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Pucked, Part 10

Posted a new chapter of Pucked a while back but forgot to put it up here. In this chapter Ben sends Luke on an 'errand' to help out a big, black basketball player who hasn't gotten any pussy in a while. Check it out after the jump.

Pucked, Part 10
Cosmic Charlie -

Will and I cuddled on my bed for about fifteen minutes when Tony came into the room. He just opened the door and strolled in. When he saw us, still covered in sweat and cum, he laughed.

"So this is what happens when you leave two fags alone together . . ." he said.

Will laughed a little, and I tried to cover up. Even though Tony had seen me in much more embarrassing positions, I felt like he had invaded our privacy. This was supposed to be our time together, and Tony should have at least knocked.

"Sorry to barge in," Tony said as if he could read my mind, "but your roommate is coming back soon."

"Fuck," Will groaned.

Both Will and I started to get dressed. As I pulled my pants back on, Tony grabbed onto my shoulder with his huge mitt.

"Listen," Tony said, "You'll have to put up with Ben for the weekend while I figure out how to handle this."

"Ok." I said in a flat voice.

Will went to the bathroom that joined my dorm-room with the room next door.  Tony leaned in close.

"Don't pretend you don't like what Ben does, slut." he said. He licked the inside of my ear before pulling away. I felt a tingle in my groin, and I started to blush. Tony was right. There were worse things than another weekend with Ben.

Will came out of the bathroom, "Well, I'll see you soon." He didn't say it, but I could tell he was thinking 'I hope.'

With that, Will and Tony left my room.

            *            *            *            *            *            *            *

Ben texted me around 7 o'clock. He told me to come to his house ASAP. I showered and took care of the rest of my business before pulling on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

I half-jogged over to Ben's place because he gave me so little time to get there. I was nervous with anticipation. I never knew what Ben had in store for me. Sometimes I would make the trek across campus simply to blow him and then be sent home. Other times he would have a whole night full of activities planned for me. Given that he hadn't been taunting me all week in anticipation of some new act of degradation, I figured that he didn't have much in store for me that night.

When I walked into Ben's house, two of his roommates were sitting on the couch playing a video game. Both called out 'Hey fag.' as I walked by. I had sucked both of them a few times. Ben's roommates were part of the select group of guys I had to blow without question. With anyone else, there was an expectation that the man I was sucking would pay Ben for the privilege of using me. The set up was not about making money, but about Ben's need to prove that he was completely in charge.

I walked upstairs to Ben's room and found it empty. I was just about to go downstairs to ask where Ben was when I heard him bounding up the stairs.

Ben had clearly just been on a long run. He was wearing green running shorts and a white t-shirt. The t-shirt was pitted out and wet around the neck. His sandy blond hair was dark with sweat. My mouth started to water.

Ben walked over to me. "You got here before me. Good boy." he said as he rubbed my head like a dog. "I'm going to shower quick then you can suck me off."

"No." I said quickly.

Ben turned around with a grin on his face. "No? You don't want to suck me off?"

"I don't want you to shower." I said.

"I know you like my sweaty junk, but I feel gross. I'll be right back." he said.

"Please." I groaned. I was prepared to beg. I wanted him that much.

Ben walked to the open door. "Guys, should I let him suck me before I shower?" he yelled down to his roommates.

"He wants to?" one of them shouted back.

"Oh yeah." Ben yelled.

"Let him." The guy yelled back. "You gotta keep your fag happy, or he'll run away."

I heard them laughing downstairs. Ben seemed a little undecided, but the growing bulge in his shorts told me that he wanted a blow job sooner rather than later.

Ben started to walk toward me. "All right fag, but you're starting with my ass."

His big hand came down and grabbed me behind the neck. He yanked me down to my knees. As I fell into the ground my face crashed into his sweaty stomach. I didn't dare take a lick. If I fucked up now, Ben would take it all away from me. When I was on my knees, Ben turned around and lowered the back part of his shorts.

