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Teaching My Son A Lesson, Part 8

Teaching My Son a Lesson, Part 8
C. Charlie -

I was working out when Sam's dad Luis approached me. I'd been admiring him from across the room, looking at him in the mirrors and watching the way his muscles bulged as he moved. Generally, I went for young guys, after about 22 they didn't do much for me anymore, but maybe because Luis shared my kinks, I found him attractive.

"What's up man?" I said as he walked up to me in the locker room.

"Not much. My son Jose is coming home next week. He's got two weeks off between his training and his deployment."

"Sounds like fun." I said. "I can't imagine not having Sean around for that long. Now that he's living with me, I wonder how I made it for all those years when he was with his mom."

"Yeah, Ill bet." Luis shot me a knowing grin. I blushed a little and shook my head. I hadn't meant it like that. Our sexual relationship aside, I liked having Sean around. Luis continued, "Listen, Jose had a little bit of a problem in high school, with girls, you know. He'd get his shit together and then he'd meet some chick and toss it all down the drain."

"Guys his age only think with their dicks."

"Right?" Luis said, "So naturally I'm worried that he'll do the same thing now. Two weeks is long enough to fall in love and fuck up his life again."

"He's smart. After Boot Camp, he's not going to be the kid you said good-bye to. You know that." I had seen a Marine Corps tattoo on Luis's shoulder.

"Still, I'm worried," he said, "I was thinking that maybe I could provide him some alternative entertainment. Like, maybe Sean could spend some time with him while he's home."

"I don't know, man, I've got the same problem with Sean. He's pulling straight As in school now. I don't want him falling in love with some stud and fucking everything up."

"I can sweeten the deal"

I raised an eyebrow.

"I'll give you Sam." Luis leaned in close and whispered in my ear. I could smell his sweat and my dick started to thicken. "You're not the only one fucking his boy. Understand?"

A smile broke across my face. "Deal." I said.

Two weeks later I sent Sean over to Luis's house. Sam wasn't around, and so far as I knew he still didn't know about our deal. Luis came out, smiled at Sean, and they both walked into the house. Sean had been nervous when I told him about Jose, but I made sure he knew that he was safe and could call if things got weird. This was an opportunity to have some fun with a college aged stud. He should be excited, and maybe he was.

Luis walked Sean into the kitchen where Jose stood with a bottle of water. He wore jeans and a white t-shirt. His hair was cut high and tight, jet black against his chocolate covered skin. He couldn't have been more different than Sam. Sam was small and muscled, with a tight waste and a soft face. Jose was boxy, all angles and hardness. His body was muscular, but his frame was big enough that he didn't look like a bodybuilder. He was thick, heavy, and substantial. To Sean, he was drop dead gorgeous.

"This is Sean," Luis said, "He's going to keep you busy while you're home."

"What do you mean?" Jose asked.

"I don't want you out with girls. Last thing I need is a grand-baby to take care of while you're on the other side of the world."

Jose looked at his dad quizzically, acting like he had no idea what Luis was talking about.

Luis walked over to Jose and gently smacked the side of his head. He laughed, "He's gay you idiot. If you need to get your nut, use him."

"He's a guy," Jose said, chewing on another bite of his sandwich.

"Close your eyes and you won't notice." Luis said, "Now why don't you take him up to your room and get acquainted."

Luis winked at Sean and waited. Jose finished his sandwich, shrugged once, and grabbed Sean's shoulder. As they walked upstairs, Sean picked up on two things. First, Jose had the finest ass he had ever seen. Big bulging mounds of muscle filled in the seat of his jeans. His mouth watered and for a moment he was excited instead of terrified. Second, Jose smelled sexy. He couldn't explain it, but his pheromones or something were doing their work on Sean's brain.

These moments of excitement did little to mask his fear. Sean felt like a lamb being lead off to the slaughter. This weirdly silent, thick and heavy, muscled marine was about to do God knew what to him. It didn't help that Jose probably resented the fact that he cut off from women. Sean was worried he would take out some of that aggression on him.

They got into the room, and Jose closed the door behind them. He turned to Sean and a big smile broke out on his face.

"Look at you. High school jock, boy next door, blond and muscled and lean." Jose stated. "Guess it's my lucky day, cause you're a fucking beautiful man. Just the kind of ass I was hoping to get up into while I'm home."

