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Gym Buddies, Part 5

Gym Buddies, Chapter 5
C. Charlie -

After getting railed by Jordan and Dylan, we all went back to our normal routines. Jordan burned through a bunch of girls while Dylan and I continued to fuck almost every night. Over time I became accustomed to his combination of assertiveness and gentleness, and he no longer seemed unpredictable to me. In public, he was always possessive, putting his arm around me, holding my hand, and kissing me.

I was sitting at my desk working when I got a text from Dylan. He usually left me alone during the day, knowing that I liked to stay focused on my work, but he wanted to know what I was doing for lunch. I replied that I was free and asked him what was up.

In return, I received a picture of him standing in front of a mirrors at one of the gyms he worked at. His dick was hanging out of his shorts. The text said, I need to get off. Either with you or someone else.

It didn't take me more than a moment to let him know I was happy to help out.. About every fifteen minutes after that, I got another picture of Dylan. Some were of his dick, laying against the counter, the computer, on the equipment, while others were just shots he took in the mirror. I could see other guys working out in the background and was impressed with his daring.

My cock was leaking so much that when I walked to the copier I had to cover the wet spot at the front of my pants. It was Friday, and I considered skipping out for the afternoon.

The minutes felt like hours, but eventually one rolled around and I jumped in my car. Dylan wanted me to come to the gym, because he only got a fifteen minute break when he was working.

As soon as I walked in, Dylan tossed his arm around me and pulled me in for a kiss. I thought it would be a peck on the cheek, but he shoved his tongue in my mouth. His hands moved over my back as he orally assaulted me. When he broke off the kiss, a chunk of the guys were watching us.

Dylan pulled me behind the counter and kissed me quickly again. "Don't worry about them. They'll go back to their business in a minute."

"So, uh, where are we going for lunch," I said softly.

"I don't know, I thought we'd stay here."

"Not much to eat here." I said.

"You're not looking in the right place." Dylan looked around quickly and put a hand on my shoulder. He pushed me to my knees and shoved his crotch into my face. I let his hard cock press into the bridge of my nose and looked up at him.

"Are you serious, dude?" I asked.

"Do it," he said.

I looked at the lump in his shorts and considered whether or not this was really happening. Before I could think it through, Dylan tapped me on the side of the face. "Do it. Now."

I opened my mouth and started to lick the thick bulge. He stepped away. "Not the shorts, dude. People are going to the wet spot." He grabbed the leg of his shorts and pulled it up. Then he fiddled with his underwear and his dick fell out. As soon as it was free, it started to thicken again.

Knowing that if I didn't blow him, Dylan would cook up some other way to embarrass me, I took his cock into my mouth. Instantly his hand was on my head, alternating between rubbing my hair and moving my face wherever he wanted it.

Dylan kept working at the computer, looking across the gym, and doing his job as well as he could while standing in one place. He was almost completely ignoring me. It was a little debasing, but I started to get hard despite that fact. As usual, Dylan knew my desires better than I did. He knew that I would enjoy blowing him in public even when he knew that I would resist him.

"Keep going, ok. Don't freak out." Dylan whispered.

All of the sudden he leaned forward and started to talk with a customer. Figuring that I should give as good as I was getting, I went full force on his cock. I took him to the root and let his cock pulse in my throat. When I pulled out, I dove onto his balls and licked at them. He opened his legs, and I went deeper, running my tongue along his taint.

I went back to work on his big cock, running my tongue up and down the shaft and then taking the head into my mouth and tonguing him hard. I worked him over for a minute or two and then I felt his fingers in my hair. He gripped me tightly and pulled my head backwards. I gazed up at his huge body and into his eyes. He had a little scruff on his face and looked sexier than usual.

Then he tilted my head back even further.

My eyes connected with the eyes of another guy, and Dylan's dick fell out of my mouth. "Hey stud." The dude said.

Dylan let go of my hair and I looked up at the guy. He had dark, almost black hair, with blue eyes and a clean shaven face. I could only see his shoulders, but he looked pretty built up. I guessed that he was about Dylan's age.

"Jason didn't believe me when I said I'd finally found a guy that ticked all my boxes. He believes me now."