"Clean out my crack, fag." Ben growled.

I stuck my face into his ass crack and licked the sweat from the top of his ass and the small of his back. Ben had a small amount of light, soft hair there, which soaked up his salty sweat. I only spent a minute or two licking the top of his ass before moving south. I pushed my face between his legs. Ben pushed back to steady himself. I stuck my tongue as far into the space between his legs as I could and then licked upward to his asshole. As I did this, I moved my face around, letting Ben know how much I enjoyed eating his ass.

My tongue got to his asshole, and I started to lick at his shitter. Ben's ass smelled sweaty and musky. He was always clean down there, but never too clean. I darted my tongue around his hole until he started to moan.

"Kiss it." Ben said.

I pursed my lips and kissed his hole.

"C'mon." Ben complained, "Show my asshole how much you love it."

I started to kiss at his hole, making the loudest smooching sounds I could. Ben's body shook as he laughed. I sucked on his asshole with each kiss and toyed at his entrance with my tongue.

"Now do my pits." Ben said. He didn't ask. He grabbed onto my hair and pulled me back to my feet.

As he pushed my face into his armpit, I got a whiff of his stink. Ben had not put on deodorant and his pits were rank as hell. I licked at his skin and sucked on his pit hair, which tasted bitter and salty.

"Sniff them." Ben said. I took a small breath in through my nose. His stink was intense, and I wasn't sure how much of it I could take. Ben pushed my skull into his pit. "Really sniff them, fag."

I took a deep breath in through my nose, making a loud sniffing nose as I did. I felt like gagging but was able to hold back. For whatever reason, his smell was really fucking with me today.

After making me sniff him a few more times, Ben had me lick both of his pits clean. I did my best to run my tongue from the very top of his torso to the bottoms of his arms. Once I got used to his smell, sucking his sweaty pits was not a hard task.

"Balls." Ben called out.

He grabbed onto my head with both hands and shoved my face under his nuts. Then he took a few steps back. While he moved he pulled my head into his body, and I stumbled forward on my knees. Eventually, Ben reached his bed and flopped down. He wrapped his legs around my neck and pulled me tight against his body.

I started to suck at Ben's balls. His junk was coated in sweat and felt slimy against my face. I could still smell his pits and wondered how long it would take to get that scent out of my nose. I licked up his sweat and then started to kiss and lick his inner thighs. Ben relaxed his grip on my head some, and I moved above his cock. I pulled the salty sweat out of his pubes and did my best to worship his crotch. Finally, Ben grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face back.

"Open." he said.

Before I could open my mouth he stuck his fingers inside He pulled at my lips and then pushed two fingers as far in as he could. I gagged a little, and did my best to suck on his digits. He let me lick his hand for a few minutes while his hard cock bobbed in front of my eyes. Precum was drizzling out of the top and a little trail was running down his dick head.

"You're such a fucking slut." Ben said with a sneer. "What kind of man lets another dude shove his fingers into his mouth? What kind of man begs to lick a dude's sweaty ass?"

Ben didn't want a response. He wanted to humiliate me. As he asked me these questions and called me a dirty whore, he continued to smash his palm into my face and feed me his fingers. I was completely mesmerized by his dick as he did this and didn't even think about what he was saying. The smell of his cock and the taste of his hands were all that concerned me at that moment.

After a few minutes, Ben took his hand out of my mouth. As he removed his fingers, he pulled my jaw down. He grabbed onto his cock and rested the head on my tongue.

"Get a taste of my precum, fag." he said.

I closed my lips over his dick head and ran my tongue over his slit. His precum tasted just a little sweet and had a nice, thick, texture.

"You like that?" Ben asked.

I nodded with his knob still in my mouth.

"Good, cause that's all you're getting today." he said. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and started to get off of the bed. "Wait here while I shower."