"I uh . . ." Sean said, confused.

"Yeah, dad thinks I'm straight cause of what I got up to in high school. But once I got into the Corps, surrounded by all those guys, I figured out that I was misdirecting my energies. Now, instead of chasing pussy, I chase ass. For the last twelve weeks, I've been bending guys over in the barracks whenever I get the chance."

"You're gay?" Sean asked. He'd never met a gay man like Jose, a guy who looked and acted just like him. It was weirdly comforting to know that there were jocks who played for his team.

Jose moved in close. "Yes," he said. Then he kissed Sean on the mouth. The kiss was tentative at first, almost a peck, but it quickly developed into a deep open mouth make-out session. Sean's dick shot up to full mast and he leaned into Jose's body. Then Jose pulled away

"We can talk later if you want, if you're like, struggling with your feelings or whatever, but I'm so hungry for you right now."

Jose ran his nose along the line of Sean's jaw. It was both sensual and romantic, but also weirdly possessive. Sean felt like a piece of meet that was being checked out by a wolf.

When he stepped away, Jose pawed at the bulge in his jeans and stared at Sean. "Take your shirt off."

Sean pulled it off and then Jose's hands were on his chest. He rubbed the flesh of Sean's pecs. They were developed for his age, but didn't have the fullness of an adult man. He pinched on his nipples and Sean tilted back his head and moaned.

"Now your pants."

Sean opened his jeans and his pants dropped to the floor. He stepped out of them and stood in his underwear. He was wearing a tight pair of American Eagle boxer briefs and his bulge filled out one of the legs. A big dark spot marked the tip.

“You're all ready to go, huh?” Jose reached into Sean's shorts and pulled out his dick. He squeezed the shaft and milked a huge drop of precum out. Scooping it up with his finger, he took his first taste of Sean.

"My old man thought he was going to keep me out of trouble by throwing you in my lap, but holy shit man, I'm about to shoot my load just looking at you. Someday, when you walk into a gay bar, the guys are going to tear this ass up. I'm guessing that you mostly like to get pounded."

"So far." Sean said. He swallowed a big gob of spit. "I've, uh, never fucked a guy."

Jose stepped in again and breathed deeply. His hand moved down Sean's back and into his briefs. He grabbed one cheek of his ass, squeezed hard, and then dug into his ditch and fingered his hole.

"Sorry, but you're not going to fuck me either." Jose said softly. "Not today anyway. Now get down on your knees."

Sean dropped to the floor and Jose ripped of his shirt. His chest and arms were marked with a few scattered tattoo's and his body was muscular but bulky. He looked like a man who worked hard most of the day and ate a lot to keep up his strength. Sean couldn't believe his luck.

Jose unbuttoned his pants and opened up the fly. Then he stepped into Sean and pulled him into his bulge. He rubbed his face up and down over his underwear. When he pulled away, Sean's eyes were wet and glassy.

"My dad knows how to pick them, doesn't he? You don't just like dick, you love it, don't you?" Sean blushed "Don't worry, little bro. There's nothing wrong with being a slut for cock. In fact, it's going to make you pretty popular."

Jose dropped his pants. He was, almost predictably, wearing a pair of tighty whiteys. They could barely contain his thick dick. It pressed over to the left and bulged out past his hip. This time, he didn't need to pull Sean in. Sean dove on his dick and started to suck and sniff at the tube of flesh through the thin white cotton.

"That's right, little bro, show my dick how much you want it." Jose said softly and deeply.

Calling him little bro turned Sean's crank more than Jose could have known, and he started to suck at the tip of Jose's dick, trying to suck the flavor of his cock into his mouth. Then Jose pushed him down into his balls. Sean breathed in deeply.

"You like that smell, boy?" Sean looked up and nodded. "What's it smell like?"

"Man." Sean said softly. He looked up at Jose, his eyes red with lust, “And cock.”

"That's right, ball sweat and testosterone. Get my boys churning. Let them know that they're going to have a knew home soon."

Cradling Sean's head, Jose stepped back toward the bed and Sean followed on his knees. He sat down on the edge of the mattress and leaned back. Sean was about to dive on his cock, but Jose held him back.

