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Becoming a Rugby Bitch, Chapter 6

Becoming a Rugby Bitch, Part 6
Cosmic Charlie -

Ryder showed up dutifully at the Coach's office every morning after the Coach fucked him. But the coach only asked him for a blow-job once. Each of the other days he let Ryder go with little more than a good morning. In the afternoons after practice, the Coach never once asked Ryder to stay late. By Thursday afternoon, Ryder was craving dick. He wanted to taste the coach's load again. Any doubts about his sexuality were almost completely eclipsed by his horniness.

He was standing at his locker, thinking about his problem, while staring at the back side of Adam Bates' body. Bates noticed him looking and sauntered over, his thick cock swinging between his legs.

"Like what you see, fag?" Bates asked.

Ryder blushed but didn't respond.

"You're looking particularly hungry today. You better be careful or the other guys will see." he said, "How long since you took a load?"

"Four days," Ryder said.

Bates moved to slap him but stopped as he realized that someone else might see.

"Don't forget who you're talking to." Bates said. "You want a load?"

"Yes, sir."

"If you're good, I might give you one after practice." Bates said as he walked away.

After practice, Ryder nervously looked for Bates but couldn't find him. Then, suddenly, Bates walked out of one of the bathroom stalls. His dick was hard in his shorts, and he was rubbing it with one hand while looking around for his teammates. He approached Ryder.

"Get on your knees fag." he said.

"Here?" Ryder asked. He didn't see anyone around, but that could change in a second.

"Now." Bates growled between clenched teeth as he pushed Ryder to the floor.

In a flash he pulled his hard dick from his shorts. It only took two pumps before he was spewing his load all over Ryder's face. The amount of semen was impressive, and Ryder had six ropes of cum trailing across his cheeks and dripping from his chin when Bates was finished. Bates quickly tucked his cock away and walked to his locker.

"You got something on your face, fag." he said as he finished dressing.

Ryder grabbed the first thing he could find, a t-shirt, and wiped the cum off his face. He carefully placed the shirt in his backpack. There was no way he was going to let Bates' load go to waste. That night he jacked off three times while sucking the wet load out of the fabric.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The next morning the first thing Coach Perry said to him was, "I heard what happened with Bates."

"I'm sorry, sir," Ryder said.

"Did you like it?" Perry asked.

"It was risky, but yeah. I liked it, sir." Ryder said.

"Excellent." Perry said, "You'll learn to crave the loads of men like Bates."

"Yes sir," Ryder said as he blushed.

"Don't be embarrassed, boy, you're figuring out what you want."

"Yes sir."

"This afternoon you're going to give your first massage, and when you're done the guy better tell me you did an awesome job." he said, "I've got some special instructions for you. At some point in the massage, you've got to touch his cock and his asshole. And no quick glances, I want a real full on touch.  Got it?"

"How sir?" Ryder asked.

"Figure it out." Perry said with a sneer.

That afternoon after practice, Ryder waited in the massage room for his victim. He was nervous for two reasons. First, he didn't really know how to give a massage. Second, he had been instructed to grope one of his teammates. Unless he wanted to get beat up, he would have to figure out a way to do it without the guy thinking it was intentional. He got out the massage oil and adjusted his clothing a little. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt that showed off his upper body. Since things had started with the coach, Ryder had an increased interest in showing off his body. He felt more sexual and more available than before. He had on a pair of blue briefs and cotton work out pants that tied around the waist. He heard a soft knock on the door before it opened.

Tyler Manning walked in wearing only a towel. While most of the guys on the team were stocky, rugged, and hairy. Tyler was a stud in the more conventional sense. He was one of the only guys on the team who trimmed his body hair and he worked hard to keep a lean frame. The dark hair on his head was trimmed short and framed his angular, tan face. Ryder had been thinking about him non-stop since he had popped a boner in front of the guy earlier in the week.

"Hey, man," Tyler said as he strutted into the room, "The coach said you wanted to practice giving a massage."

"Uh, yeah," Ryder muttered. He was already worried that his cotton pants wouldn't cover his growing erection, and he wanted to get Tyler on the table as soon as possible.

"Great," Tyler said. "My legs are killing me man."

He jumped up onto the table and tore off his towel. Ryder folded it in half and draped it over Tyler's ass. Before he did, he took a second to look at it. It was nearly perfect, like the rest of him - two mounds of muscle with just enough fat on them to make him sexy.

