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Scott and Mitch, Part 1

I posted the first chapter of a new story yesterday. The updates will be posted in the high school section of (and should eventually make it into urination and incest as well).

In this story, I'm going to be exploring the sex life of Mitch as he moves beyond fucking around with his brother. This story uses a character from a previous story of mine, "Big Brother's Girlfriend," which is posted in the Incest section of the Nifty Archive. "Scott and Mitch" is not a continuation of that story, but if you like Mitch, you can read more about him there.

Scott and Mitch, Part 1
Cosmic Charlie -

Note: This story uses a character from a previous story of mine, "Big Brother's Girlfriend," which is posted in the Incest section of the Nifty Archive. "Scott and Mitch" is not a continuation of that story, but if you like Mitch, you can read more about him there.

Scott took off early from his shift at the gym where he worked. His dad, a police officer, had insisted that he come with him to dinner with his new partner's family. Scott was twenty years old and went to school at the local state college. In addition to his classes he worked part-time at a local gym, conveniently called "The Gym." He still lived at home with his dad, and for the last few weeks he had been forced to endure the endless formalities of getting to know his father's new partner.

Scott pulled into the driveway and ran inside to take a quick shower. There hadn't been time that afternoon for a full workout, but he had done some quick lifting. He gazed at himself in the mirror. His muscles were pumped up and bulging. He had strong, thick arms and a broad chest. His abs were defined, but not obscenely so. Across his torso there was a smattering of light brown hair. It was thickest in between his firm pectoral muscles and across his stomach as the hair coarsened and merged with his pubes.

He dropped his pants and pulled on his dick. He was ridiculously proud of his man-meat. Fully hard it topped out at eight inches, and he had a thick, veiny foreskin that wrapped around the head. It was an intimidating cock. He'd loved seeing the looks on guys' faces when he dropped his pants, and he drooled precum when their lips stretched right before he slipped it into their mouths.

Scott had given up on girls when he was still in high-school. Initially he had fucked around with guys as a way to get a good blow-job when girls refused to suck him. Soon, however, he found that he liked being with guys a lot more than girls. He liked male bodies, male smells, and the sense of power that flowed through him when he put a guy on his knees or, better yet, lifted the dude's legs to fuck his willing man-cunt.

He showered and ran downstairs where his dad was waiting for him. Scott's dad Tom was a more compact version of his son. While Scott stood 6 foot 1, Tom was around 5'10. He had a smaller frame, but was still in amazing shape for a 45 year old man. Scott could vaguely remember when his dad was more doughy, but after he and his mom divorced ten years ago, Tom had started working out obsessively. His furry body was now hard and muscular.

Scott never really told his dad that he was gay. There had never been a conversation about it. But Tom had picked up on the fact that Scott seemed to be spending a lot of time with other guys. Finally one night, when Tom noticed that Scott was going out with the same guy for the third time in a row, he asked if they were dating. Scott told his dad, matter-of-factly, that they were just messing around. His response fit the general tone of their relationship, honest and non-judgmental.

That happened when Scott was 18. In the two years since, conversations between father and son frequently turned to their respective sex lives. Tom was very popular with the hot moms in town, and Scott got a lot of ass. In the evenings, over beers, they liked to brag about their conquests. Tom also let slip one night, acting on the strange belief that it would impress his son, that he had screwed around with a few guys while he was in the military. Though he couldn't explain it, the thought of his dad messing around with men turned Scott on.

"You ready?" Tom asked.

"Yup." Scott said. Tom knew that there were other places Scott wanted to be, and he flashed his son a sympathetic smile as they both walked out toward the car.

When they arrived at the house, they were greeted at the door by the wife of Tom's new partner. Scott thought she seemed like a nice woman. They walked into the house, and Scott finally met Jason Anderson, the man with whom his dad would be spending most of his time at work.

Scott had to catch his breath when he saw Jason. His dad's partner was amazingly good looking. He was probably around fifty, slim, with nearly black hair. He had a stereotypical cop mustache that was starting to show some signs of grey. His body looked tight. Scott had only been fucked a couple of times, but he loved bending over for daddy-types like Jason.

"Come on in guys," Jason said. "My oldest son is gone away at college, but my youngest should be down any minute. You might know my older son, Scott, he's a Jason too."

Scott definitely knew about Jason's older son. Jase as everyone called him, was an all-star athlete and all around stud who had attended another high school in town. Scott had beaten off countless times thinking about the muscular jock when he was sixteen years old. Later on, when Scott became a serious stud himself, the two guys had crossed paths multiple times at parties and other events.

