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Scott and Mitch, Part 9

Scott and Mitch, Part 9
Cosmic Charlie -

Note: Not sure how realistic the story in this chapter is, but I hope it's hot none the less.

After Jase had returned to college, sex between Scott and Mitch had become surprisingly vanilla. When Jase had been home for spring break, all three guys had enjoyed sexual encounters that left them with rug burns, bruises, and feeling pretty much exhausted. In the aftermath there was a period between the two where slow and intimate sex seemed like the natural way to even things out. However, after a few weeks, both guys had started to get bored.

Scott was especially bothered by the change. Scott had always been a little into rough sex and dominating bottom boys, but the volume got turned up when he met Mitch. Now he was into the group scenes, public sex, and the sort of dirty, sweaty fucking that turned Mitch on, and he was starting to miss it.

He was sitting with Mitch on the couch in his house, their bodies half touching, as he thought about ways to turn the volume back up. An early baseball game was on TV, and they were hardly talking.

"These guys are so hot." Mitch said.

Scott glanced at his boyfriend and saw a tent in the front of Mitch's running shorts. Mitch loved sex more than anyone Scott had ever met and had the kind of active imagination that could turn almost any scenario into a fantasy. Give him five minutes of silence and a hot guy, and he'd start dreaming about dick.

Scott grabbed at Mitch's crotch before laughing and saying, "You're such a homo. Can't you just watch the game?"

"No." Mitch said, "C'mon, like you've never fantasized about getting railed by a sports team. Everyone has that fantasy."

"Maybe." Scott said. He climbed up next to Mitch and kissed him quick before moving his mouth to Mitch's ear. "Tell me how it would go."

"Locker-room scene," Mitch said.

"Yeah, after the game?"

"Fuck yeah. The players come in and they've got dirt from the base lines on their uniforms. They're sweaty and dusty from the game."

"Who are you?"

"I don't know, an equipment guy, maybe a trainer. When they walk in I can smell the field and the leather from their gloves."

"You've thought this out."

"More than once." Mitch kissed Scott quickly before continuing, "They all start stripping. No one notices that I'm watching. They peel off the layers of their uniforms until all of the guys are standing around in their jocks, joking around . . ."

"This is where it turns into a porno."

"Exactly. The pitcher sees me. He's tall with strong forearms, dark brown hair and a shadow of a beard. He asks me to come over to him. When I get there he tells me he needs me to help him out. Soon, his hand is on my shoulder and he pushes me down to my knees. I don't resist of course."

"Of course."

Scott reached down and grabbed onto Mitch's cock. He rubbed and squeezed it through the silky fabric of the shorts. Mitch moaned and started to move his hips around, pressing his dick into Scott's hand. Scott gripped him harder, working his shaft.

"Before I know it," Mitch continued, "he pulls his jock aside and takes out the hard cup. His dick is already half hard, and I dive on it. While I suck him off, his hands are on my head, his fingers digging into my scalp. He moves me around his sweaty junk. I lick his balls, they're fucking huge. Oh fuck . . ."

Scott's hand was inside Mitch's pants now, and he was masturbating Mitch furiously while Mitch bucked around on the couch.

"Fuck . . . When I look up the whole team is standing around, lining up to get a crack at my mouth. Fuck . . ." he moaned. "Pretty soon it's just this insane orgy of cock, sweat, and cum. I've got dick all around me. Fuck, fuck . .  ."

Scott felt a patch of wetness bloom around his fingers as Mitch came in his shorts. Mitch's dick pulsed as the chunky cum oozed out onto his hand. Mitch panted like a bitch in heat as he blew his load. While Mitch was still in his post-orgasm haze, Scott pulled his cummy fingers out of the shorts and shoved them into Mitch's mouth. Mitch sucked his semen up greedily before going slack against Scott's body.

"You're a kinky little fucker." Scott said.

"You didn't let me finish."

