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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Spring Break Edition, Part 1

Big Bro's Girlfriend – Spring Break Edition – Part 1
C. Charlie -

Note: A lot of guys have emailed me asking me to continue this story. I wrote this up trying to stay faithful to what people seemed to find erotic in the earlier chapters. I didn't make any effort to bring this plot into line with the rest, so I apologize if there are inconsistencies. It's been two years, so I don't remember all of the details.

Mitch moved the piles of clothing off of Jase's bed. It had been almost a year since his brother had come home from college, and nearly as long since anything sexual had happened between them.  Jase found a girlfriend and didn’t feel the need to mess around with Mitch anymore. His thing with Scott had run it's course. The one time experience with their dad had proved to be just that - a one time experience. Mitch's sex life had become as 'normal' as any other guy's.

Basically, he just enjoyed whoring himself out now. He still worked out at the gym, and found plenty of sex there. He was good enough in bed, and hot enough that he had his pick of studs. He still had a thing for straight guys, and Colin had managed to get the word out about his proclivities. Even Scott was good for a solid fuck every so often.

Holidays and stuff came and went, but Jase never wanted to spend more than a few days with his family. When he suddenly decided that he would come home for all of spring break, Mitch was surprised. Mitch knew that Jase had broken up with his long-term girlfriend, and when he asked, Jase told him that he needed a change of pace.

The man who showed up at the door that Friday afternoon was just barely the man that Mitch had seen a few months before. His hair hadn't been cut for months and his beard was full and bushy. Even his clothes seemed dirty and stretched out. Jase was a stud, someone who cared about presenting himself well as a way of demonstrating his value and authority in a group of people.

When he opened the door, Mitch was ready with open arms, but he just barely got a hug back. He knew that the break-up had been bad, probably the worst of Jase's life. After eighteen months with the same girl, she'd dumped him out of the blue. Jase was crushed at first, but then seemed to be getting over it. Mitch now understood that Jase's indifference to the breakup was due to depression rather than a quick and easy rebound.

Jase took his stuff up to their bedroom and then planted himself in front of the TV. Mitch sat on the couch slowly getting angry. He felt like a lover spurned. He and Jase had a relationship, a real relationship, that went way beyond just being brothers. Even if the sex had stopped, Jase could at least acknowledge his presence. When he finally settled on a basketball game, he looked up at Mitch.

"How's it been?" he said.

"You look like shit, bro." Mitch said back.

"Thanks." Jase said as he turned back to the TV. "You doing anything tonight?"

"Maybe going out with some friends." Mitch said. "Probably an early night though." I'm going to be here, he wanted to say, in case you want to, you know. But he couldn't say it. Jase was the initiator. He had to be or the sex wouldn't work. "What are you up to?"

"Same." Jase shrugged. "Gonna hit the bar with some guys, probably get stupid drunk."

"You gotta pull yourself out of this, Jase." Mitch said, "Seriously, you're, like, falling to pieces."

Jase tossed the remote control on the couch. "Fuck, I stop shaving for a few days, and you all give me a hard time. I just got home, lay off, ok?"

Mitch nodded as Jase stormed off.

When he came back with a plate of food five minutes later, Mitch didn't say anything. They watched the game together, ate dinner, and then broke off to go their separate ways. Mitch headed out with a set of friends from the gym, all of whom were under twenty-one. They goofed around until around midnight, when Mitch returned home and went to bed.

He woke up three hours later to the sound of Jase stumbling up the steps. The moonlight was bright enough that he could see Jase struggle to pull his pants off. Then his brother stood dead still in the moonlight, appearing to stare at Mitch, even though Mitch was in the shadows.

Jase scratched his chest and Mitch felt himself getting hard. His brother's v-shaped frame was visible in silhouette. His body was thick, hard, and the bulges of his muscles struck a contrast against the wall behind him. He was wearing boxers, which was unusual for him, and Mitch's eyes bored a whole between his brother's legs. That dick was his first dick and remained his favorite dick.

Jase took a few steps toward his bed, stumbled, and then turned. He walked toward the other end of the room. Mitch stayed still. He didn't want Jase to know he was awake. Then he felt pressure at the foot of his bed, and Jase climbed into his bed behind him.

