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The Crew, Part 5

The Crew, Part 5
C. Charlie -

Note: My goal with this story was to get to a place where I could write up a bunch of different kinks and fantasies. I think I've finally gotten there. If there's anything you'd like to see in the story, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I've got some limits, but not many.

As I walked down the sidewalk toward my car, I memorized the address of the man who had just been inside of me. He’d made a mistake, even if he didn’t know about it. Ninety-nine out of ten guys in my position probably take it on the chin, figure that they were powerless, and somehow get on with things. That was the only way to explain how Smith and the guy had been able to pull off this scam so many times.

This time, they were going to get something different. I'm an angry mother fucker. They didn’t figure on that. And angry mother fuckers get revenge. I got into my truck, put it in gear, and drove out to the farm.

When I walked into the main building, a few of the guys shot me knowing glances. They knew that I had been set up. A couple of them had probably been set up as well. Damian, the big black dude who had befriended me on my first day, jogged over to me.

Hey man, time to calm down,” he said.

Fuck off.” I growled.

If you get angry, you’re only going to make this worse. Trust me. Lots of us have been through it.”

What the fuck dude?” I said to him. My shoulders were heaving, and I could feel the blood in my pumped up muscles, “You dudes just let this happen? Like I’m supposed to wait until some new guy comes in here and then watch as he walks off to get raped?”

A couple of guys looked our way. Damian pulled me off to the side and lowered his voice. “He paid you right? Look, it was just another trick.”

He tied me to a bed and fucked me. That’s not a trick.” I glanced over at the trailer where Smith had his office. The light was on. “Smith here? I gotta talk to him.”

Not smart man,” Damian hollered as I stormed off toward the trailer.

I kicked in the door. Splinters flew in every direction as the frame pulled away from the wall. Smith was sitting at his desk, shocked. He glanced at me, remembered how he had set me up, and lunged for his .38, which sat on the edge of his desk.

He got to the gun first, but I had his wrist in my hand before he could grab it. I slammed his hand down on the desk hard. Then I slammed it down again. Smith dropped the pistol. Then I slammed it down a third time and felt the bones of his forearm break. I let go and picked up the gun.

You just made a big mistake,” Smith said. His voice cracked, and I could tell he was holding back tears.

I put the gun in my pocket and grabbed him by the back of the shirt. Then I hauled his slimy ass out of the trailer and walked toward my truck. When we reached the truck, I dropped the gate and told him to get in.

How stupid do you think I am?”

I punched him in the face, before I picked him up and pushed him toward the truck. “You’re pretty fucking stupid, cause I’m angry enough to kill you and you’re still talking back.”

Smith climbed into the back of the truck. I jumped into the cab and burned off down the driveway. Three or four guys stood in the dusty driveway, watching me take Smith away.

I drove five miles out of town and pulled over between a corn field and a pasture. I got out and looked at Smith. “Get out.” I said. When he hesitated, I added, “I’m not going to hurt you. You’re not worth my time. I just wanted to make you sweat a little.”

When he didn’t get out of the truck, I climbed in. He was shivering, and I realized that he was half frozen. I grabbed him by the neck, tossed him onto the ground, and then peeled off toward town.

Next, I drove to the club that I had been taken to on the day my loan came due. I walked in and stopped at the bar. “I need to see the boss.”

He’s not here,” the bartender said without looking up.

It’s important.” I said, “Tell him I work out at the farm and have some news about Smith.”

I sat down on a stool and tossed back three shots of whiskey. Five minutes later a big guy, beefy but a little older, came out to get me. He walked me back to the office and opened the door. The man I'd met a couple of weeks previously sat at a desk. He had an amused look on his face.

I just called the farm,” he said without emotion, “What’d you do with Smith?”

Fucked with his head and then dumped him on a road about five miles out of town.”

What road?”

My secret.” I said, “Let the bastard find his way home.”

A big smile broke out across his face and he laughed a little. He reached under the desk and pulled out a bottle. He poured two glasses and pushed one over to me. “I never liked that guy. Something too slick about him, you know. What’d he do to you.”

I felt the embarrassment flash across my face and then turned it into anger. My shoulders rose as I took a deep breath. While my face was still red, I knew I looked angry. “My business.”

