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Gym Buddies, Part 6

Gym Buddies, Part 6
C. Charlie -

Note: I realize it's been a while guys. My life kind of hit the skids, and I went to a pretty dark place. I'm feeling better now and trying to get into a more regular writing habit again. You should see a new chapter of Teaching My Son a Lesson soon. Thanks for being patient, and especially thanks to the people who checked in with me. Even if I haven't responded, you guys helped get me going again. 

After that night, Dylan started to stay at my place full time. That's not to say that I continued to fuck him. About an hour after I shot my load into his gut, he turned me over onto my stomach, laid on top of me, and drilled me for a solid twenty minutes while he called me his fag. The whole time his weight pressed against me as he wrapped me in a bear hug and humped me like an animal. When he was finished, he turned me onto my side, threw one massive thigh over me, and fell asleep.

That was when our relationship got serious. We folded up into each other and were barely seen by either of our friends. Jordan eventually texted me and told me that I had to let Dylan out of the house. It wasn't clear if he missed his friend or missed the way we played around. I gave in, talked to Dylan, and we set up a time when we could all meet. Dylan invited his buddy Jason who had watched me suck Dylan's cock behind the front desk at the gym.

"You sure Jordan's going to be ok with that?" I asked.

"Jordan knows him," Dylan said with a wink, "You sure you're going to be ok with it?"

"Uh, yeah." I said, unsure if it was true. Jason had watched me take a facial in public, I didn't know what he thought about me.

"Don't be embarrassed," Dylan said, "Jason's one hell of a sleazy fucker. He's done worse. That's why I let him watch. It makes him jealous."

Friday night finally rolled around. I was supposed to meet Dylan, Jordan, and Jason at a local sports bar after work. I was about five minutes away when Dylan texted me to tell me he would be late. I walked in, found a table, and hoped I could hold my own with Jordan, who liked to tease me, and Jason, who I wasn't sure of.

I sat alone for almost twenty minutes, finishing my first beer and getting a start on the second. Jordan finally walked in, laughing, and Jason came through the door behind him. Jordan's skin glowed and his hair was swept back over his head. He looked like he'd just worked out and showered. He had a tight t-shirt on that stretched across his chest and around his biceps. He roughed up my hair and then sat down next to me. He barely had to raise an eyebrow before the waitress was on top of him.

Jason moved more slowly, allowing everyone a few minutes to stare. In his early twenties, he had dark, almost black hair and tan skin. Though he was wearing a hoodie and sweats, I could tell that he was lean and muscular. Built like a football player, his legs seemed huge and his ass was absolutely irresistible. He sat down next to me and grabbed my leg, letting his fingers crawl along my inner thigh.

"Hey sexy." Jason said with a grin.

"I didn't know you to knew each other." Jordan said, "Old friends?"

"New friends." Jason said, "Dylan showed me some of his skills the other day."

Jordan turned to Jason, "I'm familiar with his skills. I'm all monogamous and shit with my girl, but this dude knows how to suck a dick. I miss it."

Jordan looked into my eyes and smiled, instantly turning my dick to steel. Before I knew what was happening, Jason grabbed my shaft and squeezed. Then he laughed and said, "I think he misses you to."

"I know he misses me." Jordan lowered his voice, "I'm pretty sure that my nuts are one of his favorite things in this world, especially when they're all musky and sweaty"

My face burned red, but Jordan grabbed my neck and rubbed my head to let me know he was playing around. I calmed down and laughed off the joke, "They are." I said softly.

Instantly, I could see the jealousy in Jason's eyes. Even though Dylan had said that Jason was slutty, it was clear to me that Jason had never gotten a taste of Jordan's body. The way he looked at Jordan with lust in his eyes and his tongue hanging out of his mouth, betrayed his unsatisfied desire. I felt a little proud of myself at that moment, knowing that I'd gotten a taste of something that a stud years younger than me couldn't get.

Just then I got a text from Dylan, "Are you holding your own? Don't let them fuck with you."

I texted back that I was doing fine.

"Jordan's getting sick of bad sex and Jason is jealous of you and me." Dylan texted. Right after that he sent a picture. Jason was looking up at the camera with his face was alongside a man's bulge. The bulge was unmistakably Dylan's, and he was wearing one of his favorite pairs of briefs. When I looked up at Jason, he seemed five times more attractive.

