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The Crew, Part 3

 Things are going to get a little hairy for Vance, but fear not, this top is going to stay a top. Bear with me through the next few chapters.-- CC

The Crew, Part 3
C. Charlie -

The next week passed in a blur. I was getting sucked by guys regularly now. Most of them didn't want to do anything interesting. They just wanted to suck a young stud and drink his cum. The guys who paid the big bucks, the ones who wanted a special performance, seemed to rotate between a group of dudes working at the farm.

Developing a solid client base who was loyal only to me would be an important part of paying off my debt and getting out of this fucked up situation. One of my regulars was back in my room after fucking around with some of the other guys. I had him on his knees in front of me, my hard dick dripping and drool running from his mouth, when I broke the news to him. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into my pubes, because I knew that  the closer he got to my cock, the more malleable his brain would become.

"From now on you only buy sex from me. Got it?" I said. He nodded, but I didn't let up. "I mean it. If I find out you're getting off with other guys, you're not going to get me anymore."

He looked into my eyes and I knew he wouldn't disobey me. Later, when I finished fucking his throat, I reminded him of our deal. I considered giving him a discount on account of his agreement, but knew it would turn him off. Guys like him actually liked being taken advantage of. Compensating him would have taken all of the excitement out of it.

I also quickly learned that guys were willing to buy my socks, boxers, t-shirts, and gym shorts. In fact, if I threw them in for free at the end of a trick, it created a craving that paid off over the next week or two. One pair of worn boxers, and they'd be back the next week asking for some gym shorts, which I could charge them bank for. After I added  a premium for wearing the clothes for a few days or cumming on them, I made almost as much from my gear as I made letting guys suck me off.

I worked out in the little gym Smith provided at the barn. It wasn't much, but it had all of the equipment that I needed and there was rarely anyone around. Damian and I would shoot the shit and lift together occasionally, but usually it was just me.

Most of the other guys were ashamed of the work they were doing. Some were gay and thought that the straight dudes didn't respect them - and they probably were right about that  - others were straight and didn't like to admit that they were sucking cock and taking it up the ass a couple times a week. I was one of the few guys that was only working as a dominant top - a guy who basically just had to come in and get off before he went home. There wasn't anything too embarrassing or shameful about that. In fact, if Smith hadn't been taking so much of my money, I would have been making a pretty good living doing it.

I was working at the bench when I noticed a shadow over me. Sitting up, I saw Smith. Like usual, he had his 9mm tucked into the back of his pants. The fucking prick knew he wouldn't be able to control me without it.

"I heard that you're selling your gear." Smith said flatly.

I nodded and laid back down on the bench. 

"You owe me on that stuff. My take is the same whether you're selling your cock or selling your clothes. You give me a piece and you give the boss a piece to pay off your debt. Got it?"

I waited before I responded, pushing up the last five reps. I knew that  it must have seemed like forever, but making him wait was a play for dominance. When I finished I stood up and flexed.

"I've got it." I said before turning away.

He grabbed my shoulder and I froze. "You still owe me for the stuff you've already sold."

"It was barely anything," I said as I turned back toward him. "You can take it out of my next trick."

"How about I take it now," he said.

Before I knew it, his hand was in my pocket. I thought he was looking for money, but he dug deep and I pulled away. "Keep your fucking hands to yourself." I said as I took a step back. It required every ounce of strength I had to keep from laying him out.

"You know, I think you need a lesson in respecting your superiors." Smith said calmly. "You see, here, at this place, whether you like it or not, I'm the boss, and you do what I say. If you want to quit, go ahead and walk out. There will be three thugs on your tail in an hour. You want to beat me up, go ahead and try. If I don't get a shot off, you'll throw a few punches before you leave. And then you'll have three thugs on your ass. I hold all of the cards, and you do what I say."

I stared at him as he went on.

"You're way too pretty for me to look at everyday without touching. Not when I'm the boss. Not when I get to touch if I want to."

He slowly brought his fingers up over my hips.

"Now, I want to touch you, and you're a whore who owes me money. So you're going to do what whores do, and put out for me. I'm not  forcing you. I'm giving you an opportunity to pay off a debt," he said.

His fingers moved around my hip and then slid onto my back. Soon, both of his hands were wrapped around me, rubbing my ass. He pulled me into his body, trying to gain contact, and I let him. I didn't give him anything back. I didn't lean into him like I would have leaned into a client, but I let him feel me up.

"Not as hot when you don't get to call the guy a fag, is it?" he said.

