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Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 12

The new chapter of Big Bro's Girlfriend is posted below. Check it out.

Note: After this chapter I will not be updating this story regularly, though I may return to it at times. I'd love to hear what you think Mitch's life in high school will be like now that he has been broken in by his older brother and what Jase will do now that he's got a taste of boy-pussy. If I get some ideas, I might start a story about the brothers' sex lives independently of screwing each other.

Big Bro's Girlfriend, Part 12
Cosmic Charlie -

The next morning when Jase woke up, he was spooning his little brother. He hadn't yet put any effort into thinking about what was going on between him and Mitch, but as he breathed in the scent of his brother's hair, he was overcome with some kind of intense affection for Mitch. Jase was not all that 'in touch' with his inner emotional life, but he recognized a deep desire to protect Mitch and make sure he was happy. These feelings were coupled with an erotic attachment to the young man. He didn't know if there was a name for how he felt. After all, his relationship with Mitch wasn't exactly commonplace.

He tightened his arms around Mitch, feeling his brother's hard body against his own muscles. Independent of any feelings for Mitch, Jase had come to discover that he really liked having sex with guys. There was something so much harder and rougher about it. Maybe he just hadn't found the right girls, but he always felt a need to contain himself when he was with a woman. With Mitch, and especially with Matt, the bestial, masculine animal inside of Jase was given free reign. He could do whatever he wanted to a guy like Matt. He could degrade them, spit on them, fuck them hard and fast and these guys responded by cumming in their pants.

Jase's dick started to get hard and he reached down and pulled it up from between his legs. His shaft rested in Mitch's ass-crack. His dick was his pride and joy. Most guys could only dream of having a slab of meat as long, thick, and veiny as his. He ran his finger along the inside of his thick foreskin. When he pulled his finger out, it was wet. He took a quick sniff of his ripe dick stench and then smeared the fluid along Mitch's upper lip. He went back for more slime and smeared it into Mitch's nostrils. He wasn't sure why he did it, he just liked the idea of invading Mitch's dreams in this way.

If he stayed in bed any longer, Jase wouldn't be able to resist slipping his dick into Mitch's cunt, but he wanted to save up his cum for later in the day. There was something that Jase wanted to do, and he needed to be horny if he was going to do it.

He jumped out of the bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom. He took a piss and ran into Chaz on the way back to his room. They glanced at each other and smiled. Neither was sure how much of the night before the other remembered. When Jase came back into the bedroom, Mitch was sitting up on the bed, rubbing his leaking cock.

"I was dreaming of the time I ate your dick-cheese." Mitch said. "It just popped into my head."

Jase chuckled. "I smeared my cock slime all over your lip and into your nostrils while you were sleeping."

"Fuck, I thought I stunk like cock from last night." Mitch said as he rubbed his face.

Jase laughed, "The bathroom's down the hall on the left if you need to take a leak."

A few minutes later, Mitch returned. There was an obvious tent in the front of his pants.

"Jesus, why does everyone you know have to be so fucking hot?" Mitch asked.

"It's not my fault anything with abs and a dick hanging between his legs turns you on." Jase said. He paused for a minute. "That was pretty hot last night. You really got slutty. You like that?"

Mitch didn't have to think about how to respond. "I loved it. I'm sure a guy like you wouldn't understand, but when I'm on my knees in front of a man . . . it's like I'm in the happiest place in the world."

"I get it," Jase said, "I get the same feeling when I see a man between my legs."

The brothers got dressed and prepared to go down for breakfast. Jase was adjusting his cock in his pants when he said, "You know bro, I was a sexual god when I was in high school. I expect you to carry the torch."

Mitch chuckled a little. Jase grabbed his shoulder. "But don't open your legs for anyone. Only a real stud should be allowed into your cunt."

Mitch doubted that he would ever find anyone as deserving as Jase, but he nodded none-the-less.

When they got to the dining room, Mitch was mortified to see Andy and Chaz at the table. They had apparently cooked a big breakfast and were waiting for Mitch and Jase before they started to eat. Jase nodded at the guys. Unlike Mitch, he was used to waking up after a night of heavy drinking having done something stupid, sexual, or aggressive.

