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Becoming a Rugby Bitch, Part 7

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Becoming a Rugby Bitch, Part 7
Cosmic Charlie -

Coach Perry waited for Ryder on the Monday morning after his session with Tyler. As soon as the kid walked into his office he knew that something had happened. There was a mix of shame, exhaustion, and happiness painted across Ryder's face.

"How'd it go?" Perry asked.

"Pretty good, sir." Ryder said. He sat down in front of the desk. When the coach didn't say anything he volunteered the rest. "I sucked him off, sir."

"Good, boy." Perry said. He stood up and walked around to the front of the desk. His shorts rode up when he sat down, making his bulging quads and the massive lump of genitals visible. "Did you like it?"

"It was amazing, sir." Ryder said. "He rimmed me while I sucked him off."

Coach Perry had guessed that Tyler was gay. His eyes always seemed to wander a little too far and stare for a little too long. Last year, when Perry had found a regular group of guys on the team to be serviced by his boy, Tyler hadn't wanted to join in, and Perry thought it was because he was worried that his teammates would notice how much he enjoyed it.

"Remember, boy," Perry said to Ryder, "Taking care of a man isn't about how you feel, but I'm glad you had fun. Now tell me how it happened."

Ryder told the whole story, from the moment he dragged his fingers across Tyler's asshole to when Tyler told him to jerk him off. The coach asked a steady stream of questions. While Ryder told the story, Perry kneaded his cock through his cheap cotton running shorts. His dick was hard and a dark gray spot of precum marked the tip.

The more Ryder talked the hornier he got. The Coach's lewd sexual display combined with his words to almost pull him out of himself. As he spoke, he stared at the Coach's hard dick and tried to keep track of the story he was telling. When the story was finished, the Coach opened his legs wider. Ryder slid out of the chair onto his knees.

He shoved his face into the Coach's crotch and gnawed on the length of meat. Perry rubbed the back of his head, pushing his face deep in between his legs. He was so close to blowing his load that it didn't take much. Ryder was a beautiful guy and Tyler Manning was a complete stud. The thought of the two of them 69ing on the massage table was almost too much for him to take. His only regret was that he hadn't installed a camera in the room.

When Perry felt that he was going to shoot, he moved Ryder's head down the length of his shaft. His cock head was poking out of the leg of his shorts. Ryder's thick lips latched onto it and within half a second Perry was unloading into his mouth. The kid lapped up his semen greedily, and actually licked his lips when he was done.

Perry rubbed the back of his hair and neck, "You're turning into quite the cock-hound."

Ryder smiled back at him for the first time without a trace of shame or embarrassment. Perry stood up and pulled Ryder to his feet. "I'm guessing Tyler will want a lot of attention from you."

"Yes, sir." Ryder said. "Actually, he wants to fuck me."

"He told you that?"

Ryder nodded.

"Do you want his cock inside of you, boy? You think you're ready to get fucked by a different man?"

"Yes, I mean, if it's ok with you, sir." Ryder said.

"I'm not sure if you're ready. I mean, we're still just working on your dick sucking skills." Perry said.

"Yes, sir." Ryder tried to save face, but he was bummed out.

"Tell you what. I want you to suck three new guys off. If you can do that, then I'll know you're ready to move onto more fucking. Send me videos so I know you did it." Perry said, "And tell Tyler that when he takes your ass I want to be there to watch. You think you can handle that?"

"I'll try." Ryder said.

"Good. Don't forget to be here tomorrow morning. I've been horned up lately and I'll need you."

Ryder said yes, got dressed, and left.

Over the course of the next three days, Ryder reported to Coach Perry's office every morning and every day after practice. Each time, the coach fucked him. The morning fucks tended to be slower and easier on Ryder's. In the evening, the coach took out the stresses of the day on his boy. Usually, he threw Ryder down on the couch face first and humped him into oblivion with little concern for how Ryder felt. Each time Ryder enjoyed it more. He had almost forgotten about Tyler until he came up to him in the locker-room and asked him if he'd talked to the coach. Ryder briefly explained the situation and decided he needed to find three guys to suck off. If that was what it took to get together with Tyler, he was going to do it.

That evening, Ryder rode his bike over to Bates' house. He hadn't been there since the Coach had given him to Bates, and he was a little nervous when he knocked on the door. Bates answered. He was wearing a pair of cut-off sweatpants and a white wife-beater. His muscles were pumped up from that afternoon's workout. Ryder felt a mix of excitement and trepidation when he saw the stud.

"Well, look who it is, boys." Bates called out to his roommates. "Coach Perry's fag must be hungry for cock."

