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Quarterback Keeper, Part 24

Quarterback Keeper, Part 24
C. Charlie -

Note: I'm going to finish this one off guys. This chapter has a threeway in it, which I know isn't for all of you. If you're not into it, hold tight and the final chapter will be up tomorrow. -- Charlie

The summer was almost over, and Tom was trying to put in as much time with his friends before he left for college. It was hot outside, and Tom invited some friends to a local gym to play a game of basketball on an indoor court. Austin showed up, along with two other guys that Tom played football with in high school. After they had showered, they were dressing in the locker room and joking about their relationships. Austin, as usual, couldn't keep his head out of the gutter.

The guys were bragging about how often their girlfriends put out. Tom grinned at Austin because Austin alone knew that Tom got laid almost everyday. Austin didn't know that it was something Tom wanted to stay private.

"All Tom has gotta do is whistle and Nick comes running." Austin said, "That dude loves to fuck."

"And I'm happy to fuck him." Tom said loudly. He figured that if he was going to have a reputation, it might as well be as a monster in the sack.

"Really?" said one of the other guys, "I always figured that would hurt. You know, like . . ."

"Getting fucked." Austin finished.

"Yeah. I'm surprised Nick would go for it so often," the guy said.

"You get used to it." Tom said. He blushed and wondered if the guys picked up on his phrasing.

Austin got it. "You mean, like, Nick says you get used to it, or are you talking from personal experience, buddy?"

Tom stumbled over his words and then said, "I'm just saying, he seems to have gotten used to it. And, you know, my dick is a lot to get used to."

He hoped the reference to his big dick would move the conversation on to something else, but Austin wouldn't let it go. "Nah, you're lying bro. You let Nick put it to you, don't you? Makes sense I guess. Fair is fair."

Tom looked up and saw his friends staring at him. He was doubly embarrassed, both because of the conversation and also because he was half naked in front of three very attractive guys while talking about sex. It was a weird combination. He was used to locker room banter about sex, but something had changed just a little bit since he'd come out.

"Yeah, I sometimes let him." Tom said, "Not a lot, but sometimes."

The guys laughed and Tom turned bright red. He started to pull on his clothes, hoping to get out of the locker room as quickly as possible. They made jokes about how often 'sometimes' really was and speculated that Nick put it to Tom every night instead of the other way around. Tom knew that going on the defensive would only make it worse. Better to own up to it.

"I kind of like it, honestly," Tom said with a smile, "It's only sometimes. But when I'm in the mood, it's awesome."

The three guys looked at him, dumbstruck. It was like they'd never imagined that a gay guy enjoyed getting fucked. Tom ran with it. "And Nick really likes it. A lot. He'd be happy taking it all the time, but, like, sometimes I make him switch it up."

"Jesus fuck," Austin moaned, "I kind of always figured that you and Nick . . . well I don't know what I figured, but . . ."

"I love Nick." Tom said, "He's not just some sex toy I'm using until I find a chick I want to marry."

"That's not what I'm saying. It just never occurred to me that, you know, you were like one hundred percent on the other side."

"I'm one hundred percent gay, if that's what you mean." Tom said. He looked at the other guys and before he turned to leave added, "I suck cock too."

Just as Tom walked out of the locker room, Austin winked at him and whispered, "I knew about that one. You ever wanna, you know, you just got to text me."

"You wish." Tom said.

A few hours later Tom was hanging out with Nick. They were tucked away in a nook at a coffee house. It was a private place, and they could talk freely. Tom told Nick about the conversation with Austin.

"I think they figured I was always on top." Tom said.

"You usually are. Not that I mind."

"It made me think, though, do you ever want to get experience with other guys. We never really do that."

"We did once." Nick said, "Twice if you count Austin."

"We were both pretty drunk that night." Tom drifted off. "We were both each other's first."

Nick paused. He could read the subtext of what Tom was saying and knew that Tom was a little interested in opening things up. Nick, if he was being completely honest with himself, had thought about it too.

"I think about it sometimes," Nick said. Then decided to be completely honest, "I'm not ready yet. I'm still kind of terrified I'm going to lose you."

Tom reached across under the table and grabbed Nick's knee. "I don't know why you think you're not good enough for me. We've been together for a while and you still put me up on a pedestal. You know me well enough to know that I'm just as fucked up as the next guy." When Nick remained silent Tom said, "But I'm not going to do anything without your permission, and I'll wait as long as you want. Even forever."

"Thanks," Nick said, blushing.

As they walked out they ran into Austin and one of Tom's friends. They stopped and talked outside of the building.