He pulled my shirt over my head, and then rubbed his hands against my chest. He took each nipple into his fingers, played with it, before releasing it again. His hands kneaded my powerful pecs. I knew that they were strong and firm. I had about the best tits a man could have. The ladies weren't all that into them, but the gay guys went insane when they laid their palms on those slabs of muscle. Smith was no exception, he was practically drooling.

He moved his face in and took one of my nipples into his mouth. When he released it, he said, "Very tasty." then he moved to the other one. He worked it for a solid minute before biting down hard. I winced and pulled away. He looked up at me and smiled.

"You are one fine fucking specimen," he said, his fingers were moving across my rippled stomach. "Almost perfect."

He moved one of his fingers up to my mouth, and pushed it around inside of my lips.

"You know what the best part of my job is. It's not watching these submissive freaks suck your dick and drink your piss - and believe me, I watch you every time. It's not watching you fuck or even watching you get fucked - that's coming too stud. What I love, more than anything, is watching you fall apart, watching this big strong man, so arrogant and proud, get turned into a cock-sucking shell of what he used to be. That's what I love."

Suddenly he grabbed my cock. "Well, that and this, of course."

He manhandled my cock, squeezing it and pushing it around through my shorts. He reached down and cupped my balls. For a second he just held them in his hand, and then he closed his fists around them. Slowly, he upped the pressure. I held my breath, intent on not giving in, not showing any sign of discomfort. He stopped short of me blacking out, but not by much, and when he released me, my body went slack as I recovered.

"You get a guy by the balls, and he goes down just the same, no matter how big he is."

His hands were on my cock again. Rubbing it and rolling it around with his fingers. Despite my best efforts to avoid doing so, I started to get hard. Soon, all eight inches, thick and massive, tented the front of my shorts.

"That's right, stud. You're all cock. Your puny fucking brain can't keep you from getting hard." He pulled down my shorts and my cock hung out in front of me, too heavy to stand up straight. He took it in his hand. "Now that's a fucking masterpiece. I've seen a lot of dick, boy, and this is one of the best."

He slid his finger around inside of my foreskin, and then cupped my big balls again. "You like me touching you?" he asked.

"No," I said. He grabbed my balls tight and squeezed the life out of them. "No sir." I said, wheezing through the pain.

"If it was up to me, I'd hold you down and fuck you right now, but that's not in the plan."

"You think you could hold me down, old man?" I sneered.

Smith shook his head. "When I finally want to tap that ass, you'll stay down. Trust me."

Smith went back to playing with my cock when another guy walked in. I swear he did everything he could to avoid looking at us. I'd seen him a few times before. He was a few inches shorter than me, tan, with short brown hair. He was absolutely jacked, and as wide as a door. His shoulders were like bowling balls and his waist was tight and thin. He had the kind of body I could admire, even if I didn't find him attractive. It's not easy for a guy his size to pack on as much muscle as he had.

"You're early." Smith called out.

"Yeah," he said, "I was, uh, . . ."

"If you were going to lift, you should come over here. Vance can spot you."

"I think I'm fine." he said.

"No." Smith said in his flat, calm voice, "I think you should come over here and take his spot on the bench."

The guy walked over to the bench without saying a word. "Take his shirt off," Smith said to me. I walked over to him and lifted his shirt over his head. He looked at me for a moment, and I could have swore that he looked sad. It was almost like he was apologizing. "Feel his chest." Smith said.

I rubbed my hand up his chest. I tried to admire his muscles, to avoid groping him, because he seemed like an unwilling participant. As I felt his muscles, Smith grinned and asked me what I thought.

"He works out hard." I said. Then I looked at the guy, "I'm impressed."

"Thanks," he muttered as he sat down on the bench.

He laid back and grabbed the bar. It still had the weight on it, and I had no doubt that the guy could move it handily. Though he wasn't as big as I was, in terms of his frame, he was packing more muscle than me. He grabbed the bar and started to lift. He had moved it up four or five times when Smith came up behind me.

"I think he needs you to spot him." he said.

"It looks like he has it covered." I said.

Smith grabbed my nuts and squeezed. For a second I doubled over, completely caught off guard, before I stood back up and caught my breath. I bent over to grab my shorts and pull them up, but Smith stopped me.

"You might as well just step out of those," he said.

The guy on the bench looked at me quickly and rolled his eyes. I walked behind him and put my fingers under the bar, knowing that I wouldn't need to help him. My dick was mostly soft, but it still had some thickness to it. I was proud of that, because this guy had so much muscle on me. At least he could see that when it came to the one muscle that counted, I was probably his superior. My balls hung low, and when I stepped forward to spot him, they touched his forehead.