Chaz went to the kitchen and came back in with eggs, bacon, and sausage. He dished it out to Jase, himself, Andy, and Mitch. When Jase looked down at his plate he noticed that he only got one sausage while Mitch got three.

"Hey man, why'd you short me on the sausage?" Jase asked.

"I didn't, I gave Mitch extra. We all know how much he likes sausage." Chaz said with a grin.

Andy started to chuckle and cough up his food. Jase laughed too. This was Chaz's way of defusing any lingering sexual awkwardness from the night before. It worked.

"I gotta tell you Mitch, I've never seen anyone eat sausage like you." Andy said, "You're like the king of sausage eating."

Chaz laughed. He slid his bare foot over Mitch's foot from across the table. "Yeah man, if you ever visit your brother, I'll fix you up all the sausage you can eat. Seriously, I'm willing to make you sausage like five or six times a day if you can handle it. "

Everyone was laughing at this point. As the guys ribbed him, other dudes from the frat were walking through the dining room. Some of them picked up on the conversation, but most had no idea what the guys were talking about. Mitch got turned on as his dick-sucking skills were discussed openly in a room full of straight guys.

"What are you guys doing today?" Chaz asked.

"We'll wander around campus and probably grab some lunch later." Jase said.

"Where you going? We can meet up." Chaz answered back.

"I don't know yet, but they serve sausage." Jase said. That got a big laugh, and Mitch blushed a little. Last night, with the booze to help him, Mitch had been more confidant and open than he was this morning.

The rest of the day went pretty much as Jase said it would. The brothers wandered around campus with Jase showing him his favorite hangout spots. People were constantly saying hi to Jase. It was usually a women, and often a brunette with big boobs type. Mitch wondered how many of them had been fucked by his brother, and how many wanted to be. He was filled with admiration for Jase. He was such a sexual animal. Even when he was giving his little brother a tour of campus, he oozed sexual energy.

They ate a late lunch. It was nearly four o'clock when they returned to the frat. Jase didn't speak to Mitch as he led him upstairs to his bedroom. He breathed a sigh of relief when he opened the door and saw that his roommate hadn't returned yet. He wanted some alone time with Mitch.

As soon as the door clicked closed, Jase turned to Mitch and kissed him. He stepped into his brother's body and pushed him back against the wall. Jase pressed against Mitch, grinding into him, and then placed his brother's hand on his boner. Mitch kneaded his cock through the rough fabric of Jase's jeans as his brother manhandled him.

When Jase stepped back, Mitch fell to his knees and reached for Jase's fly. He popped open the buttons and spread Jase's jeans open. Jase was wearing cheap plaid boxers, typical straight guy stuff, and Mitch reached in and fished out his cock. His dick was only half hard, and the flesh was still pliable when Mitch sucked it into his mouth.

For whatever reason, Jase was acting kind of stiff and Mitch was having a hard time getting him going. Mitch stood up and removed his clothes, putting on a little bit of a strip tease for Jase. He stood in front of his brother in a see-through thong he bought special for this weekend. Jase grinned a little and Mitch pushed him backward onto the bed. Jase was finally hard and his ten inch dick stood up like a skyscraper. Mitch started to suck him. He worked Jase's dick for a good five minutes before Jase started to stir.

"Get up on the bed girl," Jase said. "I don't want to cum yet. There's something I gotta try before I cum."

Mitch jumped up next to his brother wondering what was next.

Jase grabbed Mitch's thighs and spread them open. He pulled the strap of fabric away from Mitch's pussy and moved toward it. He started to lick at the familiar hole. His mouth still watered when he got a taste of Mitch's cunt juice. Mitch was making panting noises and Jase knew how much his brother got off on a good cunt eating. Mitch's snatch had been well-trained by Jase's tongue and his cock. His little bro's dick was now directly wired to his muscle-cunt.

This time, however, Jase wasn't focused on his brother's pussy. He was looking at Mitch's dick and balls through the mesh thong. For the last few weeks, Jase had had a lingering urge to suck his brother's dick. Part of it was a desire to return the favor - to give Mitch something that he would never forget before the end of the summer. But it was also something that Jase just wanted to do. He was a thrill seeker and an experience hunter. The idea of doing something that a man like him was not supposed to do - like sucking a cock - turned him on. On the ride back to school, he had resolved that he was going to try it with Mitch. Mitch was someone safe, who wouldn't misunderstand what it meant.

