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Becoming a Rugby Bitch, Part 12

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Becoming a Rugby Bitch, Part 12
Cosmic Charlie -

After his fuck fest with Tyler, Ryder went back to his apartment. Not that long ago, he had considered himself to be straight. Even when he started fucking around with the coach, he had held on to that idea. He was able to tell himself that his time with the Coach wasn't 'gay'. It was about power, dominance, and masculinity. The stuff with Tyler was different. With Tyler, Ryder had taken the lead. He wanted sex with Tyler to be as good as sex with the coach, and so he'd awoken Tyler's dark side. He couldn't deny why he'd done it.

He wanted sex with Tyler to be hot, because he liked Tyler. It started as a sort of brotherly infatuation, but now he had a serious crush on the guy. He wanted to spend time with him, just to be with him. His heart practically skipped a beat when Tyler texted him a few days later to see if he wanted to get dinner.

They met at a restaurant off campus. Tyler was wearing a white button down shirt and dark jeans. Ryder had on a black t-shirt and tight jeans that hugged his ample ass. They made small talk and ordered their food, then Tyler went straight for the target.

"Why are you here, Josh?"

"What?" Ryder said. "You asked me if I wanted to get dinner."

"I mean . . . I just want to know if you're, like, into me. I mean, besides the, you know."

Tyler smiled. His teeth were straight and white. Ryder couldn't believe how good looking he was. He was the quintessential boy next door.

"The, you know, is great." Ryder said, and they both laughed. "The rest is confusing."

Tyler tried to smile, but Ryder could tell that he was disappointed. He had been hoping for something more, and Ryder had avoided giving it.

"Don't get me wrong, I like the rest. I'm just . . ."

Tyler lowered his voice, "Look, I'm not going to like you less if you're gay. I'm gay. You know that, right? I don't just fuck men to get my nut. I like them. A lot. I'm totally gay. I just want to know where this is going. I don't want to fall for you and then find out that you're a straight guy who likes to, you know, for whatever reason."

"No, it's uh . . ." Ryder stuttered. He'd been going back and forth on this one for months now, but he felt like he knew where he stood. He decided it would be better if he just said it, "I'm, uh, I'm gay." he said.

A wave of relief passed through his body, and Ryder relaxed for the first time in weeks. Tyler was relieved as well. "Well, that answers that. Do you like me?"

Again he beamed his perfect smile at Ryder, who felt like he was going to melt down into his chair. He blushed and fumbled with his silverware.

"Sorry," Tyler said, "Was that the first time you've said that? That you're gay?"

"Yeah." Ryder said, "I've been called gay a lot over the last few months but, actually, I wasn't really sure until I said it."

"Well, I'm proud of you." Tyler said.

Sensing that Ryder didn't want to talk about it, Tyler changed the subject. After dinner he let Ryder go without trying to take advantage of him. If there was any potential for a real relationship there, he didn't want to fuck it up by messing around with Ryder when he was feeling vulnerable.

Two days later the coach texted Ryder and asked him to stay behind after practice. Recently, the blow-jobs had slowed down, and Ryder hadn't played with the coach for almost a week. When he arrived, he was told to take a chair.

"How are things with Tyler?" Perry asked.

"Uh  . . . good." Ryder said.

"So, new rule: you can do what you want with that stud. It wouldn't be right for me to hold you back - he's too fucking hot. You get a pass for anything you've already done."

Ryder blushed. He'd been worried about telling the coach about their recent fuck-a-thon.

"Have you figured it out yet?" Perry asked.


"C'mon, you know what I'm talking about. With Tyler."

"Oh," Ryder looked at his feet. "Yeah, I figured that out."

"Hey. There's nothing to be ashamed about. Tyler's gay, I'm gay, you're gay. You're in good company."

"I'm still getting used to it."

"Well," Perry said, "At least you know."

"Yep." Ryder said.

"Listen," Perry grabbed Ryder's chin and forced him to make eye contact, "If you want to talk to someone about this, we can talk. You just come to my office and ask to talk. Ok?"

"Thanks." Ryder said.

"Alright, heart to heart is over. You're still my boy and for some reason, you've stopped calling me sir."

"Sorry, sir." Ryder said quickly, relieved to be back in familiar territory.

"I'm having some guys over this Saturday to watch the football game. You're going to be our entertainment. Show up at this address and look sexy."