Over the next ten minutes, the pictures kept coming. Soon he was sending me pictures of his cock resting on Jason's tongue and Jason with his nose buried in his pubes. Jordan's phone was dinging around the same time, and I figured that he was getting the same shots. Things calmed down after that and the three of us shot the shit for about an hour.

Then Dylan texted me again, "I think you should come home. Get Jason to come with. I'm horny." A pic of his dripping, hard dick followed.

I decided that the only way to get Jason home was to invite Jordan too, "You guys want to come back to my place to hang out?" I asked.

"I'm busy tonight." Jordan said, "You go now, and Jason will follow. I've got some things I need to talk to him about."

I cleared out and made the quick drive home. As I walked in, Dylan enveloped me in a hard kiss. We only broke it off because his phone buzzed. He looked at me and grinned. "I've been trying to convince Jordan that it doesn't count as cheating if it's with a guy. I think he's starting to agree with my advice."

Dylan showed me a the picture. Jason was on his knees, running his tongue along the long bulge in  a pair of white briefs. I assumed the underwear belonged to Jordan, and my mouth started to water. There was something about worshiping Jordan, about devouring his body while getting almost nothing back from him, that turned me on. There was a balance with Dylan that didn't need to exist with Jordan because for Jordan everything was simply about getting off.

Dylan rubbed the back of my neck, "Don't worry. You'll get yours soon. Jordan likes nothing better than trying to out perform me in bed."

“He'll lose.”

“He better,” Dylan said, “Or I'm going to have to start fucking you harder.”

A minute later, Dylan and I both got texts. Dylan's told him that Jason was on his way. Mine was a picture of Jordan taking a piss, his massive cock hanging above the lip of the urinal. "I let him lick my bulge and watch me piss. I'm saving the rest for you. Let's work out together on Tuesday."

Dylan read my phone from over my shoulder and reached down to grab my cock. He squeezed it hard. "Lucky boy."

"You want to come too?"

"Nah, I think you should fly solo on this one. Jordan has more fun when he's not trying to impress me."

Five minutes later there was a bang on the door. Dylan opened it up and let Jason in. It was clear as soon as he walked in that he was nervous. He looked at Dylan, and waited for instructions.

Dylan smiled from ear to ear. "It's been a long time since I've had two of my boys with me at the same time." He reached out his hand and stuck a finger in Jason's mouth, "From what I hear you've been busy since I broke it off."

Jason blushed bright red. "Jason is still adjusting to his love of cock. He was straight until about a year ago."

"I'm still . . ." Jason started.

"He's still hung-up about being straight." Dylan said to me with a grin. "But he's as bent as you and me."  He turned back to Jason, "Get down on your knees and take off your shirt."

Jason did as he was told. He pulled his shirt off and revealed a perfect chest and stomach, shaved smooth, with tight tan skin. There were some marks from acne on his shoulders and I realized he was younger than I originally thought. Without his shirt on, I wouldn't have guessed he was that far out of high school.

"This is my boyfriend Matt," Dylan said, "I think you should greet him like I taught you to greet all of my friends."

Jason moved over to me and pressed his face into my crotch. Then he looked up at me and started to undo my belt. As he did, Dylan came behind me and rubbed his hands over my chest. He pulled both of our shirts off and pressed his warm chest into my back as his hands explored my body. His tongue traced a line over my neck and jaw before he whispered in my ear.

"If you like him, maybe we could keep him. You must be getting tired of getting fucked all the time. I know you've got a faggy side, but I like to watch guys like you fuck. You gonna make me happy babe?"

Dylan pressed his cock into my ass and I ground back against it. At the same time I ran my fingers through Jason's hair, he looked up at me with wet eyes as he began to inch my pants down. "I think I can do that." I groaned. I would have done whatever he asked at that moment.

"I've been getting Jason ready for this. He hasn't gotten off in a week and hasn't gotten any cock either. He's hungry."

Just as Dylan said it, Jason engulfed my cock. I let out a moan and Dylan's hands moved down to Jason's head and gripped his skull. He gently moved the younger guys mouth around my dick while he kissed against my neck. I began to go weak in the knees and Dylan guided me over to the couch. As I sat down, Jason kept chasing after my dick, licking at whatever he could find.

"You like that cock?" I asked. I took my dick by the shaft and slapped him on the cheek with the head. He nodded. "I can tell." I said.

"You should see what Jason is packing," Dylan said. "I saw him in the showers and knew I had to make him mine. Take off your pants, Jason."

