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Dad's Proper Place, Part 5

Dad's Proper Place, Part 5
Cosmic Charlie - cosmic709@yahoo.com

"Did you like fucking around with Lou, pops?"

Alan nodded. He had his lips locked around his son's semi-hard cock. His tongue worked the inside of Rick's foreskin. It was a kind of foreplay that had developed when they didn't have time for a full session. Alan sucked on his son's hood and licked his glans. Depending on the day Rick's dick was anywhere from completely clean to ripe. True to his word, Rick hadn't cleaned his cock since he started using Alan's mouth.

"He fucking loved it." Rick said. "It's all he talks about. You should be proud that a stud like him enjoys using you."

Alan smiled. Since he first started having sex with his son, a part of his life that he'd thought was gone forever was back again. During his time in the military, he'd discovered a desire to submit to men and make them feel good. Then he got out and pushed that part of him into the past. When Rick had started to mature the old feelings came back. When you have the fag gene, you can't have a stud like Rick in the house and not want to get boned by him. Alan resisted as long as possible, but it wasn't long before he was trying to check his boy out. He thought playing with Rick's briefs was the farthest he would go, but then Rick caught him. Now he got dick almost every day. Of course, he got pissed on and humiliated too, but he was happy.

"He especially liked pissing on you." Rick said. "Lou is a real stud, and that helped him figure it out. It won't be long before he gets his own fag. I can't wait to see who he turns. It'll probably be a jock like you. Lou liked seeing a muscled stud worship his dick."

Alan's cock ached between his legs. He wanted to touch it, to pull on it, and to cum, but if he did Rick would pull his cock away and it might be days before Alan got it back. Touching himself was the first thing he learned not to do without permission.

"He's been talking about you with Wrenn. He told him about our three-way. Wrenn still thinks you're a chick, but he's begging me to let him have a shot at you." Rick went on, "If the three of us pulled a train on your ass, you'd be leaking cum for a week. Fuck, we might even manage to knock you up."

Rick was not normally talkative, and it was getting Alan off.

"Do you want to be our fag slut?" Rick asked as he pulled his cock out of Alan's mouth.

"Yes, son." Alan said.

"Jerk yourself off and tell me what you want us to do to you." Rick said. He didn't need permission to force his dad to perform for his friends, but it helped to know that Alan wanted it.

Alan leaned back, and the words poured out. He didn't censor himself and told Rick about his dirtiest fantasies. He wanted to be used by the young jocks. He wanted to lick their muscles and taste their sweaty bodies. To be pushed into their skin and controlled by their hands. He wanted to taste their piss and lick their armpits. He wanted Wrenn and Rick and Lou to fuck him so hard that he wouldn't be able to walk straight and to fill him with so many loads that he would be sick afterward. He wanted to be their personal fag, not just for Rick, but for all of Rick's buddies. If they had a cock and wanted it sucked, Alan wanted to do it.

"You're pathetic," Rick sneered as cum flowed from Alan's dick. "You hardly deserve what we're going to give you."

It was easy to bring Wrenn into their circle. Lou and Rick approached him together while they were lifting. As usual, the conversation turned to sex, and Wrenn asked again for the name of the bitch Rick was using. Rick dodged the question, and Wrenn went straight for the jugular. He turned to Lou, "You guys won't say because it's a dude." Lou didn't say anything, and Rick hesitated long enough that Wrenn was able to add, "I could care less, bros."

Rick was relieved. He'd worried that Wrenn would freak out. "Yeah, man. This fag is insane for our cocks."

Wrenn dropped the dumbbells to the floor. "I used to fuck this guy, he was a freshman, and he would take literally anything I could give him. I would push his head into the mattress and just hump him like there was no tomorrow. When finished, I'd zip up and leave. No drama, no bullshit, just really good sex."

"Tomorrow after we lift come over to my house. You can have a crack at him." Rick said.

Wrenn turned to Lou, "Is he really that good?"

"He's good." Lou replied, "And nasty. He licked my sweaty ass and I pissed on him."

"Sounds like you found a keeper."

"Yeah, I'm going to keep him around for a while." Rick laughed.

