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Becoming a Rugby Bitch, Part 13

Here's the latest chapter. One more work trip this week, then things should slow down. I'm hoping to get more stories out.

Becoming a Rugby Bitch, Part 13
Cosmic Charlie -

"What do you think of Coach Perry?"

Ryder's head rested on Tyler's chest. They'd just finished an epic sixty-nine session, and both were spent.

"He's a nice guy, I guess." Tyler said.

Ryder bit down on Tyler's nipple, sending a shiver through his body. "I meant, like, his body. Do you think he's hot?"

"He's kind of burly. Yeah, I mean, there's something really hot about a guy like that."

"He thinks you're a stud. He says it all the time."

"That's because I'm banging his bitch." Tyler said. "Plus, I am a stud."

Tyler had to be to class soon, and Ryder was trying to spend as much time as possible with him. Though they weren't officially dating, they'd started to hang out a lot more before and after sex.

"What's on your mind, Josh?" Tyler asked.


"Liar. Your dick is dripping all over my thigh."

Ryder reached down and grabbed his cock. "I want you both to do me. But you need to do me the way he does. I don't want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck with me."

"Maybe I'm not into your games." Tyler said.

"It's just a fantasy."

Ryder had been thinking more and more about the three-ways he'd had with the Coach and Bates. It seemed like Bates was probably out of the equation, so Ryder wanted someone to fill in. He liked being with multiple guys, especially when the guys knew how to push his buttons.

"I said maybe." Tyler said, "Plus, it's the coach's call. Talk to him. I'm game for most things."

The next day Ryder sought out the coach. When he entered the office, Perry smiled at him. "Hungry?"

Ryder nodded. He'd talk to the Coach after he'd gotten off. There were a few minutes, after he'd cum, when Perry was rational and generous. Ryder knelt down and crawled under the desk. Perry pulled up the leg of his shorts and let Ryder at his cock. It took less than five minutes for Ryder to get him off, and Ryder crawled out from under the desk with cum dripping off his chin.

Perry handed him a Kleenex, "What really brought you here? I know it wasn't my cock. You're getting plenty of that now."

"I . . . uh . . . I was wondering if maybe you and Tyler could, you know  . . ." Ryder trailed off.

"No, I don't know."

Why was it so hard to bring this up with the coach? "You know, like, fuck me. Together."

"You want us both together? Again?" Perry asked.

"Yes, sir." Ryder answered.

"You sure you don't want me to get some guys from the team together. They'd be happy to run a train on your perfect fucking ass."

"I want you and him." Ryder said. He didn't know why, but it was important to him. He wanted the disjointed parts of his sex life to come together.

"We'll see." Perry said.

Three days later, after practice, Ryder came into the locker-room, and felt a hand on the back of his neck. Tyler pushed him to the floor and growled. "Get on my dick."

Ryder pulled away. "Ty . .' he gestured toward the guys who were coming and going from the showers.

"I said, get on my dick." Tyler snarled. He pulled Ryder's head into his crotch. He'd been running, and he smelled like sweat. "You think the team doesn't know about you? You think they're that dense? They all know you're Perry's boy, and they've seen his boys before."

Tyler ran a hand down Ryder's back, seized his t-shirt and then pulled it off. "The only reason you haven't been on your knees servicing half of these guys is because they know that if they make a move on you, they'll get the same treatment Bates got."

Ryder was red-faced and pulled away. He glared up at Tyler. "You said you wanted to be fucked with." Tyler said with a smile. “Too much?” 

Ryder stood up. “A little.”

“Let's go." Tyler said grabbing Ryder by the back of the neck.

They walked into the Coach's office, where Perry was waiting for them. "Did he do it?" Perry asked.

"Sort of." Tyler said. "He pulled away."

"More importantly, did you enjoy making him do it?"

The question didn't need to be asked. Tyler's arms bulged and his chest was heaving with excitement. He liked embarrassing Ryder in front of their teammates. It gave him a sick kind of thrill. And he liked pushing Ryder into new territory. Twisted as it was, Ryder got off on things like that even if he didn't know he would enjoy them at the time.

The coach walked around his desk toward them. His shirt was pitted out and sweaty. The temperature in the office felt warmer than normal. It was hot, and sweat dripped down their faces. When the coach got close, he grabbed onto Ryder's shoulder, digging into the flesh, and pushed him to the floor.

