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Basketball Jock and Prof, Chapter 21

It's been a long time. Hope you like it.

Basketball Jock and Prof, Chapter 21
Cosmic Charlie -

It was early on a Saturday morning, and I was just stirring from sleep. As I rolled over Mike stretched out his arm and punched me in the ribs. He hit the muscle and bone perfect, and I groaned loudly. Mike rubbed my torso, "Sorry babe."

Anger welled up in me, and I jumped out of bed. "Fuck this, we're buying a bigger bed."

After nearly two months of living together, I was woken up in nearly the same way every morning. Mike would stretch out his body and either club me in the face, punch me in the gut, or knee me in the crotch. Built with proportions that most men dream about, Mike was simply too big for my queen size bed. Despite telling him about a million times that I could afford a king size, Mike didn't want to switch. He claimed that he liked being close to me and feeling my body against his in the night. Being something of a romantic, I was drawn in by this reasoning. Who doesn't want a young stud telling him how much he likes sleeping close to them? After several weeks, however, the bruises outweighed the romance.

"You'll be so far away." Mike said sleepily.

"That's the point." I said back.

He rolled over onto his back. "Fine, but no whining if I slide over to your side every now and then."

His legs were spread wide and his arms lay apart from his body. He took up the whole bed. "Seeing that you're already always on my side, I don't think it will be a problem."

"Whatever," Mike said, "You're boring me."

He rolled toward me and grabbed at the waistband of my black boxer briefs. He pulled my body toward the bed, stretching my underwear to the max. I jumped onto the bed and stood on my knees. Mike slipped his fingers into my underwear. He scratched at my pubes, rubbing the skin, and then slid down to my thickening cock. He grabbed onto it and squeezed.

"I want morning sex." he growled.

Since moving in with Mike, I've learned two things that I didn't know before. First, he eats massive amounts of food. He had remained physically active after graduation and continued to work out. Maintaining his form required him to eat almost twice as much as me. At my age, I had to be careful not to eat too much. Mike was still at that age where you worry about not eating enough. The other thing I learned was that he had a sex drive that rivaled most nymphomaniacs. I had always assumed that we had so much sex because we only got to see each other two or three times a week. In reality, Mike liked to get off several times a day, and he took what he wanted. If he wanted sex in the morning, he would get it, whether I was game or not. Luckily, I was almost always game.

Morning sex, it turns out, was his favorite. If either of us had somewhere to be early in the day, we had to set the alarm clocks half an hour earlier to make time for it. On a day like today, if neither of us had anything to do, we could spend hours in bed together. Sucking, fucking, snoozing and then repeating the cycle.

My dick was hard, and it popped out of my underwear. I straddled Mike's torso, placing one knee in each arm pit. His big hands latched onto my ass. Mike smiled at me before leaning upward and taking my dick into his mouth.

For a guy who was almost a total top, Mike had excellent dick sucking skills. He seemed to genuinely love sucking cock. He sucked hard and moaned loudly before letting my dick slip out of his mouth. Then he buried his face in my pubes and inhaled deeply. He lifted his face and growled a little before taking my nuts into his mouth. I bucked up when his tongue made contact. For another minute or two Mike liked my nuts. Then he directed my hand onto his hard cock. It was still bunched up in his briefs, and I uncaged it. His massive jock dick, hard as stone, popped out and slapped against his stomach. I pulled on it a few times before Mike pulled his mouth off of my balls.

He grabbed my hips and forced my body to twist around. Then he moaned, "Take care of me, Prof."

I bent down and sucked Mike's massive, uncut cock into my mouth. I slid his hood down over the glans with my tongue and worked his sensitive head. Mike thrust upward and drove his cock deep into my my mouth. I didn't mind. With one hand on his shaft, I sucked and pulled on his dick. Occasionally, I let my hand slip down and fondled his bull balls.

Mike grabbed onto his cock and pulled it out of my mouth. He held the shaft against his torso, presenting his nuts to me.