Whatever,” he said. He thought for a moment and then motioned toward the chair. I sat down and then he started again, “You still owe me money. You’re still going to work for me. And judging by the way you look, I’m guessing you’re a pretty popular whore. Do you give or take?”

Give.” I said without hesitation.

He rubbed his chin. “I bet you do. Mostly dudes though, right?” He didn’t wait for me to answer, “Well, either you can keep working for Smith or you can get promoted. You run the farm, you pay me at least what Smith gave me each week, and you keep working off your debt. Interested?”

Sure.” I grabbed the drink and tossed it back.

You go back to work. Someone will come by tomorrow afternoon to give you the details. Smith kept good books, so you should be able to figure out how things worked. I know you’re not stupid, since you didn’t kill him, so I guess you got that going for you.”

And that’s that?”

That’s that.” he said, “Just watch your back. You don’t want to be the next guy stuck out in the middle of nowhere walking home.”

Got it.”

I drove home and hit the sack. My body was killing me. I had spent part of the night struggling against that bastard's ropes, and my muscles were sore and achy. When I woke up the next morning I drove out to the farm and walked into my new office. Smith’s cell was sitting on the desk. It wasn’t locked, so I texted everyone who worked at the farm, calling them all in. Then I looked over the books. Smith was skimming big time by taking more money from us than he had to and keeping the difference. I ran the numbers in my head and then waited for the guys to show up.

There were twelve guys working in total, a few of whom I’d never met. They were milling around and when I walked in they all went quiet. Damien, who’d been there the night before, was the first to speak.

Did you kill the bastard?”

There’s been a shake-up. Smith isn’t running the show anymore; I am.” The guys looked around. “Listen, that skeazy fuck has been feeling us all up, raping us with his eyes, and doing who knows what else. That's over. He’s also been cutting into your take. That’s also over. You’re going to keep working, but we’re going to do it my way now. More money for you and more money for the boss. Got it?”

There were nods all around.

This weekend I’m going to meet with you all to figure out what you’re good at and stuff.” Some of the guys blushed, “For now, I’ve only got one question. Any of you get raped by this guy?”

I told them the address and two hands shot up. One guy looked Latin, brown with really dark hair. He was muscular, but not ripped. The other guy was a total beast. Six foot six, wide as a door, with muscles bulging underneath his clothes. How he got taken was a total mystery to me, but somehow the bastard managed it.

Let’s talk.” I said and motioned toward the office. When they were all inside I said, “Tonight we're going to get some revenge.”

The big guy smiled. “An eye for an eye, right?”

Sort of,” I said, “Let’s just say that he isn’t going to be walking straight tomorrow. I don’t want the cops involved. We’re just going to tear him a new asshole.”

The guys were all smiles. Later that night, we assembled in the driveway and piled into my truck.

How are we going to play this?” Abe, the smaller guy asked.

The big guy answered, “We’re going to hold him down and then we’re going to go at him. Smallest to biggest, so that he feels each one of us.”

So you’re going first?” Abe asked.

The big guy, Anthony, smiled, “I’m going last.” He pulled at his shorts and a soft tube of flesh hung halfway to his knees.

Jesus.” I said.

We all got something that guys pay for. I’ve got 16 inch arms and a dick that can split them right down the middle.”

You go first,” I said. “Should send the right message.”

How are we going to get into the house?” Abe.

Vance knocks, then we surprise him.” Anthony said, “If he’s not alone, we’ll come back later.”

We got there a few minutes later. The guys stood beside the door and I knocked. My rapist answered the door and smiled as soon as he saw me. I looked down at myself and realized that I either looked like shit or hot as hell depending on what a guy was in to. My white wife-beater had dirt on it and my shorts hung from my hips. My inked arms and shoulders glistened under his front light.

You got a minute? You alone?” I said.

What for?”

I, uh . . .” I looked down at the floor, playing up my shame and embarrassment. “I thought maybe we could do what we did last night again.”

He laughed loudly. “Well, tonight is not your night, stud. My man is coming home in a few hours, and I’m not into whores when they play along. It’s gotta be real to get me off.”

Anthony stepped out of the shadows and into the doorway. As soon as he saw him, the guy tried to slam the door. I pushed out my foot and caught the door before it closed, then Anthony and I shoved it open. The man turned, running for the stairs, but Abe grabbed him. Together we tossed him to the ground.