Scott put his hand back in Mitch's pants and toyed with his dick. "What happens next?"

"I don't know, I never get farther than that."

"Still, pretty hot. I wish there was a way to make it happen."

"Fuck," Mitch said, "I'd settle for a couple of dudes, you know. Just a taste."

Scott grinned. He wondered if he could find a few friends who would be willing to dress up in baseball gear for Mitch. It would be hot if he could pull it off, but he didn't really think he could. He kept thinking about it as he turned his attention back to the game.

      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *

The next day Colin and Scott were standing around in the office looking over the work schedule. Since Scott talked to him Colin had continued to flirt with Mitch, but he had yet to cross the line. Scott had a ton of respect for the fact that when he told Colin to back off, he actually did. That didn't mean that Colin didn't constantly ask Scott to blow him, or ask Scott to ask Mitch to blow him in exchange for favors. Still, it was an improvement.

"Why do you need so many days off?" Scott asked.

"I volunteer with the baseball team at the high school. You know that. I do it every year. If you cover my days in the spring, I'll cover some weekends for you this summer."

"I forgot. That's cool." Scott said. His mind drifted back to Mitch's fantasy, and he was practically drooling when Colin snapped him back to his senses.

"Dude, what're you thinking about?"


"You were dreaming about my dick again, weren't you." Colin pulled down the front of his shorts and let his ample, uncut cock flop out. "It's hard to resist. You sure you don't want some."

"Fuck off." Scott said. Colin looked a little put out, so Scott decided to indulge him. "The other night Mitch and I were watching a baseball game and he told me about this fantasy he has. When you talked about volunteering with a team it made me think of it. It was hot."

"Let me guess. Gay dude gets boned by three outfielders in the locker-room."

"Well, more or less. It was the whole team."

"Yeah, I forgot that Mitch is a major slut." Colin said.

They both laughed. It wasn't like it wasn't true.

"Does he want to get fucked or just suck a some dudes off?" Colin asked.

"We didn't get that far." Scott said. A sexy grin broke across his face.

Colin stared off into space for a while. "You know, this could maybe happen."

"What are you talking about?" Scott said.

"The fantasy. I mean, not the whole team, but there's a guy on the high school team who I'm pretty sure is gay and one or two other dudes I think he sucks off."

"How would you know that?" Scott asked skeptically.

"I know when someone's hungry for my body, for one. And I pick things up at practices. Little jokes here and there."

"Yeah, well, I'll believe it when I see it." Scott said. He left the office and headed back out into the gym to work.

      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *

Scott had completely forgotten about the conversation when Colin came up to him a few days later.

"I got some guys that are game." Colin said. "One gay guy and two sort-of straight guys."

"What?" Scott said.

"For Mitch. Remember? The baseball thing?"

"You're serious?"

"Yeah, and you better be too cause I risked a lot asking these guys about this shit."

"They're guys from Mitch's high school?" Scott asked.

"Yeah." Colin said, "And they're studs, just like he likes."

"Fuck man," Scott groaned, "I don't know about this."

"What are you worried about? You get Mitch into the locker room at 5:30 on Thursday, and I'll do the rest."

"Col, if we do this, I run the show. You got it? This isn't your chance to do whatever with Mitch." Scott said.

Colin rolled his eyes, "Whatever. You know, you're kind of a bitch when it comes to him."

      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *

On Thursday afternoon Scott pulled up to the school and Mitch let him in through a side door. "I still don't know why you want to come in here." Mitch said.

"I don't know, old time's sake I guess. I just wanted to see the place." Scott said.

Mitch was wearing a grey a-shirt and black gym shorts. He looked sexy as hell, and Scott ran a hand over his ass. Mitch jerked away. "C'mon man. Look around, and then we're out of here. We can fuck around at my house."

Scott remembered the hallways well from his days at the school. When they walked into the locker room, it hadn't changed at all. Granted, it had only been a few years since he had left, but he was surprised to see that nothing had changed.