His brother slid under the covers, and then pressed his hard chest up against Mitch's back. One arm came over Mitch's stomach and their legs folded together. Then Jase's mouth moved to his shoulder. There was a soft kiss as Jase pulled him close.

Mitch melted into his brother's body and allowed himself to be held. He'd not yet found another man that could do hold him like Jase could. He felt possessed and loved at the same time. Jase was claiming him, while also showing affection in the only way he knew how. This was his brother at his most vulnerable, most emotional, and most caring. Other guys couldn't do it, but for Jase, with Mitch at least, it seemed totally natural.

Though he waited eagerly for Jase to make a move, his brother passed out within ten minutes. Mitch heard his breathing slow down and smelled the whiskey on his breath.

When he woke up the next morning, Jase was already gone. Mitch rolled over in the bed, onto the warm impression left by his brother's body and breathed in deeply. He knew the scent of his brother almost as well as he knew his own. It comforted him, turned him on, relaxed him, and made him happy. As he drifted back to sleep, Jase walked in. He scratched his chest.

"What's up?" Mitch asked.

"Little hung-over." Jase said flatly. "I'm taking off, but lets get some food later, ok?"

Mitch nodded and went back to sleep.

The evening played out just like the previous one had. Mitch went out with friends and had a few beers. Jase hit the bar with his buddies from high school and came home late, waking Mitch up. He didn't seem nearly as drunk this time, and there was no hesitation as he looked at the beds on either side of the room. He pulled off his clothes and crawled into bed next to Mitch. As his arms wrapped around Mitch's body, Mitch turned onto his back. Jase' face was inches from his.

"Hey." he said.

"Hey," Jase whispered back.

"I missed this." Mitch said, "Missed having you around."

Jase laid his head on Mitch's chest for a minute. Then he looked back into Mitch's eyes. "It's been a rough couple of months, Mitch. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm a fucking mess."

Mitch rubbed Jase's back. "It's going to be ok, bro. You'll get past this."

It was rare for him to be the one comforting rather than the one being comforted. His brother, big against his smaller frame, suddenly seemed vulnerable and needy. Jase lay still, and then he rolled back onto his side and looked at Mitch.

"You're a good brother, Mitch. I know I'm not good at saying it. Really."

Mitch stared at Jase, his long hair a little messed up and his scraggly beard hiding his strong jawline. He licked his lips and waited.

Jase leaned forward and kissed him. To say that the floodgates had opened, would be an understatement. Almost a year of pent up sexual tension was unleashed as both brothers gave in to their feelings. Jase's tongue snaked into Mitch's mouth and his arms moved up the side of his torso. His hands were both soft and rough at the same time. Jase was agressive and dominant in bed, there was no doubt about that, but there was a gentleness to it which Mitch never experienced with other men.

Mitch pulled Jase's shirt off and stared at his furry chest. His pecs were massive and thick and his shoulders looked huge. He wasn't cut, but possessed the muscles of a man who did more than lift in the gym. Most summers he worked as a landscaper and the firehouse thick veins that ran across his muscular forearms revealed how much he used his arms.

Mitch kissed his brother's chest and paused at the base of his neck. Jase breathed heavily against his forehead. Mitch breathed deeply, enjoying the heat of his brother's body and the familiar smell. He'd wanted this for a long time.

Jase pinned him down onto the bed by the shoulder, "My girlfriend left me bro," he said.

"I know." Mitch said softly.

"I need a new girlfriend." Jase grinned. "You game, babe?"

Mitch nuzzled up against Jase's shoulder. Since things ended with Jase over a year ago, he had spent a lot of time trying to figure out why Jase had this magnetic hold over him, and why it turned him on so much when Jase called him girl. If any other guy did it, Mitch would probably lay him out. Though he was a total bottom and kind of a whore, he was proud of his strength and masculinity. Jase, though, didn't see him as a man, or at least didn't speak to him as if he was a man. When they were in the bed together, he held him, kissed him, and fucked him like he was a girl. It was key to Jase's performance and the centerpiece of their relationship.

Maybe it reflected a need to be taken care of by someone else. He wanted to be held, and he wanted a guy who would take the lead in a relationship. Jase was a master at both, and the fantasy that they could have a real relationship, even if it was totally a fantasy, drove their sexual attraction.