The next afternoon, the group assembled at Rick's house. The three jocks all looked the part, and Rick knew that his dad was going to go ballistic when he saw them. Each wore nylon shorts and a t-shirt, their muscles straining the thin fabric and their cocks forming big lumps at the front.

They walked through the kitchen, and Rick pounded on Alan's office door. "Hey pops, we're going to go up to my room and hang out. Why don't you bring us up a couple of beers."

When they got upstairs, Wrenn turned to Rick in disbelief. "Your dad is going to give us beer?"

"Yeah. We've got a real special relationship." Rick grinned.

Rick had never asked for beer before, but Alan wouldn't refuse. Right now, he was probably standing in front of the open refrigerator, trying to decide if he should do as Rick asked. Rick didn't care if he thought about it, as long as his dad eventually arrived with some suds.

Wrenn sat down on the bed, his legs spread open. "So when's this fag going to show up?"

"Any minute." Rick said.

"And your dad is cool with this too?" Wrenn asked.

"Oh yeah. He loves it." Lou said with a smile.

"What? He's in on it too? I feel like everyone's been using this slut except for me."

Just then Alan showed up at the door. He wore tight jeans that hugged his narrow waist. A gray t-shirt stretched across his chest and read ARMY in dark letters.

"You know I'm going to make you keep that t-shirt on." Rick said under his breath.

Alan looked down at his chest. and his face turned red. While he knew that Rick was going to make him to put out, he'd secretly hoped that he would get to hang around with Rick's friends.

"Lou and I have been telling Wrenn all about this fag we've been using.” Rick said, “He's pretty interested. Wrenn's an old hat at using guys like that for pleasure."

Alan turned red and his body shook. His jeans were too tight to show his erection, but he was rock hard.

"Yeah, man." Wrenn said looking at Alan, "I've gotten awesome head from dudes, but this guy sounds like the real deal. He actually let these studs piss on him." Lou and Rick laughed, but Wrenn went on.  "It's cool that Rick can talk to you about this shit. If my dad found out that I was fucking guys, he'd tan my hide."

Alan tried to reply, but it came out as a mumble. There was nothing that he could say that would alleviate his embarrassment. His stomach turned, and he worried that he was going to get sick.

"When I first started my Dad wasn't so cool with it." Rick said, "But he's warmed up to the idea."

Wrenn slammed his beer and looked to Rick. "Where the fuck is this guy?"

"He's about to show up dude. I told him that he should beg you for your dick. That's how you'll know it's him." Rick looked to Alan and raised his eyebrows. It was time to get the show started.

His hand shaking, Alan picked up another beer and walked it over to Wrenn. He stood in front of him like a statue. Wrenn waited a minute and then looked at him, not sure what was going on. "You want something, man?" he asked.

Rick cleared his throat loudly.

"I'd, uh, like to suck your cock, Sir." Alan said softly.

Wrenn laughed loudly and then fell backward onto the bed. "No way, man! Your dad! That's fucked up."

"A fag's a fag, dude." Rick said.

"No way, man. This is better than a fag." Wrenn sat up. In the ten seconds that had elapsed his dick had gone from soft to rock hard. "Your own dad,” he shook his head.

Rick thought it would take a minute for Wrenn to warm up to the idea, but he was ready to go.

"So, no holds barred, dude?" Wrenn said as he looked at Rick.

"Well, I mean, you can't like break his bones or anything." Rick laughed.

"Got it."

Wrenn reached out and grabbed Alan by the neck. He pulled the older man's face down into his crotch and pushed it into the nylon covered fabric. "Is this what you want, fag?" he muttered as he mashed Alan's face against his hard dick and tight ball sac. "Get a good whiff of that cock. Feel it press into your face. Is that what you want?"

Alan nodded with his face buried in Wrenn's junk.

"Go for it then, fag." Wrenn said. When Alan reached up to Wrenn's waist, the stud grabbed him by both wrists. "No hands."

Alan chewed the cock through the fabric, sucking in the taste of the jock's crotch. He smelled like body-wash and sweat. Underneath that  was the thick, heady smell of Wrenn's musk, probably brought on by a day of leaking into his shorts while waiting for this encounter.

"I want your mouth on my cock, fag."