They had only been in the room for a minute when they heard voices down the hall coming toward them. Three high school seniors, all in uniform, walked into the room. One of the guys grinned at Scott, and Scott turned to lock the door. Colin had agreed to keep a  lookout on the other side. It was late, but there was still a chance that a janitor or someone might come in. Before he walked away, he grabbed Mitch's shoulder and said, "Get changed so we can take off."

Mitch had already peeled off his shirt when he saw the guys. He recognized them all and was pretty familiar with one of them. They were seniors and each of them was a stud about whom Mitch had fantasized once or twice. The biggest guy, Freddie, was about 6'2 and 220 lbs of cut muscle. Next to him was a guy named Adam, who was a little shorter but a whole lot wider through the shoulders. Finally, there was a guy named Alvaro who Mitch had class with. Mitch had caught Alvaro checking him out a few times in the past, but with Scott around he never tried to cruise him back.

Freddie unbuttoned his practice jersey and peeled it off. He was wearing a t-shirt underneath and that came off too. His upper body was lean, and he was very well built. His pecs were solid, though not too pronounced, and his abs rippled under his skin. A solid valley ran down the middle of his chest and divided him along the vertical. His skin was smooth. There wasn't a hair on him.

Mitch was staring with his mouth open when Freddie said, "You like what you see?"

"I . . . uh . . . I'm just changing." Mitch said.

"Answer my question, man. Do you like what you see?"

"Yeah, dude, you've got an awesome body."

"You want to touch it?" Freddie asked.

Mitch practically fell over. The other two guys were watching him now. Both were undressed from the waist up but still wore their tight baseball pants. Mitch's eyes bobbed from one guy to the next, trying to figure out what was going on.

Freddie walked over to Mitch. Mitch immediately smelled the combination of grass, dust, and the sweaty body of a teen jock. His dick ached in his pants as he nervously glanced around for Scott.

"Go ahead." Freddie said, pushing his torso toward Mitch.

Mitch fumbled over his words. "My . . uh . . . boyfriend."

Freddie grabbed onto Mitch's hand and placed it onto his hard abs. His body heat sent a shiver through Mitch's body. Instinctively, Mitch started to rub the man's stomach along the top of his pants.

A hand fell onto Mitch's shoulder. "Who do you think set this up?" Scott said from behind Mitch. He grabbed onto Mitch's forearm and pushed his fingers lower, so that they pressed into the hard cup that covered the Freddie's genitalia.

"Take it out." Freddie hissed. He didn't force Mitch to do anything, but he was definitely guiding him along as they went. The eighteen year-old thrust his package forward. Scott moved a few feet away to watch.

Mitch's fingers' slid into Freddie's pants and under the band of his jockstrap. He pulled the cup away from his body and then slid it up over his nuts. The plastic was hot and wet. Mitch didn't know what to do with it, but when he looked up at Freddie, he knew that someone had told him everything about Mitch. He had no secrets and therefore no shame.

He lifted the cup to his face and put it over his mouth, breathing deeply though his nose. The dude's musk and sweat shot through his nostrils and toward his brain.  Mitch almost blew his load instantly. When he pulled the nut cup away Freddie smiled knowingly, as if he had seen guys like Mitch before. Mitch glanced up at Alvaro who was grinning from ear to ear.

Mitch dropped down to his knees. Freddie's fly was open, and he pulled down the elastic band of his jock. Mitch leaned in and kissed the top of his bush, licking at the thick hair. Then he slid his mouth lower over the fabric of Freddie's jock strap. It was neither really dirty or really clean, just worn. The smell and taste of Freddie's body mixed with the elastic fabric of the pouch.

Freddie thrust his hips forward and humped Mitch's face. Mitch was drooling over his basket now and really wanted to get at the goods.

"Fuck," Freddie groaned, "Colin wasn't lying. He really loves cock."

