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Dad's Proper Place, Chapter 2

Dad's Proper Place, Part 2
Cosmic Charlie -

When Rick got home from school the following day, he walked by his dad's office, knocked on the door frame a few times, and then went to his bedroom. He waited a minute to see if his dad would follow him. He hadn't yet explained to Alan his expectations and needs, but he hoped he wouldn't need to. His dad had had twenty-four hours to accept his new place in his son's life. In addition to being his father, he was going to be his sex slave. He felt like he had made that clear yesterday and was frustrated when his dad remained in his office.

Impatient, Rick marched back down the hall. They only had an hour or two until his mom came home. There time was limited, and Rick wanted to take advantage of every minute.

"I want you ready when I come home." Rick said, "I had a tough day. What did you do?"

Rick saw his dad blush. It was a low blow. It wasn't Alan's fault that he had been laid off, and even Rick was a little shocked by his meanness. It wasn't the sort of thing he would normally say to his dad, but something about what they were about to do made it feel appropriate.

Alan turned around. There was a desperate, pleading look in his eyes. "Rick, I've thought about this all day, and we can't be  . . ."

Rick interrupted him. "You know what I've thought about all day? Getting my dick sucked by my faggot dad. You don't have to think about what's happening here. That's my job. All you have to do is open your mouth for me. Now come upstairs."

This time Alan followed. Rick could feel his dad perving on him as they went up the stairs. No doubt he was checking out his perfect, muscled ass and sniffing his smell as it wafted off of his sweaty body.

They walked past the bedroom and into the bathroom. "Take off your clothes." Rick commanded. Alan did as he was told. "Good, now get in the tub and kneel down."

His dad knelt down with some hesitation. His skin was covered in goose bumps, but his dick was rock hard. Rick was once again impressed by Alan's body. While all that muscle was kind of a waste on a fag, he hoped he would be built like his old man when he was his age.

"You told me yesterday that you're a fag and you want to serve me, your own son, isn't that right?"

"Yes." his dad said without making eye contact.

"You've been lusting after my body, sniffing my clothes, sneaking peaks at me changing for a while, haven't you?"

"Yes." his dad said again.

"Well, part of serving me is drinking my piss. That's what you're going to learn today. First, I want you to kiss the head of my dick."

Alan leaned forward and kissed the head of his son's huge, uncut dick. He took in a deep breath and inhaled the heady aroma that was coming from Rick's sweaty crotch.

Rick slapped him quickly. "Quit thinking about yourself, fag." he sneered, "If you're a real good boy I'll let my dick get nice and ripe for you. Then we'll really see how much you like my smell."

He saw his dad's eyes open wide with interest and sighed. If he'd known his dad could be so pathetic, he probably wouldn't have spent the last seventeen years looking up to him.

"Open your mouth." Rick said. When Alan complied he said, "Drink what you can."

Then he opened up and unleashed a bladder full of piss. The stream was thick and bright yellow. He'd been saving it up all afternoon. At first he aimed straight into his dad's mouth and was surprised when Alan swallowed it. Apparently he noticed the taste after the fact, because he started to gag and spit. Rick didn't let up. He kept pissing, covering his hair and soaking his chest. When he was satisfied he cut off his stream and waited for his dad to respond. He slapped his face lightly.

"Open up and try again." Rick said.

He had to give his old man credit. Instead of bitching and moaning, the guy opened his mouth and waited for another gulp of his son's piss. He let go again and this time Alan managed to swallow three times before he needed a break.

"You're going to train up real well, pops." Rick said, "It won't be long until you can drink it all."

He finished pissing and then turned on the shower. He watched as his dad cleaned up his body. He let Alan rinse off and then tossed him a towel.

"I bet you'll like that, huh dad? When we're on a long drive we won't need to stop. I'll just pull your face into my crotch and let it go. You'll be my own personal urinal."

Alan blushed red. Rick walked out of the bathroom to the bedroom and was pleased to find his dad following him. He pulled off his cloths. Underneath, he wore a white jockstrap. He saw his dad's eyes go wide and laughed a little.

"I know how you fags get off on these things. You better appreciate it, cause this fucker's uncomfortable." Rick said.

"Thank you." Alan said, "Thank you, Sir."

Rick smiled. "You know, you've turned into a cock-slut pretty quickly. Usually I have to force a guy. Either you're a fucking natural dad, or you've been someone's faggot before? Which is it."

His dad stuttered and blushed, but didn't answer the question.

"Answer me. Have you done this before?"

"Before I met your mom. In the army. But not since then."

"Just one guy?" Rick asked.

"Well, one guy sort of started . . ." Alan's voice trailed off.

"But then?" Rick asked. His dick was getting hard as he thought about what his dad was going to say. The thought of a younger version of his dad submitting to his army buddies was hot.

