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Quarterback Keeper Part 21

Quarterback Keeper, Part 21
C. Charlie - cosmic709@yahoo.com

As they snuck behind the dividing wall and into the changing rooms, Tom grabbed Nick and kissed him hard on the lips. They made out for five seconds before Tom pulled away. He tugged on the lapels of Nick's tuxedo and smiled, "You look hot."

Nick stared at him slack mouthed, "You too. I've wanted to jump you since you walked out of the changing rooms."

Tom kept touching Nick on the chest and thighs. Then he slipped his hand down to Nick's groin and grabbed his cock. "If our mom's weren't on the other side of this wall, I would blow you right now."

"If we take too long, my mom will come looking." Nick said, "She doesn't care if she walks in on us. Trust me."

Tom groaned.

"On prom night, I"m going to fuck you so hard you're not going to walk straight the next morning." Tom growled. "You know, we don't have to do this."

There were two weeks until prom, and they had decided that they shouldn't fuck around until then. Both were also trying to avoid beating off. It had only been three days and they were both desperately horny.

"You want to give up?" Nick said with a grin. Tom liked to pretend that Nick was constantly horny and that he was doing Nick a favor by fucking him, but Tom was the one who let his libido take control. When he got boned up, there was almost no cure for it. Nick felt a little bad that his boyfriend was going to walk around with blue balls for the next few weeks.

"I had a dream about you last night." Tom said as he stepped into the changing stall. He didn't shut the door before he started to strip down. "It was dirty."

Nick made sure that the guy who took their measurements wasn't there. "Tell me about it."

"We were fucking around, for the first time in a long time. You were riding me, cowgirl style."

"Cowboy." Nick interrupted.

"Nah," Tom said with a smile, "You were definitely the girl in this dream."

"Fuck off." Nick said. Tom knew he didn't like it when people, including Tom, called him a girl.

"Alright, you were riding me cowboy style." Tom said, "Anyway, I was jacking you off as you road me, and then I shot my load up in you. But then, when you started to cum, you shot your shit all over my chest. Like you always do, right, only it just kept coming and coming. It was all over the place, pooling up around me, running down my sides, filling up my mouth. I was practically swimming in it when I woke up."

Nick stepped up to Tom and kissed the top of his chest, "You want me to drown you in my cum."

Tom blushed bright red.

"Don't worry, I won't tell any of our friends how much you love a guy's nut."

"Your nut." Tom said flatly.

"I don't know," Nick said, "How much cum have you had. You probably like all of it."

"I like yours, that's all I know."

"Slut," Nick said. "Well, maybe your dream will come true. If I don't blow a load for two weeks, who knows what will happen."

Tom pulled on his jeans, "Fuck me, now I'm hard again." He tried to push his hard cock into his tight jeans. It left a big, thick rod down the side of his leg. Nick dropped to his knees and licked at it.

"Stop it, dude." Tom whispered. "I need this to go away."

"I can make it go away," Nick said. He kissed the lump again. Tom pushed him away.

"Not like that. A promise is a promise." Tom said.

"Fuck. Your dick smells nice." Nick said, "Now I'm hard too."

"Who's to blame for that?"

They talked about school for a few minutes and both of their cocks softened. When they were convinced that they could go outside without being noticed, they left the changing rooms.

The next two weeks passed without much excitement or temptation. Tom and Nick avoided being alone together. Nick noticed that it made him hornier, of course, but the separation also made him want to spend time with Tom. It drew his attention to how much he loved Tom and how much he needed him around. Tom felt the same way.

On the night of the prom, they went to the dance in a limo with Austin, Chris, and both of their girlfriends. As soon as the door closed, Austin pulled out a flask of whiskey. The guys passed the bottle around, but the girls dodged it. Nick wasn't a big drinker and the alcohol burned his throat. The guys were all light weights, and it only took a few slugs before they were lit. When they got to the school, the guys were all smiles as they lined up for pictures.

The dance played out just as they had expected it to. Chris and Austin played the roles they always played, with Austin taking on the part of the goofy side-kick. Surprisingly everyone left Nick and Tom alone. When they slow danced, a lot of people took pictures, and Nick expected that he'd get tagged about a thousand times on Facebook, but no one said or did anything malicious. It seemed like most of the people in their school seemed happy for them.

