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Quarterback Keeper Part 25

Quarterback Keeper, Part 25
C. Charlie -

Nick dropped his last box of stuff against the wall of his dorm room and turned to his dad and Tom. All three of them were sweaty and exhausted. "That's it," he said, "Done."

"Not too bad." Tom said. He looked at the couch they had hauled into one corner of the room. It was steel framed with a bed tucked under the cushions. Tom swore that it weighed at least a thousand pounds and they'd maneuvered it up a narrow flight of stairs. Tom didn't complain when he hauled it into the building, but Nick was sure that his arms would be sore the next day. His dad would probably be unable to walk for a week.

Nick's mom was sitting on the couch. She'd helped with the small stuff, but left most of the heavy lifting to the guys. They, in turn, left most of it to Tom. All that time in the gym over the summer had to be worth something. Tom's body was pumped up and Nick could barely look at him without thinking about tearing off his clothes. Teenage hormones were still coursing through his veins and his dick got hard at a drop of a hat. Even though he was completely accustomed to Tom's body, he still thought that his boyfriend was, like, the sexiest guy on the planet.

Everyone exchanged a few final words and then Nick's parents got up to leave. They said goodbye to Nick and everyone exchanged some hugs. Then Nick's dad walked over to Tom and shook his hand. "Take good care of him, ok. Don't get him into any trouble."

"I promise I won't, sir." Tom said.

Nick's dad turned to Nick. "And you keep this one in line. Guys like Tom, they can get a little stupid in college. You’re smarter than him, so you do the thinking."

Nick blushed. "Got it," he said. He stifled a laugh and avoided looking at Tom to keep himself from cracking up.

His dad gave him another hug and then he hugged his mom again. Then, suddenly, Nick and Tom were standing alone in the room amidst piles of boxes. Nick looked at all of it and dreaded the long unpacking process. Tom advanced on him and wrapped his arms around Nick.

"Your family is pretty cool."

"Thanks." Nick said. He kissed the side of Tom's neck and breathed in the heat and smell of his body. Then he broke away. "I've got a ton to do."

"You want help or you want me to leave you on your own? I can go unpack my stuff."

"Maybe alone." Nick said. When Tom pouted a little Nick rubbed his chest. "I just want to get it done, and you, uh, you distract me."

Tom grinned, his big white teeth shining in the fluorescent light, and then he reached between his legs and palmed his cock. He gave it a shake and said, "Alright, I'll let you be then. My roommate's not getting here until tomorrow, so we get one night alone together in my room."

"Mine will be here later this afternoon. Maybe come over and we can get all that out of the way."

"You don't have to do it today."

"No sense putting it off," Nick said, "He's going to know sooner or later. It's not like you're going to sneak around or keep your hands off of me when you're here."

Tom nodded. "I didn't come to college to end up in the closet. And when a guy has got a sexy boyfriend like you, with a fine fucking ass and a handsome fucking face, he wants to show that off."

Tom started to advance on Nick. He pushed on his shoulders and Nick sat back on the bed. Then Tom dove between his legs and bit at the lump of fabric in his jeans. Tom unbuckled his belt and started to pull his pants open. "And this cock is so big and delicious, there's no way I can just walk away from it." Tom said as he fished out Nick's dick.

Nick made a phony gesture to push him away, "Tom, not n . . . oh my god."

He fell back onto the mattress as Tom engulfed his cock.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

Three hours later Nick was completely unpacked and finished helping his roommate get all of his stuff into the room. His roommate did the goodbye thing with his parents and then they were alone together. They had talked a little bit on the phone and texted quite a bit. The roommate seemed like a chill guy, pretty cool and laid back. Nick didn't hesitate to tell him about Tom, announcing matter of factly that his boyfriend was going to stop by later on. His roommate made a joke about the two of them needing to work out a system so that he didn't walk in on anything.

