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Teaching My Son A Lesson, Chapter 6

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Teaching My Son a Lesson, Part 6
C. Charlie -

Sean walked into the house later than he usually did. I had dinner sitting on the stove waiting. He'd texted me to let me know he would be late, but hadn't given me any details.

"You're home late." I said as I turned.

I looked at my son. One of his eyes was red and he looked exhausted. He lowered his head to look at the ground, an instinctual reaction when he had something to confess. I gave him a hug and noticed that chunks of his hair were crusted together. Up close, he smelled like sex and cum.

"Sam gave you some hair gel, huh?"

He ran his hand through his hair, "Fuck, that was forever ago." I grabbed his chin and smiled at him, trying to let him know that it was ok. "I, uh, hooked up with Chaz after school today."

"I told you you would be popular." I said. I bent down and kissed him hard on the lips, rubbing his muscular chest while I tongued his mouth. My hand moved across his hard stomach and rested in his pubes. He was shaved clean. "After dinner, you can tell me all about it." I said as I scratched the bare patch above his cock.

We ate in silence. Sean had gone upstairs to wash his face, but he hadn't cleaned the cum out of his hair. I thought it was a sign of how close we'd gotten that he could eat in front of me, still smelling like dick, and not even blush. He was still occasionally embarrassed by who he was, or at least by how he acted, but he didn't show it around me, and he hadn't really shown it around Luis the previous weekend.

When we finished I stood up from the table and adjusted my cock, which had been semi-hard since Sean walked into the house. I glanced at him and then walked up the stairs, knowing that he would follow. I waited in my bedroom and a few minutes later Sean walked in, "Do you want me to take my clothes off?"

"Wear something that will put me in the mood." I said.

This was a game we played. It required Sean to guess what I wanted. If I was horny and wanted to take advantage of him, he would come into my room naked. If I was in the mood for more of a tease, he'd wear something sexy. Five minutes later, he walked in wearing his gym shorts and a grey tank. The tank was still damp and his bulge was framed nicely in the shorts. He must have been wearing some kind of gear underneath, because his basket was full but indistinct.

"Well played." I said as I jumped off the bed.

I kissed quickly and then ran my lips across his neck. Soon I kissed my way down to his pit and breathed in deeply. His body smelled damp, maybe just a little ripe, but otherwise totally sexy and clean. I bit the skin and then walked back to the bed. I sat against the headboard and Sean crawled between my legs and sat with his back against my chest. His heat enveloped me as his strong, hard back pressed into my body. As his ass settled into my groin I rubbed his stomach and grabbed at his cock.

"You're almost too good to be true," I said as I nuzzled into his neck, "Hard to believe I made you."

He ground back into my dick. The kid liked it when I reminded him where he came from.

"Tell me what happened." I said. "And don't even think about cumming until you're done."

Sean had just finished gym class and was about to head off to study hall. He was standing at his locker when Sam came up behind him and grabbed his neck. He was dragged across the room into a corner and pushed down on his knees. When he looked up, Sam stepped into him, thrusting his bulge into his face.

"I'm horny, cocksucker."

Sean started to open up Sam's pants, breathing in the heat of the sexy Latino dude's body. He ran one hand over his firm thigh, wishing that they were somewhere where Sam could strip down completely. The tight Latin body, smooth and muscular and brown, was sexy in a way that his dad never could be. Their bodies were so different, and the difference was a big part of what turned him on.

Sam pushed his hands away. "Beg me for it. Tell me what you want, cocksucker."

They had played this all out so many times before that Sean  even hesitate. When he looked back up at Sam, however, Sam had his phone out and was pointing it at Sean. Sean shook his head. "No way dude. Put it way."

"If I put my phone away, I'm going to put my dick away for an entire week. You can find some other stud to suck."

Sean started to beg as Sam pressed  record on his phone. Sean gushed on and on about how much he wanted Sam's cock, how much he needed to drink his semen, to take his baby batter into his body. Sam stepped forward and ground his bulge into Sean's face, and Sean started to nuzzle against it, moving the hard lump around with his nose while he talked about how much he wanted it.

"Are you a whore for cock?"