"So, Nick," Tom's friend said, "I hear you've been doing a good job taking care of Tom. You know, throwing him a bone when he needs it."

Nick felt himself get hot. Austin laughed, which put him at ease. "Yeah." Nick said, "I know how to take care of my guy."

"I bet." Tom's friend said as he looked Nick over. Nick had never been sized up by a straight guy. The guy was imagining him on top of Tom, and it made him feel strong.

"Enough." Tom growled, "I like to get fucked sometimes. Can we move past it?" Austin knew that he was getting under Tom's skin, and he wasn't going to let it pass.

"Look at you." Austin said, "I thought the great Tom Johnson was completely unflappable."

"Well, c'mon man." Tom said, "Don't we get some privacy."

"You've never been shy about your sex life before."

"I'm not shy . . ." Tom argued.

Austin rolled his eyes, "It's not a big deal man. Honestly," he winked, "I wouldn't mind seeing you get fucked."

When they were in the car a few minutes later, Tom put his head in his hands and sighed.

"It's not a big deal. You get fucked by me, like, once every few weeks. You fuck me practically every day."

"Tell them that."

"You think the fact that I let you fuck me makes me less of a man."

Tom started to speak and then stopped. "Let's talk about this later when I figure out what's going on in my head, ok. I don't want to fight with you."


Nick was worried until Tom pulled up to his house and surprised him with an aggressive kiss. "What we were talking about before, would you care if I got fucked by a different guy? You'd be there too. A three-way, but with me on the bottom."

"I'm not strong enough for you?" Nick said with a fake frown.

"You're not, I don't know, as big as me."

"Well, good luck finding a guy as strong as you who is willing to fuck you while I watch." Nick said. Then his mind connected all of the same dots, and he grinned at Tom, "You're thinking about asking Austin."

"We're cool with him and we know he's cool with us."

"I can ask him." Nick said, "If you're sure."

"Be a little discrete."

"Sure thing." Nick laughed, "I will discretely ask your best friend if he'll fuck you while I watch."

Two days later, they were at Austin's place, standing in a small circle, staring at each other. "Uh, how are we going to do this?"

"You guys start and I'll jump in." Austin said.

Tom leaned forward and kissed Nick. They were tentative at first, aware that Austin was watching, but soon he faded from their thoughts and they made out more intensely. Tom had one big paw on Nick's chest, rubbing his well-developed muscles, and another on his ass. The two guys were so into making out that they didn't notice when Austin had dropped to his knees. He fished out both of their cocks and started to pull on them.

Austin was an enigma to Nick. He claimed to be straight, but had no qualms about messing around with guys. Often he seemed to prefer it. He said that it was sex without the hassle of dealing with a women. And Austin didn't seem to have any limits. He enjoyed sucking a dick as much as he enjoyed getting sucked. For him, sex itself was exciting, and as long as naked bodies were involved, he was game. Nick knew that Austin felt left out since he and Tom started dating. It was exciting to bring him back in.

Nick and Tom broke apart and looked down at Austin. He was probably their best friend, and he had both of their cocks in front of his face. There was something strange about seeing the guy like this. He looked slutty but still goofy as his tongue darted out to taste the tip of Nick's cock.

"Good?" Tom asked.

Austin dropped his mouth down over the head and then pulled off with a loud pop. "Kind of awesome. Something about having a guy's cock in my mouth turns my crank. I'm not sure what it is."

Tom smiled, ran his fingers through Austin's hair, and then gripped his skull hard. He pulled Austin into his crotch. Austin licked the shaft of Tom's cock and tongued the wet glans.

"Nice, bro." Austin groaned.

"You like sucking my jock dick, don't you?"

"Mmmm." Austin groaned. Then he moved his hand between Tom's legs and massaged his ass. Slowly, he brought his fingers to Tom's hole and touched the soft button. Tom grinned, reached behind him and took hold of Austin's hand. He pulled it to his mouth and licked his middle finger. Then he moved the finger toward Nick and had him suck it as well. Finally, he guided the hand to his backside. Austin shoved it in and Tom moaned.

Austin bit the inside of Tom's thigh. "You talk a big game when I'm sucking your dick, bro. But we both know who's getting fucked tonight." Austin said, "We'll see who's the big jock when you've got your thighs wrapped around my ass, pulling me in, begging me to fuck you harder."

Tom looked at Nick and for a moment, Nick thought he saw some hesitation in his eyes. Tom was worried that he was going to change in the eyes of his friends. Now he was full on allowing his friend to plow his ass. It wasn't clear how he would reconcile all of it in the morning.