"Sorry." I muttered.

"Forget about it." He said as he grabbed to bar to perform his second set.

Smith came up behind me and grabbed my shoulders. He wasn't tall enough to see over me, so he had to peek around the side. He pushed me forward, "You should stand a little closer so that if his muscles give out, you'll be able to get the bar off of him."

I inched forward and Smith jabbed me in the back, so I inched forward again. Soon, my nuts were hanging right over the guys face and he was staring  up into my crack. He re-racked the bar, but didn't get up.

Smith touched my side softly. "Now just squat down a little. Let Sean get a real close look at what you're packing."

I knew Smith's game, so I didn't bother resisting. I'd rather have a guy who I had some respect for fondle me than to have Smith's skeazy hands moving over my muscles and playing with my junk. I squatted down and Sean had my dick in his mouth in about five seconds. Apparently, he was more interested than I thought he was. Either that or he knew Smith was going to force him and decided to give in..

I gasped out loud. This guy wasn't just sucking my cock. He'd buried his face in my taint, pushing up between my legs while my flaccid dick started to lengthen. Soon, I was rock hard as his tongue did somersaults across my balls. I pushed my dick down into his mouth. He worked me over really good, and his oral skills caught me off guard. I was charged up because I had a trick that night; I hadn't cum in two days. Now, I was on the edge after about a minute of play.

"Sean would tell you that he's straight. He says that the only reason he works here is because he owes some important people money. But you know what I've learned after running this place for a while? There's only one place you need to look to find out if a guy is being forced."

Smith grabbed my head and directed it downward. A decent sized bulge filled out Sean's shorts. It didn’t look massive, but it was clear that he was hard. He was getting off on sucking me.

"Yeah," I moaned, "You do like that cock, don't you."

I pulled my dick, now at it's full eight inches, out of his mouth and tapped it against his chin. He slid up under me and took my low hanging balls between his lips. I kept rubbing my dick over his face. I know my dick is massive, much bigger than most guys', and the time when it's most obvious is when it's up against a guy's face or when the head slips between their lips. That's when you can really see how phenomenally huge and out of proportion it is. I tapped him a few more times, leaking precum onto his neck, before Smith pulled me away.

"We don't want you to lose your load, you've got a trick tonight."

I rolled my eyes. There was no way I could tuck this away without getting off. I would have the worst case of blue balls in history.

Smith pulled me back a few steps and said, "Kneel."

I turned to face him, about to lip off again. Before I could, he brought a knee into my groin and pulled me down at the shoulders. I crumpled into a ball on the floor and then got back up into a kneeling position.

Smith shook his head, and then he motioned toward Sean. The beefy guy walked over to me, adjusting his cock in his shorts as he did. It wasn't anywhere near as big as mine, but it still looked big. He stopped about two feet in front of me, looked down at me, and smiled.

"Your turn, princess," he said with a big grin.

"No fucking way," I said as I started to get back up. Smith was on me, pushing my shoulders down and I gave in.

"You know, I could put a gun to your head and make you do it. That would give me a certain kind of thrill. Or I could have Sean rape your throat. He could do it you know. He's as strong as you. But what really gets me off is watching you do it all on your own. So that's what you're going to do."

"I don't suck cock.' I said through gritted teeth, and then added, "Sir."

"You don't suck cock, yet." Smith said. "Did you think you were going to spend all your time feeding your dick to submissive fags? Not a chance. The one thing that sells better than a straight stud who can put a guy in his place is a straight stud that sucks dick. There's a market for that."

"I'm making you good money as it is," I said.

"Well, it isn't just about money." Smith said to me. "It's also about putting arrogant pricks like you into your place. Guys like me, guys like Sean, we've been taking shit from oafs like you all of our lives. Now it's our turn."

I looked up at Sean. I didn't think that he'd taken much shit from anyone most of his life. He looked like he'd be able to lay out almost anyone he wanted to.

"Just kiss it." Sean said. Then he looked toward Smith, "It's either my dick or his."

I stared at his cock. It looked bigger now that he was so close to me. The outline stretched down the inside of his thigh, shadowed by the grey nylon of his shorts. Sean's hand slipped behind my head and grabbed my neck. He massaged me softly, and I admit it felt good, before pulling me toward him.

I wasn't going to be forced, so I moved the last twelve inches on my own. His hand broke away from my neck and my lips connected with his shorts. I felt his hardness, that and heat, and kissed his dick quickly before pulling away.

"See," Smith whispered, "That's wasn't hard at all."

"It gets easier," he said. "Just imagine you're doing something else."

