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Big Brother's Girlfriend, Spring Break, Part 3

Big Bro's Girlfriend – Spring Break Edition – Part 3
C. Charlie -

Note: This is the last installment of the return to this story. I'll be picking up with some of my other stories soon. Hope you enjoyed it.

Jase stared bullets at Mitch. "Show him." He said, "Show him how much you like cock."

Mitch stood up, glanced at Taylor, and then dropped to his knees in front of the stud. Taylor was totally blue collar, muscular but a little thick. He wasn't the kind of gym-honed athlete that Mitch was used to and the contrast, the naturalness of his body, made him hotter.

"You want me to leave." Jase asked.

"I, uh, I mean, he's your brother. You decide." Taylor said.

"I'll stick around," Jase smiled, "In case he needs something to suck on."

Taylor reached out and grabbed Mitch's head, pulling him into his crotch. His light jeans, dirty from working all week, were loose around his thighs. Mitch dove in, chewing on the hard rod that lay across his leg. His pants smelled like motor oil or something, and his dick pulsed as he licked at the thick cock. Taylor loved it.

"Chew on my cock, dude." he groaned, "You fucking like that don't you?"

Mitch nodded and moaned.

"I could cum just like this. Never even let you see my dick. Then I'd make you suck the cum out through my jeans. Wouldn't even have to unbutton the fly." He went on. "I'm not sure you even deserve my dick."

Mitch's mouth was dry, Taylor's pants having absorbed all of his spit. He bit down, just to let Taylor know he was listening, and he felt him pull away. "Watch the teeth, or I really will keep it in my pants." Then he grabbed Mitch's chin and forced him to look at him. "You think I'd pass up a chance to get your lips around my dick after all I've heard? You're sucking this cock, and you're going to do an amazing job."

"Yeah I am," Mitch said, "Then you're going to fuck me." He grabbed his thick dick.

"You think so?" Taylor asked. Then he popped open the top button on his fly. "Pull it open with your teeth. Then I'll let you have it."

Mitch bit onto the fly right above the second button and pulled it a little down and to the right. The button popped open. Then he pulled the final one open in the same way. Taylor wasn't wearing any underwear, and Mitch immediately buried his face in the dude's bush, licking the shaft of his dick while he huffed the guy's sweaty pubes.

"Fuck, you're good at that."

"Lot's of practice." Jase said from the side lines.

Taylor's balls were churning, and he pulled his jeans off. His big cock, about nine inches, long and lean, slapped against his stomach. He was as hard as he'd ever been. Mitch kept his hands on Taylor's thighs and pulled the long, cut, schlong into his mouth. Taylor groaned and then his hand was on top of Mitch's head. He didn't try to push him down, but just held him there for a second.

The guy was leaking precum like crazy, and Mitch savored every drop. He loved dudes who gushed like this; loved letting the dog-water ooze down the tip of their cocks and licking it up while looking at them. It made the guys crazy, and it tasted good too.

As he bobbed up and down on Taylor's dick, he felt a hand on the back of his pants. He reached down and opened his fly, letting Jase pull his pants down to his knees. He was wearing a pink pair of boxer briefs from American Eagle that framed his ass perfectly. Jase slapped one of the hard cheeks. "Look at this fucking ass, dude." Jase slapped it again, "You ever find a chick with an ass like that?"

Taylor had to admit that he hadn't. Mitch had a perfect, round booty. Not fat, but muscular and firm. Each cheek formed a perfect bubble. Jase ran a finger down the middle, pressing his finger into the deep crevasse between Mitch’s cheeks. Taylor's mouth started to water and his dick throbbed. He'd never felt this way about a dude before, but every particle of his being wanted to jump into the hole.

"Tight pussy, too, man." Jase said. "Not too tight today, cause I fucking pounded it earlier. In a dressing room." Jase pulled down the briefs and poked at Mitch's hole. "You should have heard him moaning. Everyone in the store knew that he was getting pounded."

Taylor let out a long, slow sigh. Then he pulled his cock out of Mitch's mouth and pushed his face into his balls. He was already close, and didn't want to drop his load before he got a chance to fuck the guy. Mitch licked his balls for a few minutes before he stood up. "I gotta fuck you, dude." Taylor said, "Everyone says that you've got the golden pussy, and I want to get my chance at it."

