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Quarterback Keeper, Part 23

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Quarterback Keeper, Part 23
C. Charlie -

After prom, Tom and Nick's lives became increasingly busy as they neared graduation. There were exams to be taken, parties to be planned, and their new lives at college to figure out. Prom night had been one of their best nights together ever. For Nick it ranked only behind the day Tom had first showed up at his house; the day when the stud had insulted him and then decided to make it up in the most amazing way possible. After prom, their emotional bond was as strong as ever.

Tom had become more adventurous since he'd come out. As with he did, he didn't come out halfway. After he took Nick to prom, he saw no reason to hide who he was. Everyone he cared about knew, and everyone else could go fuck themselves if they had a problem with it. When he was out with Nick, he wanted to hold hands, to display his affection in public, and to show off his boyfriend to the world. This behavior extended to the bedroom. Tom  made out with Nick whenever he got the chance and pushed him to play around in  public places. They boned in bathrooms, hidden corners, dark parking lots, back yards, and city parks. Nick had no idea what the consequences would be if they were caught, but he didn't care. Tom could get him to do just about anything, and he had complete confidence in Tom's judgment.

After they graduated, both started working nearly full time to make as much money as possible before college started. Nick worked at the local grocery store, working the register during the day and stocking shelves at night. Tom worked at a landscaping company. The job helped him stack on even more muscle and burned away nearly all his extra fat. By the end of July, he had the physique of a model, with the exception of cuts and bruises on his arms and legs.

Tom's job played right into their mutual fetishes. Tom loved having his body worshiped and there was nothing Nick liked more than to lick the sweat off of his body at the end of a long day. The sessions were charged and dirty, with Tom taking on a dominant role and Nick easing the pain out of his weary body.

They saw less and less of their friends. Chris decided to join the Navy and shipped off to basic at the beginning of August. They threw a big party for him, promised to keep in touch, and then he was gone. Austin decided against college. He knew he wasn't ready for it and didn't want to waste money on classes that he would fail. He took a job working with kids for the parks and rec department. The guys saw him around, but his work schedule took up most of his time. Before they knew it, summer was almost over.

Tom and Nick had decided not to room together. Nick's dad had actively discouraged it. He didn't want Nick to limit himself and seemed worried that his relationship with Tom had gotten too serious too quickly. The university assigned them to buildings on different sides of the campus, and Nick was ambivalent about the distance. Obviously, he wanted Tom to have his own life and to build his own group of friends. At the same time, he wasn't sure he would be able to strike out on his own. When he remembered his life before he'd met Tom, he was terrified of going back to the old ways.

With their heavy work schedules and the exhaustion that came with it, it was odd that the guys got a free evening together. Late in July, on a beautiful, warm night, they decided to go to the movies. The theater was half empty and they got seats right in the middle. Tom pushed up the arm rest between them.

"I'm so tired, babe." Tom said as he leaned into Nick's side. He nearly pushed him over with his heavy body. Tom turned toward him and they kissed quickly.

"You smell amazing." Nick said.

"I smell like lawnmower gas, grass, and sweat." Tom said, "You're kind of a weirdo."

"I am what I am." Nick said. "You're lucky to have a guy that puts up with you."

"Extremely lucky." Tom said.

The lights fell and the previews started. Tom grabbed onto Nick's cock and then slid down his body. He pressed his face between Nick's legs, making him squirm. Nick tried to push him away, and Tom gave up for a minute, only to push back into his crotch twice as hard. He bit and chewed on the lump of fabric between Nick's legs.

"Dude," Nick said softly. "I actually want to watch the movie."

Tom sat back up and leaned against Nick's shoulder. "Fine," he whispered into Nick's ear, "But I'm going to devour your cock later. I've been thinking about it all day."

They were good boys during the whole movie, neither of them did anything that might get them tossed from the place. They snuggled throughout, with Nick supporting Tom most of the time. He liked the feel of Tom's weight against his body. If he was asked what his favorite physical feature of Tom's was, he wouldn't have said his huge cock or his beautiful body. It was his size. The difference in mass and the way Tom put it to use turned him on more than anything.

When the movie was over, Tom and Nick were untangling their bodies as the lights came up. They heard a guy behind them say, "Faggots." He didn't yell it, but most people in the theater heard it. Tom turned his head and saw a guy who might have been twenty. He was incredibly thin and sitting with a girl. Tom stood up and opened up his shoulders.

"Yeah, I'm a fag. What're you going to do about it?" He said to the guy.

