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Dad's Proper Place, Part 4

Sorry it's been so long guys. I've been hibernating.

Dad's Proper Place, Part 4
Cosmic Charlie -

After he took his dad's cherry, Rick fucked Alan everyday after school for a week. They had to be quick and quiet. Usually Rick would make Alan suck him for twenty minutes to get him ready. Then he would jump on top of his dad, hump him like a bitch, and drop a load in his ass. Alan seemed to like it. Most of the time his cock leaked all over Rick's bed, and a few times he spontaneously blew his load. Rick always made him lick it up before letting him leave the room.

Outside of the bedroom, their relationship became stronger. Before Rick began to fuck Alan, there had been a kind of competition between them. Rick was starting to test  boundaries and push back against his dad's authority. Now that clear lines were established, everything went more smoothly. Rick asserted himself as the dominant male in some ways, while Alan got to be in charge when it came to parental duties and the household. It worked, and Alan knew that if he ever tried to completely take charge of his son, Rick would use sex to take back control.

After a second week of having sex, Rick began to get bored. To him, fags brought pleasure in two ways. Obviously, they did a good job working his dick and that left him feeling pretty good. But he could get that from chicks. The whole purpose of finding a man who believed himself to be inferior to you was the incredible feeling of power that came from working him over. Alan had gotten used to choking on his dick and taking it up the ass. Rick still messed with him and tried to push his boundaries, but his dad seemed willing to take almost anything.

Finally, one afternoon Rick invited his dad to come work out with him at the high-school gym. It was technically against the rules, but the baseball coach, who supervised the gym during the winter was another one of Rick's playthings.

Just 25 years old, the coach had dark hair, some scruff on his chin, and a killer upper body. His chest was wider than Rick would have thought possible and his forearms bulged and pulsed with vascular muscles. He carried himself like he was a real fucking stud, but Rick knew that he had sucked off a good chunk of the guys who regularly lifted after school. Rick had been his first a year and a half ago. Only a few months past sixteen, he had conned the coach into getting onto his knees and sucking his cock. He'd been ignoring him for the past few months. It was always good to have a couple of cock-suckers on standby and they usually did a much better job when they were starving for it.

Rick lifted with two of his best buddies. Lou had been his best friend since grade school. Like Rick, Lou had put a ton of time into shaping his body and he was starting to develop a nice v-shape. He was Latino and had olive colored skin. Rick had never seen his cock hard, but knew that Lou didn't have anything to be ashamed about in that department. Wrenn was a guy that Rick met a few years ago. He played football and was a lot beefier than either Rick or Lou. His large frame was thick with muscle. He was an imposing guy, and for a long time was one of the only guys who Rick was intimidated by.

When they all met in the weight room, Rick could tell that his dad was thrown off by Lou and Wrenn. Usually Alan was the cool dad. Strong and confident around his friends. Today, when they guys were all in their gym clothes, Alan couldn't separate normal male interaction from his new sexual life. He was in awe of their young bodies and what they could do with them.

Rick brought Alan to the gym hoping this would happen. He could already see a lump growing in the flimsy nylon shorts that his dad was wearing. The fag hadn't thought far enough ahead to realize that he needed to wear some tight briefs under his shorts. Sweat was already running down the side of Alan's face as he tried to act naturally around Rick's friends.

The guys broke into two groups, with Rick and Alan doing dead-lifts while Lou and Wrenn worked at the bench. As Alan heaved the weight up to his waist, Rick grinned at him.

"Your cock leaking yet, fag?"

Alan glanced around to see if anyone had heard.

"I know you get daily access to some seriously prime stud cock, but I figured you wouldn't mind seeing what else was out there." Rick said as he walked around his dad, "They say that Wrenn fucked a girl so hard he broke one of her ribs."

Alan dropped the weight.

"Probably just a rumor, but I bet he could do it." Rick said, "Lou cums so much that chicks are afraid to sleep with him. I've never seen it, but he told me it's like gallons."

Rick started to lift. "You better cover up that hard-on dad." he said as he heaved, "Lots of horny guys around. Who knows what they'll do if they find out you're a fag."

"Rick, please . . ." Alan whined.

"Please what? Turn you over to my bros?"

Alan looked like he was going to pass out. His face was red and sweat was pouring down his forehead. Rick worried that he'd taken things too far too fast. He reached into his gym bag and pulled out a key.

