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Dad's Proper Place, Part 15

Dad's Proper Place, Part 15
C. Charlie - cosmic709@yahoo.com

Rick rolled out of bed at 11 and texted Cody, asking him to come by the house at 3. His dick hardened. Sex was always good, but sex with someone new was awesome. Plus Cody was younger, more malleable. He could make the guy into anything he wanted. When Cody replied, Rick rubbed himself and then got dressed. He put on a tight t-shirt and some shorts, and then jumped on his bike. He had three hours to work up a solid sweat. Then he'd see how committed Cody was to serving him. 

He got back to the house at 3:04, and Cody was sitting on the steps. He stood up as Rick approached. He wore a black t-shirt and dark jeans. He was thin, but very attractive. Had Cody been into girls, he wouldn't have had a problem getting them. That was  the attraction for Rick. He liked fucking guys that were his competition. And while jocks competed with him in one way, understated guys like Cody competed in a different way. 

The guy's dick was already hard, and bulged in his pants. It was a solid piece of meat - too bad he'd never put it to good use. Rick stepped past him and opened the door. Cody followed him inside. 

This wasn't Rick's first time with a guy, and not his first time playing into the fantasies of a gay dude who had been lusting after him. He knew that it was important for the first time to mean something. If he was too rough, Cody would run away. He had to believe that there was a chance for an emotional relationship - that Rick cared about him back. 

The first time, you had to set the hook. After that, you never had a problem pulling them in. 

He grabbed Cody behind the neck, rubbing his neck softly. The younger man went limp as he responded to the touch. Rick smiled, "You want to come upstairs with me?" 

Cody nodded, 

"Why?" Rick asked. 

Cody stared at him. "I . . . uh . . ." 

"Why do you want to come upstairs with me?" 

Cody blushed. His red cheeks looked bright against his dark black hair. "To, uh, fool around. You know, like you said." 

"Fool around?" Rick asked. "Why are you here Cody?" 

Cody looked like he was in the middle of a test that he was failing. He didn't have an answer, and he didn't know what Rick wanted. As he looked to the floor he saw the lump in the front of Rick's basketball shorts. 

"I want to suck your cock." Cody said. Then he added, "If you'll let me,"

"Oh trust me, I'm going to let you." Rick walked up the stairs and Cody followed. Rick paused halfway up the stairs, "What do you think of my ass?" 

"It's nice." Cody said. 

"I hope you like it, cause your face is going to be buried between those cheeks a lot. I love it when an eager fag like you licks my asshole. Reminds me who's in charge." 

When he turned around and faced Cody he was blushing again. Rick winked at him, "I got sweaty for you. I know how you guys like it. This isn't my first time." 

Cody swallowed hard. He'd noticed that Rick was dripping sweat as soon as he got off his bike. He could smell the heat and wet musk coming off his body, and his mouth watered as he stared at Rick's ass. 

"There are three things a guy like you needs to get good at if he wants to keep my interest," Rick said. "Licking pits, licking nuts, and licking ass. You get good with that tongue, and it'll be a long time before I get bored with you." 

"Ok." Cody said softly. 

"How many guys before your brother started to fuck you?" Rick asked. 

"A few." 

"Well." Rick said, "This'll be special. I'm sure it was weird with your bro, but it won't be with me. You're going to love being with me." 

Rick turned quickly. His dick was right in front of Cody's face. He grabbed it and shook his junk. "Well, you're going to have to get used to it. But then it'll be fun. Maybe." 

When they got to the room, Rick shut the door and then pulled off his shirt. He tossed the sweaty tee at Cody. "Go ahead. Do what you want." 

Cody put the shirt up against his nose and smelled it. His dick immediately got hard as the thick, pine-like odor of Rick's body filled his nostrils. He smelled it again, barely noticing Rick watching him. 

"Alright. Time for the real thing." Rick said as he lifted one arm. 