"Yeah . . . Jase," said Scott, "We see each other around every once in a while."

"Well, Jase is back at school. Mitch is still showering and getting ready after track practice. That one . . ." Jason looked at Tom and rolled his eyes, "I'm not sure what's going on with him lately."

As if on cue, Mitch bounded down the stairs. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Scott.

Mitch gazed at Scott and felt his cock start to harden. Over the summer, for three solid months, Mitch had been introduced to and coached in gay sex by his older brother. Since Jase had left for college, Mitch had made do with jacking himself off. He didn't have the desire to approach any of the guys at his high-school, and after nearly a month without any cock he was ready to explode.

The problem with most of the guys at school was that they weren't manly enough for him. Mitch would only give his ass to a guy like his brother Jase - tall, strong, and over-flowing with testosterone. And now Scott, a genuine super stud was standing in his dining-room. Scott had short dirty blond hair and a beautiful v-shaped torso. His eyes were blue. Mitch thought he could stare into them for the rest of his life.

"And this is Mitch," Jason said. He grabbed Mitch by the shoulder and shook him a little to pull him out of the trance Scott had put him into.

"I'm Scott." Scott said as he pushed his hand toward Mitch. Purposively, Scott flexed the muscles of his chest as he moved forward. Mitch took his hand and shook it. Scott noticed that Mitch did not make eye contact with him. He squeezed the boy's hand hard before letting it go.

As Jason introduced everyone to everyone else, Scott gave Mitch the once over. Jason's comment about Mitch taking forever in the bathroom made sense to him now. Mitch looked strong, built up, and very masculine. However, there was also something 'pretty' about him. He was a little too put together, and Scott instantly pegged him as gay.

They all ate a good dinner, and then the men went outside while Jason's wife cleaned up in the kitchen. Most of the conversation was small talk. Scott's mind started to drift. He imagined what he would do to Mitch if he got him alone. He thought about lifting Mitch's strong legs up over his shoulders and yanking off his jeans. The kid looked like he had a fine, muscular ass. Scott wanted to run his tongue up Mitch's crack and then tear the kid up with his big cock. He imagined that Mitch had never been fucked by a cock as big as his, and tried to visualized the way Mitch's face would contort as he plunged into him.

While Scott visualized all of this, the inane chatter continued. Finally, Scott heard his dad saying his name. He said, "Isn't that right Scott?"

"Huh?" Scott said.

"I was just saying that you've started to do some personal training at The Gym, and that you really like it." Tom said.

"Oh, yeah. It's been great. Right now I'm just trying to get some clients. I'm actually helping some guys for free. You know, getting them built up so that they can advertise my services." Scott said.

"Really?" Tom asked, "You know, Mitch used to train with his brother, but hasn't been going to the gym since Jase left. Maybe you could help him out."

Mitch started to blush. As his cheeks turned red, Scott became intensely turned on. The strange mix of Mitch's grown up body but slightly childish mannerisms were incredibly sexy.

"I'd like that. You wanna train with me Mitch?" Scott asked. He flashed Mitch his best smile.

"Uh . . . I'm don't know." said Mitch.

"C'mon Mitch." Jason said. "You've been moping around the house ever since Jase left. It'd do you some good to get out. Maybe you'd meet some people."

"Think about it, Mitch." Scott said. Then he looked Mitch straight in the eyes, holding his gaze. "You should know though, I work my guys real hard. They can hardly walk when I'm through with them."

Then, to seal the deal, Scott quickly winked at Mitch. Again, Mitch blushed and squirmed in his chair. Sometimes, Scott thought, it was too easy.

"Mitch loves a hard work out." Jason said.

"I bet." Scott turned to Mitch, "You've got some really nice development."

Mitch's heart thudded at the complement. "Thanks." he said. This time, Mitch made eye-contact and smiled. It was the only time all night that he went on the offensive, but he wanted Scott to know that he wasn't a complete push-over. "You should give me your number and we'll set something up."

Scott quickly exchanged numbers with Mitch. Mitch's dad Jason was completely clueless about what was going on, but Tom noticed the way his son had put the moves on Mitch. Tom was overwhelmed by a feeling of pride, both in his son and himself. He had finally become comfortable enough with his son's sexuality that he could take pride in Scott's prowess with men the way he once would have taken pride in his prowess with women.