"Yes sir!" Ryder was enthusiastic. Sex had become his way of dealing with stress, and he needed it now more than ever. 

For the next few days Ryder continued to see Tyler. They didn't have the rough and tumble sex he was used to with the coach, but he was able to draw Tyler out when he needed to. Tyler was still a little afraid that he was going to cross a line. Ryder waited, knowing that Tyler  would eventually discover how far back his limits lay.

Tyler knew that Ryder was going over to the Coach's place, and he didn't seem to mind. He wasn't possessive of Ryder, though Ryder wondered how long that would last.

The coach lived in an apartment building on the far side of town. Ryder pulled up and walked toward the doors. He was wearing a pair of knee length gray cotton shorts, a jock strap, and a white t-shirt. He thought he looked hot. He had checked himself out in the mirror that morning, and he could see the lump of his cock through the thin shorts. Now that he had a semi, he was sure that his dick was even more noticeable.

The coach buzzed him in and met him in the hallway. As usual, Perry was wearing athletic clothing, a pair of tight sweats and a black sleeveless t-shirt. As he walked up the stairs, Ryder saw the straps of a jock-strap through the fabric.

When they got to the door, the coach turned to him and smiled. "Here's how this goes; you belong to me, right?"

"Right, coach, sir." Ryder said.

"Good. I'm bringing you here to entertain my friends." he said, "This is not a time to let me down, ok."

"Yes, sir."

Ryder wasn't worried. He couldn't imagine that he would let the coach down. It's not like he was going to walk out or something.

Perry opened he door and led Ryder in. Ryder saw two guys sitting on the coach watching football. They were all in their late twenties or early thirties. One of the guys had a thick beard that was cut close to their face. Both were big and bulky, former football players, Ryder guessed. Neither was cut like Perry, but they were all impressive and intimidating.

"Guys, this is my bitch, Josh." Perry said, "Bitch, these are the guys."

One of the guys gave Ryder the once over while the didn't even look away from the TV. The first shot out his arm and grabbed Ryder around the leg.

"So you're the boy that Perry's been telling us all about." he said. He ran his hand over Ryder's chest and then slid it under his shirt and felt his abs. His other hand squeezed Ryder's ass before slipping up his leg and grabbing his bulge. Ryder had never been felt up like this before, and he started to turn away. He caught Perry's eyes and remembered that he needed to play along.

"You're a fucking stud, boy." The guy cooed. Ryder looked at him. His face showed a little bit of age. He was probably thirty. He wore a ball cap and had a little bit of a shadow on his cheeks. His arms were thick and hairy, and his pecs bulged through his shirt. Before Ryder knew what was happening, the man began to remove his cloths. Ryder's shirt came off first and then his shorts. Soon he was standing naked in front of the men, wearing only a slutty jock-strap. His cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

"Jesus, look at that ass." The guy said as he slapped his butt. He continued to manhandle Ryder's junk, which was quickly filling with blood. "Feel this shit." he said as he put Ryder's hand on his crotch. “I can't wait to feel those pretty lips wrapped around this monster."

Perry grabbed a six pack of beer and some food from the kitchen. He sat down with his legs wide open. His hard cock tented the front of his sweats. Ryder hadn't tasted Perry's cock for a while, and he wanted it bad.

Perry patted his inner thigh. "C'mere, boy." he said. Ryder was between his legs in a flash.

"Fuck, he comes just like a dog." someone said.

"He loves it," Perry said, "Show my friends how much you love my junk."

Ryder lowered his mouth down over the bulge and begin to lick and chew the Coach's hard cock through the material. Perry cupped the back of his head and pulled him in. Ryder breathed deeply, taking in the warm, sexy smell of the coach. His own dick strained the pouch of his jockstrap as Perry lifted both of his legs and put them up on the coffee table. The game had started, Ryder realized, but the Coach held him in place.

For at least five minutes he mouthed the coach's crotch. Soon the front of Perry's sweats were soaked with saliva. At one point, the coach had pushed his head down onto his balls and taint. Ryder, of course, couldn't make contact. He felt the coach's balls roll around as he tried to capture them with his mouth as Perry's thighs contracted against the sides of his head.

"Alright, boy," Perry said. "Go show the guys how much you love their dicks."

None of the guys had their cocks out, but all of them had visible bulges in their pants. Ryder crawled over to one of the men who had to stand at least 6 foot 3 and has built like an ox. He had wide shoulders, a thick stomach, and massive legs. Ryder slid between them and put his mouth on the log that stretched his jeans.