Mitch reached between Jase's legs and grabbed his hard cock. It pulsed in his hand as soon as he touched it. Jase leaned forward, grinding his dick into Mitch's thigh.

"I haven't gotten laid in almost three months," he whispered.

"That's a long time." Mitch said.

"I"m just letting you know because, you know, I'm going to fuck you stupid. Your pussy is going to take three months worth of sexual frustration."

Jase rolled over before Mitch got a chance to respond. He laid on his back, still wearing his boxers, and put his hands behind his head. Mitch glanced from the tent in Jase's pants up his narrow, muscled torso to his hairy armpits. Jase didn't let him think for long. He cupped the back of Mitch's head with his big hand and pulled his face into his pit.

Mitch licked the side of Jase's body, across his hairy pit and onto his bicep. Then he pushed his face back into the deep divot and took a deep breath. Jase's deodorant had faded to a background note, and his body smelled clean but masculine with a hint of body-odor. This was the aroma of the first man that had ever taken him, and it made his whole body beg to be fucked.

"You like the way that smells?" Jase said softly.

"God yes." Mitch said back as he continued to lick Jase's pit.

"Fuck me." Jase said as his eyes rolled back in his head. "I forgot how much you love my body, girl. You make me feel like the hottest guy on earth."

Mitch pulled away. "You are the hottest guy on earth."

Jase pulled him forward, kissed him quickly, then pushed him away. He held onto the back of Mitch's neck and pushed him down between his legs. He was still wearing his boxers, and he pressed Mitch's face into his bulge. Then he shoved him down underneath his cock to his nuts.

Mitch sucked in the moist air and then started to mouth Jase's balls through the fabric. He pulled up the leg of his boxers and took the huge orbs into his mouth. They rolled away from his lips, and he was forced to dig in between Jase's legs, rooting around in his junk, in order to play with them.

"There's a lot of nut in those balls, babe." Jase said, "A week's worth at least."

"I want it." Mtich moaned.

"Yeah, is the thought of my hot cum running down your throat getting you off?" Jase knew the answer. He could feel Mitch's body rocking as he jerked his own cock.

"Nah," Mitch said, "I don't want this load running down my throat."

"You think your hot pussy is going to be able to handle it." Jase's voice had turned rough and husky. "My dick is pretty big."

"I'll be ok." Mitch said, "Trust me."

As he said it his dick throbbed, and he almost lost control. He pulled his hand away and let himself calm down. It had been a long time since he felt like he was going to prematurely blow his load. Jase noticed.

"I've got you pretty hot, huh? Do all the guys get to you like this." Jase asked.

"No," Mitch replied. He pulled his face out of Jase's junk, "No one else does this to me. Only you Jase."

"You make me feel so good, babe." Jase said. His hand was on the back of Mitch's neck, gently rubbing his hair.

Jase was pumping his hips rhythmically into Mitch’s face. He pushed his groin against his brother's mouth and held his head in place. Mitch licked and bit at whatever he could as Jase's massive dick moved around against his face. He needed it bad. Since he first heard that Jase was going to be coming home for break, he'd been dreaming about his dick.

Again Mitch got right to the edge, his orgasm churning in his balls, and had to pull away. He breathed heavily as his dick calmed down.

"This isn't working." Jase said.

Mitch looked at him quizzically.

"You keep getting distracted. You're too horny, babe. My dick has got you all worked up and you can't focus on being there for me."

"Sorry," Mitch said, feeling kind of ashamed that he'd let Jase down.

"Just get yourself off, and then you'll be able to think about me instead of yourself. You're forgetting how this works."

That much was true.

Jase grabbed Mitch and pulled him up against his body. Mitch's shoulder was cradled against Jase's armpit and his head fell on his chest. Jase grabbed one of Mitch's hands and moved it down to his cock. "You miss me girl?" he asked softly. "Show me how much."

Mitch yanked on his cock while Jase rubbed his back. He snuggled into his brother's hulking frame and closed his eyes. Jase's body, his muscle and bulk, helped him to relax completely. He felt safe, almost like he was going home for the first time in over a year. On some level, it was fucked up. What had Jase done to him that he could only feel this way with his own brother. Those thoughts, however, were in a corner of his mind, and he focused on getting off.