"Fuck yes. God I want this dick."

"Just for my cock, or . . ." Sam said.

"Any cock, man. I just want a dick inside me."

"Nice." Sam hissed. "You look like a stud, but when you're around a guy like me or my friends, you turn into a big fag, don't you. What do you think of when you see us?"

Sean looked up, realizing that he wasn't just acting like a slut. He truly was a slut. "I think about what’s between your legs. It's all I think about. I want to see it, and taste it, just want to rub my face all over it."

"Jesus." Sam muttered as he fished his dick out of his pants. It flopped against Sean's face and he slipped it into Sean's mouth. In one solid blow, Sean took the whole dick to the root, groaning as he finally got what he wanted when he buried his nose in Sam's pubes.

Sam turned off his phone and cradled the back of Sean's head, happy to let his fag do what he was good at. For five minutes Sean nursed on his cock, massaging it with his throat muscles and taking everything that Sam could give him. When Sam finally shoved forward and planted a load in his stomach, he dropped it so deep that Sean couldn't even taste it. He licked the tip of Sam's cock, getting a little bit of flavor, just as it crossed his tongue on the way out.

"Nice." Sam groaned. Sean stood up and used a towel to clean the slime off of Sam's dick before he tucked it away and zipped him back up. "Thanks." he said to Sam.

Sam was playing with his phone again. "You can thank me later," he said with a wink.

A few hours later, Sean was in the parking lot, ready to go home. He was almost to his car when he heard someone call his name. He turned around and saw Chaz. He knew him from parties and stuff but they weren't close friends. Chaz he had filled out sooner than the rest of the guys, and was six feet tall, muscular, and lean. He had blond hair, blue eyes, and a great demeanor. Sean had seen him once in the locker-room and had been crushing on him ever since.

"Hey man, I just heard the sickest rumor."

"What's up?" Sean asked.

"Apparently, you've got a thing for cock."  Sean blushed red quickly before Chaz added. "Any cock."

"What the fuck man?" Sean said defensively.

Chaz took a few steps toward him and lowered his voice. "I saw the video, bro. No use denying it." He leaned in close. "I got a cock, you know."

Sean was still stunned. "How many people?"

"Just me." Chaz said, "That I know of at least. Sam knows I've got a thing for guys. I'm not really out, but my friends know. He thought I might, you know, like to hang out with you."

"I, uh, I gotta go." Sean said.

"C'mon man. You're seriously going to turn me down?"

He grabbed Sean's hand and put it on his chest. Unlike any man Sean had been with before, Chaz's body was hard and bulky. Just as Sean tried to pull  his hand away, Chaz pushed it lower, down toward his crotch.

"I could use a guy to play with." Chaz said, "No strings, of course. I'm not looking for a boyfriend."

Sean hesitated again. Chaz looked over his shoulder and then leaned in and kissed him. He pressed Sean hard against the car and drove his cock into Sean's thigh. When he broke it off, Sean slid a few inches down the side of the vehicle and groaned.

"Get in my car, bro." Chaz said. "Don't worry, I'll drive you back."

Sean followed him, entranced by the man. When he was seated he looked at Chaz, "Just don’t tell anyone, ok."

"You don't have to worry about me," he said, "Sam's the one who wants everyone to know. He says you like it."

"I don't." Sean said flatly.

"Really, you looked pretty happy in the video. I think you like it when a guy  gets you to do things that you're afraid to do on your own." Chaz said as he  drove to the edge of town. "Got me hard listening to you slut it up, talking about how you stare at all of our junk, thinking about our dicks."

He rubbed the bulge in his jeans. Then he reached across the counsel and grabbed at Sean's bulge. Sean jumped at first, and then relaxed, spreading his legs so that Chaz could paw him.

"I want to fuck you," he said without emotion. "You've got me so hot. I just want to push you up against a wall and fucking own your ass."

His hand dug lower, pressing underneath Sean's ballsack. Sean was stunned and didn't know what to say. He pulled out his phone and texted me: "A guy wants to fuck me. OK?"

I asked him who wanted him and was treated to a a picture a few seconds later. Taken while Chaz was driving, the kid looked young but hot, like a high-school football quarterback. Fit, athletic, and tan.

