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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 5

Hey guys,
I posted a new chapter to my story Big Bro's Girlfriend. Let me know if you like it.

Excerpt: "Matt, you should come over here and get a taste of her pussy. It's pretty amazing." Jase said. At the same time, he used his hand to shove Mitch's face deeper into his crotch, as if emphasizing that Mitch didn't have a say in the matter.

Mitch felt Matt's hands on his ass. They were smaller than Jase's, but Matt was rougher with him. He grabbed onto Mitch's ass cheeks hard and spread them out. Then Mitch felt the tongue on his hole. Matt lapped at Mitch's cunt a few times before he pulled his face away.

"Good?" Jase asked.

"Fuck man. Now I see why you've been keeping this bitch to yourself. Word gets out, and she's gonna be fighting dudes off with a stick." Matt said.

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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 5
Cosmic Charlie -

Mitch arrived at the gym in the mid-afternoon. His work-out program, overseen by Jase, had done wonders for his body, and Mitch regarded every minute at the gym as time well spent. However, he had been avoiding going to work out in the evenings when Darrel and Matt were likely to be around. A few weeks ago, the very thought of responding to another guy's cat-calls and winks never crossed Mitch's mind. But now, when Darrell lewdly checked out his ass as he did squats, Mitch was very turned on. He still wasn't sure if or how he should act on these impulses, and so he tried to avoid the two guys.

On this afternoon, however, Mitch was not lucky. Matt came into the gym about half-way through Mitch's workout. While Mitch moved from machine to machine, Matt followed him around, always choosing a machine that gave him a good view of Mitch's body. Matt licked his lips and lewdly stared at Mitch while he did his prescribed lifts. Every so often, he would wink or whistle as Mitch passed by. Mitch finally understood what it was like to be completely objectified by a man - to be seen as a piece of meat ready for eating. Matt wanted his cunt, and he wasn't trying to hide it. The other guys in the gym seemed oblivious to what was going on. Mitch just hoped that they wouldn't notice the cock bulge in the front of his shorts.

Jase insisted that Mitch work out without any underwear on. Jase claimed that it was because jock-straps were for men, and that Mitch therefore didn't need one. Mitch, however, knew that Jase got off on embarrassing him in this way. Without any briefs on underneath his workout clothes, Mitch's gym shorts clung to his ass, giving all the guys in the gym a perfect view of the piece of ass that Jase regularly used to get his nut.

Mitch finished up his work out and made a bee line to the showers. He wanted to get out of the gym before the locker-room started to get crowded. If there were other men in the locker-room stripping down, especially pumped up sweaty guys finishing their work outs, Mitch had no hope of showering without someone seeing his leaking cock. So far, the only response had been good natured ribbing. Mitch was about six or seven years younger than the average guy who used the gym, and most of them treated him like a little brother. The comments about his boner were always followed by laughter, but Mitch didn't want to get a reputation for being the guy who always sprung wood in the locker-room

When Mitch got out of the shower, he saw Matt standing next to his locker. So much for avoiding a scene, he thought. Matt's blond hair was messy and his chest was heaving from the workout he had just finished. His grey t-shirt was dark with sweat around his neck and pits. He was clearly waiting for Mitch.

"Hey babe," Matt said loudly as Mitch approached. "I never got to ask you if you liked my cum."

"It was good." Mitch said meekly.

"I bet," Matt moved closer. Mitch could smell his sweaty body. "What did you do with it?"

"Uh . . . stuff," Mitch replied while looking around to see if there was anyone else in the locker-room.

"Yeah, did you taste it?" Matt asked.

"Yeah." Mitch said quickly. He still hadn't made eye-contact with Matt.

"Did you jerk off with it?" Matt said. He moved another few inches toward Mitch. His hard body was now only inches away from Mitch's.

"Yeah." Mitch said, still looking at the floor.

"Why won't you look at me girl? You don't have to be afraid of me. I'm a decent dude." Matt as he put a hand on Mitch's shoulder.