Jase got out of the way. Taylor spit a little on Mitch's ass and then rubbed a bunch of spit onto his dick. He pushed up against Mitch's hole. Mitch was slick with cum and lube from the earlier encounter with Jase, and Taylor's dick slid right in.

Tayor sighed again, "That's a nice ass, dude."

"Pussy," Jase corrected. "She's got a fine pussy. Don't you girl?"

Mitch nodded. His face was in Jase's crotch, trying to get his fly open while Taylor pounded him from behind. Jase took the opportunity to taunt his brother, moving his groin away every time Mitch got a chance to open him up. He taunted him, asking him repeatedly if he wanted his cock, backing away and then lunging forward so that the rough fabric of his jeans would rub against Mitch's face. He laughed at his brother while Taylor watched, and then finally opened up his pants and let Mitch at his cock.

Jase was, not surprisingly, still soft. Mitch had noticed this before. Sex with other men didn't get his brother hard. It took a decent amount of stimulation. He sucked the soft dick into his mouth and started to tongue the head, moaning around it as Taylor worked him over from behind.

When Jase was hard, he pulled his cock out of Mitch's mouth and pushed his pants down to his knees. "I don't want to cum, babe, Just work my ass for a little while"

He sat on the floor in front of Mitch and lifted his legs. Mitch dived in.

"Fuck, he eats ass too?" Taylor asked.

"There's not much that she doesn't do." Jase said. "You should give her a call if you're ever in town for the weekend. She's an easy lay, no strings attached."

"That right?" Taylor asked. Mitch didn't realize that he was talking to him until his finger slipped into his mouth, formed a hook, and pulled his head around. "Are you an easy lay, little brother?"

"For you I am," Mitch said, sucking down on the finger.

"Jesus." Taylor moaned as he thrust forward, deeper than before. He shoved back and forth a few more times then turned Mitch's head toward him again, "You want my cum? You want my straight boy cum flooding your guts?"

Mitch nodded, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Taylor grabbed onto his hips and drove forward. Mitch moaned, and then Jase's balls were in his mouth. His brother grabbed the back of his head, fingers digging into his scalp. He had two dicks in him and four big strong hands pulling at his skin. This was heaven for Mitch.

Taylor called out and then thrust forward. He held onto Mitch tight as his body spasmed. Mitch kept licking Jase's balls and took Taylor's nut. He imagined it mixing together with Jase's load from that morning. He couldn't remember the last time that he'd been fucked by two guys in the same day. Maybe he was getting lazy. Taylor pounded straight through his orgasm, getting rougher and thrusting harder as he got his nut. Mitch's whole body rocked back and forth and his face was shoved into Jase's junk. Jase, who was jacking off, smacked him with his dick whenever he got a chance.

When they were done, Taylor jumped off of him and pulled his pants back up. Jase did the same thing. Mitch was suddenly naked and alone in the middle of the room. He got his pants on just before Matt returned.

The room stunk like sweat and cum, and Matt knew what had happened almost immediately. He was upset at first that he had been sent out, deliberately excluded, but then embarrassed at his anger. He turned bright red.

"Just in time," Jase said, "Second half just started."

Jase adjusted his junk and spread out on the couch with Mitch next to him. Mitch felt Taylor's hot load leaking from his ass and wetting his breifs. When he was alone with Matt in the kitchen he bent over in front of the guy, hoping he would see the wet spot. He wanted to proved that when both guys were around, Mitch was the one everyone wanted to fuck.

When the game ended, Jase and Mitch left. For the rest of the week, they alternated between hanging out and fucking. At least once a day and sometimes twice, they rolled around in the upstairs bedroom, hoping that the thudding and squeaking of the bed wasn't too obvious. By the end of the week, Jase was feeling better, restored even, and was ready to go back to school. The night before he left, he crawled into bed with Mitch, smelling like whiskey and cigarette smoke.

"You gonna be ok without me?" Jase asked.

Mitch laughed. "You do me like no other guy can, but I'll stay busy."

"Slut." Jase said flatly. "I mean generally. You sleep around a lot, but you've got to find a guy, babe. I don't want you to be as lonely as me."

"I'll find someone." Mitch said. He ran his fingers through the short hair on Jase's chest, and thought, 'I have found someone.'

"It can't be me." Jase said. "We've had this conversation before. It can't be me."

"So now we go another two years?"