Jason stood up and slipped his pants off his hips. As they slowly moved down, his dark black pubes popped out, and I was relieved that he wasn't completely shaved. Then the beginnings of his shaft came into view. Long, and rock hard, he kept dropping his pants, revealing big, low hanging balls. As the bottom of his sack came into view, the end of his dick was still tucked into his waistband. Finally, he reached the end and his dick bounced upward, at least nine or ten inches hanging out in front of the young, slim, stud.

"Holy shit, dude." I said

"He's hung like a horse. Fucking look at that thing." Dylan moaned.

I didn't want to just look at it. I slipped off the couch and moved my mouth to the base of his cock. I breathed in deeply, sucking in the smell of his huge balls and dick, just imaging all that flesh folded up in his briefs all day long. l liked along the side of his balls and then pulled away and turned him around.

Jason had a solid, fat ass. If I was a trainer, I would have told him he needed to do more squats to gain some definition. The cheeks were big and round with just a little bit of hair in the cleft between them. I pulled his cheeks apart as he bent forward a bit and gazed at his hole.

"He's a virgin." Dylan said. "For now."

"Fuck," I moaned as I leaned forward and took a long lick up his crack, tasting the sweat from his workout and rubbing his muscular thighs.

"You want it?" Dylan asked.

"Seriously?" I said.

"Seriously." Dylan rubbed my neck and ran his fingers through my hair again. His tongue was all over my shoulders and jaw. Then he reached down and grabbed my cock through my pants. "You like to fuck. Don't deny it. I think it's time that we got you someone to fuck. I don't want my man to be unhappy."

"You're sure?" I asked as his hands worked over my chest. It was a stupid question, but everything about Dylan went against the relationships I'd been in in the past. I was only just beginning to understand that the right thing to do in our sexual lives was whatever Dylan wanted.

"Totally sure," he said, biting down on my shoulder, "So sure that I spent like a month getting him ready to put out for you." His tongue swirled around my ear, "Plus, I want to watch. I want to watch my fag tear this stud open. Prove to me that you're worth it."

Jason was standing next to us, his hard cock bouncing in front of him. I looked at it and took the girth into my hand. My hand looked tiny next to it. I reached down and played with his balls again, imagining how they would feel rolling around in my mouth. The kid was hot, and I wanted to completely destroy him the way that Dylan so often destroyed me.

I stared into his eyes one last time and then pushed him to his knees. As I did it, a part of me came alive that had been dormant for a while. I was never a top in the way that Dylan was, but I liked to fuck a guy who really wanted it.  I'd forgotten what it was like to be with a guy that gave in so easily and submitted to my every whim.

Dylan stepped in next to me and started to pull his pants off. While he stripped down, Jason pulled down my pants. Then he took our cocks and lined them up, pressing the flesh into one another. His tongue darted out and he started to lick at both of our glans, sucking up Dylan's precum and wrestling to get both of us in his mouth at once.

"Look at that," Dylan said as he pushed Jason's face upward, our two grown-up cocks rested against his young face, with his own hard cock dripping into the carpet. “Isn't that fucking beautiful?”

I couldn't wait and slipped my dick into his mouth. He took it all the way to the base on the first try. I grinned at Dylan, who informed me that Jason had had lots of practice over the last year. For the next few minutes, we alternated, one of us shoving his cock into the guy's mouth, while the other rubbed his dick across Jason's face. The whole time, we made out aggressively, Dylan asserting his dominance over me, while letting me take care of Jason.

I grabbed Jason's head and shoved him underneath my balls, pushing his mouth against my taint and asshole. He dove right in, almost pushing me over as he licked up and down the skin underneath my sack while spreading my legs open and almost begging for more. I squatted a bit, to give him more access. Soon, Jason had turned around and had his head between my legs as he ate my ass. Dylan shoved his hand against Jason's skull and held him against my asshole.

"You better do a good job eating my man's hole, boy." He growled. Then Dylan pulled him out. There was a brief pause before Jason said in a shaky voice, "Fuck this is awesome."

"I'll take that as a “Thank You”." Dylan replied. He ran his fingers through Jason's dark hair. "You think you're ready to get fucked, first by him and then by me.? I think it's time."

There was a moment of hesitation as Jason considered the scenario. Then Dylan ran his cock along Jason's lips. "This is the next step. If you're not willing to take it with me, then we're going to have to part ways."

