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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Spring Break, Part 2

Big Bro's Girlfriend – Spring Break Edition – Part 2
C. Charlie -

Note: A lot of guys have emailed me asking me to continue this story. I wrote this up trying to stay faithful to what people seemed to find erotic in the earlier chapters. I didn't make any effort to bring this plot into line with the rest, so I apologize if there are inconsistencies.

Mitch woke up with a man next to him and for a minute didn't remember what had happened. He rolled onto his side, expecting to find some random, and instead saw the hulking form of his brother. A sheet pulled across Jase's chest and lower body, and Mitch could see the mound of his dick. It was too big to hide. Memories of the night before came back and his dick started to get hard again.

He sidled up against Jase's body, careful not to wake him. Jase slept with one arm above his head, and his furry put was exposed to Mitch's curious mouth. He kissed inside the deep armpit and along Jase's bicep, pausing to inhale the musky smell of Jase's body. He held his cheek against his brother's chest, feeling his heat and the rise and fall of his torso. As he gazed down his sleeping form, his eyes came to rest on the mound of flesh between Jase's legs.

Mitch lifted the sheet gently and moved beneath it. The fabric was thin and the sun was out, so he could see Jase's body. He rubbed his stomach, not washboard cut, but firm, and scratched Jase's pubes. His brother hadn't been taking care of himself, and his body hair was out of control. He ran his fingers through the tangled mess at the bottom of Jase's stomach and felt his brother's body move in response.

Jase's dick was draped over one of his thighs, half hard and looking huge as always. His balls spread out onto the sheet between his legs. Mitch moved in for a lick, running his tongue along the shaft of his brother's big cock. He breathed in the smell of Jase's body. As his mouth moved to the tip of Jase's dick, covered with his thick hood, Mitch breathed in his gamey cock smell. On any other guy it would turn him off, but with Jase it seemed right. Then he pushed his tongue under the hood and ran his tongue around the ridge of Jase's glans. Immediately, his brother's cock begin to get hard in his mouth.

Jase woke up with a hard cock and a soft, hot mouth on it. Slowly he figured out where he was. His bedroom at home, Mitch's bed, and then, fuck yes, that was Mitch down there. He reached down and rubbed the top of his brother's head.

"Nice, babe." he moaned softly. Then he pushed Mitch down between his legs. "Work my nuts, girl. Get in there."

Jase's nuts were hairy, and hung lose in his sack. Mitch pulled each one into his mouth, licked and sucked on it, and then moved to the other one. Jase moaned softly as Mitch gave him an amazing ball job. He rubbed his dick across Mitch's forehead, moving the head through Mitch's hair and gently jerking himself off. Mitch moved back to his dick, but Jase pushed him away.

"Stay on my balls, babe." Jase said. "You're making me feel real good."

Jase looked down and watched the sheet move. Mitch's head bobbed around and his thick dick lifted the sheet up, bouncing and throbbing. He reached under the covers and grabbed onto Mitch's head, pulling him into his body. Mitch's tongue was all over him, licking his inner thighs, underneath his balls, and sucking on his scrotum.

Jase pulled on his dick a few more times. He had no interest in drawing this out. He pushed his dick down and let Mitch suck the head into his mouth. Mitch licked it a few times and then crawled out from under the covers.

Jase looked at him quizzically. His hair was messed up and his face was red. "What's up?" he asked.

"You need to take a shower, Jase. You're a mess."

"Whatever, you like it." Jase said. He put a hand on the top of Mitch's head and pushed him down.

Mitch ran a hand through the thick hair on Jase's balls and pulled on some of it. "I'm talking about this. You know I like a hairy guy, but I don't want to pick your pubes out of my teeth."

Jase sighed and got up. "Really, you're going to make me do this."

Mitch nodded. "You wanted a girlfriend, you're going to get one." Mitch said as he got out of bed. "You'll feel better. Trust me."

Jase jumped out of bed, his thick dick swinging between his legs. His skin was tan and his muscles bulged. "You're so fucking hot." Mitch said. "Hottest guy I've ever been with." Then he grabbed Jase's cock. "Let me know before you get in the shower."