Tom, of course, was a member of the court, so Nick played the devoted boyfriend during the program. Finally, the night started to wind down and they had an opportunity to talk. Tom pinned Nick against the wall and kissed him quickly. "I'm ready to blow this place." Tom rubbed his nose against Nick's chin, "And you."

"Get Chris and Austin and we can leave."

Tom's mom decided to stay with her boyfriend that night. Even though she didn't technically give Nick permission to stay over, parents decided to pretend that they didn't know what was going on, even though they knew that Tom and Nick were going to fuck like bunnies all night long.

They had the Chris and Austin drop them off first. The guys and their girlfriends were planning on heading to a party, but Nick and Tom weren't into it. They were pawing their crotches pretty much every five minutes. Neither of them could stay soft and, in retrospect, going to the prom all horned up wasn't the best choice. Every time they danced together, they started to feel each other up and think about the night ahead.

When they entered the house they were both starving. Tom lead Nick into the kitchen and pulled some food out of the fridge. He also walked over to a liquor cabinet and pulled out a bottle of scotch.

"My old man left this, and I don't think my mom has touched it since. Want some?" Nick nodded. He wasn't much of a drinker, but he wanted to the night feel special.

Tom kicked off his shoes. "My feet hurt. I'm actually kind of exhausted."

"Don't tell me you're going to hold out on me now."

"No. But maybe we can just hang out for a couple of minutes. I was planning to walk in here and tear your clothes off, but now I'm thinking I need a few minutes."

"I decided about college." Nick said, "I'm going to the U." Nick and Tom hadn't talked about their college choices, deciding instead to make each of their decisions on their own. Tom wanted Nick to come with him to the nearby state university, but also wanted Nick to go to the best school he could get into. Nick was a lot smarter than him, so he figured that he and Nick would end up in different places. Nick watched as Tom smiled big and then frowned. Nick added, "I decided. It's done."

"I just, you could have gone somewhere better. I didn't want you to do this just for me."

"It's not for you. It's for me. I need you around. You're my best friend."

Tom grinned big. He grabbed their plates and put them in the sink. Then he walked over to Nick and took his hand. He led Nick into the living room and sat down on the couch, with Nick sitting between his legs. He rubbed Nick's shoulders, and then he leaned in and smelled Nick's hair. He loved being around Nick. Loved everything about him. He moved closer and kissed him behind the back of the ear.

"I would have been lost without you." he whispered. "You came into my life at just the right time."

Nick leaned back against Tom's body. Then he grabbed one of Tom's calves and angled the leg around him. He pulled off one of Tom's socks and started to rub his foot.

"Fuck that feels good." Tom moaned as he kissed along the back of Nick's neck. "Those shoes were brutal."

Nick kept rubbing, moving his hands along the ball of Tom's foot and then squeezing each of his toes. When he was done, he moved to the other foot. He smelled Tom's sock before he took the foot into his hand. It smelled like leather and sweat. Nick started to get hard. He pulled Tom's leg around his torso and kissed the top of Tom's foot. He could tell as Tom twisted behind him that it wasn't an ideal position, but as soon as he started to suck on his big toe, Tom groaned and relaxed.

Tom reached around Nick's body and unbuttoned the top buttons of his tuxedo shirt. It took him a few minutes, but he soon had the top few inches open. He pulled at Nick's tie as well, and eventually Nick let go of Tom's foot and helped him loosen it.

Tom's hands moved inside of Nick's shirt, rubbing his firm pecs and playing with the little bit of hair that had popped up across his chest. Nick was going to be a burly dude, that was becoming clear. When Tom met him his legs were already the hairiest legs he'd ever seen and in the months since more hair had sprouted up on his stomach and chest. Nick kept it trimmed fairly short, and Tom loved the feel of it under his fingertips.

He kissed Nick along the neck, bringing one hand up to his neck and squeezing lightly. Despite the fact that it was a romantic evening, Tom was horny and hard and wanted to fuck Nick like a man. Apparently Nick had the same idea, because he now had half of Tom's foot in his mouth. His tongue was snaking between each of his toes and licking the tops of his feet. Tom leaned back and pulled Nick down into his body. Nick's head rested in his crotch and Tom couldn't really get his foot up there anymore, Instead he wrapped both of his legs around Nick and squeezed him hard, hugging him with his thighs.

