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Basketball Jock and Prof 18

Here's the new chapter of Basketball Jock and Prof. Hope you guys enjoy.
Basketball Jock and Prof, Part 18
Cosmic Charlie -

The weeks after my engagement to Mike were filled with more parties, events, and work than I could keep track of, and Mike and I had trouble finding time to be together. He was finishing up his senior basketball season, and I was finishing up the quarter. In addition to these normal stresses, there were parties with friends, parents, and relatives to announce the fact that we were engaged. I felt bad for Mike at some of these dinners. Some of my colleagues did not exactly welcome the news of my engagement. I had broken a serious taboo in going out with Mike, and they wouldn't be quick to forget it. He sat through dinners where he was barely included without complaining or bitching about it afterwards. He did occasionally, a get a little rough in bed with me as compensation, but that never felt like a punishment.

If anything, sex with Mike had gotten kinkier. Getting engaged seemed so normal and decent that we felt the need to shake things up. We occasionally picked guys up at the bar, had sweaty sex at the gym, played with toys, or fucked around outside at night. Overall we were having a pretty good time.

In the midst of all of this, Mike was pursuing the assistant coaching job. I had a sense that he was the front-runner for the position, but I tried to give him some space while he waited. He was a good ball-player and a really decent guy, but he lacked experience and his grades weren't that good. On campus I kept my distance from the search so that no one could claim that I was influencing the decision. I didn't want to do anything that would make the search committee decide to pick someone else.

It was a Friday night when I saw Mike driving up to the house. I suspected that the job offer would go out that day, but hadn't been sure. As soon as he stepped out of his car I could tell that he had been offered the job. His face was glowing.

"You heard?" I said to him.

"I got it." Mike said. "The pay sucks, but it's a job, and it's here, with you."

He walked up and wrapped his arms around me. He buried his face in my neck and relaxed into me. It was, I think, the first time that I had ever supported Mike's body like this. I knew that he had been nervous about what he would do after he graduated. He wasn't the kind of guy who could sit around the house while another man took care of him. As his body melted into mine, I could feel him finally relaxing and letting go of his tension.

We stood like that for a minute until Mike broke away. "How do you want to celebrate?" I asked.

"Really? I'd kind of like to chill out here. I'm excited and exhausted at the same time."

"We can do that." I said.

"I'm gonna go for a run and then we can make dinner." he said, "You want to come?"

"Nah." I said. Mike had the ability to work out no matter how tired he was. I, on the other hand, was exhausted at the end of the day. If I didn't run in the morning, it wasn't going to happen.

Mike changed clothes and took off. I went into the house and collapsed into the couch.The last month had been wild, with lots of plans for the future, but we had somehow managed to avoid having a conversation about what Mike would do. I couldn't imagine the idea of him hanging out at home while I worked all day, and I was happy that he would have something to do. My biggest fear had been that without something to keep him busy, Mike would get bored with me and leave. That fear was finally dispelled.

About an hour later Mike walked into the house. He kicked off his shoes and looked at laying on the couch. "What, no dinner?"

"It's your turn to cook." I said.

"I don't know why I'm marrying you." Mike shot back.

He turned to walk toward the master bath to shower. There was a solid line of sweat down the back of his shirt, collecting at the top of his ass. I got up and followed him into the bedroom.

As Mike pulled off his socks I came up behind him and kissed him on the back of the neck. He turned around and put his hand on the front of my chest. "Not now babe. I'm tired and hungry." he said.

I'd never known Mike to say no to sex, so I figured that he was playing around. I kissed him on his neck and licked at the line of his jaw. He tasted salty. "Mmm . . . " I moaned. I grabbed at his lumpy crotch, which was damp with sweat.

"You're a perv." Mike said.

"You taught me." I said back. I moved my mouth across his chest into his armpit. He smelled fresh, like the outdoors. I bit down on the fabric of his t-shirt and sucked a little bit. Mike stood there like a statue.

"You're really not into this." I said.

"I guess not." He pulled down the front of his running shorts. His cock was soft and his big bull balls hung lose in his sack behind it. "See. Nothing."