"Looks like he loves you best, Chris," one of the other guys called out.

Ryder hadn't thought about who he wanted most, but the truth was that he had made a bee-line to the biggest guy in the room. He'd always felt small around other athletes, and the way this dude towered over him played into his sense of inferiority.

Ryder chewed on the guy's dick hoping to get a rise out of him. Finally, he groaned, leaned back, and spread his legs open. "You've got me drooling already, boy." he said, "I bet you can't wait to get at the real thing."

Before Ryder could respond, someone pulled back the strap on his jock and let it go. It stung his firm ass, and he pulled away.

"My turn, boy."

This guy was younger, probably in his mid-twenties. He had dark hair, cut close to his skull and a thick, black beard. His skin was dark, but Ryder couldn't tell his ethnicity. He was wearing loose shorts that sat just above the base of his cock. His white underwear came up about an inch above them. As Ryder approached, he pulled his shirt up a little and showed off his hairy stomach and thick bush.

He gripped Ryder by the back of the head and pulled his mouth down to the thatch of hair. Ryder began to kiss his hairy skin.. He could smell the man's musk. It was a smell that Ryder had become familiar with, but which hadn't lost its appeal. The musk of a sweaty set of nuts, pheromones, and even cum. He couldn't help himself and lowered his face, pushing his nose into the guys junk while inhaling deeply and mouthing his cock.

"Yeah," the man said softly, "Perry told me you like the way a man smells. Come up here."

He grabbed onto Ryder's hair and pulled him up his body. Ryder saw his pitted out shirt and knew what was coming.

The man cupped the back of his head and pushed him into his sweaty pit. It smelled fresh. Just sweat with a little bit of odor. Ryder sucked the salty liquid through the fabric. The other guys hollered around him and someone was playing with his ass, but he didn't stop. This was exactly what he'd been hoping for when he showed up.

Perry laughed loudly, "The boys didn't believe you were such a slut when I told them."

His head got pulled out of the pit and the dark skinned guy looked at him, "Were you really straight the first time Perry put you on your knees?"

"I thought so." Ryder said.

"And now."

Ryder gazed at the man's broad chest and then bent down and bit a nipple through his shirt. "Now I like men."

A couple of the guys cheered him, and Ryder felt proud of himself. He felt the stud's hard cock pushing up against his leg.

"How many dicks have you sucked,"

"Uh . . ." Ryder hesitated as he took another lick at the armpit in front of him.

"Enough that he lost count." Perry laughed.

Perry grabbed him by the neck and pulled him back down to the floor. He noticed that Chris and Perry both had their cocks out. Chris' dick was a monster. It was a little shorter than Perry's ten inch stick, but beer can thick. A glossy trail of precum ran down the side.

"Of the guys you've sucked, which was your favorite?"

"Tyler," Ryder said without thinking.

"His boyfriend," Perry said while rolling his eyes. "OK, Tyler's fucking sex on legs, but he doesn't count. Who's number two." When Ryder's eyes flashed up at Perry, Perry grinned, "And you can't say me either."

Ryder thought about it, and one dick, one man, kept popping up. There was no denying that despite the way Bates treated him, he was one hell of a fun guy to fuck around with. Ryder remembered in particular the way that Bates' muscles had pressed against his body when he was getting fucked by Perry for the first time.

"Bates." Ryder said.

"Jesus," Perry groaned, "The guy tried to rape you a week ago and you've still got the hots for him? That's fucked up."

"That's the mark of a real bitch." Chris said.

"Well, just so you know, Bates got taken down a notch after that incident, Josh." Perry said, "If you seem him in the locker-room you should ask him if you can rim his ass. You might find a little bit of my load left in there."

Ryder was shocked to find that just knowing that Bates had been fucked made him much less attractive to him. Even if it was unwilling, it brought Bates down into the realm of ordinary men. No longer the dominant, insane, sweaty stud he had been, he was just another guy who could be pulled in by Perry's power.

"You better tell your boyfriend to follow my rules, or I'll fuck him too." Perry said as he grabbed Ryder's chin. "And I'd make you watch that shit. You'd hear that stud beg for my big cock."

Ryder's concern must have shown because Perry grabbed him by the chin and smiled. "Don't worry, boy, I like Tyler, and he knows what kind of game were playing. He's smarter than Bates is."

