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Becoming a Rugby Bitch, 14

A little bit of plot this time . . . and some sex.
Becoming a Rugby Bitch, Part 14
Cosmic Charlie -

After the encounter with Coach Perry, Tyler became more and more affectionate with Ryder. At first, it made Ryder uncomfortable. He was just starting to think of himself as gay, and the occasionally hand that lingered a little too long or worse, slipped down to his ass and grabbed it, seemed like inappropriate displays of affection. Ryder would have asked Tyler to stop, but deep down he loved it. He loved being the object of Tyler's attention, and he loved it when other people noticed these little gestures. It was Tyler's way of advertising, to everyone, that he had a claim on Ryder.

It was worse in the locker-room. Ryder would be standing at his locker, and Tyler would run a finger over his bare ass while he walked by. Once or twice he had come up behind Ryder and hugged him briefly. None of it was overtly sexual, but there were clear romantic undertones.

In front of Adam Bates, however, Tyler could be down-right dirty. He would run his hand under the band of Ryder's shorts and grab his ass. Other times he kissed Ryder full on the mouth, swapping spit before grabbing his crotch and pulling him out of the locker-room. He never made eye-contact with Bates or said a word. He didn't have to. The message was clear. Tyler had won and Bates had lost. Game over.

To Ryder, Tyler's possessiveness in front of Bates was the ultimate turn on - a true sign that he now belonged to the bigger man. The embarrassment of getting felt up by a man in public was overcome by the pleasure of knowing that Tyler and not Bates was going to take him home and fuck him senseless.

After there last interaction, Ryder didn't have much but contempt for Bates. The mystery had worn away. He still thought that Bates was hot. The guy was rugged in a way that few men were - huge and burly - and he exuded raw masculinity. Beyond that, he was just another guy that the Coach had fucked. In fact, he wasn't all that different from Ryder.

Bates had notice Tyler's behavior and left the locker-room fuming most days. It was bad enough that Perry had held him down and fucked his ass like he was just another one of his fags. Bates would have fought Perry off if he had had the strength. Once he knew that fighting was pointless, he took the fuck like a man rather than give Perry the enjoyment of forcing him. What really got to him, though, was the fact that Perry had so casually given Ryder to Tyler afterward. Apparently, Tyler was good enough for the kid, but Bates wasn't.

Of course, he lacked the ability to appreciate that Tyler actually liked Ryder. He assumed that Tyler was treating him as a sex toy just like he would have. He was surprised that the two were still all over each other after a few weeks. But seeing Ryder with Tyler made him want Ryder even more. He couldn't get it out of his head.

When he got back to his apartment, he texted his new fag, Skip, and flopped down on the couch. While he usually went for older guys who paid him money and bought him things, Bates turned a guy on the baseball team this time. It was a sad attempt to replace Ryder, and he'd never been completely pleased.

He'd started calling the guy Skip before he bothered to learn his name. At 5'10 he was small and scrappy, and Bates had at least twenty pounds of muscle on him. He had short blond hair that he usually hip under his ball-cap. Skip liked nothing more than to get between Bates' legs and suck, and that's what he did most of the time. He came when he was called and never complained. Normally, that would have been enough.

Skip arrived within ten minutes and let himself in. Bates lifted his legs onto the coffee table without saying a word. Skip crawled between them and popped up in front of Bates' crotch.

Bates pulled him between his legs, shoving his face into the fabric of his gym shorts, and then sat back. He flipped on ESPN and waited for Skip to go to work. Skip quickly started to mouth his cock. It wasn't clear whether he actually wanted to do it. He certainly didn't seem that into it. He mechanically worked Bates' shaft through the fabric, slowly pushing it up and working the head of his cock toward the leg hole.

Bates couldn't help but think about Ryder's devotion and worship. The first time he had put Ryder on his knees in front of him, he was just out of the gym. Sweat covered his body, and he smelled like the locker-room. Most people, most girls at least, would have balked at the smell. Ryder didn't. He pulled it into his lungs and savored it. That was when it was clear that Coach Perry had found the real deal. Guys who will suck your cock are a dime a dozen, but guys who get off on your ball-sweat are a rare prize. When Ryder looked up at him with his puppy dog eyes, his perfect, fuckable ass rising up behind him, Bates knew that the kid would do anything he asked. Then it all changed when Tyler came into the picture, and Perry shifted gears.

Bates rolled his eyes. He gripped Skip by the neck and squeezed before pulling him deep into his junk. He could tell that Skip could barely breath from the noises he was making.

"You smell that fag?" he asked. Skip nodded and Bates twisted his neck harder. "I want to hear you breathing through your nose. Smell my stink."

Bates listened to him breath in deeply and then felt the hot breath as he exhaled.

