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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Summer Fun, Part 3

Big Brother's Girlfriend – Summer Fun, Part 3
C. Charlie -

Note: In picking up this story again, I didn't aim for complete continuity with the earlier storyline. I apologize if some of the details are off, but its been five years since I first started this one. If you want to get a sense of the basic thrust of the story, check out the first chapter. That should bring you up to speed (and you'll probably get off too). --Charlie

On Sunday, Tommy, the younger brother of Jase's girlfriend showed up at the apartment to drop off a few boxes of his sister's things. He asked if he could crash with him before he drove home the next morning, and Mitch was disappointed. He didn't get enough time with Jase and now that Jase had a serious girlfriend, he would probably get less. He was preparing himself for the eventual possibility that he would rarely, if ever, feel Jase inside him again.

Tommy was a senior in high-school and looked about seventeen going on twenty five. He still had red cheeks, smooth skin, and his muscles hadn't quite filled out his frame. He played baseball and had a solid, lean body. His brown hair was a few inches long and he combed it off to the side. In his school, he was the hottest guy around and he knew it. Sitting in the apartment with Mitch and Jase, he was both in awe of the older guys and excited to be included. That night, Jase let him have a beer, which made him Tommy's best friend ever.

For once in his life, Jase kept his hands off Mitch. He wasn't taking any risks while the little brother was around. When they were in the kitchen, Jase grabbed his ass.

"Girl, I can't wait to give you the dicking down of the decade. Seeing you fuck Casey yesterday, babe, I was so proud of you." Mitch leaned against Jase and they hugged a little. Jase grabbed his ass, "But I'll be honest, it makes me feel like I've got to put you back in your place, remind you that whatever you do with other guys, your cunt is what gets me off."

Mitch pushed his ass into Jase's hand. "When this guy leaves, I want you to wrap your arm around me and fuck me until I leave. I want to be so full of your cum that I'll be scrubbing your smell off of me for weeks. No more interruptions."

Jase growled long and low. It was one of his signature sounds. Mitch turned and ground his hard cock into Jase's thigh. Then he slid down his brother's body and buried himself in his junk, chewing on the fabric covered cock and sniffing his brother's musk.

"I live for this dick, you know that right?"

"Yeah, I've picked up on it." Jase said with a smile. He lifted Mitch back to his knees. "If you promise to be quiet, maybe I'll eat out your pussy tonight. Keep you on edge until the real show starts."

"Maybe we should go tell him that we're going to bed now." Mitch said.

They didn't, though. They went back into the living room and goofed around. Tommy was buzzed after one beer and when he bounded off to the extra room after a night of talking about sports and working out, he was the happiest he'd probably ever been.

True to his word, Mitch followed Jase into his bedroom and they spent about an hour fooling around in silence. It reminded Mitch of the times they fucked in their shared bedroom at home. They were always wary about the sound of bed springs rhythmically squeaking or headboards bashing the wall. When they were done, Mitch went to the living-room to sleep on the couch. After an hour, he realized it was impossible for him to fall asleep on the couch when he knew that Jase was in the bedroom. Eventually he crawled into bed with his brother.

The next morning, Tommy woke up and wondered down the hall into the kitchen to get some water. As he walked by Jase's bedroom, he noticed that Mitch was in bed with Jase. It seemed fairly innocent for brothers to sleep with each other, but the way that Mitch was nestled against Jase's side seemed sexual even to him. Jase was big and masculine, which made Mitch look small up against him. He gazed at the guys for a few minutes and was surprised to find his cock hardening. At seventeen, almost any glimpse of naked flesh got him stirring, and he was glad that it was early enough that he would have time to jerk off before the guys woke up.

Jase had noticed Tommy standing there, even noticed the way he softly touched his groin as he stared at them. Figuring that he might need to do some damage control, he got out of bed and made for the kitchen. He was halfway down the hall when he realized that he was naked, but decided to go with it.

"Morning," Jase said as he walked into the kitchen, "I'll make coffee if you want some."

Tommy turned around and Jase immediately saw the shock on his face. "Sorry," Jase said, "I sleep naked. I guess I forgot."

"Right, yeah, me too." Tommy said as he stared at the floor.

"You can look if you want, Tommy. I won't tell anyone."