"Uh, no. But I'd feel better about fucking you if I knew that you weren't pining after me. I can't give you a real relationship. You know that. Outside this bedroom, I'm straight, you're gay, and we're brothers."

"I know." Mitch said with a sigh. "I'm ok, trust me. I'm not too hung up on you."


"Promise." Mitch said. "But you need to get your shit together too. Cut your fucking hair, dude. It makes you feel better."

"I sort of fell of the wagon for a while."

"Well, you're back in the saddle. So get it together. You lose one chick and you act like it's the end of the world."

"Why does this work so well?" Jase asked.

"Probably because it's not real."

Jase rolled over, onto Mitch, with one knee at either hip. "You're right." he said, "One last time before I leave?"

"Only once?" Mitch asked as he rubbed Jase's junk through his boxers.

"Yeah? You gonna give me your best?" Jase asked.

"Only if you give me the best back."

Jase grinned and let out a low, guttural growl. He moved his hands across Mitch's bare chest and up to his neck, playing with his throat for a second. Then his fingers moved to Mitch's mouth. He pushed one in, pulling at Mitch's lips, before letting Mitch suck down on it. Jase shoved another finger in and another. Pretty soon he was leaning over Mitch with his hand in his mouth, spit running down his cheek. Mitch's hard dick pressed into his ass, and Jase leaned back, putting his weight on it, listening to Mitch groan.

Jase pulled his hand out and loomed over Mitch. Then he let a gob of spit slip from his lips. Mitch opened up and caught it in a flash.

"Dirty girl," Jase said to Mitch.

Mitch reached up and tweaked one of Jase's nipples and then opened his mouth again. Jase let another river of drool land in his brother's mouth. Then he leaned forward and pressed his lips against Mitch's. He pushed his tongue into his mouth and wrestled against his lips. Mitch played back, and didn't passively accept the kiss. The interaction was driving Jase wild. His lips moved across Mitch's lips down to his neck. He kissed and sucked at the skin. As he did, he lay down across Mitch, pressing him into the mattress and positioning his own hard dick over his little brother's thigh. He humped into Mitch as he chewed on his neck. When he pulled away, the bruise was already forming.

"There. Now you'll have something to remember me by." Mitch had been in a trance, and he touched the tender spot softly.

"Seriously?" he said, "Now everyone's going to think I'm easy."

"You are easy babe. If you weren't so good in bed, it might turn me off." he said. His hand slipped down the front of Mitch's boxers. He pushed into his pants, past his dick and between his legs. His finger found Mitch's twitching hole. "You've got me on fire tonight, girl."

Mitch grabbed onto Jase's arm and lifted it above his head. He was still wearing a t-shirt, and the fabric under his arm was a little damp. Mitch shoved his face in there, sniffing his brother's scent. Jase hadn't worn deodorant that day, specifically for Mitch. He knew that his brother loved the smell and taste of his sweat, and he loved the fact that Mitch enjoyed it so much. He pressed down on MItch's face with all of his weight.

"Get in there girl. Eat your man's pit."

Mitch pulled at the sleeve, stretching it out, trying to get his tongue on Jase's body. Jase didn't make it easy, moving quickly and trying to keep Mitch's mouth just where he wanted it. Finally he gave in and pulled his shirt off. Mitch grabbed onto his pecs, rubbing the soft fur. Jase's nipples were quarter sized and erect. Mitch rubbed them and then twisted one. Jase winced and smiled at Mitch. He grabbed hold of one of Mitch’s nips and twisted hard - much harder than Mitch had done him.

"You want to play this way, babe, we can play this way."

Mitch stretched upward to lick at Jase's neck and then grabbed his other arm and pulled it up above his head. Jase took the hint and planted the fresh pit on Mitch's face. He rubbed it in and then pulled it away. Mitch's face was slimy with sweat. He kissed him quickly and smelled his own body on his little brother's face.

"Girl, I love it when you smell like me. Fucking mark you as mine." He said as he pressed his pit against Mitch's face again. "I want every guy you're with to taste me and smell me. You're always going to be mine. You know that? You’re always going to be my girl."

Jase kept rubbing up against Mitch, mixing dominance with a sudden outpouring of affection. His cock was hard. He didn't like to admit it, because he wasn't into guys, but his brother got him off. The feel of his hard body, the strength in his arms, the muscle along his legs, and most of all, the way he yielded all that strength to Jase. He'd fucked other guys, but none of them got him hot the way Mitch did.