"Yeah man," Jason said, "If you're willing to do this, you'll get along with Dylan just fine.” He stared at me for a minute and then said, "Don't let me stop you, dude. I enjoy a good show."

Dylan pulled my head back onto his dick and then said, "You know. I tried to date Jason, but realized he was more into watching me fuck than getting fucked by me."

"I don't get fucked," Jason said flatly.

"Neither did he." Dylan said. Then I heard him high five his buddy. My cheeks burned red, but I kept sucking on Dylan's dick. About thirty seconds later, Dylan reached down and grabbed hid shaft. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, yanked on it a few times, and fell forward onto the counter.

"Fuck, dude, watch me paint this boy's face." He looked at me, mouthed what I think was, "I love you." and then his dick exploded all over my face and into my hair. He let loose at least five ropes of thick cum, and it ran down my cheek and backward into my scalp. Dylan's hands were all over me in a flash. He scooped up the cum and then ran his hand through my hair and shoved them into my mouth. Both he and his buddy laughed.

"That shit is good hair gel.” Jason observed. "Super strong hold."

Dylan restyled my hair and then smiled at me. "Good as new." he said. "Except you reek like cum, but really, how many of the guys at work are going to know that smell?”

Dylan grinned from ear to ear. "That was hot, babe. I'll take you out for a nice dinner tonight. It's getting late though. You should probably get back to work."

Dylan looked around one more time and then he pulled me up to my feet. I looked at Jason, who adjusted what looked to be a fairly large cock, then I kissed Dylan quickly. Again, his arms wrapped around me and he pulled me in for a hard kiss. Then he pushed me away from him. "See you later, stud."

I drove back to work. All I could smell in the car was Dylan's semen. The harsh smell of cum followed me into my building and then into the elevator. I stared at the floor as I rode upstairs and tried not to make eye contact with anyone. I knew that if I did, I wouldn't be able to avoid looking ashamed, which would prove that what smelled like cum actually was cum.

Dylan texted me again that afternoon asking me over to his place for dinner. Jordan was out with a new girlfriend and Dylan wanted to cook me dinner. It was one of the constant inconsistencies in his personality. He'd held me down and came on my face in public, but then he wanted to cook me a romantic dinner. After that, we were going to go get beers with some of his friends. He told me to dress sexy.

Five hours later I was back at Dylan's place. The table was already set when I walked in and Dylan was standing in the kitchen, wearing nothing but an apron. When he turned back toward the stove I stared at his fat ass and strong back. I walked up to him and ran a hand over one of his cheeks.

"Sit down. I'm making steak," he said, "There's beer in the fridge."

I looked inside and found a few bottles from a local microbrewery. Dylan normally drank Coor's Light, but I'd been pushing him to expand his horizons.

Ten minutes later, he brought food to the table and we started to eat. Dylan eventually turned the conversation toward that afternoon.

"What happened today, with Jason, I hope I didn't freak you out. I know you're new to this, and I'm trying not to push you too fast."

"New to what?" I said with a smile. "Giving a guy a blowjob in public while his friend watches."

"I don't know. New to a sex life that isn't so . . . flat." Dylan said. Then he backtracked, "Not that ordinary sex isn't good. I love having ordinary sex with you. But I really love pushing you to do things you're uncomfortable with."

"You freak me out at first, but I always end up enjoying myself. I guess I trust you."

"This has been a lot of fun for me." Dylan said as he took a swig of the beer, "Not just the sex. I mean that's been great too. I've never found a guy who's stable, easy to talk to, and doesn't mind breaking the rules every so often. Jordan says you're a unicorn."

I paused, "How can you handle living with that guy. He's sex on legs. I'd be dehydrated just from all the drooling and jacking off."

"I've known him forever. I guess I'm used to him." Dylan said, "But, I mean, we started to fool around once we moved in together. He's irresistible and he's always ready to get off. I guess we settled into a routine."

"I'd suck that guy's cock anytime he asked."

"Well, don't let him hear that because he'll be texting you every morning." Dylan took another drink. "When he comes out of his bedroom in the morning, his cock is sticking straight up. Every single day."

"He smells good too." As soon as I said it, I blushed. Dylan reached over and grabbed my wrist.