Mitch looked up at Matt and into his grayish blue eyes. Matt was incredibly good-looking. While Jase was masculine and oozed assertiveness, Matt was more of a pretty boy. It was the contrast between the two that really turned Mitch on.

"You think I'm hot, don't you?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, Matt." he replied.

"When you see me, does your pussy start to get wet? Do you feel it pulsing between your legs?" Matt prodded.

Mitch had never thought of it before, but he did feel something in his ass when he saw Matt. It happened when Jase walked in the door after work too. It was like his asshole relaxed, opening up in anticipation of taking a dick. It was completely involuntary, like drooling at the sight of food.

"Dude, do we have to do this here?" Mitch pleaded.

Matt ignored the question. "Let me see your cunt." Matt said. Without asking, Matt slowly pulled the towel away from Mitch. Mitch didn't do anything to fight it. He was completely powerless when confronted by a man like Matt. He had no choice but to submit.

Matt turned Mitch around and pushed him over. Mitch's muscular ass cheeks spread open for him. Matt leaned down and peered at Mitch's cunt.

"That's a nice snatch, I can see why your brother likes it. It's a little hairy for my tastes though." Matt said as he stood up. He slapped Mitch hard on the ass before stepping into him. Mitch felt Matt's hard dick press against his ass. Without thinking, he thrust back into the man, grinding his bare ass against Matt's slippery shorts.

Matt reached his hand around Mitch's face and put two fingers into his mouth. Mitch automatically sucked down and started to tongue the digits.

"God, you're a cock hungry slut." Matt said grinding his hips into Mitch. As Matt was humping him, there was a noise behind them. Matt turned and saw three guys. The first guy instantly froze in his tracks and stepped back. The other two followed.

"Whoa, man. Sorry," the guy said as he turned to leave.

"Hang on man. You gotta check out this muscle boy's cunt. Come look at this." Matt said.

Mitch turned around and saw the first guy hesitate and then advance. He could feel his skin turning red from the embarrassment. Matt spread his cheeks wide for the guys to see.

"Look at that cock hungry hole." Matt said. Mitch heard the guys mumbling, then Matt slipped a finger into his ass. The guys gasped and made sounds of disgust. Matt laughed, "You should see the way this gash swallows a cock."

"He really likes to get fucked?" The guy asked.

"Don't be fooled by the muscles. This is grade-A pussy. From what I hear, she's an amazing lay." Matt said.

"Really?" The guy asked.

Mitch couldn't take it anymore. He stood up and turned around to keep the guys from staring at and fingering his ass. He didn't even think that he would basically be presenting his drooling cock to the guys.

"Wow, I guess she does like it." The guy said gesturing to Mitch's cock. The guy's eyes panned up Mitch's body. He looked at him carefully, then said, "I know you. You're a couple of years below me at North, right?"

Mitch recognized the guys. They were all seniors and two or three sport athletes. They were the kind of guys that Mitch used to idolize, but now fantasized about.

"Yeah," Mitch said. His eyes were on the floor again.

"Sorry guys, but we gotta go." Matt cut in.

"Too bad, I would have liked a piece of that," the guy said. "See ya dude, and I'm sure I'll be seeing you around," he said as he winked at Mitch.

"Look at how popular you are." Matt said as he laughed.

"Fuck you." Mitch said. If those guys talked everyone at his school would think he was - know he was -  a cock slut. Too many people were finding out about this.

"Hey man, I'm sorry, but if I didn't defuse the situation, they might have beaten your ass." Matt said as he took a few steps away from Mitch. The added distance alone made Mitch feel more comfortable.

"Look, why don't you come back to my place. Jase will be there in like an hour and you can have a few beers and hang out with us." Matt said as he grabbed his gym bag.

"Really? Just hanging out?" Mitch asked.

"Just hanging out." Matt said.

Mitch looked at Matt, who was still wearing his sweaty clothes. "Don't you want to shower?"

"Nah, I can at home." Matt said. "You ride with me and Jase can bring you back for your car later."

"All right." Mitch said.