"You know, Josh, you really should have thought things through before you decided that you wanted two guys pushing you around." Perry said. He grabbed Ryder by the chin and forced him to look upward. "I wasn't enough for you?"

Perry looked at Tyler. "The thing with guys like Ryder, Ty, is that they really need to feel submissive. It's what he enjoys. Remember that."

"I'm starting to get it." Tyler said. He looked down at Ryder, and then pulled up some spit. He let it fall out of his mouth, and Ryder caught it without a second thought. Then, Tyler bent down and kissed him on the lips. They swapped the spit back and forth before Tyler broke away. "Fuck that's hot." Tyler whispered.

Ryder smelled the sweat and pheromones emanating from Tyler's crotch. Two hours of practice had left him damp and sweaty. Ryder buried his face into the shorts, nearly knocking Tyler off balance, and mouthed his hard cock while huffing his scent.

For as long as he'd been playing around with men, this had been what he lived for: the intoxicating smell of dick, a guy's hands on the back of his head, the anticipation of eventually pulling open the fly, and finally getting his lips on the cock. All he had to do was bury his face between a guy's legs.

Perry had stepped in and started to lift Tyler's shirt off. He ran a hand over Tyler's hard chest and solid core. "You've got an amazing body, Ty."

"You too, coach." Tyler said as he shoved his hand up under the coach's shirt. He grinned and then twisted a nipple. Perry pulled Tyler's head into his chest, and Tyler chewed his nips through his shirt.

Perry had been around long enough to know that Tyler had some kind of big brother or authority figure kink. He had told Ryder that he could put Tyler on his knees, and now he knew that it was true. If he wanted, he could have two boys worshiping his dick. But, it wasn't what he wanted. Not for Ryder at least. The kid wouldn't respond well to Tyler's submission. It would be impossible for him to look at Tyler in the same way. Perry had helped the Ryder come to terms with his sexuality, helped him explore it, and help him find a guy his own age to fuck around with. He wasn't going  to take it all away.

Perry forcibly moved Ryder's head to his own dick. The expert mouth started to do it's work. Ryder had perfected the ability to chew on a guy's shaft through his shorts without ever biting too hard or missing his mark. His hands moved up and down Perry's backside, rubbing his hard ass and playing with the waist of his track pants.

When Perry's hand moved away from his skull, Ryder looked up to see what was happening. The coach and Tyler were kissing. When Tyler caught his eye, he broke off the kiss, clearly worried that he'd crossed a line.

"What do you think of your men making out, Josh?" Perry asked.

"It's hot." Ryder responded. "Really hot."

Perry moved his mouth to Tyler's ear. "He's not possessive of you." he said, "That's why you need to stay in control. He'll never complain, but if you fuck up, you'll break his heart. That's the way this relationship works. Most of it falls on you."

Tyler nodded and smiled. He felt like a kid getting dating advice from his big brother, and he laughed it off.

"I'm serious Ty," Perry snarled, "He worships you. No matter how normal things might seem, he worships you. You always have to remember it."

Tyler had felt it multiple times. The way Ryder deferred to him, let him lead, and followed his moves. It was subtle, and when he mentioned it to Ryder, he told him that it made him feel like a man. The truth was that it made him feel even better than that. He couldn't describe it.

"If you play your cards right, you get to be his god, and it's the most amazing feeling in the world." Perry said. Then he added, "Good talk. Now help him suck my cock."

Tyler started to sink to his knees, but Perry's fingers dug into his neck with an iron grip.

"You do it and you're nothing in his eyes." Perry growled into his ear. "You're not there yet. Me, maybe. But you're not there yet. Get it?"

Tyler nodded. He wasn't sure what was going on. Ryder was different from other guys he had been with. It wasn't just the sex. The intensity of the relationship was different. He supposed that Perry was right. If that intensity was directed in the wrong direction, the relationship would probably fall apart. He would have to be careful about as they moved forward.

Tyler dropped his pants and then pulled Ryder back into his junk. He was wearing a black-jockstrap that he'd bought for the occasion. After a few hours of working out, it was damp with his sweat. He pulled Ryder's face across his bulge, letting the wet fabric moisten his face. When he let go, Ryder pushed deep into his balls, trying to suck on his nuts while his nose was buried at the base of his cock.

He pulled the pouch aside and let his nuts out. Ryder sucked them in immediately. Tyler's knees buckled. He leaned back against the desk and lifted his legs. Then he grabbed onto Ryder's head and pulled him into his body, wrapping his legs around him and pressing down on his back. Ryder grunted as he licked on Tyler's nuts and kissed the inside of his thighs.

