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Basketball Jock and Prof, Part 13

In this chapter, Mike returns to college and surprises the Prof. at his house. Some kinky and romantic sex follows. Read the story after the jump.

Basketball Jock and Prof, Part 13
Cosmic Charlie - cosmic709@yahoo.com

It was early September and I was on my way home from a long run, trying to clear my head of all the nonsense floating around as I prepared for the new academic year. Of course, weighing most heavily on my mind was Mike's return to town for his senior season and final year of college. Months away from each other, momentarily interrupted by the short camping trip, had shown me how much I wanted Mike to be a permanent part of my life. I was incredibly lonely without him.

Mike was ridiculously mysterious about when he was returning to town. I knew that the basketball team would be beginning strength training soon, but he wouldn't give me a firm date when I asked him. I figured that his parents were bugging him about his return to college, so I let it drop. I've learned too many times the perils of taking on the parent or teacher role when I'm talking to Mike.

As I came down my long driveway, my black lab Gunnar was at my side. He was leashed to keep him from running off and chasing deer, but as we ran down the road, he started to pull at his leash and whine. Figuring he had caught the scent of some kind of critter, I let him off leash. He took off like a bullet toward the house, quickly running out of sight. When I reached the house, I saw Mike sitting on the front steps with Gunnar lying on his back in front of him. The dog must have smelled him and known he came back. Gunnar is normally pretty cautious around other people, but he had taken an instant liking to Mike. Sometimes, I think he might like Mike more than he likes me.

I was suddenly very self-conscious of the fact that I was coming back from a long run, winded and sweating. I ran my fingers through my hair in a vain attempt to look better. I trotted up to Mike and noticed that he was also sweating and breathing heavier than normal. He must have run the few miles from town to my house. He was wearing a pair of red athletic shorts and a gray shirt that was spotted with Gunnar's black fur. Sweat darkened the fabric under his arms and around his neck.

"I was wondering when you'd get back." I said between breaths.

Mike stood up and walked toward me. He sort of sauntered as he approached, showing off his body. In his eyes, I saw both a kind of emotional longing and pure lust. He wanted to jump my bones, and the growing bulge in my shorts showed that I wanted him as well.

"I wanted to surprise you," he said.

He came in for a kiss, but quickly licked the sweat off my jaw line before planting his lips on mine. My knees buckled a little as he kissed me. With Mike, I always have an urge to just lean into him and let his body take my weight. He wrapped one of his strong arms around my torso and held me up. When he broke the kiss off, I had to catch my breath again. My heart was still beating fast from the run and I could hardly breath as it was.

"Did you miss me, Prof.?" Mike asked.

I nodded and then kissed him on the chin. His warm sweaty musk surrounded me. "God you smell good." I said.

"I ran out here so I'd smell good for you. I know you get off on that." Mike said. He raised his arm, "Get in there and clean up my pit, Prof."

I pushed my face into the arm hole of Mike's t-shirt and licked at his pit. Mike moved his muscles around my head as I sucked at his pit hair and tasted his salty sweat. While I inhaled the moist air his arms flexed against my skin. The fabric of his shirt kept getting into my way so I started to pull Mike's shirt off.

With his shirt removed, I made my way from his pit to his hard, dark nipple. Over the summer, Mike had let his body hair grow, and a nice amount of fur covered his chest. I ran my hands over his muscled pecs, pulling a little on his body hair. I loved the way every one of Mike's reactions to my touching would register as a bulge or twitch of one of his muscles.

As I worshiped his chest, Mike reached down and started to knead my ass cheeks. He ground his hard dick into my leg and groaned, "Fuck, Prof, I'm so hot for you." He slid a hand down the back of my running shorts and underneath the waistband of my boxers. His finger slid through my sweaty crack toward my asshole. When Mike's hand reached my hole, I pushed back against him practically begging him to finger me. He played with my ass a little bit and then pulled away.

Over the last few weeks, Mike's physique had improved substantially. I think he probably had lost two inches off of his waist and his body fat was way down. He had always had a flat stomach, but he had abs now. His arms were lined with veins and the muscles were better defined.