It was true. Tyler knew what Bates' punishment would be for trying to fuck him, even if Ryder didn't believe that Perry could do it. Tyler wouldn't try to push the coach out, even if it meant letting Ryder get pushed into situations like the one he was now in, with three men surrounding him and the air slowly filling with the smell of precum and dick.

For the next half hour or so, Ryder nursed on one cock or another. The guys passed him around, and he never stuck with one dick for more than five minutes. Beer was flowing and personalities were changing. Everyone became more hands on. The guys massaged his balls and played with his ass constantly. Perry and Chris had become more aggressive, occasionally choking him on their cocks and laughing. The other guy just leaned back in his chair and let Ryder service him.

When half-time arrived, most of the men got up to use the bathroom. When they got back, they all had a hungry look in their eye. Perry said, "Let's give it to him," and suddenly he was surrounded.

They all dropped their pants. Perry and the dark dude were wearing jocks and they moved the pouches aside. Three cocks hung in front of Ryder in various states of hardness, and then someone grabbed his head. He plunged his mouth down onto Chris's cock, and felt his lips stretch as he tried to take it in. Someone, Chris he guessed, was pushing him down, and he kept choking and trying to pull away. He really couldn't manage to wrap his mouth around the massive cock.

Mercifully, he was moved to the dark dude's dick . It was a little over seven inches long, and sprouted up from a thick bush. Ryder dropped down into the guy's pubes and started to kiss and suck him there.

"I actually want to watch the game," the guy said. He cupped Ryder's head and pushed him between his legs. "You work my balls, and I'll take care of my dick."

Ryder didn't need instructions. He dove onto the dude's balls. Unlike the college guys he blew this guy didn't shave, and his sweaty balls were covered in hair. Ryder pulled one nut into his mouth and heard the dude groan. Then he gave the same treatment to the other one. He huffed the pheromones and musk coming from the guy's skin while the guy's fist bumped into Ryder's skull regularly.

Ryder dove deeper, inching his mouth up under the loose sack and digging into the guy's taint. He loved the feeling of the spit slimed sack moving across the bridge of his nose. He was just starting to really get into it when the guy grabbed him by the hair and pulled him out of his crotch. Cold air hit Ryder's face, and then a searing hot blast of cum.

"That's right bitch, gonna paint your face," the stud growled as his finger's dug into to Ryder's hair.

At least five blasts of cum shot across Ryder's face and into his hair. Hot, wet, globs of cum splattered over his nose and onto his cheeks. His mouth was open, and the occasional rope of nut traced across his tongue. As the flow of semen slowed down, he closed his lips and savored the taste. The guy moved his big dick, which was still hard, across Ryder's face, pushing the cum toward his lips. By the time he was done Ryder's face was coated with a thin film, and he'd eaten most of the load.

"Fucking awesome job, man." he mumbled as he sat back down on the couch.

Ryder said thanks as Perry tossed him a towel.

"Clean yourself up, boy."

Ryder wiped the cum off his face and looked up at Chris. His cock seemed bigger than it had before, if that was even possible. Ryder looked over his shoulder and saw the coach's rock hard cock jutting ten inches out in front of him. A drop of precum hung from the tip and shimmered in the light.

Ryder was about to stand when Chris pushed him back to the floor.

"What do you say Perry? Should we show the bitch how we used to double team them in college?"

Perry pulled off his shirt. His hairy chest looked massive as he took a deep breath. "I don't know if the boy can handle it, Chris."

Chris walked up to Ryder and smashed his junk against his face. The hard cock and loose balls pressed against his nose and chin. Ryder could smell his own saliva, built up from almost an hour of sucking. Chris grabbed onto his cock and smacked Ryder across the face twice. Then he pulled on his shaft so that his foreskin bunched up at the end like a snout. He placed it against Ryder's lips. Ryder's tongue shot out and tongued the inside of the tunnel, tasting Chris' precum and licking at his glans.

"You think you can handle it, boy?" Chris asked him.

Ryder nodded. As he did, Chris' bunched up foreskin moved from his mouth to his nose. He inhaled deeply. "Fuck yes, I can."

"It's hard to believe that you used to deny that you liked cock." Perry said from behind him. Then Ryder felt a hand on his ass. "Before you get going on his mouth, you've gotta check out his ass, Chris."