"Sniff my junk, little bro," he said, "Makes me so hot to know that you're a little piggy. Just get in there and really take it in."

Sean was familiar with the smell of cock, but he'd never had this kind of license to give in to his basest urges. He leaned in and smelled the base of Jose's dick and recognized an aroma that he'd come to love. His mouth watered as he moved his face around the Latin stud's balls and then under them. Jose grabbed his hair and pulled him up a little.

Jose gazed into his eyes and smiled a little bit. Sean's hair was messed up and his face was red with sweat and body heat. He looked sexy and cute at the same time. Jose wanted to eat him alive. At the same time, Sean stared up at him, his eyes taking in Jose's hard body, tan and covered with nicks and scars.

Jose sat up and pulled Sean into him. He pressed their mouths together and as he invaded Sean's mouth with his tongue, his hands roamed over his body. He felt every inch of Sean's hard, muscular body.

Finally his hands landed on Sean's bulge. He grabbed the hard lump of flesh through Sean's shorts and squeezed it a few times. Then he reached into the pouch. His hands roamed over Sean's cock, tugging on it for a moment, but then he dug underneath Sean's balls and into his trench. He tapped his asshole.

"You like to get fucked?"

Sean nodded. He wanted to say something sexy and provocative, but he was new at this and didn't want to embarrass himself.

Jose stared at him again, holding his gaze for a solid minute. Then he kissed him one more time. He rose to his feet and planted his crotch in front of Sean's face. The big bulge was wet and see through from the tongue bath Sean had giving it. Slowly, almost lovingly, Jose caressed the back of Sean's neck. Then he dropped his briefs.

His cock was about seven inches long and thick. Jose grabbed it by the base, where a nest of dark, straight pubes surrounded the shaft. Holding onto it, he tapped Sean on the forehead with it a few times, gazing down into the younger jock's eyes. Then he slipped it between Sean's lips.

Sean devoured Jose's cock, taking it down to the base immediately and then coming up and working the head. Jose leaned back against the bed and gasped for air.

"Fuck me," he growled, "This isn't your first time sucking dick."

"I've had some practice," Sean said with a smile. Jose's dick was resting against his cheek.

"Yeah, I'll bet you have." Jose said with a grin. "If word gets out about you and your skills, your jaw's going to bust from all the cock sucking you'll be doing."

Sean bobbed up and down on the guy's dick for a few minutes while Jose stood there like a statue. Occasionally he would rub Sean's head or groan, but Sean didn't get much extra feedback. Then he sucked the stud's big balls into his mouth and Jose slipped backward with a gasp and sat down on the bed again.

"That's right, little bro,” he said. "Get those nuts in your mouth."

Sean didn't have any problem with that, licking balls was about his second favorite thing. Nothing better than having a dude's nuts in your mouth while your nose was buried in his pubes. Plus, most guys got more aggressive when Sean head was between their thighs. There was something almost inherently dominant about tea-bagging a dude, and it brought out the hard edge in almost every guy Sean had been with.

"Look up at me. I want to see you with my nuts in your mouth."

Sean looked up at Jose, whose big dick bounced above his face. He pulled both nuts into his mouth and sucked hard, drawing them away from Jose's body.

"I fucking love blond boys, and you've got that perfect, stud-next-door thing going for you. So clean and wholesome.” Jose said, “If only all your neighbors could see you with my nut all over your face. They wouldn't think you're so wholesome then."

Sean buried himself more deeply between Jose's legs and Jose lifted his thighs.

"Dig into that Latino ass, little bro. Get in there deep." Sean did his best and lapped at Jose's hole, "Nah man, work your tongue in there. Really eat me out."

Jose's hand wrapped around Sean's skull and pulled him into his ass. Then Jose closed his legs around Sean's body, holding him tight between his muscular quads, giving him literally no room to move. Sean started to really go after Jose's ass, tonguing him and then bringing his fingers into play. Jose bucked against him, pressing his hairy ass against Sean's face.

When Jose pulled away, he quickly bent down and kissed Sean. "Fuck me, little bro, you like eating out my hairy asshole?"

"Yes." Sean hissed.

"You want more? You want me to smother you between my cheeks?"