"You look amazing." I said.

"I was so fucking bored living back home. All I did over the summer was work out. You look pretty good to." Mike said.

"Thanks," I grinned. "Are we going to keep talking or can I rip your clothes off now?"

"You want at my cock?" Mike asked with a smile.

I nodded and started to reach for his pants. Mike took a step back. He walked about ten feet away from me and sat down on the steps of my front porch. I flashed back to the first time we had hooked up. He had made me blow him on those steps before he let me into my house.

"Crawl over here." Mike said. He was still grinning and he was now rubbing his package through his shorts.

I got down on my knees, without even a second thought about it, and crawled toward Mike. My eyes were focused on the area between his legs, his big hands, and his lust-filled eyes.

When I reached Mike, he took my chin into his hand and tilted my face up toward his. "You have no idea how much I get off on the way I turn you on. It's so sexy." he ran his fingers through my hair a little and lightly pushed my head against his thigh. He smiled before pushing my head down, "Now suck my dick, Prof."

I dove my mouth into his crotch and started to chew on his junk through the fabric of his shorts. The smell of Mike surrounded me. His smell, his stink really, was the sexiest and safest thing I could think of. In a weird way, burying my head in his crotch was like going home again. I chewed on the bulge in his shorts before pulling them down. As soon as I saw the waistband of the white Bike jockstrap, I looked up at Mike and rolled my eyes. The guy knew me inside and out. He had orchestrated all of this just to turn me on.

I pulled his shorts down to his ankles and then wrapped my lips around the pouch of the jockstrap. The material was damp with Mike's sweat, and I sucked the salty liquid out of the pouch. I took deep breaths of the smell of ball-sweat and the slightly rubber stink of the pouch.

Mike groaned loudly before grabbing onto my skull with his big hands and pushing my face into his crotch. He started to hump me lightly as he moved my face over his jock covered genitals. As his sweat covered my face, I started to feel like he was marking me as his by covering me with his scent.

Mike let go of me and reached down to the bottom of the jock. He moved the material to the side and his balls flopped out. Mike has the biggest, baddest nuts I've ever scene on a guy. They hang down four or five inches from his body and each ball is the size of a large egg. I didn't need to be told what to do. I sucked one of his bull balls into my mouth and started to tongue his scrotum.

As I sucked on his nuts, Mike ran his hands over my back and neck, coming up to my head. He would run his fingers through my short hair before moving back down my back. As he shifted back and forth, his ass slid off the step a little, giving me access to his hairy taint. I stuck my tongue under the elastic bands of the jockstrap and licked up the sweat and ball juice that was collecting between his legs. Then I returned to his nuts, worshipping them with my mouth as Mike groaned.

"I've got seven days worth of cum saved up." Mike said. "Those boys are full."

"I want it all," I said between licks.

"I figured you'd be hungry for my cum, Prof. I wanted to fill you up." Mike laughed. Then he lifted his feet up onto the step and laid back. His tight asshole, framed by the straps of the jock, winked back at me.

"Go for my ass," Mike said.

I dove for his hole, licking and sucking at his ass lips. This was my favorite position. My mouth was on Mike's asshole, my nose was planted at the bottom of his jockstrap, and the rest of his junk was pressed against my face. All that existed for me was Mike and his maleness. Knowing how much I loved it, Mike closed his legs around my head. His hot, moist, body closed around me, and I dug into his ass to show him how much I wanted him.

"Fuck," Mike yelled as he opened his legs back up. Cold air swept over my face. Mike reached down and pulled me up toward him. My only thought as I rose up was how fucking sexy he looked. His body, of course, was amazing, but his hair was messed up and wet from his run. I felt like the luckiest man in the world.

Mike pressed his lips hard against mine and then pushed his tongue into my mouth. He made out with me, with his hand on the back of my head, for a few minutes. Our lips explored each other's jawlines and necks, always coming back to the mouth for some serious open mouth kissing.

