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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Summer Fun Part 1

Big Brother's Girlfriend – Summer Fun, Part 1
C. Charlie -

Note: In picking up this story again, I didn't aim for complete continuity with the earlier storyline. I apologize if some of the details are off, but its been five years since I first started this one. If you want to get a sense of the basic thrust of the story, check out the first chapter. That should bring you up to speed (and you'll probably get off too). --Charlie

Mitch was in the gym when he got the text from his big brother Jase inviting him to help Jase move out of his bachelor pad and into the apartment he would share with his first serious girlfriend. The brothers still hooked up occasionally, but Mitch let Jase set the pace. Sometimes he wanted it, and wanted it bad, but usually Jase only wanted to hang out. It had been nine months since they had been together sexually, and Mitch was starting to worry that Jase's girlfriend might permanently take Jase away from him.

Mitch had dropped a few hints about his concerns, and Jase always told him it wasn't true. When the girl got an internship in a city a hundred miles away, Mitch figured that it would finally give him his opening, but five months later, Jase still hadn't been anything more than a brother to him.

"You going to help me this weekend?"

"Sure" Mitch texted back.

"Wear something sexy.” Jase texted back. “My cock is hungry for your body, girl. You want it?”

"Not now." Mitch shot back quickly, "At the gym."

A minute later he got a picture of Jase's hard cock. His bush was thick and untamed, like usual, and his thick foreskin stretched across his giant head. The head was purple and shiny. Mitch had never seen another dick like it, angry and almost mean looking. A big drop of precum hung from the wet tip and oozed into the folds of Jase's hood.

"I'm drooling thinking about you." Jase texted. "Don't touch your pussy before then. I want it tight."

Mitch took a quick snap of his own hard cock, now tenting his shorts, and was about to send it to Jase. Then he remembered that his brother wasn't like most of his fuck-buddies. He didn't like cock. So, he took a picture of his perfect ass in the mirror of the gym, thrusting backward so that the cheeks bulged.

"I'm going to destroy that ass. Just tear it up" Jase texted back.

Mitch walked into the locker-room, his dick leading the way, and changed as fast as he could. A guy looked him over from head to toe, but Mitch avoided making eye contact. The last thing he needed at that moment was temptation from another man. Only Jase was good enough to claim his allegiance. Jase was the only man that could order Mitch to leave other guys alone.

He packed his stuff quickly and headed home. The next forty-eight hours were pure hell. It took everything Mitch had to avoid jerking off. Finally, on Thursday afternoon, Jase arrived. He walked into the house, said hi to the family, and walked upstairs to find Mitch. When he walked into his room, Mitch stood up and Jase shut the door behind him.

"Hey, little brother," Jase said as he leaned in to hug Mitch. Then his tongue circled the inside of Mitch's ear and he whispered, "Baby girl."

Jase's hard dick pressed into Mitch's leg, and he melted into his older brother's musculature. He breathed in deeply and smelled Jase's body. He loved the way his brother smelled, never quite clean, always masculine, and always sexual. It was like a mix of well-worn clothing, body wash, and testosterone. Mitch purred and relaxed against Jase's body.

"Someone's lonely," Jase said as he pulled away. "You've been missing your big  brother, huh?"

Mitch looked up at Jase and his eyes conveyed all of his emotion. Ever since the night he had first tasted Jase's cock, he'd missed having it inside of him. At first he thought he wanted Jase to be his lover, and he'd been crushed when Jase had made it clear that that wouldn't happen, but now he'd come to realize that they had something even stronger.

"I told mom I was going to take a quick nap before we drive back." Jase told him before adding, “I lied.”

Mitch grabbed his brother's bulge and squeezed it.

"Not yet, babe. Trust me, you'll get a taste of your man's cock before long. For now, just lay down with me."

Jase laid on the bed and Mitch crawled up next to him. He rested his head against Jase's shoulder and breathed in the smell of his brother's body odor. He looked up at Jase and his nostrils flared.

Jase lifted his arm further and let Mitch dig into his pit. "There you go girl. I know what you need." His hand snaked down Mitch's back and slipped into his pants. Mitch was wearing briefs. Before he knew what was happening, another hand slipped into his jeans and Jase tore through the seat of Mitch's gear.

"What gives, babe? You know I like easy access."

"Sorry," Mitch mumbled. His hands were inside Jase's shirt now, playing with his chest hair.

