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Dad's Proper Place, Part 14

Dad's Proper Place, Part 14
C. Charlie -

Rick had just offered up his dad to the highest bidder. He didn’t' think any of the guys in the room had much that he wanted, but that was sort of the point. What would be more humiliating to his dad than to be traded for a couple of bucks or the number of some chick that he'd been chasing.

Scott and Sam put their heads together for a minute and then Scott looked back. "So, like, I'm really in charge, right? You're not going to keep fucking with him?"

"No interference. If I want dad to suck me, I'll ask you first, just like you ask me now."

Scott smiled from ear to ear. "I'll switch trucks with you." he said, "And we'll do your half of the yard work."

By some sick twist, Rick had a vehicle that was quite a bit older than Scott's and not nearly as cool. His dad bought a new truck when he gave Rick his beater and then bought another new truck when Scott turned sixteen. It wasn't fair, and it had been a major source of argument between him and his dad. He smiled broadly, thinking about getting some new wheels. He didn't care about the yard work, but that would be a nice bonus.

Rick looked toward Wrenn. He was still naked, and his brother Cody was sitting on the floor looking defeated. Like most guys who were new to the degrading service that men like Rick and Wrenn expected, he was feeling guilty about what he had done. It made him look cuter, more fuckable, if that was even possible.

Wrenn just shrugged, "Dude, I don't have a truck or anything to give you." His dick was hard and bouncing in front of him. The guy was a fuck machine and could go for hours. Alan was the only person, male or female, who'd ever been able to keep up. He glanced at Scott, "Guess he's yours man."

Wrenn turned to grab his clothes and saw his brother sitting on the floor. "Hang on." he hollered. He grabbed Cody by the nape of the neck and lifted him up. Then he pushed him toward Rick. "You can have Cody." Wrenn said.

Rick looked at him, "You're serious?"

"You're good at making them, I'm good at using them." He said. "Cody doesn't like it yet, and I don't know how to get him to. I'd rather have your dad. I don't have to force him to give me a blowjob, he just does it."

Things had gotten interesting. A truck was something he'd have for at least five years, and he didn't have the money to buy one. Fags were a dime a dozen. For some reason, though, Cody had intrigued Rick. There was a desire in the kid's eyes that he'd never seen before. Normally a new fag showed anger, fear, humiliation, and lust. Cody showed him desire, pure and unadulterated. He knew he could take him to amazing places, and the thought of making him better in bed, for whatever guy eventually snapped him up had some appeal.

"Let me talk to him for a minute."

Wrenn nodded and Rick walked Cody to the back of the locker-room. Cody stood close to Rick and then took a step back. His pants were tight across the front and his big cock ran down his thigh.

"You've got a big dick, don't you?" Rick asked. Cody nodded without saying anything. He was nervous and shaking a little. Then Rick smiled, "How long have you wanted me?"

"Um . . ." Cody looked down at the floor. "I guess as long as I can remember."

Rick put a hand on Cody's chest and felt him get tense under the touch. "Yeah? Do you jerk off thinking about me."

"All the time." Cody said quickly. Then he blushed.

"I bet you liked seeing my cock today." Rick said softly. He moved his hand up to Cody's neck, squeezed a little, just enough to make it clear what this arrangement would be like, and then moved his hand to the side of Cody's face. He slipped his thumb into Cody's mouth, and Cody sucked on it.

"You'll have to do whatever I say." Rick said sternly. He took Cody's hand and moved it between his own legs. Cody's fingers moved across his junk. "But in exchange you get to play with this."

The finger's tightened around his bulge, and Cody got weak in the knees. Rick felt his body give way. Then he recovered, in part because Rick had him hooked on his thumb. "Whatever I say," Rick repeated, "You want it?"

Cody nodded. His eyes were watering and Rick was unsure if it was because he was sucking the thumb or was afraid of what he was getting into. "You've really wanted me for that long?"

Cody nodded again.

"I guess dreams do come true." Rick pulled his thumb out of Cody's mouth and walked back over to the guys. Cody stayed in the corner. Rick grabbed his dad by the back of the neck and dragged him over to Wrenn. "Deal." He said.

