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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Summer Fun, Part 4

Big Brother's Girlfriend – Summer Fun, Part 4
C. Charlie - cosmic709@yahoo.com

Note: In picking up this story again, I didn't aim for complete continuity with the earlier storyline. I apologize if some of the details are off, but its been five years since I first started this one. If you want to get a sense of the basic thrust of the story, check out the first chapter. That should bring you up to speed (and you'll probably get off too). --Charlie

The next morning Jase and Mitch were finally alone again. Mitch crawled under the covers and woke Jase up by slowly nursing on his cock. The first blowjob of the day was always Mitch's favorite. He loved the warmth and smell of a bed that's been slept in, and Jase was a little gentler in the morning. It gave Mitch lots of time to savor every aspect of his sex and masculinity.

After he came Jase went into the kitchen to make a late breakfast. Cooking breakfast was one of the few domestic duties that Jase enjoyed. When he did it for Mitch, he usually wore an apron turned down at the waist and nothing else. For a moment, when Jase was cooking, Mitch was able to let himself buy into the fantasy that he and Jase were actually together. He studied his brother and imagined him cooking for his girlfriend. He felt a pang of jealousy but then put the image out of his mind.

Jase brought the food to the table and put it in front of Mitch. As Jase walked behind him, he grazed his hand across Mitch's shoulder and briefly grabbed his neck.

"Eat up. This is our last day together and you're going to need your energy."

"Any plans?" Mitch asked.

"We haven't worked out in a while. Thought we could go to the gym." Jase said, "You game?"

Mitch  knew what game Jase was playing. He would take his little brother into some kind of public place and then treat him like a slut in front of everyone else. He'd enjoyed embarrassing Mitch since they were kids, and still enjoyed it. Every time this happened, Mitch both dreaded it and was excited. He had to admit that he got a thrill from taking these kinds of risks.

"I'm game."

"Good. Finish up then." Jase said. They ate in silence for about five minutes. Mitch got up and started to clear the plates. Jase pointed to a half full glass of orange juice. "Gotta drink that juice too babe. Get some sugar into those muscles."

Mitch picked up the glass, slammed it, and rolled his eyes at Jase. Jase smiled from ear to ear.

"What?" Mitch asked.

"Nothing. I just . . ." Jase paused, trying to decide if he should tell Mitch now or later, "I might have accidentally, accidentally babe, I promise, put some boner pills in your juice. Cause, it's our last day together and I don't want  you to have performance issues."

"That was very thoughtful of you." Mitch said sarcastically. "Seriously Jase, am I going to have to tape my dick down or something?”

"You're not going to have a hard time getting hard. But just think how hungry you're going to be for my dick."

Mitch walked over to Jase and dropped to his knees. "I'm always hungry for you Jase." He pushed his face into Jase's boxers and found his dick with his mouth. He sucked on the head for a second through the fabric and then reached up into the leg to pull it out. Jase pushed his hand away.

"Later, ok? Let's get dressed. Wear something sexy for me."

Mitch dug through his stuff, knowing that what Jase considered sexy was not what most gay guys would find attractive. He doubled up on underwear to try to keep his dick from showing. Then he slipped on some shorts that really hugged his ass. When he bent over, you could see the top of his thong. He went with a long sleeved shirt, knowing that Jase would find his bulky biceps distracting.

When he finished, he walked into Jase's bedroom. Jase stood in front of him wearing a tank top that showed off his long muscular frame and hairy chest. His shorts were, well, short.

"You sure those are regulation length?" Mitch asked.

Jase grinned, "They're running shorts, dude. Guys wear them all the time. Plus they show off my quads."

Jase dropped into a squat to show Mitch and the head of his dick popped out of the leg of the shorts. He smiled as he tucked it back in.

Mitch looked at him and already felt his dick responding, "I see you decided not to wear underwear."

"Bunches up too much. I've got soccer thighs." Jase walked behind Mitch and leaned into him. His mouth connected with Mitch's neck just as his hand connected with his ass. "You look hot, girl." Jase said as he dug his fingers into Mitch's trench and found his hole. "Really hot."

They went downstairs and piled into Jase's truck. As soon as Jase sat down his shorts rode up and his balls slipped out. Jase looked down. "Fuck, maybe these are too short." He winked at Mitch. Mitch reached over and palmed the big orbs. Well proportioned to Jase's giant cock, he had big bull balls that were heavy and hot in Mitch's hand. Jase kept them shaved, mostly because he loved having them sucked on so much. Mitch took his hand away and smelled his fingers, savoring his brother's unique scent.