Tommy looked up at Jase. His tan skin, the dusting of dark hair that covered nearly all of his body, some stubble on his face and his penetrating eyes. He was so muscular and so big that he barely seemed real. His eyes panned over Jase's chest and then drifted down to his cock. There it sat in a patch of dark pubic hair. It seemed absolutely huge to Tommy, but he wasn't sure if it was actually big or if this was just the way cocks looked. He watched porn, but the guys were almost always hard in those. He didn't realize how much time had passed when Jase took a step toward the coffee maker.

Tommy came out of the spell that Jase's body had put over him and realized that he had a big boner tenting his boxers. He smoothed it out and then his face turned bright red.

"Don't worry about it, bro. We're all guys here. I sprout wood all the time. In fact, "Jase turned back toward him, "Just talking about it gets me going."

He was lying. After seeing Tommy's reaction, he had willed himself to get hard. It never took much, especially in the morning when there was a pile of testosterone coursing through his veins.

In about thirty seconds, Jase's cock was jutting out in front of him. It was long and thick and veiny, unlike anything Tommy had ever seen in person or in movies. He watched as it got harder, as the skin slid back over the tip, and then as a drop of precum oozed out of the tip and dripped to the floor. He was completely enthralled as he gazed at it, mouth hanging open.

Jase looked on, trying to decide if he should put the kid on his knees and get a morning blowjob. There was a lot to say in favor of that idea. Tommy was cute. His body was still a little soft, still smooth and pink. He would worship Jase, completely and totally. The thought of doing that to a man that might become his brother in law was a little disturbing. There would be family gatherings, and while he and Mitch were experts at slutting it up without getting in trouble, getting caught with his girlfriend's brother would fuck up his life. He finally found a girl that he thought he had a future with. He wasn't going to ruin that.

Still, that didn't mean he couldn't still have some fun.

"Impressive, isn't it?" Jase said as he grabbed the base of his cock and shook it. "You'll probably never see one this big in person again, so get a good look at it."

They stood in silence for another moment and then Jase poured a bowl of cereal for himself and one for Tommy. He handed Tommy his bowl and walked over to the couch. Tommy sat in the chair across from him. As he ate, Jase quizzed him.

"So, you getting laid?" he said, aware that Tommy never got to have big brother type conversations.

"Uh, not yet," Tommy said, blushing again.

"That's cool." Jase said. Then he noticed Tommy's eyes on his crotch again. "Are you into guys or girls?”

Tommy paused. Jase waited and then said, "It's cool, you know. Mitch is gay."

"Really?" Tommy said, then stumbled through a bunch of words, "I don't know . . . or I'm not sure yet. Girls are fine and everything, but, some guys . . . I don't know. Yeah, maybe . . . I guess I'm figuring it out.” 

"Sex is complicated, little dude. I'm pretty much straight, I only date girls, but I've played around with lots of guys. It's fun, it feels good, and it's a hell of a way to bond with another dude." Jase said. His dick was starting to chub up again, "What kind of guys do you like?"

What Jase really wanted to know was if Tommy was submissive like the long line of "straight" guys that he had turned into his personal cocksuckers or was he more like Jase?

"I don't know." Tommy said, "I haven't, really, done stuff yet. They're just sort of fantasies and thoughts right now."

"When you fantasize do you think about fucking guys or getting fucked?" Jase was blunt and didn't break eye-contact when he said it. Tommy seemed intrigued and took the bait.

"Fucking them." He whispered, "Holding them down."

Jase laughed. "I love your sister, but the greatest feeling in the world is watching a guy, one of your straight buddies, suck your cock for the first time. The way their eyes glaze over when they first hold your dick in their hand is unlike anything you've ever seen."

They were both hard now, and Tommy wasn't saying much in return. He was completely captivated by this straight stud who was sitting in front of him with a dripping hard on while talking about feeding his buddies his cock.

"So, you're not gay, but you're into guys?" Tommy asked.

"Some guys are irresistible." Jase said. He wanted to add that it was guys like Tommy who really turned him on. He liked them young, and the 17 year old stud was about the age Mitch was when Jase first covered him. Like Mitch at that time, his body hadn't started to pack on muscle, but he had some definition and his body was lean. He grabbed Tommy's shoulder, "I like sex, Tommy, but I like sex that involves power and aggression the most. That's when I really feel like I can be exactly who I am. Caring, loyal, but in control. It's easier for me to find that with guys."

"I'd settle for any sex at this point."