Jason looked up at Dylan and then at me. Finally, he stared at both of our cocks. I knew what was going through his mind. The first time Dylan had owned me, , I wasn't sure it was something I wanted to do. After that, nearly every time Dylan pushed me, I hit the same wall. The thing was, Dylan was a disarming figure, firm but in-control and trustworthy. Never once did I think he would hurt me or not be on my side. I could see that Jason trusted him just as much as I did. His eyes widened and Dylan stepped back.

"Time to go to the bedroom." Dylan said as he lifted Jason back onto his feet.

Jason started to walk toward the bedroom and Dylan slapped him hard on the ass. He jumped, but as he bounded down the hall, a big red hand-print formed on his round ass cheek. My dick thickened as I thought about popping his cherry. I wanted that ass with every ounce of my being.

As soon as we were in the bedroom, I pushed Jason back on the bed and lifted his legs. His tight red hole, surrounded by some black hair, winked back at me. I rubbed against it with the head of my dick, teasing him and letting him know what was coming. I felt his legs tense in my hands. He was nervous, and I dropped to my knees with the intent of helping him settle down.

I went after his ass again, this time with the intent of making him feel good rather than gaining pleasure for myself. My tongue pressed against his hole and slowly worked it's way inside. The boy was tight. He was going to have a tough time taking my cock and a really tough time taking Dylan's. I opened him up with my tongue, circling around his tight hole and then pushing inside of him. Gradually he settled down and loosened up. As he did, I started to pry at his ass with my fingers.  Jason moaned, and I was proud of my job until I looked up and saw Dylan nursing on his cock.

Dylan was naked on the bed, his thick, hairy body nestled up against Jason's smooth and lean form. Jason's face was buried between Dylan's legs, sucking on his balls and groaning against the skin of his thighs. Dylan smiled at me and then pressed my face back into Jason's ass. I pushed back, kissed Dylan quickly with Jason's cock between our lips, and then moved back to Jason's ass and balls.

A moment later, Dylan pulled me away again. "Show him your trick," He said to Jason.

Jason sat back up and bent forward. He smiled and licked his lips before he grabbed his cock and took the tip into his mouth. Dylan pushed down lightly on his skull and soon he had the top two or three inches between his lips.

Dylan moved in and started to lick at Jason's shaft as the kid sucked himself. They shared his dick, their tongues playing off each other as they passed the head back and forth between them. Soon, Dylan grabbed my hair and pulled me in too. The three of us wrestled with Jason's cock, kissing each other, slobbering into each others mouths, and swapping the spit and precum that was building up. When it was clear that Jason was as horny as he was going to get and ready for almost anything, Dylan sat up, crawled behind him, and wrapped his arms around the young stud.

"Time to become a man." Dylan said as he toyed with Jason's nipples.

Jason groaned as I lifted his legs up off the side of the bed. Dylan pulled him backwards, I climbed between his legs and prepared to fuck him missionary. It wasn't the best way to take a guy for the first time, but I think a dude deserves to look at the man who takes his cherry.

Dylan tossed me the lube and I slathered it on Jason's asshole and all over my cock. Jason was breathing heavily, though he didn't betray any of his nervousness in his face. Dylan rubbed his chest and pulled him against his body, pushing his thick thighs up along Jason's flanks. I looked the guy in the eyes one last time and lined my cock up with his hole.

Dylan leaned forward and whispered, "Just relax," and I pushed into him. After a moment of resistance, my cock head popped into his body, and I started to inch my way in.

It might have been the first time that Jason had a cock inside of him, but it wasn't the first time he'd been fucked. His ass had clearly been used by a few dildos. He took my dick like a champ, barely flinching as it snaked inside of him. It wasn't until I bent over and kissed him that he let out a groan.

"You're a natural," I said.

"Good," Dylan said from behind Jason, "You won't have to hold back. I want to see you fuck like a man. Show me what you can do."

I didn't want to hurt Jason, and I didn't want to ruin his first time. Instead I decided to fuck him hard, while showing him as much affection as I could. As I started to pound his ass, I rubbed his chest and licked at his nipples. My fingers toyed with his lips and soon he was sucking on my thumb like it was a dick. Dylan grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss. He started to rub Jason's chest, while I reached for the mammoth cock between his legs and pulled on it.