As Jase drove, Mitch stared at him for a second. Jase knew, like only a brother would, exactly what would turn Mitch on. The gym was a masculine place, full of sweat and testosterone, and it could only make Jase hotter in Mitch's eyes. The sex that they had afterward would be fantastic.

Jase lifted his arm and pulled Mitch across the bench seat. As he drove, he slipped a finger into Mitch's shorts and toyed with his hole.

"You wet for me yet, girl. Am I putting you in the mood?"

"Fuck," Mitch groaned as Jase pushed into his body. "Are you sure we should do this? What if we get caught?"

"Ill talk my way out of it." Jase said. "People don't like saying no to me."

Mitch pulled away and sat back in his seat. "Seriously, though, Jase. I'm going to cum in my pants if you don't lay off a little. I'm always on the edge around you and you've got my cock on steroids."

Jase reached behind Mitch again and pulled him close. Then he grabbed onto the lump of cock between Mitch's legs and started to squeeze and work it. Mitch grabbed Jase's wrist and tried to pull him away.

"C'mon, Jase. No."

Jase mashed his dick for another minute and then Mitch was shooting his first load of the day into his shorts. He bucked wildly in the seat as traffic zoomed past. When he was done, there was a big wet spot on the front of his gray shorts.

"Now you'll be able to control yourself, babe." Jase said as he pulled his hand away.

Mitch dug around the cab of the truck looking for some napkins to clean himself up. He pulled his shorts down to wipe away the load but Jase growled, "Girl . . ." underneath his breath, and Mitch scooped up the cum with his fingers and ate it. Then he wiped up the rest. Jase reached over and squeezed his neck.

Mitch looked at him, "You're lucky you're good looking cause no one would be your friend otherwise."

"I know." Jase said.

By the time they got to the gym, Mitch's shorts had started to dry out, but he still felt like he could smell cum whenever he moved. They paid Mitch's guest fee and headed to the cardio equipment to warm up. Jase pointed to a stationary bike and said, "You there." Then he took the treadmill directly in front of him. For ten minutes Mitch stared at Jase's bulky, firm ass as he jogged on the treadmill. Sweat poured down his back, dampening the fabric, and eventually darkening the area between his ass cheeks. Mitch tried to distract himself but, even still, his dick never got softer than half hard, and if he let his thoughts wander, he suddenly had a big problem to deal with.

"Enjoy the view?" Jase said when they were done. He reached around Mitch and roughed him up a little. To anyone else it would have seemed brotherly, but Jase moved Mitch's head into the spots he knew Mitch loved, his chest and pits. When he released him, Mitch was wide-eyed.

They walked through the gym, and Mitch eyed the bench press, which is usually where he started. Jase caught his gaze and said, "Later, girl. My nuts are going to be hanging in your face on that one, and we'll probably have to leave right after." Jase glanced around and then quickly grabbed Mitch's hand and pushed it into his crotch, "You feel that heat, baby? You thought they were sweaty on the way over, you should taste them now. When we get home, I'm going to put on a ball game and you can take all the time you want cleaning my nuts up."

Mitch groaned as his cock hardened. He finally decided just to let it happen. If guys noticed the rod across his thigh, who cares? It's not like Mitch would see any of them again.

When they started lifting, Mitch realized that things were ok as long as he didn't look between Jase's legs. If he did, however, he was almost always treated to a little bit of dick poking through, or at least some of Jase's dark pubes. Sometimes, if Jase sat down just right, his balls would spread out on the vinyl. In those moments, Mitch couldn't help but stare. The scene was so obscene, so risky, that it turned him on and got his cock throbbing. He knew that Jase had an exhibitionist streak, but this was taking it farther than he usually did.

Jase sat down on one machine and the whole of his cock hung down toward the floor. Almost four inches of soft, uncut stud dick that was thicker than most guys are when they're hard. Jase tucked it back in and smiled.

"I think you might have been right about these shorts." He said.

Mitch could barely handle himself anymore, "Jase, I'm starting to feel a little spent, maybe we should take off."

"C'mon, you tired of watching your man working out? Fine, how about you do some squats for me. You know how much I love that fat ass of yours."

They walked to the squat racks in the back of the gym and Mitch threw some weight on the bar. Jase sat behind him, about five feet away. Mitch thrust out his ass and banged out a set of five. Each time, he made sure to bring his hips forward to really pummel his glutes and get a nice pump. He added weight to the bar and did it again. After five  minutes, he had a nice pump and the fabric of his shorts was pulling tight across his ass. He turned around to look at Jase for the first time.