"I bet I can get it hard." I said as I ran my fingers through his pubes.

"Later." Mike said. He took a step backward and bumped into the bed.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a glint of silver and hatched a quick plan. I pushed him onto the bed where he landed with a thud. I fell on top of him and dove into his pit again. As I licked him through his shirt, I played with his arm and raised it over his head. Mike decided to let me have my way for a minute and relaxed. He didn't notice what I was doing until he heard the handcuff click closed around his wrist.

The handcuffs were Mike's idea. We'd played with them a few days ago and they were still hanging from the bed frame. Mike pulled and then frowned a little.

"Too far." he said. "Let me go." He looked serious. He really wasn't in the mood to play.

"No." I said. "You're mine now."

Mike pulled a few more times. I could tell that if he really wanted to he might be able to break the bed frame, but who knows what damage he'd do to himself in the process.  "You horny fucker. You're going to pay for this. Now let me go."

"What? Are you gonna fuck me with your big dick?" I said, "That's what I wanted to begin with."

I grabbed Mike's other arm and moved it up to the bedpost. He pulled back against me but then gave in. Though I wouldn't be able to over power him, I already had one arm bound and Mike just gave up. When I had the second hand locked up, he pulled at the cuffs and shook the bed.

I grabbed onto his shorts and yanked them off quickly, bringing his underwear down with them. His dick sprung upward and flopped against his abs. He was hard.

"Looks like I got you into the mood." I said. "Maybe I should chain you up more often."

I grabbed onto his dick and pulled it away from his abs. When I let go, it slapped back down with a thud. I then grabbed onto his balls and pulled them away from his body, slowly putting more pressure on him until he groaned. I let go of his nuts and ran my finger across the head of his cock, where a tiny drop of precum had formed. I brought my finger to my lips and licked up his juice.

"When you let me go . . . I'm gonna . . ." Mike said while breathing heavily.

"I hope you're gonna fuck me senseless."

"I'm not gonna fuck you for a week. How about that?"

"I guess I should have my fun now then." I said back.

I grabbed his running shorts off the floor and pulled his boxer briefs out. The back of his underwear were dark grey with sweat and the front was damp. The smell of Mike's body, which I probably knew better than my own smell, filled the room as I fingered the still warm gear.

"You're talking too much." I said. I shoved Mike's underpants into his mouth and held them there. His eyes opened wide, and I could tell he was more pissed off than turned on. As much as I loved the smell of Mike's sweaty nuts, it looked like he didn't get off on his own scent.

I moved my hand away from his mouth and he spit out the briefs. I grabbed them and took a deep whiff before throwing them onto the bed. "You don't like that, huh?"

"Aarrgh." Mike bellowed. He shook the whole bed frame and lifted his ass off the bed. "This is not the way this works. Let me go." he said sternly. His dick was dancing with the rhythm of his heart. For someone who claimed to be upset, he appeared to be enjoying himself.

I stepped out of my clothes, leaving him panting on the bed. When I was naked, I decided that I didn't like not being able to see his sexy stomach, so I pulled his shirt up over his head. I tweaked one of his nipples, causing him to groan.

"Just relax Mike," I said softly. "Let me take care of you."

Slowly, he started to relax. I picked my own underwear off the floor, a pair of colorful briefs, and put them over his face. He breathed in deeply. This time when his eyes widened he didn't look angry.

"You like that, don't you?" I said, "You like the smell of your guy."

Mike nodded. I left the briefs over his face, and he didn't try to shake them off. I grabbed some lube off of the nightstand and poured it over his cock. Slowly, I started to jack him off.

Mike's dick was incredibly hard. As I moved my palm up and down his shaft, I felt his veins sliding between his soft skin and hard dick. His balls were already drawn up near his shaft. For a guy who claimed he wasn't in the mood fifteen minutes ago, he seemed to be about ready to blow his load.

When I looked up at him, I could see the fabric of my briefs rising and falling as he breathed. His eyes were closed.

"Feel good?" I said.