"You don't have to be embarrassed." he said, "You like what you like. Sometimes, when I'm jacking off, I grab his gym clothes and play with them. I almost get high when I'm in the right mood."

"I wouldn't be able to resist it."

"Well, as long as you're with me, you'll get plenty of him. That's part of our deal. I hope you don't mind if I loan you out to him every so often."

"Loan me out?"

"I, uh, sometimes I trade the guys I'm dating for favors. It gets me off. Usually it gets the guy off too. I thought Jordan told you about this."

"So, like, he does the dishes and I suck his cock?"

"Something like that."

"Is this what you meant about me being yours?" I asked.

"Part of it." Dylan grinned, "Mostly it meant that I'm going to fuck your brains out whenever I want."

"Is it just Jordan?"

"For now. Then, if you're into it, we can branch out. Like tonight at the bar you're going to meet some hot dudes. You let me know which ones you're into, and I'll see what I can do. I'll play too at first, but eventually, you can step out on your own."

"So, you're, uh, like a pimp."

Dylan's hands slipped between my legs. Then he grabbed my wrist and put it on his crotch. We were both hard. "That's right. I'm your pimp and you're my whore." He smiled while he said it, and I felt his dick throb. "If it's not fun, we'll find something else, but it if it gets you off, try not to think about it so much."

"I'm trying. I guess I'm not as laid back as you are."

"You'll get there." Dylan said. His hand wandered over to my cock and he squeezed it a few times. "You wanna meet some of my buddies tonight? Just for fun, I promise."

I accepted the invitation, assuming that Dylan had talked to me about blowing his friends in order to prep me for the evening, but Dylan didn't sexualize the situation. As he introduced me he always referred to me as "My man," and with a couple of guys he said, "My new boy." That was with the guys I could tell he'd had a past relationship with. Some of them actually looked me over from head to toe like a piece of meat. It got me hot to know that so many guys were interested in getting with me.

After a few hours, Dylan cornered me near the bathrooms. I could tell from the way he was walking and the blush in his face that he was feeling the last few drinks. He ran his hands up my back and then kissed me. As he grabbed my ass, he ground his crotch against my thigh.

"I think we should get out of here."

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"I've got some ideas."

We made for the door and said goodbye to Jason, the man from the gym. As we left, he winked at me and told Dylan that he'd be seeing us both soon. Walking to the car, Dylan asked me what I thought about him.

"Seemed like a nice guy, I guess."

"You wanna blow him? Like, if you had the chance, would you do it?"

"I, uh, I barely know him."

"You barely knew me." Dylan said, "You barely knew Jordan when you licked the sweat off his nuts in the sauna."

"That's different."


"I don't know. You, sort of, like, put a spell on me."

"I let you experience what you desired. What else do you want to experience? That's all I'm asking. Stop analyzing everything."

"Yeah, I guess I'd blow him. He's a stud."

"We'll do it together, someday." Dylan said, "I'll help you stay calm."

We drove the last mile in silence. When we got to Dylan's place, Jordan was in his room and we could hear a girl laughing. "Let's go to your place," Dylan said, "I don't want to listen to hetero sex tonight."

We jumped back into the car and raced over to my place. I couldn't help but think about Jordan, alone in his apartment, seducing a girl out of her pants. I wouldn't have minded listening to it, but Dylan seemed to have something specific in mind.

We got into my living room and I went to grab us both beers. When I returned, Dylan took both bottles from my hands and kissed me hard. He pushed me backward onto the couch and then fell into the couch next to me. His big body, his weight, pulled me in toward him, and soon I'd crawled onto his lap, making out with him.

Dylan's hands ran up and down my back, pushing up my shirt and then pulling it off. He pushed me away gently and gazed at my body. Then he leaned in and kissed one of my nipples.

"Fuck me, you're beautiful. My fucking beautiful man." Dylan cooed softly. "Ever since I first saw you, you've gotten up underneath my skin. You're so good to me, babe."

Dylan began to kiss my neck, licking the skin along the ridge of my jaw. It was an intense experience to hear that I meant as much to him as he meant to me. His affection was always mixed up in a sense of ownership, which made it difficult for me to know how he felt. This time, however, it was all affection, and I felt warmer and happier with him than I'd ever felt before.