"Suck them." he groaned.

As soon as I began to suck on his balls, Mike forgot about sucking me. My cock remained rock hard, and I imagined the precum dripping onto Mike's neck and chin. He groaned loudly as I took each testicle into my mouth and worked it over. I continued to suck on his scrotum, and finally he took my dick back into his mouth.

This position was probably the one I loved most - my mouth on his big nuts and my nose planted deep between his legs. In the morning his musk was overwhelming. The warm, spicy heat of his body enveloped my face. Mike, knowing how much I loved the feel of his body, closed his thighs around my head. Thick muscles pushed my face deeper into his junk. The feeling was too much for me, and I started to shoot my load. Mike sucked down hard as I unloaded five volleys of hot sperm into his mouth. I felt his lips tighten on my cock as he swallowed. Then he pulled my dick out of his mouth and gave it a few licks.

I lifted my body off of him and turned around to face him. His dick was bouncing, and I could tell he was about to shoot. He got up on his knees and presented his cock to me. I took it into my mouth while he two-fisted the shaft, pulling and yanking on himself until he was ready to orgasm.

"Here you go stud." Mike growled, "Fresh from the fucking tap."

His dick head flared in my mouth, stretching my lips, and then his cum poured out onto my tongue. I lapped it up like a dog, tasting and swallowing every last drop of his salty, familiar seed. When he finished cumming he fell back onto the bed, and I collapsed into his crotch. I gently tongued his shaft as it softened. He kept his hands on my head, running his fingers through my hair.

After a few minutes, I moved to get up. Mike's fingers tensed up, and he held my against his thigh. When I tried to pull away again, he pushed me down into his junk. He lifted his hips and rubbed his flaccid dick against my face. Every time I relaxed Mike would loosen his grip. As soon as I pulled away, he would hold me down again. He laughed but didn't let up. He wanted me to beg to be let go. It was another one of his locker-room dominance games. Instead of yielding, I bit him on the inside of his thigh. He yelped and let go of me.

"No fair." Mike said as he rubbed the bite mark.

"No fair." I mocked as I walked off to shower.

Two hours later we were on our way to the mattress store. Mike was still in an adolescent mood, and he continued to do his best to annoy me, tease me, and make me overreact. He tried to get me to loosen up, but I wasn't in the mood.

"You're so serious today." Mike said.

I shrugged. I wasn't upset with him, I just wasn't in the mood for games. We went into the mattress store and started to look around. It wasn't long before a salesman spotted us and started to make the sale. Mike and I settled on a mattress, but picking out a bed-frame was harder. We finally found a masculine looking wooden frame we both liked. The model had slats instead of a box spring. When I asked the sales guy how strong the bed was, Mike seized on the opportunity.

"We're getting married in a few months and he wants to be sure it will hold up during the newlywed period. You know?" Mike said.

I turned bright red, and the sales guy laughed uncomfortably. Mike shot me a grin, and I frowned at him. His eyes kept glancing away and when I followed his gaze I saw the outline of the guy's hard cock. He was a good looking guy, around Mike's age, and dressed in a shirt and tie. His body was lean, and he had nearly black hair and dark eyes.

"It . . uh . . should hold up during normal intimacy." he stuttered. "I mean, it's as strong as any other bed."

"What about, like, abnormal intimacy." Mike got closer to the guy and laughed while looking at me. He was doing his frat boy, buddy-buddy routine. "I mean, I'm a big guy and we can go two or three times a day, sometimes pretty heavy."

"It should be fine." he said with a little bit of a laugh.

"So if were to . ..  well can I just try something out?" Mike said.

"Here?" the salesman stuttered. His face went white but his dick was still hard.

"Like, suppose I came home after a tough day at work and just, really wanted to get intimate, you know, and so I picked Clint up." Mike walked over to me and lifted me off the ground, throwing half of my body over his shoulder. I felt his muscles bulge and knew that the salesman was getting a good view of his Mike's arms. "Then I walked across the house and threw Clint onto the bed." Mike tossed me onto the bed, which didn't make a sound. "So far so good," Mike said to the guy.

