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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 15

The long awaited update to Big Bro's Girlfriend. I hope you like it - more to come this weekend.

Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 15
Cosmic Charlie -

For the past two weeks, Mitch had been getting lewd text messages from his brother Jase. Jase was coming home for spring break, and he was clearly looking forward to having his brother available for sexual favors.

"Girl, I dreamt of your pussy last night." one said. "Can't wait to get your sweet lips around my cock." said another. Mitch got boned up whenever he read them, especially if he was in public. He knew that Jase tried to send them when Mitch would be at school or work. .

The texts also made him nervous.

Mitch's boyfriend Scott had recently made Mitch promise not to mess around with other guys behind his back. Any sex with another guy had to be cleared by Scott first. As much as Jase's ten inch dick appealed to him, Mitch didn't want to fuck things up with Scott. He just didn't know how to tell Scott about Jase. Scott had asked about Mitch's past sexual experiences, and Mitch had always referred to a mysterious guy who broke him in. He had never told Scott that the guy was his brother.

Two nights before Jase was due back, Mitch's phone rang. "Hey girl," said Jase.

"Hey." Mitch said.

"I'm saving up my cum for you. I'm gonna paint your sexy face when I get home. You want that?" Jase asked. He was breathing hard.

"Yeah." Mitch said in a soft voice. Then he said, "Jase?"

"What's wrong babe?" Jase said.

"You know that guy I've been seeing. Well, uh, he told me I couldn't play around with anyone else without permission." Mitch said.

"You'd better get permission then." Jase said.

"I, uh . . ." Mitch said.

"Or I could feed my cum to someone else. Are you saying it's time for me to find a new girlfriend?" Jase asked.

"No." Mitch said quickly. "I just don't know how."

"This guy needs to know that I come first. Got it?" Jase said. "You were mine before you even met him."

"OK." Mitch said.

"Good." There was a long pause. "I'm going to skip the shower tomorrow. I want to remind you of what you've been missing. You want that? You want your man hot and sweaty for you?"

Mitch said yes. Through the phone, Jase could hear the slapping noises of Mitch jerking off. His dick throbbed. He couldn't wait to get his dick back in his little bro's ass.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *

The following day, Mitch asked Scott to come over to his house. He didn't want to bring the situation up at The Gym in case Scott got angry.

"What's up babe?" Scott asked. His hands were already on Mitch's shoulders and his basketball shorts were tented. He was expecting sex today. Mitch pushed his hands away.

"Well," Mitch hesitated, "Don't freak out about this. My buddy, the guy who taught me all this stuff, he's going to be in town next week and wants to play around with me. He's pretty insistent."

Scott backed away. "Tell him you've got a new man. We talked about this Mitch."

"I know, but this is kind of a special case." Mitch said.

"I don't care. I'm not sharing you like that. If he wants a piece of you, he needs to come to me and ask." Scott said.

"I don't know if he'll go for that. He's sort of . . . dominant. He's not going to take no for an answer." Mitch said.

Mitch didn't make eye contact with Scott, and Scott knew that there was more to the story. He studied Mitch, then said, "You want to do this, don't you?"

Mitch decided to tell the truth. "Yeah."

"What? Are you in love with this guy?" Scott asked. He sounded really upset now.

"No . . . Yes . . . but not like I feel about you. It's complicated." Mitch said.

Scott was already making for the door. "This was a mistake, Mitch. This whole thing. You're too young for me. When you're ready, give me a call and maybe I'll still be looking."

"Wait." Mitch shouted.

Scott turned around.

"It's my brother." Mitch said. "It's Jase."

"What?" Scott asked.

"My brother Jase, he's the guy." Mitch said.

Jase? Scott considered himself to be pretty tough, but a guy like Jase made his asshole twitch. Big, brawny, and painfully self-confident, Scott had jerked off thinking about Jase a million times when he was in high school. When he thought about Jase playing with Mitch, making his boyfriend into his sex toy, he wanted to start jerking off right then and there.

"I thought he was straight?" Scott said.

"He is . . ." Mitch said. He proceeded to tell Scott exactly what had gone on between him and Jase. As he told the story, Scott started to rub his cock through his jeans. The situation turned him on immensely. The fact that Mitch had been getting fucked by this stud for the whole summer was hot enough. Add to that the fact that the guy fucking him was his older brother and Scott could barely keep himself from blowing his load.