"He had me blow his buddies, and then their buddies, and then . .  you know."

"You were a cock-slut for all your army buddies? The whole barracks? For how long?"

"Almost eight months, until I got sent home."

Rick sighed. "And I went easy on your mouth yesterday. You're used to getting that fuck hole drilled aren't you?"

"It's been a long time, Rick, uh Sir." His dad said.

"I'm sure it's like riding a bike." Rick said, "Fuck, and I was really looking forward to ripping up your virgin ass."

His dad suddenly looked nervous.

"You never got fucked, did you?"

"No sir." Alan said.

"Turn around and let me see your ass pops." Rick ordered.

Alan stood and turned around. His ass was a little furry, but was incredibly firm and muscular. It wasn't like a chick's ass, and that excited Rick. If he wanted to bang a chick, he could do that easily. What he wanted was to fuck a man, hard, and his dad looked like a man. His dad dropped to his knees and bent forward, letting his cheeks part. His pink hole glinted out from a circle of dark hair.

Rick didn't consider himself gay, but his dick was getting hard looking at his dad's hole. He could barely restrain himself. Every muscle in his young body was begging him to jump up and fuck his dad. He glanced at the clock. There wasn't enough time. Once he got going, he didn't want to be interrupted when his brother and mom came home. His virgin father wasn't going to be able to take his dick without crying out and begging for mercy at least a few times.

Instead, Rick reached forward and pushed his finger into his dad's ass. There was no lube on his digit, and the entry was rough. He felt the muscular ring clamp down around the tip of his finger and deny him entry. Alan gasped at the unexpected assault.

"You like that?" Rick asked in a husky voice.

"It hurt a little.".

"Yeah? Just wait until you're taking my cock." Rick said. "Turn back around."

Rick stood as his dad turned so that his crotch was directly in front of Alan. He could smell his masculine musk rising from the sweaty mound, and the thin elastic fabric of his jock-strap didn't do anything to hide his enormous boner.

"Do you want me to fuck you, dad?" Rick asked.

"Uh . . ." Alan was staring right at his cock. Rick could have sworn that he saw his old man lick his lips, "I'm not sure, sir."

"I didn't ask you if you're sure. I asked you what you want." Rick said.

"Yes." Alan said, "I want you to fuck me."

"You better remember that when I'm five inches in and you're crying like a sissy, begging me to take it out."

"Yes, sir."

"We're not going to get any time this weekend," Rick said. "So you should be ready on Monday. Steve has a late practice and I can skip out of mine early. That'll give us two hours."

"I'll be ready." Alan said.

"Don't go stretching yourself out or lubing up. I want you clean, but the rest we're doing my way."

"Yes sir." Alan said reluctantly.

"You should be fucking thrilled. You're going to get boned by the dick you created. We're going to complete the fucking circle of life."

Alan blushed and Rick laughed. "You forget that I'm your son some times, don't you. You try to forget it."

"Yes, Sir."

"Well stop." Rick said, "You gotta face the fact that the guy who finally put your faggot ass in it's proper place is the one guy who you're supposed to have control over."

His dad's face stayed red but he didn't say anything. He was starting to shake.

"Look at me." Rick said.

His dad looked up at him. Rick could see the mixture of pride and embarrassment in his eyes. Pride because of the amazing, dominant man his son had become. Embarrassment because he was too horny to be that kind of man for his son. From now on, his place would be on his knees before his own boy. His days of being in charge were over.

"I'm going to take real good care of you, dad" Rick said.

Rick moved over to his desk and took a seat.  He could sense the tension and desire in the air. His dad was dying to get another taste of his dick. He tucked his cock, which was only half hard now, back into the pouch of his jockstrap. He had worn the jockstrap that day to make sure that the prize he had to offer his pops was tempting enough. The old man was still a little hesitant about being his boy's sex slave, and Rick needed to engage all five of his senses to really draw him in.

That job was done now. He'd baited the hook and set it with ease. He'd never have imagined that his dad would be such easy prey. Guys like Alan were supposed to fight for their manhood. It was supposed to be hard to take it from them. But his dad drank his piss on their second encounter without complaint. Rick hoped that the eventual deflowering of his dad's virgin hole would prove more interesting. If the old man gave it up too easily, a guy like Rick could quickly lose interest.

He sat at his desk and opened his legs. "From now on, when I get home from school, your place is between my legs." he said, "Treat my dick with the respect that it deserves and if you're lucky I'll let you drink my cum before mom gets home."

When his dad didn't move, Rick tapped on the inside of his thigh, calling his dad like he was a dog. Alan, still on his knees, crawled over.

"Just make me feel good, pops." Rick said, "Use your mouth to show me how much you appreciate me."