In the couple minutes that they were in the car. Matt talked to Mitch about school. Mitch had a hard time figuring Matt and Jase out. Sometimes they would treat him like a chick and a sex object. They fingered him, fondled him in public, and talked about him as if he belonged to them. The rest of the time, they acted like he was just one of the guys. The whole experience was disorienting to Mitch.

When they got to Matt's place, which was a cheap apartment he was subletting for the summer, Matt tossed Mitch a beer and then pulled him aside in the kitchen.

"I've got an idea, and I promise I'm not trying to get into your pants, but I bet Jase would really like it if you got rid of the hair around your pussy. No guy likes a hairy snatch, and I could help you shave it." Matt said.

Mitch pondered this for a minute. It really sounded like yet another opportunity for Matt to play with his cunt and try to get Mitch to put out. On the other hand, it did seem like something Jase would like.

"You really think he would like it?" Mitch asked.

"Yeah babe." Matt said. His hand was already directing Mitch to the bathroom, "I mean, I know I would like it."

They walked into the bathroom and Matt started to grab a razor and things from the medicine cabinet. "Strip down," he said.

Mitch pulled his pants and t-shirt off. At this point, Matt had seen all there was to see, and there was nothing left to be embarrassed about. Matt had him sit on the toilet, with his legs spread.

"You're doing a good job on your pubes, they look nice, but we gotta shave your balls completely." Matt said. Without asking, he started to spread the lathered shaving cream on Mitch's nuts.

"Get your little dick out of my way." Matt said. Then he sort of chuckled. "Fucking good thing you like cock, cause you would never make a girl happy with that thing."

Mitch looked down at his six inch dick. He always thought he had a nice cock, but he had to admit it hadn't been getting much use lately. Plus, if he was competing with men like Jase and Matt for pussy, his cock was pretty much worthless.

Matt was quick with the razor on Mitch's balls. The hair there was short, and it didn't take long to get rid of what was left. Matt pulled the balls up and started to work on Mitch's taint. Then, Matt had Mitch bend over the sink. As Matt lathered up Mitch's crack, Mitch noticed that Matt was spending a lot more time on his back than he did on his front. Occasionally, a lathered up finger would 'slip' into Mitch's cunt. The razor came after the lather. When Matt was finished he wiped away the shaving cream.

"Yeah, you had a hot pussy before, but now . . ." Matt didn't finish his sentence. Mitch felt a tongue on his asshole as Matt started to eat him out. The tongue circled his cunt  for a few seconds then pulled away. "Fucking good enough to eat," Matt said.

Matt handed Mitch the razor and shaving cream.

"Do your pits," he said, "Then jump in the shower and rinse off."

Mitch did as he was told. As he shaved his pits, he felt a pang of regret. It wasn't that long ago that Mitch started to grow hair in his pits. He had seen it as a real sign of his manhood, and now he was shaving it off. After he had finished shaving and showering, he raised an arm as he looked in the mirror. He decided that he looked hot, even if not very manly. He pulled on another of the thongs that Jase had picked out for him, then dressed and went out into the living room.

Matt flipped on a baseball game and Jase arrived only a few minutes after that. For most of the game, Matt and Jase treated Mitch pretty normally. As the beer started to flow, Jase became more and more comfortable with Mitch. He pulled Mitch in next to him on the couch and put his hand on Mitch's hip. Though Jase didn't say anything, Mitch knew that his brother was expecting to get laid that night, and he was starting to lay the foundation. Jase had showered after work quickly, and he had a nice clean smell. The strong arm around Mitch, and the warm muscular body he was pressed into, turned him on. He could feel that odd itch in his asshole as Jase touched him.

Matt watched all this with a look of hunger in his eyes. Matt wanted Mitch's cunt bad. He wasn't attracted to Mitch as much as he was competitive when it came to Jase. He wanted to go where Jase had gone and, if possible, one up him. He wanted Mitch to fantasize about his cock when Jase was fucking him later that night. The hungry leering was noticed by Jase, who pulled Mitch in tighter.