Remember me?” Anthony said. He spit into the guys face, “I was smaller when you and Smith played your game with me, but I’m still angry.”

The color drained from the man’s face as his eyes darted from me to Anthony and then to Abe. He suddenly realized what was going on.

Listen guys,” he started, “Me and Smith, we were just . . .”

Anthony backhanded him and his lip split open. “Shut the fuck up. I’m not a balanced person. Vance here, he snapped a few hours ago and might of killed a guy. I don’t know Abe, but he's probably fucked in the head too. So if you try to talk your way out of this shit, you’re in for a world of hurt.”

Let’s take him to the bedroom, dude.” I said.

As AnAnthony hauled him up the stairs, I kept talking, “You know, I think I’m really going to get into this. I'm hard already.”

From behind me, Abe chimed in, “When we’re done, we’re going to leave you tied to your bed. Hopefully your man comes home on time.”

Guys,” he moaned, “I’ve got money.”

Anthony was already undressing while Abe held him still. I pulled off ,y tank, stretched it out into a rope, and wrapped it around the dude’s head. I shoved the fabric into his mouth and tied it behind his face. “Save it.” I said as he tried to talk, “You’ll have plenty of chances to scream later.”

We eventually found the ropes he’d used to tie each of us up in a duffel bag at the back of his closet. Soon we had our mystery man tied by his wrists to the bed.

Face up,” I said, “I want to watch him while this happens.”

Anthony glanced at me and smiled. Abe was along for the ride, ready to get revenge, but not constitutionally suited to really enjoy it. Anthony, I could tell, was like me. He wanted to hurt the guy, to really make him pay. He didn’t just want to fuck this dude, he wanted to tear his ass up.
While I made sure the knots around the guys’ wrists were tight, Anthony stepped out of his shorts. He hadn’t been lying about his dick. Soft it hung down about six inches, almost as big as an average cock. It was thick and nasty looking, with a long snout formed by his foreskin. His balls were normal sized, but they hung low behind his cock. The entire weight of his junk stretched his skin across his muscular stomach.

Hey Abe, you want to help me out?” Anthony said.

Abe walked over and fell to his knees in front of Anthony. Anthony looked at me and winked, “Abe is one of those straight guys that gets off on eating dick for some reason. Good to keep in mind if you’re every hard up.”

Abe spit the cock out and looked at me, “I don’t get fucked though.”

Anthony pushed his half hard dick back into Abe’s mouth, “He doesn’t get fucked for free, anyway,” he said, “The Johns out at the barn love tapping that ass, though. Tight little fucker, isn’t he?”

I nodded. I was still staring at Anthony's cock. Now hard, it was a solid ten or eleven inches. It looked unnatural and fake, like it had been cut and pasted onto his body. He pulled it out and tapped it against his wrist a few times.

You want to see it before you feel it, you fucking asshole.” AnAnthony said to the guy, “or maybe you remember this part of me.”

I could tell from the look on his face that the guy knew exactly what was coming. He remembered Anthony, and had probably fixated on his gigantic soft cock while he took his ass. Anthony crawled between his legs and pried them apart. He grabbed the tank off of the bed and pushed it into the dude's mouth.

You might want to bite down on that.” Anthony said as he lined up his dick with the dude’s asshole. He shoved forward.

The guy on the bed was muscular and covered in hair. If I had seen him on the street, I would have been impressed by him. But he screamed like a girl when Anthony’s thick dick tore open his virgin hole. I shoved the fabric back into his mouth. He bit down hard and thrashed against the restraints as Anthony shoved inch after inch into his ass. When Anthony had finally gotten about eight inches in, he looked down at the guy and smiled. “Is that all you can take?” He shoved his hips forward one more time and the guy yelled and tried to pull away. “You gotta try harder.”

I pulled the shirt out of the guy's mouth. Tears rolled down his face, “You like that?”

Get it out,” he begged. His voice was high and whiny.

Better get used to it, you got two more cocks to go.” Anthony said. He bent forward like he was going to kiss the dude, but then licked the tears off his face. As he shoved forward again, he slapped the guy. “I’m going to enjoy this.”