In order to get a guy to fall completely in love with your body, Rick had learned, you had to appeal to all of his senses. He needed to taste Rick's sweat, to smell it, to feel his muscles, and hear his voice. As Cody's mouth connected with his sweaty pit, Rick pressed down softly, pushing his muscular arm against the guy's head. Then he said softly, "Alright, now take a deep breath." 

The sound of Cody inhaling his pit reek was audible. Rick touched his head. "Do you like it? Do you like the way your man smells?" 

Cody nodded against his skin. 

"That's right." Rick said. "Fucking smear my sweat all over your face." 

Cody started to turn and twist while Rick held him in place with his muscular arm. He heard the slimy sound of his sweat against Cody's smooth skin. When he was good and covered, Rick whispered. "Taste it." 

Cody's tongue connected with Rick's skin and his mouth filled with the salty flavor of a man's sweat. His brother had never done anything like this to him, and he was completely overwhelmed. He had Rick's sweat on his cheeks, in his mouth, in his nostrils, and the heat radiating from the stud's body was intense. He groaned loudly, and his knees buckled. He fell to the floor as he shot a huge load into his shorts. 

"Did you just cum?" Rick frowned. 

"Yeah," Cody said as he caught his breath. 

"Never seen a guy do that before." Rick said, "What's going to happen when you get my dick into your mouth?" 

Even though he'd just gotten his nut, the thought of sucking Rick's cock had him throbbing. His pants were wet and sticky, and the dark spot was already visible through his pants. 

"Take them off." Rick said and Cody obeyed. He was blown away by what he saw. The kid was packing a massive cock, bigger even than Rick's ten inch monster. It was almost disgusting how big it was. "Holy shit." Rick said.

"I know." Cody responded. 

"Good thing you're a submissive slut, cause no guy would ever let that thing into his ass. You'd tear him in two." Cody was proud of his cock, and he smiled at Rick.  He still had his boxers in his hand. Rick saw the gobs of white cum. "Clean those up." 

Cody licked his load out of his shorts as Rick watched. He wouldn't have thought that'd he'd do something so degrading, but he was happy to do it for Rick. When Rick grinned at him, taking pleasure in his control over the guy, Cody's heart pounded. It was an honor to be in Rick's presence. 

Rick noticed it - the worshipful attitude and absolute obedience. His dad and other guys had always put up token resistance. Rick had to work hard to get them to realize that he was all that mattered. Cody already worshiped him, and everything from there out would be pure fun. 

He grabbed the boxers and shoved them into Cody's face, mixing his cum with the shiny layer of sweat. Cody was happy to take what Rick would give him. 

Rick ran a finger down the side of his face. "You're a real good boy. You're already better than some of the guys I've dicked." 

"Thank you." Cody said. "Sir." 

No guy had ever called him sir without being asked. He deserved a reward. 

Rick dropped his running shorts. He was wearing a bright blue jock strap. His ample bulge filled the pouch, which was dark blue from sweat. He cupped the back of Cody's head and pulled him in, so that his cheek was pressed against his bulge. Slowly and methodically, he petted the side of Cody's face until the guy was practically whimpering. Then he sat down on the edge of the bed and lifted his legs. 

Like an obedient dog, Cody crawled up between his thighs. Rick grabbed the back of his head and felt Cody's thick tongue slide toward his balls. "You'll get there eventually, but for now I want you down here." Rick said as he pushed Cody to his asshole. 

Cody ran his tongue across the tight ring of muscle over and over again, licking at it like a dog. "Good boy." Rick said, "Get in there. Really use your tongue." 

He took direction well. He sucked lightly on the outside while his tongue toyed with Rick's ass. He was smart enough to pull away occasionally to lick and kiss his taint. It was a solid rim job, especially for someone so inexperienced. 

"Fuck." Rick moaned. "You're pretty good at that." 