"Wait until he gets his mouth on your dick." Scott said back.

Freddie grabbed onto the pouch of the jock and pulled it aside enough to let his nuts slip out. Mitch jumped onto them, licking the salt and sweat up before sucking one into his mouth and rolling it around.

He kept up the ball job until Freddie suddenly stepped away. Mitch looked up, and saw Adam in front of him. Adam had the body of a Greek statue - wide through the shoulders and tight at the waist. He seemed like a tower of muscle and flesh. Adam grabbed onto Mitch's chin and played with it before sliding his hand behind Mitch's head and pressing him into his crotch.

Mitch breathed in deep, smelling first the clean fabric, then the smells of the field, and then finally Adam's body. He chewed at Adam's dick through the fabric. It was hard and pressed down the side of his leg. Mitch bit the length of the shaft, which seemed to go down at least seven inches. When he got to the head of Adam's dick, he sucked hard on it, trying to let Adam know what he wanted.

Adam grabbed onto Mitch's hair and pulled his head back so that he was facing upward.

"I've seen you checking me out, you know?" Adam said. "You've wanted my body for a while."

Mitch nodded.

"Most guys around here don't realize how good it is to have a cock-worshipper like you around. They don't know what it's like to not have to beg a chick for a blow job. A man shouldn't ask to have his dick sucked, it should be a privilege."

Adams fingers moved across Mitch's face into his mouth. He pulled Mitch's lips apart and spit down into his mouth. Mitch swallowed the saliva and opened up for more. Adam didn't oblige.

It took Mitch a minute to figure out what Adam was waiting for. Then he figured it out. "Can I suck your cock, please, Adam?" Mitch said.

Adam grinned and nodded. He let go of Mitch and straightened out. Mitch moved his hands up Adam's strong thighs and unbuttoned his pants. He reached in, pushing his fingers through Adam's bush, and pulled out his dick. It was at least seven and a half inches long with a big, cut head. Mitch slapped it against his lips before taking it into his mouth. He dove all the way down in one swoop. He wanted to give Adam a blow job he would never forget.

As soon as Mitch's nose was planted in Adam's pubes, the baseball stud went weak in the knees. He'd never had a throat wrapped around his dick like this. He groaned loudly,  "Jesus, fuck man. That's awesome."

His fingers stroked the back of Mitch's head, and Mitch bobbed up and down on his dick. When it was good and slimy, he moved his mouth to Adam's balls and worked the shaft with his hand.

"Al," Adam said, "You've got to take lessons from this guy."

Alvaro smiled. He had already taken off his pants. Normally, he was the one on his knees, but Colin had promised that he would get a blow job today.

Mitch was pulled away from Adam and then shoved into another guy's junk. He saw the dark skin as his mouth was pressed into Alvaro's nutsack. Al cursed and moaned as Mitch worked him over. Soon his hands were on Mitch's head, pushing him lower and lower.

Mitch dug his face between Al's legs. He lapped at the guy's taint while Al's testicles rolled across his nose. Al kept knocking him on the head as he pulled on his cock. Mitch groaned and rooted around to let all of the guys know how much he was enjoying himself.

Again with lightening speed he was pulled from one's guy's crotch and shoved into another. This time, Mitch knew who he was getting as soon as his face got there. He recognized Scott's smell and taste and had practically memorized every molecule of Scott's cock. He took the top of Scott's dick into his mouth and sucked down hard.

"Is this what you wanted, babe?" Scott moaned, "A couple of feet of hot ball-player dick for you to suck?"

Mitch nodded as he went down on Scott.

"Sweaty bodies and testosterone. That's what this guy was born for." Scott said to Adam.

"I can tell." Adam said. "Is he a good fuck?"

"The best, but you're not getting that today." Scott said.

Adam was a little disappointed. Still, he wasn't going to pass up a hot blow job just because he couldn't fuck the guy.