"No kidding?" Wrenn was smiling from ear to ear. He looked down at Alan, who gazed back up at him. Wrenn let a line of spit slip from his mouth and Alan caught it without missing a beat. Wrenn groaned, "We're going to have a lot of fun."

Scott was livid. "No way, man. You could get a guy like Cody anywhere." he whined.

"Yeah, so could you." Rick shot back. "You two studs could easily find a guy, older or younger, to fuck. It's time you learned how to turn a dude on your own."

While the two of them argued, Wrenn pulled the side of his compression shorts up and let his nuts fall out. Alan was kneeling between his legs with his neck stretched out, reaching up and tonguing his balls. Wrenn patted the back of his head. When Rick and Scott finished arguing he asked, "So, like, this is it."

"This is it." Rick said. He turned toward Cody. "I'm spent for the day. Come to my house at 4 tomorrow for a test run. No jerking off until then. Got it?"

Cody nodded silently.

"Get on your knees." Rick said. When Cody was kneeling in front of him he pulled his hard dick out of his jockstrap. Cody stared at it while Rick worked the shaft a little. His thick hood slid up and down the glans. A drop of precum formed and then dripped onto the floor. A thin, shiny trail hung in the air.

"If you're good . . ." Rick ran the slimy tip over Cody's upper lip. "But if you're not good, if you don't listen to me . . . " Rick tapped his cock against Cody's cheek just hard enough that it stung, then he tucked it away as best he could. "Bad things will happen."

Wrenn cleared his throat. He was standing, but practically riding Alan's face. "You guys gonna leave soon?"

"Yeah," Rick said as he started to gather his stuff. "The locker room is free like all night. Coach Mendez is watching, just tell him to lock up when you leave."

"Another dude who's a slave to your cock?"

Rick nodded. Then he looked at Scott. "If you started to actually try, you could be controlling guy's lives too instead of waiting for whatever I toss you."

Scott rolled his eyes and grabbed his keys. He made sure that Rick saw them before he and Sam turned to leave. Then Rick followed them out. Wrenn looked down at Alan, realized that he was now completely in charge.

"You like licking my balls, don't you?"

Alan pulled his face away from Wrenn's sack and looked up, "Fuck yeah,"

Wrenn palmed his skull and pulled him back into his junk. Alan immediately sucked his nuts back into his mouth. No resistance, no complaining. Not the kind of performance he got from Cody. "Why do you like my nuts, man?" Wrenn asked.

Alan thought for a moment. It was an interesting question. He loved Rick's cock, licking it, sucking it, and drinking Rick's cum. And he loved licking Rick's abs. There was something different about Wrenn. He was thick and beefy. His balls were always salty and sweaty, just like his ass and armpits. Wrenn's legs and chest had the beginnings of a mat of hair growing on them, and his stomach, hard but thick, was already covered in a patch of fur. Rick had a man's muscles but still had a teenager's body. Wrenn was all man.

"Why?" Wrenn said pulling Alan's hair.

"These are a man's balls." Alan mumbled as he pushed his face against Wrenn's body.

"What's that?" Wrenn growled.

"Their a man's balls." Alan said more clearly.

Wrenn laughed. "That's fucking right. You're going to have to get used to being with a man. I'm not into Rick's fucking games. I'm into this. Your mouth on my balls." Wrenn ground his nuts into Alan's face. "Your mouth on my balls when I'm doing my homework. Your mouth on my balls when I'm gaming. Whenever I want it, your mouth is going to be on my balls. How does that sound?"

"Great." Alan said before he sucked a nut into his mouth.

"Yeah, lick all that sweat up." Wrenn mumbled, "Fucking sweaty stud after the game."

Wrenn's balls had been licked clean hours before by him and Cody, but Alan did it again. Wrenn's dick, which had stayed soft, now pushed down the leg of his shorts. He rubbed it softly as Alan licked him. Finally Wrenn pulled away. "Is your wife home?" he asked.

Alan shook his head. She was working the night shifts that weekend.

"Let's go then."