Ryder grabbed the bottle of oil and drizzled it onto Tyler's calves. He slowly worked his way up each of Tyler's legs. The muscles moved and twitched underneath his touch, and though Ryder thought he would find the experience to be erotic, it ended up being very relaxing. He focused on what he was doing and was able to think past the fact that a stud was laying naked on the table in front of him. When he reached the bottom of the towel he moved up to Tyler's back and shoulders. As he rubbed the muscles, Tyler moaned a little every now and then. Ryder studied his muscle development and wondered if he would be able to build himself up like Tyler over the course of the next year. Maybe if he played his cards right, Tyler would help him.

When Ryder finished with his upper body, he asked Tyler to flip over. He didn't care if the coach punished him. He wasn't going to try any gay shit with this guy. There was way too much to lose. Tyler stayed put. "C'mon Josh. You gotta do my glutes. That's what's hurting me the most." he said as he pulled the towel off his ass.

Ryder put his hands onto Tyler's butt and started to massage his cheeks. His dick instantly hardened. It didn't help that Tyler was now moaning loudly and asking Ryder to rub him harder. As he kneaded his cheeks, he caught glimpses of Tyler's asshole. It was nestled deep in an ass crack that was surprisingly furry given the lack of body hair everywhere else. Ryder thought of the time that Coach Perry molested him on this table and suddenly understood what the coach had felt. How could he not touch that perfect hole? Though Perry saw something to conquer and Josh saw something to worship, the desire was the same.

Ryder pretended like his hand slipped while he was putting pressure on Tyler's muscles and slipped his fingers into the stud's crack. He brushed past Tyler's asshole and felt it pulse before Tyler turned his body.

"Whoa, man." he said, "Little too close for comfort there."

"Sorry, I slipped." Ryder said back.

I bet, thought Tyler. He knew that Ryder was hot for him. That much was obvious when they were training the other day, and it didn't bother him at all, because he was hot for Ryder. The guy was young and had an irresistible ass. As soon as Tyler saw Ryder bone up in front of him, he decided that his hips would be slamming against that perfect ass before the year was out.

Ryder pulled on his hip, and Tyler turned over. He let the towel slip down below his waist for a moment. His cock was half hard and draped over his thigh. It looked like a big one. His balls hung loose in his sack between his legs. His pubic hair was trimmed to a decent length. The whole package was framed by muscles that dropped down to his groin. Just as soon as Josh got a peak, Tyler pulled the towel back up.

Ryder went back to the massage. He rubbed down Tyler's arms and chest. He was able to get back into the zone, but it was much harder this time. He wanted to bend down and lick Tyler's small, dark nipples, to run his tongue over the bulge of his biceps, and to kiss his way across the rippling abs. He worked hard to push these thoughts out of his mind and to ignore the lump under the towel, but occasionally they crept back in. His dick moved between being half hard and all the way hard, and he didn't dare adjust it for fear of leaving an oil spot on his pants.

He moved down to Tyler's feet and massaged his way up the stud's legs. As he rubbed Tyler's thighs, his fingers moved closer and closer to the edge of the towel. Underneath it, in the shadows, Ryder could see Tyler's balls. It was too much for him, and he pitched a full on tent in his shorts. He moved his hands up further, tracing the inside of Tyler's groin muscles up toward his abs. He forgot that Tyler's cock was draped over his leg, and was surprised when his fingers touched it. He pushed the towel up farther until he could see Tyler's cock head as well as his balls.

Tyler didn't say anything. As he lay on the table, he wondered if Ryder would have the guts to go for his dick. That move to his asshole was no accident, and if the kid wanted to play, he would have to make a move.

There was a knock at the door and then the jingle of keys. Coach Perry walked in. Tyler sat up a little and Ryder pulled his hands away from Tyler's groin.

"Everything going ok, here?" Perry asked.

"Yes, sir," Ryder said quickly. Then he blushed. He'd never called the coach sir in front of anyone except Bates.

"Is he doing a good job Ty?" Perry said looking at the stud.

"Really good." Tyler said.

"Great," Perry said. He glanced over at the bulge in Ryder's pants and saw the sweat on his brow. "Ryder wants to get good at this, so if there's anything you need, just ask."

Perry left and relocked the door. Ryder let out a sigh of relief.

"You call the coach sir?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah, I guess I've always called authority figures sir." Ryder lied quickly.

"Cool." Tyler said as he laid back down. "Why don't you go back to what you were doing."