Mitch walked downstairs and poured himself some cereal. It was a Sunday morning, and his dad was in the kitchen. He rubbed the top of Mitch's head and flashed him a knowing smile. "How's Jase doing?"

"Better I think." Mitch said, sitting down at the table.

"He needed some time with you. I told him he should come home and hang out for the week,” he said, "Are you taking care of him?"

Mitch smiled from ear to ear. "Yeah Dad, I'm taking care of him."

His dad let out a booming laugh and then tossed his dishes into the sink. "That's my girl." he said with a wink.

The fact that his old man knew that he and Jase were fucking was always a little strange, and this was the first time he'd ever acknowledged it. Mitch didn't make any effort to hide his sexual activity, and he frequently brought guys home. With one exception, when he got a little loud and his dad told him it had upset his mother, he had a fairly free life. Still, it was different when the guy you were with was your brother, even if that didn't bother anyone.

He heard the water start upstairs and went back to Jase. He opened the bathroom door and found it empty. Just before he turned, Jase snuck up behind him and put one hand on his shoulder, "Hey, I was looking for you."

He was naked and Mitch felt his soft dick press against the round bulge of his ass cheek. He turned around. Jase kissed him quickly and he tasted the minty flavor of mouth wash. He'd trimmed his beard and cut back some of his body hair. He left it long, just long enough for Mitch to run his fingers through. All in all, it was a nice transition. Mitch's hand wandered down to Jase's bush, and he pulled on the hair.

"I left it a little long." Jase smiled, "I'm fucking this hot little slut that likes me hairy."

"Yeah she does." Mitch said. Then he ran his finger through the hair on the top of Jase's head. He walked to the cabinet and pulled out the clippers. "Time to cut your hair."

"Not too short." Jase said as he sat down on the edge of the bathtub.

Mitch cut Jase's hair short on the sides and left it long enough to part on the top. He took a spray bottle to it and parted it to one side. With his trim beard and sharp haircut he looked exceptionally hot. His high cheekbones and square jaw set off the lines in the haircut perfectly.

"Fuck you're hot," Mitch said. He pressed his hard on into Jase's arm. "Seriously."

Jase stood up and looked in the mirror. He liked the roughness of his beard with the straight laced hair cut. "You're sure it's not too gay?" he asked.

Mitch grinned. "Trust me, every chick in town is going to want to bang you."

"Well, they're all going home disappointed," Jase said. He grabbed Mitch’s shoulder and pushed him downward. "You're the only one who's swinging from my dick this week."

Mitch dropped to his knees and licked at Jase's cock a little. "Not yet. You need a shower."

"Nah." Jase said, "I need a blowjob."

"Shower first," Mitch said.

He rolled his eyes and pulled back the curtain. A cloud of steam spread out into the bathroom. "But you're eating my asshole."

Without so much as glancing at Mitch he stepped into the spray. Mitch walked in behind him. Jase turned, "Get down on your knees and wash me."

For the next five minutes, Jase washed his upper body, while Mitch's hands ran up and down his legs, between his ass cheeks, and around his dick. There was nothing overtly sexual about it, more like an intimate massage. Once Jase felt like he was clean, he let his mind wander and his dick started to get hard. Mitch grabbed it and then stood up behind him.

Jase turned and grinned. "I told you that you're eating my asshole." Then he turned around again without another word.

Mitch pulled Jase's cheek open and ran his finger over his brother's pink hole. Jase's ass was unlike those of the gay guys he frequently messed around with. He didn't shave or make any effort to make it look nice. His asshole was tight, unpenetrated, completely virgin territory. His brother loved it when Mitch ate him out, because it was something that nearly every girl he dated was reluctant to do. Mitch was staring at it when Jase's big hand grabbed onto the back of his head and pushed him between his cheeks.

"Go for it girl." Jase said.