Nick laughed and flipped over. He sat on his knees in front of Tom, who leaned back on his elbows.

"I'm not sure if I want to get you out of those clothes or keep you in them." Nick said. Tom had taken off his jacket but he was still wearing the shirt, suspenders, and tie. His tuxedo pants were thin and baggy, and his hard dick tented the fabric.

"Taking them half off is working pretty well for you." Tom said as he reached out and touched Nick's bare chest, letting his fingers dance down the trail of fur to his waist. "You look hot as hell."

Nick leaned forward and took the lump of dick between Tom's legs into his mouth. He sucked hard and then kissed his way down the shaft toward the tip. He continued to chew on the fabric, gumming Tom's dick and sucking around the head. Every so often, he brought his teeth into play and bit lightly at Tom's cock.

"Careful" Tom said with a gasp. When Nick looked up at him, Tom smiled, "The tux is a rental."

Nick dove back onto his dick, this time going under it and licking around Tom's balls were. He shoved his face between his legs, getting his hands under Tom's thighs in the process. He lifted his legs up and licked down the seam of the pants. He knew Tom couldn't feel much aside from the pressure of his face against this body, but judging from the noises he was making, he was into it.

As he chewed on Tom's ass, Tom ran his fingers through Nick's hair. Every so often he would grab Nick's face and turn it so that it faced him. Then he'd bend forward to kiss Nick or just smile at him. He loved the way Nick looked when his hair was messed up and his face was red and sweaty from sex. Finally unable to wait, Tom started to fumble with his belt.

"You better be careful with this thing." Tom said, "I haven't gone this long without shooting a load for years."

"Me neither." Nick said as he ground his hard cock into the carpet.

"I'm going to fill you up tonight." Tom said.

Nick looked up at Tom and imagined his own load splattered across Tom's face. He didn't say anything, but that was definitely how he wanted things to end. Those pretty white teeth, the perfect hair, and loads of nut dripping from his handsome face. Ever since Tom had told him about his dream, Nick couldn't get the image out of his mind.

Nick yanked down Tom's pants and found that he was wearing a pair of bright orange briefs that could barely contain his massive tool. His nuts, huge and full, hung out of the leg hole.

"Fuck," Nick said as he leaned in and licked Tom's nuts. "I love these things."

Tom grabbed the back of Nick's head and pulled him into his body. Nick sucked on his balls and then went to work on his shaft. When Nick got to the tip of his dick, Tom felt his tongue swirling around, seeking out the drops of precum that he'd been leaking. Most of it, he knew, was locked up in the folds of his foreskin, waiting for Nick to clean it up.

Nick was deep into eating Tom's junk as he felt Tom start to move. All of the sudden Tom's hands were on his hips, pushing him onto his back. He rolled over, and as he did, Tom squatted down onto his face for a minute. The view was incredible. Tom's firm, hard cheeks were visible through the tight fabric of his briefs, and the deep crevice between them opened up. His balls looked huge and formed a big lump in the front. Tom pushed his ass down onto Nick and Nick breathed in deeply. Tom smelled clean and fresh, but he'd been dancing all night and there was just enough sweat to give his skin a nice aroma.

Nick grasped at the band of Tom's briefs, trying to pull them down while Tom sat on top of him. Finally Tom leaned forward and began to fish Nick's cock out of his pants. It gave Nick an opportunity to pull Tom's briefs down and to finally take a lick at his ass and taint.

Tom was big enough that he could easily bend forward and take Nick's dick into his mouth while still allowing Nick to rim him. He heard Nick moan and felt the quick exhale against his skin when he took Nick's dick into his mouth. He'd actually come to enjoy sucking dick. It took him a while, but he liked making Nick feel good and, the more he thought about it, he just sort of liked looking at the thing. He stared at Nick's cock for a second, shiny with his own spit, and then dove back down, taking the whole thing into his throat.