Scott pulled Mitch off his cock and pushed him downward. When Mitch looked up there were four cocks hanging over him. Scott's was drooling precum onto the floor and the other three dicks were rock hard with shiny knobs. Mitch was practically in awe. The guys all still had their baseball pants on, dirty at the knees. Adam's pants had fallen halfway down his hairy thighs, which Mitch found really sexy. As Mitch looked up at their torsos he gazed into their sweaty underarms and up between their legs. This was totally how his fantasy always went in his head. He grinned at Scott, who grinned back before spitting on Mitch. Then he used his knee to push Mitch toward Freddie's dick.

"Let him at your cock, Freddie." Adam said.

Mitch sucked the cock into his mouth. As he sucked it, he could feel the Adam's dick sliding across his cheek. At the same time, Scott rubbed his cock against Mitch's ear and Alvaro was behind him, dripping onto his back.

For the next five minutes, the four guys shoved Mitch's head around, moving his mouth from one hard cock to the next. His cheeks were soon coated with dick slime and precum and spit had dripped onto his chest. Mitch opened up his fly and slowly pulled on his own dick as he sucked as much jock-cock as he could. Everything was exactly like he imagined it would be. His whole world was a mess of dick, sweat, and muscle. His hair was messed up from getting traded off between the guys. His asshole was twitching. He wanted badly to get fucked, but judged from the way Scott had been talking that it wasn't going to happen.

Mitch was working over Freddie's hairy nuts when Scott pushed him deeper. "He loves eating ass." Scott said. "Turn around man."

Mitch groaned as Freddie turned his body around and leaned against the lockers. His ass cheeks were furry, unlike his smooth front side and Mitch wondered if he shaved his chest. Between the mounds of muscle was a hairy trench, and Freddie's waiting hole. He dove in and started to lick Freddie's crack. The sweat from practice was still there and Mitch licked it up in between passes over his asshole. As he rimmed him, Freddie couldn't hold still, and Mitch practically had to chase his rosebud with his tongue.

"Yeah, eat that fucking ass. Fucking eat it." Freddie moaned. "You like that sweaty jock ass?"

Mitch nodded and pulled away to say yes. Scott immediately pushed him back down. He darted his tongue into Freddie's hole which caused him to gasp again.

"Fucking get in there, boy. Tongue fuck my hole." Freddie cursed.

Mitch shoved his tongue into Freddie's tight shoot and worked him over the best he could. He could tell by the way the muscles of Freddie's body pulsed that the guy was jerking off. Mitch began to lick from the base of his balls up to his asshole, trying to make him feel as good as possible.

"I want some of that." Alvaro said. He moved next to Freddie and bent over. Scott grabbed onto Mitch's head and pulled him out of Freddie's ass. Before he passed him off to Alvaro, he bent down and made out with Mitch. His tongue invaded Mitch's mouth, and then he sucked on Mitch's face for half a minute before breaking off the kiss and letting Mitch at Alvaro's ass.

Mitch didn't skip a beat. He ate away at the Latin stud's ass crack as Alvaro's body moved closer to him. Alvaro pressed his dick and balls backward so that Mitch could lick from the tip of his dick all the way up to the small of his back. His balls were tight against his body, and Mitch knew that the stud was going to come soon.

Around him Mitch could hear the slapping sound of the other guys beating off. Without warning his head was jerked away from Alvaro's body. Freddie stepped in and started to groan loudly. Mitch watched as the jock's ass cheeks bulged and flexed when he shot his load. Freddie stepped away and there was a mess of cum splashed between Alvaro's cheeks, coating his hole. The cum was thick and ran down onto the Latin jock's tight ball sack.

"Go for it stud," Freddie said. Just as forcefully as he had pulled Mitch away from Al he pushed him back in. His forehead slid through the ropes of cum as his mouth connected with Al's balls. He licked up the load, pulling all of it into his mouth before swallowing.