When Mitch was finished, there was only one thing for Scott to say, "I want in."

"What?" Mitch asked.

"I want in on this. Jase was like my dream guy. I want to at least watch." Scott said.

"I have to ask him." Mitch said.

Scott agreed to let Jase decide. A guy like Jase would have to be in charge, there was no other way. Scott knew how men like Jase thought - his dad was a guy like that - they could be caring and kind, but they were always in charge.

"Come by tomorrow afternoon. He wants to meet you." Mitch said, "Aside from the sex stuff, he's really glad I'm seeing someone."

Scott pulled his dick out of his pants and pulled Mitch over to him. His cock head was coated in precum. As Mitch went down on him, he was a little ashamed because Mitch was the last thing on his mind.

*      *      *      *      *     *      *

On Friday afternoon, Jase arrived at home. Mitch explained to Jase on the phone that Scott wanted to join in, but Jase basically ignored him. If he felt like Scott might do something for him - get him going in some new way - then maybe he would play with him. However, Mitch was what he was after.

When Jase came into the house, Mitch ran up to his brother and gave him a big hug. Scott watched as Jase grabbed onto Mitch's ass and whispered something into his ear. If possible, Jase was sexier than Scott remembered. His body had filled out and his blue eyes seemed more beautiful than before.

"So you're the guy who's keeping my little bro company while I'm gone?" Jase said to Scott.

Scott nodded and stepped forward. They quickly shook hands. Normally Scott had a firm grip, but his hand melted in Jase's.

Mitch walked out of the room for a minute. "You're exactly the kind of guy I figured he'd go for. You take charge of him?"

Scott nodded. He couldn't find his words.

"Good," Jase said. "He craves it, you know."

They made small talk for a few more minutes. It was nothing too sexual, just some general conversation about Scott's relationship with Mitch.

After about ten minutes, Jase stood up."Hope you don't mind, Scott, but Mitch and I need some brother-brother time before our parents get home."

Scott got up and said good-bye to Mitch. He gave him a hug and a quick peck on the cheek while Jase watched over them. When he got outside, he couldn't believe what he was doing. He'd just given his boyfriend over to another man. The ass that he had claimed as his own just a few days ago had just been taken from him. Deep down, he felt his anger bubble up. He was mostly angry at himself. Jase didn't even have to take Mitch away. Scott just gave him up.

Back in the house, as soon as Scott was out the door, Mitch lunged for Jase. He wrapped his arms around his older brother and waited for Jase's mouth to connect with his. Immediately the masculine, musky scent that so vividly described Jase in Mitch's mind overwhelmed him.

Jase bent down and locked lips with Mitch. He pushed his little brother's mouth open and slipped his tongue inside. He loved the way the that Mitch, without any prompting, totally accepted him. There was no resistance, no thinking, just complete openness. Soon, Jase's hard dick was jabbing Mitch in the stomach. When the brothers finished kissing, Jase moved away.

"I missed you, girl." Jase said. His voice was deep and almost a growl.

"I missed you too." Mitch said.

"Really, Mitch." Jase said. "I know I'm about to fuck you senseless, but I missed hanging out with you, not just screwing you."

"You're not going to get sentimental, are you? Cause I've been waiting for a rough fuck." Mitch said.

Jase laughed, "Doesn't your new boyfriend live up to the hype?"

"He's got his moments." Mitch said.

Jase got serious again. "He's okay with this? You know I love your pussy more than any other hole on this planet, but I don't want to screw up your relationship."

"I think he's ok. He will be." Mitch said.

Jase moved in again. He wrapped his arms around Mitch and slid his fingers down Mitch's back into his ass crack. Jase massaged the meaty mounds as Mitch buried his head against Jase's neck. Jase let out a low growl.

"Let's go upstairs." he said.

When they reached their bedroom, Jase pulled off his shirt. Mitch reached out and began to unbutton his brother's jeans. Jase was free-balling it and as Mitch opened his fly Jase's pubes appeared. Just before Mitch could get Jase's pants off, his brother pushed him back.

"You first." Jase said.