I saw Dylan eyeing Jordan's huge dick and soon he climbed over Jason in order to get at it. He took Jason's cock into his mouth and smothered the Jason between his legs. As I rubbed Dylan's head, he looked up at me and smiled, "You close yet?"

I'd been pounding Jason steadily for ten minutes. "Getting there."

"Ugh . . . me too," Jason groaned as he pulled his cock out of Dylan's mouth.

"Shut up and suck my dick, boy," Dylan growled over his shoulder. I noticed his ass cheeks flexing and knew that he was gently fucking Jason's mouth. This went on for another minute before Dylan started to groan.

"Eat it fag." Dylan growled before he dove back onto Jason's giant cock. I was amazed when I saw him take the whole thing into his throat. Dylan loved playing the burly, straight-acting top, but in moments like these it was obvious that he loved dick as much as any of us.

Jason started to buck his hips, sort of lifting his cock into Dylan's mouth and then shoving his ass back down onto mine. When I looked at him, Jason's head was hanging to the side and Dylan's cum was running down his cheek. His eyes were closed as he took the pounding and enjoyed the blowjob. His sexy body rocked back and forth as Dylan and I played with it like a toy.

The only sign he gave that he was going to cum was slightly grasping and holding on to Dylan's torso. I felt his ass start pulsating, his newly busted hole gripping my dick and pulling me into his body. Dylan kept his lips locked around the head, no doubt swirling his tongue around the glans as he liked to do with me. When Jason finally collapsed back into the bed and relaxed, Dylan looked up at me and smiled. Jason's cum filled the spaces between his teeth.

Dylan crawled over Jason and stood up on the bed. He leaned over me and I opened up my mouth. When he bent over and started to kiss me, he pushed Jason's cum into my mouth. I savored the salty taste as we swapped it back and forth. I always loved tasting a new guy, thinking about what he looks like and, in Jason's case, what his body felt like as it was taken by mine. This guy, hot and hung and lean and young, was a prize and I swished his essence around in my mouth as I savored it.

Not to be left out, Jason grabbed Dylan's hips and pulled him backwards. Dylan squatted down and planted his asshole on Jason's face. Jason dug in, and Dylan's eyes rolled back in his head. He reached out, grabbed onto my nipples, and started to work them. It was all I could take. I pulled my cock out of Jason's asshole and stroked it a few times. Looking at Jason's pretty face as he ate my man's ass, I knew I was going to paint it.

I pushed Dylan's chest backward and he inched back until his cock lay across Jason's forehead. I grinned.

"You are such a beautiful fucking boy." I said to him. I stuck my fingers in his mouth, toying with him as I rubbed my dick.

I pointed at his face and unleashed my load. Thick ropes of cum blasted across his cheek bones and onto Dylan's shaft. Dylan used the head of his dick to shovel it into Jason's mouth as his aggressive side started to come out.

"Eat it up, cocksucker. Every last fucking drop." Dylan teased, "Bet your buddies would love to know how much you enjoy boy batter. They'd be feeding you everyday."

Jason's cum covered cheeks burned red. Dylan went on, "They won't believe me at first, but when I show them the pictures of you licking my bulge, they'll be all over your fine ass."

Jason was in a frenzy and kept licking up my cum. He tongued the head of my dick and sucked on Dylan's. Dylan's hands were all over me as we kissed. We lost our balance and fell down on the bed next to Jason. Dylan rubbed Jason's head, and he moved so that his chin rested on Dylan's thigh, inches away from his thick dick.

"I wanna do that again." Jason said, looking up at both of us. Then he ran his hand over my stomach and through my pubes, "Fuck you guys are hot."

"We'll do it again." Dylan said. He grabbed my cock and squeezed it. "I like watching my man fuck."

Dylan's cock started to thicken. He ran his hands through Jason's hair and then smiled at him. "Sorry, but I think it's time for you to take off, boy. I'll call you when I need you. Right now, it's my turn to fuck."

I rolled onto my side and presented my ass to Dylan, ready to take everything he could give me.

Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Welcome back. You're very much missed and appreciated.

  2. Welcome back!! Thanks for the awesome chapter!! I hope the petplay aspect is explored more. It's unfortunate dominance in your stories always takes a backseat once love enters the equation, as if the two aren't compatible somehow.

    1. I try to combine them, but its tricky. I agree with you though that I've had a tendency to make my stories tame after a few chapters. I'm going to finish some stuff, then I've got a sleazy, kinky story idea. I'm ready to get back into that.