"Fuck you are wet." Jase said as he slipped a finger into Mitch's asshole. "I bet you're keeping all the guys happy. You know how hot it gets me knowing about the other dudes who have railed your cunt. I was there before all of them. They're all going where I've already been.” He eased a second finger into Mitch's body. “You know what the best part is?"

Jase rubbed Mitch's back and Mitch looked up at him. "None of them will ever measure up to you. I always compare them to the way you love me,” Mitch blushed, “and fuck me.”

"That's right.” Jase rubbed his head, “You're hornier than I imagined. Maybe we should hit the road now. If you're good, I'll let you blow me when we're on the highway. Your man's cock is already leaking for you, give it a feel."

Mitch reached into Jase's pants and grabbed his big dick. He slid his fingers down until he reached the head. As always, he was impressed by the heat and hardness of Jase's cock. He ran his fingertip over the head and felt the copious precum that Jase leaked like a faucet. Mitch pulled his hand out and tasted the precum and  tang of Jase's gamy cock. Any other guy, he'd tell him to wash up, but with Jase, well, this was just the way Jase tasted.

"You want to know something I've never told you?" Jase whispered, "None of my other chicks, none of them, not even Shelly, makes me leak like this. I love her and all, but I never see more than a drop. When you walk into the room though, it's like I pissed my pants. You get me going in every way possible."

Jase pushed another finger into his asshole and Mitch bucked against him. He automatically humped his cock into Jase's leg and started to cum. In most circumstances, this sort of thing would be off limits, Mitch didn't use his cock all that much when Jase was playing with him. At first it made Jase more comfortable about fooling around with a man. Now it was just a kink, their kink, like the underwear and everything else that made what they were doing unique to the two of them.

When Mitch finished cumming, Jase sat up on the bed. "Change your shorts, bro, and then we can get going." He started to walk toward the door and then turned, "And you know that shorts like that don't fly around me. Put on some of the stuff that I got you."

Mitch slipped into one of the thongs that Jase had bought him years ago and then wandered down to the kitchen. He hugged his mom and then his dad. The old man winked at him, knowing what he and Jase got up to, and told him to be careful.

By the time Mitch was buckled in, Jase had  managed to get his shorts off. They sat on the console next to him. Mitch glanced between his brother's legs, seeing the dark patch of pubes and his now mostly soft cock sitting on the seat. His balls spread out beneath it. Jase reached down and scratched himself, playing with his thick pubes.

"I thought about trimming, but I know what you like." Jase said, then he turned to Mitch, "I haven't gotten laid in two weeks. I hope your cunt is ready for a busy weekend."

As they got onto the freeway, Mitch reached over and toyed with Jase's cock. Even soft, it seemed huge. In his mind, Jase had a big cock, but whenever they spent a few months apart, he forgot how big it really was. Now, with a softy the size of a regular dick in his fingers, he remembered what he was in for.

"You might have to ease your way in at first." Mitch said.

"Fuck yeah," Jase said with a smile, "It'll remind me of the first time. You remember that, don't you bro? When I finally showed you how good it feels to give your body to a man."

"I don't think I'll ever forget losing my virginity to my stud brother's ten inch cock. I mean, you kind of owned me." Mitch said. Then, playing with Jase's dick again, he smiled, "Everyone feels small now. You ruined me for regular guys."

"Shelly thinks I'm too big, and too hairy, and too sweaty." Jase said. Then he looked at Mitch, "That's why I've got you. You give me the other part of what I need."

It was the second time that Jase had mentioned his girlfriend, and Mitch  figured that they were really serious. Usually, they only messed around when Jase was between women. If he was messing around while he was still with a girl, then they must be serious enough that Jase was trying to integrate Mitch into their life.

"I don't have to meet her this weekend, do I?"

"She's still working. She's moving in at the end of the month. Her brother might be around though." Jase said, "If you're good, maybe I'll share you with him. I know how slutty you get after you've drank a couple shots of my cum."

Mitch took off his belt and leaned over, Jase pushed him back. "Not yet, bro. Hasn't anyone ever taught you about playing hard to get." He grabbed his boxers off the seat and handed them to Mitch, "Play with these if you can't control yourself. "

Mitch took a long sniff of Jase's briefs. He didn't need them, though. He could recall the smell of his brother in his imagination just as good as he could get it from his clothes. He licked at the pouch that had been holding his brother's balls just a few minutes ago and then put them back on the seat.