He was surprised when he felt a third hand, Perry's, which pushed him deeper between Tyler's legs.

Tyler opened his legs wide. Ryder followed without missing a beat. He tongued Tyler's taint along the base of the jockstrap. Tyler's taste and smell were doing a number on him. His skin was covered in sweat and salty. Tyler's nuts still hung out of the side of his pouch and the sticky skin pressed against Ryder's forehead. He moaned loudly.

Perry got down next to him and rubbed the back of his head.

"I bet you're not questioning whether you're gay now." he whispered. "You were made to plant your face in a stud's ass, Josh."

Tyler groaned. Perry reached up, grabbed his hands, and moved them to the back of Ryder's head. Tyler got the point and started to control Ryder's skull, moving him exactly where he needed him.

Perry slid his hand down Ryder's back. Ryder's muscles twitched as the fingers moved over his spine. When Perry got to his waist, he slid his fingers under the elastic of Ryder's briefs and dug for his asshole.

"This ass was what gave you away." Perry hissed. "Straight boys don't have asses like this."

Perry looked up. Tyler was leaning back with his eyes closed. His big dick was standing flat against his abs and a trail of precum ran down the side. With every beat of his heart the cock pulsed and throbbed. For a minute, he considered jumping on Tyler's dick, but decided against it. Instead, he licked one of his fingers and shoved it into Ryder's ass. Ryder yelped and pulled away, surprised by the sudden assault, then he pushed back and slid himself down onto Perry's thick digit.

"Fucking slut," Perry groaned. "You're practically fucking yourself on my finger."

Perry pushed a second finger in. He saw Ryder's back tense up as he winced, but then he adjusted and started to moan in pleasure.

"That's right," Perry said, "Just the way it's supposed to be. You've got a man's fingers inside your hole and a man's junk in your face."

Perry reached around and grabbed Ryder's cock. His dick was hard and pressing against the sides of the jockstrap. Perry palmed the lump and squeezed down, manipulating Ryder's cock through the fabric. The roughness of the pouch was too much, and Ryder tried to pull away. He was caught between a rock and a hard place, with Perry's hand on his ass, and Tyler's hands on his head.

"What's the matter, you gonna cum?" Perry asked.

Ryder nodded. Perry continued to work his cock, mashing it against itself and squeezing it. It was a hand-job unlike any other. Ryder was panting hard, huffing and puffing against Tyler's taint. The hands on his head began to move. Tyler's fingers dug into his hair and pulled his head upward.

"Look at me," Tyler said sternly. "Look at me while you cum, babe."

Ryder looked upward at Tyler. The man was unbelievably handsome, and Ryder was immediately lost in his eyes. In a moment of complete pleasure and vulnerability, he stared at his man and felt completely safe. Tyler grinned softly at him and that was all it took. His dick exploded, and he unloaded into his shorts.

Tyler never broke eye contact. He stared down at Ryder, who he suddenly thought of as his. His boy. Of  course, he had to share with Perry for the time being, but he understood what Perry was talking about now. Ryder needed him, and that need carried some responsibility. If Tyler fucked things up, he would completely crush Josh. It went beyond breaking his heart.

Perry continued to manipulate his cock, and Ryder dumped a gallon of cum into his jock. It just kept coming. He could smell the heat and musk rising from Tyler's groin. Even though Perry was the one pummeling his asshole and rubbing his dick, the orgasm was all about Tyler. When it was over, Ryder collapsed between Tyler's legs.

Tyler let him rest for about half a minute before he grabbed his hard dick and slapped it against Ryder's skull. "You're not done yet babe."

Tyler leaned forward. Perry was standing in front of him, naked, his cock pointing straight forward. Tyler was impressed by the man. He was hairy and huge. Not quite a daddy type, but definitely grown up. He wasn't anything like the pretty boys Tyler saw on campus.

"Which hole do you want?" Perry asked with a smile.

Tyler looked at Ryder, who was begging to be fucked.

"I want to fuck him." Tyler said.

"Damn," Perry said, "I was hoping to breed that ass. He's ready to go. His pussy is practically dripping."

"Both of you." Ryder said.

“I’m going first.” Tyler said.

“No.” Ryder said. He looked at Tyler, and Tyler immediately knew what he wanted. He grinned at Perry, and Perry figured it out too.

“At the same time?” the Coach said with a laugh. “We’d tear you in half.”