Ryder started to massage the inside of Tyler's thighs. Tyler had seen the bulge in Ryder's pants. If the kid wasn't going to make the first move, Tyler decided he would do it. The coach said he should ask for whatever he needed, and what he really needed was to get off. He imagined Ryder wrapping his plump, dick sucking lips around his cock and immediately the blood started to pour into his eight inch dick. Within thirty seconds, the towel was being lifted up by the strength of his erection.

He felt Ryder's hand bump into it. "Sorry about that. It just sort of happened." he said.

Ryder gazed at the big cock with his mouth open and stuttered, "It's fine, man."

"Yeah, I guess you know all about getting hard at bad times." Tyler said with a chuckle, then he leaned up a little and glanced at the tent in Ryder's pants, "In fact, it looks like the same things happening to you."

Ryder immediately covered his bulge, and his face turned red again.

"Relax, man." Tyler said. "You think I'm hot. It's fine. Obviously I think you're hot too, in case you didn't notice. Quit being so ashamed of yourself."

"Sorry," Ryder said.

Tyler lay back down. "Keep going, bro. And this time, pay special attention to my dick, ok?"

Ryder pulled the towel away, and Tyler's eight inch cock slapped up against his abs. Ryder rubbed the inside of Tyler's thighs before finally touching his teammate's cock. He ran a finger up the edge and then wrapped his fingers around the shaft. Tyler let out a deep moan and his whole body vibrated. Ryder's fingers were slick with oil, and he slowly ran them up and down Tyler's rod. Tyler stayed completely still, allowing Josh to jerk him off at his own pace.

Once Ryder had gotten a feel for the cock in his hand, he went back to the massage. He would work Tyler's thighs for a minute and then rub his cock, or he would massage deep inside his groin and move back toward his glutes. Each time, he would eventually jerk Tyler for a second or two and each time Tyler would groan loudly.

As he got more into it, Tyler's dick began to leak a steady stream of precum. It pooled on his abs while Ryder massaged his lower body. After a few minutes, Ryder moved his hands up to Tyler's abs and massaged his stomach and upper groin. He worked the slick fluid into Tyler's skin, letting his body reabsorb it's own juices. Tyler's dick bounced up and down, and when Ryder finally grabbed back onto it, it throbbed in his hands. Tyler's balls had pulled up against his body, and he was slowly bucking his hips.

Ryder took his hand away and went back to Tyler's thighs. He gazed at the stud's perfect body. His skin was dark and his pubes were almost completely black. The hair trickled up onto his abs, and there was a little patch on his chest. Tufts of unruly, long hair stuck out from his armpits. A little bit of a shadow framed his jaw, and his eyes were completely closed. He licked his lips a little every now and then but otherwise remained motionless.

Ryder moved his hand back to Tyler's throbbing dick. He took it in his fingers, held it, and then bent his mouth forward. He wanted to give Tyler all the pleasure he could. As his tongue touched the tip of Tyler's cock, a long, soft moan escaped Tyler's lips.

He was ready to gobble it down when he felt a hand on his ass. Tyler hooked him around one leg and pulled his body toward him. "Fuck, you've got a nice ass, man." Tyler said. "I've been drooling over this fucker since you joined the team."

Ryder remembered Coach's claim that he was a hot commodity. He'd always considered himself pretty good looking, but never before had men claimed to find him so sexy.

Tyler sat up and massaged the meaty globes. "Take your pants off."

Ryder's skin was burning with a mixture of lust and embarrassment. He pulled his shorts down the rest of the way and took his briefs off. When Tyler's hands returned he felt him probe deeper, and then a finger brushed against his hole. He was not nearly as sensitive about that part of his body as he used to be, and he enjoyed Tyler's touch.

"Nice pink, smooth, asshole." Tyler hissed before ordering, "Get up here."

Ryder turned, and Tyler helped to lift him up onto the table so that his knees were planted on either side of the stud's torso. Ryder's cock was rock hard and bounced in front of Tyler's face. Tyler looked at his cock with a hungry yearning, and Ryder knew in that moment that Tyler wasn't a straight stud looking for a blow job. He wanted Ryder badly.

Tyler's tongue darted out and licked his piss slit. Ryder nearly fell over backward. "I'm saving that for later." Tyler said. "Turn around."

He maneuvered himself around on top of the massage table. Again he felt Tyler's hands spread his cheeks and then a cool breeze moved over his asshole. He figured out what Tyler was going to do about a millisecond before he did it, and then he felt a firm tongue push against his asshole.