"Not as good as the real thing."

"I've got two weeks of cum in these balls. You really think I'm going to blow my nut for you in the truck? I'm going to make you earn it. Your jaw is going to be aching by the end of the day."

A tent popped up in Nick's shorts. His cock had slipped out of the cheap thong he was wearing. He moved around to adjust himself and Jase looked over.

"Look at that little cock, all excited about getting together with your big brother."

Mitch blushed and then groaned. "C'mon, Jase, you know . . ."

Jase reached over and roughed the back of Mitch's hair. "You know, I can call you my girl, my fag, my whatever, but whenever I make a crack about your cock you get all bitchy."

Mitch started to protest and Jase pulled him across the seat and into his body. He kissed him quickly while keeping his eyes on the road. "I'm sorry, babe. It's just, mine and yours, they're the only dicks I see and, well, it's not really a fair comparison."

Mitch purred into his neck while Jase drove. He didn't mind the back handed comment. It was totally in Jase's nature to find ways to compliment himself, to push Mitch around. That was the side of their relationship that was still brotherly. Jase couldn't help getting a dig in whenever possible.

"Let me make it up to you." Jase said.

His fingers dug into Mitch's neck and pushed him downward. Mitch dragged his face over Jase's body, slipping his hand under his shirt and rubbing his chest. Jase's chest hair had grown in thick, forming a dense patch down the cleft of his pecs that thinned out across his nipples. It was longer than he remembered.

"You're such a fucking animal." Mitch said. "Such a man."

"Better than the boys you usually get it on with." Jase said, "He ran his hand down Mitch's back and rubbed his ass again. "Do they fuck this ass the way I do?"

"No one does me the way you do." Mitch said. It was true. Not a lot of guys were as strong as Jase or as big as him. Plus, there was a raw masculine energy that ran through Jase. He was literally all muscle and sex and liquor and attitude. He loved hard and fucked even harder. "You're like a fucking dream come true."

"Chicks don't appreciate me." Jase said.

Mitch wanted to tell Jase to leave chicks alone. Mitch would stay with him as long as he needed. Would be in his bed as long as Jase was willing to have him there, but he knew that that ship had sailed. He buried his face in Jase's pubes and licked around the base of his dick. "How could anyone not love you."

Jase rubbed the back of Mitch's head and then pushed him down into his balls. "Leave my dick alone for a while, ok?" Then he leaned back and stretched out his arms against the wheel. "You spoiled me too, babe. They love me, but not like you do. When you're loving me, you make me feel like a god. I don't even feel human around you."

Mitch sucked one of Jase's balls into his mouth. His nuts were hairy, and he couldn't remember the last time he had encountered a guy who took a little time to trim things up, but didn't see the need to landscape his entire body. At the base of his balls, the hair got thick and Mitch ran his tongue through it. Then he pulled at it with his teeth. Jase twitched slightly and then rubbed the back of his head and groaned.

"There you go babe. Just think about what those nuts are packing for you."

Mitch moaned and reached down for his own cock. Instead, Jase grabbed his hand by the wrist and moved it away. Jase held his hand and their fingers entwined as Mitch licked and slobbered all over his older brother's balls. When he was done, Jase's cock was standing at full mast, the head shiny and the foreskin bunched up behind it. The tip was red and precum oozed out, dripping in a long glistening stream down to the floor of the truck.

Mitch held it in his hand, his own paw dwarfed by the giant dick. It throbbed and pulsed, the veins along the side thick and pronounced. The cock looked inhuman, like something from an animation. It impressed him every single time he saw it. He stared in wonder.

"Right?" Jase said. "I totally won the genetic lottery with that thing."

He sighed as Mitch ran his tongue across the tip, lapping up Jase's dog water and savoring the sweet taste. "Like I said, it isn't really a fair comparison." He moved his hand to Mitch's crotch and squeezed his cock. Neither said anything for a moment. Then Mitch felt the car pull off the highway. He looked up.

"Scoped this place out on the way in. I think it will work for us."

Mitch sat back up and tried to regain his composure. He felt like there was a fire burning between his legs. Hot and wild. His asshole was aching for some attention. He wanted to sit in Jase's lap and grind against his big body. The one thing he knew for sure is that there was no way he would make it all the way to Jase's place. Two hours was too long to wait. If Jase didn't get him off soon, he would have to go into the bathroom and jerk off.