"Go for it." I texted back.

"Has Sam ever fucked you? Are you still a virgin?" Chaz prodded. His hands were back on the wheel.

"Uh, no." Sean said, "I mean, no to both. I'm not a virgin, but it wasn't Sam. Sorry."

"I'm not disappointed," Chaz said, "I'm not really in the mood to be gentle."

He pulled off the road and made a couple of turns before parking next to a building. "Dad keeps the camper here and I sort of use it when he isn't around" He walked over to the trailer and opened it up. As soon as they were both inside Chaz began to undress.

"You look nervous." Chaz said.

"This is sort of unexpected, you know," Sean said, "And you're really hot."

"What do you like about me?"

"Uh . . . " Sean hesitated. "All of it. Just, like, right now, I want to run my tongue all over your chest. Your armpits, man, that flat stomach, all of it. What do you like?"

Sean was felt daring when he added the second part, maybe even a little flirtatious. He wasn't used to flirting, but after seeing the way I toyed with him and the way Luis had lured him in after the poker game, he was beginning to figure out how these things worked.

"I'm into ass." Chaz said. He licked his lips gently. "Lots of guys settle for a blowjob, but I'm not one of those guys. I liked to fuck. It's sweaty and athletic and I love it."

Sean felt his asshole twitch. It was the first time that had happened with a man besides his dad. He wanted Chaz. Wanted to feel his fingers dig into the flesh around his hips as the young man's cock slid into his body for the first time.

"You want me to fuck you?" Chaz asked. His voice sounded friendly, almost like he was making a joke. Then he smiled at Sean, neither aggressive though clearly not joking.

Sean swallowed hard and then nodded.

"Show me then," Chaz said. "Convince me that I should fuck you."

Chaz sat on one of the beds, his legs wide open, the fabric of his boxers stretching across his crotch. Sean walked toward him and began to kneel. Chaz caught him under the arms.

"You don't get to do that yet."

Chaz kissed him on the lips and then started to make out with him. Their lips locked as Chaz fell back on the bed. As Sean told me the story, of their young masculine bodies rolling around on the bed, I played with his cock. I licked at the back of his neck as he described the way Chaz's mouth nipped and licked at his ears.

Soon, Sean was straddling Chaz, kissing his nipples while he pressed his ass down into his classmate's crotch. Chaz's hands dug into the back of Sean's jeans, forcing their way in. Sean unbuttoned the fly to loosen things up and soon Chaz was massaging the flesh of his ass. He rubbed and grabbed at both cheeks, massaging the muscle underneath. Finally he broke off the kiss.

"You've got a fantastic ass. Just like your dad." Chaz said, and then his face turned red.

"He's noticed you." Sean said softly but Chaz didn't pick up on it.

"He's such a stud. I hope I look like him in twenty years." Chaz paused. "Sorry, talking about your dad will probably kill the mood."

Sean nodded, but the fact that Chaz was into his old man made the experience even hotter. As he told me the story, I started to rub his ass just the way he said Chaz was rubbing it, mixing together the memory of his encounter with Chaz's fascination with me and linking his sexual feeling for guys his own age with the feelings he had for me.

"Keep going." I said to Sean as I rubbed his chest.

As Sean licked at Chaz's neck and chest, he slowly made his way over to Chaz's armpit. He pushed his face into the pit, pulling at the fabric and rubbing his face in the hairy cleft. Chaz lifted his arms above his head and almost immediately, Sean dove back in. Chaz pulled his hand out of Sean's pants and rubbed his head.

"Fuck, you weren't joking when you said that you love my body. This is amazing."

"You like it?" Sean asked with a grin.

"Get's me fucking hot, bro." Chaz said. He pushed Sean's face back into his pit and then slipped his free hand back into his pants. This time, he went straight for Sean's hole. When he pressed his finger against the well-fucked but still tight ring he expected Sean to pull away. Instead, he pushed back, eager to get some part of Chaz into his body.

