let his weight push Mitch into the mattress. He wanted Mitch to feel his strength and the weight of his muscles.

Scott started to pound his cock into Mitch's ass as hard as he could. He watched Mitch's face change from a look of total pleasure to a look of pain multiple times each minute. As he kept fucking, he started to feel Mitch struggle underneath him. He was trying to get comfortable, trying to do anything to keep Scott's dick from punching him in the same spot over and over again.

Scott held Mitch down and didn't let him move. He waited a few minutes and then asked Mitch, "Do you want me to take it out?"

For the first time in his life, Mitch actually considered asking a guy to stop fucking him, but he didn't give in. "No," he said, more loudly than he had expected.

Scott let up. He stopped fucking Mitch for a minute and let the whole of his body collapse onto Mitch. He licked the inside of Mitch's ear before whispering, "When I said I wanted to fuck you long and slow . . . I lied."

He kept moving his dick in and out of Mitch's ass. He could see in Mitch's eyes that he was close to cumming. He pulled away and then kissed Mitch on the mouth quickly. He toed with Mitch's dick a little bit.

"Do you want to cum?" he asked.

Mitch said yes in his sexiest voice possible.

"Say you're mine." Scott said. Mitch didn't hear him at first so Scott shoved his cock into Mitch hard to make him pay attention. "Say it."

"I'm yours." Mitch said.

"Only mine." Scott said.

"Only yours." Mitch said back.

"Only mine." Scott said softly back.

Mitch was expecting a kiss, but instead Scott growled a little and bit him on the throat. Then he picked up the pace and began to fuck the cum out of Mitch.

"Fucking cum for me baby." Scott said. "Do it."

Scott kept fucking and Mitch rhythmically clenched his ass around Scott's cock. Each time, he would feel Scott's dick pulling and pushing on his ass muscles. It only took a minute before his dick started to bounce. Mitch started to pant and groan. Scott saw what was happening, and he clamped his mouth down against Mitch's.

As Mitch's dick shot rope after rope of man juice between their bodies, Scott explored Mitch's mouth with his tongue. Mitch was literally breathing into his lungs, and Scott was loving it. At the same time, Mitch's ass was dancing around the base of his dick. With one final thrust, he started to plant his seed deep inside of his boy.

Scott kept fucking as he came. Mitch's body had pretty much gone limp and Scott had to support him. He wanted to coat Mitch's insides with his cum. Each successive shot made the frothy mess forming at the base of Scott's pubes grow. Finally, when he was satisfied, he pulled out of Mitch. His dick was still hard and pulsing with his heart beat.

"C'mon babe." Scott said, "Clean me up."

Mitch looked down at Scott's dick and then fell back onto the bed, rolling his eyes. Scott jumped up on top of him and lowered his cummy cock and balls into Mitch's face. He made sure to rub them all over Mitch's cheeks and forehead before letting Mitch take them into his mouth.

"Don't ever say no to me." Scott said. He had a smile on his face that was half sexy and half serious.

Mitch licked the cum out of Scott's pubes, as cum and his own ass juices dried on his face. Between his legs, his cock was as hard as ever. He liked to pretend that he was not going to do what Scott said, but only because he liked it when Scott took control.

Finally, Scott rolled off of him and onto the mattress. "I need a shower." he said.

Mitch, without being asked, spent the next twenty minutes licking every inch of Scott's body. 

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