"Come here." Jase said. Tommy looked down at Jase's cock again, "Don't worry, I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to do. In fact, I'm guessing you're going to be into what I'm proposing."

They walked into the bedroom and Mitch's body was under the sheet. Jase pulled the sheet up from the bottom, making sure to keep Mitch's upper half covered. Mitch's full ass, big and muscular and round, was on display. Jase ran his fingers over it.

"This is what I mean when I say that some guys are irresistible."

"He's your brother."

"He's also a total slut.” Jase said. He reached down and pulled Mitch's cheeks open, showing off his puffy red asshole.“We have a special relationship. This hole has seen a lot of cock, and Mitch is still the best lay I've ever found. The guy lives to make the men he's with happy."

Jase slipped his finger inside and then pulled back out. Tommy rubbed his cock through his shorts. "Way don't you let that thing out." Jase said and Tommy immediately stepped out of his shorts. His seven inch dick slammed into his stomach. It was cut and long and thin.

"You're hung." Jase said, "Pretty boy like you, you'll get all the guys you want. College is going to be fun for you. Just like it has been for Mitch."

"I'm not as big as you."

"Almost no one is. My dick is like one in a thousand. Yours is maybe one in a hundred. I bet the guys at school already make fun of you for being hung."

Tommy blushed. His eyes were darting between Jase's cock and Mitch's ass. He swallowed hard. Jase knew the signs. The fascination with a naked man. The inevitable watering mouth. If he had wanted to, he could touch Tommy's shoulder and teach the stud how to give a blowjob. Instead, he pushed Mitch's legs apart so that his cock and balls were on display. Mitch groaned and lifted his ass.

"Look at that. Even in his dreams he's begging for dick." Jase said. Then he turned back to Tommy. "So, you want to give or receive?"

Tommy looked down at Jase's dick. It had gone half soft and was hanging like a big slab of meat between his legs. He licked his lips, but Jase reached down and pulled the rest of the covers off of Mitch.

"If you want mine, you can have it in a few minutes, but first, let's give Mitch a chance." Jase grabbed Tommy by the cock and pulled him to the head of the bed. He pushed the dick against Mitch's lips and Mitch opened up and took it into his mouth. His eyes opened just as his lips locked down on the dick.

He looked up at Tommy and the corners of his mouth turned up. "This is his first blowjob, babe, so don't fuck it up." Jase said. Mitch buried himself to the hilt and Tommy groaned loudly. Mitch got out of bed quickly and knelt down on the floor between Tommy's legs. He sucked the young guy's balls into his mouth and Tommy leaned backward and moaned again. Jase slipped in behind him and held him steady.

"Feels good, doesn't it? Mitch is an expert."

Tommy was silent for the next five minutes while Mitch licked over every inch of his groin. He sucked his cock feverishly but held back because he didn't want Tommy to nut in his mouth. If this was his first time getting head, there were other firsts that he was going to take care of.

"Talk to him." Jase whispered, "Tell him how good it feels. Touch his face. He needs to please you, and you need to fulfill that need." Jase ran his tongue around the inside of Tommy's ear, "That's the secret. That's why they keep coming back. He wants you to be happy."

Tommy touched the side of Mitch's face, softly and hesitantly. He whispered a few words but it wasn't enough for Mitch to get into it. Some things you had to experience in order to understand.

"You think you're ready to give it a go." Jase asked. He pushed his big cock into Tommy's thighs, running it through his legs and touching the back of Tommy's balls. The stud nodded and then turned around. His cock exited Mitch's mouth  with a pop. Before Jase could tell him, he was on his knees and Mitch was hanging out behind him, ready to give him some direction.

"Take it into your hand." Mitch told him. Tommy reached up and wrapped his fingers around the big cock. Jase squeezed and it throbbed in his hand. Mitch grabbed Tommy's hand and slowly moved it up and down the shaft, pulling Jase's foreskin over the tip. Precum oozed out of the tip, and Tommy was entranced.

"Now put your mouth at the bottom and kiss your way up to the tip. Take it all in. Worship his body. Show him how sexy he is, how hot he gets you."

Tommy licked at Jase's cock, and then wrapped his lips around the big head. Jase rubbed the side of his face, but never pushed him down onto his dick. Mitch looked on in awe. Usually Jase owned a guy's mouth and his policy on new guys was to work hard and fast. Mitch was surprised that he was giving Tommy free reign to touch and feel him up however he wanted.