Around the seventh inning, Mitch got up to get both guys another beer. No one asked him to do this, but he had been serving the guys all night. When he got back into the living-room and put the beer down in front of Jase, Jase fondled his ass a little while he was still standing. It was a simple caress, but Matt noticed it immediately.

"Hey Mitch," Matt called out, "Why don't you show Jase what you did for him."

Mitch felt his face turning red. He wanted to surprise Jase later on, rather than do it in front of Matt.

"What's he talking about babe?" Jase said, his attention now turned from the baseball game to Mitch.

"I, uh, Matt helped me shave my ass." Mitch said.

"Why would I care about your ass?" Jase said as he turned back to the ball game. He still had both hands on Mitch's hips.

"I mean, he helped me shave my pussy." Mitch said.

"Oh man," Jase said as a smile broke across his face. "Matt knows how much I love a nice, smooth cunt. Let me see."

If Jase hadn't had his hands on Mitch's hips, Mitch probably wouldn't have turned around on his own. As it was, Jase was turning his body before he could protest. Jase yanked down the shorts Mitch was wearing and told him to bend over. Mitch bent down, in front of Matt who was practically drooling, and spread his cheeks. Mitch pulled the strap of the thong to the side and pushed his ass toward his brother.

"Fuck, girl." Jase moaned. "I thought that was a nice hole before, but now . . . Jesus. I can't wait to get my dick in there. Finger it a little. Show it off for me."

Mitch rubbed his index finger around his asshole. He knew that Jase didn't want to watch him finger himself, so he instead used his fingers to spread out his pussy lips. He opened himself up the best he could and presented his gaping cunt to Jase.

"Baby, your cunt is so gorgeous. Smooth, pink, and deep." Jase looked at Matt, "This is the only pussy that's ever been able to swallow my whole cock. She takes it all the way to the pubes."

"You should have seen her when I shaved her." Matt said back, "Her little dick was hard and juicing all over. She was really excited."

"She was probably thinking about how I would fuck her silly when I saw this." Jase said. Then he gasped, "God."

Jase pulled Mitch backward by his hips and planted his mouth on Mitch's pussy. He used two fingers to spread his brother's gash open, then quickly flicked at his cunt with his tongue. The whole time, Jase was moaning loudly. He sucked on Mitch's pussy lips and rubbed his face against his brother's smooth cheeks. With his own hair gone, the scruff on Jase's face was like sandpaper against Mitch's smooth ass. He felt his dick start to pulse and his asshole open up.

Jase pulled away and turned Mitch back around. Mitch's dick was hard, but the pouch of the thong kept it contained.

"Girl, you got the hottest tastiest pussy ever. I knew when I saw your cunt winking at me the night you fell asleep that you were the chick for me." Jase said.

He took Mitch's hand and brought it down to the bulge in his pants. Mitch squeezed the big cock through the fabric.  Jase's crotch was hot against his hand.

"See how hot you get me." Jase said while looking Mitch straight in the eyes, "You hungry girl? You want to suck it?"

Mitch just nodded as he fell to his knees in between Jase's open legs. He reached up and unzipped the fly of Jase's pants. As he did, he planted a kiss on Jase's hard abs and licked around his belly-button.

He opened Jase's pants and his big cock popped out and flopped against his stomach. Mitch ran his tongue from the very base of Jase's cock all the way up to the tip, where a bead of precum had formed. He licked the precum up and then dipped his tongue underneath Jase's foreskin and circled around the head. Cleaning under Jase's hood was one of Mitch's favorite parts of sucking his brother off. No matter how recently Jase had showered, some of his essence always remained there for Mitch to smell and taste. The more he did it, even when his brother was a little ripe, the more he loved it. Jase had noticed it too, and considered this to be one of Mitch's signature moves.

Mitch started to jack Jase's cock while he licked and slobbered over Jase's junk. He dove into his brother's pubes and licked around the base of his balls and then down under his sack. Jase instinctively rose off the couch a little to allow Mitch access to the area under his balls.

"She really likes dick, huh?" Matt said.