He moved his head into my armpit and ran his tongue through the hair. It was almost as if he was in a frenzy as he licked and kissed all over my chest and torso. I pulled Dylan's shirt over his head and buried my face in his muscular, hairy chest. He kissed the top of my head and then lifted me up off the couch. He took three or four steps with me wrapped around his body before he put me down. He was strong, but not that strong.

"Bedroom." he grunted.

I lead him to my room, suddenly aware of how different our lives were. I was a professional, and had graduated up to a different standard of living. There were no clothes on the floor, the bed was made, and I was, maybe, a bit embarrassed by how much older I felt at that moment.

Dylan didn't seem to notice. He shoved me onto the bed and began to rip my clothes off. I helped him as much as I could. As soon as he had my shorts around my ankles, he dove onto my cock, taking the whole thing in his mouth all at once. He bobbed up and down a few times before he came up for air. Then he went to work on my junk.

His mouth moved around my cock and balls, getting up underneath them and licking the patch of stomach above them. He grunted and nipped as he worked me over. He was animalistic and primal, experiencing my body as much as he could while also giving me a full set of experiences for myself. I was bucking and writhing on the bed after a few minutes, waiting for the moment that I either came or he finally shoved his dick into me.

When Dylan broke away and stood up, I was surprised to see that he was still clothed from the waist down. He pulled down his jeans and his dick stood straight out in his boxer shorts. Dylan wore cheap flimsy underwear, and the fabric was no match for his big cock. He started to pull them down. but I jumped off the bed and stopped him. I got down on my knees and chewed on his thick rod through the fabric, pushing it around with my nose, and digging into his junk.

Dylan grabbed my head and turned me upward so that I was facing him. "You want to eat my ass for me?"

"Fuck yes," I said as I turned around and dove into his ass, again chewing on his flesh through the fabric. Dylan pushed down his shorts and I buried my face between his cheeks as he leaned into me. I grabbed onto his huge quads and pulled his backside against my face, digging my tongue into his hole and sucking on the flesh.

Dylan stepped backwards and sat down on the bed. He lifted his legs up and opened up his ass crack for me. I dove back between his legs.

"That's right, babe, get me nice and wet." He said as I licked and spit on his hole. I rimmed him for a solid five minutes, until my tongue was exhausted. Then he pulled me out of his crotch and I crawled up his body. Dylan kissed me quickly and then grinned. "I want you to fuck me, babe. It's time."

"Fuck," I said as my eyes connected with his. I hadn't expected this, hadn't had any idea that it was coming. In my mind, I would never fuck Dylan. He'd made a few jokes about getting fucked before, and I knew that he wasn't unfamiliar with the sensations, but I'd didn't think that I'd ever be one of those guys.

Dylan grinned, "You can't tell anyone though. I've got a reputation to protect."

"Big bad, alpha top," I said.

"Uncaring, unattached, just uses guys to get off." He finished the sentence.

"So why . . ."

"I don't know," Dylan said, "I guess you're just lucky."

He pulled me against his skin, pressing our chests together until the thudding of his heart was pulsing against my chest. I could feel his big dick between us, the heat pouring off of his groin. I was trying to psyche myself up, to get myself back into the position of a man who fucks instead of a man who gets fucked. I'd met lots of versatile guys who make the switch with no problems, maybe Dylan was one of them, but I had to be in the right head-space to get fucked, and Dylan had gotten me lodged firmly in that place.

"Really, babe, I want to feel you inside of me. I want to take that step." Dylan said. Then he whispered, "I'm not playing games. I'm falling in love with you."

Those words were enough to get my cock hard. If Dylan wanted me to fuck him, if that's what it would take to make him happy, then that was what I was going to do. Besides, it wasn't like he would never fuck me again. I could already tell from the way he was talking that even in this position, he was never that far from retaking control.

I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and this time I squeezed it on my cock and drizzled some onto Dylan's hole. I shoved a finger in him and started to loosen him up.

"I've been planning this for a while," he said, "Been practicing with a dildo."

He blushed as he said the last word, and suddenly revealed a different side of himself. He wanted to please me, to make me happy. That was what this was about. I rubbed some lube onto his cock as well, and then I lined up.