Tom dropped to his knees. He glanced at his buddy and then they both started to suck on Nick's dick. Austin took the head and Tom licked around the shaft. Soon, they switched positions. Tom started to suck on the head and Austin took the shaft in his hand. He pulled on Nick's dick a few times and then jerked it out of Tom's mouth.

He started to tease Tom with Nick's cock, slipping it across his lips and pushing the tip into his face. "Beg for it." Austin said. He held Tom back. "Beg me to let you have it."

Tom looked at him skeptically.

"Relax bro." Austin said, "We're just having fun. When our clothes are on I won't treat you any differently. Now ask me to feed you his fucking dick."

"Do it." Nick said with a smile. "Beg for my dick."

Tom gave in and started to softly ask Austin and then Nick to let him have Nick's cock. Soon he was begging and pleading with Austin to let him lick the tip of Nick's cock. Begging just to lick at his balls for a moment, just to get a taste. Finally Austin let him go and he buried his face in Nick's groin.

Nick grabbed onto his head and shoved his hips forward, rubbing his cock into Tom's hair. He knew Tom liked to be used as much as anyone else if the setting was right. Now that he had gotten over his worries, he was going full blast, running his lips and tongue all over Nick's junk. After a few minutes, Austin pulled him to his knees.

"Alright stud, time to get you out of those clothes."

"Now I'm a stud?" Tom laughed.

"You're always a stud. Even when you’ve' got a dick in your mouth. Your body is amazing. I want to see it."

Nick helped Tom take off his clothes and then he and Austin both pushed Tom backward onto the bed. He fell with a soft thud and spread his legs.  Nick had crawled up between his muscular thighs countless times, and he'd come to expect some oral action to start things out. He held his hands out and smiled at both of the guys. "Alright, who wants it."

Austin didn't respond. He dropped to his knees and shoved his face between Tom's legs. He dug into his nuts and sucked one and then the other into his mouth. Tom groaned and Nick slipped beside Austin and whispered, "He totally gets off on being worshiped. Show him how much you love his body and you'll drive him crazy." Then Nick kissed his way up to and across Tom's chest.

When Nick looked down, Austin's head was buried beneath Tom's cock and the shaft bounced against his head. Tom's softly rubbed Austin's skull as he received an amazing ball job. Nick began to kiss his chest and then licked across his clavicle to his pit. He shoved his face deep into the cavity and started to lick.

Tom couldn’t keep himself from enjoying all of the attention. He began to get more aggressive with the guys. He pressed Nick's skull between his arm and torso like it was in a vice. At the same time he pressed his thighs together around Austin's head.

"Fuck yeah." Tom said, "Two boys, all for me. I could get used to this."

Austin pushed his face deeper between Tom's legs, causing Tom to lift his ass up off the bed. He reached down and palmed Austin’s head like it was a basketball. "Fuck yeah. Fucking eat my ass, dude. Get in there."

Tom groaned as Austin started to lick and kiss his asshole. Austin pulled his head out for a moment and smiled, "Gotta get you ready for my big dick."

Nick was working his nipples at that point. His body straddled Tom's and he rubbed his cock against the top of Tom's thigh. Soon he felt Austin take hold of his dick and pull on the shaft. Nick purred loudly against Tom's chest and began to slowly hump his body.

"Which of us do you want first, babe?" Nick whispered to Tom.

"We're really going to do this?" Tom asked. "You're ok?"

"I'm having fun." Nick said. "You want me to loosen you up for him or the other way around?"

Tom's head fell back against the pillow and he groaned. He was having second thoughts, not so much about getting fucked, but about having Austin do it. He considered backing out, or just letting Nick fuck him in front of Austin, but he didn't want to give in to what felt like misplaced shame. He'd sucked Austin's cock, why did it feel like such a big deal to let the guy fuck him?

"Austin." Tom said quickly.

"Fuck yeah." Austin said. He kissed the inside of Tom's thigh and smiled. "Gotta say, I'm never going to forget this."

Austin spit on his dick and lifted Tom's legs. They were heavy and muscular, unlike the legs of any person, guy or girl, he'd ever fucked. His eyes passed over Tom's flat stomach, his remarkable pecs, even the subtle ripples in his obliques as he turned his body. The guy was absolutely ripped. There wasn't a man on earth that could look at that body and not want it.