"Fuck, Prof." Mike said as he pulled me away from his face. "I'm so fucking lucky I found you."

I kissed him hard in response, letting him know I felt the same way.

Mike grabbed onto my body around my ribs. I felt his power and strength as he lifted me onto my feet. I was standing a step or two below him and my crotch was in Mike's face. He pulled my running shorts and boxer briefs down in one quick motion. My cock jumped up in front of him.

"I've missed this," Mike said.

He opened his lips and took my dick into his mouth. Mike took all seven inches all at once, burying my dick in his throat and his nose in my pubes. He softly coughed my cock back up and started to lick and suck at the shaft.

It had been a while since my dick was in Mike's mouth. Six weeks might not seem like a long time to go without, but Mike and I had been on a schedule of almost daily sex before he left for the summer. I knew that once basketball practices started again, our schedule would once again be interrupted. However, the infrequent periods of sex were sometimes better. Mike was nastier and more aggressive when he wasn't getting any.

A wave of pleasure washed over me and I shuddered. Mike had excellent oral skills, and my dick was rock hard. Harder, in fact, than it had been in a long time. As he licked the shaft, I noticed a steady flow of precum running down the tip.

"Fuck, Mike, I think I'm going to cum soon." I growled.

Mike pulled off.

"Not yet," he said.

He spent the next five minutes or so making out with my abs and inner thighs. His lips moved over my muscles and soft spots, tickling me. Occasionally, he would bite down. The bites were flashes of pain which only augmented the softness of what he was doing.

I ran my hands along Mike's shoulders. In a guy like him, every movement and breath can be felt as his muscles twitch, bulge, and stretch. His arms and shoulders were his strongest area, and I loved to just feel his body as it moved under my fingers. While my dick was still hard, I was starting to calm down a little.

Mike started to lay back on the porch.

"Let's sixty nine," he said with a voice full of lust and humor.

I turned around and lowered my cock to his mouth as I moved my face toward his cock. Mike was still wearing the jockstrap, and I pulled it to the side. Mikes' hard dick was wrapped up in the jock, and I had to pull it out. His cock jumped up, nine inches and hard as steel. His foreskin had slid down his shaft and I took a quick lick. His smell, Mike's dick smell, hit me. It wasn't a nasty smell, but it was as much his smell as the smell on the rest of his body was his.

I started to bob up and down on his dick before moving to the shaft. Mike, worried that I was going to cum too soon, was focusing on my balls and the base of my dick. He wasn't just licking, but was also sucking at my skin and occasionally nipping at my nuts.

Mike suddenly brought his legs up around my head, locking my face between his thighs. Up top, he grabbed his arms around me and started to roll me over onto my back. I helped him get me into position, knowing that he wanted to drive his cock into my throat.

I opened up wide and let him have at me. His big balls were swinging over my open eyes and spreading out over my nose. Mike started to fuck my mouth, driving his cock into my throat. On my back, it was easy to avoid gagging. Instead, I used my tongue to tickle his shaft as he slid in and out of me.

"Oh God, Prof., I'm gonna shoot my load right into your gut." Mike moaned. I noticed his balls start to rise.

I pulled my head off his dick. "I want it on my face." I said.

"Just get ready," Mike groaned.

I took the head of his dick into my mouth and started to work his shaft with my hand. At the same time, Mike started to work the tip of my dick and jerk me off with his iron grip. I was moments away from cumming, and I started to buck up into his hand.

Just as I lifted my hips into his fist, Mike started to shoot his cum into my mouth. The size of his load was amazing. The first blast painted the inside of my mouth. I closed my lips to taste and feel the thick spooge while jacking his dick an inch or so from my face. Rope after rope of thick man cream shot out of Mike's dick, splattering over my face and onto my neck.

I couldn't hold back any longer. The feeling of Mike's hot cum coating my face and the harsh smell pushed me over the edge. I started to jizz into Mike's open mouth. He brought his lips just over the tip of my dick and sucked up every drop of my load.