Mitch pulled off his clothes slowly, putting on a little bit of a strip show for Jase. He was wearing his favorite thong. Scott was not a fan of girly underwear, but Mitch resurrected the thong for Jase. He never took his eyes off of Jase, whose hard upper body was tan and covered in light brown fur. His pubes, wilder than they were when Mitch last saw him, puffed out of his open fly. The top of his shaft was just barely visible. Mitch pulled down the thong and his hard dick slapped against his abs. Then, remembering that Jase wasn't into cock, he pulled the pouch back over his junk and turned around so that Jase could see his ass.

Within seconds Jase's hands were on Mitch's shoulders. Jase kissed his little brother at the base of his neck. "Your body looks amazing, babe."

Jase moved his hands over Mitch's butt. His ass cheeks were hard, but still meaty, and the perfect bubble butt that first tempted Jase remained. He ran his finger down Mitch's crack, "Fuck girl," he whispered into Mitch's shoulder, "You get me so hot."

Mitch felt his brother's warm tongue slide down his back as Jase dropped to his knees. Then Jase's firm lips locked over his asshole. Jase flicked at Mitch's tight hole as he pulled it open with his hands. Mitch pressed back into his brother. He felt the scruff on Jase's face rub against the inside of his crack.

"You're hot for me, aren't you girl?" Jase said. "Your smooth, pink boy-hole is winking at me."

Jase's mouth returned to Mitch's hole. Mitch closed his eyes and let his brother's tongue take him to a place he'd almost forgot existed. The expectation made it all a lot hotter. He knew that soon he would have Jase's mammoth, ten inch rod back inside him.

Jase stood and lifted Mitch to his feet. Mitch turned around and saw Jase lick his lips. "You want a taste of your man?" Jase asked.

Mitch nodded. Jase took a few steps backward and fell onto his bed. Mitch reached for his pants, eager to pull them off and get a taste of the cock that made him crave dick, but Jase grabbed his hands and shook his head. He pulled Mitch up onto his body. He was surprised at how hard and heavy Mitch felt on top of him. Jase pushed Mitch's face into his armpit and growled a gruff, "Start here."

Mitch ran his tongue through the course hair of his brother's pit. The salty taste of sweat filled his mouth as the sharp tang of his musk blasted open his nostrils. He turned into a man possessed and began to eagerly lick at Jase's pit, bicep, and down his ribs. When he was finished, he turned to the other arm. This time, he pressed his face into Jase's body, eager to share his brother's scent, knowing how turned on Jase got by marking his little brother in this way.

Jase closed his arm and pushed Mitch away. Mitch moved his mouth across Jase's chest, leaving a wet trail with his tongue, to his nipple. He bit down a little on one nipple and then on the other. He sucked at his big brother's chest, knowing that Jase was getting hotter. He felt Jase's dick throbbing underneath him. Soon, Jase's big hand grabbed onto his head and pushed him lower. He wanted Mitch on his cock.

Mitch decided to deny him the pleasure for a little while longer and made out with his brother's rippling abs. Jase had been working out hard since returning to college, and he had a model's stomach. His tight belly button winked at Mitch, who licked around it for a few minutes.

Beneath Mitch, Jase's body had started to move. He was pressing his groin up into Mitch's chest. Mitch looked up at Jase and grinned his sexiest smile.

"You got me so hot, girl." Jase said, "My dick is leaking like a faucet for you."

Mitch didn't say anything in response, but instead opened up Jase's fly and finally let his dick out. It sprang upward and flung a line of precum onto Jase's abs. The head was shiny and deep purple. The foreskin still covered most of it, and Mitch noticed a sea of dick drool in the folds.

"C'mon baby. I need it." Jase whispered.

Mitch slipped his lips over the head. Instantly, by habit, his tongue slid under Jase's hood. He tasted the salty precum and the flavors of Jase's dick slime. He let the cock slip out of his mouth and buried his nose in Jase's pubes as he savored the taste. Everything he loved about Jase - his over-flowing testosterone, his confidence, his muscles - it was all bundled up in the flavor of his cock. As soon as it touched his taste buds, Mitch went dick-crazy.

He dove back onto his brother's cock and let it slide into his throat. Jase groaned and bucked underneath him. Both hands were on Mitch's head now, gently controlling him as he worked his brother's cock.