Perry had licked his asshole before and pushed in once or twice, but Tyler made out with his butt hole like he was in love with it. Now Ryder understood what Perry meant when he said he would someday lick ass like he sucked cock. Tyler was going at him, pushing his face in between his cheeks, and grunting and moaning while he did it. Every so often he would pull away, blow on Ryder's hole for a second and moan a quick 'Fuck' before digging back in.

Ryder was completely breathless and speechless. He sat on top of Tyler with his mouth hanging open, enjoying the unbelievable pleasure Tyler was giving him. Then a hand came down on his head and pushed his mouth onto Tyler's dick.

There was nothing Ryder wanted to do more than pleasure Tyler back. He took the dude's big dick deep into his mouth, and when Tyler bucked his hips upward, Ryder felt his cock find it's way into his throat. He held it there for a second before letting it slide back out. It took him a few more tries and a couple of soft coughs, but soon he was alternating between rubbing his tongue across the head of Tyler's dick and deep-throating it. Tyler moaned loudly behind him and was only halfheartedly working his ass at that point.

"Oh fuck, baby." Tyler said loudly. "Fuck, I'm going to cum."

Just as Ryder felt Tyler's cock swell in his mouth, he felt a big hand wrap around his dick. Tyler pulled on his cock while he dumped his load into Ryder's mouth. Ryder made no effort to swallow his cum. Instead, as the semen spewed into his mouth he let it slide down the shaft of Tyler's dick. He kept moving his mouth up and down, leaving a bubbly, sloppy mess in Tyler's pubes. He kept at it until he felt the last drop dribble onto his tongue.

As soon as Tyler finished cumming he went back to Ryder's ass. He made out with his hole while he jerked his teammate's dick. On each up stroke, he wrapped his fingers around the head and twisted. Ryder moaned loudly from pleasure. He dropped his face into Tyler's junk and licked the frothy cum out of his pubes and off of his balls. Within a minute, he started cumming. It was one of the best orgasms he'd ever had. His asshole pulsed as he unloaded ropes of thick cum onto Tyler's chest. He breathed heavily into Tyler's crotch, sucking in the stink of his cum and moaning like a bitch.

When he finally finished, Tyler took one last lick at his asshole and then slapped his meaty ass cheeks. "You like that, Josh?"

"That was amazing," Ryder said back.

"I think you should massage me more often." Tyler replied.

Ryder climbed off of Tyler and stood next to him. His own cum was splattered all over Tyler's dark stomach, but Tyler didn't seem to care. He looked so hot with pools of semen filling the ridges of his abs. Ryder stared at him, unsure of what the next move should be. Tyler sat up and Ryder's cum rolled down his stomach until he picked up a towel and wiped it away. He jumped off of the table and advanced toward Ryder. He kissed him quickly on the lips.

"You like it?" he asked.

"Yes." Ryder said back.

Tyler put a hand around Ryder's back and cupped one of his cheeks. "Good, because I think we should do it more often. I'd love to get at that fine ass of yours."

Ryder leaned into Tyler but then hesitated. The coach was possessive of his backside. Bates had been allowed to use Ryder however he wanted, but he hadn't been allowed to fuck him. Ryder had only been fucked a few times by the coach, and he knew he would get punished if he stepped outside of the boundaries. Still, the idea of getting it on with this stud, who had an entirely different feel to him - somehow softer but still assertive - had Ryder drooling.

"I . ..  uh . . " Ryder sputtered.

"It's coach Perry, isn't it?" Tyler asked. "I heard you call him sir, and I knew his last boy. Another guy named Tyler."

Ryder blushed a deep red and turned away from him. He was still very embarrassed about his relationship with the Coach. It was even weirder given that Tyler seemed to have a basic understanding of what that relationship entailed.

"Well, you should talk to him." Tyler said. "I want it and I think you want it to, but he's probably going to make you work for it."

"I'll talk to him." Ryder said.

They both dressed, and Tyler left. Ryder took a deep breath before he walked toward the Coach's office. Coach Perry would want a full report of what had happened and would be intrigued by Tyler's desire to fuck him. His dick was already hard when he opened the door.

Hope you shot your load. If there's something you want to see in this story, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I've gotten lots of good ideas, and I kind of get off hearing about your dirty fantasies. Thanks for reading. Charlie


  1. I sense a 'maybe future love connection' between Tyler and Ryder :P

  2. Love how Ryder is so under Perry's control already, apologising for fooling around with Bates and asking permission for sex with Tyler beyond bj. Hot stuff.