He stepped forward and suddenly his crotch was in my face. This wasn't a little kiss anymore. His hard shaft pressed against my jaw as the root of his cock pressed against my nose. My whole face was smothered in his junk, and now in addition to feeling his heat, I felt his moisture and smelled his scent. He smelled clean, but like a man. Not at all like a woman. There was no way that I could pretend that I was doing something else.

I tried to pull away, but Sean held me tight. "Kiss it again. Make out with it," he said.

Sometimes when you can't get out of a situation, the only way to go is forward. I decided that I would play along, both to end the encounter as quickly as possible and to deprive Smith of the sanctification of watching me resist. It was just a cock after all, and I wasn't going to die if I sucked it.

I licked the front of his shorts again, and mouthed the hard rod in his pants. It pulsed when I had my mouth on it, going from fairly soft and pliable to very hard in a flash and then back again. I moved down toward the head and when I put my mouth on it, Sean put his hand around the back of my head.

"Not bad, newbie," he said.

Sean pulled down the front of his shorts and his cock was suddenly in my face. Smith stood near his side and gazed on, clearly fascinated. Sean didn't seem to derive much pleasure from trying to embarrass me, and I was suddenly glad that I hadn't teased him more than I did. His dick jumped once and then twice. Smith stared at me.

I grabbed Sean's cock, and again it pulsed. I was surprised how hot it was. The texture was also very soft, with a hard core beneath it. Sean was smaller than me, but perhaps a little bit above average. His cock was cut, and I was grateful for that. Girls had told me that even right out of the shower, my uncut monster had a tang to it. Some of them loved it, but some hated uncut guys for this reason. I didn't want this experience to be any worse than it had to be.

I put my mouth over the head and again felt it throb. I know what having a mouth on your cock feels like, and I know what it takes to be good. I definitely wasn't good, but I was using my tongue and avoiding my teeth. Judging from the moan that escaped Sean's lips, he liked what I was doing.

Smith was breathing hard, "I knew you were a cocksucker," he said. Then he came behind me, knelt down, and grabbed at my cock. It was absolutely soft. "You really are straight, huh? Well, I've never seen a straight guy take to dick like you."

I kept sucking, tuning out Smith and tuning out Sean. I treated it like a job, just something I had to get through, and was determined to make it go as quickly as possible. It wasn't horrible if you didn't think of it as a cock and tried to avoid looking up at the dude. Sean didn't make too much noise either, so I could easily ignore him. It wasn't until Smith started to toy with my dick that I felt uncomfortable.

A man's cock isn't exactly under his conscious control, and when Smith started to stroke me, I couldn't help but get hard. He was behind me, almost straddling my body, with both arms reaching around my torso and touching my body. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. "Why don't you try sucking his balls? Guys love that."

Smith pushed Sean's cock out of the way. I stared at his nuts for a minute, they were fairly big and hung down low, and then Sean grabbed the back of my skull and pulled my face into his nuts.

I couldn't pretend that anything else was going on now. Sean's nuts smelled like, well, a dude's nuts. They were sweaty even though he hadn't been working out and moist. His skin was hot and his balls rolled around in my mouth. I didn't want to keep going, but Sean kept his hand on the back of my head. At the same time, Smith was playing with my cock. Thankfully, and as a sudden bolster to my sense of manhood, my dick was soft and staying that way. No amount of play could push what I was doing out of my mind.

With a suddenness that seemed planned, Sean pulled his nuts out of my mouth and Smith took his hands away from my dick. Then the head of Sean's cock was back in my mouth. Smith was behind me, keeping me from pulling away and Sean's hands, stronger than Smith's, held onto my head. I felt his dick head flare, and then my mouth was filled with something hot and salty.

It took me a second to realize that this was cum, another man's cum. It wasn’t a flavor I was used to. When I put it all together, I started to gag. Sean released me, and I bent down and spit it all out, with strings of nut hanging from my lips. Sean laughed out loud.

I stood up, and walked away. "Not cool man." I said as I stared at the wall. Another look at him and his huge grin and I wouldn't be able to control myself. "Not fucking cool." I wiped the remnants of cum and spit away.

Smith gazed at me, "And here I thought you showed so much potential."

"Fuck you." I yelled.

"Oh, I'd love that." Smith said softly. Then he looked at the clock. "Unfortunately, you've got a job to do. Better clean the cum off your shirt before you visit your trick. You don't want him to think you're one of us."

I turned toward Sean who shrugged. He actually looked a little repentant. Then I stormed off toward the back hallway.

Hope you shot your load. Thanks for reading. Charlie –


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