Jase pulled the fabric aside and Mitch's cock jumped up. Mitch packed seven inches of uncut dick between his legs. Even though Jase constantly ribbed him about having a little dick, he had to admit his brother was pretty well hung.

Jase raised himself up so his head was over Mitch's dick. He looked up at Mitch and just said, "I want to try this." Then he opened his mouth. Mitch was completely dumb-founded.

Jase lowered his mouth over Mitch's dick and licked the head a little. Then he moved in closer and wrapped his lips around the thick cock. A flurry of emotions and feelings swept through Mitch as Jase's tongue made a trip around the tip of his dick. Jase's eyes were closed as he ate a little bit more of Mitch's cock.

As he sucked his first dick, Jase was pleasantly surprised. Mitch's uncut cock, which had been leaking precum on and off all afternoon, tasted a little salty at first. Once the think coat of cock drool was gone, it didn't really taste like anything at all. He was amazed at how soft and hard his brother's dick felt in his mouth and how hot the flesh was. He lowered himself down to about the three inch mark before he pulled off. His brother's crotch had a smell he was familiar with, but he was a lot closer to it now.

Jase didn't want to look at Mitch. He didn't want this to be interrupted by whatever Mitch was thinking. For Jase, it didn't mean anything, it was just something he wanted to try.

He took a quick lick at Mitch's balls. The scrotum moved like silk as his tongue lifted it up. He sucked each ball into his mouth, and tugged a little on the skin. Then he ran his tongue underneath Mitch's sac. He caught a taste of Mitch's cunt and knew that Mitch's nuts were not where his mouth was meant to be.

"Sorry bro," he said with a smile, "I don't think I'm into it."

Mitch didn't mind. He would take Jase's expert pussy eating over a half-hearted blowjob any day. Jase did, however, reach up and start to stroke his brother's dick. Jase literally pulled the cum out of Mitch. His hand was vice-like on his brother's dick as he jerked him off. When he felt Mitch start to spew, Jase moved his hand up the shaft and focused on the tip, milking every last drop from Mitch's balls.

Turned on by the brief cum play the night before, Jase took his cummy hand and rubbed it all over his ten-inch dick and low hanging balls. When every gob of cum had been transferred to his cock, Jase leaned back on his knees and whistled softly.

"Come clean me up girl," he said.

Mitch crawled off of the bed and dove between Jase's legs. He started on his balls and licked his own salty cum off of his brother. The combination of the harsh smell of his own cum combined with Jase's sweat was incredible.

Jase was moaning loudly as he watched MItch clean up the mess, "That's it babe, get every drop. You like cleaning up my cummy jock cock, don't you girl?"

Mitch groaned in response. After he had licked every drop off of Jase's nuts and sucked all the cum out of his ball hair, he moved to the shaft. He licked his way up his brother's rod, kissing the skin to suck up the piles of cum his tongue created. When he got to the tip, he wrapped both hands around Jase's shaft. He licked his own load out of the folds of Jase's foreskin as he pulled on his brother's cock.

Suddenly Jase's rod expanded in his hand and his brother's dick started to spurt cum like a geyser. Each shot blasted straight up into Mitch's open mouth and across his face. Mitch licked up the thick load. He gathered what he could into his mouth and then drooled it back onto Jase's cock and into his pubes. As his brother's body relaxed from his orgasm, Mitch licked up the cum that he had drizzled over Jase's junk. He moved to Jase's pubes and pulled on them with his lips, pressing the semen out of them and back into his mouth.

Jase stood up and moved onto the bed. "That was awesome girl," he said. He rubbed Mitch's head as he passed by. "I'm gonna take a nap before we hit the bar."

Jase crawled onto the bed and sprawled out. His body was so big and so hot. Mitch took a minute to just stare at Jase before he crawled in next to him. He didn't feel like sleeping, but he wasn't going to miss the opportunity to have some serious body contact with his big bro.

* * * * * *
Mitch woke up an hour or so later. As he stirred, he felt Jase shudder his way back into consciousness. Mitch ran his fingers over Jase's chest and twisted Jase's chest hair a little bit before waking his brother up with an aggressive kiss on the mouth. Jase moaned and then kissed Mitch back.