When Tom showed up later that evening, the first thing his roommate did was whistle as Tom introduced himself. He turned to Nick, "Well done man. I'm straight and I'm impressed. This dude's a stud."

Tom shot the shit with Nick and his roommate for a while, mainly talking about his workout routine and offering to help the guy out at the gym. He used Nick as evidence of his abilities as a personal trainer, pointing out that Nick was pretty skinny before he started to work out with the Pack. It was the first time that Nick had heard that term in almost a year, and it made him miss Chris and Austin.  After about a half an hour of small talk, Tom got up to leave.

They shook hands, and then Nick walked with Tom back to his dorm on the other side of campus. "Seems like a nice guy." Tom said.

"He sure likes you." Nick said sarcastically.

"I'm the shit." Tom shot back. "Where are we going to fuck, though, now that we're both sharing rooms?"

Tom was talking loudly and Nick looked around to see if anyone had heard. The coast was clear but he still rolled his eyes at Tom. "You know, I'm cool that you're so completely comfortable with who you are, but can you maybe keep some of the details of our private life, you know, private."

"You don't want me to tell everyone what a slut you are?" Tom asked meekly.

"Exactly." Nick said, "And I'm not the one that's a slut. You're the one that wants to bang all the time. It's our first walk together on our first night of college and your only concern is where we're going to fuck."

"Sorry," Tom said. They took about ten more steps in silence and then Tom took Nick's hand into his and squeezed it. They approached a fountain and Tom pulled Nick in for a kiss. When their lips broke apart, Tom smiled, "Better?"

"Better." Nick said as he stood on his toes and kissed Tom again. The night was cool and Tom's warm body felt good against his. As they continued to kiss, Tom's hand moved to Nick's ass.

"So, at some point we are going to have to figure out the fucking thing."

Nick broke away but then squeezed Tom's ass back. The muscular mounds didn't give much, but they felt amazing in his hands. "We'll make it work."

The broke apart and started walking again. Now that they were on campus, they didn't have access to Tom's truck, and they didn't have Tom's bedroom either, which was usually a good spot because his mom was almost always either working or with her boyfriend. Even Nick's room had been a fairly easy place to screw. Ultimately, they figured that they would just have to work around their roommates as best as they could. It helped that neither of them was trying to keep the relationship a secret.

When they got to Tom's building, they rode the elevator up to his floor and Tom let Nick in. His room was a little bigger than Nick's, but the beds weren't bunked which made it feel smaller. All of Tom's stuff was still in boxes on the floor.

"You’ve been busy." Nick said.

"I'm waiting until my roommate gets here. I don't want to totally take over the room before he comes in. I'm just trying to be decent."

Tom advanced on Nick and rubbed his face against the side of his neck. "Time to break in the new bed, don't you think? You're going to be the first guy I fuck in this bed, and the only one if that's how you want it."

"So I'm on the bottom tonight?"

"Yeah, I think that's the way it should be." Tom said.

"Plus you're just coming off a fairly epic fucking." Nick said.

"That was so fucking intense," Tom said, "You still ok with it?"

Nick nodded. He and Tom had both decided afterward that the three-way with Austin was pretty awesome and that they were open to doing it some more. They agreed to talk about any encounters beforehand and figured that they would work out the details once they got used to how their relationship worked out in college.

Tom bit his ear softly and Nick moaned. "Are you still ok with it?" Nick whispered.

Tom nuzzled into his skin but didn't reply. Nick knew what this meant. Tom didn't want to talk anymore. He'd become so accustomed to Tom's sexual assertiveness and his physical affection that he no longer noticed the ways that Tom shut down conversation with simple body language. A few pecks on the neckline and the press of his body was enough to get Nick to forget whatever he was talking about.

"I told you before and I'll tell you again," Tom said as he kissed Nick in the center of his chest. "No man will ever get me as hot as you get me. No one else even comes close."

"You're just saying that." Nick said.