Tom saw Austin staring at him, studying his body. Guys were never able to get past it. Even when Austin was about to fuck him, he had a look of subordination in his eyes. Tom squeezed Austin gently between his thick thighs and listened to him softly exhale. If he wanted to, he could have turned the tables right there, flipped Austin onto his back, and taken him in front of Nick. He knew it would turn Nick on, and maybe it would help to reestablish him as the top dog in the group, but at the same time he didn’t' really want to do it. He could probably fuck just about any gay or bi guy he wanted to. There weren’t a lot of guys that he was comfortable opening up his legs for. Why waste the chance?

Nick eased in behind Tom, and Tom laid between his legs. He put his hands onto Nick's furry calves and ran his fingers through the hair. Then he turned his head and kissed the inside of Nick's thigh. Both guys were making a big deal out of things. It felt forced and unnatural.

"Just do it already." Tom said to Austin.

Austin pressed his dick against Tom's hole. Then Tom surprised him by wrapping his feet around his back and pulling him in. It was painful, Austin was a little bigger than Nick, but he didn't move. He felt Austin's cock push past the place where Nick's usually came to a rest and move in a little deeper. Nick bent over him and pressed his hand against his belly.

"What do you think?"

"This isn't going to work." Tom said with a half-smirk.

"Dude, am I too big for you? The other day you were all like, you get used to it, it's not that bad." Austin teased.

"No." Tom said as he eased off of Austin's dick. "It's just, like, if we're going to do this, I want you to fuck me. I've got Nick to fucking make love to me. Just grab onto my hips and give it to me dude. That's what I want."

Tom turned around and got on all fours. He looked back at Austin, "Fucking fuck me, bro. I'll show you that a guy can take a dick like a man." Then he buried his face in Nick's crotch, kissing at his thigh and licking his hairy nuts.

Austin leaned in and gazed at Tom's ass. It was huge and muscular. His crack was open and he could see Tom's hole glaring back at him, surrounded by hair, dark and inviting. It was moments like this that convinced Austin he was straight - he didn't exactly love Tom's ass - but he understood why a guy like Nick would. It was pretty beautiful.

He pressed his dickhead against Tom's lubed hole, grabbed onto Tom's hips, and shoved into his body in one fluid push. He listened as Tom let out a long hiss and then he withdrew almost his whole cock and slammed it back in. Tom breathed out loudly.

"Yeah." Tom moaned, "Like that. Fucking pound my ass."

Austin picked up the pace, closed his eyes, and let it all go. He dug into Tom's hips with his fingers and drove his dick deep into Tom's ass. He felt Tom pushing back against him, meeting every thrust with a strong backward movement. Nick picked up on the mood and pushed his dick into Tom's mouth.

"There you go stud." Nick said. He petted the side of his face, “Look at you with a dick in both holes."

Tom looked up at him, his big eyes wide with pleasure. "You think I look sexy like this?"

The strange thing was, Nick didn't find it all that attractive. He liked it when Tom was in charge. Even when he was the one fucking Tom, it didn't feel right to him. Still, Tom was clearly enjoying the change in pace. Nick had picked up on it earlier. There was so much pressure on Tom to be cool and in charge most of the time, that he took great pleasure in letting loose and playing the passive role.

"Fuck yeah." Nick said. He pulled his dick out of Tom's mouth and slapped him across the face with it a few times. Then he grabbed onto Tom's short hair and pushed him into his nuts. "Lick my nuts, baby. Get that mouth on them."

Tom sucked both nuts into his mouth. Over the next few minutes, Tom kept pushing into his body, crawling up between his legs and rubbing his whole face into his junk. Austin was still pounding him, starting to sweat and pant. He couldn't keep up the pace, and grabbed Tom's torso and started to fuck him more slowly.

Tom groaned as Austin's dick shifted inside of him, but it wasn't enough. "You getting tired, bro? My ass too much for you?"

"C'mon man," Austin said, "You can't expect me to keep that up for forever."

"Pussy." Tom laughed.

He untangled from Austin and rolled over onto his back. "You snooze you loose. Nick, get in there."

Nick moved between Tom's legs quickly and slipped into Tom. Tom moaned in pleasure, not just because he was filled up again but because of the familiarity of Nick's body against his. He wrapped his legs around Nick's ass, knowing that it would get Nick in the mood. Then he reached out and grabbed Austin by the cock.

"Sit on my face dude." Tom said.

"You're sort of a slut." Austin said as he knelt over Tom's mouth.

"Nick's rubbing off on me." Tom said. Then he leaned up and looked at Nick. "Let's share this dick while you fill me up with your nut, babe."

Tom stuck his tongue out and ran it along Austin's taint. Austin groaned and sat down on top of him. Then Nick pushed his dick deep into Tom, bent over, and took Austin's cock into his mouth.