"Fuck," Chaz groaned, "You're hungry, aren't you?" He bent his head low and whispered to Sean, "Sam says you're a slut, but a straight boy like him doesn't understand how we work. You stick with me and I'll do way more than fuck your throat cause I'm as into you as you're into me."

Sean couldn't stand it anymore. He slid off of Chaz's body and down onto his knees. This time, when he went for Chaz's cock, the guy didn't push him away. He let Sean take his thick shaft into his hand and squeeze it through his shorts. A dark spot of precum appeared at the tip, and Sean leaned forward and kissed at it. When he did, the smell of Chaz' body, all sweat and soap, washed over him. He buried his face into the bulge, taking a deep breath before he pulled down the waistband of Chaz' boxers.

Chaz's cock, average length with a wicked curve, popped up and hit Sean in the chin. The head was big, with a well defined ridge. The piss slit was red and oozing pre-fuck. Sean tried to take it into his mouth, but Chaz pulled it away. Placing one big hand on the back of Sean's head, he pulled Sean into his balls.

"Suck those nuts. Get them churning. You work my balls good, and you'll get a huge load out of them."

Sean tried to pull both of Chaz' balls into his mouth, but they were huge and he couldn't do it. He pulled away and looked at them. They were like two chicken eggs, almost too large for his sack. The skin pulled tight over them. Sean kissed each one and then started to lick them again.

They went on like that for a few minutes. Sean devoured Chaz's balls and licked at his taint while Chaz moaned softly and ran his fingers through Sean's hair. Then Chaz sat up and pushed Sean away.

"Strip for me."

Sean started to pull off his clothes, but Chaz shook his head. "C'mon man. Show me how sexy you are."

This time, Sean smiled and started to peel off his clothes. He tried to move in ways that showed off his muscles, his lean form, and most of all his ass. When he began to take off his pants, he turned around and slowly slipped them over his big ass cheeks. The more he moved, the more he got into it. He slowly pulled down his underwear and then he bent over low to pull them off his feet. When he doubled over, he felt the cold air rush through his ass crack and knew that Chaz was getting a good look at his asshole.

"Oh god, dude." Chaz grabbed onto Sean’s hips as he sat down and pulled him backward. Soon Sean was on all fours over Chaz's prone body. While his fingers played with Sean's ass, Chaz pulled at Sean's whole, just looking at it, and then he dove in and started to eat Sean out. Sean reacted with a moan and leaned back, pushing his ass into Chaz. Chaz responded by pushing forward, mashing his own face into Sean's crevice.

Chaz rimmed him for as long as Sean could stand it. At the same time, he gripped Sean's skull and shoved him down into his cock and balls. The whole time he talked dirty to him, reminding Sean how much he needed to get fucked and how badly he wanted a man's cock inside of him. Chaz's cock leaked like a faucet, pouring precum down the shaft, which Sean rubbed into the flesh before licking it up.

Soon the constant toying with his asshole and the licking and nipping at his cheeks were too much. Sean started to get up. "You gotta fuck me dude. I can't take it anymore."

"Yeah? You want a cock up in your ass? Any cock?" Chaz teased.

"Your cock." Sean said as he turned around and licked at Chaz's chest. He ran his forehead across the muscles and burrowed into his neck. He hadn't been into a guy this much ever in his life. Even his dad didn't turn him on like this.

"You make me feel like such a stud, like you'd actually die if you didn't get me inside of you." Chaz moaned, "Someone taught you well."

"You have no idea." Sean said. He still had his face pressed into Chaz's body, moving his mouth slowly down to his stomach.  Then he climbed up above Chaz and straddled him, so that his big dick was moving along his crack, teasing his hole.

Chaz stared at him in a daze. He had brought Sean here thinking he would be able to control him and now, suddenly, he realized that he was being played. Desperate to maintain some semblance of control, he leaned up and lifted Sean off the bed, with Sean's legs tight around his waist. Then he turned and sat Sean back down on the bed. He eased his way between his legs, keeping his hard cock pressed against Sean's balls. Then he lined up his dickhead with Sean's ass and spit on it.

"I don't have any lube, dude."

"I think I can take it." Sean groaned.