"There are some compression shorts in my locker. They should fit you." he said as he tossed the key to Alan.

Rick went over to his buddies and moved the conversation toward a discussion of the girls they were dating and banging. Both guys hushed up when Alan came back into the weight-room, but Rick smiled and said, "Don't worry, bros, my dad's cool."

"Cool with what?" Alan asked.

"We were just talking about our latest hijinks with girls. Rick still hasn't told us what he's been up to."

Rick sat down on the bench, "I got this chick right now, she's a total freak in bed."

"No shit.” said Lou.

"Yeah, man. Like the other day, I pissed on her."

Both of the guys groaned. They weren't expecting anything that fucked up.
 Alan blushed.

"What'd she do?" Wrenn asked.

"She drank it."

Lou pounded the seat of the machine next to him and howled.

"Like I said, she's a freak." Rick went on. "Like after I get home from the gym, she wants to lick the sweat off my body - get's up in my pits, under my balls, the whole thing."

"That's some twisted shit.” Wrenn said, “Fun though?"

"Best sex of my life."

Rick glanced over at Alan and nodded. He wanted his dad to know that it was true.

"Man, I'd love to be able to do that, even just for a night," Lou said, "Just completely let loose and just, fuck, you know what I mean?"

"It's amazing man," Rick said.

They finished lifting and went back to the lockers. Rick tossed Alan his car keys and told him to take of. Then he drove with Lou to a store where they had a connection and could grab some beer. They went to a nearby park and popped open the beer. They were shooting the shit when Lou brought up Rick's 'girlfriend' again.

"That's some wild shit, bro." Lou said, "Truth is, I thought only fags were into stuff like that."

"You want the truth bro?" Rick asked.

Lou's face got a little red, and Rick could tell that he knew what was coming. They'd been friends too long.

"This girl is actually a fag, bro."

"About time, man." Lou said with a big smile on his face. "Rumor is you're fucking half the dudes at school. But you were afraid to tell me? You know I don't give a shit if you're gay, right?"

"I'm not gay, man." Rick said defensively. "I just love sex a lot, and dudes are a lot better at it."

"Whatever, man," Lou said, "I'm just glad you're not hiding it from me anymore."

"You know, bro." Rick said, "If you ever want a go, this guy would do it. He'd fucking cream his pants just thinking about it. And trust me, you'll get over the fact that he's a guy pretty quickly."

Lou paused for a minute and then said, "I'll think about it man."

When Rick returned home, his mom and brother were already back. He took a shower, ate dinner, and then did his homework. It was around midnight when his dad showed up at his bedroom door.

"What's up pop?" Rick asked.

"Everyone's asleep, and I was going to go to bed. Just thought I'd check to see if you needed anything?"

Rick smiled a crooked grin, "What do you really want, dad?"

Alan blushed, "I thought you would, you know, want to fool around."

"Shut the door." Rick said as he stood up.

Within a minute Alan was naked and laying face down on his bed. Rick jumped on top of him, pushed his head into the pillow, and then shoved his cock into him. It wasn't the most romantic fuck ever, but after five minutes of muffled moans and bed springs squeaking, Rick dumped a load into his dad's ass. He pulled out, rolled over, and told Alan that he was done.

The next afternoon Lou sent him a text, saying that he was game. Rick texted back, "At the park. After gym." and then told Alan to meet him there. The park would be deserted, and Rick didn't worry about being seen. He was a little concerned how Lou would react when he saw Alan, but he figured he would get over it as soon as Alan's lips were wrapped around his cock.

After school, Rick lifted with the guys and then high-tailed it to the park. He was sitting on a bench, with Alan's skull planted between his knees, when Lou pulled up. Alan heard the car approaching and tried to pull away.

"Don't move a muscle, pop." Rick commanded.

Lou got out of his car and glanced over at the third vehicle in the lot. "Dude, that looks just like your dad's truck." Alan had a cap on backwards, and Lou couldn't tell who he was. He got closer. "You don't waste any time, do you man."

"He's good." Rick said with a grin. He patted Alan on the back and then said, "Now, don't freak out man, cause you know him."

Rick pushed Alan off of his dick and the cap fell off. Lou took a step back. "Dude, that's your dad, dude. Alan?"

Lou had known Alan most of his life.

"Relax man." Rick said.

"Your own dad, man. That's just so, uh . ."