"Fucking A," Austin groaned, "Two mouths on my junk. Doesn't get any better than that."

Tom doubted that it was true. Sharing a dick with your boyfriend, getting fucked while you had your face buried in a jock's ass, that was as good as it could get. Austin probably wouldn't understand. Now that Tom had fully given himself permission to love the things he loved, he realized that a lot of people never really let loose. They were too hung up to appreciate the feel and smell of another body and all of the ways in which a guy can turn them on.

This, having a dude's junk in your mouth while another dude fucked you, it was about as good as it got. Then Tom realized that there was one way to make it better. He placed his big paw on Nick's chest and pushed him away. Then he reached for Austin's body and pulled him forward.

"Suck my dick bro."

Austin hesitated.

"C'mon. You've done it before. I know you've got a taste for dick. No need to hide it."

Austin bent down and looked at Tom's dick. He hadn't seen a lot of hard cocks in his day, but he knew that Tom's was pretty huge. His thick foreskin, with a vein running up one side, also mystified him. As it slid back and forth over the head, it made Tom's dick seem alive.

"Man, your cock is amazing." Austin said.

"I know." Tom said as he grabbed onto the side of Austin's skull. He pushed him down onto his dick. Austin had moved forward, so Tom grabbed onto his thighs, lifted his head, and started to lick at his asshole. He could tell from the way Austin's dick pulsed against his chest that he was turning the guy on.

Pretty soon, Tom was getting close. He had moved his mouth back to Austin's dick, and he could tell by the absolute hardness of Austin's cock that he was almost there too. He reached down and started to jerk on his cock, pulling himself closer to orgasm as Austin licked at the head. Then he called out to Nick,

"I'm going to cum baby. Give me your best." he said.

Nick grabbed onto Tom's thighs, and began to drive into him, slamming his hips against Tom's ass and sending shudders through his whole body. He knew that it probably hurt, but he also knew that that was the way that Tom liked it.

Tom grunted a few times and started to thrust his dick through his fist and into Austin's mouth. He gasped as his dick flared and felt Austin start to pull away. "No fucking way," Tom growled, "You're taking my nut."

His first shot blasted right into Austin's mouth, and Austin, who'd never caught a load before, was overwhelmed by the taste and texture. His initial reaction was to be grossed out, but as soon as the next rope of jizz splashed across his face he started to like it. He licked up the load and it pushed him over the edge. He came hard into Tom's open mouth, while Tom continued to suck on his dick. He let the cum ooze out of the side of his mouth and drip down his cheeks. Austin panted as he both tasted Tom's load and lost his own. Soon his body was collapsing, he was completely exhausted, and as he pressed his stomach against Tom's he watched Nick's cock driving into Tom's asshole.

Around that time, Nick started to groan. Tom pushed Austin off of him, sat up halfway, and grabbed Nick behind the back. As Nick bent forward, Tom cradled his head and brought their mouths together.

He'd saved Austin's cum, and he pushed it into Nick's mouth just as Nick started to unload into his ass. He felt Nick's dick swell and broke off the kiss for a second to moan, "Fuck yeah, babe, give me your nut." He wrapped his arms around Nicks' body tightly, squeezing them together as much as he could, as they continued to kiss, "I fucking love you babe, fucking give it to me,” he moaned into Nick's ear.

Austin watched from the sidelines as the guys shared an intimate kiss, the last trails of his cum stringing between the two guys mouths. Nick's dick was still embedded in Tom, and when he pulled out it slapped against his stomach. Tom looked up at him.

"Still think getting fucked is for pussys?"  Tom asked.

"You should probably wipe my cum off your chin before you ask that."

Tom wiped it off and then licked his fingers. Watching Tom eat his load turned him on, and his cock started to get hard again.

"You guys are something else." Austin said, "Kinky and in love. Pretty awesome combo."

"Yeah, he is pretty awesome." Tom said. He reached for Nick's hand and pulled him down onto the bed next to him. Then he looked up at Austin, "I don't mean to fuck and run, but you're going to feel like a third wheel in a minute."

Tom kissed Nick once quickly and then again, long and hard. He glanced at Austin, who noticed that both of them had hard cocks. Austin said, "You're seriously going to fuck again."

Tom rolled over on top of Nick and thrust his cock between Nick's legs. "Nah, we're going to make love this time."

Austin slipped his jeans back on and started up the stairs. It wasn't until he was at the top that he realized that Tom had somehow managed to kick him out of his own basement.


  1. Awesome! Just awesome! I love the dynamic between Tom and Nick and Austin! Great story! :-))

  2. I really will miss thus story. One of my favourites from you.