Finally, Jase pulled his dick out of Tommy's mouth. "I've got a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time together, so we'll get another shot at this." Jase pulled Tommy to his knees, "But you said you want to fuck, so lets give you a chance with Mitch."

Mitch lay down on the bed and lifted his ass in the air. His look was strong and masculine, but definitely gave off a gay vibe. It was the kind of body that Tommy had seen in porn, and he was drooling as he looked at the stud.

"That ass gets me going and I'm straight," Jase said to Tommy with a goofy grin, "I can't even imagine what it's doing for you."

"I can." Mitch said.

He rolled over onto his back and slid under and in between Tommy's legs. He hadn't been with a guy this young in years, since high-school probably, and it was strange looking up at an ass crack that wasn't hairy and skin that was still fairly smooth. He swallowed both of Tommy's balls while he grabbed the young stud's ass.

Tommy gasped and opened his mouth. Jase planted a kiss on his lips and rubbed his chest. Then Tommy went into total sensory overload and almost fell over. He grabbed onto Jase's cock to stabilize himself and held onto it, just letting it pulse in his hands.

"No one is going to believe you when you tell them that this is the way you lost your virginity, bro. Two brothers, one hotter than the next. A beefy burly stud and his sexy gay little bro." Jase licked his ear and then the side of his face. "Check out this ass, dude."

Jase rolled Mitch over and pulled his cheeks apart again. Mitch's hole was red and puffy, but just as tight and hairless as the cunt Jase fell in love with. Jase pushed his finger in and dug around a little.

"Good enough to eat, right?" Jase asked. Tommy nodded, but he looked unsure. "Trust me, little dude, if you want to have the guys and girls begging for your dick, you gotta be willing to eat them out. If you get good at doing that, they'll literally beg you to stick it in them."

Mitch shook his ass a little and stood up quickly to get some lube. His hard cock bounced up against his stomach and then he got back down with his ass up in the air. Jase moved forward and knelt in front of Mitch. He looked at Tommy and then leaned over and spread Mitch's cheeks all the way open.

"Go for it little dude. Get your first taste of grade-A  boy cunt. If you work hard enough, you might even get to taste the load I planted in there last night.”

Hesitantly, slowly, Tommy went for it. He ran his tongue over the hole first and then slowly started to circle around it. Mitch groaned softly and then Jase shoved his cock into his mouth. Tommy started to alternate between licking at Mitch's ass and watching Mitch suck Jase. The two guys were both so hot that he could barely believe that this was happening.

"Get in there, dude." Jase said. "Really make out with that hole."

He knelt forward and starting to lick and suck at Mitch's hole. Almost instantly, Mitch had arched his back and was pushing up against Jase's mouth. Jase pulled away, his lips and chin covered in spit and then smiled at Tommy, "Go for it, dude."

Tommy tried again, and this time he got into it. He wasn't afraid and he pushed in against the ring of muscle. Soon Jase's mouth was next to his and their tongues tangled up around Mitch's asshole and in his crack. Soon, they forgot about Mitch's hole and started to make out. Already, after only half an hour, Tommy was learning how to kiss. His mouth and tongue moved more effectively against Jase's and he kept rubbing one of his cheeks through the scruff on Jase's chin.

Mitch alternated between raising his ass up to meet their wrestling tongues and driving his hard cock into the mattress to get some stimulation. Jase was directing Tommy's hands and mouth, and soon it felt like he was getting rimmed by his brother. Tommy had no idea what kind of gift he was getting. Jase fucked like a champion, and a private lesson from him would seriously improve the kid's future love life.

"You ready?" Mitch heard Jase say.

Tommy must have hesitated, because Jase added, "Don't worry about it. Just stick it in. Your body will know what's supposed to happen next."

Jase grabbed onto Mitch's shoulder and turned him onto his back. Then he grabbed Tommy's cock and pulled the young stud forward between Mitch's legs. Mitch lifted his ass upward and spread his legs.

"Fuck me, little dude. Make me feel good."

Tommy stepped forward, his face red and his chest heaving. Mitch reached down and grabbed his dick, guiding it toward his hole. When the head touched, he smiled at Tommy. "Start real slow. I want to feel it all."

Tommy leaned forward and slowly pressed his cock-head against Mitch's hole before popping in. Mitch groaned, then he leaned forward and pulled Tommy down into him. He wanted the young guy to get the full experience, not to only experience sex through his dick, but through all of his senses. He began to kiss Tommy, as Tommy's cock slipped more deeply into his body. When all seven inches were inside, Mitch rubbed his back and whispered into his ear.