Sean nodded and, knowing what was coming, lay down on his back on the bed. Instead of sitting on him, Jose reached between his legs and teased Sean's asshole.

"You realize what's coming next, right?"

"You're going to fuck me." Sean said.

"How do you feel about that?"

"I can't wait."

Jose laughed and then he planted his ass on Sean's face. He came down on him with his full weight. His balls rested on Sean's chin and his dick bounced against his chest. He ground his cheeks into Sean, and then Sean started to eat him out.

Sean was surprised when he felt Jose's hand on his dick. He hadn't expected him to play back. But the Latino stud jerked him off, lubing up his cock with precum and spit and then slowly milking him. Sean groaned against the skin of Jose's ass cheeks as pleasure moved through his body.

Then Jose leaned forward. His balls dropped into Sean's mouth as he bent over and sucked Sean's cock into his mouth.

Sean gasped and for a moment he forgot about the stud he was servicing. Jose was a good cocksucker, maybe even an expert. Sean had never experienced anything like it. He made love to his dick with his mouth, sucking and licking and using his hands too. Sean bucked up against him, experiencing for the first time the animal urge to just fuck a mouth. He was worried that Jose would get upset, but the stud was into it. When he finished with Sean's dick, he went on to lick and taste every other part of his junk.

When he was done, Jose sat back up and flipped around. Now his cock was hanging over Sean's face and he stared down at him.

"I don't usually get to hook up with guys like you. The dudes in the marines are all thugs, big blocky beasts, like me." He smiled. "But you, you're all lean and muscular." He ran his hand over the side of Sean's body and up his arm, “And you're so smooth."

For a moment, they stared at each other, taking in the sight of each man's beauty before they utterly devoured one another. Jose broke the silence, "Tell me what you want."

"I want you inside me." Sean said "Fill me up with your big dick."

Jose reached behind him and dug between Sean's legs. He dug in until he found his tight rosebud. He pressed a finger against it, teasing Sean as his cock dripped onto his chest.

"You want my dick in there, little bro?"

"Fuck yes. Fuck me."

"Feels tight. How many guys have owned this hole?"

"A few," Sean said, "But, uh, like a lot of times."

"You telling me you're a slut?"

"Uh, yeah, I'm a total slut. And now I want your dick." Sean stuck out his tongue and licked the base of Jose's sack. "Like, now."

Jose jumped off of him and climbed down between his legs. He lifted Sean's ass up a foot off the bed and bent him over double. Sean's ass cheeks opened up and Jose stared at the hole he was getting ready to destroy. He bent over and took a long lick, running his tongue from the top of Sean's crack all the way to the base of his dick. He gave him a few more licks before pouring some lube onto Sean's asshole and pushing it in. Then he let him drop back down.

"Hear you go, little bro,” Jose said as he pushed his dick into Sean's body.

As his cock worked it's way into Sean's body, Jose took control of the rest of Sean. His big arms, muscled and tan, wrapped around his torso and pulled  their bodies together. He pinned Sean's legs back, and then dug his knees into the mattress for leverage. When he started to fuck his way back and forth, his dick was completely buried in Sean's body. His strokes were long and slow, pulling and pushing at Sean's hole as he stared into his eyes.

The room was hot and sweat dripped from Jose's brow. It fell onto Sean's face and he stuck out his tongue. Jose saw him and growled a little before moving in for a kiss. As he did, he continued to dominate Sean with his body, moving him into any position he wanted, wrapping his arms around him, and never missing a beat with his non-stop fucking.

He picked up the pace and moved quickly, jack-hammering Sean's ass, lifting his butt further off the mattress, grabbing onto his hips, and slamming into him. He continued to pound Sean, faster and faster, until Sean's grunts turned into whines. Just in time, just when he was starting to feel some resistance in Sean's body, he stopped and pulled out.

Sean groaned and his asshole felt like a cave. They had been fucking for five minutes and the feeling of that long dick working his prostate was too awesome to give up now.

"C'mon man," Sean whined, "I was almost there."

"Seriously?" Jose said as he wiped the sweat off his brow, "Cause I've got a lot more to give. Fucking ride me, bro."

Jose laid back on the bed and leaned against the headboard. His dick fell flat on his stomach with a thud. Sean grabbed it, and slid back down onto it, moaning like a whore as he filled himself back up.