Alan didn't know what to do. He moved his mouth up to Wrenn's waistband but he couldn't pull it down. Wrenn's weight held the shorts up. Alan could get them down just to the base of the cock, but couldn't get any further.

"Get your mouth on his cock now, fag. You've got five seconds." Rick said from behind him.

Alan tried the waistband again while Rick started counting. When Rick reached three he said, "There's a way, fag, just use that tiny brain of yours."

With a second to go, Alan figured it out. He pushed his face up the leg of Wrenn's shorts, and his lips finally touched the big dick. As soon as Wrenn felt the wet mouth on his shaft, he moved his dick so that the head slid into Alan's mouth.

He let out a long sigh. "This is the life, bros. Nothing better than drinking a beer with a mouth on your cock." Wrenn said.

"There's one thing better," Rick said as he tapped Alan on the ass.

"Is he tight?"

"He fits me like a glove, but I've probably stretched him out for regular guys like you." Rick pulled down the front of his shorts. Wrenn had never seen him hard before, and he wanted to show off. His ten inch dick, thick and bulging, stood out in front of him. His foreskin was still wrapped around the head. He was leaking steadily now, and a trail of dog-water dripped down to the floor.

"That's one mean looking dick." Wrenn said. He only had seven inches. It was thick, but nothing like Rick's meat. "You always leak like that."

"Only when I know I'm going to get a fine piece of ass." Rick took a step forward and grabbed Alan by the hair. "Clean up my precum, pops."

Alan took the head of Rick's dick into his mouth and licked the knob clean. Rick's precum tasted sweet and salty at the same time. Alan had become intimately familiar with the taste. His own dick was still trapped in his pants, and he didn't have any hope that Rick would take care of him like he did after the first encounter with Lou.

Rick grew impatient, and they didn't have a lot of time before they would have to close shop. He pulled his dick out of Alan's mouth and walked over to his desk. He grabbed a bottle of lube and tossed it to Wrenn. "You want to get him started, bro?"

Wrenn nodded. He jumped out of his shorts and pumped some lube into his hand. Then he smeared it all over his dick. He walked to the bed and sat down. "I want you to ride me, fag." he said.

Alan looked at Wrenn's thick dick, standing straight up in front of him, and got nervous. He'd gotten used to getting fucked by Rick's big cock, but he still wasn't confidant in his abilities. He stepped out of his jeans and crawled up onto the bed facing Wrenn. Wrenn grabbed him and forced him to turn around.

"You think I want to see your cock while I fuck you?" he said as he grabbed onto the shaft of his dick. "Lets go." he hollered.

Alan lined his asshole up with Wrenn's dick. Soon he felt the head knocking at the door. Alan pushed down gently, trying for an easy entry. Full of lust, Wrenn quickly jabbed his hips upward. He pushed into Alan, and Alan winced loudly. Wrenn's big hands grabbed onto his hips and pulled him down the rest of the way. Alan groaned and breathed hard.

"Jesus, Rick, I thought you said he was stretched out."

"I thought he was man." Rick said, "I guess I haven't been rough enough with him. It's hard to really lay into your own dad."

Wrenn wasn't paying attention. "Fuck yourself on my dick." he commanded. Alan raised himself slowly and then dropped back down. The pain in his ass was intense, and he couldn't bear to go much faster. Wrenn kept telling him to speed up, and Rick was clearly disappointed. He just couldn't do much more.

Wrenn sighed. He grabbed Alan by the hips and then got up onto his knees. He pushed Alan onto all fours and fell on top of him. He humped him doggy-style for about a minute, slamming his cock into Alan's muscular ass as quickly as he could. Alan's face was one of pure concentration as he took the fucking. The new position was easier for him.

"He's got a solid cunt once you use it right," Wrenn said as sweat dripped down his brow.

"C'mon Lou, lets give my old man something to take his mind off getting his ass reamed." Rick said.

Lou threw his phone down onto Rick's desk and pulled off his pants. His dick hung soft and was surrounded by a thick patch of pubes. His massive balls hung low and away from his body. He and Rick stepped up to the side of the bed. Alan was still getting pounded and he hardly noticed the two additional pieces of meat he was expected to take care of.