Mike continued, "But suppose that then I really gave it to him. You know, threw him a really hard fuck. You think we'd be ok?"

Mike moved as if he was about to unbutton his pants. The salesman reacted quickly to stop him, but then blushed when he realized that Mike was kidding around. He took a deep breath. "Look," he said, a bead of sweat forming on his brow, "If it's that big of a concern, you might want a steel frame."

"I'm just giving you a hard time." Mike said with a grin. He grabbed the guy's shoulder and shook him a little. “I like embarrassing Clint. He doesn't like it when I tell good looking guys like you about how hard I fuck him.” The salesman blushed. It was a classic Mike move, and had tricked more than a few guys into bed with us.

"We'll take it." Mike said.

The guy walked away with a dark spot beginning to show on the front of his khaki pants.

"Did you see that?" Mike said. He nearly doubled over laughing.

"Nice, Mike." I said, "You might have mentioned that I occasionally fuck you."

Mike sighed and then rubbed my hair. "Loosen up. I was just having some fun."

The salesman returned with the delivery slip and invoice. He gave it to Mike who passed it to me. "He's my sugar daddy." Mike said to the guy. I rolled my eyes and signed the slip.

We scheduled the delivery for late that afternoon. As Mike and I walked back to my car, I told him that I thought he'd try to get the salesman into bed with us.

"We're getting a new bed, Prof. I'm not going to break it in with anyone but you."

"Still," I said, "It would have been a good send off for the old one."

When we got home, Mike made lunch and then sat down in front of the TV. I've never been able to relax, so I went into the office and worked on my research. An hour later, Mike stepped into the doorway. The front of his shorts were tented. He walked over to me and kissed me on the back of my neck. As he stood up, I felt the head of his dick press against my back.

"What's up?" I said.

"I'm excited for this new bed. How do you want to break it in?" Mike asked.

"I get to choose?" Our sex life was almost entirely controlled by Mike except on rare occasions.

"You bought the bed. This is the best I can do to repay you." He kissed my neck again and whispered in my ear, "I could do suave and romantic or hot and sweaty." He bit my ear after he said the last part.

Pain flashed from my earlobe straight down to my cock. "Both."

"Alright." he said, "I'm going to the gym and then for a run. The bed had better be ready when I get back or I'm fucking you on the floor right in front of the delivery men."

I followed Mike into the bedroom and opened up his underwear drawer. I reached into the back and grabbed a jockstrap from when he was playing basketball. "Wear this." I said.

Mike smiled widely, "Reliving our glory days, huh?" he said as he wandered out of the bedroom with his gym bag.

The men delivered and assembled our new bed. I had them move the old stuff into the garage and then hurried them out. I put the new sheets and stuff on the bed and waited for Mike to come home. The way he had planned sex in advance had my dick hard. I changed into a pair of shorts and went outside to play with the dog. I yanked my shirt off and ran around the yard.  Long before I saw his truck rolling down the road, Gunnar heard Mike coming and ran off to meet him. Minutes later, Mike pulled up to the house. He jumped out of the truck with Gunnar behind him. He was wearing white basketball shorts and had his gray muscle shirt tucked into the waistband.

As he stepped forward his shorts slid down and I saw the band of his jockstrap. Covered in sweat, he looked strong and intensely virile. A light coat of hair covered his chest and trailed down toward his crotch. His shoulders were wide and shifted back and forth as he walked toward me.

I stepped forward, and he wrapped his arms around me. Our bare chests slid against each other as he hugged me, and the fresh smell of his body surrounded us.  He kissed me and moved his mouth to my ear. "Are we alone?"

I reached around his back and slid my hand into the crack of his ass. I moved across his damp ass cheek until I found the strap of his jock. I pulled it back and snapped it against his skin.