I stayed kneeling on the floor for at least ten minutes while Ben took a shower. When he came back in he was wearing only a towel and his skin was glowing from the hot water. His hair was a little spiky and he smelled incredibly sexy. He had put on cologne, which meant he had a date with someone other than me.

Ben walked over to his desk and grabbed a piece of paper. "Go to this house and do whatever Ishmael asks you to do. His girlfriend dumped him a couple of days ago, and he needs some ass. Got it?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Good. Get out of here."

The address that Ben handed me was only a couple of blocks from his house. I walked down the street with butterflies in my stomach. This was the first time that Ben had sent me out without his immediate supervision, aside from the time he traded me to the guys from the baseball team. I was a little worried about how things would work out without him around to watch over me.

I banged on the door and it was answered by an enormous black man. He had to be six foot three and looked like he weighed close to two hundred pounds. His arms were masses of bulging muscle and his torso looked like it was well-developed. He had buzzed black hair and a smooth face. He looked vaguely familiar to me.

"Fuck, I didn't think Ben was serious when he said you'd show up." the guy said. He laughed a little as he pulled me into the house. As I walked by him he grabbed my ass. "That's a fine ass boy. I've been waiting for my chance at your pussy since you sucked my dick."

When he said this, I remembered the night that I had sucked the man off. Ben had left me blind-folded in his bathroom during a party. My asshole twitched a little. The black stud had a huge cock. As I was leaving the party, he made me feel him up and he fingered me on the street.

"I'm Ish" he said. "You sure you're up for this?"

"Ben sent me over to help you out." I said. I licked my lips a little and Ish noticed. The guy was handsome and sexy. I had no qualms about putting out for him.

Ish put one of his big hands on my chest and started to twist my nipple. his other hand snaked down the back of my jeans. His long fingers went straight for my asshole and he pushed one in without warning. He jabbed at my asshole a few times.

"Nice hot ass for me. You want my dick up there?" he asked.

I nodded and moaned at the same time.

Ish pulled his finger out of my ass and then brought his hand up to my mouth. He shoved his long digit into my mouth, and I was immediately grateful that I had done such a good job cleaning myself.

"Yeah, boy, suck your ass juices off my finger. Treat my finger like you're going to treat my cock."

I sucked down hard on his finger and started to circle around it with my tongue. My eyes locked on Ish's, and I wanted to melt into his body. He was big and oddly sensuous. I remembered from when I blew him that he could get a little rough, but there was something gentle about the way he was treating me.

"Your mouth feels so good." he said, "You fags got mad oral skills."

I moaned affirmatively and continued to suck on his finger.

"I remembered that you like it dirty." Ish whispered. "I hope you're ready to clean my dick."

Ish took a step back and then pulled off his shirt. He reached out and grabbed my skull with his big hand and pulled me into his chest. His nipples were right in front of me and I went to work on his tits. Ish had thick, mounding pecs and a cut stomach. His arms seemed to be almost free of fat, and I could see his muscles moving underneath his skin. He was a fucking adonis, and I had the privilege of sucking on his nipples. I moaned against his skin to let him know how much I was enjoying myself.

"That feels good, boy." Ish said as he pulled away. He started to lead me back into the house. "We should go to my room in case someone comes home."

His bedroom was messy and smelled like he didn't care much for doing laundry. He mumbled a sorry as he pushed some cloths off the bed and onto the floor. Then he turned toward me and told me to strip.

I pulled my shirt off and he instinctively reached out and pulled on my nipples. Then I dropped my pants. My cock was still in the cage that Ben had fit me with. Ish just laughed a little as he touched it.

"Ben told me about this." he said, "Don't worry, though, you aren't going to need your dick tonight."

Ish pushed me down to my knees. His hands felt strong on my shoulders, and I got the distinct impression that if I had resisted even a little, he would have quickly overpowered me. Instead, I gave in and sank down in front of his crotch.