When I finished blowing my wad, I lay back and let out a long moan. The orgasm was intense and I was now completely content. I felt Mike get off of me. His cum was still running down my cheeks. My eyes were closed, but I soon detected a dark shadow over me. When I looked up, Mike's face was over mine. I opened my mouth as Mike drooled my cum into my mouth.

He brought his mouth down onto mine, kissing me. For the next few minutes, Mike licked his cum up off of my face, then kissed me again. Each time, we would make out until the cum had dissolved between us. When he was done, Mike slapped me lightly on the face.

"We should get cleaned up." Mike said.

We both stood up. Our bodies were covered in sweat and cum, but also dirt and paint chips from the front porch. It suddenly occurred to me that we had just done the nasty out in the open. If anyone out in the fields had a pair of binoculars, they could have watched the whole thing.

Walking inside, I pulled Mike into the master bedroom. "You've got to see this," I said.

Over the summer, I had been turning a small bedroom into a master bathroom. I had a ways to go, but I had finished one of my favorite parts - a large, deep, custom built bathtub. I built it big enough for men, not like those tiny tubs in so many houses and apartments. I had laid the tile myself, and I was immensely proud of it.

"Wow," Mike said. He knew I had done most of the work myself. "Does the tub work?"

"It should. I haven't used it yet." I said. "You wanna?"

He nodded. Mike and I rinsed off in the shower while the tub began to fill.

Mike stepped in first. He sat down and stretched out. "I've never been in a bathtub that actually fit me." Mike said.

"I made it big enough for you. Four inches over what I was going to do." I said as I stepped in. "Open your legs."

Mike opened his legs and I sat down between them. When I slid under the water he pulled his legs around mine. His arms were resting along my sides. I leaned back and rested my body against his chest.

"I could get used to this." Mike said as he ran his fingers across my chest.

We sat in the tub for the next hour, until the water had gone cold. We rarely talked about anything, and there were times when I'm pretty sure that I fell asleep against Mike's body. The intense, always satisfying sex aside, the lack of physical contact over the summer months had been the hardest deprivation to deal with. I could call Mike and we occasionally talked on Skype, but when he was away I never felt his skin against my skin. As we lay together in the warm water, we soaked in a renewed sense of being together. Of our bodies touching and moving against one another.

Mike started to stir under me. I sat up and turned my body toward him.

"Sorry to wreck the mood, but I've gotta take a piss." Mike said.

I kissed him on the lips quickly as he started to stand. He kissed me back hard.

"You've still got cum on your face, slut," he said as he licked his lips.

Mike walked to the other bathroom, the toilet in this one still not functional. I got out of the tub and was drying off in the bedroom when he walked back in.

Mike's dick was thick and half-hard. His balls were hanging low from the warm water and his thick foreskin was still crumpled up over his glans. His skin was glowing and he had a lusty look in his eye.

He walked over to me and pushed me onto the bed.  I hadn't made it that morning and the sheets were bunched up underneath me. Mike's heavy body fell on top of me. He started to kiss my neck, biting and nipping as he moved across my jawline. I hoped he would be careful. Most of my colleagues were aware that Mike was returning soon, and I didn't want to go back to work with bite marks on my neck. Not to mention having to give my lectures so marked.

Mike started to kiss his way down my body, spending time on my nipples and my belly button. When he got to my junk, he lifted my legs and started to kiss around my asshole. He ate my ass like a man possessed. I couldn't help but squirm and push back down against his face. My cock started to get hard. I knew he was going to fuck me, and I knew it would be good. Nothing had been in my ass since the camping trip. I wanted to be good and tight when Mike got back.

Mike shoved a finger into me, and I groaned slightly. My asshole instinctively clamped down and tried to fight off the assault. Mike twisted his thick digit inside of me.

"You've gotten tight." Mike said, "You think you'll be able to take me?"

I groaned as he pulled out his finger. "You'll have to be gentle." I said.

Mike crawled back up my body. He used one hand to line his nine inch cock up with my manhole. With the other hand, he grabbed me around my neck and pulled me up to him. He kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth and opening my lips with his. He let me go and I fell back on to the bed. Mike moved his hand to my shoulder and pressed down lightly.