When the evening began to wind down, Scott got up to go to the bathroom. His dick was still hard. For an hour now, he had focused on a different parts of Mitch's body. First his thick lips, then his tight chest. Mitch's nipples stood out against the fabric of his t-shirt, and Scott imagined sucking on Mitch's tits and biting down on his perky nipples.

As he walked by Mitch on the way into the house, Scott grabbed at his crotch. He literally lifted his dick in his pants so that all eight inches would be visible to the seventeen year-old. He wanted to seal the deal and make it clear to Mitch just what he was getting into.

Scott neared the main floor bathroom, and Mrs. Anderson told him that he should use the bathroom upstairs. Apparently there was some kind of plumbing problem with the guest bathroom.

Scott climbed the stairs and found two doors at the top. He opened one and peered into a large bedroom that Mitch and Jase must have once shared. The room had definitely been taken over by Mitch's things, but Jase's presence was still apparent. Scott remembered all the times that he had wished that he could have come back to this place with Jase. Now he was dreaming of plowing the guy's little brother.

He walked into the bathroom, and it suddenly occurred to him that he might leave a little present for Mitch. His dick was so hard that he wasn't going to be able to piss without cumming, so why not make the most of it?

Scott dropped his jeans and pulled off his underwear. He was wearing a decent pair of blue briefs with white trim. In his rush to get ready for dinner, he had actually just put on the shorts he had been wearing at the gym. He brought them to his nose for a quick smell and noticed the musky stink of his balls and ass. They would be perfect.

He ran the briefs over his body, rubbing them up over his balls and down his ass crack. Then he lifted his shirt and rubbed his pits with the course fabric. Finally, he pulled back his foreskin and rubbed some of his dick stink on the pouch, right where he knew Mitch would put his nose when he pigged out on the smell of his junk.

He laid the briefs down on the vanity and started to jerk off. His cock was rock solid and dripping precum. As his heart rate increased the thick head flared up and got even bigger, and the veins running along his shaft became dark and raised. He slid his foreskin up and down his head. He knew his dad would be looking for him, so he didn't make any effort to take his time. He pulled at his dick hard and fast. As he put his hand down on the vanity, he imagined that he was planting it on the middle of Mitch's fine ass while he drove in and out of his tight man-pussy. Suddenly, he felt his knees get a little weak and his low hanging balls pulled up against his body.

As he started to cum, Scott aimed downward. He could feel a big load rising up and he didn't want to miss the underwear. His first blast of cum shot across the pouch of the briefs and onto the waistband. Five more ropes followed. Slowly, the front of the briefs got darker as his hot load soaked into the fabric. Scott took a quick glance at his work and chuckled to himself. How long, he wondered, before Mitch was sucking the load out of his shorts.

He yanked on his pants and took a quick piss before grabbing the briefs and heading back to Mitch's room. He folded the briefs and put them under Mitch's covers where he would be sure to find them. As he walked out of the room, he noticed Mitch's laundry hamper in the closet. Scott reached in quick to find a pair of shorts. Instead, all he found were girly thongs. He settled for one of those, and headed back downstairs.

All told, he was only gone for a few minutes. He imagined that he looked a little exhausted when he came back out onto the patio. As soon as he walked out, his dad stood up.

"Time to go, Scott." Tom said.

"Good meeting you." Scott said as he extended his hand to Jason. Then he turned to Mitch, "And you'll call me?"

"You bet," Mitch said.

Tom and Scott walked out to their car. Once they were both buckled in, Tom started to drive toward his house and turned to Scott.

"Those were some moves you put on Mitch." Tom said.

"Yeah . . ." Scott mumbled. He still wasn't completely used to having this kind of conversation with his dad.

"I'm sure he'll be calling you." Tom said.

Scott figured he should give his dad some sort of reward for being so chill about all of this.

"I hope so," he said with a grin. "Really."

"Just remember," Tom said, his voice suddenly taking on a very fatherly tone, "That Mitch is my partner's son. You've gotta be good to him. If you don't treat him right, I'm the one who's going to hear about it."

"Dad." Scott said, "We were just flirting a little. I'm not even sure he's gay. He probably won't call."

Though they were silent, both men knew that this was not true. Though Jason might be able to somehow turn a blind eye to Mitch's sexuality, it was pretty clear to everyone else. On top of that, Mitch was clearly enamored with Scott. He would call.