He unbuttoned his fly and his jeans slid off of his waist and down to the floor. His dick, though still soft, had to be hanging six inches down from his body. Two, big, heavy bull balls were hanging in a loose sack behind it. Above his cock, there was some course dark hair which I assumed he trimmed. The stink of his crotch hit me. It was a mix of sweat, smeg, and maybe even some piss. He clearly didn't bother to use soap when he washed himself. I instantly remembered being fed his dick in the bathroom at Ben's house. He had been good and ripe then too.

"You want my big dick, fag?" Ish asked. He slapped me lightly across the mouth. "You want it?"

I nodded and opened my mouth for him. Ish grabbed onto the top of my head and pushed me toward his dick. I got close enough to take a quick lick before he pulled me back by my hair. My scalp stung and my eyes started to water.

"Too slow, cocksucker." Ish said. He looked down at me and spit on my face. He pulled me toward his crotch again, this time thrusting forward with his hips. My face mashed into his junk, and I was yanked away again. This time, he pulled me back with enough force to knock me backward. I caught myself as I fell back and gasped a little.

"C'mon man. If you like dick so much, come and get it." Ish said.

I straightened myself out and moved toward his crotch. Just as I was approaching, Ish grabbed onto my shoulder and pushed me back. This time, I didn't catch myself and fell over onto the carpet.

"You're gonna have to work harder than that." Ish said. He was laughing hard now.

He reached down and grabbed onto the back of my neck. He pulled me up to my knees. His dick was starting to thicken, and I could tell that he was getting off on man handling me. When I was kneeling, he grabbed onto the base of his cock and slapped it across my face a few times. His dick stung as it hit my cheeks, leaving a light red mark. Ish took a step back and let go of his dick.

"Try to touch it." he said.

I reached out my hand toward his dick, but he immediately slapped it away.

"You gotta be quick." he said. "Try again."

He taunted me with his dick five or six more times. My hand was burning now from all the times he had knocked me away from his cock. I was getting more and more frustrated, but Ish kept laughing. Finally, I stopped trying.

"I can't." I said.

"You can't?" Ish taunted. "Why not?"

"You're too fast." I said. I was still looking up at him, and I still occasionally got a whiff of his junk. If I had been able to get hard in the cock cage, I would have been seconds away from cumming.

"Is it because I'm a real man, and you're nothing compared to me?" Ish asked.

"Yes." I said, "You're so much stronger and faster than I am."

"And you're just a cocksucker." he added.

"All I want is to suck your cock." I said. "But I can't compete with a man like you. I give up."

"Because you're just a worthless cocksucker?" he asked.

"Yeah." I said, "I'm worthless. I'm just here for you to use to get off."

I believed what I was saying. When I got into this position - a guys cock in my face, his stink washing over me, his huge muscles bulging above me - all I thought about was getting that guy off. It was my whole purpose in life at that moment.

Ish saw it in my eyes. He knew that he had me. "Alright. You can have my dick, but you gotta start with my nuts first." Ish let go of my head and lifted his cock with his free hand. His nuts were literally the size of large eggs and hung in a dark, loose sack. I moved toward them, a little cautious that Ish was going to push me away, but he didn't. My mouth made contact with his nuts and they pushed away from me. I sucked one of them into my mouth.

Ish groaned loudly and I started to go nuts on his big nads. I popped one and then the other into my mouth before taking a lick of the underside of Ish's sack. This drove him over the edge, and his hand was immediately on my head, pushing my further between his legs. I sucked at his sweaty taint and inhaled his odor. The spicy smell of a man's nuts is probably my favorite thing in the universe. It just sends my mind reeling, like taking a hit of poppers.

"Oh, fuck yeah," Ish groaned. He was starting to push downward on my face. "I can hear you getting off on my nut sweat, fag. I hope you like it, cause my dick smells even better."

I moaned loudly against his body as I continued to work my mouth over his nether regions. When he pulled me out, he slapped me across the face with his cock without any warning.