They pulled into a parking spot and Jase slipped back into his shorts. His dick was still mostly hard, and it formed a big bulge along the side of his leg. He didn't like to be constrained, but he wore boxer briefs because his endowment was large enough to be visible in almost anything else. As a special present to Mitch he had decided to show off.

They passed the restrooms and walked over to a path that led into the woods. There were two men sitting on a bench near the entrance, both stared daggers at the rod that bounced in front of Jase as he walked. Jase smiled at them and winked, then he put his arm around Mitch. As they entered the woods, he grabbed Mitch's ass hard, knowing that the men would be staring at them.

About a hundred yards in, Jase moved off of the path. He walked another fifty feet or so into the woods, so that they wouldn't be visible from the trail, and then pounced on Mitch. His movements were animalistic and he made growling noises as he manhandled Mitch's ass. He pulled at the cheeks, digging and pinching as he bit against Mitch's neck. Mitch knew immediately that they weren't going to make love, not this time at least. Instead, Jase was going to claim him, to take back the mate that he had first bred five years before. He was going to remind Mitch who he belonged to.

Jase turned Mitch around and pushed him into a tree. He dragged his teeth against the back of Mitch's neck and then bit into his shoulder. At the same time he leaned forward and ground his cock into Mitch's ass. All at once the old feelings came back. He didn't fuck around with guys anymore. Didn't allow himself to cheat on his girlfriend in that way, but Mitch's ass, hard and muscular, was so different from what he usually experienced. It took everything he had to keep himself from cumming right there on the spot.

Mitch had been worried that Jase was going to get too rough, that the build up had sent him over the edge, but suddenly Jase softened and started to lick the back of his ear. He continued to hump against him, grinding and moaning, then he whispered.

"Fuck I love this ass. You got the finest ass I've ever seen, girl, and it just keeps getting better. I bet you're thinking about my dick when you're doing those deep squats, keeping this body ready for whenever I need it."

He licked across Mitch's jaw and across the back of his neck. Then his fingers dug into Mitch's shorts and pushed them down. "I want you so bad," he said as he dropped to his knees.

Jase's big hands spread Mitch's cheeks and he started to go to work on his ass. Jase didn't rim a guy, he didn't lick at an asshole before sticking it in like so many of the men Mitch had been with. No, Jase ate his ass out like it was the last pussy on earth. He bit and licked and drove his tongue in. After only a couple of minutes, his fingers got involved, opening Mitch up, driving in, and playing with his prostate. Each moan from Mitch excited Jase and made him work harder. Soon Mitch was bent over, his shoulder pressing into the tree while Jase knelt behind him, pressing his whole face between his cheeks.

Mitch whined and soon he dropped to his hands and knees. Jase was still eating him out, loosing him up and getting him wet. Then he stood and pushed down his own shorts. While he did, he kept one finger in Mitch's ass, teasing him as he stepped out of his shorts. Grumbling, Mitch dug through his pants and found a packet of lube he had been smart enough to bring with him. He gave it to Jase and Jase smiled, "You know how to treat a man, babe. You're always ready to help me get off."

Jase lubed up and then pressed his big hand into the center of Mitch's back. He lined his cock up with Mitch's hole and pushed forward. He never took his eyes off of his dick. He loved to watch it bend and flex as Mitch's body resisted, until finally . . .

"Ugh," Mitch howled and fell down into the leaves and dirt.

"There you go. Feels like the first time every time,” Jase said as he licked the back of Mitch's neck. Then, with just his hips, he pushed every single inch of his mammoth cock into his little brother. When Jase had bottomed out he wrapped his arms around Mitch's chest and held him tight.

"I missed you so much, baby," he said softly.

Mitch lifted his ass and pushed it into Jase, "Me too." he said. But really, he wanted to tell Jase how he felt like he was missing a piece of himself whenever they weren't together. He never noticed it until Jase was inside of him, but every other moment of his life he felt incomplete.

"You're a good brother," Mitch whispered.

"I'm the best." Jase said and Mitch felt his face smile against his shoulder. He wiggled his body slightly and pressed the last millimeters of his shaft into Mitch's body. "I could stay like this for a long time, but we gotta get moving.”