Chris stepped over Ryder and started to play with his his cheeks. He slammed a palm onto Ryder' back and pushed him down to all fours.

"Fuck, that is one fine ass." Chris' fingers moved under the straps of Ryder's jock strap and then brushed against his hole. "He's got a pretty little hole too. I can see why you like this one so much. You keep him for yourself."

"His stud boyfriend fucks him, but no one else."

"Better keep him on a short leash. When a cock hound like this one takes a liking to getting fucked, he'll start looking for it everywhere."

"I'm on top of it." Perry said.

"Christ," Chris exclaimed again as he squeezed Ryder's cheeks. "This kid is damn near perfect."

Ryder was beaming with pride when he felt Chris' mouth connect with his asshole. The guy didn't waste any time and really dug in. He made out with Ryder's hole, twisting his tongue around the edges and plunging it in. Then his mouth moved south, and he pulled the pouch of Ryder's jock aside. He sucked both of his balls into his mouth and worked them for a minute.

"You got a brother, boy?" Chris asked when he pulled away.

"Two," Ryder said.

Chris looked to Perry, "You should turn one of them for me."

Perry laughed, "I'll try. Now get out of the way. I'm ready to go."

Cold lube poured down Ryder's crack as Chris moved in front of him again. He pushed his fingers into Ryder's mouth and dug down toward his throat. Ryder gagged a little bit.

"I should apologize in advance," Chris said, "I don't really do gentle."

Ryder knew that he was in for a serious fucking. Perry would want to put on a show for his jock buddies. Chris had already been aggressive when Ryder was worshiping his dick during the first half. He seemed like the kind of guy who would want a lot more now that his full attention was on fucking. Perry lined his big dick up with Ryder's hole and pushed forward a little bit. "Been a while, boy. You think you can handle me?"

The coach slammed his dick in before Ryder could answer. The assault on his ass caused Ryder to open his mouth and gasp. Chris wasted no time and shoved forward. Ryder choked and Chris slapped him lightly on the side of the face.

"C'mon boy, you gotta do better than that."

Ryder tried to take his mind off the rhythmic slamming the coach was giving his asshole. He focused on relaxing his throat and letting Chris in. When it finally worked, Chris' cock slipped into his throat and Ryder put up resistance. Immediately, Chris started to buck his hips and slam his pubes into Ryder's nose. It was an intense face fucking, and Ryder took it for about fifteen seconds until he had to pull off.

Chris slipped his fingers into Ryder's mouth. As Ryder caught his breath, Chris pulled at his lips and made him suck on his digits. Ryder got into it, trying to please the fingers just as much as he worked to please Chris' cock. Then the fingers disappeared and the beer-can thick cock was back. Chris pushed his way back into Ryder's throat and then fucked him for another thirty seconds. They repeated that a countless number of times.

After what seemed like an hour, Ryder's body started to get sore and neither the coach nor Chris showed any sign of slowing. His torso started to slouch, and he wasn't working Chris' cock with much enthusiasm.

The coach noticed. "Getting tired, boy?"

He yanked his dick out of Ryder and then seized him by the hips. He damn near threw him onto the couch, before grabbing his thighs and pulling him forward so that his ass was hanging off the edge. Then he plunged back in. Ryder winced.

"C'mon, you can take it," Perry muttered before pushing his mouth against Ryder's.

His tongue invaded Ryder's mouth, and the gentle pressure of his lips helped Ryder find his second wind. He straightened out his body, and when Perry pulled away he looked at Chris and groaned, "Sit on my face, man."

"Fuck yeah," Chris said as he positioned himself over Ryder's face. He squat down and spread his massive cheeks. Ryder made out with his hole, remembering that Perry had told him that he should show a guy's asshole the same kind of love that he showed a dick. That was back when the idea of eating ass creeped him out. Now he kind of loved it.

Ryder's tongue lapped up and down the dudes' ass crack. He licked all the way to his balls before moving back up across his hole and toward his back. Chris loved it. He bucked up and down on Ryder's face, using one hand to support himself and the other to occasionally shove Ryder's mouth where he wanted it. Ryder became so caught up in the rim job that he almost forgot that he was getting fucked. Only the occasional odd thrust, or the coach's sadistic twist of his nipples reminded him that Perry was still fucking him.

"Fuck you've got a huge cock." Ryder heard the coach moan.