"Looks like you woke up the monster." Ish said.

I took one look at his dick and felt my jaw drop. Ish had the meanest dick I'd ever seen in my life. He was comparable in size to Tony, who also topped off at nearly a foot of man-meat, but Ish had thick veins running down the side. Like Tony, he was uncut, but his foreskin was thick and had a bulging vein curling over the lip.

"I didn't get to see it last time." I said.

"That's right." Ish said. He grinned and showed me his big white teeth. "Well, stare all you want."

He moved his dick around a little for me. Then he grabbed onto the last part of his shaft. "Actually, staring time is over."

He wrapped his fingers around his shaft, right below the head, and slowly pulled back his foreskin. I swear that drool ran down my chin as he exposed the shiny, purple, head of his dick. The palm of his free hand, big enough to wrap around the back of my head, pulled me toward his dick. I caught a whiff of his ripe cock head. It smelled fruity but also sour.

Before he fed me his cock, Ish slid his slimy head across my upper lip, cooing softly as he did. As he swiped his cock back across my lip, he placed it under my nose. He pushed his foreskin forward until my nose was inside of his hood. I inhaled deeply. It was the smell of dick and of man, pure and simple, untouched by soap or shower water. I looked upward toward Ish, doing my best to convey my complete state of ecstasy to him.

He ran his fingers along the crown of my head. "You're a rare breed, you know." he said. "Most fags run the other way when they smell my cock sauce. You're something special."

He pulled his dick away from my face and held it in front of my mouth. His piss slit was shiny with precum.

"I'm ready to feed it to you," he said, "You got me so horned up. You're my special cock slut."

Ish pulled me forward onto his dick. I opened my mouth and started to lick. His dick initially tasted  a little sour, but it only took me a few moments to clean up the slime that had accumulated over the last day or so. His cock head felt huge in my mouth. It had to be at least two inches across. Before I even established a rhythm, Ish started to push me forward. He got about five inches of cock into my mouth before I started to choke on him. He was simply too big. My throat wasn't made to handle someone like him.

When I started coughing, Ish pulled off. "Sorry, I got a little excited there," he said.

"It's ok, make me choke on your black cock." The words came out of my mouth before I even thought about what I was saying.

"Yeah?" Ish asked as he pushed forward into my mouth again. "You like this big black dick pushing at the back of your throat?"

He shoved his dick into my throat and I gagged again. Ish fucked my face, slamming his dick into my throat and then pulling it back out before I started to choke. I don't think he ever got more than a six or seven inches into me.

"Fucking wrap your lips around that cock, slut." Ish growled. "You do a good job, white boy, and I'll shove my dick up your cunt."

About a minute into the face fuck, I needed to catch my breath. I started to pull back against Ish's hand, which was still controlling me. He got the drift. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, then slammed my face into his groin next to the base of his cock.

"If you gotta rest, you can do it there." he said. His body was so hot, his skin literally felt like it was on fire, and I just took it in while my breathing settled down.

While I sat there with my face in his junk, Ish bent over and ran his hands down my back. His long fingers snaked toward my asshole. His fingers traced around my man-cunt, slowly pulling at the sides. "You got a nice, smooth, hole." Ish said before slipping a finger in. "It feels like it's been used a lot, but I think you'll be tight enough for me."

He pulled on my hole with his curved finger, literally yanking me open as he toyed with my ass. I groaned loudly. Even though I was unsure I could handle his foot-long black cock, I wanted to be fucked badly. I squeezed my ass closed around his digit in order to signal my willingness.

"Fuck yeah," Ish said, "Your cunt's twitching and pulsing. I think you're ready."

Ish lifted me up to my feet. He stood up next to me, towering over me. I couldn't resist kissing his pecs and nipple. His chocolate brown skin was so different from what I was used to and thus incredibly sexy. Ish pulled my face away.