"You better never get sick of this dick, cause when we're old men, I'm going to be pounding that pussy, girl. I'm not going to let you go again. This bed, this body, this tight hole, they're all mine when I'm home."

Mitch lost control. He humped his cock against Jase and tried to get a hand to his cock. The nonstop talking was drilling a hole straight into his mind, hypnotizing him, making him believe that everything Jase said was true. He'd given up completely; he was completely Jase's at that moment. It was a feeling of absolute submission that he only experienced with Jase and only when they were perfectly in sync.

"You want that?" Jase moaned, "You're not going to give up on me, are you?"

"Never." Mitch panted, humping his dick into Jase. "Whatever happens, I'll make room for us."

It was what Jase wanted to hear, needed to hear even. He'd been torn between wanting to fuck Mitch every chance he got and worrying that by doing so, he was holding his brother back. Mitch had made room for Jase when he was in a relationship with Scott, and he would do it in his other relationships. Jase would do the same thing.

Jase ran his hand down Mitch's back and rubbed his ass. Then he slipped his hand into his pants and immediately started to rub his hole. His finger slipped inside and Mitch moaned, then he pushed his body back down toward Jase. He was dying to have any part of his brother inside of him.

"I could never give this up." Jase said while slobbering on his neck. "It's too good."

Jase stood up quickly and pulled his clothes off in a flash. Mitch jumped off the bed and did the same. Then he pushed Jase, as much as he could at least, back down. He lifted Jase's hairy, muscular calves into the air and crawled between his brother's legs. Then he licked, long and slow, from Jase's asshole up to his balls. Jase grabbed his head and pulled him closer.

"That's right, girl. Eat it."

Jase's hands were all over Mitch and his body was squirming around. He was impatient. Turned on, but with nothing to do. He sat up, with Mitch still between his legs. Mitch started to lick his balls as his ass disappeared underneath his body. Jase grabbed Mitch and twisted him around. He pulled Mitch's groin over his face, and for a minute Mitch thought Jase might be about to blow him, for just the second time ever. Then Jase locked his lips around Mitch's asshole.

Mitch bucked up and literally sat on Jase's face. His brother's tongue pushed into his body and Jase started to eat his ass like only he knew how. Then a big hand pressed into Mitch's back and he was forced forward as Jase lifted his legs. He knew what he was expected to do and took Jase's monster cock into his mouth.

Jase kept his hands on Mitch's head, forcing him up and down on his dick and pulling at his hair. It was up to Mitch to make sure that his asshole was positioned somewhere where Jase could get at it. After a minute of sucking, Jase grabbed him, pulled him off his dick, and shoved his face down into his balls.

"You know what to do girl." he said. Getting his nuts licked was one of his brother's favorites.

Mitch lapped at Jase's nuts and Jase grabbed him around his torso. The rocked back and forth, slowly, as they licked each other. Mitch kept lifting up Jase's ass, because he kept pushing it downward. He wanted his brother's hole. He wanted to be the guy who did that thing for Jase. Eventually, he made contact and Jase moaned.

"You know how much I love that baby," He said. He'd stopped licking Mitch and was letting his little brother do all the work. Then, feeling the need to take control, to be on top, he grabbed onto Mitch and rolled him over in one quick motion. He sat down with all his weight, smothering his brother between his ass cheeks. He ground into his brother as Mitch's tongue toyed with his hole, when he looked in front of him, Mitch's cock was doing a dance, bouncing around as he rimmed Jase.

Jase moved back to Mitch's ass, lifting his thighs and spreading his cheeks. He used his upper body strength to move his brother around, messing with his position and trying to control the movement of his limbs. Mitch, feeling like it would be well received, fought back. Soon the brothers were wrestling on the bed, faces between one another's legs, and arms wrapped around their torsos. With a thud, they fell off the bed onto the floor.

"Fuck," Mitch said rubbing his knee, "You think Mom and Dad heard that."

"Who cares." Jase said. He'd already recovered and had a bottle of lube in his hand. He pumped some onto his cock and climbed on top of Mitch. "Just don't start moaning like a bitch. Mom might be listening."

Mitch bit down on a pair of jeans while Jase slipped into him. It hurt, like always. His body had never adjusted to Jase's size. It probably wouldn't.