Mitch licked at Jase's tight hole, feeling it twitch under the teasing of his tongue. Jase moaned and pushed back against him. Hot water poured down Jase back and over Mitch. He had to be careful not to breath in the water as he worked his brother's ass. His hands kneaded Jase's cheeks, each one a soft but firm mass of muscle. Jase continued to pull him into his body, not letting up for a minute, while his free hand pulled on his huge cock. When Mitch could, he would pull away, just for a moment, so that he could get a look at Jase's fine ass and his big bull balls swinging between his legs.

They stayed locked together like that until the water began to run cold. Finally, Jase turned and shoved his dick into Mitch's face. Mitch licked at the tip as Jase worked his shaft, swinging it back and forth, and yanking from the root all the way up to the tip.

"Get ready, babe." he said gruffly. Then he grabbed onto his cock at the base and shoved the top into Mitch's mouth. Mitch was greeted with a flood of hot cum. He let it pool up in his mouth before swishing it around and swallowing. Jase looked at him the whole time, enjoying the sight and feeling of someone willingly, enthusiastically even, eating his nut.

"That felt good." Jase said as he shut off the water, "I'm feeling better already."

Mitch toweled off. He was still wearing his briefs, and they were soaking wet. He pulled them off and dropped them onto the floor with a wet thud. "What's on tap today?" Jase asked.

"I'm taking you shopping."


"I want to complete your transformation back into a functional human being."

"Dad was right." Jase said, "He said that some time with you would do me good."

"Yeah, do me good too." Mitch said as he reached behind to his aching asshole.

"That's not what he meant, Mitch." Jase said. "Being around you does me good. Fucking you feels good. Don't mix the two up."

Two hours later they were at the mall, moving from store to store. Jase's wardrobe had become threadbare after months of neglect. Mitch grabbed some new jeans and a couple of t shirts and had Jase try them on. He looked good. The haircut, the beard trim, a new tight shirt, it all came together to make him sexy and strong.

Mitch grabbed him on the hip. "You look amazing. You're going to get a new girl in no time."

Jase looked at the floor and smiled a little.

"She really fucked you up, huh?"

"Yeah," Jase said. "I guess I thought that this was it. She was the one I was going to marry. Then everything just fell the fuck apart. I don't know what I did wrong."

"Sometimes it doesn't work out." Mitch said, knowing that he wasn't helping much, "But you can't just fall to pieces, bro."

"Yeah, I know." Jase said, "I promise I'll get it together."


Mitch tossed Jase a pair of Levis and Jase dropped the torn up pair of jeans he had on. As he did, a pair of bright blue briefs, tight across his ass and crotch, came into view. They were Mitch's and were a size too small on Jase. They looked incredible.

"Oh fuck." Mitch said.

"I forgot to bring home any underwear. I grabbed these from your dresser."

Mitch stood there with his jaw open. Then he dropped to his knees. He chewed on Jase's thick cock through the tight fabric.

"Don't do this hear, babe. Once I get started . . ."

Mitch lifted the side of the briefs and tongued his balls. Jase tried to push him away, but he kept moving back to his dick. "Babe . .. " Jase said again. It was his final warning. Mitch wouldn't stop.

Jase reached down and pulled Mitch to his feet. His hands were on his hips in a second and he pulled his jeans down. Mitch half stumbled over the bunched up fabric as Jase shoved him up against the wall of the dressing room.

"I told you to stop." Jase growled.

His hand was between their bodies, playing with his dick. Mitch could feel the hard cock against his ass cheek, hot and thick. The heat practically branded his ass. "I told you to stop, but you don't know how to listen."

Jase kissed Mitch on the back of the neck and across to his ear. Then he bit down on Mitch's ear and pulled a little. Mitch gasped. Then one hand moved across his mouth while the other aimed Jase's cock. He felt Jase's dick push against his hole and then in one quick shove it was inside of him.

He called out in pain but Jase's hand muffled it. Jase held him harder. "You’re going to take it, girl. You think you can tease me like that and then not put out?" Jase was all the way inside of him now, tearing him up. "I know what you want. You wouldn't tease me if you didn't want it. You're such a slut for my cock, babe."