"That's what a real man smells like," he said, "Like sweat, and sex, and dick. You want a taste?"

Skip nodded. As he did, Bates saw him move a hand down to his pants.

"Keep your hand off that dick," Bates snarled. Then he grabbed Skip's neck and pulled him up his body. His shirt slid upward and he pulled it off with his free hand. Then he shoved Skip's face into his pit.

"Lick it." Bates ordered.

As soon as he felt Skip's tongue touch his skin, he closed his arm around the smaller man's head. Skip's cap fell off, and Bates began to mess up his short hair by rubbing it against his sweaty skin. He crushed and manipulated Skip's head with his muscular arm, pulling him into a headlock and squeezing him hard.

"I want to hear it." Bates said, "Don't let me down, fag."

It was only in the last few days that Skip started to enjoy licking Bates' sweaty body. Until Bates trained him, he'd only ever sucked cock. He hadn't been fucked, and he hadn't been made to submit. It was still a little hard for him at first, but now he rooted around in the hairy pit loudly, making sure that Bates not only felt his mouth, but heard him enjoying it.

When he was satisfied, Bates grabbed him by the hair and pulled him into the other pit. Skip tried to sneak a lick at one of his nipples, but Bates blocked him. He'd noticed that Skip enjoyed worshiping his chest, and the first rule of training up a fag was to keep him away from what he enjoys.

He waited a few minutes before palming the back of Skip's skull and pushing him down his body. This time, he allowed Skip's tongue to linger on his nipple and then his furry abs - a small reward for a job well done. He pushed him down into his bush and let Skip figure out the rest. With his feet up on the coffee table, he picked up the remote and flipped through the channels.

-  -  -  –  -  -  -  -  -

Meanwhile, Ryder and Tyler drove to Ryder's dorm room. Conor was gone for the night, and they had the space to themselves.

"Bates was pissed when he took off." Tyler said, "He doesn't like that I've got what he wants."

Tyler slipped a hand behind Ryder and grabbed his ass. He played with the cheek before moving his hand around to the front and palming his junk. Ryder pulled away.

"Maybe he doesn't like dudes molesting each other in public – well, dudes being molested really." Ryder said.

"How could he not?" Tyler said. He reached out and touched Ryder's chest and then slipped his hand over his abs. “I'm into it."

"I've noticed." Ryder said as he pulled away again.

"I've noticed something too." Tyler reached forward quickly and grabbed at Ryder's hard cock. Ryder tried to pull away, but Tyler held firm. "You might pretend that you don't like to be manhandled in front of the guys, but you're not fooling me."

"It's just . . . you know, a lot all at once." Ryder said.

"C'mon." Tyler groaned, "It's not like I held you down in the parking lot and fucked you." He kissed Ryder quickly, "I could do that if you want. I don't have a lot of shame. I want to hear you whimpering for me to go faster while people stop to watch. Most of them would take pictures." Tyler went on while rubbing Ryder's cock.

"I don't think we're there yet." Ryder said softly. Tyler continued to kiss him along the side of his neck. Ryder breathed in deeply, taking in the smell of Tyler's warm body. "Speaking of, I'm not really sure where we are."

"You're talking too much." Tyler said.

Ryder slipped out from under him and walked to the other side of the room. "I think we should talk a little bit about what we're doing. Are we dating or what?"

"I haven't fucked in a day and a half and you want to talk about dating? You spent all of practice flaunting your perfect, firm, round ass in front of me - all I could think about was burying my face between those cheeks and getting your hole ready for my cock - and now you're trying to distract me with serious conversation?"

"You can't avoid it forever." Ryder said.

Tyler rushed forward and put his arms around Ryder's waist. Then he picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. He turned and carried him maybe six steps to the other side of Ryder's dorm room and tossed him down on the bed. Before Ryder had a chance to turn over, Tyler smacked his ass hard.

"I can avoid it for now." Tyler said.

"What makes you think that?" Ryder asked.

"Cause I'm stronger than you, and I'm sexy as hell." Tyler pulled off his shirt and stood next to the bed. His jeans were low cut and sat on his hips. Beneath his abs, the muscles framed his groin in a perfect v. A little bit of dark hair spilled over the fly of the jeans. Two dark, quarter sized nipples sat on the mounds of his pecs, slowly moving up and down. Tyler squared his shoulders and let Ryder look at him.

"I guess you're right." Ryder said as he moved forward to open Tyler's fly. After he got the top button open, Tyler pulled his hands away.

He pushed Ryder back onto the bed and grabbed at his jeans. He pulled them off quickly and tossed them behind him. Then he yanked Ryder's briefs off. Ryder lay exposed on the bed, his t-shirt pulled up just enough to reveal his firm stomach. Tyler grabbed onto his ankles and slid his hands down Ryder's muscular legs before gruffly saying, "I'm not looking for a blow-job."