The guys went downstairs for dinner and then hung out with Jase's frat brothers for a few hours. The brothers were all cool around Mitch. Most of them were trying to convince him to rush the frat when he got to college. Mitch imagined how amazing life would be in a place like this. He would get to spend his days and nights staring at hot guys and maybe even sucking some of their dicks. It was exactly what he wanted out of his college experience.

Later in the evening, everyone decided to go out to the bar. Mitch's fake id got him past the bouncer at the door with no problem, though the guy seemed to think that Mitch looked too young to be of age. One of Jase's frat brothers pushed him forward and slapped the bouncer on the shoulder.

"Move it along, Matlock." he said with a grin as he handed the gatekeeper his id.

Inside, Mitch was blown away. For a few hours, he just goofed around with Jase's friends. Everyone treated him like a little brother. Again, they bought him drinks and joked around with him. As people got intoxicated, Mitch started to notice other guys touching him. It was nothing sexual, just a hand on his shoulder or hip. In return, he got more handsy with some of the guys. Under the influence of alcohol, the normal boundaries between men were wearing away. Mitch took every opportunity he could to get close, to feel a man's muscles, to smell his body and feel his heat.

Jase was starting to notice. He pulled Mitch aside.

"You're loving this aren't you bro?" Jase asked.

"These guys are so hot, Jase." Mitch said.

"You've come a long way, little brother. Three months ago you didn't even think you were gay. Now you're drooling over my frat brothers." Jase said.

Mitch looked at Chaz, Mr. tall dark and handsome, as he threw back a shot. Mitch's dick throbbed. He turned back to Jase, "I'm definitely gay."

Jase leaned in close and dropped his voice. "This is our last night together for a while. What do you want to do, girl." Jase quickly grabbed Mitch's hand and rubbed it along the ridge in his groin.

Mitch grabbed Jase's hard cock and then pulled his hand away. "I want you to decide."

"I got an idea. Let's bolt." Jase said.

Mitch followed Jase outside. The bright lights and quiet of the parking lot made the place feel foreign to him.

"There's a park on campus where guys go to fuck their girls. It's pretty public, but taking a chick there is sort of a right of passage on this campus. You wanna go?" Jase said. He was talking fast and Mitch could tell that he was excited.

"I'll do it." Mitch said. The thought of getting fucked by Jase outside and in public turned him on immensely.

They walked across the campus until they got to a wide open area. When Jase had said 'park' Mitch pictured a wooded area where people disappeared into the trees. What he found was a triangular patch of land dotted with large trees in the middle of campus. In the center of that triangle, there was a shadowed area that was not quite illuminated by the lights on the walking path.

"You still up for it?" Jase asked. His white teeth gleamed under the lights.

Mitch nodded.

Jase grabbed Mitch by the arm and led him into the middle of the dark clearing. His brother pushed him up against a tree that had rough bark. Mitch felt it scratch against his back through his t-shirt as Jase locked his lips over Mitch's. Jase used his mouth to open his brother's and started to make out with him. Mitch kissed Jase back for about thirty seconds before moving to his brother's neck. He licked the smooth skin at the top of Jase's shoulder and then along his jaw line. Jase had a wicked five o'clock shadow that added to his overall sex appeal. Mitch's hands were running up and down Jase's back as they made out.

Jase dropped his hands to Mitch's ass and started to squeeze his bro's bubble butt through his jeans.

"I can't wait to get my dick in your pussy girl." Jase snarled. "I've been waiting to plug your hot cunt all day."

"You gonna fuck me hard, big bro? I want you to drive all ten inches of your monster cock into my guts and stretch out my pussy." Mitch said. "Every time I hit a bump in the road tomorrow, I want to remember that you were inside of me."

Jase was getting seriously boned up. Mitch rarely talked dirty back to him. This was another sign of his little brother's growing confidence. Jase wondered if Mitch was discovering an aggressive streak in himself. Would he someday be as dominant as Jase? Gay, but totally a top? In a vague, unfocused way, these ideas ran through Jase's mind as Mitch licked his neck.

While they were making out they heard a whistle. Mitch looked over. Three guys were standing on the path, gawking and laughing.

"Jase . . ." Mitch said.

"Relax. All they see is two dark shadows. That's what makes it hot." Jase said. "Let's put on a little show for them."