"No more fucking around, boy." he said with a half-smile. "I'm going fuck you now."

He bent me over the foot of his bed, which was up on blocks to maximize the space underneath. My ass was right at the height of his cock.

I felt his dick head bump into my cheeks as Ish ran his fingers down my back. He slapped my ass a few times. His cock was warm and wet. I pictured it bouncing up and down as Ish admired my firm ass and well-cared-for hole.

Ish grabbed his dick and placed it at the smooth entrance to my ass. His dick head felt blunt and hard against my hole. Ish didn't just have a long cock, he had a thick cock, and I knew that the initial entry was going to be painful. He seemed to know this too.

"You ready for this, boy?" he asked.

"I'm ready," I said, "Just try to go slow."

Ish pushed his dick against my asshole. There was a moment of resistance, when the muscles of my ass just wouldn't let him inside. As he pushed more, that resistance disappeared. With a sudden, searing pain, Ish's dick invaded my body. I almost blacked out from the intense, sudden, shock that blasted through me. The only other time I had taken a cock this big, I had been fucked for an hour before hand. My asshole just wasn't ready.

"Fuck!" Ish yelled out. "You're so tight. Your ass is like a vice on my cock."

I was breathing hard, and Ish realized that I was in rough shape. He leaned over me and licked the back of my ear.

"You'll get used to it baby. I'm not going to tear you up too bad."  he said.

I started to calm down. When my breathing leveled out, Ish began to push his shaft into my gut. He was well lubed and the first six or seven inches went in without any problem. In fact, once the pain around my entrance went away, I enjoyed the feeling of his long dick sliding into me.

Ish moaned and groaned as he moved into me. He finally bottomed out in my gut. He didn't have his whole cock inside of me, and I knew that I could take more if he gave me time, but he didn't seem to want to wait. I grunted as I felt a dull pain deep inside of me, and Ish stopped pushing forward. For at least a minute, Ish just stood there with eight inches of his dick buried inside of my ass.

"Boy," Ish said as his fingers lightly traced along the small of my back, "it's been a while since I've had my dick in a pussy, and your pussy feels amazing."

His hands came down around my hips and his grip tightened. He started to pull his dick out, slowly at first, and then more quickly. My ass lips were clinging to his cock as he withdrew, and it felt like he was pulling my whole body with him. Inside, I felt the empty place left by his absent cock.

Ish's fingers dug into the flesh around my hips, and he shoved his cock back into me. I grunted loudly. He immediately withdrew and then pushed back in. He was fucking me hard, with fast, intentional thrusts. Each time he pushed in a little deeper, getting another few millimeters of his dick into me. He continued to fuck me like this for at least five minutes, as he did, he mumbled the word bitch and whore over and over again. Given that he seemed intent on making me uncomfortable with each thrust, I figured he was imagining that he was punish fucking his ex-girlfriend.

Suddenly, Ish pulled me up into a standing position. With his dick still in my ass, he guided me to the ground. He put me into doggy-style position and started to fuck my ass again. At this point, I'm pretty sure I was taking all of his dick. It certainly felt like I was taking all of it. His big bull balls were swinging forward and knocking into my nuts. I wanted to cum so badly, but was unable to even get hard because of the cock-cage.

Ish's hands moved up my body and he put his fingers into my mouth. He twisted my head so that I was looking back over my shoulder. He leaned in, his hot skin making contact with my back, and started to bite my neck. He slid his tongue northward and started to nibble on my ear.

"You fucking cheap whore," he groaned, "I'm gonna fill you so full of my cum, it's gonna be running down your legs for a week. You want that? You want my cum?"

"Fuck yeah, man," I said, "Fill me up."

"Dirty slut like you doesn't deserve it. I should just pull out and cum on the floor."  he grunted into my ear.

"Please give it to me." I said.

Both of Ish's hands were now on my head. He was pulling my hair, sticking his fingers into my mouth, and using my skull for leverage as he plunged his big dick into me.