Perry had respect for Ryder, but he and Tyler both had pretty substantial cocks. It didn’t seem like it would be possible for someone like Ryder to take them both at once, not without a good deal of training. Perry stepped away from Ryder’s back end and offered it to Tyler. He would take a blow job for a few minutes while Tyler warmed the kid up.

“We can at least try it.” Tyler said with a glint in his eyes. “Why not give the whore what he wants?”

After calling Ryder a whore Tyler felt bad. He looked down at Ryder, who had a punch drunk look on his face and a smile from ear to ear. He liked it. It was all starting to click for him. Ryder didn’t want to be demeaned in his everyday life, but when you got the guy naked and on his back, he needed it. Tyler had a hard time reconciling his feelings for Ryder with the fact that one of the ways that he could show Ryder how much he liked him was by calling him names. It didn’t make a lot of sense, but it worked.

“Fine,” Perry said gruffly. He grabbed Ryder by the neck and pulled him to his feet. He bent down quickly and bit Ryder’s nipple, causing him to wince and his chest to turn bright pink. Then he motioned Tyler toward the couch. The stud sat down and spread out his arms. His chest opened up and looked huge. Perry wanted to jump his bones, but opened his desk and took out some lube instead. He tossed the bottle to Tyler, who poured some onto his dick.

“You really think you can handle this?” Perry asked Ryder.

“Can’t hurt to try.” Ryder said.

“Really? I’m pretty sure it’s going to hurt.”

Ryder wasn’t sure why he wanted to do this as badly as he did. There was something important to him about bringing the Coach and Tyler together. For the foreseeable future, his sex life was going to involve both of them. It wouldn’t be feasible to try to keep them apart or to avoid some degree of sexual tension between them. Ryder’s solution was to force them together. If they could all get off together, it was less likely that there would be problems later on down the road.

“Get over here.” Tyler groaned.

Ryder walked to the couch and straddled Tyler’s body. Tyler pulled him in by the back of his neck and brought their faces together. He kissed Ryder aggressively, exploring his mouth with his tongue and pulling on his lips with his teeth. As they made out, Tyler grabbed his dick. He lined it up with Ryder’s asshole and pushed the head up and down over his entrance.

Ryder purred softly against his cheek. Tyler took in the feel of Ryder's hands moving over his shoulders and back, and the touch of his smaller, hard body against his own. Precum was smeared across his abs because Ryder was leaking like a faucet now. Tyler couldn't wait any more, and he pushed his dick into Ryder. When Ryder opened up with a gasp of pleasure, he pushed their lips together and shoved his tongue into his mouth.

Perry watched them make out as Tyler's dick disappeared in Ryder's ass. It was the hottest thing he'd ever seen in person. Two muscled studs, one bigger and clearly in charge, locked in a kiss while they started to fuck. Tyler's big balls were all that was left after only a few seconds. Then he began to slide in and out of Ryder.

Perry gave them a minute to themselves before he moved between Tyler's legs and dropped to his knees. He grabbed the lube from the floor and greased up one of his fingers. Then he pushed it into Ryder's hole alongside Tyler's cock.

Ryder groaned loudly.

"If you're having a hard time with my finger, how are you going to take my cock?" Perry said. He pushed another finger in, and Ryder' collapsed into Tyler's body.

"Give me a minute." Ryder said.

Perry continued to fuck him with his two fingers. If Ryder's ass felt half as good on his cock as it did on his fingers, he was in for a real treat. The top of his fingers were engulfed by the smooth warmness of Ryder's body. Against the bottom, he could feel Tyler's cock, hard and hot, pulsing with each thrust. Everything was tight and pressed together.

Looking at Tyler's nuts, Perry couldn't resist going in for a taste. He licked the balls, sucking each of them into his mouth while he continued to fuck Ryder with his fingers. He kept up the ball-job, careful not to let Ryder know what was going on, until he heard Tyler let out a deep moan. He looked up at the stud, who stared back at him. He kissed the inside of Tyler's thigh and watched as Tyler's eyes rolled back into his head.

"Alright, I'm ready." Ryder said before adding, "To try."

"There's no trying." Perry said. "Ty's going to hold you tight if you try to get away from me."