Jase moved his hips, causing his ten inch monster to twist around inside of Mitch’s body. Mitch groaned, this time in approval. "Fuck me with your giant cock, Jase. Pound me into this wall."

Jase, still fully clothed, was all over him. His hips practically lifted Mitch off the ground with each upward thrust. The pounding noise they were making would be unmistakeable if they were heard, and Jase was horny enough to let go of his load in a flash. Even with the concerns about noise, Jase was on a roll and couldn't help but talk dirty to Mitch.

"Such a fucking slut for my dick. You want my nut, girl. You need another load inside of you." They weren't questions. Jase was reminding Mitch of his insatiable need for his brother's dick.

Mitch turned and looked at Jase, "Every one" he mumbled. Jase looked at him, puzzled. "Every dick. Every time I'm getting fucked, I'm thinking of you."

"Yeah, the dick that took your cherry." Jase grunted. "I fucking tore this pussy open for you. Taught you what you needed. A man's dick inside of you."

Mitch grabbed Jase's hand by the wrist and brought his fingers up to his mouth. He sucked down hard on Jase's thick digit, pretending it was a cock. Jase had him in a frenzy, and his inner slut was coming out. Jase didn't know it, but after he left, Mitch would spend the next few weeks slutting it up. He couldn't help himself. Jase gave him a craving for cock like no one else.

Jase caught the gentle feeling of Mitch's tongue on the tip of his finger. "You're dreaming that you're sucking a cock. My dick isn't enough for you girl? You need more?"

Mitch didn't nod or respond in any way. Instead he just allowed Jase to chew on his neck and fuck him into the wall. Jase grunted and then pushed all the way forward, Mitch was lifted off the floor, and Jase laughed as he used his chest alone to pin his little brother against the wall. Then he thrust his hips upward, again and again, depositing his load inside of Mitch. It wasn't the biggest load he'd ever shot, but it was substantial. When he pulled his cock out it was slimy with nut, and he used Mitch's briefs to clean himself up. Then he pulled his pants back up.

"That was hot." he said. Mitch was still against the wall with his pants down. "You've got cum running down your leg, bro."

Mitch used his shorts to clean himself up. Then he glanced at the wall and noticed his own load, shot without trying or touching, running down the wall. He wiped that up as well and then looked at Jase with a crooked smile, embarrassed the he got off so easily.

"I remember the first time I made you cum like that," Jase said as he grabbed Mitch around the torso and kissed him. "Any other guy make you blow your load just from pounding this fine pussy?"

"Only a couple." Mitch said. It was true. It took a kind of emotional connection for him to be able to get off like that. It didn't come easy.

"Alright, let's go." Jase said. He straightened out his pants and shoved Mitch’s cummy underwear into his pocket.

They walked into the hallway of dressing rooms. As they did the sales guy, young and thin, glanced at them with his mouth hanging open. The implication was obvious. He was jealous of Mitch, jealous that he'd gotten a chance with a guy like Jase. Mitch grabbed Jase one last time and kissed him on the lips, showing off in front of the guy, and then they walked into the store, careful that they wouldn't be seen.

"Plans for tonight," Mitch asked.

"Drinking with a couple of the guys and watching basketball." Jase said, "You should come."

Mitch nodded.

Hours later they found themselves at the house of one of Jase's buddies. His name was Taylor, and Mitch knew him well from Jase's time in high school. He was a sexy guy, one that Mitch had sort of fantasied about. He stood around six feet tall with a thick build. His hair was brown and medium length. Generally he was an easy going guy, fun to be around, and naturally deferential to Jase. Matt was there as well. He was still as hot as he'd always been. Thin and blond, with cut abs. His hair was short and spiky. When they walked in, he was busy getting Taylor a beer.

"Hey Matt," Jase said as he slapped his buddy on the ass. "How you doing?"

"He's all worn out." Taylor said from the living room of the apartment. "I've been fucking him non-stop since I got home from break."

Jase smiled at Mitch. They had made Matt into a slut for cock together. It was one of their better brotherly memories. Then Jase looked at Matt. "Still taking dick, huh?" Matt blushed. He was still a reluctant bottom. "What's your girl think about that?"