"You never let me love you. Don't sell yourself short. I'm head over heels for you, babe. More than I was the first time, more than I've ever been. Every day, I get hotter for you." He pushed Nick backward onto the unmade bed. Nick tumbled down and Tom mashed their bodies together as they kissed. He rubbed his muscles and all of his weight into Nick's body. "That's why I'm such a horn dog around you. I can’t help myself. Just seeing you the first time each day gives me a boner."

Tom ran his fingers through Nick's hair and kissed along his brow ridge. Then he pulled Nick's shirt off and rubbed his chest. "So fucking sexy."

Nick moved to pull Tom's shirt off, but Tom wouldn't let him. He pushed his hands away. "Nah, let this part be about you. Just relax and let me get you off for a while. You'll get plenty of chances to make me feel good later."

Tom licked the center of Nick's chest and then moved to one of his nipples. He sucked it into his mouth, played with it with his tongue, and then rubbed his stubbly chin into it. Nick groaned and started to play with Tom's hair. Tom purred back and bit down on Nick's chest. He had a solid mound of muscle now, and Tom loved to play with it.

After he had finished working Nick's nipples, Tom moved to one of his pits. Nick had a hairy body and his armpits were no exception. He had a big bush of straight brown hair in there and Tom buried his nose in it and licked at the skin. He breathed in deeply. When he'd first met Nick - first seen the guy smell his body - it hadn't made any sense to him. Now he was totally into it. He liked being intimate, even familiar, with a part of Nick that most people didn't get to see or appreciate. It wasn't the craziest kink in the world, but Tom had come to embrace it. He didn't feel ashamed that he struggled to get a whiff of Nick or even to just brush against his body whenever he could. His boyfriend's body absolutely electrified him.

He sucked on Nick's biceps and dragged is lips down to his fingers. He kissed each digit and sucked them into his mouth. Nick moaned loudly. Tom reached up with his free hand and clamped it over Nick's mouth.

"Careful, babe. We don't know how thick these walls are."

Nick groaned again and pushed his face against Tom's hand. Tom continued to kiss his body. He didn't just use his lips, but pressed his face into Nick, mashing his nose against his chest and then his abs. It tickled Nick, and he squirmed on the bed. Each time he moved too quickly, Tom took control and held him down.

Tom worked Nicks' chest for ten minutes. It was half tongue bath and half massage. Nick had experienced Tom's affections before, but this time it was incredibly intense. In their entire relationship, there had only been one or two nights when they didn't have to worry about getting caught. This time they had the room all to their selves, and Tom could take as long as he wanted.

Tom slid off the bed onto his knees. Then he put his hands on Nick's calves and pulled him forward so that his ass was on the edge of the bed. He buried his face between Nick's legs and chewed on his bulge through the denim. His hands continued to rub Nick's chest.

"God, I love your body, babe." Tom said, "I just love everything about you.  I'm so glad you're here. I wouldn't have made it if you had gone to school farther away."

Before Nick could respond, Tom pushed his entire skull up between his legs, lifting his ass off the bed. Then in a quick move Tom yanked his jeans off of his hips and pushed them down to his ankles. As he used his hands to pull the pants over Nick's feet, his mouth went straight back to Nick's crotch.

Nick had a throbbing boner. When he looked down at himself, the massive rod in his briefs looked almost obscene. Then there was Tom, with his perfectly messed up hair and beautiful eyes, gnawing on his cock and pressing his face into his body.

Tom tapped him on the legs and asked him to stand up. Nick did. He couldn’t' remember many times that Tom had knelt between his legs like this. It usually didn't feel right, but tonight Tom was clearly into it.

"Pull out your cock, stud." Nick said. "I wanna see it."

Tom never moved his head out of Nick's crotch as he fished his hard dick out of his pants. He had to twist his hips and legs to get it out, and it bent painfully as he pulled it through the fly. Once he had it in his palm, it looked as big as ever to Nick. Massive and hooded with a slimy, precum covered tip. His mouth watered, and he wondered how long it would be until Tom let him suck it.