He pulled Cody's face out of his crack. It was shiny with sweat and cum. "I'm going to train you up real good. By the time I get done with you, you're going to be legendary. When you go to college, every gay guy is going to want you. That's what you get out of this." Rick said. Then he pulled Cody's face into his balls, "And this, I suppose." 

Rick was still barely hard. He had a real skill for keeping his dick under control until the time came to perform. He pulled the pouch of the jockstrap aside and let his nuts fall out. "Close your mouth," he said. When Cody complied, Rick pulled his face into his ball sack. 

Rick felt the heat of Cody's breath on his nuts. "That's right, boy. Breath it in. I bet you can smell the cum churning in those balls. Can't you?" 

Cody nodded. 

"Do you want to taste them? Do you want my nuts in your mouth?" 

"God yes." Cody thought about opening his mouth, but knew that it was the wrong move. Rick was controlling the pace of things. 

"You're going to spend so much time down there." Rick said. "You’re going to know my nuts better than you know your own." He grabbed Cody's by his hair and pulled him away from his body. "Look at them."

Cody stared at Rick's nuts. They hung down in his sack, loose and huge. Rick kept them shaved, but he could see new hairs in the wrinkles of thin skin. The longer he looked at the two orbs, the more he wanted them. His mouth watered in anticipation. 

:Licking nuts is what guys like you do. It's your purpose in life. You worship me by worshiping these nuts. Got it?" 

"Yes, sir." Cody said. 

"Good." Rick said back. He stood up, his big balls hanging out of the side of his jockstrap. "Now, get to work." 

Cody leaned forward and sucked one of Rick's testicles into his mouth. The skin of his sack, silky and smooth, rolled and moved under his lips while he tongued the big nut. Then he moved to the other one. He sucked and pulled on it, looking up at Rick to get some indication of whether he was doing a good job. Rick remained stone faced. 

Rick stepped away from Cody once more. Without speaking he stepped out of his jockstrap. He picked up the small piece of fabric and wiped his pits with it. He pressed it up against Cody's face. Cody took a deep breath. Rick smiled and then tucked the jock into the pocket of Cody's shorts. 

"From now on, all your fantasies involve me. Every orgasm you have, you have while thinking about me." 


"Like I was worried." Rick pawed his dick and saw Cody's eyes dart between his legs. He was trying not to stare, but it was useless. "Go ahead and look at it. Better than you thought?" 

Rick's dick was big, thick, and tumescent even while it was soft. The foreskin was long and thick. It pulled over the tip of Rick's dick like a snout. Cody had never seen an uncut dick before, and he was immediately attracted to it. 

"That's right. Your brother's cut." Rick grabbed his dick and slowly peeled back the hood. The thick skin revealed a slimy, red cock head. "Open your mouth." Rick said as he let go of his dick and allowed the skin to retract. He placed the head on Cody's tongue. "Suck that skin. Get a taste of your first uncut cock." 

Cody closed his lips over the head and pulled the soft schlong into his mouth. His tongued pushed under Rick's foreskin. He had noticed that Rick's dick smelled different from his brother's and now he saw that it tasted different as well. There was something more primal about Rick's cock. It tasted gamey and natural. The longer his tongue explored the space between Rick's skin and his glans, the more he liked what he was doing. He started to shudder and then pulled away. He was going to cum again. 

Rick looked down. Cody's giant cock, almost disgusting because it was so big, bounced between his legs. Precum oozed onto Rick's floor. 

"You're going to need to get that thing under control if you want this to continue. I don't want cock snot dripping on my feet." 

Cody grabbed his boxers and pulled them back on. Rick smiled. "Good thinking." He slipped a finger into Cody's mouth and let the guy suck it before he drove it into his throat and made him gag. "You're a total natural." 

Ready for some real action, Ricks' cock was starting to get thick. The blood flowed into it and it stood upward at attention. Within a minute, it was flat again this stomach, hard like only a teenage cock can get. His balls had lifted up and were on display to Cody. Rick grabbed Cody's shoulder, pressed hard and whispered, "It's time." 