Bates grabbed Ryder by the back of the neck and pulled him into the living room. Four guys were sitting around the TV, drinking beer and playing Call of Duty. Damian, the black stud from the football team, was lounging in an armchair and Ryder swore that he saw a wink when their eyes crossed.

Bates sat down on the couch and opened his legs wide. He pushed Ryder to the floor. "I was just thinking that I could use a good ball job." he said, "Don't worry, the guys are used to seeing a fag work my nuts while I play. They won't mind." He pulled Ryder's head into his crotch and held him there for a minute. Ryder felt Bates' cock and massive balls press against his face, and he almost forgot why he was there. The masculine smell of Bates' body made his mind spin, but he finally pulled himself out.

"I . . . uh . . . I can't. Coach wanted me to talk to him." Ryder said as he pointed to Damian. He knew that bringing up the coach, who was the one man that Bates took instructions from, would get Bates to back off.

Damian laughed and sat up. "No shit," he said, "Boy, did you come here for some black cock?"

Ryder turned toward the stud. He was wearing sweat pants and a black t-shirt. His body seemed huge. Ryder nodded.

"Yeah, all you white boys want a taste eventually." Damian said, "You come with me and I'll let you have it."

Damian stood up. He must have been at least six foot five. He turned toward the stairway and Ryder followed without glancing at Bates. If Bates was pissed, he would deal with it later. The coach had been clear. Three new guys. Bates didn't count.

They reached Damian's room. Ryder was surprised how clean it was. Bates' room had been filled with dirty clothes and garbage. His roommate Conor was the same way. Damian kept things clean and organized.

"Take off your clothes." Damian said as he shut the door. Ryder immediately stripped down to nothing. It didn't even occur to him to be embarrassed. Damian oozed sex appeal, and Ryder was feeling a little cock-starved. He still hated to admit it, but a growing part of him loved servicing these guys. As soon as he was naked, Damian's huge hands were all over him. They moved across his chest and stomach before finally landing on his ass. He gave each cheek a hard squeeze before stepping away from Ryder.

"I don't normally go for boys, but you got me hot the first time I saw you." Damion said. "Tight jock body, fucking insane ass, and you look so hungry for it. Are you hungry for my dick, boy?"

"Yes, please." Ryder mumbled. He dropped to his knees. At the same time Damian grabbed  his cock through his pants and shook it at Ryder. It looked bigger than any cock he had ever seen. It was definitely bigger than the coach's.

"Yeah you are. Hungry for some black cock." he said, "I bet poor Bates is up in his room jacking off while he thinks about having your fat lips wrapped around his dick. Are you a good cock-sucker, boy?"

"I'll try, sir." Ryder answered.

Damian's mouth twisted into a sneer. "You don't have to call me sir, but I kind of like it."

He shoved one of his fingers into Ryder's mouth and Ryder's lips closed around it. He used his tongue to tease the tip and mumbled, "Yes sir." again. Damian smiled, and he pulled his pants down. His dick flopped across his thigh. Ryder looked on in amazement as the massive cock throbbed against Damian's dark skin. It had to be ten and a half or eleven inches long. The foreskin had drawn back a little, leaving a shiny circle of pink at the tip. Damian must have saw Ryder's eyes get wide, because he chuckled before pulling his finger out of Ryder's mouth.

"All right, white boy, Make me feel good." he hissed.

Ryder quickly grabbed for his phone and handed it to Damian. Damian knew what to do. “Your boss wants some evidence, huh? Stills or a video?”

“Video,” Ryder mumbled as he leaned forward and took the tip of the stud's dick into his mouth. One hand slid across the top of Damian's thigh and the other grabbed onto his prick. He slowly sucked the top few inches while he rubbed Damian's shaft. He had no hope of deep-throating the mammoth cock. Damion kept a hand on the back of Ryder's neck and massaged him slowly, but otherwise kept quiet. The longer he sucked, the more into it Ryder got, and he started to pick up the pace.

He pulled his mouth off of Damian's dick and dove onto his balls. His big nuts that were tight up against his body. Ryder licked at them and sucked them into his mouth before moving his tongue underneath and licking Damian's taint. Damian jumped a little when Ryder licked him there.

"Wow, white boy, you really love a man's junk, don't you?" Ryder kept licking. Damian pulled him out of his crotch by the hair and said, "Answer me, are you a cock-hound boy? Do you get off just by burying your face in a dude's junk?"

"Yes." Ryder said, "Yes sir."

Damion grabbed one of Ryder's hands and pulled it to his mouth. He sucked two fingers, drooling all over them."Finger yourself while you work my cock, white boy. Play with that hot ass while you get me off."