Alan kissed the inside of Rick's thigh. His own dick was already hard, and he was on the verge of blowing his load now that he had Rick's fat pouch in front of his face. He tried to take it all in. Tasting and smelling his son's skin, feeling the heat of his crotch, gazing at his body. He did exactly what Rick wanted, and gently and slowly moved his mouth to his son's groin.

Rick opened up his biology textbook and started to read. He hated studying, but thought that it might be less of a chore if he did it while his pops was worshiping his junk. His dad moved slowly. He hadn't attempted to slip his tongue into the pouch of Rick's jock or made a move to pull his cock out. He kissed and licked, wetting Rick's skin, before moving to a new spot. A couple of times he kissed the outline of Rick's cock through the elastic fabric, but he never lingered long enough to piss Rick off.

It was impossible at first to concentrate on his textbook, but as he got used to the constant, steady stimulation it became easier and easier to focus. He became absorbed in the readings, and was shocked when he looked at the clock twenty minutes later. He gazed down at his dad, who hadn't slowed down at all.

"You're a good cock worshiper, pops." Rick said. He moved his hand around the side of his dad's face. His skin was rough from a half a day's worth of stubble. He wondered if he should make his dad shave off all of his hair. The embarrassment that it would cause him turned Rick on, but he also liked the sight of his furry, masculine father stuck between his legs.

Alan took advantage of Rick's fingers draped in front of his face and began to suck on the digit. Rick couldn't suppress his groan. His dad's mouth felt good on his finger and reminded him how great those lips would feel wrapped around his cock. It was time to move on and get his nut.

He pulled aside the pouch of his jock, just enough so that his balls flopped out. They hung loose in their sack. Alan waited, looking Rick straight in the eyes, practically begging to get a chance to suck his boy's nuts.

"You wanna eat my balls, dad?" Rick asked. When Alan nodded, he continued, "Of course you do, you dirty fag. They're good and sweaty, too. I bet you never thought that you'd be sucking your son's nuts some day."

He grabbed his sack so that his balls bulged out of the end of his fist. They looked huge when he held them that way.

"Kiss them, pop." Rick said.

Alan immediately complied but the kiss was brief. Rick slapped him gently with his free hand.

"These are the nuts that make the cum you crave so much. Kiss them." Rick said sternly.

This time Alan did better. He started with a light kiss, but quickly got his tongue and lips involved. He worked over one nut before moving to the other. When Rick pulled them away, Alan looked up at him, waiting for more.

"You like these fuckers now, but wait until I'm pile driving your hole and you feel them slapping against your ass." Rick said. He pushed his foot between his dad's legs and used his toes to toy with the old man's nuts. They weren't nearly as big as his. "Man, I certainly didn't get my nuts from you."

Alan blushed bright red. Rick had him where he wanted him, and he wasn't going to let up now.

"Stand up." he said.

When Alan got to his feet, Rick stood in front of him. He pressed his dad's dick alongside his own. He didn't need to say anything. The evidence was right in front of both of them. Rick's cock was thick, veiny, and ten inches long. His dad's cock was average, and it looked tiny next to Rick's donkey dick. Then Rick lifted up his cock and pushed their nuts together. Rick's nuts weren't all that big, at least he'd never thought so, but they dwarfed his dad's testicles.

"Guess we got our cocks from mom's side." Rick said.

He caught the glint in his dad's eyes.

"Steve's only fifteen and he's already bigger than you. And he's got a set of nuts that would put most of the steers at the county fair to shame." Rick said.

Rick had caught a glance of Steve's balls over the summer while they were both at a pool party. They were about the size of Rick's but they hung half-way down to his knees. His brother was pissed because all of his buddies made fun of him, but Rick tried to reassure him that he wouldn't be embarrassed of his ample manhood for long. Someday, chicks would be begging to work those mammoth balls while his buddies were at home alone jacking off.

"Don't get any ideas pops. This is all the teen cock you need to worry about. " Alan's hard dick was pulsing and every so often it touched Rick's shin. "You're real fucking perv, you know. You're thinking about one of your son's nuts while the other son's cock is right in front of your face."

He shoved his dad's face into his covered groin and moved it from one side of his crotch to the other. The fabric of his jockstrap scratched Alan's face as he pulled it across his sweaty sack and cock. At no point did Alan make any attempt to resist. In fact, Rick could hear him snorting in his jock stink. Finally ready to nut, Rick let his balls slip out of his jock again.

"Work my jock nuts dad" he said as he took the shaft of his cock in hand. He pounded it against his father's forehead before beginning to stroke himself.