Jase turned so that his body was in profile to the onlookers. He grabbed onto Mitch's shoulder and pushed him to his knees. A roar of catcalling went up from the dudes on the path. Mitch, suddenly very turned on by the public performance, opened up his brother's fly and pulled out his cock. He took a quick lick of the shiny head. Again, the guys erupted in laughter.

"Fuck her." One of the guys yelled.

"Clear off, you pervs." Jase called back.

The guys watched for another minute or so before stumbling on to their next party. In the meantime, Mitch continued to worship his brother's dick. He knew that he wouldn't get any of Jase's meat for a while, so he tried to taste and smell it all. He sniffed and snorted as he licked Jase's balls. He ran his tongue through Jase's short pubes and kissed the shaft of his dick.

Jase was also turned on by the short interaction with their audience. His dick was rock hard and as thick as it had every been. Precum was running out of the tip. A long strand ran to the ground and was occasionally visible in the light. Mitch, catching it out of the corner of his eye, licked up his brother's cock snot. He loved rare occasions like this when Jase was horny enough to make enough precum for him to be able to taste it. It was salty and sweet. Altogether different from Jase's cum.

"Worship my stud cock, girl. Make it feel good." Jase said.

Mitch took the top few inches of Jase's dick into his mouth and sucked hard.

"That's right girl. Clamp your fat lips around my cock." Jase said in a low voice. "You ready for it, baby. You ready for me to open up your cunt with my huge dick."

"Fuck, Jase," Mitch said, "I want it in me. I want to make my big bro happy."

"Drop your pants." Jase said. As Mitch removed his jeans Jase removed his t-shirt. His sexy torso glistened in the light. The perfect V shape of his upper body came to a point just where his pubes and big dick hung out of the open fly of his jeans.

Jase pushed Mitch down to the ground and then got onto his knees. He pulled Mitch's legs apart. It was too dark to see the smooth cunt that lurked between Mitch's muscular thighs, but Jase knew it was there. Over the course of the summer, Mitch had developed a real cunt, with sweet ass-lips and a big gash.

Jase bent down and took a quick lick at Mitch's hole. His brother groaned a little. Jase kissed Mitch's pussy again, this time sucking a little on the lips of his man-cunt. Mitch groaned again, more loudly this time.

"I fucking love tonguing your cunt girl." Jase said. He pushed a finger inside of Mitch, "I'm going to miss this hole while I'm away."

Jase leaned back on his knees. He pulled a small packet of lube out of his pocket that he had bought for just such an occasion. Jase greased up his cock and lined it up with Mitch's manhole. He didn't warn Mitch or ask him if he was ready. He just put a hand over Mitch's mouth and pushed his way in.

He heard Mitch's groans and felt his breath against his hand, but his attention was on his dick. The tight ring of Mitch's pussy slipped over his head and his dick started to plunge it's way into Mitch's soft, hot insides. Jase loved the way his long dick shifted and slid around as it worked it's way to that deep spot inside of Mitch where it had deposited so many loads. When he got all the way in, Jase paused. He felt the familiar grip of Mitch's ass around the base of his cock and his brother's hard dick against his abs.

Jase pulled his hand away. Mitch was panting and gasping. The initial assault always caught him off guard. Jase had stopped easing into him a few weeks ago. Slow fucking just wasn't his way anymore. Finally, Mitch groaned and hissed a long, "Yes." Mitch's eyes rolled back in his head. Jase knew he was ready.

Wanting to make things last, Jase worked slowly. He slid his dick out of Mitch's ass, feeling the walls of his gut collapse as he withdrew, then plunged back into him. The slow, intense thrusts had Mitch moaning like a bitch in heat. Not so far off, Jase saw a couple of older people walking down the path. He placed his hand over Mitch's mouth again, never missing a beat in his fucking.

"Girl, you gotta be quiet." Jase said.

Mitch felt the hand close over his mouth and saw it as an opportunity to make all the noise he wanted. As he groaned and moaned from the cock sliding in and out of his ass, Jase pushed his hand down harder.

"Shut the fuck up." he growled.