* * * * * *

After Scott and Tom left, Mitch helped his parents clean up the house. He awkwardly walked around the house with his hard cock bunched up in his pants. For about an hour, he helped do the dishes and put things away. Every so often he would forget about Scott and get a moment of relief, but within minutes the blond stud would pop back into his head and he would get hard again.

What got him hottest was the fact that Scott had flirted with him mercilessly in front of both of their dads. Mitch was, of course, in the middle of trying to decide when to tell his folks that he was gay, but how could his dad have not seen what had gone on between him and Scott? Was his dad that oblivious, or was he simply waiting for Mitch to come out on his own?

After helping with the clean-up, Mitch bounded up the stairs to work on his homework. He still felt a pang of loneliness every time he saw Jase's empty side of the room. His parents had suggested that since Jase would probably not live at home again, Mitch might move some of his stuff to the garage, but Mitch didn't want to do that.

He finished his homework and got ready for bed. He couldn't stop wondering when he should get in touch with Scott and what he should say when he did call him. Mitch didn't want to seem over eager, but he also wanted Scott to know that he was in for whatever 'workouts' Scott was ready to dish out.

Mitch stripped down and pulled back the covers of his bed. He saw the blue briefs and initially thought that they were his. When he reached for them, though, it occurred to him that they belonged to Scott. The downstairs toilet was on the fritz, and he figured that his Mom must have sent Scott upstairs.

He grabbed at the undies and noticed that they were damp. As he unfolded them, he saw the dark spot where Scott's cum had bloomed across the fabric. He touched the wet fabric and felt the slick, sliminess of a man's load. Slowly, Mitch brought his finger to his mouth. He tasted Scott's salty cum and wanted more.

His immediate reaction was to suck the load out of Scott's briefs and jerk himself off. However, he wanted to savior the gift that Scott had left him. He lifted the briefs to his nose and sniffed. First he smelled the slightly acrid pouch, where Scott had undoubtably dribbled some piss. Then he moved his nose lower, to the place where Scott's balls rested. Mitch tried to imagine the heavy, furry balls that he knew hung between Scott's legs, rubbing against the underwear. He sniffed and caught a darker, more purely masculine smell. It was the pure musk of nut sweat. Mitch then sniffed the seat of the briefs and got a whiff of Scott's ass. He rubbed his nose against the fabric and licked at the place where he imagined Scott's taint would be.

Mitch grabbed his phone. He shoved the briefs into his mouth and took a quick picture, being sure that it showed the way the cum spot was buried right underneath his nose.

Then Mitch took the briefs and rubbed them against his hard dick. His cock was leaking precum like a faucet, but he tried to keep it off Scott's underwear. He didn't want to contaminate his prize. He took another pic of his hard dick rubbing against Scott's cum and sweat.

He looked at the pics for a minute and tried to decide if he should send them to Scott. Before he was unsure how to proceed, but it had become clear to him that Scott was going to be taking the lead. By leaving his spunk covered shorts in Mitch's bed, Scott made it clear what he wanted. Mitch figured that the only way he could respond was by letting Scott know that he wanted it too.

He sent both of the pictures to Scott. He was going to wait for a reply, but he couldn't hold off. He brought the briefs back to his nose and took a whiff. The sweaty smell of male genitalia was something Mitch was completely familiar with. He had gotten many whiffs of his brother's sweaty nuts back when they were fooling around. Yet Mitch was surprised how different Scott smelled. It was indescribable and completely different.

His hand was working his cock when his phone buzzed. Scott had sent a simple text saying, "Glad you liked them."

Mitch shot back, "Your nuts smell so good."

"You have no idea," came the reply. Then a moment later, "Tell me what you want from me."

Mitch had been working his cock with his free hand, but just as Scott's text appeared, his fingers had snaked down to his asshole. He shoved one in and groaned, wishing it was a cock.

"I want your cock in my cunt." Mitch texted back. It was the first time he had ever called his asshole a cunt with a man other than his brother.

"You want a real man's cock in your pussy, boy?" came Scott's response.

"Please. I need a man's cock in my pussy." Mitch replied.

At this point, Mitch was hot and ready to cum. Precum oozed out of the head of his dick and was pooling up in the folds of his foreskin. He had long ago started to augment his masturbation with ass play and nipple stimulation. He shoved another finger up his ass and started to pull at the lips of his boy-pussy. As he opened it up, he imagined that the fingers belonged to Scott, who was getting him ready for his cock.