As Sean and I sat on the bed, Sean told me all of this in dirty details, describing not just the way Chaz made him feel, but the smell and feel of his buddy's body when it pressed against his own. It was obvious to me that Sean was experiencing his first crush. With Sam it was all about sex and domination and with me it was about, well I wasn't sure what it was about, but Sean was totally smitten with Chaz. It only took one encounter and he practically gushed when he talked about him.

I continued to listen, and as he told me about Chaz finally penetrating him, I pressed two fingers into his ass. Sean's hand darted to his cock, but I pushed it away. "Keep talking. I'll take care of you." I said with a smile. "Tell me about how that stud got up in you."

He told me that Chaz stood between his legs and rubbed his dick head against Sean's balls. He drooled onto his dick and Sean's taint and kept rubbing him slowly, pushing his dick against Sean's hole but refusing to push into him. Sean groaned and Chaz leaned forward. He bent down and ran his nose and his lips over Sean's chest and then his collarbone. He repeated the move three or four times, slowly dragging his tongue across Sean's body and nuzzling up against his face.

Chaz waited patiently. He wanted Sean not just to want his cock, but to need it. He wanted him in complete ecstasy before he pushed in. Finally, Sean sighed loudly and leaned back. His head landed on the bed and his eyes closed as he took pleasure in Chaz's nuzzling. Just then, Chaz pushed his cock into Sean's body, slowly digging in until his pubes pushed against Sean's balls.

Chaz rubbed Sean's belly, pushing down and imaging that he could feel his cock inside the guy. Sean looked up at him, "Dude, just fuck me."

"Sorry." Chaz said with a grin. "You're so fucking hot that I forgot that you're kind of a slut."

Chaz started to pound Sean like a jack rabbit. He wasn't all that experienced, but he could tell that he wasn't hurting Sean and that Sean liked it long and deep. As Sean told me all of this, about the way that Chaz's body reacted to each of his moves, I fucked him with three fingers, driving them in and out of his ass. Each time Sean tried to grab at his cock, I slapped his hand away. Finally, I bit the back of his neck and growled, "You're either going to get off this way, or you're not going to get off."

"Fuck," Sean groaned as he shoved his body down onto my hand.

He kept blubbering on about Chaz, but he was trying to get off now, so I took over for him. I'd seen Chaz before, and sort of figured that he was a bottom from the way he looked at me, but he had really thrown it to my son. Chaz was lean and fairly cut, and Sean got to watch his body flex and shake as he drove his load home, eventually Chaz lost control and shot his cum deep in Sean's gut.

"Fuck, yeah, fag." I said to Sean, "What did you like best? Watching his abs flex and bulge, feeling his fingers digging into your shoulders? What was your favorite part?"

Sean moaned and his cock jumped. "His taste. His skin tasted so fucking good. I want to lick his whole body, dad. I want to taste every part of him."

"His taste? Fuck me you are in love." I growled, "How'd you feel when you felt his nut oozing out inside your gut? Knowing that another guy is a part of you. More and more dudes are giving you what you need to build these muscles."

"Fuck." Sean moaned. He sat upward and literally shoved himself down on my fingers, "I wanted that cum in my mouth. Just wanted to lick it all up."

"You're going to get to lick it up, fag." I said to him. "I'm going to fuck that boy. Right in front of you. And while I do it, you're going to take care of both of us. You can suck his cock and lick at my balls while I take him from behind. Then, when, I'm good and ready, I'm going to flip that stud onto his back and fuck the cum out of him. You'll be able to eat both of our loads off his stomach when I'm done. You want that?"

"Ugh." Sean panted. His eyes were closed and I could tell that he was imagining Chaz's dick up inside his body. His cock jumped in my hand and soon he was cumming all over himself. The first shot landed in the middle of his chest, and I quickly scooped it up and rubbed into into his face. He licked my hand like he always did, eager to get a taste of nut no matter whose it was.

"Lick it up fag. Eat your own load while you cum."

Then I took whatever I could scrape off his abs and rubbed it into my own rod. As Sean slipped back into reality out of his fantasy, I crawled on top of him and slammed my cock into the hole that I owned.

"Round two . . ." I barked into his ear.

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