While Nick was gazing at his boyfriend's stud cock, Tom yanked down his briefs and sucked his balls into his mouth.

Nick ran his fingers through Tom's hair as Tom devoured his nuts. Tom sucked them into his mouth, pulled them away from Nick's body, and then released them before burying his face in Nicks' sack. While he gave Nick the most epic ball job he'd ever experienced, Tom slowly stroked his own cock. Precum drooled from the tip down onto the carpet, and Nick was desperate to get a taste. Finally, when he couldn't take it anymore, he doubled over and grabbed Tom's cock. He got as much cock drool onto his hand as he could and then brought it up to his mouth.

As he licked up Tom's dogwater, Tom continued to burrow in between his legs, ignoring his cock and working over his balls and taint. Eventually, Nick was pushed back onto the bed, and as soon as his ass hit the sheets, Tom lifted up his thighs and started to rim his asshole.

Tom did a great job, but Nick was getting more and more frustrated. He wanted something in his mouth, wanted Tom closer to him. Finally he pushed Tom's sweaty face out from between his legs and sat up.

"Take your clothes off and get on top of me." he said sternly.

Tom grinned and pulled his clothes off in a flash. He crawled over Nick so that his dick dangled in front of his face and then he pulled Nick's legs up and went back to his ass.

Nick didn't waste any time taking Tom's cock into his mouth. He savored the taste of his precum, licking up every drop from the head and shaft before he really went to work on Tom's dick. Tom groaned and thrust downward into his mouth. It was an instinctive move that Nick was familiar with. As soon as Tom got his dick wet he started to hump. It was like a horny animal inside of him took over that he couldn't control.

Nick slobbered all over Tom's cock while Tom worked his hole. Tom was good at giving a rim-job. Nick knew that Tom saw it as a form of foreplay and actually enjoyed doing it. As he loosened his boyfriend up, he started to reach between his legs and play with his massive cock. The big veins along the side throbbed and he was leaking more than before. His nuts were tight against his body as he thought about driving his dick up into Nick's guts.

Nick took Tom's cock out of his mouth and groaned. Tom had him in heat, and his ass was begging to be fucked. He wanted Tom inside of him, but didn't want to rush his way through the experience. He waited until he couldn’t take it anymore and then softly moaned Tom's name.

Tom rolled off of him and moved so that he was face to face with Nick, hovering over him and pressing his stomach into Nick's crotch. He kissed him, biting down on Nick's lower lip and pulling on it as he backed away.

"You're calling out my name, babe." Tom said as he kissed Nick's neck and chest, "You ready for me?"

Nick reached down and massaged Tom's cock. "Yes." he hissed, "I've been waiting a while."

Tom eased himself between Nick's legs, fitting his body against his boyfriend's. They'd been at it long enough now, were so completely comfortable and accustomed to each other, that Tom's body fit into Nick's like a puzzle piece. His massive cock slipped into Nick's crack and they made out for several minutes, locked together, with Nick's strong legs holding Tom close.

Tom reached between them and pushed the head of his dick into Nick's hole. He rubbed it up and down a few times and Nick adjusted his body to make it easier for Tom to enter him. Tom moved his hips forward and his dick slid in. Nick let out a small moan of pleasure, but otherwise he was completely ready to take Tom's dick. Tom rubbed his sides before he brought their bodies back together, cradling Nick as he thrust upward into him.

Two two studs were locked together. Their arms and legs were a tangled mess and their bodies joined at the middle. The made out fiercely, starved for contact with one another. They couldn't get enough of it, and as Tom rocked in and out of Nick, they both felt each others muscles and tasted each other's mouths. They breathed together and moved together as Tom slowly and gently thrust into Nick.