Mike let out a long, low moan. It was almost like a growl. He moved his hips slowly as I teased his dick. I let go, and I could have swore he whimpered a little bit. With his dick resting against his stomach, I moved my face toward his nuts. They had started to fall away from his body again and hung loose in his sack, each the size of a large egg. Overall, Mike was impressive, but his oversized genitalia always reminded me of his strength and virility. Between his legs he was huge, hairy, and brutish.

I pushed my face against his scrotum. Mike's immediate reaction was to close his legs around my skull and pull me into his body. I let him wrap his calves around me for a minute as I breathed in the warm moist air the emanated from his crotch. Then I pushed his legs back open. When I felt him resist, I nipped at the inside of his thigh and said, "I can tie those down too, you know." After that, he left his legs open.

I ran my tongue over every inch of Mike's junk, sucking my way through his pubes and under his sack. I know that some guys like their men clean, freshly washed and smelling like body wash, but that doesn't do it for me. My experience of Mike has been completely bound up in sweat and muscle since day one. It's how he is supposed to be in my mind. I pushed my mouth lower and went for his asshole. Mike instinctively lifted himself off of the bed and opened his legs so that I could get access.

I dove for his winking hole. I licked my way around his rosebud and then pushed my tongue against it, but didn't go in. Mike pressed his body back against me. I moved my mouth away from his asshole and kissed his cheeks and up his crack. Mike wiggled around, trying to get my mouth back where he wanted it.

"C'mon Prof, eat my ass." he said loudly. Again he tried to wrap his legs around my head to pull me in closer.

I kissed his asshole one more time, doing my best to make him feel good and then moved away. When I looked up, his cock was bouncing, and there was a pool of precum gathered around his navel. His abs rippled with desire.

I grabbed onto his dick and pulled it away from his stomach. I quickly licked the dog water off of his stomach and the ran my tongue over his piss slit. Mike groaned again.

"You like that stud?" I said to him.

"Fuck  yes." he hissed.

"For a guy who didn't want to play, your dick sure is hard."

"What can I say, you're a hot guy."

"Thanks," I said as I ran my tongue over his glans again.

"Now suck my dick, stud."

"No, not now." I moved my face away.

Mike jerked against the cuffs and tried to grab at his cock or my head. When he noticed he wasn't going to get anywhere, he relaxed his body with a sigh, turning his face away from me.

I jumped up on top of him and straddled his face. My cock bobbed over his ear, and I grabbed onto his chin and jerked his face toward me.

"How about you suck my dick, stud?" I said. I grabbed my shaft and slapped him hard on the face. When he turned away again, I reached behind me and grabbed onto his dick. I slowly jerked his cock. "You're not going to get off until I do."

"If I suck you, you'll do me?" he said.

"Deal." I said back.

Mike raised his head and took the head of my dick into his mouth. As soon as I was inside, I thrust forward. I felt the tip of my dick run along the top of his mouth until it rammed against the back of his throat. Mike coughed and pulled away. When he looked up at me I could see the anger in his eyes again. He had realized that I wasn't going to make it easy for him. For the next ten minutes, I would let Mike nurse on my dick for a few while before ramming into his mouth. He would choke a little and then pull back off.

When I looked down at his watery eyes, I remembered how much I used to enjoy doing this to guys. In the bedroom with Mike, he was always in control. It worked and I liked it, but the sudden shift in dynamics was turning me on like nothing else.

"I'm enjoying this way more than I thought I would." I said.

Mike had cock slobber all over his face. He just rolled his eyes in response. I smeared my dick across his nose. "You like it a little, don't you?

"You know we could have found a guy to fuck together."

"And miss one-on-one time with my boyfriend?" I said. I thrust my cock into his mouth again until he coughed. Again, he tested the restraints. "I bet you regret buying those handcuffs now." I said.

"I'm going to get you back." he said with a wicked grin.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Shut up and lick my nuts, stud."

I lifted my cock and dropped my sack onto Mike's face. As if a switch flipped in his brain, he stopped resisting and went for my nuts with gusto. He buried his face in my balls as he sucked on my inner thighs. When I pushed down into him he grunted and licked some more. After a few minutes of slobbering over my nuts, his tongue started to move toward my asshole. I saw him stretching his neck, straining to get down there.