Jase's hand dug in behind him, grabbing down toward his ass. He found his hole, shaved as usual, and slipped a finger in. Mitch gasped as Jase's thick digit opened him up.

"You're pretty tight, girl. Been a while?"

Mitch moaned as he jerked his cock and shoved himself onto Jase's finger. It hadn't been that long since he'd had a cock, but he hadn't had anything the size of Jase in a long time. He rocked back and forth while his body slid against Jase's torso. When he glanced at Jase, he had a smile on his face, but didn't seem too interested in what was going on.

"Nice tight pussy for me." Jase moaned. "Come on. Cum for me babe."

Jase's free hand grabbed onto Mitch's hand. His muscular fingers wrapped around Mitch's fist, and his iron grip pulled on Mitch's cock through his own hand. The sensations were too much for Mitch. He pressed his face into the side of Jase's body and started to cum. His whole body rocked as his load shot onto Jase and his fist. When he was done, he leaned back into Jase's body and closed his eyes. He felt so warm and safe that he could have fallen asleep right there.

Jase grabbed his brother's hand and pushed it down his hairy stomach, through his pubes, and into his boxer briefs. Mitch had changed. He'd become complacent. Jase wasn't blind, and he could tell that Mitch had an amazing body, an attractive face, and a great personality. Guys would do just about anything to get with a person like that, man or woman, and Mitch was used to being the one who mattered in a sexual relationship. He was used to getting his nut and then leaving the other guy to get off on his own. That might be the way things worked with his fuck buddies at the gym, but it wasn't how things were going to work here.

Mitch's fingers played with his dick, but Mitch still didn't move. Jase grabbed the back of Mitch's head and pushed him down to his crotch. "Don't get lazy girl," he said.

Sucking his brother was the last thing on Mitch's mind, but when his face got closer to Jase's dick, when he smelled his brother's body and felt the heat coming from his groin, his mind went to where it needed to be. He yanked down the front of Jase's briefs and his big cock sprung up. He'd forgotten how beautiful it was. Long as they come, thick and veiny, with a thick hood that covered most of the head even when Jase was hard. It was a killer dick, beautiful in every way.

He sucked it into his mouth, and Jase's hand grabbed the back of his neck. This was the way their blowjobs worked. Jase liked to be able to take control if he needed to, and while he was usually satisfied with the job Mtich did, he rarely pulled his hand away. He roughly massaged the back of Mitch's neck, and then his hand slid down his back. He reached Mitch's shorts and dug in again. This time, he didn't finger his brother, but rubbed his hole gently. Mitch moaned, and rubbed his ass against Jase's hand.

"This ass, girl." Jase said, "This ass is what did it for me the first time."

He glanced at the perfectly round globes. If it was possible, Mitch's ass had gotten rounder since the last time they fucked around. As his hand moved down the cleft between the cheeks, Jase's dick started to throb and leak. He sat up and pushed Mitch off of his cock.

"I've been looking at this ass." Jase said, "This past year, I haven't made a move, but damn girl, I've been watching you."

Mitch arched his back so that his cheeks popped out. "Yeah? What have you been thinking?"

"Been thinking about the first time." Jase said in a deep voice. "Coming home and seeing your fine ass, needing to get at your cunt, needing to make you my girl. That's what I've been thinking about."

Mitch wanted to roll over and look at his brother, but knew that if his dick came into view it would ruin things for Jase. Instead, he rolled onto his stomach and thrust his ass up at his brother.

"Fuck girl," Jase moaned as he got onto his knees, "You know I can't resist you."

Mitch heard the snap of a bottle as Jase lubed up his cock. Then his brother's body came down against his. Jase's slick dick slid between his ass cheeks and Jase rubbed it back and forth a few times. Then he reached between their muscular bodies and lined his cock head up with Mitch's hole. He pushed forward and felt his dick bend.

"Tight" he stated.

The head of Jase's dick was blunt like a baseball bat. It hadn't been that long since he'd been fucked, but it had been a while since he'd had anything like Jase's cock inside of him. It was ten inches long and thick. Not an easy dick to take, even on a good day.

"You're fucking huge, Jase." Mitch moaned, "You gotta go easy."

Mitch felt Jase's body tighten against his and then Jase propped himself up on his hands. He thrust forward again, this time hard, and his dick broke through any resistance that Mitch was putting up. The head tore him open, and the thick shaft snaked into his body.