Wrenn walked over to his locker and pulled a black t-shirt on. It was a size too small and it stretched across his barrel chest. Then he yanked on his jeans. He tossed Alan his shirt, which was in a puddle on the floor, and they made for the door. Wrenn winked at Mendez. "We're all done." he said as they left. Wrenn drove to Alan's house quickly and neither of them said a word. Alan knew what was coming, and he was looking forward to it. He'd been fucked by Wrenn a bunch of times, but this time Wrenn wouldn't be trying to prove a point.

Wrenn walked up the stairs like he owned the place. He'd been over enough times to know the house well. Alan followed him as they walked past Rick's room and Scott's. It looked like Scott was gone, but Rick was sitting on his bed watching TV. He smiled as they walked past. Wrenn then lead them past the guest bedroom toward Alan's bedroom.

Alan paused, then grumbled, "In here." to Wrenn and motioned toward the guest room.

"No." Wrenn said softly. "In here."

Alan looked into his bedroom. This was a line that Rick had never crossed, probably because the idea of fucking Alan in his mom's bed grossed him out. Wrenn didn't share those qualms. The fact that this was the bed Alan shared with his wife was central to the attraction. If you take a man here, you own his entire life. He might lay next to his woman tonight, but he'd be thinking about Wrenn. This was the sort of primal, territory marking behavior that drove a guy like Wrenn. He didn't have the capacity to think it all out, but nature tended to drive him in the right direction.

"I don’t' think . . ." Alan started.

Wrenn grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him into the room. Then he shut the door behind them. He pushed Alan to the floor, grabbed his hair and pulled him into his crotch. He still smelled like sweat and athletic gear, and his cock was hard.

"You don't think." Wrenn said. "Not with me. No thinking anymore. That's your first new rule."

"OK." Alan mumbled.

"OK what?"

Alan paused. Then said, "OK, I won't think anymore."

"OK sir, you fag." Wrenn said loudly. "You call me sir from now on."

"Ok sir." Alan repeated.

Wrenn let Alan lick his crotch for a few more minutes while he rained down verbal abuse. Nothing he said was meaner than usual, but he was loud, practically yelling. He wanted Rick to hear him. He wanted his buddy to know that he had what it took to keep a guy like Alan in line.

When the front of his jeans were soaking wet, Wrenn pushed Alan down to his feet. He didn't know why he did it. It just seemed like the next best step. Alan licked across the top of his trainers. Wrenn lifted a foot and then stepped down on Alan's face. "Fucking lick my kicks, fag. Lick the bottom of my shoes, you dirty fucker."

Alan did what Wrenn asked. He ran his tongue over the rubber and ignored any thoughts of where these shoes had walked. Wrenn responded by pushing back and eventually stepped on his face. Alan was forced onto his back with Wrenn stepping down onto first his face and then his chest and thighs. Alan's body ached, Wrenn was a massive guy, but he liked the feeling of being under him.

Wrenn noticed the hard-on between Alan's legs and tried to step on that. Alan winced and Wrenn glared down at him. "You like me walking all over you? You getting off?"

"Yes sir."

"Me too, fag." Wrenn said as he palmed his crotch. He pulled a foot back and made like he was going to kick Alan in the junk. Alan pulled away in fear and curled up on the floor. Wrenn doubled over laughing.

"I'm not going to kick you, you fool." Wrenn said, "Well, not unless you piss me off."

Then he grabbed Alan by the hair and positioned him so that his back was against the end of the bed. He shoved a few fingers into Alan's mouth and pried open his jaw. He dug in until Alan was choking and gagged. Alan's eyes watered as he tried to mentally prepare for what was coming.

Wrenn saw the worry in his eyes, "It's going to be rough from now on, but nothing you can't handle." He said, "You know I like it rough."

"I know sir." Wrenn said.

"The girls don't give me what I want. Even most of the fags don't give me what I want. They all say they can take it, but they all fail in the end. They fucking start crying and never come back. But you've never let me down. That's why I traded my weak ass brother for you. You get it?"

"Yes sir." Alan said.