"I'm so fucking close," Ish whispered into my ear. "Work my cock over with your cunt. Pull the cum out of my dick."

I started to contract my ass muscles rhythmically, clamping down on Ish's shaft and then releasing the pressure. The movement caused my dick to press against the plastic cage, and it reminded me of how badly I wanted to cum. I reached down beneath me and touched my balls. I squeezed on the plastic, desperate for any sort of stimulation, but I couldn't get off like this. It was slowly driving me crazy.

"Get your hand off of your dick, bitch" Ish said loudly into my ear. "This isn't about you."

I moved my hand back up along the side of my body. Ish started to speed up his humping, pushing his dick into my ass a few inches and then pulling a little ways back out. I could tell that he was getting ready to cum.

"I hope you brought a diaper to wear home cause I'm gonna shoot a gallon of cum into your gut." he said.

Ish moved his face to my shoulder and bit down as he thrust into me. He went deep enough to cause a blast of pain and I pulled up against him. He grabbed onto me harder and pulled me back onto his dick. Tears formed in my eyes as he pushed in as deep as he could go.

Ish chewed on my shoulder as his load bubbled up from deep inside of his balls. The pain of his biting took my mind off my ass, but then I felt his cock swell. His bulging dick stretched me open about as far as I'd ever been stretched. Then, I felt his load start to fill my insides. Like Ish said, he had a huge amount of baby-batter to deliver. As he came deep inside of me, I felt his spooge filling the places around his dick. It was like he was sealing me up from the inside out.

I knew he had finished when Ish stopped supporting himself and relaxed on top of me. The biting stopped and he was breathing heavily against my face. His body was extremely heavy, and I strained to hold him up. Finally I gave up and collapsed to the ground. When I did, Ish grunted. Then he shoved his hips into mine a few times, as if to remind me that he was still inside of me.

Slowly, he pulled his dick out. My asshole was gaping open and I felt he cool air of the room entering me. I also felt cooling cum, lube, and whatever other juices I'd produced running down my balls. Ish leaned back on his knees, and I stayed flat on the floor, completely spent.

Ish whistled at me, "You're not done yet, white boy. Come clean my dick up." he said.

I lifted myself up and turned around. Ishmael's cock was still half hard and hung down about six inches. It was shiny from fucking and white fluid, clearly cum, coated the head and the crease of his foreskin. I got on my hands and knees and started to suck his cum and my ass juice off his cock.

I was glad I had cleaned myself out well before going to Ben's house. All I tasted was salty cum and some of the lube Ish had used. I licked up and down his shaft and then sucked the cum of the head of his dick. When I looked up at him like I was finished, Ish grabbed my head and pushed it under his balls.

"I'm taking a chick out tonight, and she better not be able to smell your ass on my nuts." he said.

I licked a line of fluid off his nuts, which tasted more like ass than like cum. Then I took his balls into my mouth one at a time in order to emphasize that he was clean. When I pulled away again, I looked up and he seemed satisfied.

Ish stood up and looked down at me. "Stand up and I'll give you a treat."

I stood up. Ish grabbed my body and pulled me toward him. He put one giant hand on my skull and the other on my back. He leaned in and kissed me full on the lips. He stuck his tongue into my mouth and for a minute or so we made out. He was a strong kisser, and his hands roamed the back of my head and my back as he tongued my mouth. He pulled me close to him and really took control of the kiss.

He moved away and smiled at me. "I know how you fags like a good kiss."

"Thanks," I mumbled. It was the sexiest part of the night, and I wanted to get into bed with Ish and neck with him until the morning.

"Ok, now get out of here," he said.

I pulled on my clothes and made for the front door. I heard the shower running as I left. As I walked back to my dorm room, I realized that Ish had been right. I should have brought a diaper, because a stream of thick cum was soaking the seat of my pants.

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