His dad worked his balls one at a time. Sucking one nut in, swirling his tongue around it and then doing the same to the other one. The silky skin of Rick's scrotum got slick, and his balls started to slip in and out of Alan's mouth.  Rick saw his old man's dick bouncing up and down as he sucked his nuts. He allowed his dad to work his balls for a few minutes before pushing him away. As much as Rick loved a good nut-job, he just wasn't into it today. There would be plenty of other chances to get that kind of attention.

Rick grabbed his dad by the hair. "There's one more lesson you've got to learn today, pops." he said.

Before Rick could say the rest, Alan lifted his muscular thighs and plunged his mouth into the spot at the very bottom of Rick's jockstrap where the straps met and covered Rick's sweaty asshole. His mouth closed in on his prize, and he started rimming his son's ass before he could even say go.

"Fuck," Rick said as he bucked up. "You're good, fag. I'll give you that."

His dad replied by nodding and digging his tongue deeper into his son's crack. "Fucking eat my ass, dad. Show me how much you love my hot body."

Rick couldn't believe the feelings of pleasure that were shooting up his spine. He had expected to have to force his dad to lick his hole, but instead his dad was enthusiastically eating him out. At the same time, his balls moved back and forth against Alan's forehead and were tickled by his short hair. Rick had been rimmed before, but never like this.

He wrapped his thighs around his dad's skull and rubbed his muscular back with his heels. "You're such a stud, pops. My stud."

Again there was a moan of approval followed by some aggressive nodding.

Rick jerked off while his dad worked his twitching ass. He was so close to cumming that it hurt. He pulled his hand away, not yet ready for the encounter to end. Instead, he lay back and focused on what he was feeling - not just the amazing rim-job, but also the feeling of his dad's skull pressed against his thighs and his hard back moving beneath his feet.

Finally, he sat up. "You've found your calling, old man." Rick said as he looked into his dad's eyes, "You liked rimming my ass, didn't you?"

"Yes, son, Sir" he said instantly.

"Guys like you always get turned on by jock ass. I don't understand why, it's not like you're ever going to get your dick into one."

"I just like you," he said, "and your body."

"Well, you'll get lots of chances to prove it. That was an amazing rim job. From now on you're going to pray at that temple at least once a day."

In a fucked up way, Rick was proud of his dad. He was happy that his dad was happy. He'd never meant to make the guy feel bad. His hope was that he could give his dad what he really wanted and get something out of it in return. His dick oozed precum into a puddle on his flat stomach. He ran his finger through it. The silky smooth liquid clung to the tip of his finger and when he pulled away, long ribbons of it hung in the air. He loved pulling wet boners. It made him feel like more of a man.

"Get me off, pops." Rick said as he leaned back.

Alan grabbed onto the shaft of his dick and brought his mouth down over the head. His tongue worked it's way around his foreskin, pulling on the skin and sucking it. He was also uncut, and there were nerve endings there that deserved some attention. When he had Rick moaning, he started to suck on the head while he milked the shaft.

Rick started babbling incoherently. A muffled mixture of words like suck, fag, and dad spewed from his mouth. When he couldn't hold back any more, he grabbed onto his dad's head and started to fuck his mouth. It wasn't a sign of disrespect. Instead, it was a sign of how hot his dad was making him.

He didn't pay attention to the gagging and coughing. When his dad pulled away to catch his breath, Rick gave him half a second before plunging back into his throat. Alan took it like a champ. It was clear that this wasn't his first time sucking off a guy who got a little out of control.

"Oh fuck, I'm ready to blow pops," Rick howled. He yanked his cock out of his dad's mouth. Drool and throat slime coated it. He only had to yank it three times before his balls tightened and the head flared.

"I'm going to paint your fag face." he whimpered.

Rick unleashed a torrent of thick, teen cum. At seventeen, he produced gallons of the stuff. It came out in chunky ropes, and splattered across Alan's face. His dad kept his mouth open, and got a taste every now and then, but the rest pooled up in his eye sockets and ran down his cheek bones. When all was said and done, more of his face had been touched by his son's nut than remained dry.

Rick stayed silent throughout his whole orgasm. Alan only got to watch for a second before he closed his eyes. Rick's stomach tensed up before waves of tension rippled through his abs. His whole body flexed as he came. It was a beautiful sight.

When he was done, Rick laughed and fell back onto the bed. "Fuck dad." he shouted. "Fuck! That was the most amazing orgasm I've ever had."

Alan didn't respond. Instead, he took the head of Rick's dick into his mouth and nursed on the last few drops of cum.

Rick pushed his finger through the puddles of cum on his old man's face and then slipped them into his mouth. Alan sucked on his fingers just like they were a cock.

"That was so great. Rick moaned, "You're so great, dad."

His face still covered in his boy's cream, Alan smiled to himself.

Hope you shot your load. If there's something you want to see in this story, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for reading. Charlie

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