"Good, cause I'm counting on you to keep it up. I might not fuck with your head like Rick does, but I'm going to make up for it by abusing that tight asshole and mouth." 

He stepped toward Alan so that his ample bulge was pressed against the side of his face. He saw Alan's nostrils flair and his face turn red. Alan wanted to look at it, suck it, feel it, but he didn't move. He'd learned not to make a move without being told.

"Do you want my cock, fag?"

"Yes sir," Alan said confidently.

"Beg me for it."

Alan began to beg, asking Wrenn to feed him his cock and let him drink his hot cum. Then he felt Wrenn's hot mound pushing against his cheek. He could feel the dick pulse against the side of his face, and he lost it. He described the feeling to Wrenn and told him how hot it was making him. How he literally needed to take care of his hard cock for him. Wrenn grinned and slipped down the front of his pants.

His dick was hard as stone and it slapped up against his stomach. Precum oozed down his thick cock. It was an impressive dick. Not lean and sexy like Rick's meat, but thick and veiny. It was the kind of dick that was made for fucking.

Wrenn bent it down to Alan's mouth and slipped the tip against his lips. Alan didn't open his mouth, but he could smell the cock under his nose.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue." Wrenn said.

Alan did as he was told, and Wrenn rested the first two inches on Alan's tongue. He left it there for about thirty seconds as drool ran down Alan's chin and onto his shirt. Wrenn wondered how long he could leave it there before Alan tried to suck it. Fortunately for Alan, he didn't have the patience to test him tonight.

He slowly pushed forward, sliding his shaft along Alan's tongue and watching the head approach his throat. When he hit the back, Alan gagged. Wrenn didn't stop or speed up. Slowly he pushed forward, and Alan did his best to open up around Wrenn's cock. When Alan's throat muscles finally wrapped around his glans, Wrenn groaned.

"Your'e fucking good at that." he said.

Then he pulled his cock back out. He let Alan suck on it for a second, rolling his tongue around the head, before he rubbed the older man's hair. "You know what's coming, right?"

Alan nodded and mumbled. Wrenn grabbed his head and positioned it against the side of the bed. Then he leaned forward and shoved his dick down Alan's throat.

He humped his face mercilessly, shoving in as hard and as fast as he wanted. Alan was pinned against the bed and each thrust caused the headboard to crash into the wall. It was loud, and Wrenn knew that Rick could hear him. It was what he wanted, really why they came here. He wanted his friend to hear him throw his dad his roughest fuck.

The endless face-fucking continued until Alan couldn't take it anymore. He never complained, but he got sloppy with his teeth and started to gasp for air. Wrenn pulled out and looked down at his bright red face. It was covered with spit and God knows what else. Alan breathed hard while Wrenn stroked his cock. It was big, engorged with blood, and thick as ever.

Wrenn grabbed Alan by the neck and pulled him up onto the bed. "Ass in the air, bitch." he growled.

Alan was already exhausted. He'd been fucked multiple times that day and his throat was sore. He wanted nothing more than to eat Wrenn's load and go to bed. Instead, he was going to get pounded. He'd been with Wrenn before and knew that it would be long and hard. His hips would ache by the end from trying to hold himself up against the big teen's weight and force. When Wrenn's body touched his though, when that big cock slid down the crack of his ass and pressed against his balls, his concerns disappeared. He wanted it now.

"Please fuck me sir." Alan moaned.

"You want my thick dick?" Wrenn asked loudly.

"Please, fuck me." Alan repeated.

 Wrenn wondered if Rick, in the room next door, would be able to ignore them or if he might get a little jealous. He lined his dick up with Alan's asshole and shrugged. Whatever Rick had heard so far, he was bound to hear this next part.

He shoved into Alan without warning. He felt the older man's asshole resist him and then give way. His cock slid into the hot tunnel, which was lubricated with cum and spit from earlier that day. His dick was much thicker than your average cock and it was a brutal entrance. Rick might have stretched his dad out in one direction, but his hole was going to need to get used to Wrenn's girth.