"Fuck me, babe." Jase said. His hard cock was hanging out of the leg of his shorts, the foreskin pulled back with a stream of precum dripping onto the floor. Jase wiped some of the prefuck up with a finger and walked over to Mitch. As he did, his dick bounced in front of him. He shoved the finger into Mitch's mouth then whispered to him, "One more set and we'll take off. Sound good?"

Mitch moaned something that sounded like yes.

Jase slipped his dick back into his shorts, but the running shorts barely came down to mid-thigh and the head of his dick still stuck out. The thick skin, slick with prefuck and sweat, was curled up around the tip, and only a small circle of the dark red head peeked through. Mitch steadied himself in the squat rack and dropped down as low as he could go, thinking he would give Jase one final glance at his muscular ass.

Jase walked around Mitch and stood in front of him. He looked in both directions and then pulled Mitch into his sweaty crotch. Mitch stumbled as he lost balance and then pressed his nose into Jase's groin. He looked up at his older brother and stared into his eyes.

Jase lifted his shirt, showing off his hard, hairy stomach, but knowing that there was no way for Mitch to touch it without racking the weights. Below, Mitch's own hard cock popped out of his shorts and hung between his legs.

When Mitch stood back up, he racked the weight and tucked his cock into his thong. "We gotta go, Jase." He said.

Jase rubbed the back of his neck. "Maybe I want to keep working out."

"You shouldn't have juiced me up if you wanted to work out like this. My dick is massively hard and all I want to do is get fucked. I need to get out of here. Like now."

"Fine." Jase sighed, though he was smiling, “Let's go change.”

They walked into the locker room and Jase stripped off his clothes. He stood in front of Mitch, casually goofing with his phone so that no one would suspect anything.

Mitch took in Jase's rugged masculine beauty. Fresh from working out, his skin was bright and shiny, his arms bulging with veins and sinewy muscle, his cock soft but full and thick, hanging in front of his big balls and hairy crotch. He looked scruffy, but in an undeniably sexy way. More than a few guys checked him out, both to compare his muscles to theirs and then, after they saw it, to see if his dick was actually as big as it looked.

Jase picked up his gym shorts and quickly wiped the sweat from his pits and his junk. Then he tossed them to Mitch. "Face the wall, girl, then take out your cock. I want you to shoot your load, right here in front of everyone. Start playing with yourself, baby. Make your man happy."

Mitch did as he was told. He had long ago lost the ability to be rational with Jase. He pulled on his cock, figuring he was about a minute away from as orgasm anyway.

"Sniff my shorts, babe. Be my dirty girl."

Mitch blushed and looked around, then he did it. He took in the sexy, ripe smell of Jase's body, while Jase kept talking in a low, deep voice.

"When we get home, babe, I'm going to let you lick the sweat off of every inch of my body. You ready for that? You ready to be your big bro's dirty  girl? You ready to make your stud brother feel good, to worship him like you know he needs to be worshiped?"

Mitch whimpered and kept tugging on his meat.

"I'm going to put my legs up, and you can lick my hairy, sweaty asshole for as long as you can handle it, girl. Then you can suck on my nuts. You're such a slut I'm sure you can get them both into that hungry mouth of yours." Mitch continued to yank on his meat, oblivious now to who was watching, "You're going to lick the sweat out of my pubes, from the base of my cock, from the inside of my hood, and then you're going to take all of my stud meat into your mouth. All the way to the base. You think you'll be able to handle it, girl?” Mitch nodded. He had Jase's shorts against his face and was breathing heavily. "If you do a good job, girl, I'm going to stare you in the eyes and fuck you like you've never been fucked before. We'll make hot sweet love, that you can spend the next year thinking about whenever you jack off."

Mitch started bucking his hips and slipped off of the bench onto his knees. He shot his load onto the concrete in front of the locker. One guy looked in his direction, but quickly looked away. Jase had turned toward his locker, as if nothing was going on. When Mitch was through, Jase grabbed his brother by the shoulder and pulled him to his feet.

"I think it's time to head home, girl." Mitch just bobbed his head, unable to form a coherent thought.

They drove home in silence. It was rare for Mitch to do something that made him question Jase's power over him, but jacking off in public was up there. Jase rubbed his bulge occasionally as he drove, mostly to draw Mitch's attention to his cock. Mitch still had a hard on, but was trying not to touch himself.

Mitch lead the way into Jase's building. Jase walked behind him and grabbed at his ass every chance he got. In the hallway, he pinned Mitch against the wall and dug into his ass crack, seeking out his hole, and shoving his finger into it. He didn't say a word as he dragged his teeth across the back of Mitch's neck. When he got to his shoulder, he bit down hard and shoved another finger inside. He growled once and then let Mitch go.