Mike made a noise that was a mix between a growl and a purr. He pulled away from me and lifted his left arm. I didn't need any instructions. I dove into his pit and licked the sweat out of his wet hair. He clamped his arm down around my face and rubbed his sweaty skin against my cheeks and forehead. His muscles bulged and hardened against my skull.

I licked at him like a dog for thirty seconds before he pulled away. He bent down and kissed across my chest, biting my nipple gently. His hands moved up and down the sides of my torso before he pulled me against him. He dove into my pit, licking away the light coating of sweat and rubbing his face against my skin. I grabbed onto the top of his head and messed up his hair while he ate out my pit.

When Mike pulled away, I had a raging boner. The front of my shorts pointed toward him. I noticed a similar bulge in his pants. I dropped to my knees and pulled at his shorts.

"You wanna go inside?" Mike asked as he ran his fingers along the side of my skull.

The sun shone down on our bodies, making my outsides feel as hot as I felt inside. I shook my head before I buried my face in his crotch. I felt the hardness of his cock against my lips. It was still bound up in his jockstrap, but clearly wanted to get out. I used my face to push his dick around until it finally popped out of the elastic pouch. His thin shorts outlined his massive meat, and I chewed my way from the base to the tip of his cock. The whole time, I was breathing in his musk, his sweat, and his testosterone.

I pulled down his shorts and took a long lick from the root of his cock to his piss-slit, savoring his taste and the drop of precum that oozed out. Then, I buried my face in his balls for the second time that day.

"Fuck yeah, Prof, lick up my nut sweat man." Mike growled. He grabbed onto my head and pushed me deeper into his groin.

His crotch was warm and his balls hung far away from my body. I pulled them into my mouth, alternating between one and the other. As he got harder and hotter, I felt his testicles draw up toward his body. Sucking them into my mouth, I did my best to pull them back down. Then I moved behind his sack, breathing in his hot sweat and moist body odor. The deeper my tongue traveled the more I wanted a taste of his sweaty ass. Finally, I put my hands on his hips and turned him around.

"Let me at that jock ass." I hissed as Mike turned.

"Eat it good, Prof." Mike moaned, "Show me how much you appreciate it."

When he turned around I gazed at his butt for a minute. The straps of the jock perfectly framed his beautiful, muscled ass. I rubbed his cheeks, running my fingers under the straps of his jock and playing with his muscles. His crack was open, and Mike's tight hole winked back at me. A little bit of hair surrounded it. As I was ogling him, a bead of sweat rolled down the small of his back and into his crack. It was too much for me and I dove in.

Just as I went for his ass, Mike backed into me. He must have been tired of my staring. His butt smashed against my face as I licked the sweat from his crack. When I got to his hole I shoved my tongue inside of him. His hole clenched down on my tongue, and pulsed while I ate him out. Mike groaned and pushed back against my face.

After a solid five minutes of rimming, he stood up and stepped away. He turned and lifted me to my feet, before lunging forward and making out with me. Mike's tongue invaded my mouth while his hands moved across my back. I kissed him back, tasting his spit, smelling his sweat, and feeling his body move against mine. When he broke away, he had a wild look in his eyes. He reached down and grabbed onto my cock.

"Is the bed ready?" he said.

"Of course." I groaned back. I toyed with his dick and felt it twitch in my fingers.

In a single, sudden movement, Mike lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder. Even after nearly two years together, his strength blew my mind. It came out of nowhere and reminded me that his muscles weren't just for show. He carried me through the house and into the bedroom. He tossed me down on the bed. It didn't make a single squeak.

Mike yanked off his jock and threw it on the bed next to me. I grabbed it and brought it up to my nose. It was damp with Mike's sweat and smelled like his balls. I rubbed the sweaty fabric all over my face and then across my body. Mike watched me with a look of amusement.

"I love your stink, Mike," I said. "I fucking can't get enough of it."