Nick lifted his legs up and grabbed onto Tom's head, pulling him down and holding him there tight. He caught his own breath and then let go of Tom while diving onto the stud's balls. Tom continued to deep throat him. Nick didn't know how Tom mastered this skill, but he had clearly gotten a hold of it. Nick wasn't huge, but he slid right into Tom's throat without so much as a gurgle from the stud. As Tom continued to work over Nick's cock, he slipped his hands around and began to toy with Nick's ass. He pulled the cheeks apart and then pressed the tip of his finger on Nick's hole. Nick used to shave his ass, but he didn't anymore. Tom lifted Nick up a bit and started to eat his balls. At the same time he stared at the pink hole, fringed in dark hair, that he was going to be fucking soon.

After five minutes of sixty-nining, Tom broke away. He stood up and straddled Nick's body. "You want to go upstairs."

Nick stared at him. Tom's pants were around his knees and only the bottom buttons of his shirt were open. His rock hard dick stood straight up against his stomach, striking a contrast with the white fabric of his shirt. Nick saw a solid line of precum drizzling down the side.

"Yes." he hissed.

Tom took a step forward until he was standing over Nick's head. "I think you should suck on my balls some more first."

Nick smiled as he craned his neck upwards and sucked Tom's nuts into his mouth. They hung low between Tom's legs, and after he had a good seal, he pulled on them with his lips. Tom groaned as Nick yanked on his balls and rubbed the back of his thighs at the same time. Then his nuts slipped from Nick's lips and bounced back against his body. Nick jumped up to catch, them, and licked at them with the tip of his tongue. Tom finally pulled away.

Tom reached down for Nick's hand. "Get up," he said in a husky voice.

Nick stood and they both stepped out of their pants. Nick also ditched his boxers. Tom pulled his briefs back up, but his cock head peeked out of the waist. Nick touched it briefly and Tom grabbed him around the waist. They kissed for a minute, as Nick toyed with Tom's shirt. Tom reached around Nick's neck and removed his neck tie.

"Sorry, but it makes you look kind of weird now that you're, you know, mostly naked." Tom was wearing a standard necktie, and Nick tugged on it.

"Funny, cause yours makes you look smoking hot."

Tom snuck behind Nick and slapped his bare ass. "Let's go, babe." he growled, "I'm horny."

"Yeah, and you think I'm going to give it up on prom night?" Nick said as he pounced up the stairs.

"I know you are." Tom said as he followed him.

"What makes you so sure?"

Tom paused and gave Nick his best come fuck me look. At the same time he pulled in his stomach and flexed his pecs. "Have you looked at me?" he said with a goofy grin.

"Good point." Nick said as he ran a hand over Tom's abs. "I'd probably let you fuck me even if I didn't love you."

Tom frowned. "That's kind of slutty, babe," he said. Then he slapped Nick's ass again, "This belongs to me."

"Deal" Nick said. He walked into Tom's room. Tom walked toward him, acting like they were going to kiss, but instead he shoved Nick backward onto his bed. Tom advanced toward him, grabbed Nick's legs by the ankles, and lifted them up into the air. Then he rested them on his shoulders as he knelt down between Nick's thighs.

Nick's asshole was tight and winking at him. His balls hung low and his cock was hard and dancing with his heartbeat. Tom gazed at Nick's ass, feeling himself salivate while his cock throbbed. He used to like eating pussy. It had been one of his favorite parts of sex. But going after Nick's hole was ten times better. He loved running his hands across Nick's furry calves, thighs, and butt cheeks, and he got off on the feeling of Nick's strong thighs pressing into his head. All of it reminded him of how masculine Nick was, and though hat would have turned him off before, now it turned him on.

He swirled his tongue around Nick's hole and felt Nick's fingers in his hair. He kept working Nick's ass, moving around it, lapping at it like a dog, and then pushing the tip of his tongue inside When Nick was good and wet, he brought his fingers into the game, slowly opening his boyfriend up. The longer he played, the more revved Nick would get, and Tom waited for the tell tale signs that Nick was ready to get fucked. Soon, Nick's fingers started to curl against his scalp and his moans got higher and shorter. Tom pulled away.

"You ready for my dick, babe?"

"I've been ready for like two weeks."

"We're out of practice. It's Gonna feel like the first time." Tom said as he kissed Nick's asshole and scrotum one more time.