Inside the apartment, Jase again assaulted Mitch's ass. This time pulling open the cheeks, licking at Mitch's hole, and telling him that he was going to tear it up. "This pussy, girl, it's got some work to do this afternoon. You ready for it."

“Fuck yes" Mitch said.

Jase took one last lick. "Maybe I'll finally put a baby in this belly. Been trying for years, but maybe if I get deep enough, I'll knock you up this time."

Jase walked into the kitchen to get water. As he left, Mitch felt all of his heat disappear and only the moist smell of his body remained. He took it in, then dropped down to his knees in front of the couch. He knew what was coming next.

As Jase returned, he pulled off his tee and stepped out of his shorts. His heavy cock swung between his legs as he walked toward Mitch. He sat down in front of him and lifted up both legs. His huge balls, ripe with gym sweat, spread out on the fabric. Jase lifted his hips, and his hairy asshole came into view. The hair was wet and stuck to Jase's skin. Mitch swallowed the drool that had built up in his mouth.

Mitch lunged forward but Jase put a hand on his head and held him back. "What do you want, girl?"

"Right now? Your ass." Mitch said as he licked his lips.

"And then?"

"Your cock, Jase. I need your cock. I just need to feel you on top of me again."

"You never get enough do you."

Mitch looked him in the eyes and paused for a moment. "I'll never get enough, Jase. I promise."

Jase bent forward and kissed Mitch on the forehead. "I know that, baby, and I promise that I'll never get enough of you. I promise."

Jase removed his hands and slipped forward on the seat, pushing his ass within inches of Mitch's face. "Start at the bottom girl. I'll let you know when it's time to move up."

Jase leaned back and turned on the TV. Just as he did, Mitch began to lick at his ass crack. The way Mitch sucked on his hole and started to tongue it caught him off guard and he groaned loudly. "Wow, you're really hungry today, aren't you babe?"

Mitch nodded and mumbled as he drove his tongue into Jase's asshole. He moved away and licked at his cheeks, running his tongue over the hairy ass and then moved back to Jase's tight rosebud. Jase reached down and rubbed the back of his head. Then he pulled him away and looked down at him.

"I think you should jerk yourself off, girl. We're going to be a while and you're a little pent up."

"I'm ok."

Jase pulled him away again and stared at him. "Jerk yourself off."

Mitch nodded and pulled his dick out. He'd been hard for an hour and he didn't have a hard time getting going. Jase grabbed him again and pulled his face up into his balls. "Put my nuts in your mouth, baby brother. Both of them." Mitch struggled to get the giant orbs into his mouth, and Jase helped by pulling his cheeks open and shoving his nuts in one at a time. When he finally succeeded, he pushed his hard dick down over his brothers face. "I love you, girl, but you look like a total slut right now. Choking on my nuts with my big dick dripping on your face. You like that don't you? My sweaty nuts, hair getting stuck in your teeth, cock slime all over your face. Such a whore for this cock. It gets me hot to see you like this."

Mitch started huffing and puffing around his balls and then his eyes connected with Jase's and he shot his load onto the hardwood floor. Jase held the side of his head while Mitch shook and shot. When Mitch settled down, he let Jase's balls pop out of his mouth. Jase looked at the floor, noticed that Mitch was still rock hard, and told him to lick up his cum.

"Wouldn't want anyone to show up and see your load on the floor. They might think I'm fooling around on the side." Mitch licked up every drop of his load and swallowed it down. "Good girl, get back on my asshole, alright."

Jase let Mitch work over his asshole for the next half hour or so. He occasionally talked to him, but he knew that Mitch liked it when he ignored him. The guy's mind seemed to turn toward abuse, especially when Jase was involved. Occasionally, he would pull Mitch upward and let his brother lick his precum off his shaft, but otherwise, he let Mitch do his job. As he worked over the hole, Mitch felt all the tension leave Jase's body. When he looked up at his brother, Jase looked like he was barely awake.

Jase saw him looking and smiled, "Climb up on top of me, girl. I want to make out."

Mitch climbed onto Jase's lap and his big cock rested in his crack. Then Mitch leaned forward and ran his tongue up Jase's chest and through his hair. When their mouths connected, Jase lunged forward, taking control of the kissing just like he always did. In a flash, he flipped over and was on top of Mitch on the couch. His whole body rested on Mitch's and Mitch wrapped his thick legs around Jase's ass, trying desperately to make contact with his cock. Jase slipped a hand behind his head and held him captive while his tongue invaded his mouth.

Mitch gave in completely. He tasted Jase, smelled Jase, felt his heat against his skin, and ran his fingers over his hard back and ass. When he couldn't take it anymore, he reached between their bodies and found Jase's cock. He yanked on it a few times and listened for Jase's groans of permission. Then he wiggled around until he got it pointed at his ass.