"She loves it, dude. She gets off on tasting and smelling me. You should see her when I don't shower. She goes cock-crazy and slobbers all over my sweaty nuts." Jase said.

Mitch continued to lick his brothers' nuts and pull on his cock. Now that Mitch didn't have any hair on his balls, Jase's hairy nuts seemed even more special. He loved the way Jase's pubes scratched his face as he sucked on Jase's sack. Jase had enormous balls to accompany his huge cock. Mitch sucked then into his mouth one at a time.

"Matt, you should come over here and get a taste of her pussy. It's pretty amazing." Jase said. At the same time, he used his hand to shove Mitch's face deeper into his crotch, as if emphasizing that Mitch didn't have a say in the matter.

Mitch felt Matt's hands on his ass. They were smaller than Jase's, but Matt was rougher with him. He grabbed onto Mitch's ass cheeks hard and spread them out. Then Mitch felt the tongue on his hole. Matt lapped at Mitch's cunt a few times before he pulled his face away.

"Good?" Jase asked.

"Fuck man. Now I see why you've been keeping this bitch to yourself. Word gets out, and she's gonna be fighting dudes off with a stick." Matt said.

"That's the problem. It's like I've awoken a monster. She's cock-hungry now, and I don't think she could fight them off." Jase said with a laugh.

Mitch mumbled into Jase's nuts that he would fight the other guys off. He couldn't say much with a mouthful of testicle, but he did his best. Jase patted him on the head.

"I know you'd try, girl." he said.

Matt went back to work eating Mitch's cunt. While Jase liked to lick at Mitch's cunt and really open it up with his fingers, Matt seemed to like plunging his tongue inside of Mitch. Matt was also a lot rougher. As he tongued Mitch, he dug into his ass cheeks with his fingers and occasionally pulled on his pussy lips with a finger. Mitch continued to suck Jase's cock as he moaned from the way Matt was eating out his ass.

Jase pulled Mitch's head away from his cock. He stared down into his brother's eyes. Mitch looked like he was in a trance or something. As he caught his breath and licked the dick slime off his face, Mitch would occasionally moan as Matt hit a sweet spot in his pussy.

"How's your cunt feel, girl?" Jase asked.

"Good," Mitch moaned.

"Yeah," Jase cooed. He stroked the side of Mitch's face with his hands and pushed his hair back. At the same time, Mitch pushed his ass back against Matt's face. "You want a cock in there baby?"

"Please, Jase, please give me your cock." Mitch begged.

Jase smiled and cradled Mitch's head. Words could not express how happy he was that Mitch had asked for his cock rather than 'a' cock or worse for Matt's cock. He knew then that Mitch belonged to him for as long as he wanted him. Even if Mitch got a taste of someone else's dick, he would always come back to Jase.

Jase stood up in front of Mitch. Matt was still tonguing Mitch's cunt and was oblivious to the conversation that had gone on. Jase pulled him out of Mitch's ass by the back of his hair. The first thing that Matt saw when he came up for air was Jase's giant dick which smacked against his forehead. Matt pulled back quickly.

"What the fuck man?" Matt said.

"Get your face out of my girl's snatch so I can fuck her, dude." Jase said.

Matt backed away. Jase moved in behind Mitch and lined his dick up with his cunt. After a minute, he decided against this move and pulled on Mitch's hip.

"Baby, turn over. I wanna see your face while I get my nut," he said.

Mitch flipped onto his back. Jase pulled him over to the side of the couch, and lifted his legs up high over the arm rest. He leaned over Mitch and stared down at his brother. When Mitch saw Jase's face, square and handsome, looking down at him, his asshole flared and opened up. Jase moved his mouth over Mitch's and then pushed his dick into his brother's cunt. Mitch gasped, as Jase expected him to, and Jase took the opportunity to shove his tongue into Mitch's mouth. As his entire ten inches plunged into Mitch, rearranging his guts as it went, Jase kept Mitch occupied by kissing him. When he was all the way in, he pulled away. Jase rubbed Mitch's stomach as his pubes tickled Mitch's balls.