The guy sunk down in his chair. He hadn't realized that Tom was big enough and aggressive enough to respond.

"Apologize to me and my boyfriend." Tom said. He walked through the aisle toward the guy. The guy looked once at his girlfriend and then muttered, "Sorry."

"What?" Tom said loudly. People in the theater were starting to look at them.

"I'm sorry."

"Fuck you." Tom said back. Then he walked back to Nick and grabbed him by the shoulder. He looked down at him and said softly, "Now I really want to devour your cock."

"Seriously? Cause right now I'd let you do anything you wanted to me."

"You already let me do that."

"Good point."

"Let's roll." Tom said. They walked out to his truck. They hadn't been to the park since they graduated, and given the nice night, it seemed like the right place to go. In all likelihood, it would be the last night they spent there before they left.

Tom backed into a parking space and opened the door of his truck. He pulled a wool blanket out from behind the seat and tossed it in the bed. Then he looked up at the sky.

"Stars are out."

"Are you trying to get me into the mood or something?"

"Don't have to," Tom said, "I just told off a bunch of homophobes in front of you. I don't even have to try tonight."

Nick grabbed his bicep and squeezed it. "Let's get to it then."

Tom walked around the truck and took Nick by the shoulder. He pulled him into his body. "We could just cuddle in the back of my truck." He kissed Nick on the top of the head and then behind his ear. Nick climbed up and sat down on the blanket. Tom laid down next to him and soon they were looking up at the stars, with Nick's head in the crook of Tom's arm.

"I don't want this to change." Tom said after about five minutes of silence.

"What?" Nick asked.

"You and me. I like what we've got. It works for me."

Nick nuzzled against his chest. "We'll be ok."

"You think?" Tom asked, "I'm just saying, lots of stuff is going to change. Really fast."

"So?" Nick said. "Just take things on as they come up. If stuff changes, we'll change too. You can't try to solve all of the problems in our future before they happen, so chill out."

"I'm used to being really good at things." Tom said. “I'm worried that I'm going to fuck this up.”

"Hey," Nick said kissing the side of his face, “You're really good at this too. Being a boyfriend, I mean.”

Nick pushed his hand underneath Tom's shirt and rubbed his stomach. It was hard and flat. When Tom moved even a little, thick ridges popped up. Nick had never seen him this cut, and he wasn't actually sure he liked it. There was something sexy about Tom when he was bulkier and a little softer. At the same time he knew that Tom loved how he looked. It was almost impossible for him to keep his shirt on.

After rubbing his way up to Tom's chest, Nick moved back to Tom's belly, following a light trail of fur down to his groin. He slipped his fingers into Tom's jeans, but Tom grabbed his hand by the wrist.

"Later," he said. Then he grabbed Nick's arm and pulled him up so that he was straddling his torso. He bent upward and kissed Nick quickly. Then his hand slid behind Nick's neck and pulled him close. Nick pushed his tongue into Tom's mouth. Then he grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and pushed it up over his head. "Mmmm," he moaned as he licked one of his nipples.

They were long past caring if anyone caught them making out. That ship had sailed a long time ago when Tom's buddy Chris had walked up on them. There was nothing illegal about two dudes making out under the stars, and Tom was going to take advantage of that. His hands worked the muscles of Nick's back, massaging him as their mouths roamed over each other's necks and jaws. They took turns working one another's nipples and pits. Then Tom eased his hands behind Nick and turned over so that he was on top.

"I love it when you move me around like that." Nick said.

"It doesn't make you feel small?"

"I like it." Nick said.

They'd gotten to a point in their relationship where neither was embarrassed to admit what he liked. They got off on playing into each other's kinks and there wasn't much that they didn't tell each other.

Tom pushed his firm ass down into Nick's crotch, sitting on his torso, and then he leaned forward and kissed him on the chest. Then he crawled down his body, slowly dragging his tongue across Nick's skin, trying to tickle him as he approached his crotch. Nick's stomach had been getting progressively hairier, and Tom kissed along the trail that started at his belly button and spread out into his pubes.

Tom pulled Nick's shorts off and licked the base of his cock. He dragged his tongue around his groin, licking around and then under his balls before coming back up to his dick. Precum drooled down the side of his shaft, but Tom didn't go for it. He buried his face in Nick's balls, sucking the whole package into his mouth. He rolled the orbs around, pulling them away from his body as he gazed up at Nick. Nick reached down and massaged the base of Tom's neck, making him moan and purr against his sack.