Just as he was sucking up the last drops, Al straightened up and turned around. He shoved his dick into Mitch's mouth. It was already pulsing, and Mitch choked a little as the first blasts of cum hit the back of his throat. He opened up and Al pushed in, delivering the rest of his seed straight into Mitch's gut.  When Al pulled his cock out Mitch gasped for air. His eyes were watering, and when he looked up all he saw was Scott's body. Scott's hand moved across his face and his fingers slipped into Mitch's mouth.

"Fuck yeah, babe." Scott said, "You like being our cum-hungry locker room slut?"

Mitch didn't answer. Instead he dove onto Scott's dick. He only got a quick taste before Scott pulled away.

Scott reached out past Mitch and said, "C'mere stud."

Adam stepped toward them, and Scott grabbed onto his dick. He jerked Adam off, slowly pulling him closer. Mitch finally stopped trying to get at Scott's dick and went for Adam's balls instead. As soon as he started to tongue Adam's sack, he felt the stud tense up. Adam hissed a long 'Yessss' and started to cum.

Scott pointed the jock's throbbing dick at his own hard cock. Each rope of Adam's cum landed perfectly, splattering into Scott's pubes and icing the length of his penis. Scott resisted the urge to play with himself by rubbing the high-school baseball star's cum into his skin. Instead, when Adam's dick finally finished erupting, Scott held his cock out for Mitch.

Mitch tried to dive on Scott's cum-covered rod, but Scott held him back by the hair.

"You want that load, babe?" Scott taunted.

"Let me have it." Mitch moaned.

"Fuck, he's a slut." Adam said.

"Shut up dude." Scott said with a smile, "That's my boyfriend you're talking about."

Just as Scott said that a line of drool escaped Mitch's mouth. He hoped no one would notice, but Adam saw.

"He's drooling for your cum covered dick, dude." Adam said. "I'm pretty sure that makes him a slut."

Scott just nodded before looking down again at Mitch. "Are you my little slut, Mitch?" Scott asked.

"Fuck yeah, babe." Mitch said back.

Scott let go of his head and let him at his cock. Mitch sucked down hard on his shaft, trying to eat all of Adam's load. After he pulled the cum off the shaft, he licked up what remained. His tongue darted into the folds of Scott's foreskin, and Scott groaned loudly.

"I hope you're ready babe, cause you're going to get another load."

Mitch reached up and jerked on Scott's cock. He worked the head with his tongue and the shaft with his hands. Eventually, he felt the blood rush into Scott's already engorged dick and knew that he was going to be rewarded for his efforts.

Scott's cum flooded his mouth. He didn't know if it was the feel of Scott's cock or the taste of his seed, but getting Scott's load felt strangely familiar after eating the cum of three strangers. Mitch hadn't felt this way before with any guy except his brother. If he hadn't been so focused on Scott's dick, he probably would have been proud of the fact that he was developing real feelings for Scott.

He savored every last drop of Scott's semen. When he was done, and Scott started to pull away, he let the still hard cock leave his mouth with a pop. Scott bent down and kissed him full on the mouth, getting a little taste of his own load.

"You want me to suck you off babe?" Scott whispered.

"Too late," Mitch said.

Scott glanced down and saw the cum splattered across Mitch's shorts. Most of the load had dissolved and the wet spots had spread out widely. Mitch had orgasmed a while ago.

"You're so fucking sexy." Scott said.

"This was awesome." Mitch replied.

The guys made out for a while until Freddie smacked Scott on the ass, "Get a room dude." he said.

Scott broke off the kiss and pulled Mitch to his feet. Mitch turned around to get one last look at the guys. The three studs had returned to their lockers and were grabbing their shower stuff. He studied they're sexy bodies, comparing them to each other and to Scott. He wondered what they would do if he saw them in the halls the next day.

At the same time, Scott stood behind Mitch studying his ass. His dick was still hard, and he had every intention of taking Mitch home and fucking him silly while he relieved the whole scene in his head.

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