"It's hot." Rick said. "He's better than all the fags I've fucked with put together. He's in the house twenty-four seven and he loves my dick."

"Still, man." Lou stuttered, "I thought it'd be some nerd from school or something. I'm not sure I can go through with this."

"Here's how you have to see it, Lou. This isn't my dad." Rick explained. "This is just a faggot slave that looks a lot like my dad. My dad is a strong, masculine, dude. This guy is a submissive bitch. They're not really the same person. Once a cock is involved, my dad disappears."

"How long?" Lou said, slowly walking forward.

"Bout a month now." Rick said. "He's not like the other fags I've trained up. He needs more. Watch this, shit."

Rick stood in front of Alan. He grabbed his cock and let loose a monster stream of piss. It hit Alan straight in the face, and he sputtered as the yellow stream blasted him. Rick's cock was like firehose, letting out a thick stream of urine.

"Open up and show him that you like it, pops." Rick said.

Alan opened his mouth and let the piss pool up, then he closed his lips and swallowed. Rick didn't know why, but Alan wasn't trying to fight him today. Maybe the fact that any disobedience would reflect poorly on Rick made him think twice about his doubts and hesitations.

"See man, he's just a fag who wants some cock." Rick said. "Go ahead, piss on him."

The opportunity to piss on another guy was not one that Lou was going to pass up. Rick had long suspected that Lou had it in him to get sexually aggressive. He was a freak in bed and was always complaining that the chick he hooked up with didn't want to play as hard as he did. It only took about thirty seconds for Lou to whip out his eight inch, uncut, latin cock. He leaned back, took a deep breath, and relaxed. A few seconds later, he started to blast Alan in the face with his stream.

Rick's stream puttered out, but Lou took over in force. His thick arc of piss splattered across Alan's mouth and then down onto his chest. Finally he moved back to his mouth and whispered, "Drink it."

Alan swallowed as fast as he could. By the time Lou was done, he felt like he had a gallon of piss in him. He was a little nauseous and could have used a breather, but, of course, Rick wasn't going to give him one.

Rick ran over to his car and grabbed a towel out of his gym bag. "Clean yourself up, you animal."

Rick turned to Lou, "No offense man, but I don't want your piss on me. My own is bad enough."

Lou was panting and his cock was standing straight up against his stomach. "Dude, that was intense." he said, "Like, seriously, that was a crazy rush."

"That's power, Lou. Your own, pure, masculine power. Society tells us not to express it, but it's the best drug there is bro." Rick looked down at his dad and then back at Lou, "You want to take him or should I show you how it's done?"

"I think I can manage, man." Lou said. He turned to Alan, "You want it?"

Alan nodded. Rick kicked some dirt toward him. "Show Lou some respect, fag."

"Please let me have your cock, sir." Alan said. He moved forward a little bit. His jeans were wet and he looked uncomfortable.

"Look at that," Lou said as he pulled on his cock in front of Alan's face. He pushed it downward until the tip was right against his lips. Alan waited, but he couldn’t help inhaling. Rick saw his nostrils flare.

"Did you see that, bro? He just took a sniff of your dick. That's a total fag move. When you see that shit, you know you've got a keeper." Rick said. "You like the smell of that cock, don't you dad?"

"I love it Rick, Sir." Alan said. When he opened his mouth, Lou took advantage and slipped the head in.

"He actually licked up my dick slime, man. Only a few days worth, but one of these days I'm going to let it really get nasty. Feed the old man some head cheese."

"Oh fuck yeah, you fag." Lou moaned. He pulled his dick out of Alan's mouth, "Lick the sweat off my balls." He turned back to Rick. "Maybe we'll both let ourselves go. You want some of my queso, Alan?"

When Lou said his name, Alan blushed. He was reminded of the fact that the latin stud feeding him his dick wasn't just any dude. It was Rick's best friend. A kid that he had literally watched grow up.

"Oh, you just remembered whose dick you're sucking, didn't you dad? Don't worry you don't have to be embarrassed. Lou knows you're a fag and he still likes you."

"I think I like him more, man." Lou said as he moved Alan's mouth back to his cock.

"Be careful,bro. He's going to fall in love with you if you keep treating him like a prince. I thought you said you wanted to a crack at a real fag - a guy you could use."

Lou was half lost in the blow job, but then he opened his eyes a crack. "Will he eat my ass?"