Tom kissed his way across Nicks' abs and then into the center of his chest. He rubbed his cheeks against Nick's fur, purring softly, and then dragged his tongue over his neck. His lips were against Nick's when he pushed into him.

Tom loved the moment when he first pushed into Nick. His whole body would get tense. Now that they were experienced, it only lasted a second, but he felt it every time. Then, suddenly, Nick's body would let him in. There was always a long exhale as Tom's cock slid all the way into Nick's gut.

"Fuck," Nick moaned.

Tom kissed him once, "We're back together."

Nick moaned softly. His body was still getting used to Tom's big rod, but it still felt amazing. "I forgot how good this feels. Fuck me baby."

Tom withdrew a few inches and started to thrust in and out of Nick. As their bodies came together, Tom kissed Nick aggressively. His tongue pushed Nick's mouth open and he sucked on his lower lip each time they came apart. They were both very close to cumming. Too much time had passed for them to hold back for long. Tom moved his mouth to Nick's neck and started to chew the flesh there, dragging his teeth along Nick's collarbone and moving down to his nipple. At the same time, he felt Nicks' fingernails digging into his back, pulling him deeper into his body with every thrust.

Tom moved his mouth to Nick’s ear. "You've got me so hot, babe. I don't know how long I can go,." he whispered.

Nick responded by trying to kiss Tom on the lips. Their mouths barely connected because they were both breathing hard.

"Seriously babe." Tom panted, "I'm right on the edge."

Nick pushed Tom off of him and flipped him over onto his back. Tom was still wearing his white shirt and black tie, and Nick straddled him. He felt Tom's hard cock against his ass crack, but didn't slip back onto it. Instead he ran his hands over Tom's hard chest and played with his nipples. He gave Tom a solid minute to calm down while he rubbed his firm muscles through the shirt.

"If you get any hotter, I'm not going to let you wear clothes around me anymore." Nick said.

Tom took it as a cue to strip down. He started to pull the tuxedo shirt off. Nick grabbed his wrists. "No, keep that on."

Nick reached behind himself and took hold of Tom's cock. He slipped it into his ass and then sat back onto it. It snaked into him and he adjusted himself to get the angle right. Then he started to ride Tom's dick while he played with his chest. Tom groaned loudly as Nick fucked himself, then he reached up and pulled Nick down into him. They kissed for a minute and then he whispered into Nick's ear. "Told you you'd be riding me, cowboy style."

Nick took it as a compliment and started to work harder. The feeling of Tom's cock gliding over his prostate had him close to cumming as well. His dick slammed against Tom's hard stomach as he bounced up and down. Finally, Tom grabbed onto his hips and started to fuck him hard, meeting each and every down thrust with a thrust of his own. Nick heard Tom groan one last time and then he felt his cock become rigid and massive inside of his body. Tom pulled him down and held him there while his hips rhythmically pushed his dick up into Nick. He dumped shot after shot into Nick's body, staring at his sexy boyfriend the whole time.

While he was still coming down from his orgasm, he pulled Nick off of his body and up toward him. He took Nick's hard cock into his mouth and heard Nick gasp loudly. Just as his tongue swirled around the tip, he felt the head flare.

Nick grabbed onto his shaft and pulled his dick out of Tom's mouth. He wanted to watch himself cum. As he started to shoot, Tom opened up wide and caught the ropes of thick jizz in his mouth. Then he closed his lips and tilted his head forward, purposely catching the next few blasts on the bridge of his nose and his forehead. He didn't know why he did it, except that he wanted to feel Nick's cum on his face as much as he wanted to taste it.

When he finished, Nick looked down at Tom, who was grinning with gobs of cum running down his face. Tom opened his mouth, swished around Nick's load, and then swallowed it. Nick bent forward and started to lick his own nut off of Tom's face. Every so often, Tom's mouth would find his and they would make out, swapping the load between them. By the end, they both smelled like jizz, and their faces were covered with slime.

They wrestled back and forth, making out, for at least five minutes. By the time they were done, they were both hard again. Tom stood up and pulled off the remainder of his clothes, then he winked at Nick.

"Ready for round two?"

Hope you shot your load. Thanks for reading. Charlie – cosmic709@yahoo.com.


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  2. You're stories get better and better. Love these two guys

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