Ryder slid a finger into his ass. It stung at first but didn't bother him too much. He worked it in and out a few times before slipping in the second finger. Without any lube, it hurt almost as much as taking a  cock, but he wanted to get Damian off, so he played with himself anyway. He settled for just toying with his hole. Ryder worked the shaft of Damian's cock with both hands and slipped his lips over and around his glans. The guy was practically shaking with excitement, and it was clear that he would cum soon. Finally, his hips started bucking.

"Here it comes, white boy." he said. "Tip your head back."

When Ryder didn't respond, Damian grabbed him by the front of his hair and tilted his face backward. Before he knew what was happening, Damian was groaning and ropes of cum were plastering his face. He felt a searing pain in his eye and realized that he'd taken a shot right into his left eye-socket. He closed both eyes and started to tear up. More cum landed on his face in hot, slimy ropes. When Damian finished, Ryder felt his cock against his lips and he let it in. He sucked the last drops of cum off the big cock.

"Look at me boy." Damian said. Ryder wiped the cum away from his eye and opened it. It still stung, and he was squinting. "Eat it up."

While Damian pointed the camera at him, he scraped the cum off of his face and ate it. His dick was still rock hard and he got off by performing for Damian. Until he orgasmed, he would do almost anything for the guy with little or no shame. When he finished cleaning the cum up, Damion instructed him to get dressed. His face was still covered with the residue of the black stud's massive load.

"Nice, boy." Damian said, "Now you smell like a cock-hound. You leave my cologne on you and you'll get more cock than you can handle."

Damian led him to the back stair case, trying to avoid Bates. As Ryder walked down the stairs, Damion grabbed at his ass again. "Fuck, white-boy, you're getting me hard again. What does a guy have to do to get a crack at that ass?"

Ryder's mind blanked. The real question was what would Ryder have to do for Damion to get a crack at that ass, and he didn't want to explain that he was currently sucking dick in order to let some other guy fuck him. "Uh . . . It's complicated."

"Well, if you figure it out, let me know." Damion said as he opened the back door.

Ryder jumped on his bike and went back home. His roommate Conor was in the room, dicking around on his computer without a shirt on. Ryder was a little upset that he wouldn't get a chance to jack off after the encounter with Damion. He laid down on his bed behind Conor and gazed at his roommate's broad back. Conor had a perfect gym-body, with broad shoulders that tapered down to a tight waist, and Ryder considered propositioning him. After all, Conor knew that he was sucking dick on the side and had been pretty cool with it. However, Ryder decided against it. He liked the relationship he had with Conor, and the idea of sexualizing it frightened him. He didn't need another stud controlling his every move. Between Coach Perry, Bates, and now Tyler, he had enough men to worry about.

The next morning Ryder ran into Tyler when he was getting breakfast. Tyler motioned him over to a secluded table and sat down.

"You suck those cocks, yet?" he asked.

"One." Ryder said. He told him about the incident with Damion in a low voice, and Tyler seemed pretty impressed. He rubbed his cock a little as Ryder detailed the way Damion had painted his face at the end.

"This is stupid." Tyler said, "I haven't cum since Monday, because I really wanted to give you a good fuck, but I'm about ready to blow, man."

"Sorry," Ryder said, "I'll try to get it done this weekend."

"Tonight, Josh." Tyler said back, "We're having a party at my house. Come by around 10 and I'll get you set up. You might as well tell Coach Perry that I'm fucking you tomorrow. He can name the time if he wants to watch."

Ryder's asshole twitched a little as Tyler talked. He was falling for the guy and couldn't wait to feel Tyler's hands moving over his body again.

"I'll be there." he said.

The rest of the day passed in a haze. Ryder told the Coach that tomorrow was the big day and showed him the video with Damian. The coach grinned and let Ryder go without a blow-job or fuck, telling him to rest his ass for tomorrow.

Around nine, Ryder began to prepare for the party. He jumped into the shower, paying extra attention to his ass and cock. When he came out, he trimmed his pubic bush a little bit to make it look nice. His dick was constantly hard while he thought about the night that Tyler had in store for him. He didn't know what was coming, but he knew it would be good.

When he arrived at the party, he found it populated by senior guys from the team, a few guys he'd never met, and lots of women. Tyler came up to him with a drink and led him upstairs to his bedroom. All he said was, "I'll be right back. Take a drink and relax a little."

Ryder sipped the drink. It was a rum and coke and very strong. He took another gulp as he looked over Tyler's things. His dick was hard, and he had to keep himself from burying his face in Tyler's pillow and starting to jack off.