"Go slow." he said, but he didn't look at all worried.

I pushed forward and was surprised by how easy it was. My dick slid into Dylan's ass and he neither groaned or complained as all seven inches snaked into his insides. Only a few times did I see a glimmer of pain on his face. When I'd gotten it all in, I was panting and Dylan smiled at me.

"Easy there, boy. Looks like it's been a while." He said.

I moved my hips slightly, leaned forward, and kissed Dylan quickly on the face. "I forgot how good this feels. You're so warm, and I can feel your body moving around my dick."

I'd been caressing Dylan's arms and torso, but he suddenly reached up and wrapped his big hand around my neck. He pulled our faces together. "I want you to fuck me like I fuck you. I know you've got it in you. You used to do it all the time. Forget that it's me."

There was no way that I could forget that it was him, but I tried anyway. I leaned forward and started o make out with him. This time, for the first time ever with Dylan, I invaded his mouth, ran my hands through his hair, and held his head tight against mine. Dylan let me in, encouraging me to tongue fuck his mouth while I pushed in and out of his ass.

I broke off the kiss and pushed his legs up. Then I leaned forward and started to fuck him with hard, quick strokes. Dylan grinned, "That's right, babe. Fuck me. Remind me that I'm dating a man."

I pounded him harder, then flipped him over and started to hump him doggy style. I pushed Dylan's head down into the mattress and he shoved his ass upward to meet my thrusts. He growled and took it, but then his hands were behind him and he was trying to take control. I grabbed his wrists and pinned them down.

Dylan took it for a minute, but then he flipped me over onto my back. He quickly repositioned himself and sat on my hard dick. He rode me like a bull while his huge tool bounced and slapped against my chest. He leaned backward ad I stared at his huge balls, hanging loosely in his sack. Dylan leaned forward and I opened my mouth for a kiss. Instead he grinned and spit into my mouth. I licked my lips and then swallowed.

"Dirty boy." Dylan moaned.

"Shut the fuck up." I said. I grabbed onto his hips and started to thrust upward, stabbing him hard with my rod. He grabbed his own cock and his eyes glazed over.

"There you go. Fuck yes. Fucking keep drilling that spot."

Dylan jacked his dick in front of me, and I couldn't take my eyes off the huge dick or the hot stud that it was attached to. I reached upward, grabbed him around the neck, and pulled him down into me. I shoved my tongue into his mouth, made out with him for a minute, then pulled away.

“I'm gonna cum in your ass, Dyl. Give you back what you gave me.”

Dylan gyrated against my hips. He was barely paying attention, his mind focused entirely on what he was feeling. I understood. Being on top has it's advantages, but sometimes it's great to let go and allow a guy to take you. He ground down on me, slowly bringing me to the edge. When he released his dick, it bounced in front of him, hard as steel, and I knew he was ready to go.

“Cum with me, Dyl,” I groaned. I jabbed into him, showing him I was ready. “You good to go.”

He leaned forward and kissed me. Then he dragged his teeth across my shoulder and purred softly. His ass ground into me, meeting my thrusts and shoving my dick around inside of him.

“Fuck,” I hissed.

I felt his cum splash against my chest and then I let loose in his ass. My dick swelled as I pumped out what felt like the biggest load of my life. Dylan reached around and grabbed my balls, tickling them as I filled him up with my seed. His other hand rubbed his cum into my furry abs, and then he brought his sticky fingers up to my mouth and I tasted him. He looked down at me with wide, trusting eyes, and I knew that the two of us were in it for the long haul. Whatever we'd started, it wasn't going to end anytime soon.

When we'd both finished bucking and shooting, Dylan collapsed against my chest. Both our bodies were slick with sweat, and his hair was damp. He held me tight for a moment before rolling off of me. I looked at his big, dominant body, and he seemed a little different. For the first time, I felt a kind of equality between us. Maybe that was why he wanted to do this.

I felt him moving on the bed next to me and I grabbed his arm, “Don't go, ok. Stay here tonight.”

Dylan twisted his body and pressed his torso against my side. “Don't worry, babe. I'm not going anywhere.”

More to come guys. Hope you liked this one. Charlie –

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