"Fuck, yeah, girl. Fucking eat my cock." Jase said, "Are you hungry for your big bro's cum? You want my load baby?"

Mitch pulled off his brother's dick and nodded. Jase took hold of his little brother's head and mashed his mouth into his nuts. Jase had big balls, way too big for Mitch to take them both into his mouth at the same time. Still, he did his best to suck on his brother's bull nuts while Jase jerked off.

"Look at me baby." Jase said. Mitch looked up at him, his mouth still stuck on Jase's nuts. Jase rubbed his dick across Mitch's face, coating his forehead and nose with precum and spit. Then he ran his fingers through Mitch's hair, mussing it up. Jase loved it when the person sucking his dick actually looked like a cock sucker.

"I'm close, girl. I've got a four day load in those nuts." Jase said. He groaned loudly. "I'm going to paint your face and then watch you lick it up."

Jase started to jerk his dick, but then both brothers heard a loud thud downstairs. Their mom was home, and soon enough, they could hear her calling up the stairs for Jase.

"Fuck." Jase said. Mitch had already jumped off of him and tossed him his pants. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck."

"You gonna be ok?" Mitch said with a smile. Jase was going to have to put up with some serious blue balls for a while.

"You think this is funny? I'm going to tear your cunt open later on." Jase said as he tossed Mitch a towel. "You better wash my cock slime off your face before you say hi to mom."

They both went downstairs. Throughout dinner, Jase gazed lustfully at Mitch. It was so bad that at one point their mom asked Jase what he was thinking about. He muttered that he wasn't thinking about anything, but in reality he was thinking about Mitch's tight ass massaging his cock, which was hard and uncomfortable in his pants. When dinner was finished, Jase and Mitch were sent into the kitchen to clean up. Mitch took every opportunity he could to press his body into Jase's, and Jase occasionally grabbed at Mitch's ass. Once, Jase even leaned in and lightly bit Mitch's earlobe, and said, "Is your boyfriend's dick as big as mine." When Mitch shook his head, Jase said, "Good. You'll be nice and tight."

When they were finally finished, they bounded off to their bedroom. Their mom couldn't understand why the guys were so eager to go to bed, but their dad, who knew they had sex, just grinned to himself.

As soon as Jase had closed the door he tackled Mitch onto the bed. His fingers reached under Mitch's waistband and yanked his pants and thong off in one quick go. Then he turned and reached into his nightstand. He pulled out a bottle of lube.

"You're lucky this is still here." he said with a smile. Jase stepped out of his pants and yanked off his shirt. Mitch wanted a few minutes to gaze at his brother's awesome body, but Jase was already dripping lube onto his cock. His dick was engorged and terrifying. After being with Scott, whose eight inches were impressive but small compared to Jase, Jase's dick looked enormous.

"You forgot how big it was, didn't you?" Jase said. Mitch nodded. "Don't worry, girl. Your cunt will remember once I get it inside."

There was a distinctly wicked grin on Jase's face. Mitch turned over onto the bed and presented his hole to Jase. He waited for a rough entry.

Mitch felt one hand on his hip, then Jase's warm cock at this entrance. With a shove, Jase pushed it in and started to lower his body down onto Mitch. Mitch still wasn't sure who liked body contact more. Jase loved to use his weight and strength to make Mitch feel small. Mitch loved the feeling of warm soft skin and hard pulsing muscles against his back. As Jase came down, his cock snaked into Mitch's guts. After he was about three quarters of the way in, the head of Jase's cock hit a wall. Mitch groaned loudly and pulled away.

Instantly, Jase's hand was over Mitch's mouth. "Shhh . . ." he hissed as he slowed down his assault. "You don't want mom to come up here and find you with a dick in your cunt, do you?"

Jase's loosened his grip, but didn't remove his hand. Instead, he slipped a finger into Mitch's mouth. "Just relax, girl, and let me in."

Mitch's body started to calm down. It helped that Jase's free hand was moving across his chest, lightly massaging his pecs. Slowly, the last few inches of Jase's rod slipped into him. He literally felt his body make room deep inside of him as Jase's pubes finally made contact with his ass.

"Yeah, baby." Jase said, "I'm all the way in."