Cody grabbed the huge cock and pulled it away from his body. He took the tip into his mouth and licked it, but Rick's hand was on the back of his head, pulling him forward. The thick meat snaked into his throat and soon there was nowhere left for it to go. Rick shoved forward, and Cody gagged. He pulled away, spit dripping from his chin. 

"You're going to have to do better than that." Rick said. "Try again." 

Cody went down on the stud for a second time and did his best to open up his throat. He didn't know what to do, and he gagged a second time. This time Rick held his thrashing body against his own and punished him for not performing as well as he should. 

He pulled out and said, "Get on the bed. On your back." 

Cody lay down. Rick grabbed him and pulled his head over the edge of the bed. Cody's huge cock tented his boxers and Rick tossed a pillow over the guy's groin. Then he put his dick back into Cody's mouth. 

"Just let it happen, ok." Rick pushed forward again. Cody struggled and then Rick's cock slipped into his throat. Rick looked down and watched his glans move through Cody's smooth neck. Cody only took it for a second before he coughed the thick dick out of his mouth. "Better." Rick said. Then "Again." 

He plunged back in. Cody's hands were on his thighs, feebly trying to push him away. In this position, there was no way he could stop the assault on his throat. Rick drove in all the way to his pubes, and as Cody tried to get away, he held his head down with his hips. He waited a solid five seconds before he withdrew his cock. Cody coughed and shook on the bed. 

"You need to get better at this." Rick stated. 

"I don't know if I can." 

"Sorry. I misspoke." Rick said, "You're going to get better at this. Either with me or on your own. But practicing with me is a lot harder than practicing with a banana. Just saying." 

Rick lined up with Cody's throat again and said, "One last try, ok?" He pushed forward and Cody coughed almost immediately. Rick pulled out, shook his head, and then walked over to his desk. He sat in the chair and spread his legs. "Alright, enjoy yourself. You earned it." 

Cody smiled and jumped off the bed. In a flash his face was buried in Rick's junk, and Rick responded to some texts while he got his dick sucked. Cody had decent skills. He wasn't able to deep-throat him yet, but he enthusiastically tried to suck his nut out of his balls. He grumbled and groaned a little while he polished Rick's nob, and Rick rubbed his head every so often to keep him interested. It was important that Cody enjoy himself this time. This was the high point that would keep him coming back for more. 

When he was good and hard, Rick pushed him away. Cody was on the floor, sitting on his knees, and Rick stepped toward him. He pushed him backward and opened his legs with his feet. Then he kneeled down and lifted Cody's thighs. The guy's big cock flopped onto his stomach. Rick rolled his eyes. 

"That fucker's always going to be in the way." He ripped a hole in the back of Cody's boxers. "There. Now I get what I want without seeing what I don't want." 

"You're, uh, going to . . ." Cody stuttered. 

"Fuck you." Rick said as he spit on his hard cock. 

"Is it going to hurt?" As Rick looked down at him, he suddenly looked much younger. Though he was seventeen, he looked vulnerable. 

"Your brother said you've done this like a thousand times." 

"He lied." 

"Why would he do that?" Cody felt Rick's fingers tighten around his knees. He was getting angry. 

"I, uh, Sir, I don't know." Cody said. 

"You've really never been fucked?" When Cody shook his head, Rick stood up and grabbed some lube. He poured it onto his cock as he walked back to Cody. 

"This is going to be better than I thought." Rick said with a wicked smile, then he leaned in and whispered, "And it's probably going to hurt." 

He pressed the slimy, slick head of his cock up against the impression between Cody's cheeks, pushing against his hole and stretching it just a little. Cody moaned and his dick bounced in his shorts. 

"You want it, don't you?" Rick said, then he answered the question. "It's every gay boy's dream to lose his cherry to a stud like me." 

He saw Cody go white. Rick kept talking as he prepared to bust the guy open. "It's really not that bad. You'll enjoy it really quickly." He pushed his hips forward. "I promise." 