I inched forward and let him at it. Instantly, his tongue pushed into me. He french kissed my hole for a minute and then went to work on it, circling his tongue around the muscle and licking at my taint. The temptation to reach down and jerk off was overwhelming. When I felt myself getting close to orgasm, I pulled off.

Mike's face was red and covered in sweat. His hair was messed up from my hands, and he was breathing hard. He looked sex crazed.

"Fuck, you're sexy." I said. I noticed his briefs laying on the bed. I picked them up and inhaled his sweaty odor. It drove me nuts, and I bent over and started to kiss him. My hands ventured over his upper body as I licked at his neck, shoulders, and jaw. When our mouths finally touched, Mike opened his up. He was receptive and let my tongue into his mouth. We made out as I ground our hard cocks together for at least five minutes. Every so often I reached down and toyed with his dick. Soon he was bucking wildly under me.

I moved off of him, and grabbed his penis. He immediately thrust into my fist. I pushed my forearm down against his abs to keep him still. Again, I felt his hard abs flex before he gave in and relaxed.

I brought a finger from my free hand to my mouth and spit on it. Then I went for Mike's tight hole. I violently pushed into his ass, and he bucked up off of me.

"Ugh. C'mon Prof, use the lube." he said. When I tried to finger him again he groaned, "Please." I grabbed the lube off the bed stand and greased my fingers. Then I went back at his ass, with one finger at first and then two. His tight muscles clamped down around my digits as I fingered him. At the same time, I teased his cock with my mouth and other hand. After five minutes of this treatment, was breathing hard and his mouth was hanging open. His cock was steely and menacing. Thick veins ran from the base up over his foreskin and the dark head glistened.

Mike wanted to cum badly, but he refrained from begging. I knew that I could torture his dick for ten years, but he would never go that low. Begging for an orgasm wasn't really in his vocabulary.

I pulled my fingers out of Mike's ass and moved between his legs. He instinctively raised his thighs as I moved toward his balls, as if I was finally going to bring him to orgasm. Instead, I grabbed him under his knees and lifted his lower body. It wasn't until the head of my dick was pressing against his taint that Mike figured out what was going on.

"Oh, fuck no." he said with half a smile, as if he couldn't believe my audacity.

"What?" I said as the tip of my dick moved across his puckered hole. "I've fucked you before."

"Not like this, Prof." he said, almost growling now. "You're crossing a line."

The tip of my cock was now pressing hard against his ass. One little thrust and it would slide in with no problems. I teased Mike a little bit and then grabbed onto his dick again.

"How about this, either I fuck you and jerk you off or I keep playing with you and edging you for the rest of the night. You get to choose." I said.

Mike paused for a minute. I softly stroked his cock. "Ugh." he yelled. He pulled hard on the cuffs and shook the whole bed. His entire upper-body was tense for about thirty seconds before he relaxed. "Fine."

He turned his head away from me, dead set on not participating in this at all. Instead of responding I just pushed my dick into his asshole. He groaned and buried his face in the sheet the best he could.

The warmth of his insides on my cock felt amazing. Mike's ass was tight in the way that only an ass that hardly ever gets fucked can be. His strong sphincter was pulsing and occasionally gripped down at the root of my cock. I fucked him hard at first, wanting him to feel every inch of my cock before slowing down and long-dicking him. For the first time that evening, Mike's cock was getting soft. I actually felt a little bad.

I bent over his body and ran my hands up the sides of his torso. His ribs pressed into my hands as he breathed in deeply. I brought my body down against him and went for his armpit. His sweat, which was fresh when we started, was starting to turn into body odor. I rubbed my face roughly into Mike's pit, letting the hair scratch at my cheeks and forehead. I knew that despite his efforts to feel otherwise, Mike had a major weakness for the smell of his own body on my face. This way of marking me and dominating me was one of his oldest rituals.