Rick rolled his eyes. Ass eating was kid's stuff. "Sit down on the bench and slide back."

In a flash Lou's ass was hanging off the bench and his legs spread open. His balls were massive, bigger than Rick's and they hung down low. He had an untamed mass of hair growing around his nuts and down into his ass crack. His skin glistened with sweat from lifting weights and running. Alan kissed the low hanging nuts and then dove in.

Lou gasped when Alan's tongue connected with his hole. He'd only been rimmed once before, and that had been by a girl that didn't really want to do it. She'd half-heartedly licked him and then moved back to his cock. Alan, though, was totally into it. His tongue circled around his hole, pushing on it and licking the sweat from his ass crack. The more he gave, the more Lou wanted and soon he had his hand on the back of Alan's head.

"Eat that ass, bitch." he mumbled as he pressed down on Alan's skull. He let out a long moan.

"He loves it," Rick said, "He loves it when a jock lays into him. The more you push him, the better he gets."

Rick watched as Lou's fingers tensed up. He was pulling Alan's hair now, shoving his face this way and that. The dirty talk increased as Lou stopped holding himself back. "You like it bitch? You like that ass?" Lou asked as he let go of Alan.

When Alan didn't say anything, Rick grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face back. "Answer him, fag." he shouted as he spit on his dad's face.

"I love it, sir." Alan said.

"Get over here."

Rick pulled Alan toward his crotch. He yanked the waistband down. His engorged dick, ten inches of veiny meat, slapped up against his flat stomach. With his free hand, he pulled it down and pushed it into Alan's mouth. Then he pulled him by the hair down onto his dick.

"Watch this shit, bro." Rick said. Then he looked down at his dad and sneered, "Get ready for it old man."

He shoved his hips forward and drove his dick into the back of his dad's throat. Alan coughed and sputtered. Rick held him down until his eyes went wide, either because he was going to throw up or pass out. Only about half of Rick's cock was in his mouth, and it was knocking at the back of his throat. Rick let Alan off.

As he coughed and wiped the slime off of his chin, Rick grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back. He glared down at him. Nothing more than that glance was necessary. Alan knew exactly what it meant. "Don't you dare embarrass me in front of my friend."

"All the way." Rick whispered as he brought his dick back to Alan's lips. This was something his dad continued to struggle with. Deep-throating was a required skill for all of Rick's cocksuckers. Sometimes his dad was able to do it, other times they tried for an hour and a half before giving up. This time, Rick was dead set on forcing his way in. "All the way." he mumbled again.

He felt Alan's body relax as he shoved forward. This time he slipped down into his dad's throat. Alan's muscles spasmed as they tried to eject his cock, but somehow he kept it down. His lips sank until they were buried in his son's pubes.

"Holy shit, man." Lou said from the side.

Rick turned toward Lou and moved his hips so that Lou could get a good view of his dad. "This is why I fuck around with fags, bro."

Rick let his dad slide back off of his cock and then pushed him back toward Lou. "Show Lou how that feels, dad."

Alan crawled over to his son's friend. Lou was almost completely naked now. His exposed chest gleamed with a little bit of sweat. He wasn't as developed as Rick, but his body was lean and defined. As Alan approached his crotch, Lou reached out and cradled the back of his head. Rick noticed. Lou was starting to get the hang of this.

Alan dove down on Lou's cock and easily took the eight inches into his throat. He was thicker than Rick, but that didn't matter much. With his nose buried in Lou's pubes, he moaned softly.

"Oh, that's intense." Lou said, "It's almost like a pussy."

Rick smiled. Lou grabbed Alan by the hair and pulled him halfway off of his dick. Alan took a deep breath and then Lou pushed him back down. Slowly, Lou began to fuck Alan's mouth. He tried not to look down, but when he did, he felt a surge of power. His best friend's dad, a guy he had immense respect for, was letting him fuck his face.

"Give it to him, bro." Rick said from the side.

Lou picked up the pace. Alan tried to keep up, but on every other thrust or so he coughed a little bit. Lou sneered, but didn’t' stop. His balls were churning and he was nearly ready to blow. Rick stood next to him, stroking his huge cock. The two guys had never done anything sexual together, but Lou was entranced by the pure, masculine interaction that they were now having. Rick kept stroking and Lou kept fucking, until suddenly Rick grabbed his dad by the back of the head and pulled him away.