Cody moaned as Rick's dick invaded his ass. He felt like he was being split in half, and he grabbed onto Rick's thighs to try to control the movement. When Rick kept going, he tried to pull away, but Rick held him tight at the shoulders. Finally, Rick stopped. 

"Is it in?" Cody asked. 

"Uh, maybe like two inches." Rick said. "Hang onto my arms, bud. Feel my body, look at me. You're going to want to remember every detail." 

Rick gazed into Cody's eyes as he pushed forward again. He wanted to see it all happen. Cody looked up at him lustfully, completely in love with him even as Rick caused him pain. He saw the guy's jaw clench as he passed the halfway point, and a tear rolled down his cheek as Rick finally bottomed out inside of him. Rick smiled. 

"Fits like a glove." Rick said as Cody grimaced. "Just relax man." 

Cody closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. It felt like Rick had his whole arm up inside of him, and while the pain was fading, the feeling of being completely full was still a little uncomfortable. Rick started to slide out of him, and when he shoved back in, the pain came back. 

"I don't know if I can do this." Cody said. Then he begged, "Please . . ." 

"Lots of guys before you have made it through. You'll be fine. Just relax." 

"Ugh." Cody groaned as another flash of pain hit him. Then, suddenly, Rick's dick hit something inside of him, and he felt a pleasure that he'd never felt before. His groan turned to a moan of pleasure, and Rick noticed at once. 

"I told you it would get better." 

Rick started to thrust faster, letting his meet slide against all of Cody's hot spots. The more he long-dicked the guy, the more the groans of pleasure outpaced the groans of pain. Finally, he saw the corners of Cody's mouth turn up. 

"Fuck me." Cody groaned. It was an expression of surprise rather than a command, but Rick threw him with a few quick thrusts anyway. 

"You like it?" Rick taunted. "You like my fucking huge, straight dick plowing your insides?" 

"Fuck yes." Cody said. "Fuck me, sir." 

Rick leaned forward and planted one hand next to Cody's head. "Lick my muscles, bud. Be my little bitch and show my body how much you love it." 

Cody ran his tongue over the pumped up bicep, toying with the thick, engorged vein that ran across the top. He licked up to Rick's pit, and Rick let him have it. He continued to thrust into Cody's body as the guy's tongue worked through his armpit hair. Rick sighed and pressed back, slowly pushing Cody backward until he had him pinned to the floor with his armpit. Now almost entirely on top of the guy, he smothered him with his muscular torso while he humped his ass like a rabbit. 

The bigger stud's body covered Cody's smaller frame. Every inch of their chests were touching, and Rick's muscular arms pressed against him. Wrapping his legs around Rick's ass, he was able to feel the huge glutes contract and relax as Rick pistoned into him. Each short thrust touched a place inside of him that he didn't know existed, and though it still hurt, every moment was worth it. 

It helped that Rick's body was rubbing up against Cody's hard cock. The fabric of the boxer shorts added a roughness that made things worse. Cody was barely holding on, and his second load of the day was building in his balls. He was on the edge before he even thought to tell Rick. 

"Uh, Rick . . ." Cody said.

"Shut up." Rick said as he clamped his palm over Cody's mouth. 

Cody gave up. His dick started to spew, pulsing and jumping as the monstrous piece of meat shot a watery load into his shorts. Rick felt Cody's ass biting down on his dick and smiled. Two hands free orgasms. This kid was turned on. He slipped a finger into Cody's mouth and he began to suck it straight away. Another good sign. He gets his pleasure by sucking. 

There would come a time when Rick would punish Cody for cumming without permission, but now was not that time. Today, every little bit of pleasure that Cody got from Rick's body would further cement the relationship. He looked into Cody's eyes while the young stud nursed on his finger. 

"How do you want my load?" Rick asked. "What's your fantasy?" 