"Alright pops, time to get Lou hard." When Alan didn't react, Rick tapped the side of his face forcefully and pulled him over to Lou's crotch. Then he looked up at Lou. "We've never done this before, have we bro?"

Lou shook his head. After Alan finally got his lips around the uncut Latin meat, Lou's cock became engorged. Alan worked it slowly, licking the tip and occasionally sucking on the shaft. Rick grabbed the back of his head and pushed it down. "Fucking go to work on it, dad."

For the next five minutes, Alan alternated between sucking his son's cock and the dick of his son's best friend. Neither of them were gentle, they pulled him down onto their pricks and expected him to take them into his throat. When he couldn't they made fun of him before passing him to the other guy. Alan went into a kind of daze. His asshole was aching and his jaw was starting to hurt too. He didn't think it was possible, but Rick was giving him more cock than he could handle.

"Don't get lazy pops. You better be making Wrenn feel good."

"He is, man. I'm about to blow." Wrenn said. He slipped his body over Alan and whispered in his ear. "I'm gonna pump your guts full of my seed, fag. Are you ready for it?"

As soon as Alan nodded yes, Wrenn brought his weight down on top of Alan. At 6'1 210lbs he was the biggest of the three guys. Alan collapsed under his weight. Then, Wrenn wrapped his arms around Alan's torso and squeezed him tight. Finally, his hips started to piston his cock in and out of Alan's ass like a jack hammer. Alan grunted with each downstroke, but Wrenn stayed. His face was pressed into Alan's shoulder, and he was putting one-hundred percent of his energy into driving his load home. 

Alan grunted with each thrust and soon he felt Wrenn's cock swell inside of him. The stud stopped pumping and just shoved his cock deep inside. He stayed still for a minute, gently moving his hips forward as he expelled his load. When he finished, he pulled out and stood up next to the side of the bed. His cock was hard and shiny from the lube and cum.

Rick didn't miss a beat. "You're up Lou,"

Alan groaned as he realized that the boys were going to run a train on his ass. He'd been brutalized by Wrenn, and he wasn't sure he could take much more.

"Shut the fuck up, pops." Rick sneered, "You wanted to be my fag whore. Well guess what? Your dream is coming true. Now get up on all fours so Lou can fuck you."

Lou climbed onto the bed and got behind Alan. He glanced at Rick with a sick grin, then he slammed his hips forward without warning. Alan yelled out as all eight inches of uncut dick plunged into his gut. The left over lube and cum wasn't enough to make things go easily and his asshole burned with pain.

"Oh fuck," Alan yelled again.

Lou pulled off his shirt and shoved it into Alan's mouth. "Shut the fuck up, Alan."

Alan dropped his head into the bed and took the pounding, trying to take himself to another place. As much as he enjoyed getting fucked by Rick, all of this was happening too fast and too hard to feel good. Even though Rick would deny it, there was usually a tenderness in the way he fucked Alan. Wrenn and Lou, to contrast, got off on making it hard for him.

Rick grabbed his Alan's head and pulled the shirt out of his mouth. Then he shoved his hips forward and lifted his dick so that his big balls hung in front of Alan.

"Get on em, pops." Rick said.

Alan sucked Rick's nuts into his mouth, rolling them around on his tongue. While he licked his son's sack, Rick ran his glans through Alan's short hair. Precum flowed freely onto his dad's forehead and into his scalp. Rick watched Lou's body flex and bulge as he slammed into Alan. There was something beautiful about watching a guy like Lou fuck. It was like an athletic performance.

"Do you like having Lou's dick in your cunt, pops?"

Alan nodded.

"Tell him then."

"Thank you for fucking me, Lou." Alan groaned through gritted teeth. He still hadn't gotten used to the big piece of meat pushing in and out of his ass.

"You're welcome," Lou said as he slammed back in. Then he brought his face close to Alan's. "When did you start perving out on us - me and Rick and our friends. How long have you been dreaming of our cocks?"

"Uh . . ." Alan's eyes met Rick's and a look of shame shot across his face. "Probably since you were like thirteen."

"That's fucked up, man." Wrenn said from the sidelines. "You deserve everything you get."