"Sorry bro, but I've gotta drop my nut."

Alan dove onto Rick's cock without being told. Rick pushed in to the hilt and started to skull fuck his dad. It only took three thrusts before he started to shoot his load. Lou watched in magnetize as Rick pounded Alan much harder than he would have dared. Finally Rick wrapped his fingers around the back of his dad's head and held him down while he unloaded. Rick's abs contracted rhythmically and his eyes rolled back into his head, but he stayed silent. Alan was quiet for the first twenty seconds, but then he started to squirm as Rick's load was deposited into his gut.

Rick groaned loudly and then looked at Lou, "He doesn't like it if he doesn't get a chance to taste it."

When Rick let Alan off his dad pulled away and hung his head low as he caught his breath. He looked up, half dazed and a little off balance. Lou grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back to his crotch.

"Lick my balls, bitch." Lou said.

As Alan worked his sweaty sack, Lou pulled on his cock. His foreskin slid over the tip as he jerked himself off. He squatted down onto Alan's face, shoving his nuts into his mouth. The sound of the older man rooting around, his breathing loud, filled the air. Rick watched with a smile. Lou had finally gotten the hang of it.

"You gonna paint his face, bro?" Rick asked.

"Fuck yes." Lou moaned.

"I'm finally going to see if you're all talk."

"This is a three day load, dude. There's enough cum in these nuts to knock up the whole cheer-leading squad."

"You close?"

Lou didn't respond for a minute and then he groaned, "Just about  . . . . there."

He grabbed Alan's skull and pulled him out of his crotch. Alan opened up as Lou stroked his dick right in front of his face. His balls pulled up and Rick watched as his piss slit opened up and a rope of cum, thicker than anything he'd ever produced spilled out. It splattered across Alan's face as Lou moaned loudly. Four more blasts shot out, sliding down the side of Alan’s face and pooling up in his eye sockets. Rick laughed as his dad got covered. His dick still pulsing, Lou shoved the head into Alan's mouth, and Alan closed his lips around it, eating whatever was left.

When Lou was finished he pulled out and took a step back. Alan leaned forward and thick cum ran down his cheeks. Rick picked up his phone and took some pictures; first of his dad's covered face and then of him licking his lips while he rubbed his eyes.

"You look like a whore, dad." Rick laughed.

Alan picked up a t-shirt and wiped the cum off his face. This had become something of a ritual for him, and he was lucky that he had been doing the laundry lately. He couldn't imagine what his wife would say about the constant, crusty stains on his t-shirts.

"Nice load, bro." Rick said to Lou.

"This was awesome man." Lou said. "When you said it was a dude, I was a little weirded out, but I get it now."

"You want more, you know where he lives." Rick said with a grin.

"Who else is in on this?"

"Only you so far." Rick said, "But I'm planning on changing that. Dad's a real cockhound. He's not going to be satisfied with just a few dicks."

"I gotta go dude." Lou said as he pulled his shorts back on. He glanced over at Alan, who was dressing himself. "Uh . . . thanks Alan."

Alan smiled, but his face went red. He was embarrassed, which was exactly what Rick wanted.

As Lou drove away they got into the car together. "Well, he's not ever going to look at you the same way again."

Alan didn't respond.

"You did good today, dad. I thought you might let me down, but you did a good job."

Rick reached over and grabbed the front of Alan's pants. He'd never really touched a guy this way before, but with his dad, things were just a little different. He reached under the waistband and grabbed his old man's hard cock. Alan gasped as Rick squeezed it hard and then started stroking him. He had one hand on the wheel and with the other, he quickly pulled the cum out of his old man. He wasn't gentle; he knew that Alan wouldn't get off if he was. He squeezed and pulled until he felt his dad's dick harden and throb. Wetness spread across the front of Alan's pants.

Rick yanked his hand out.  Alan continued to groan and spew his load into his pants. Rick looked for a place to wipe his hand off and realized that Alan's shirt was covered with Lou's load.

"Fucking clean this up, dad." he said as he pushed his hand out.

Alan licked the gobs of cum off of his dad's hand and kept sucking until they pulled into the driveway.

"We've maybe got twenty minutes before mom gets home." Rick said as they walked up the drive. "Get your ass into my room, because I want to fuck."

Hope you shot your load. If there's something you want to see in this story, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for reading. Charlie

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