"Fuck yeah, baby." Nick said as he thrust his body against Tom's face. Tom licked one of his fingers and then slipped it into Nick's ass. He thrust it deep inside quickly and then lifted his head and grinned at Nick.

"You want it? You want me to fuck you babe?"

"Yes," Nick said. He started to kick off his pants. Tom took Nick's dick back into his mouth and started to swirl his tongue around the tip. Nick was perpetually horny, and it never took much direct stimulation to bring him over the edge.

"Babe," Nick said as he tried to pull his dick out of Tom's mouth. "Tom, c'mon. I'm gonna, ugh . . "

Nick started to buck upwards into Tom's open mouth. Tom let the tip slide from his lips and lapped up the cum as it shot out of Nick's dick. He ate it all and then he cleaned any residue up. When Nick was too sensitive to take it any longer, Tom rooted around the shaft, pressing his face into Nick's nuts and breathing on them. He rubbed his forehead against Nick's groan a few times and crawled back up Nick's body. He kissed Nick before he rolled over onto his back.

A breeze blew across his skin and Tom shivered. "It's cold out here." he said. Nick pressed into the side of his body and said, "We could go to my house and sneak in. We have to be quiet though."

Neither of their parents allowed them to be alone in a bedroom together. Nick's parents were totally against Tom spending the night, and Tom's mom didn't like it either. When both of the houses were occupied, they ended up fooling around in some hidden place or sneaking into one of their houses.

"Let's do it. Are you still gonna let me fuck you, or do I have to do you here." Tom said. He wasn't joking. He was absolutely counting on Nick putting out. He wanted it bad.

Nick blushed. Tom got off on fucking him while his parents were in the house. The risk and the adventure turned him on. Once inside, he would do his best to put Nick in a compromising position, trying to get him to moan too loudly or to bounce too hard on the bed. It was a fun game, but if his dad heard them fucking, then Nick would have to have another awkward conversation with his old man about staying safe, taking it slow, and all of that stuff. Plus, he could only openly flaunt it in front of his parents so many times before they got angry and actually punished him.

"You have to be quiet." Nick said.

"I'm always quiet." Tom nuzzled into his neck, kissed the lobe of his ear, and nipped at the skin right behind it. Nick jumped and made a noise, "You're the one that gets noisy." Tom said.

“Seriously. My dad already thinks you're taking advantage of me.”

“They know we're screwing, so why do they care?” Tom said.

Nick shrugged and then Tom drove them to the house. Nick went in first. His parents were in the living room watching TV. Getting Tom upstairs would be easy. Keeping them from hearing two sets of footsteps was the hard part. Nick motioned for Tom to come in.

Tom walked in with exaggerated, silent steps. Instead of going for the stairs, he walked toward Nick. He pushed him against the wall at the end of the hallway and kissed him. Nick's parents sat on the couches twenty feet away and Nick's eyes were wide. Tom jammed his hand down the front of Nick's pants and manhandled his cock, squeezing the hard rod in his hand and making Nick purr with excitement.

Tom pointed to the floor and then looked at Nick. "We could do it here," he mouthed silently.

Nick grabbed Tom's hand and pulled him toward the stairway. Once they were upstairs, he turned to Tom. "What the fuck was that? I told you not to fuck around."

"I thought you liked risky situations." Tom said.

“I don't want to get caught by my parents. Not, like, ever. They've been so cool with me and you, what do you think happens if they catch us boning in the hallway?"

"They probably wouldn't like me anymore."

"Anymore?" Nick said, "My dad already thinks you're this big bad jock who stole his son's virginity. He tolerates you."

Tom crawled up between Nick's knees, pushing both legs up and pressing his groin against Nick's ass, "I did steal your virginity." Tom whispered, "But you liked it, didn't you? Big, jock dick opening up your pretty little ass for the first time. Me holding you tight. Admit it. I did you the right way."

"I admit it." Nick said as Tom kissed him. Tom undressed as they made out, pulling off Nick's shirt first and then his own. Then he pushed his jeans down and pulled Nick's off as well. There was no need for more foreplay, they'd been playing on and off for hours. When Tom opened up his pants, his dick popped out and fell flat against Nick's.

Nick took both of their cocks in his hands and stroked them. Tom's dick was bigger than his, but it also looked different. It was veiny, rough around the edges, and uncut. It fit Tom's personality perfectly. As Nick stroked both of them, Tom grabbed some lube from the side of the bed and poured it onto the head of their dicks. Nick slicked Tom up and then he lifted his hips, guiding Tom between his legs.