"Aggh." Mitch groaned. His body reflexively tried to pull away from Jase, but Jase was there with a hand on his shoulder to hold him in place. His other hand wrapped around Mitch's body and covered his mouth. His hot breath hit Mitch's ear.

"Relax girl." Jase cooed, "You gotta relax for me."

Mitch breathed deeply. As he did, Jase's hands wound through his arm pits to his chest. The strong fingers massaged his pecs as Jase pushed into him. Then he felt Jase's tongue on the back of his ear, and he almost blew his second load of the day. He whimpered softly as Jase tongued his earlobe.

"Did you miss this?"

"Mmm hmm." Mitch moaned softly.

"Miss having a big strong man to take care of you?"

"Fuck yes," Mitch muttered, "Fuck me, Jase."

"Bet those dudes you normally get with don't bone you like I do." Jase said. He was gyrating his hips, driving his dick into Mitch and moving it around inside his body. The motion had Mitch whimpering like a bitch. Jase sucked on his ear some more and then said, "Want to know a secret? Girls never give it up for me like you do. They never let me be a man in bed."

Mitch groaned loudly and drove his hard cock into the bed. He grabbed one of Jase's fingers and sucked it into his mouth. Half sucking, half talking, he said, "Fuck me, Jase."

Jase ground into Mitch one more time and then lifted him off the bed. He wanted to fuck his brother doggy style - rough and a little dirty. There would be plenty of time for passionate love making later. Without asking, he put a hand on Mitch's back, withdrew at least six inches of his rod, and then started throwing Mitch a hard fuck. Each stroke was long and deep, and Mitch struggled to stay upright. When Jase felt him giving way, he held him up with a firm hand under his sternum.

Jase grunted loudly and the bed squeaked and rocked under Mitch. The sound itself made things hotter to him, and he moved one hand down to his dick. As he stroked himself, he lost his balance and his chest collapsed into the mattress. Jase didn't miss a beat. He grabbed onto Mitch's hips and drove into him, pushing his face and chest into the blankets.

"Get yourself off, babe." he moaned, "Do it for me."

Mitch pulled on his cock as hard as he could. It didn't take much. Within a minute he was spewing his second load of the day, a thin mess of watery cum, all over his sheets. His ass pulsed with the waves of his orgasm, and Jase groaned loudly in approval.

Mitch's body moved underneath him and his muscles rhythmically clenched around his dick. He pushed in deep and let himself go. His dick swelled up and his cum started to pour out. Jase hadn't been having sex, and he hadn't jerked off in weeks. Until he saw Mitch, he hadn't been interested in sex. His orgasm exploded from deep behind his balls and he felt week's worth of cum pouring into his brother's ass.

"Take it girl." Jase said gruffly, "Take my nut."

Mitch had been playing it safe with his hookups and had forgotten what it felt like to have a guy unload inside of him. Each pulse of Jase's dick let him know that his brother's semen was filling him up. Jase drove in deep, trying to completely possess his body, and Mitch held on as his brother grabbed, humped, and filled him up.

When Jase was done, he flattened out on top of Mitch, relaxing. His heavy form weighed Mitch down, but though he struggled to breath, Mitch didn't try to break away. His brother's cock was still bouncing inside of his ass as Jase's heart thudded away. Jase was still hard, jammed up deep inside of him, and his sweaty body slid against Mitch's back. When he tried to break away, Mitch moaned in dissatisfaction.

"Stay inside me," he said.

Jase kissed him on the back of the neck and then rolled them both onto their side. His dick stayed lodged in his little brother's ass, and he curled his knees up behind Mitch's. Mitch pushed back against his chest and stomach as they drifted off to sleep.


  1. Awesome! Just awesome! What a great way to bring back Jase and Mitch! Thank you so much for this update!

  2. Brilliant return for these guys although a little disappointed Scott isn't in the mix anymore, would have loved another scene of him bitching out for Jason somewhat reluctantly!

    So happy for these guys to be back, looking forward to where they go next.

  3. Charlie, it is great to see Mitch and Jase again. Their story is a favorite of mine.

    Thank you and regards,

  4. Glad you guys are enjoying it. I'm only doing a few chapters, but it's been a nice change. Got me back in the mood to write again.