"On second thought," Jase panted into his ear, "If you started to moan, they'd probably think that I was fucking a girl."

"Or that I was fucking a guy." Mitch said.

Jase jabbed into him hard and then licked the back of his ear. "C'mon, babe. We all know that that doesn't happen."

Mitch was embarrassed, but it was true. The only guy his parents had ever heard getting fucked was Mitch. Jase slammed into him again, hitting him in a weird way. Mitch groaned and asked him to go easy. "This is our last time for a while. I want you to remember it."

As he realized that it would be months before he got another piece of his brother, he started to move upward to meet his thrusts. Then he turned to face Jase. "Do me face to face, bro. I want to look at you while you fuck me."

Jase pulled out and let Mitch turn over. Then he slipped right back into him. The pounding he gave Mitch wasn't any gentler. Jase looked down at him, and their eyes locked. Mitch stared at his rugged face; the masculine jaw, thick dark beard, perfect brow ridge. Jase was so perfect, and Mitch would trust him with anything. He was absolutely in love with him; not like he was with other guys and unlike he would ever be with another guy.

He reached up and grabbed Jase behind the neck and pulled him down, pushing their mouths together. "Fuck me." Mitch panted into Jase's mouth and Jase slammed into him. As he fucked Mitch, their tongues tangled together.

Suddenly, he pulled out. He jumped up above Mitch and stroked his cock twice right in front of his face. His cum exploded across Mitch's face, and as Mitch opened up to catch it, Jase slammed his jaw shut. There was a wicked smile on his face as he unloaded, painting Mitch from brow to chin.

When he was done cumming, one hand grabbed onto Mitch’s dick and the other smeared the cum across Mitch's face. He rubbed it into his face and hair and pushed it into his mouth. Then he took his cummy hand and replaced it on Mitch's cock. After three strokes, he had Mitch thrashing beneath him. Jase dropped down onto Mitch, slamming his sweaty pit over his cum covered face. As Mitch came, he breathed hard into his brothers body, taking in his body odor and the stink of his wet cum. He was experiencing one of the most amazing orgasms of his life, and when he was finished, he melted into the floor, completely spent.

"Oh god, bro." Mitch moaned as he grabbed Jase's cum covered hand and started to suck on it. "That was intense."

Jase rubbed the cum into his face one more time. "No chick would ever let me do that shit, and you love it." he said, "You're so good to me. Such a good girl."

Jase slipped a hand behind his back and picked Mitch up, laying him on the bed. He kissed his face, ignoring his own cum, and then slipped into bed next to him. They were sweaty and spent, and Mitch curled into his big brother's body before falling asleep.


  1. NOOOOO!!! You can't end this...its your best...along with most of the rest...Ha!!!
    Truly, please continue, so much more can happen...I so want Jase to come to terms with the fact he loves Mitch and they must be together...
    Excited to hear you are continuing a few more...the Rugby story ranks are brilliant!!!

  2. Great to see them back and glad they're not overstaying their welcome, not sure where you can go with them from here other than with a hot chapter or two every now and then. Unlike the above comment I just can't see either of them being happy with a proper relationship between them but the way it's been left seems like the best approach.

    Looking forward to more from you as always CC!

  3. I totally get Mitch. I also totally get Jase. But I'm Mitch, reallly. I would hate being called "girl," but if I had a bro like Jase, I could get used to the words if I got the dick and cum.

    1. Calling him a girl was part of what got me going with this story. I wanted to work it in in a way that wasn't demeaning. Originally it was an attempt to do something new.

  4. Charlie, this was a great way to end these chapters. You let the reader know that no matter what happens in the future, Jase and Mitch will always make room for each other. Of course, that also leaves the door open for us to possibly visit them from time to time, but I leave that in your capable hands.

    Thank you and regards,

    1. Wanted to keep the door open just in case I get interested in these guys again.

  5. nothing gets me going more than big bro/little bro stories. most of them have a heart, even where the sex beings as non-consensual, unlike the rest of the nifty gay authoritarian trope. the only fly in the ointment is how mitch started out completely straight, lacking any awareness of himself as anything but, and then turns a fag after one cock in his pussy. i don't why gay authors use this contrived plot technique so much in erotic fiction. it's like y'all afraid to do that to a gay guy for some reason. forcing a gay guy to admit he's a fag reads just as hot and is way more believable.