The added aggression sent a chill down Mitch's spine. Jase felt it to. He kept his hand over Mitch's mouth, but his other hand started to trail over his brother's throat. He squeezed Mitch's neck a little, playfully - a demonstration of his power. Mitch's eyes widened and Jase's dick throbbed.

Jase continued to fuck Mitch missionary on the lawn. Mitch's hands wandered up and down Jase's sweaty back. The wet grass had soaked the knees of Jase's jeans, which were know pushed down, exposing his ass. Mitch's hands went there too, daring for the first time to touch his brother's asshole as he got fucked. Mitch ran his fingers through Jase's damp ass crack and then pulled his brother into him.

Jase began to fuck harder. He knew, of course, that every added minute on the lawn added to the chances that they would get caught. He planted his hands above Mitch's shoulders and started to fuck his brother hard and fast. Mitch started to make muffled grunts as Jase bottomed out deep inside of him. Jase couldn't muffle his brother without losing his rhythm. He leaned in and planted his mouth on Mitch's. As their lips locked, Mitch started to grunt into Jase's open mouth. Jase kissed Mitch hard, pushing his head into the soft earth.

When Jase started to kiss him, Mitch lost control. His cock spewed ropes of cum between his body and Jase's. The fabric of their shirts soaked up the semen, leaving dark splotches across their bellies. As Jase kept fucking, the scent of cum, harsh and sweet at the same time, reached both mens' nostrils. It was a smell that Mitch instantly equated with sex and which increasingly turned Jase on.

Jase started to cum. He grunted hard into Mitch's mouth and pulled down on his brother's shoulders. Jase pushed into Mitch's cunt, trying to bury his seed as deep as he possibly could. He fucked his load into Mitch with short, hard thrusts. Mitch winced and whined a little with each plunge as Jase let out a low groan. Jase imagined his hot cum, now spreading out in Mitch's guts. It felt like he had shot a lot.

Jase pulled out and immediately started to get dressed. Mitch followed suit. They were, after all, fairly exposed. Jase was still breathing hard as they walked toward the path. When they were about halfway home, Mitch told Jase that his cum was leaking out of his ass. Mitch was not trying to hold any of it in.

When they reached the frat, Jase let Mitch go up the stairs first. Sure enough, a dark spot was blooming across the seat of his pants. Both men had cum drying on the front of their shirts, and they reeked like sex. When they passed Chaz in the hallway, he just gave Jase a big thumbs-up and laughed.

The brothers fell asleep quickly, the effects of a long evening of drinking catching up with them. Neither bothered to take a shower, and the mixing smells of cum, grass, and sweat surrounded them as they fell asleep.

* * * * * *

The next morning, Mitch begged Jase to throw him one last fuck before he left, but Jase opted to let Mitch blow him instead. Mitch played with his pussy while he sucked Jase's cock and shot a good load on his brother's shin. Jase of course, made him lick it up. Jase deposited his nut into Mitch's open mouth, and watched his brother swish it around before he swallowed it. Jase wanted Mitch to leave with the taste of his seed in his mouth. He wanted him to be hungry for cum when he got back to their parents' house.

Mitch had nearly three hours to think about what he was going to do now that Jase was away. A part of him felt like he should save his heart, and his ass for Jase, but he figured that Jase wouldn't see it that way. Jase wanted him to get out there and play the field. He had made that clear. Mitch wondered if he should try to find a boyfriend, or just try to have fun. He wanted a relationship, but at the same time he wanted the freedom to explore his sexuality without constraints. The only thing he was sure of was that he was confused.

While Mitch cruised down the freeway, Jase sat in his dorm room and wondered what was next for him. Jase was sure he was straight, but he had no desire to settle down with a woman yet. What had happened over the summer with Mitch had been completely uninhibited and uncomplicated. There had been no drama or fights, just night after night of hot fucking. At the same time, while fucking Mitch, Jase had tapped into an animalistic energy that he didn't know he possessed. The last few times with Mitch, his mind had gone to places that he didn't dare to explore with his little brother. What he knew was that when he had a guy on his knees between his legs, he felt powerful, almost invincible. He was oddly afraid of that power, and not sure if he should act on it.

For both brothers, the future was full of sexual possibility. Of course, Jase would never stop dumping his loads in Mitch and Mitch would never consider closing his legs to Jase. However, outside of the strange relationship they had crafted, both brothers wanted more.

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