Cody didn’t' have to think. He'd been dreaming of drinking Rick's nut for as long as he'd been jerking off. His brother's friend, older, bigger, smart and sexy. Rick had figured into every fantasy since he'd been twelve, and in every one of them, the cum ended up in his mouth. 

"In my mouth." Cody said. 

Rick laughed and pulled out. He jumped on top of Cody and straddled him. With his free hand he started to jerk his slick, shiny cock. Cody watched, hypnotized by the flashing of Rick's foreskin over his dark red glans. Up close, Rick's dick seemed huge, and Cody gasped when it suddenly got huger. 

He should have known what was about to happen. He saw Rick smile at him, and then a rope of cum hit him in the eye. His eye burned and he heard Rick laugh. The next shots, hot and wet, painted his cheeks. Then Rick shoved his massive cock head between Cody's lips and unloaded the rest onto his tongue. He felt Cody play with it, twirling it around in his mouth, tasting every drop, before he sucked down and swallowed. Rick reached behind him, grabbed one of Cody's nipples and twisted hard. 

"Worth it?" 

Cody didn't answer. He continued to suck on Rick's dick. When it got to sensitive and Rick pulled out, Cody nosed it. Running his face alongside the slimy cock and pushing his nose into Rick's groin. Rick heard him breathing, sniffing, worshiping his dick, and he let Cody do it for at least a minute. Then he climbed off of him. 

"On Monday come over after school." Rick said, "I like to have a mouth on my nuts while I do my homework. If you do a good job, I might fuck you again." 

"I, uh . . ." Cody said as he pulled  on his clothes. "Uh, thank you." 

Rick was sending a text and didn't look up. "Whatever, just be here on Monday." 

Cody walked out. Rick smiled to himself. That last moment, pulling away, was what sealed the deal. Cody would always try to win Rick over, to make things more about love than sex, and as long as Rick played him, he would never disobey him. All in all, he was proud of the way he'd done it. Cody was his for as long as he needed him. 

Rick walked downstairs to get something to eat and found his dad standing in the kitchen. "I just saw Cody leave." Alan said, "He had cum in his hair." 

"That kid's a slut in the making. Total cock hound." Rick said. 

"I won't pretend that I'm not jealous." 

"Is Wrenn treating you good?" Rick asked. 

Alan raised his shirt and showed off a series of red welts down the side of his back. "He's rough as fuck, but its been good. Not sure what I'm going to tell your mom." 

"I could never beat you like that." Rick said. "You're not pissed that I cut you loose, are you?" 

"Not really." Alan said, "Not that I wasn't loving it, Rick, but it was starting to get weird. You need a dad, not just a fuck buddy." 

"I was thinking the same thing." Rick said, "I'm still glad it happened though." 

"Definitely. I love you more than ever." Alan said. "You taught me a lot about myself, Rick. I was denying an important part of myself, and I'm not going to do that anymore."  

"Yeah. And who knows, I might let you taste my dick again." Rick said, "but until then, I guess I'll leave you to Wrenn." 

Rick walked off. Alan glanced at him. It was amazing how quickly things had changed. He used to see his son as a sex object, and then as his sexual master. Somehow, the events of the last year had purified all of his motives. Now, when he looked at Rick, he just saw his son again. It was a good feeling.



That's it for this story. It's been fun. Thanks for reading. Charlie


  1. Oh charlie
    I expected a better one from u
    I always thought how do you write so well
    But this time it was a real disappointment
    The title says
    Dads proper place
    But no where can we find dad it is all about rick and his hunger for sex
    You didnt do justice with alan
    He seemed more like a father of a bad person

  2. I loved it. Rick's and Alan's journey is just wonderful. I love the way you introduced Cody, and I think this is an awesome final chapter for a great series of stories! Thank you so much!

  3. I think of it as a nice ending.

  4. Would have preferred the focus on Alan tbh. Seems a shame that he didn't get the final chapter in a story about him finding his proper place. It was hot stuff for what it was but dispensing with Alan's story arc in a few lines at the end was unsatisfactory for me and I'm also not sure I bought the way things played out there. It just didn't feel realistic (well as realistic as you can get in this type of story!)