"Yeah?" Mike said. He grabbed onto my foot and lifted it into the air. He yanked off my shoe and sock and sucked my big toe into his mouth. He kissed each one of my toes and then ran his tongue along my shin. When he got to my knee, he kissed it and looked up. He gazed at me with his perfect blue eyes. "I love everything about you, Clint." Mike said.

He kissed his way up my thigh. "Every inch of your body." He locked his lips around my cock, still covered with my shorts, "Your hot Professor cock." His mouth moved across my abs and then up to my nipple. He rubbed his fingers through my body hair, "Your hard, furry body." He continued to kiss his way to my mouth and kissed me hard on the lips. "All of it." he whispered.

"What about my mind?" I said with a grin before kissing him back.

"That too, but only when you don't use big words." he said.

He knelt between my legs and pulled my shorts off in one go. Then he lifted my thighs up and exposed my asshole. Mike bent down and gave my hole a quick lick.

"I especially love this," he said, "I love this tight asshole. All mine, forever."

He buried his face in between my legs and rimmed my ass. As the tingly feelings of pleasure washed over me, I contemplated what he had said. Forever. I was going to get to do this, forever. The thought relaxed me, and then slowly some anxiety crept in. We had a wedding to plan. I put that thought aside, and focused on the amazing pleasure that Mike was giving me.

Mike removed his mouth from my ass and crawled over me. The tip of his dick poked at my ass cheeks. He lined it up with my hole and brought his face over mine.

"I love you, Clint." he said. Just as I said it back, he slid into me.

There was a time, long ago, when Mike's huge cock practically tore me up. I would struggle to take him to the root. Now, it felt right to have him inside of me. It was almost as if when he wasn't there, something was missing. His dick had gone from being an occasional invader to practically being a part of me. My eyes rolled back in my head in pleasure as Mike kissed me along my jaw line.

He pulled out and then gently thrust back in. Minutes passed as he slowly moved in and out of me. While he fucked me, he kissed and licked my face, my shoulders, across my chest, and down my arms. I kissed him back, locking my mouth onto whatever part of him was closest to me at the time; his lips, the top of his head, or the lobe of his ear. Our hands moved across each others' bodies, pausing to explore and caress. I let my fingers linger on his obliques, feeling the rows of muscle pulse and contract as he thrust in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his ass, pulling him into me. We didn't talk or whisper but gave our bodies completely to one another.

The longer we stayed locked together, the more our passion and lust for one another mounted. The smell of our love making filled the room. It was a combination of saliva and spit, sweat, and the musky odor of two rutting males. I took it all in, allowing my dick to pulse and leak all over me and Mike to thrust his way to orgasm.

Time passed. Eventually Mike kissed me on the lips and said, "I'm so close."

It was a cue we'd worked out over hundreds of fucks. I reached down and grabbed onto my dick, furiously jerking myself as Mike picked up the pace. Each thrust ended with more of a punch. He arched his back as he tried to get deeper inside of me. His breathing quickened against the side of my neck. His mouth moved to my ear. "I love you so much." he whispered as he collapsed on top of me. His body pulsed as his thick, hot cum shot deep into my body. Each shot made his cock thicken, stretching me just a little further. I yanked myself to orgasm and let go of my cock. My arms wrapped around his body. As Mike continued to thrust, his abs ground against my dick. I spewed my load against both of our bodies, letting it spread out between us. Soon, the stink of cum was added to the aroma in the room.

When our orgasms passed, Mike withdrew from my body and flopped down on his back next to me. His dick was half hard and lay across his thigh. His foreskin was wrinkled up over the head. I rubbed my hand across his belly, and he took it into his hand. It was some of the best sex we'd ever had, and both of us knew better than to ruin it by talking.

We lay side by side as our breathing slowed. I turned my head and saw that Mike had his eyes closed. I curled up against his body, put my head against his shoulder, and drifted off to sleep.

Hope you liked it, and thanks for all the great emails urging me to keep going with this story. Thanks for reading. Charlie


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    1. Sorry, the final chapters of this story are up. So, no more new material.