"Now fuck me, dude. You're not going to hurt me. Just let yourself go and really give it to me."

Tommy started to fuck Mitch, slowly at first but then he picked up the pace. It was clear that he was inexperienced; he would get a rhythm going and then everything would fall apart. Jase sat behind Mitch on his knees, cradling his head. Mitch loved the feeling of being surrounded by men, and his cock pulsed and dripped with every one of Tommy's deep thrusts. Hungry, he tilted his head back and tried to find Jase's cock with his tongue. Eventually, Jase slipped it into his mouth and Mitch sucked hard while he got fucked.

Jase reached forward, his long thick biceps stretching out, and pulled Tommy toward his dick. Both mouths started to work his head and shaft, and from the sounds the guys were making, both of them were enjoying themselves.

"That's right, my girl and my boy, munching on my cock." He rubbed Tommy's head, "It doesn't get better than this. Get your tongue under my skin, Tommy, get in there and taste everything I've got."

Jase leaned forward and dropped his balls into Mitch's face. He knew that Mitch couldn't handle himself in this situation. He had a thing for nuts, and for Jase's big, sweaty, hairy nuts especially. With a cock in his ass, giving him a set of bull balls to suck on was like jacking him off.

Soon, Mitch was moaning and his cock was shooting between his and Tommy's body. Tommy's hand, soft but strong, took control and worked his shaft through his orgasm. For the first time in his life, he felt another man's nut in his fingers, chunky and slimy. Then he smelled it and looked down at the mess they had made.

When Mitch finished cumming, Tommy looked at his hand, sticky and frothy with Mitch's nut. Mitch grabbed his wrist and started to eat the cum off his fingers while Jase ordered Tommy to fuck Mitch's brains out. Tommy did just that, slamming into him hard and fast while Jase pulled on his massive cock above Mitch's face. Soon Jase's dick was getting thick and starting to leak even more than normal. He was close.

Mitch looked down at Tommy, "Fuck me dude. Give me your nut. Give it to me."

Tommy screwed up his face and drove into Mitch. A few seconds later, his mouth dropped open, he shoved forward, and his dick exploded inside Mitch's ass. Mitch pushed down against him and met each one of the short thrusts with a downward thrust of his own. He held onto Tommy's back and felt the nascent muscle bulge under his fingers. Inside of him Tommy's dick, as hard as it had probably ever been, jumped and spasmed. He leaned upward and pulled Jase's dick into his mouth, desperate to have something to suck on.

Tommy bent forward, his orgasm subsiding, and sucked on Jase's cock too. Jase moaned, "I'm gonna have a treat for you to soon." Then his dickhead flared and the head swelled up to huge proportions. Mitch knew what was coming, and a second later, ropes of thick cum splashed across his chin, Tommy's cheeks, and both of their chests.

Tommy looked at the mess, up at Jase, and then started to lick the last drops of cum from Jase's cock. As soon as he tasted the pungent baby batter, the seed of an incredible stud, he couldn't stop. He licked every drop from Jase's cock and then sucked up whatever was on Mitch's face. Jase smiled and took Tommy's face in his chin. He used his cock to push the gobs that coated Tommy's smooth cheeks into his mouth.

When it was all over, the three guys lay on the bed exhausted. Tommy made like he was going to get up, but Mitch pulled him back onto the bed. "You gotta snuggle for a few minutes after a good fuck. Just relax and take it all in."

Tommy laid on the bed next to the two guys, on one side was Jase who was big, bulky, and hairy, almost like an animal. On the other, Mitch who was muscular, unbelievably cute, and friendly. Laying between the two, he didn't know which guy was more his type, but he knew that he would never question whether he was gay again.

One more chapter coming, guys. Then back to my other active stories. Thanks for reading! - Charlie.


  1. You are such an incredible writer Charlie! I was getting really turned on by your gym buddy story but you returning to this theme has made me read your previous entries and so far I've never managed to hold my cum for more than 2 stories! Damn you're so good! Thank you for writing man!

  2. Hey, Charlie! I'm still not sure whether this is a little vignette like Spring Break, or if this is going to be a full series, but you're just pausing to work on other ones. I love this pairing, but then again, I love everything you write! I might comment with some thoughts on it later.