Anthony started to fuck the guy. I watched as his huge cock pistoned in and out of the dude's ass. I was more interested in how huge he was than by the sex itself. It was like watching a stallion at work.

The guy kept his mouth shut for a few minutes, but as Anthony picked up the pace, he started to whimper and then to yelp. Anthony slapped him. “Shut the fuck up.”

Just use some lube. Please.”

Anthony laughed and shook his head. “Don’t worry, I'm going to lube you up for the next guy.”

C’mon.” He said as he thrashed against the ropes.

Shut him up, Vance.” Anthony said to me.

I jumped up onto the bed and straddled the guy’s head. For a minute, Anthony stopped fucking him. I looked down into his eyes, “You bite my dick and it will be the last thing you ever do. You understand?”

Yes,” he said through his tears.

Yes what?” I said, mocking him.

Yes sir.” It was almost a whisper, and I knew at that moment that we had broken him. Anthony started to plunge into his guts and though he whimpered and cried, he didn’t struggle anymore. I opened up his mouth with my fingers, prying apart his lips, and slipped the head of my dick in. He started to suck on it gently, actually running his tongue around the tip. I could tell that sucking cock didn’t bother him nearly as much as getting fucked.

You suck dick like a fag.” I said.

His tongue wrapped around the tip of my dick, but his heart wasn’t into it. I knew he was basically numb at this point. “Fuck this.” I growled as I pulled my cock out of his mouth. I eased forward on my knees and planted my big balls over his mouth. Suck my nuts, I said as I sat down on his head, crushing his skull. He started to lick at my balls between the whines and whimpers. I slid forward again, pulling my sack away from his lips and planting my asshole over his mouth.

Eat my ass, fag” I said. When he didn’t really go for it, I sat down on him and pulled my thighs together, squeezing his neck and smothering him between my ass cheeks. “Get your tongue on my hole or I’m going to end you.”

Abe slid up next to me and whispered in his ears, “You better do it, boy. This guy is straight up homicidal. We still haven’t found the last guy who pissed him off. He drove off into the country and came back with an empty truck. I’d hate to see you go that way.”

The threat of death changed his priorities. I felt his tongue move around my hole, He licked like a dog, over my hole and up onto my ass. “I know you know how to do this, fag. Get your tongue in there or things are going to get rough.”

He took the hint and started to push his tongue against the ring of muscle and eventually got in there. I pulled on my dick, tapping it against his chest every so often and riding his face. I watched as Anthony drilled him. There’s something awesome about watching a guy like that fuck. His muscles strained against his skin and veins stretched across his arms and stomach like a road map.

Abe had been pulling on his cock since we started. Anthony kept pumping in and out of the guy. Then he yelled loudly and drove his dick all the way home. The guy cried out as Anthony’s massive cock went deeper than ever before. Each blast of cum widened the shaft and opened the dude up ever further. Anthony grunted as he expelled his load, and the guy cried like a bitch.

Before he pulled out, Anthony rubbed the side of the dude’s face. “It’s alright. You’re going to be ok,” he said with a crooked smile, “These guys aren’t nearly as big as me.”

Anthony stepped off of the man and took his place behind him. He straddled his skull, and let his balls dangle onto his forehead. His big muscles throbbed as he took the dude’s ankles and pulled them back. The guy’s gaping asshole was bright red and covered in Anthony’s cum.

Abe hopped up onto the bed and slipped his dick in before anyone had a chance to argue about who was next. He grabbed onto the dude’s neck as he drove in and squeezed. As Abe fucked him, he squeezed harder and the guy's face turned red. Just as it was turning blue, Abe let him go and he gasped for air. “Fucking bastard.” Abe yelled as he drove into the guy. I could Anthony's froth cum building up on his dick.

Abe pulled out, “Turn him over.”

I helped Anthony undo the ropes around the dude’s wrists and then we turned him over. Anthony held onto his hands, but he had stopped fighting. He was just barely conscious when Abe grabbed the back of his head and slammed back into him.

Abe humped the dude like a jackrabbit. Every thrust was fast and hard. His lithe, brown body glistened with sweat and his the muscles in his back throbbed. He pushed the dude’s face into Anthony's cock, and Anthony started to feed it to him. He kept his lips closed, but Anthony pried his mouth open. As he took the massive, cum covered dick into his mouth, he glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. I smiled and snapped a pic with my phone.