Jose reached up and ran his hands over Sean's body. "You're such a stud. Young and lean and blond." He groaned, "I could look at you all day. Fucking get me off, dude. Ride my dick until I explode."

Sean started to bounce up and down on Jose's long cock. Jose would pull him in every so often and their sweaty chests would make contact. As they kissed, Sean licked up the sweat from the side of Jose's face and took in the aroma of the masculine, Latin roughneck that was going to give him his seed. He wanted it inside of him, to make it a part of him. He used all of his ass muscles and all of his skills to milk it out of Jose's balls.

Soon Jose sat up. He slipped his hand behind Sean's back and began to shove his hips forward, fucking Sean's ass as he sat in his lap. Sean leaned back, secure in Jose's arms, and drove his ass downward.

Something had changed. The angle was different, and the ridges of Jose's cock were slamming into his prostate. His cock started to do it's dance and he wasn't able to stop it. He leaned forward, dragged his teeth across Jose's shoulder, and started to cum.

As he moaned, Jose grabbed his dick and played with it. Rubbing the cum into his cock and jerking him off with it. Sean's cum bubbled out and coated Jose's hand. When the thick rod had finally stopped pulsing, Jose brought it up to his mouth and sucked up Sean's load. Then he kissed him full on the mouth and pushed it all in. Sean kept riding his hard dick as they swapped the load of baby batter between their mouths.

"Fuck, baby," Jose groaned.

He pushed Sean onto his back and then grabbed onto his legs and started to slam into his ass maniacally. He was going full bore, panting and moaning and dragging his tongue across Sean's chest and face. Sean held onto his own thighs, pulling his ass up and giving Jose access. His own cock was still hard and bobbing between them.

"How do you want it babe?" Jose asked. "You want it in your guts or in your mouth?"

Sean thought for a moment, "Feed it to me, big bro."

Jose pulled out and crawled over Sean's body. He dropped his sweaty balls into Sean's face and started to jack his cock. Sean ran his hands up over Jose's muscular back, feeling the ropes of flesh contract and relax. Then Jose lifted off of him and shoved the head of his dick into Sean's mouth. Sean locked down on it and let it rest on his tongue, rubbing Jose's balls and ass with his hands.

Jose exploded with a loud yell. "Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fucking eat it, bro. Gobble up my nut."

Sean's mouth was suddenly full of cum, and he drank it down as fast as it came. Jose's cock was like a firehouse, blasting thick shots of cum into his mouth. Each time he swallowed, Jose complemented him and when he was finished, Jose's fingers were in his mouth, pushing his lips apart so that he could see if Sean had actually swallowed every drop. After he finished getting all the cum out of the corners of his mouth, Sean sucked on Jose's fingers and then licking his palm. Jose stared at him wide eyed.

"Holy fuck, bro." He said as he wiped the sweat off his brow, "The old man thought he was punishing me, but you're like a gift from heaven."

He dropped backward onto the bed, completely spent. His whole body was shining with a light coating of sweat. Sean bent down and reached for his clothes, accustomed to sexual situations that required him to leave almost as soon as they were finished.

"Where are you going, babe?" Jose asked. He stretched out his body, filling up the whole bed, then moved to one side. "Come here and just let me hold you for a little while."

Sean dropped his shirt and crawled onto the bed. He leaned into Jose's body, and for the next hour, the two guys just sat there, talking, playing with each other, and laughing. By the time he left, Sean was already dreaming of their next meeting.

Hope you guys like it – Charlie


  1. Charlie Charlie Charlie you are on fire dude. These last few weeks have been a smorgasbord of stories. I have been devouring your updates of big bros summer fun and now Teaching my son, my favorite stories. Thank You. Damn!!! I love the sheer raunchiness and the alpha males you write in your stories. :)

  2. Charlie ..... DAMN! I'll probably be repeating myself. but ch 8 of 'Teaching My Son a Lesson' is the best one yet! Not only Sean and Jose's first trip to bed, but the way the wonderful Dads came together, planning, plotting, knowing what EACH had to offer and what EACH wanted! Just one-handed reading at its FINEST!
    Mike ...... BUTT, please email me now at