"What's fucked up is that I could have been using this mouth for the last four years." Rick said. "Now we've gotta make up for lost time."

Rick turned and looked back at Lou, who was humping Alan like a dog. "You about there, bro?"

"Yeah." Lou groaned. He pulled out of Alan and his dick slapped up against his perfect abs. "You take his ass, man. I want to paint his face."

Rick and Alan changed places quickly. Without warning, Lou's cock was shoved into Alan's mouth. He tasted Wrenn's cum and the bitterness of lube. Lou then grabbed onto Alan's hair and forced his cock down his throat. Just as Alan was working to accommodate the big dick, Rick slammed into him. His mouth opened in surprise and Lou buried himself to the pubes.

He held Alan down for a second and then let him back up. Twice more he did that. On the fourth stroke, Rick brought his hand down on the back of Alan's head and held him down. "Make him work for it bro."

The two studs held his head down until Alan's eyes went wide, and looked like he was going to pass out. They let him up and he coughed for a minute, wiping the slime off his chin with his t-shirt. They gave him about fifteen seconds before they repeated the cycle.

Wrenn watched and couldn't stay out of the game any longer. "Let me in on that," he said as he slid in next to Lou.

The two guys shared Alan's mouth while Rick pounded his ass. First Lou would fill his throat and choke him, and then Wrenn would. Alan was struck by the difference in their approach. Wrenn's hands were stronger and his body was muskier. Lou smelled like soap and his fingers pulled at Alan's hair. The played with him for a few minutes before Lou pulled out.

"You ready for it fag?" he asked.

Alan nodded and opened his mouth.

Lou smiled and aimed his uncut, Latin schlong between Alan's eyes. Alan just had time to shut them before Lou's piss slit flared and the first blast of hot cum shot out. It splattered across the bridge of his nose, before another shot hit him in the face. The load ran down his cheeks in thick streams as Rick continued to pound his ass. Lou milked out at least eight shots before the flow finally stopped. Alan licked his lips and ate some of the hot cum.

Lou walked away. Alan reached for something to clean himself up, but Lou snarled, "Don't you fucking dare, fag."

Alan bent his face down and let the cum slowly liquify, leaving cool, itchy trails. Soon Rick's fingers dug into his ass cheeks, and he felt his son unload inside of him with no comment. The other guy's were hardly watching at that point.

Rick pulled out with a pop, and Alan suddenly felt empty. He turned over on the bed and laid down, his hard cock draped over his thigh.

Suddenly his legs were jerked open and two fingers were shoved up his ass. He looked up to see Wrenn's hulking form in front of him. Wrenn scooped up some cum and then rubbed it onto Alan's cock.

"Jerk yourself off with our cum."

"Nice," Rick hissed.

Alan did as he was told. With his free hand, he pushed some of Lou's cum into his mouth and savored the taste. He was hard as a rock and very close to shooting. Then Rick grabbed onto his nipple and twisted hard. He yelped loudly but his cock gave away his true feelings. He shot ropes of watery cum over his hairy stomach and up onto his well-developed chest. He groaned and panted as he came, and then collapsed into the bed.

When he looked up, all three studs were getting dressed. Alan suddenly felt naked and cold. He was aware of the feeling of being used, and the cum that was drying all over his body. His face turned red and goosebumps formed along his arms.

Rick looked at him with a little bit of a sneer before tossing him his underwear. "You might want to take a shower before mom get's home, pops. You're covered in cum."

Rick's buddies laughed and made for the doorway, each pitching a beer can in the trash before leaving Alan alone.

Hope you shot your load. If there's something you want to see in this story, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for reading. Charlie


  1. Hot as, man. Can't wait to hear your other dad/son story that's on the way.

  2. Yowser! Fantastic stuff and yep shot my load. Love new guys being thrown into the mix but I think Alan needs some company down there on his knees!

    1. The little brother is still a wild card. I suppose Rick could work his magic on him.

    2. I was wondering if you had plans for younger brother. I can't remember if you've said much about him but he definitely could take after dad rather than brother!

    3. He's going to have a non-sexual role to play in the next chapter. You'll at least get a physical description. I'll see where it goes from there.