There was a stab of pain as Tom entered him. No matter how many times they fucked, Nick's body was always shocked by the size of Tom's dick. Tom pushed into him fast, burying every inch down to the root in his guts. He kissed Nick on the neck and started to hump him. He was slow at first, but within a minute, he was moving fast, touching Nick's chest, squeezing his pecs, and growling softly. They'd been building toward this for too long for Tom to settle for a quiet love-making session.

Tom thrusted hard and the bed began to squeak. Tom didn't care, but Nick began to worry. Then then headboard banged against the wall. Nick put a hand on Tom’s sweaty chest and whispered, "Slow down, babe."

Tom growled. He slipped his hands behind Nick's back, picked him up off the bed, and placed him down on the floor. He started to fuck him again, harder this time because he didn't have to worry about the bed making noise. A long moan escaped Nick's lips and Tom grabbed a t-shirt off the floor and shoved it into Nick's mouth. He smiled at his boyfriend.

"Wouldn't want daddy to come up here and find me fucking his little boy." Tom said softly, “Daddy's slutty little boy. About to take his man's seed. Think he knows how much you love this, opening up for your man? Think he's heard the rumors?"

It was common knowledge among their friends that Nick was a total slut. The guys all had to work hard to get their girlfriends to put out. Tom just had to raise an eyebrow and Nick would be ready to go.  If Nick and Tom disappeared for five minutes at a party, Chris and Austin would rib them when they got back. It had gotten so bad that the guys started to joke about finding their own boyfriends.

Still, it was impossible that word had gotten back to his parents. When Nick stiffened up, Tom realized he had gone a little too far. "Don't worry, babe, your secret's safe. But, you don't have to be embarrassed that you like my dick so much. It's an awesome dick."

Tom pressed all the way into Nick's body, causing him to groan. Then he pulled out and flipped onto his back in one fluid motion. "Ride me baby."

Nick climbed on top of Tom and guided his dick back into his body. He groaned as it pressed into him at a new angle and then started to rock back and forth, his hands massaging Tom's torso. They rocked like that for a minute, until Tom sat up and put his hands behind Nick's back. Nick slid up and down on his dick while Tom pressed their chests together. Tom's dick was long and wide and it never slipped out of Nick’s ass once.

Nicks' dick dripped precum, ready to pop at the slightest touch. Tom know how he worked, and slid his finger over the slimy tip. "You ready babe?" He asked.

There was no time for an answer. Nick leaned back, supported by Tom's hands, and Tom lifted his hips off the ground, driving his cock into Nick's body. They grunted and groaned as their orgasms approached, neither of them even thinking about the adults downstairs. Finally, Tom let out a sigh and laid back again. Nick rode him as hard and fast as he could, and just as Tom approached his orgasm, Nick felt Tom's iron grip on his cock.

They came together. Just as Tom launched the first volley of cum inside of Nick, the first epic blast of cum splashed down onto Tom's chest. He picked up his head and watched. He loved seeing Nick cum. It seemed impossible that one man's nuts could hold that much, and tonight was especially impressive. Rope after rope of cum splashed onto Tom's body, heightening his own orgasm. The wet stickiness of Nick's cum on his skin, the smell of men, sweat, and then semen, and the gripping wildness of Nick's asshole as he came, all combined to give Tom a truly great orgasm.

He thrust up into Nick, literally lifting him off the ground with his hips as he unleashed the last of his cum inside of his boyfriend. Nick continued to rock back and forth, adding an angle of pleasure to the package. Tom gripped Nick's wrists and stared into his eyes, when he was spent, he lay back down on the floor and smiled widely.

After he caught his breath, Tom ran his fingers through the pool of cum on his chest, his belly, and dripping down his sides. He licked it off his fingers, and then he started to rub it into his skin. He did his chest first, but eventually brought his huge paw up to his face and smeared Nick's load across his cheeks.

"No shower." Tom said, "We're going to stink tonight."

"You can't stay over." Nick said. "I promised my dad."

"I don't have to work early tomorrow." Tom said, "I'll stay holed up in here until they both leave. How are they going to catch us? It's not like they ever come in here."

Nick stared at Tom silently until Tom stood up, lifted Nick to his feet, and  directed him to the bed. When Nick was laying down, Tom curled up next to him. "Just for a little while, OK?"

"Ok." Nick said, knowing that there was no chance Tom would leave before the morning. He eased backward into his body, pressing his back against Tom's muscle and breathing in the smell of their bodies and their cum. Before long, they had both slipped off to sleep.
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