Jase began to pull his cock out. Mitch's ass lips greedily tried to hang onto it. Mitch groaned again and this time Jase grabbed the bed spread and shoved it into his mouth. "Really, girl, you gotta be quiet."

Mitch bit down on the cloth, knowing that when Jase started to fuck him, he was going to have a hard time staying silent. Without warning, Jase started to piston in and out of his ass. The strokes would have been long for most guys, but Mitch knew that Jase was only working with half of his dick. At least five inches of cock stayed inside of him at all times. Each thrust went all the way in, sending a dull pain mixed with waves of pleasure up Mitch's spine. He groaned into the bedspread and bit down to keep himself from calling out.

As Jase picked up the pace, his fingers gripped into Mitch's hips. He was just getting a steady rhythm going when he stepped on something underneath Mitch's bed. He kicked it out of the way. When he looked down, he instantly knew what it was from a story Mitch had told him a while back. He paused for a split second to reach down and grab the Ziploc bag. Then he slammed back into Mitch before his little bro could wonder what was going on. He opened the bag with his teeth and pulled out a pair of blue boxer briefs. Jase could smell the stink of another man. He pulled the bedspread out of Mitch's mouth and shoved in Scott's worn underwear.

"Why don't you chew on your boyfriends panties, girl." Jase said.

When Mitch got a whiff of Scott's gear, which he had jacked off with dozens of times, it was like every synapse in his brain was blasted open. His body started to shudder as he got ready to orgasm.

Jase felt Mitch begin to cum. "Fuck yeah, baby, cum for me." Jase said without slowing down.

Mitch's dick pulsed as he shot his load onto the top of his bed. It was one of the strongest orgasms of his life, and his asshole clenched around Jase's cock like a vice. As Jase pulled in and out of him, it felt like he was taking all of Mitch's insides with him. Mitch whimpered, and then, as his orgasm built, he groaned out loud.

Jase's hand came down on the back of his head and pushed his face into the covers. "Shut up, girl." he said gruffly. The effect only made Mitch's orgasm stronger. The musky stink of Scott's junk filled his lungs and Jase's strong hand dominated him. He came for what felt like hours. When he was finally finished, he was almost surprised to feel Jase still pumping in and out of his ass.

When Jase felt his brother's body go slack, he pulled his dick out. "I'm almost there girl, turn around."

Mitch, still half in a daze, turned around and fell to his knees in front of Jase. He leaned in and licked the head of his brother's dick while Jase jerked off.

"Close your mouth, babe." Jase said quickly, "I want you to look like the cum hungry beast I know you are."

Jase's bicep bulged as he pulled on his cock, and Mitch was mesmerized by the way his foreskin glided over his purple glans. Without warning, Jase started to pant loudly and his piss slit opened up. He turned Mitch's head upward and looked down into his little brother's eyes as he started to cum.

Jase wasn't joking when he said he had saved up his cum. The first rope splattered across the bridge of Mitch's nose and went into his hair. Jase moved his cock a little and shot again, this time right onto Mitch's forehead. He grunted as he continued to shoot. At least six thick ropes of cum shot across Mitch's face. Unable to help himself, Mitch stuck out his tongue and licked up some of the load. He recognized the taste of his big brother and continued to suck the cum that ran down his cheeks into his mouth. The harsh, sexy smell of semen washed over him as hot liquid ran down his face.

"Fuck, girl. You look real pretty now." Jase muttered. He grabbed his cell phone and took a quick shot of Mitch. "For when I go back to school." he said smiling.

Mitch was about to put a hand to his face, when Jase grabbed onto his face and pushed him back into the bed. He rubbed the palm of his hand through his own load and all over Mitch's neck and chest. Then he lay there quietly while Mitch licked his semen out of the cracks and crevices of his hand. His dick was still hard and throbbing. In a few minutes he would be ready for round two.

"I missed this Mitch." Jase said.

Mitch muttered the same thing back.

"You really know how to treat a guy." Jase said.

Mitch pulled Jase's hand out of his mouth. "You taught me." he said. Once Jase was clean and satisfied, Mitch crawled onto the bed with him. Visions of all the sex they would have over the week danced through his head, and his hand lazily drifted down to his brother's cock. After about ten minutes, Jase pushed Mitch's face down toward his dick, and closed his eyes. Letting his little bro do what he did best.

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