Tyler's hands moved across Ryder's back and down to his hips. He dug into the flesh to let Josh know he wasn't going anywhere. Then the coach place his dick right along the bottom of Tyler's cock. When he put his hand on Ryder's thigh, Ryder's body tensed up. Perry let his fingers slide across the skin as he tried to get Josh to relax. Then he pressed forward. After months of fucking, he usually slipped into Ryder like a hand slipping into a glove. This time, it was a no go. He dumped some more lube onto his dick and then pushed forward again. Again he wasn't able to get in. Finally, he grabbed onto Ryder's cheeks and prepared to make a real go at it.

"This is probably going to hurt," he whispered.

He let his weight do the work and slammed his steel hard dick forward. It bent and then it popped into Ryder's hole. Ryder jumped up and groaned loudly.

"I don't think I can do this." He yelped. "It's too much."

Tyler grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down against his body. "Just relax." he said before bringing his mouth to Ryder's. Slowly, Ryder adapted to the additional girth stretching him open.

Perry waited until he felt Ryder relax, then he began to push forward. He drizzled lube onto his shaft as it slipped in. Ryder breathed hard and jerked around a little, but otherwise he didn't complain. When Perry was buried to the hilt, he asked Ryder how he felt.

"Full." Ryder said flatly.

"You got a lot of cock in you," Tyler said, "Almost twenty inches of dick."

"Just wait till we pump you full of cum. Then you'll really feel full."

The thought of these two muscular studs pumping their loads into his gut nearly took him over the edge. Their bodies were pressed against him on both sides, hard and sweaty and hot. Tyler's mouth was ranging over his neck and Perry's fingers were digging into his hips. "Fuck me." he whispered.

Perry withdrew his dick and then plunged back in. At the same time, Tyler pulled his hips back and thrust upward. All at once, Ryder had two cocks moving inside of him. He was being stretched out in ways that didn't seem possible, and every tiny change in position sent waves of pleasure and pain through his body.

For Tyler and Perry the feelings were indescribable. Tyler looked up at his coach, a guy just old enough to be the object of his fantasies. He was hairy and rugged. A virile male doing his thing. Ryder's ass contracted around his dick and the coach's huge meat slid up and down over his own dick. All three guys were dripping with sweat as they pumped away.

Perry knew that he wouldn't be able to last long. Everything was too tight and too hot. The sensations were amazing. The dazed look on Tyler's face told him that the stud felt it too. He wrapped his arms around Ryder's torso and felt for his cock. The head was wet. Precum must have been pouring out of it. Perry used the natural lube to grease up the head and began to rub it. Ryder moaned as Perry manipulated his cock.

Perry kept pumping for about a minute before his body seized up and he started to dump his load. It was probably one of the biggest he'd ever dumped. The foreplay and long wind up had gotten his balls churning. As he came, he bit down on Ryder's muscular shoulder and chewed the flesh, mumbling and moaning.

Tyler felt Perry's dick swell against his own cock, and then he felt wetness flood the space around the head of his dick. He grabbed onto Ryder's face and smashed his mouth against his. He breathed heavily into Ryder's mouth as he began to eject his load. He thrust upward, hard, not noticing the flashes of pain that crossed Ryder's face as his asshole was stretched beyond what he was comfortable with.

When Tyler was finished cumming, he grinned at Ryder, "That was so hot babe."

Perry lifted himself off his two favorite players and stood in front of them. Cum oozed out of Ryder's ass and dripped onto Tyler's balls. The two guys were still making out. Finally, Ryder rolled off of Tyler and looked up at the coach. With his eyes locked onto the coach's body, he grabbed onto his cock and started to pull on it.

Tyler reached over and shoved his fingers up Ryder's ass. It was wet and slimy. He scooped some cum up and moved his hand to Ryder's shaft. He pushed Ryder's hand out of the way and then jerked him off with the mix of cum. Within seconds, Ryder started to shoot. His load was watery, and there was a ton of it. It shot in streaks over his shoulder onto the couch and then splashed across his chest. When he was finished, his whole torso was covered in a mix of sweat and cum.

Ryder and Tyler stood up, about to get dressed. Perry walked over and kissed Ryder on the lips, then he hooked his arm behind Tyler's head and pulled him in. The three guys made out for a minute, there tongues wrestling in the gaps between their faces. When they were finished, Perry tweaked one of Tyler's nipples until the stud groaned.

"I'm starting to like you." he said with a smile.

Hope you shot your load. If there's something you want to see in this story, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for reading. Charlie


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    Wonder what's happening with Bates, be interested to have a check in with him if possible. He discovered something about himself during his take down by the coach, has he explored that further?

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