Chris lifted himself just enough to give Ryder a peak at the coach bobbing up and down on Chris' thick dick. Chris was not trying to fuck the coach's face or make him gag on his cock like he had done with Ryder. Clearly, the Coach and Chris had a different kind of relationship. Instead, Chris sat back and let the coach suck his cock while Ryder worked his hole. At the same time, the coach kept fucking Ryder's ass.

"You there yet, Perry?" Chris asked.

"Almost man." Perry said back, "You want me to seed your ass, boy?"

Ryder mumbled a yes with his face smashed against Chris' butt.

"Fuck, this is hot." Perry mumbled. "Got my stud buddy and my boy at the same time."

Perry began to fuck Ryder harder. His dick was deep inside of the kid and each thrust was short but fast. Ryder groaned against Chris' ass as he started to get off. He couldn't believe how pleasurable getting fucked had turned out to be. He craved it now. He felt the coach's dick getting harder, spreading out inside of his gut and knew that Perry was going to cum soon. He rubbed the sides of the coach's torso, massaging the muscles and urging Perry on.

Perry made his final push and shoved his dick deep into Ryder. Ryder got a close up view of the coach, suckling on Chris' fat cock as he unloaded. The sight didn't really bother him, like Tyler the coach had never claimed to be straight. Plus, the feeling of hot cum hosing down his insides made it clear that the coach owned his ass.

When Perry's orgasm ended, he didn't stop sucking. He lay on top of Ryder with his dick buried to the pubes and his mouth wrapped around Chris' dick. Chris had finally taken a little bit of control, and had his palm on the back of Perry's skull. Ryder leaned up and started to lick Chris's balls. At the same time, Perry reached down and grabbed hold of Ryder's cock, and began to rub the head of his dick against his hard, hairy stomach.

Ryder started to shoot his load, and the Coach didn't let up on manipulating his dick. He painted the coach's abs with cum and then it dripped down into his pubes. He squirmed as his over-sensitive glans rubbed across Perry's hairy stomach.

"Ugh . . ." Ryder moaned and moved his mouth away from Chris' nuts.

Perry twisted Ryder's nipple hard. "Fucking take it, bitch. Get back on those balls."

He moved his mouth back to Chris' balls. As he did, the coach's cock slid out of his brutalized ass. He breathed deeply. The coach was still playing with his dick. Then he felt Chris' nuts pulling away from his lips. The stud was going to cum. He pulled away just in time to watch the shaft throb and to see the coach push his mouth downward.

Chris fucked Perry's mouth for a few thrusts and then pulled out a little. He grabbed onto his cock and squeezed the shaft as he dumped his load into Perry's eager mouth. Ryder could have sworn that he saw the stud's bull balls pulse as they expelled their load.

When he was finished his cock slipped out of Perry's mouth. It was already getting soft, and Ryder caught the half-hard rod in his mouth. He licked the last drops of cum out of the piss slit and sucked until Chris couldn't take it anymore. When he looked up, Perry facing him.

"Open up, boy."

Ryder opened his mouth, expecting a kiss. Instead he got a load of thick cum. It dripped out of Perry's mouth and onto his tongue. It was a massive load, hot and salty. He swished it around in his mouth, tasting it, before swallowing it down. Chris took him by the chin and rubbed his jaw, "That's a good bitch."

Perry stood up and walked away, while Chris crawled off the top of Ryder. Ryder was just about to get up when Chris took a hold of his legs. He spread them wide and grabbed at his ass cheeks.

"Jesus fuck, Perry. You really did a number on him." he moaned. Chris shoved a finger into Ryder's ass roughly and twisted it around. When he pulled it out, there was a glob of cum on it. "Fuck."

Chris latched his mouth onto Ryder's hole and ate him out. He wasn't trying to get Ryder off, he just wanted a taste of his buddy's load. When he was satisfied that he'd gotten as much of Perry's cum as he could, he slapped Ryder on the inside of the thigh and said, "You did good, boy."

Perry was already dressed and sitting on the couch watching the game. Chris soon did the same. Ryder was amazed that after only a minute, they were all able to act as if nothing had happened. Chris patted the place on the couch between him and Perry, and he walked over and sat down. While they watched the last quarter of the game Perry and Chris' hands roved over his body, but they didn't fuck around anymore.

When the game was over, Perry sent Ryder home without so much as a thanks. He drove home and hopped into the shower, scrubbing the scent of men off of him before he met up with Tyler to give him a play-by-play.

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