"You know I'm not good at gentle," he said.

I felt Mike's cock press on my asshole and then he pushed into me. He didn't exactly tear me open, but his entry was fast and steady. I groaned loudly and winced at the initial pain of being stretched back open. I felt my body relax and open up for him. Within a few seconds he had all nine inches inside of me. When his pubes pressed against my balls, I let out a sigh that quickly shifted from relief to intense pleasure. The momentary discomfort faded, and I was able to enjoy the feeling of being connected to Mike in this way again.

"Oh fuck, Prof, that feels good." Mike groaned. "You fit me like a glove."

He now had his hands underneath my armpits. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled his body further into mine. I felt Mike withdraw his dick a little and knew that the fucking was about to begin.

Mike leaned down and put his head next to my neck. His hands grabbed onto my shoulders and I wrapped my arms around his body. He started to thrust into me, slowly at first but quickly picking up the pace. Within minutes, he was jackhammering my asshole. The bed rhythmically squeaked and creaked underneath us. It was a sound that took me back to my college days when the noises from various housemates would penetrate thin walls.

Mike's breath was hot against my neck and the muscles of his back were throbbing underneath my arms. I tried to tell him to fuck me harder, but could only manage to moan "Yes, yes, yes." repeatedly. Each thrust was deep and hard, and my ass was on fire with pleasure from the friction and pounding.

On top of me, Mike seemed to be putting more and more weight against my body. He was now grunting loudly. There was an animalistic, driven quality to what he was doing. He wasn't making love to me. There would be time for that later. Mike was fucking my ass hard, taking me back to the first time on the lawn and every hard fuck after that.

The coarse hair on his stomach was rubbing against my cock, which was now as hard as steel. I pulled his body against mine, increasing the pressure on my dick, and started to thrust up against Mike's abs. My movement added length to some of Mike's thrusts. Though his speed kept up, every third thrust or so was a few inches longer.

I could tell that Mike was close as his grunts became mumbles. He was now loosely chewing on my neck and the cadences of his voice told me that he was trying to talk dirty to me. The intensity of his fucking, which lasted a few minutes, had both of us breathless. We literally didn't have time to talk sexy to each other.

Between Mike's thick dick working my asshole and his hairy abs against my dick, I moaned a quiet, "I'm cumming" and started to shoot my cum between our bodies. Mike felt my ass clench around his cock as I shot and he fucked me harder, trying his best to heighten my orgasm. It only took a few seconds before he was shooting too. MIke pushed his cock into me right down to the pubes and then thrust his hips against me. As he came, he pulled on my shoulders, doing almost everything he could to try to get a little more dick up inside of me. His orgasm lasted a while and I knew that he had planted a big load inside me.

As Mike caught his breath he started to chuckle and then laugh out loud. "Oh fuck, Prof." he said smiling down at me.

I thought he was going to kiss me, but he just collapsed into the pillow next to my head. He was still chuckling as his cock softened inside of guts.

Mike rolled off of me and his cock flopped out. Laying beside me on the bed, he reached over and ran his fingers through my cum. When he had a few gobs on the tips of his fingers, Mike lifted them to his lips. He savored my taste for a few seconds.

"That was . . . what the fuck got into you Mike?" I asked.

"I don't know," he said. "I just wanted to drill you. You did a good job."

"I'm going to be walking sideways all weekend." I said.

Mike turned his head toward me and kissed me quickly. "If you're good, I'll flip you over and fuck you again later to straighten you out."

My legs were hanging off the side of the bed, and I crawled up onto it. Mike followed. I rested my head on his stomach. As he breathed, his abs would harden and lift my head a little before softening. Mike reached down and toyed with one of my nipples. I knew we were going to have a good year.


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  1. I finished to read it right now and I loved it !

    I love Mike being a bit rough and also so warm and caring !

    Please keep going !

    Thanks !

  2. Love this story. Lots of hot scenes, some playful submission, but rooted in true love and respect. I'm eager to see where their relationship goes.