I started to kiss his face. As my tongue moved across his jaw, which was rough with stubble, Mike turned to face me. He caught my mouth and pressed his lips against mine. This time, the kiss was all his. He invaded my mouth and pushed my lips apart. Slowly, I felt his cock getting hard again between our bodies.

"C'mon, stud." I said, "Don't you like my cock inside of you even a little."

Mike used his legs to pull me into his body, pushing my dick into him. "A little." he whispered.

"Yeah, I could tell." I said. I kissed him again. As I broke off I bit down lightly on his lower lip.

"You like the feeling of being inside your man?" Mike asked as he lifted his head to kiss me. "I bet my tight ass feels really good around your dick."

I purred a soft yes while I kissed him back. I slid my cock back and forth inside of his body a few times as we made out.

"Fuck me, then, Prof. Show me how much you like my ass." he said.

I realized that Mike had somehow, inexplicably, taken control of the situation. He was now the one telling me what to do. My passive victim had somehow become my boss, but I didn't care. The way having my body against his felt too good for me to stop and play games. I picked up the pace, starting to drill him again.

I pumped in and out of his ass, feeling his feet and calves moving across my back and legs. He held me tight between his thighs, using the little bit of mobility he had to try to control the pace of the sex. I was bent over him, with my back arched and my mouth on his nipples. I chewed on one and then the other. As I bit down, Mike moaned and asked for more.

Mike's dick had returned to it's former, enraged state. It felt like a steel bar pressed between our two bodies, and Mike kept lifting his hips to grind it against my stomach. When he told me to take hold of it and jerk him off, I did as he said.

My own dick was tingling and I was ready to explode. When I looked at Mike, he saw my approaching orgasm in my eyes. "Let's do it together, ok?"

I nodded and then bent down and kissed him quickly. He started to rhythmically squeeze his ass muscles. It was odd to feel his dick jump as he sent waves of pleasure through my own body. I'd been fucked enough to know that Mike wasn't just getting me off, but was getting himself off as well. I was so close I could explode at any moment. I'd stopped long-dicking him and had buried myself to the hilt, continuously shoving the last little bit in and out of his muscular ass.

"I'm gonna cum, Mike." I whined.

"Shoot it, Prof. I want it deep in my guts." he said back. At the same time he started to hump his cock through my fist, which also caused him to fuck himself on my dick.

When I began to blow my load, Mike started to shoot as well. I looked down at his body, and his gigantic nuts, which usually hung low from his body, had pulled up tight against the base of his dick. I pointed his cock at my abs. As I blasted my load deep in Mike's gut, his sperm erupted onto my stomach. Rope after rope splashed onto my skin and into my body hair before running back down onto his thighs. My cock stayed rock hard as it pulsed inside his body.

Mike pulled on his arms and shook the whole bed as he came. The creaking sound added to the sexiness of the encounter. When we were both finished, Mike lay on the bed panting while I caught my breath. My dick was still hard and still lodged inside of him. I pulled it out, and it slapped up against my stomach into Mike's cum.

Then, I scooped Mike's cum up with my fingers and took it into my mouth. I swirled his seed around a little bit, savoring the salty flavor, before swallowing it down. Then I licked up what he dripped onto Mike's body. When I had it all in my mouth, I planted my lips on Mike's and pushed his load into his mouth. He greedily licked it off of my tongue. My arms slid up overs his biceps and then his forearms until I reached his wrists. The handcuffs were the cheap costume kind, and I clicked the release. As Mike's arms collapsed onto the bed, I rubbed the feeling back into his shoulders and upper arms.

He groaned loudly as the blood started circulating again. "You're lucky I don't play anymore." he said. I hadn't even thought of that. I was lucky indeed.

When I rolled off of Mike onto the bed next to him he grumbled again. "C'mon," I said, "That was hot."

"Yeah, it was." Mike replied, "but I'm gonna get you back."

"Bring it on," I said as I walked into the bathroom to clean up. Moment later Mike appeared and jumped into the shower while I started to fantasize about my punishment.

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  4. Thanks guys. The basic idea came from a reader, and I thought it was hot. I've been looking for a way to give Clint a chance to be in charge, and he got that for a while at least.

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