With those words, Jase started to fuck Mitch like his cunt was about to close up shop. He drove him into the ground, pressing his hand into the side of Mitch's face and grinding his brother's body into the leaves. There was no mercy and no further waiting for Mitch to adjust. Every so often, Jase would lift Mitch off of the ground and fuck him doggy style, but eventually Mitch would collapse again into the dirt. They did this for a few minutes and then Jase pulled out. He leaned back and pointed at his cock.

"Sit on it." He ordered.

Mitch did as he was told. He started to lower himself in the reverse cowgirl position, knowing that Jase, at least when he was in one of his aggressive moods, liked to take him from behind, but Jase grabbed his shoulder and asked him to turn around.

Mitch turned to face Jase, and squatted onto his cock. Jase grabbed his muscular legs and wrapped one around him on each side. Mitch got the drift and hung onto Jase's shoulders as Jase lifted him off of the ground.

"Hang on, girl." Jase stood up, groaning as he did so. Mitch felt the muscles in both his ass and Jase's shoulders contract and get big. He held on with his left hand as his right drifted down Jase's back, feeling each of the muscular ridges. Then Jase pressed him up against a tree and started to push into him.

The fucked like that for a minute or two, Jase's face hanging over Mitch's shoulder, breathing onto his skin and slobbering all over him. When Jase's muscles were finally worn out, he eased Mitch back onto the ground and started to fuck him face to face.

"You're getting heavy, babe. You do a nice job keeping yourself looking hot for all the guys that rail you."

“There aren't that many" Mitch said with a grunt. His body still wasn't completely ok with the size of the cock that was coring out his insides.

Jase leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "I know that this pussy has seen more cock than most urologists have. I know all about the harem of guys you keep around." He ran his tongue around the inside of Mitch's ear and whispered, "You're a fucking slut, girl, and I love it."

Mitch nodded against Jase's shoulder. He loved cock and he loved sex. He wasn't exclusively a bottom anymore, and he did his fair share of fucking, but Jase had awoken a desire deep inside of him that had never gone back to sleep. Whether he was dating a guy or not, he liked to get laid almost every day. He had a long list of fuck-buddies to make sure he didn't have to go without, like a junky stashing his fix all over the house.

Jase didn't let up. He drilled Mitch hard, biting at his chest and rubbing his hands all over his body. No one possessed him like this and Mitch felt his own cock start to pulse against his stomach. It raised up and touched Jase's furry belly and that was it. His cum blasted upward, splattering against Jase's torso and then dripping back down onto his shirt. Jase didn't miss a beat, and continued to pummel Mitch's hole until finally he buried his cock all the way in and wrapped his arms around Mitch.

His whole body pulsed as he squeezed Mitch as hard as he could. He pushed his hips forward in short thrusts, already buried to the hilt, and shoved Mitch a few inches through the leaves. His seed was planted deep inside his little brother and when he was finally done, he rubbed Mitch's hard stomach.

"There you go girl." He said, "Now you got my baby in your belly."

Mitch exhaled, wrapping his legs around his brother's big body, trying to keep him from moving away, but there was no way to stay together forever. Jase untangled himself and stood up. He grabbed Mitch's thong from the ground and cleaned the cum from both of their bodies. Then he slipped on his gym shorts and stuck the gear into his pocket. Mitch put his pants back on and soon they were headed back to the car.

When they cleared the woods, the two men were still sitting there. They looked like they had been interrupted, maybe they were making out. Jase reached into his pocket and tossed them the thong.

"Are these yours or his?" One of the guys asked.

"Part mine, part his. You can figure out what belongs to who."

As they walked away, Jase reached into the back of Mitch's shorts and manhandled his ass, putting on a show for the two guys. The same guy called out, "Your boyfriend is hot."

Jase turned around, his smile big and his cock tenting the front of his shorts. "He's not my boyfriend, dude. He's my little brother."

More to come in the next few days. Thanks for reading, guys! - Charlie.


  1. I'm so glad you decided to post more of Jase and Mitch. This is by far my fav story and I still jerk off to it regularly!

  2. WOW, that was really hot! I barely could hold myself to the end. Charlie I love the details and scenarios you describe. I lost count of how many times I got so close to the edge and held on. My nipples could speak for themselves, and I almost lost the battle when Mich came just from the smell and the touch of his big Bro.
    Thanks for bringing Jase and Mich back! I hope you have as much pleasure writing as I always have when I'm reading!