About two minutes after he left, Tyler came back with two guys from the team. One was Tanner, a beefy senior with light brown hair and a large frame. He had a classic farm-boy look, with thick muscles and big proportions. The other guy Ryder had only talked to once or twice. His name was Kyle. He was a small guy, closer in size to Ryder than to Tyler, but he packed more muscle and mass. Neither guy seemed to know what was going on, but they both waved at Ryder.

"Alright bros, both of you owe me a favor, right? You said you'd do anything?" Tyler said.

Tanner and Kyle nodded.

"Well, I'm calling it in." Tyler said. "You don't need to know the details, but Ryder here is going to suck your cocks."

Ryder balked at the suggestion, "Dude." he said. Tyler grabbed onto him and pulled him out of the door. Before he left, he looked at Tanner and Kyle. Kyle seemed a little freaked out, but Tanner was already rubbing his cock through his pants. Clearly, he didn't have any problems getting a blow-job from a guy.

"Weren't you going to ask me before hand?" Ryder said before Tyler could get a word out.

Tyler glanced down the hall before he planted his lips on Ryder's. He shoved him into the wall and ground his body against him before slipping a hand down the back of Ryder's jeans. He kneaded Ryder's perfect ass before slipping a hand between his cheeks and toying with his hole. He pulled away.

"Why do you think I invited you over? You've been moving too slow. Do you even want to sleep with me?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah, but . . ." Ryder started before Tyler interrupted.

"Then go get some cock." Tyler said. "Then Perry will be satisfied, and I can give you what we both want."

"These guys . . ." Ryder said.

"The way you shake your ass at the whole team and gaze at our bodies, I'm pretty sure you're ready." Tyler said, "Now get in there and suck some dick."

Ryder walked back into the room with Tyler. Kyle still had his pants on but Tanner had dropped his shorts. His dick was about seven inches long, rock hard, and throbbing. He rubbed it a little before saying, "You can start on me. Once Kyle sees how good a blow-job from a gay dude is, he'll get his dick out for you."

Ryder dropped to his knees in front of Tanner. Before he knew what was happening, Tanner grabbed the back of his head and pulled him onto his dick. A tongue moved across Ryder's ear before Tyler whispered, "I should have told you that Tanner is a little bit of a control freak."

"Ty would know." Tanner said, He pulled Ryder's head out of his crotch, "Did your new boyfriend tell you that he's a slut for straight dick? Ty's been swinging from my dick since we were freshman."

Tanner pulled Ryder back down onto his cock. Ryder nearly gagged as Tanner pushed his knob deep into his throat. The blowjob was rough. Tanner slapped the side of his face with his cock repeatedly before shoving it into his mouth. Spit was everywhere and soon Ryder's face was slimy with dick drool. Tanner grabbed onto his neck and lightly squeezed every so often. It didn't take long before Ryder just focused on keeping his mouth open while Tanner fucked his face.

Ryder glanced up and saw Tyler with a phone in his hand, filming the oral assault. Tyler smiled at him. "You look like such a slut right now, Josh." Ryder rolled his eyes before Tanner shoved him back down.

"Don't be embarrassed, Ty thinks it's hot." Tanner said. Then he turned to his buddy. "You ready for some of this, Kyle."

Kyle remained hesitant, but he didn't say no. Tyler grabbed one of Ryder's hands and moved it onto Kyle's crotch. Ryder's fingers danced over the bulge. Kyle's crotch was hot and damp, and Ryder had a sudden urge to go for the guy's cock. He pulled away from Tanner's dick and moved over to Kyle, who was sitting stiffly on the couch. He wanted to make things as good for the guy as possible, so he moved slowly, building up the experience.

In his nervousness, Kyle had started to sweat and a moist heat was rising from his junk. Ryder buried his face between the stud's legs and chewed on the length of his dick. Despite his reluctance, Kyle was hard as ice. Ryder breathed in loudly enough for Kyle to hear him. Kyle's crotch was ripe, and it reminded Ryder of his post-practice encounters with Coach Perry and Bates. He had come to love the smell of a sweaty crotch. It did things for his mind and cock that he never would have expected.

He slowly unbuttoned Kyle's jeans while he continued to gnaw on his shaft. When he got the fly open, he sucked on the head of Kyle's dick through his boxers. Kyle moaned loudly and Tanner patted him on the back. "I told you he'd be good. Gay dudes know how to treat a guy."