"She likes to watch." Taylor yelled. "Can you believe that shit. She watches while I fuck him stupid."

"To each their own." Jase said as they sat down. "Does she even let you fuck her anymore, Matty?"

"Sometimes," Matt said as brought them all a beer.

Taylor looked over at Mitch. "How's it going little brother?" Taylor had called them that since they were kids.

"Good. Going to CC, you know, screwing around."

"Yeah, I've heard about your screwing around. Rumor is you're one of the hottest fucks in town."

"Who’d you . . " Mitch started.

"Your buddy Colin used to work with me." Taylor said. "He told me all about your screwing around."

Unlike Matt, Mitch didn't blush. He smiled from ear to ear. "I've got mad skills, dude." he said, "You let me know if you ever want to hang out."

"No kidding." he said before he turned back to the TV.

Though they pretended to watch the game, Taylor was eying Mitch from across the room. He rubbed his stomach softly, raising his shirt and showing off his hairy stomach. The thick patch of his pubes rose above his waistband up toward his belly button. Mitch was burning up. When a guy wanted him like this, he couldn't help himself, and it was obvious that Taylor wanted him. The outline of a big cock, probably a nine or ten inch monster, shot down the leg of his jeans. When he caught Mitch staring, he smiled and then ran his hand over the thick lump.

Mitch got up and walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Taylor followed him. He put a hand on the small of Mitch’s back. "We need to find a way to get rid of your brother." he said. Then his hand darted into Mitch's pants and he grabbed his muscular ass.

"I, uh, I'll take care of it." Mitch said.

He walked back into the living room. As Jase looked up at him, he adjusted his hard cock. Jase then looked to Taylor and saw the tent in his jeans as well. He raised his eyebrows at Mitch, and Mitch nodded. They continued to watch the game until the end of the first half, and then Jase looked over at Matt. "Hey Matty, why don't you go get us some pizza?" He handed Matt some money and Matt took off without any question.

"I'm not hungry bro," Taylor said.

"Well, I am." Jase said quickly. Then he looked over to Mitch. "Mitch, Taylor's been fucking hard since we got here. You notice that?"

"Yeah, I picked up on it."

"Probably all these black guys running around in short shorts. You got a think for black dick, bro?"

"Fuck you." Taylor said. "I've got a thing for pussy. Boy pussy or girl pussy. I like to fuck." he glanced over at Mitch. "Hard."

Jase laughed. "That's what they all say. You should have heard Matty talking about chicks before I opened him up for the first time. Now he begs for dick. I think having all these hot guys around is getting you horny. You want me to put you on your knees bro?"

"What the fuck man." Taylor said. "What's your fucking problem?"

"Hey, I'm not the one sporting wood around his buddies."

Taylor blushed, "Your fucking brother has been teasing me with his hot ass since he got here. The way he's staring at my dick, I'm worried he's going to tear through the front of my pants to get at it. He practically jumped me in the kitchen."

Jase let Taylor ramble on.

"You know what a slut this guy is? Guys don't talk about it around you, but your bro has a reputation for fucking and sucking. Everyone in town knows that he's better at giving head than any chick around and his ass is amazing. He's got the golden fucking pussy. That's what they say about him when you're not around."

Mitch smiled proudly, and Jase grinned from ear to ear.

"So now, I got this piece that I've heard a ton about sitting in my apartment, staring at my junk, rubbing his ass against me in the kitchen, and I'm a little hard. So back off. If you knew half the shit they say about him, you'd be hard too."

"Bro, I know all about it." Jase said. "Who do you think taught him how to take a dick?"

Taylor raised one eyebrow, but otherwise stayed silent.

"You should of heard him this morning, begging for me to let him play with another guy." Jase said. He was being slow and careful with his speech, feeling Taylor out. "He wouldn't pass up a chance for a three way. Not for all the dick in the world."

"That right." Taylor said. His hand was back on his huge dick and he was leering at Mitch.

Jase stared bullets at Mitch. "Show him." he said.


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