    I enjoyed the story but not as much as your others Charlie. Sorry if I'm seeming over critical but that's just how I feel.

  5. Maybe I'll try to address this all at once. When I started this story the hope was to create a top that was much more dominant and meaner than any character I had written before. My dominant guys tend to be a little soft, so I was trying something new. I didn't really like it after a while and eventually came to despise the characters. I'm sorry if the ending doesn't hold up, but I was really just trying to end it. I figured that was better than just never updating it again. I like my stories to be finished at some point, and I might have rushed this one a little. It was an experiment with some new themes (including the dad/son thing) that ended up not working for me.

    Maybe brothers next time. :-)

  6. Yeah disappointed in the way Alan was dealt with . Is this it for this story?

  7. Good ending. Excellent response from charlie. Well done. Spin off - cody goes to college freshman year

    1. Hey change the end of the story
      May be by writing another part
      I know charlie as you say you need to end it soon
      But why dont you end with Alan

  8. Charlie's a great writer, but his frustration with this story was evident a while back. Pretty much everything after about part 10 felt a little obligatory, like he was writing because he felt he should. At that point he was clearly favoring his other stories.

    Earlier, I felt that Rick, like some of Charlie's other overly arrogance characters, was going to either grow a heart or get a comeuppance. Personally, my biggest disappointment was that he didn't evolve as a character. The ending felt very sudden partly as a consequence. By the end, it wasn't clear what 'Dad's Proper Place' meant (did it just mean being a normal dad?), and the last few lines about purified motives didn't seem warranted from the events in the story, at least to me.

    You write hot stories and this story was no exception, but as much as fans like to see stories finished, they like to see stories finished right. Maybe once your aversion to this story has passed, you can come back to it like you did with big-bro's girlfriend and flesh out some of the details that didn't hold up.

    By the way,thanks for all the work you do writing these stories, and giving them out free for everyone's reading pleasure. People wouldn't be so passionate if they didn't love your writing.

    1. Rick was too one dimensional from the beginning. Once I got into the story, I didn't feel like there was a way to fix it. Sort of learned a lesson with this one.

  9. I disagree with some of the comments. Love dominant cocky men like Rick and Jase. Don't like stories wherein they fall in love with their gay partner or they turn gay themselves. They are alpha and that's what they should be and should stay alpha. That's why I read CHarlie's stories--cause there aren't that many on Nifty that write that way. (I've worn out Percxyz' stories!!)

    1. BDSM stories are hot, but if we are at the point where people ‘should’ avoid falling in love in order to protect an image of sexy manliness or whatever, then I’m seriously scared for gay culture. This term ‘alpha’ just seems like another label to me—and people are more complicated than any label you can make for them, trust me.

    2. I believe this is sexual fantasy, not real life. Gay porn is not designed to protect gay culture or to give us examples of role models in real life any more that straight porn is. Pornography by definition doesn't give us real "complicated" characters. If you are reading porn as "literature" you're in the wrong genre. I love alpha men in Charlie's stories and in erotic fiction--doesn't mean I want to have one as a husband or even a partner.

  10. Disgusting man, it's been a long time i have been following charlie's stories, but this one was real bad, i dont understand alpha and all, if it is so why does he need to give a title dads proper place and attract viewers

  11. my dear son charlie, i would like you to answer me about this dad named alan, why did you not grant him enough courage to fight rick

    1. LOL. I guess he just wasn't strong enough. Some guys aren't.

    2. Oh
      So does that mean that you can sell your dad

  12. #C.Charlie LOL. I guess he just wasn't strong enough. Some guys aren't.

    This is to inform you that we as a reader have great expectations form you, so next time please dont disappoint the readers

    Hope you understand my point rather than insulting me for this post

    One more suggestion why dont you write another part and end well