Kyle pushed Ryder's head away and pulled his dick out of his boxers. Once it was out and standing straight up, he put his hands back behind his head and didn't say anything. He had a nice cock, pretty thick but of average length. Now that his shorts were off, the musky smell of his genitals was even stronger, and Ryder was nearly drooling in anticipation. He pulled Kyle's shorts down and found his big balls pulled up tight against the base of his cock. Kyle was ready to blow at the drop of a pin. His balls were covered in thick dark hair, completely untamed. Ryder went for them.

Unlike Tanner, who smelled like cheap body wash, Kyle's crotch stunk like dick. Ryder breathed in the heady scent. The stink of sweat, man, and cock fueled him as he sucked on Kyle's balls. Kyle leaned back and panted loudly while Ryder licked his nuts.

"Why don't you take care of me, bro." Ryder heard Tanner say. He glanced over to his left just as Tyler began to suck Tanner's big cock. Tanner wrapped a hand around the back of Tyler's head, but didn't get rough with him. The two men seemed to have some sort of arrangement. Tyler looked so handsome with his thin lips wrapped around Tanner's prick, and Ryder couldn't turn away.

A hand tapped Ryder's cheek, "What are you looking at?" Tanner said, "Get your mouth back on my bro's cock?"

Ryder opened his mouth and took the head of Kyle's dick into it. Kyle's cock head was flared and pulsing, and Ryder knew that it would only be moments before he shot his load. With his right hand he worked Kyle's balls while he stroked his shaft with the left. He heard Kyle's breathing quicken and a soft, high pitched moan slipped out of his lips.

"Oh fuck, yeah. Fuck, yeah, here it comes." Kyle moaned. His eyes opened and he looked straight at Ryder. Then his hand moved to the back of Ryder's head, "Going nut in your fucking mouth. Get ready to eat my load, dude."

Ryder wouldn't have pulled away even if he could have. Kyle's dick swelled, and Ryder kept sucking. Kyle's chunky, salty load spilled out and filled all of the empty spaces in his mouth. He savored every drop and only swallowed when it was absolutely necessary.

Kyle let out a sort of groan and laugh at the same time. Tanner bumped him with his elbow. "Feels good, doesn't it bro? Gay dudes actually like it when you cum in their mouths."

"Oh, fuck that was amazing," Kyle moaned as he slid back into the couch.

Ryder continued to tongue his soft cock. Kyle, forgetting himself for a minute, was softly stroking the side of Ryder face. Ryder turned toward Tanner and Tyler and watched as Tyler sucked his burly friend's dick.

Tanner didn't put on a show when he came and he didn't warn Tyler. His thighs tightened, and he grunted a little. Then he slowly thrust in and out of Tyler's mouth. Ryder gazed at Tanner's face as it contorted in pleasure. When his body finally relaxed, Tyler pulled off of his cock.

Ryder looked into his eyes and before he knew it Tyler's lips were on his. He pushed Tanner's cum into Ryder's mouth and followed it with his tongue. While he kissed him, his hands wrapped around Ryder's back and rubbed his ass. Ryder felt the muscles in Tyler's back flex. The kiss was amazing. He could feel Tyler's passion for him. When Tyler broke away, Ryder looked down and saw Tyler's cock bouncing in his shorts.

"I should've figured you guys would get all faggy when you were done." Tanner said as he straightened up on the couch.

"Shut up, bro. I just sucked your cock." Tyler said.

"You did an amazing job like always. Thanks," Tanner said back.

Kyle was pulling on his pants as he glanced down at Ryder. "Yeah, thanks, Josh."

Ryder almost said 'anytime.' but thought better of it. He didn't know how much sexual freedom he had.

"Here's the video." Tanner said as he handed a phone to Tyler. He glanced at Ryder, "You come off as a real slut in it, Josh."

Ryder blushed red, though he knew that if he looked like a slut, Coach Perry would be happy.

Tyler sent the video to the Coach, and then he and Ryder got dressed. They went back down to the party and had a couple of drinks with the rest of the team. Josh felt like he'd been let into the inner sanctum. He was the only under-classmen there, and he knew that the social contact with the seniors would go a long way. He was just beginning to feel normal again, like a regular guy rather than a cock-gobbling slut, when Tyler walked up to him. He shoved his phone in Ryder's face.

 The text said, "Looks good. He should only get half credit for Tanner, but I'll count it since you fed him the load. Show up at the gym tomorrow at six and his ass is yours."

"What's that?" another guy asked.

"Nothing." Ryder said as his dick throbbed in his pants. He took a step backward toward the wall and was caught by Tyler, whose hand gripped his ass cheek. Tyler made sure no one was looking before giving the cheek a hard squeeze, "I'm really looking forward to this."

Ryder let out a low groan. He couldn't wait.

Hope you shot your load. If there's something you want to see in this story, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for reading. Charlie

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