"You ready?" Jase asked with a smile.

"Uh huh" Mitch mumbled. Jase's dick was hitting some new spots and the position was a little uncomfortable.

Jase pulled back, withdrawing at least seven inches of his man-meat. Matt in the meantime looked on in awe. He'd never seen a pussy suck down a cock like that before. Jase plunged back in and Mitch whined and moaned. His face was contorted and his breathing quickened.

"You all right, girl?" Jase asked, a little pissed that Mitch was having a hard time taking his cock while Matt was watching.

"I just gotta get used to it." Mitch said breathing hard. He was also embarrassed by his inadequacies.

"Matt, give the girl something to suck on to keep her quiet." Jase said sternly.

Matt pulled off his gym shorts. He hadn't changed since coming home. He was wearing a white jock-strap underneath, which was stained yellow around the edges. Matt straddled Mitch and lowered the covered pouch to Mitch's face. The smell blew through Mitch's brain like a hit of poppers. His ass opened up and his body relaxed. This was ripe, stinky, man-junk, and it turned Mitch on like nothing else. The mix of the aroma of the rubber of the jock, Matt's sweat and piss, and the body odor coming from his ass crack was too much for Mitch. He bucked up against Jase's cock, practically begging for more.

"You want to lick my junk, whore? You need to have a dick in both holes?" Matt taunted Mitch. He was dirtier than Jase and more demeaning.

Mitch answered by sticking his tongue into the pouch of the jock, right at the bottom where the fabric met the straps. He licked as much of the base of Matt's scrotum as he could. At the same time, Jase started to fuck him again.

Apparently pleased, Matt pulled the pouch of his jock aside. His balls flopped down on Mitch's face. Matt's nuts were smooth, but hung loose in his sack. Mitch sucked them into his mouth one at a time, savoring the salty taste. At the same time, he inhaled deeply through his nose, letting Matt's stink take him through the pain in his gut. Jase was long-dicking him now. A good six or seven inches were coming in and out with each thrust. As Jase bottomed out in Mitch, a dull pain would go through his body.

"Her tits are really looking nice Jase," Matt said as he looked down at Mitch's body.

"She's been working hard for me." Jase replied. He had a good rhythm going now, and had no desire to talk to Matt.

Matt started to feel up Mitch's chest. He touched the nipples and then tweaked one hard. The pain in his chest caused Mitch to go into total sensory overload. He started to buck his hips against Jase's dick and buried his face in between Matt's legs. He rubbed his face in Matt's ass sweat as Jase pummeled his boy cunt.

"Holy shit." Matt said. The sensations on his balls were enough to get him to buck up a little.

Matt pulled his balls out of Mitch's mouth and slid his cock into Mitch's open mouth. He had no mercy, and pushed past Mitch's gag reflex and into his throat. It was the first time Mitch had taken a cock this deep, and he was glad that he was practicing on Matt's seven and a half inch dick. Matt couldn't get the whole thing in, but he still moaned loudly from the pleasure. Every time he twisted one of Mitch's nips, the boy opened up his throat a little more.

"She's loves titty play." Jase said. "It drives her wild."

Matt had had a hard on for almost two hours and he couldn't hold it in any more. His orgasm ripped through his body and he shoved hard into Mitch's mouth. Mitch gagged and coughed the dick up. Cum and throat slime covered the spewing cock as Matt forced it back into Mitch's mouth. Matt spilled the last half of his load into Mitch's gut as Mitch sucked the top few inches of his dick. As Matt finished up and caught his breath, Jase pushed him off of Mitch.

"Get off her and check this out." Jase said.

Jase pushed his whole cock into Mitch as Matt stood up. Cold air hit Mitch's slimy face. Jase leaned in over Mitch, but when he caught a whiff of Matt's stench rising from Mitch's face he backed off.

"Girl, you smell pretty slutty right now - like man ass and cum. You like being your big bro's whore?" Jase asked.