"Show me your pussy." Scott texted.

Mitch grabbed his phone and did the best he could to take pictures of his asshole. There was no mirror in the room to help him out. He glanced at the pictures quick and found one he liked. One where his finger was pressing on the outside of his hole and pulling it open. His asshole gaped a little and his dark tunnel was visible. He sent it to Scott.

Mitch waited for a few minutes for Scott's response. It felt like an eternity. Finally, Scott texted him. It was only three words long. "Cum for me."

Mitch was intensely turned on by the way Scott was already ordering him around. How much more controlling might this guy be in person? He wondered if Scott was also jacking off right now, or maybe he was somewhere in public, answering the texts.

Mitch slipped a third finger into his ass and started to fuck himself hard. He was close to cumming, but he had yet to bring himself to an orgasm with his fingers alone. He needed a cock in order to cum hands free.

He quickly grabbed Scott's briefs and draped them over his nose. He planted his nostrils right in the piece of fabric that runs under the balls and taint. He pulled the musky scent into his nostrils and imagined that his face was planted in the blond jock's crotch. He could almost feel Scott's strong thighs pressing along the side of his head. The cum spot was over his mouth and Mitch pulled it into his mouth and started to suck Scott's salty juice out of the briefs.

He continued to huff Scott's stink as he slid his foreskin up and down over his cock. The combination of sensations was overwhelming. He had the smell and taste of Scott, plus his own fingers in his ass and his hand on his cock. It only took him about thirty seconds before he started to cum.

Mitch literally called out as he lifted his hips off the bed. He had never made such a loud noise while masturbating, and he worried that his parents might have heard him. He drilled his fingers into his ass as far as they would go and felt his sphincter clamp down on his digits. The first shot of cum splattered across his abs, leaving a trail from his sternum down to his belly button. Every additional rope just added to the mess. When Mitch pulled the briefs off his face, there were pulls of cum forming in the ridges of his abs. His cock, still pretty hard, was flopped up against his stomach. The head was shiny and purple.

He quickly grabbed his phone and took a picture.

* * * * * *

Scott had been sniffing the pouch of the thong he had stolen from Mitch's hamper as he received Mitch's texts. As he had expected, Mitch smelled pretty clean. However, the strap of the thong bore the unmistakable smell of boy pussy. He wondered how long he would have to wait before he shoved his dick into Mitch's muscle cunt.

Mitch had shown an almost instant willingness to do what Scott asked, and that impressed him. If Mitch really wanted his cock, and wanted it regularly, he would have to get used to following Scott's commands. Pictures of his asshole were only the beginning. Scott liked to use his boys hard, and that would include helping out his friends if he asked and learning to drink Scott's piss.

Scott toyed with his cock and waited for Mitch's picture of his cum. He knew the boy was jerking off at that very moment, and that as soon as he came he would send a pic. Scott wondered if Mitch was playing with his asshole - had he had a man to teach him that yet? His dick oozed precum, not at the thought of Mitch himself, but the new horizons that he represented.

His phone buzzed. Mitch had sent a pic of his abs covered in cum. The boy's a big shooter, thought Scott.

"I'm going to have so much fun with you." Scott texted back as he relaxed and began to dream of where he would take Mitch.


  1. Very hot. Can't wait to read more. Maybe Tom explores a little with Mitch. And Jason and Scott! Keep up the great writing.

  2. Fantastic work! I loved your Jase and Mitch stories and I'm extremely happy about this spin-off. I really admire your writing skills - incredibly hot!

    1. Thanks man. There more coming. Hope to have the next chapter up late this week.

  3. Your writing skills are AMAZING. Most stories are just like porno, fake actors with horrible acting skills and a horrible storyline. I love how you can incorporate sex and still seem as we're reading a novel. It's just spectacular. I check back every night just to see if you updated. Perfect, just perfect.

    1. Glad you like my story lines. I'm trying to balance some plot with a lot of dirty sex, so it's good to hear it works.

  4. CC,
    Dude you're my favorite Nifty writer by far. Every one of your series hit the right spots in me. I love your ideas and your style.

    Jase and Mitch had a great run. I can't wait to see Mitch and Scott. There's so much potential for Mitch as he explores this new side of himself. I can't wait!! I can't wait!! I can't wait!!

    1. Thanks man. Lots to come between Mitch and Scott. I want to take Mitch to some new places and maybe write some surprises for Scott too.