Jase plunged forward and Mitch gasped from the sudden entry. Jase smiled and then spit in his mouth. He whispered in Mitch's ear, "You might be my girl, but you take my dick like a man, bro. Every inch, every fucking time."

Jase leaned in and kissed Mitch, then he lifted his ass and tried in vain to get all of his dick buried inside his little brother. “I think I'm gonna have to flip you over babe, I want to go deep."

They grabbed a blanket off the couch and threw it on the floor. Then Mitch got on his hands and knees. He did his best to make his ass look enticing, and it worked. Instead of shoving back in, Jase started to play and toy with his hole.

"You're fucking gaping, baby. It's like this pussy needs my dick in it. It doesn't know what to do without me inside of you. You want my cock, girl?”

"Fuck yes," Mitch groaned.

Jase climbed on top of Mitch and plunged back in. The head of his cock and then all of the shaft moved past Mitch's prostrate. Mitch couldn't help it and his cock started to spasm again. He shot a load onto Jase's blanket and turned around hoping that Jase would kiss him. Instead Jase hooked his mouth with a finger and said, "You are one horny slut."

Jase long-dicked Mitch, pulling all the way out and then slamming back in. He was an expert at it, never missing Mitch's hole and always driving forward until his balls slammed into Mitch's. As he picked up the pace, the room was filled with the sounds of their bodies crashing into each other and Mitch's moans and grunts. When Jase pulled out and paused, Mitch turned around. He took Jase's balls into his mouth again and worshiped the giant goose eggs. He wanted that cum. Wanted it inside of him, and he stared up at Jase while he tongued his nuts, begging for his load with his eyes. Jase brought his leg up between Mitch's legs and Mitch started to hump him, running the head of his dick through the thick hair on Jase's shins.

As Jase sat on the floor, Mitch climbed onto him and started to ride his dick. At first he only took the top few inches into his body, but Jase lifted his hips and slammed his way home. Jase gave Mitch a minute or two to enjoy himself and then he wrapped his arms around Mitch and tossed him backward onto the floor.

"Sorry, girl, but that doesn't do shit for me. Flip over."

Mitch rolled onto his stomach and Jase was back on top of him in a moment. He slammed back into his body and then wrapped his arms around him. For the next few minutes, he jack-hammered into Mitch's body, destroying his hole with quick, angry jabs. He moved Mitch wherever he needed him, taking over his body and using it for his pleasure. Mitch just took it, mouth open, with his face against the blanket.

"Here they come, baby. Gonna send my boys home. You want my stud cum inside you? You want me to breed this fine pussy of yours?"

"Fuck yes, Jase. Give it to me."

Jase pulled Mitch's head to the side and stared into his eyes. “Here. They. Cum" Jase grunted and then he unloaded inside of Mitch's ass.

Mitch felt the flood of hot cum inside of him. Jase came buckets and when he started to fuck Mitch again, the cum squeezed out of his ass and ran down his balls. He waited as Jase plunged into him, breathing hard and dripping sweat onto his back. Then Jase collapsed onto him, all 220 pounds of man squeezing him into the floor. Jase's dick stayed hard, deep inside of Mitch's body, and his breathing slowed.

They stayed that way for a few minutes before Jase got up and flipped Mitch over. He pressed his body back down on him and kissed him quickly. Mitch reached between their bodies and pulled on his dick.

"You need to get off babe?"

"I think I came like twice while you were fucking me."

"That was amazing. I'm going to think of you every time I use this blanket."

"I don't want to leave." Mitch said. He ran his hands over Jase's body and rubbed his nose against his neck.

"We both know this works best when it's temporary. It's the only way it can fit into our lives." Jase paused. "I think it's time to get up and be brothers again."

"You sure you don't want to go one more round?"

"I think I'm spent little bro." Jase got up. His cock was still hard and bounced in front of him. He reached down for Mitch. "How about we shower together? Then we'll get you back on the road."

"Sure thing." Mitch said, glad that he'd get one more attempt to run his hands over Jase's body.

The two of them bounded off for the shower, forgetting for just a minute that they were going to be apart again.

Alright, guys. That's the end for now. I'm going to go back to my other stuff now. Hope you enjoyed this little run. Charlie709@yahoo.com


  1. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing Jase and his girlfriend again! I love all of your stories - but the tales about Jase and Mitch are my favorites! Thank you so much for your incredible work! :-))

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  3. Charlie, you did not disappoint with these hot brothers. They are my favorite story of yours, and I like most of them very much. The last chapter particularly captured the hot sexuality of the older chapters.

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