Mitch nodded. His mouth was open and his tongue was out. Jase couldn't resist. He pulled up a big loogie and spit into his brother's open mouth.

"You gonna cum for me, girl? You gonna use your orgasm to get me off?"

Mitch nodded again. He started to clamp down his ass muscles, causing moans of approval from Jase. Jase grabbed on to his nipples, one in each hand, and started to twist hard. At the same time, he pounded Mitch's ass with short, hard thrusts. Mitch gasped and then leaned back and closed his eyes.

He felt Jase's dick sliding through his ass, pushing all sorts of buttons inside of him. His mouth was still filled with the salty tang of Matt's cum and the smell of Matt's sweaty nuts was still on his face. Jase was twisting his nipples like two dials on an old radio. He started to buck his hips up and down to meet Jase's thrusts, and then he started to cum.

Mitch's little cock jumped up off of his abs as a blast of boy juice shot out. The rope of cum flew over Mitch's head and hit Matt on the thigh. Matt jumped back. Mitch's whole body convulsed as he prepared for a killer orgasm.

Jase slapped Mitch on the face. "Use it for me, girl." Jase said as he shoved his dick deep into Mitch's gut, "Milk my dick while you cum. Use your cunt to get me off."

The slap brought Mitch out of the orgasm haze he was going into and he started to clamp his ass muscles down hard around Jase's cock. The feeling of his muscles trying to close but not being able to only added to the feelings in his dick. He shot five more ropes of cum with Jase's cock buried deep inside of him. His abs were literally painted with his juice.

"Oh yeah, girl. That feels good." Jase moaned, "Pull the cum out of my dick."

Just as he was about to cum, Jase pulled out of Mitch's ass. In one fluid motion, he jumped on top of his brother and planted the head of his dick at his lips. Mitch opened up and let the dick slide into his mouth, tasting for the first time his own pussy juices.

Jase grabbed onto the sides of Mitch's head. "Lick it girl. Suck up your cunt juice while I fill your mouth with my nut."

Mitch licked and sucked, eager to do anything that would let him taste his brother's cum again. He lived for it now. Jase's cum was what kept him alive. He wrapped his lips around the head of his brother's cock and sucked hard.

Jase's body stiffened as he started to shoot into Mitch's mouth. Mitch tried not to swallow, not because he was still grossed out, but because he wanted to taste the cum for as long as he could. Jase shot buckets and soon there were streams of cum running down from the corners of Mitch's mouth. Jase thought that Mitch was not going to swallow and started to moan the word 'swallow' as he continued to shoot his load.

Mitch swallowed the mouthful of cum in one gulp. Jase slipped his dick out of Mitch's mouth, but let it lay on his chin. Mitch weakly stuck out his tongue to get the last few drops of cum from the slit and the folds of Jase's hood. As he tongued Jase's cock, he looked up at his brother. Jase gazed back.

"Good job girl," Jase said.  Sweat painted his cut body and his chest was heaving. He brought his hand to Mitch's face and fingered his mouth. Mitch sucked down on the finger as his eyes rolled back in his head.

Jase stepped off the chair and flopped onto the couch near by. Matt watched the whole scene unfold. It was some of the hottest sex he'd ever seen, and he wanted to take a stab at Mitch's pussy bad. Still, he saw the exhaustion in the two brothers' eyes and knew that the sex was over for now.

"Go clean yourself up, girl." Jase said to Mitch as he pulled on his boxers. Mitch went into the bathroom. He turned to Matt, "Fuck, she's a good lay. You see the way she licked her own juice off my cock?"

"It was hot man," Matt said. He had a hand on his hard cock and was rubbing it.

"Don't worry, Matty, you'll get your chance." Jase said with a smile. In retrospect he thought that he really should have let Matt fuck her.

"Thanks." Matt said.

Mitch walked back into the room, his face red from washing. He pulled on his clothes and left with Jase. In the car on the way back, the brothers laughed as they realized that neither of them knew the score to the baseball game.

Thanks for reading guys. Let me know what you want to see next. The nastier the better. Charlie -


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