Alan yelled out. He felt like he'd been torn in too. He'd taken Wrenn before, but always with some warm-up, usually Rick's cock, and always with a pile of lube. This time Wrenn blasted into his under-lubed ass hard and quick. Alan's insides barely had time to move out of the way as the huge dick tore open his tunnel. He breathed hard and whined into the bed.

Wrenn's mouth came up behind his ear. He was laughing. "Too big? Want me to take it out?"

"Ugh," Alan groaned. Experience had taught him that asking for a break was the dumbest thing he could do. It only made things worse. "No."

"You sure, you're whining like a little bitch." Wrenn teased, "If you want a break, I can give you a break."

"Just a little." Alan said. "A minute, ok?"

Wrenn laughed and then bit down on the back of his neck, hard enough to make Alan forget that his ass had been split in two. "No breaks, you fucking fag. Ever. Got it? You get no breaks unless I want a break. And guess what? I don't want a break."

Wrenn yanked his cock all the way out and waited just a second for Alan's gaping asshole to close up. Then he plunged back in, punching Alan in the gut from the inside. Alan couldn't take it, and he fell forward onto the bed. Everything was happening hard and fast, straight from the get go.

"Take that fucking dick, pops." Wrenn said. "Take every fucking inch."

He continued to long-dick his best friend's dad, completely unbothered by the fact that he was a man or who he was. Wrenn liked to fuck. Better yet, he liked the kind of fuck where he could totally turn off his mind and let his body do what it does best. He was like an animal, humping away at Alan's ass while his mouth hung open and his fingers dug into Alan's ribcage to hold him tight. His body had only one goal, to deliver his seed into a hole. The deeper the better.

"Thank me for it." Wrenn growled as he pounded Alan. "Thank me for what I'm giving you."

"Thank you, sir." Alan grunted. The more Wrenn pounded him the less able he was to speak. The pain was getting worse and he tried to pull away. Wrenn grabbed onto his shoulders and held him tight, not letting him get even a moments reprieve. Alan moaned loudly, "Ahgh."

"Shut up." Wrenn growled. "I know you can take this. You've taken my dick a bunch before. I didn't trade away my brother so that I could fuck a whiny fag. I already had one of those. Now man up and enjoy yourself."

Wrenn grabbed his boxers off the bed, balled them up, and shoved them into Alan's mouth. Alan bit down on the fabric, happy to have something that would take his attention away from the burning pain in his ass. He felt sweat drip from Wrenn's face onto his back. It was warm in the room, and Wrenn's body was burning hot. It hadn't taken much to get the stud pumped up after the game.

When Wrenn was about to have sex for the first time, he asked his older brother what to do. He'd told him, "Turn your brain off and your dick on," and that had been how he'd fucked ever since. He mindlessly drove in and out of Alan, relishing each flash of pleasure that shot up his spine. His dick was rock solid and pulsing occasionally. He knew he was close. Finally, with a grunt of approval, he clenched down his ass muscles and took himself over the edge. His dick exploded inside of Alan.

He didn't know how much cum had been churning in his balls until he blew his load. The thick, lumpy cum raced up his cock, thickening it, before it shot into Alan's gut. Wrenn felt at least five, maybe more, blasts of semen, and he expected that his pulsating cock was still leaking nut into the older man's ass.

When he pulled out, Alan groaned. Wrenn spread his ass cheeks open and watched as his cum oozed out of the puffy asshole. He grabbed his cock, scooped up the cum, and then shoved back in. Alan yelped.

"Don't want any of my cum escaping, do we?"

"No," Alan moaned.

Wrenn climbed off of him and jumped off of the bed. Alan looked over his shoulder and checked out the hulking mass. After exertion, Wrenn's muscles were more clearly defined. He'd seen the kid naked a hundred times before, but it felt different this time. He belonged to Wrenn now.

"I'll text you with instructions, ok." Wrenn said, "And you'll follow them. No bitching or moaning. If I tell you to come to my house and get your head between my legs, you're going to do it."

Alan's dick throbbed at the thought, "Yes sir."

Wrenn saw Alan's dick jump and rolled his eyes, "Fag," he said before he walked out of the room.


Hope you shot your load. If there's something you want to see in this story, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for reading. Charlie


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