He lifted Ryder's legs as he dropped to his knees and then pulled Ryder to the edge of the bed. As Ryder's knees slipped over his shoulders, he leaned forward and kissed the base of Ryder's cock.

"You're so fucking pretty, Josh." Tyler said as he kissed Ryder's nuts and then the inside of his thighs. "I was thinking about you all day, pulling massive, wet boners in class."

"You should have texted me." Ryder said.

"I didn't want a blowjob." Tyler said again. He lifted Ryder's legs up so that his asshole showed, then he pushed a finger against the tight rosebud. "I want this."

Ryder lifted his ass as Tyler licked down his taint and toward his hole. As soon as the tongue made contact he moaned loudly, not the least worried about what the guys in the room next door might hear. Tyler expertly rimmed his ass, circling his tongue around the tight ring of muscle and occasionally diving in. His hands rubbed the inside of Ryder's thighs and occasionally moved up toward his cock. He moaned more and more as Tyler pushed his face forward. Then Tyler pulled out and breathed softly on his wet skin.

"So pretty." he cooed before he pushed a finger into Ryder's body. "And so tight."

Ryder spread his legs open wide and looked into Tyler's eyes, "Fuck me, stud."

"Let's not rush things," Tyler said back. Then he grabbed onto Ryder's hips, "Turn over."

As Ryder turned, Tyler stepped out of his jeans. His dick pulsed against his abs, thick and veiny. He pulled Ryder's shirt off and then crawled on top of him. With his dick firmly lodged in the crack of his boy's ass, he brought his muscular torso down against Ryder's body. His hands slid across Ryder's stomach, wrapped around his neck, and then pulled his head back.

Ryder opened his mouth and met with Tyler's lips and tongue. Tyler pushed hard against Ryder, aggressively making out with him. As he did, he moved his weight around on top of Ryder's body. Ryder held firm and supported the stud on top of him, loving the body contact and heat. They continued making out for several minutes. When Ryder could no longer hold Tyler up, he collapsed into the bed. Tyler kept kissing him, grinding into him a little harder than before and crushing him against the mattress.

When Tyler broke away, he kissed Ryder along his spine, down to the base of his ass, before spreading his cheeks and going in for another taste. He lapped at Ryder's hole like a dog, running his tongue from the base of his balls to the top of his crack. He pulled away and rubbed Ryder's muscular cheeks, staring at the beautiful mounds and the strong back that stretched out before him. He was about to lube up and go to work, when he decided to flip Ryder over yet again.

"You want it like this?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah," Ryder said. He loved looking at Tyler while he got fucked. It wasn't like that with the other guys, but with Tyler, it mattered.

"You could have asked." Tyler said as he popped open the lube and drizzled it on his dick.

"I don't work that way." Ryder groaned.

Tyler smiled. Then he slipped his middle finger into Ryder's ass. He almost came just from the feeling of tight, warm, wetness that he found. In his head he was already imagining the way Ryder's body would feel wrapped around his dick. He pulled his finger out and lined up his cock. Ryder's calves wrapped around his ass and pulled him in. His dick slid in with no difficulty, and Ryder let out a long sigh.

"Oh, yeah." Tyler said as he pushed his mouth against Ryder's neck. He kissed the skin under his jaw line as he slowly moved his dick in and out of Ryder. His mouth then moved over Ryder's shoulder and to his bicep. Tyler grabbed his arm and pinned it above Ryder's head, before kissing his way back down it. He moved from arm to arm, across Ryder's chest, and every so often back to his mouth. His hands held Ryder tight, moving his body parts where he wanted them, tweaking Ryder's nipples, and grabbing at his neck.

"Oh god," Ryder sighed. There was too much going on - hands, lips, and muscles rubbing against his skin.

"You better not cum yet." Tyler whispered.

"Oh god." Ryder said again.

"Hold it in." Tyler pushed his cock into Ryder's body hard. "You cum when I cum."

Ryder wanted to tell Tyler that talking to him in that surly voice, telling him not to cum, only made it harder. He got off on it. Tyler stopped talking to him and moved his mouth back to his neck. He started to suck on the skin, pulling it into his mouth and biting down just a little. The thrusts in and out of Ryder's ass increased in frequency and severity as Tyler marked Ryder's skin with his mouth. Ryder was writhing underneath him, moaning loudly and pushing his hips up to meet Tyler's thrusts.

"You ready?" Tyler whispered. "Cause I'm ready."