As they moved, Nick pushed Tom away from his chest so that his body stretched out. As Tom thrust into him, his abs rippled. Long waves moved through them, starting at his groin and moving all the way up to his obliques. It was an incredible sight, but didn't compare to Tom's handsome face. Nick knew that he was going to be looking at that face for a long time to come, he had absolutely no doubt that his love for Tom was fierce and true. His body didn't really matter anymore. It was the icing on the cake. A nice bonus but not necessary to sustain their feelings for each other.

Just as his eyes connected with Nick's Tom bent over again and buried his face against Nick's neck, kissing him and licking along his jaw. "I love you so much, babe," he whispered, "You have no idea."

Nick groaned and then felt Tom slide out of him. Tom dropped off of the edge of the bed and then pulled Nick to the side. He took Nick's dick into his mouth and started to suck him. Nick ran his fingers through Tom's hair and started to twist on the bed. Tom's strong hands took a hold of his hips and held him steady. After a minute or two, Tom broke away and climbed back onto the bed. He took Nick under the arms and rolled him over so that he was on top. He reached up and softly rubbed Nick's chest, completely enraptured by him.

Nick grabbed Tom's thick cock, squeezed it once or twice, then slipped it back into his body. He rode it, watching Tom watch him, getting off on the sights and sounds of his body. They held each other around the forearms, rocking back and forth to a slow rhythm. Nicks' cock was flat against his stomach, and Nick started to pull on it in time with Tom's thrusts.

Together, they rocked back and forth, groaning softly but otherwise not speaking. They were completely lost in each other.

Tom reached down and worked Nick's cock as he slowly, gently pushed into Nick's body. They breathed into each other's mouths as they made out, softly groaning and purring. Nick wrapped his legs tight around Tom's torso and pulled himself against the stud's body.

He was surprised when Tom pulled out of his body and slid his cock from between their legs. He placed the whole length of his dick against Nick's and then wrapped his hand around the pair of cocks. Nick wrapped his hands around Tom’s squeezing tight as they pressed their dicks into one mass of flesh.

They locked gazes for thirty seconds as they rubbed their dicks together. Nick studied each tick and change on Tom's face as they got close to cumming, trying to predict the exact moment when Tom would blow his load. When Tom finally let out a little gasp and his body tensed up, Nick knew that it was happening. He had been holding back and finally allowed himself to start to cum. He thrust his hips upward, sliding his dick against the length of Tom's thick, veiny cock.

Nick released his cock and wrapped his arms around Tom's body, pulling them close. Both leaned forward and their foreheads touched. Nick's cock erupted, shooting a massive load up into the space between them. The cum landed on both of their abs, their cocks, and oozed into their pubes. Tom whipped Nick's cum into a froth and then started to cum himself. His cum arched up over his fist and landed on his thighs in thick ropes, coating the side of his leg.

They breathed hard against each other, both of their foreheads slick with sweat. When Tom finally took his hands off of their cocks, he briefly brought his cum covered fingers up to his mouth and licked some of it up. Then he fell backwards onto the bed.

Nick laid down next to him and pressed against his body. Like usual, his head fit perfectly in the cavity next to Tom's shoulder. As he rested his head against Tom’s chest, he listened to his heart pounding.

They sat silently for a few minutes and then Tom adjusted his body. Nick's cum had turned to liquid on his stomach and he ran his fingers through it again. He casually licked it off his fingers and then turned to Nick, swapping spit and cum with him. He wrapped his arm around Nick's neck and pulled him in tight.

"This is going to be great." he said softly. "Totally great."

'You think?" Nick asked.

"Absolutely," Tom said. He pulled Nick onto him so that he was straddling his torso. Tom leaned upward and Nick bent over, they kissed again. "The only thing that could make the next four years better, is having you here. We're going to be awesome together. We're going to be this campus' power couple. Promise me, ok? Promise me that we'll do it all together."

“I promise." Nick said as he wrapped his arms around Tom's neck and got started on round two.


Thanks for reading this one guys. I had lots of fun writing it. Charlie –


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