Abe continued to rail the guy. He pulled at his hair, dragged his teeth across the dude’s back, and occasionally grabbed one of his arms and pulled it back hard. The longer he fucked him, the meaner he got, and it wasn’t long before he was grunting under his breath, calling the dude a fag and a bunch of other names.

Finally, as he neared his orgasm, Abe wrapped his hands around the dude’s neck. He squeezed him and muttered, “Fucking take my load you piece of shit. Here it comes.” His finger’s tightened as he started to blast his load deep into the dude’s body. I watched his ass muscles tense and relax as they squeezed his load into the dude. Even after Abe’s orgasm ended, he didn’t let go. He kept strangling the dude and slammed his head up and down into the pillow. Anthony finally called him off. “Dude, dude. You’re going to kill him.”

He released him and pulled his hands away. He held them up above his head like he had been caught by the cops.

Anthony turned to me. “How do you want him?”

I looked at the dude. He had ropes hanging from both wrists. I tied a knot in the end and then had Anthony lift him off the bed. As I dragged him over to the bathroom door, Abe stopped us. “One sec.” he said. We turned to face Abe and he slugged the dude in the stomach hard. He doubled over, and gasped. Anthony let him fall to the floor, pretended to kick him, and then laughed when he flinched.

You’re a waste, you know that. A total fucking pussy that won’t even fight back.”

The dude just groaned. I grabbed him by the wrists and dragged him over to the bathroom door. I reached up and pulled the rope over the door and then hooked it on the towel hook on the other side. He hung there for a second, glaring at me, and then he lifted his legs and tried to kick me.

Nice,” I hissed, “I like it when they fight back.”

He groaned and frowned as he heard his own words parroted back at him. He tried to kick me, and I caught both of his ankles in my hands and held them. His body continued to shake, but he wasn’t going anywhere. If anything, he was going to dislocate one of his shoulders. I stood between his thighs and rubbed the side of his face. “You ready?” I asked

Instead of waiting for an answer, I pried open his mouth and spit into it. He grimmaced, which seemed like the perfect time to slam into him. His ass was slick with cum and loose from Anthony’s monster cock and Abe’s powerfuck. He still groaned as I drove every single inch into his gut. A tear rolled down his cheek and over his jaw. His neck was bruised where Abe had choked him. I leaned in and kissed one of the bruises.

Going to be hard to explain those away, dude.” I said. “I’m not normally into kissing, but . . .”

I locked my mouth on his neck and started to chew on the skin, giving him some deep, black and blue hickeys on top of the marks Abe had left. I kept shoving into him, pounding his ass as hard as I could, lifting his body up against the door with each thrust. He kept trying to kick me and I finally gave up. I pulled out and motioned for Anthony to come over. Together we flipped the guy around, twisting his wrists and shoulders and causing him to groan in pain.

So fucking sick of your noise.” Anthony growled as he picked the dude’s boxers off the floor and shoved them into his mouth.

I continued to pound him for a solid 10 minutes. Anthony and Abe weren’t even watching anymore, they had disappeared into the dude’s house and when they came back they both had beers. Anthony passed me one and grinned, “You almost done?”

Almost.” I said, “He’s been done for a while. I don’t even know if he’s conscious.”

Anthony grabbed his chin and looked at his face, “You hanging in there, fag?”

He groaned softly. I kept jamming my cock into him. Finally, I unleashed my load, shooting it deep into his gut. I bit his neck, hard enough to draw blood, before letting go of his hips. He hung from the door, with my cock stuck up his ass. It slowly slipped out with a loud pop. A stream of cum oozed out of him and down his legs.

I picked my shit off the floor and motioned to the guys. “Let’s go. I think he learned his lesson.”

Are we just going to leave him there?”

I walked over to him, “Have fun explaining this to your man.” I jabbed my fingers into his mouth one last time, gagging him.

When we got downstairs, I notice that the dude’s TV had been disconnected and was sitting near the door. I looked at Anthony and Abe and Abe shrugged, “The dude raped me. I’m taking his TV.”

Anthony laughed, and we both helped Abe carry it out to the truck. All of my scores were settled - with Smith and with the rapist. Now it was time for me to build my business.

Hope you shot your load. Thanks for reading. Charlie –


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