"Uh, fuck yes." Ryder said. He put his hand on the small of Tyler's back and pushed his torso down. Tyler's hard abs pressed against Ryder's cock. The hot skin on his dick was all the stimulation he needed.

Tyler thrust forward hard four or five times, then he pushed all the way in. His rod swelled up and his hot cum started to fill Ryder's guts. At the same time, Ryder's dick exploded and shot a steady stream of semen onto his stomach and Tyler's abs. Tyler continued biting at his neck, chewing on the flesh of his shoulder, and nipping at the skin on his chest. When they were done, Tyler collapsed on top of him and held him tight for a few minutes. Their breathing evened out, and slowly their cocks softened.

Tyler pulled out and stood up. He bent over and and grabbed his pants. Ryder looked lustfully at his ass, wishing he'd gotten a chance to play with it before Tyler fucked him.

"Are you going to stick around?" Ryder asked.

"Nah, I've got to work tonight." Tyler said.

"See you, then."

"Yeah," Tyler walked toward the door. Before he left he turned. "Josh, I spend most of my free time with you. I take you out for dinner. I make out with you, and I haven't been fucking anyone else. I didn't think I had to tell you that we're dating."

"I'm new at this." Ryder said.

"Well, now it's official." Tyler said as he left.

-  -  -  –  -  -  -  -  -

Back at his house, Bates was running his fingers through Skip's hair while the stud worked his nuts. The ball job had been going on for close to an hour now. Bates' hand was coated with precum and most of Skip's face was as well. It was obvious that Skip was getting tired, but stopping would mean walking away from Bates' cock forever. After edging for the whole time, Bates was ready to blow an epic load.

While Skip was working him over, it occurred to him that he did have a way to get back at Ryder. He thought of it while he was thinking of how pathetic Skip was for not just getting up and walking out. Ryder worshiped cock. Not just the cock of Tyler or the Coach, but Cock. The guy couldn't help himself. No matter what position he put himself into, no matter how embarrassed he was or how much he would have to apologize after the fact, Ryder needed dick.

The obvious way to get to him was through a cock. He wouldn't be very receptive to Bates, but there were other guys that he could bring into the game. Outside of the locker-room, Coach Perry's control over his 'boy' was fairly weak.

"You want my cum, fag." Bates asked Skip in a low voice.

Skip nodded. 'Poor fag' Bates thought, 'he's all tired out.'

Bates opened up his legs and lifted his ass a little. "Tongue my hole while I get myself close."

Skip started to lick at his hole. He didn't do the kind of job that Ryder would have done. The breathing was wrong, and he was approaching it like it was a chore and not a privilege. Still, it felt fucking good, and Bates pushed down against Skip's face.

"Eat my ass, boy." he growled. His dick leaked onto the muscles of his stomach. He didn't need to jerk it. He was right on the edge; right where he needed to be to blow.

He grabbed Skip's short hair and pulled him upward. He kept pulling until Skip's head was laying on his stomach with his smooth cheek against Bates' treasure trail. Bates lifted his hips so that the head of his cock moved up and touched Skip's lips. Skip opened his mouth gladly. Bates then pushed down on his head and thrust upward.

It was one of his favorite positions. Try as he might, the fag wasn't going to find a way to make it comfortable. Bates' cock would slam into the back of his throat over and over, gagging him but never going down his gullet. Skip coughed and sputtered, while doing his best to wrap his pink lips around the cock in front of him.

"Get ready." Bates said, thrusting deeper than before. "You better swallow all of it."

Skip nodded and mumbled something around Bates' thick dick.

"Here it is." Bates finally said. He thrust upward and then put both hands on Skip's skull. His dick started to unload, and Skip made an involuntary effort to pull away. Bates held him firmly, not willing to give up any pleasure in order to make the ball-player more comfortable. Instead he repeated, "Take it, take it."

It was a jaw dropping orgasm, the kind that blasts through your shaft and makes the head of your dick swell up bigger than it's ever been before. He felt the cum course up and out in thick shots. There had to have been at least half a dozen blasts, maybe more. After each shot, he felt skip's mouth lock down and suck as he swallowed the load. Obedient until the end, he didn't miss a drop.

There was no cuddling when they were done. Skip was still completely dressed. He stood up and adjusted the bulge in his jeans, then mumbled a quick thanks to Bates. Bates nodded in return and Skip let himself out.

What kind of guy walks into another dude's house, sucks his nuts for an hour, before being mercilessly skull fucked, and then thanks another guy for doing it? Bates didn't really have to ask the question.

Just then his roommate Damian walked into the house. "What's up man?"

"Nothing." Bates said, "I'm thinking we're going to have a party this weekend."

To be continued . . .

Hope you shot your load. If there's something you want to see in this story, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for reading. Charlie


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