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Basketball Jock and Prof, Chapter 20

What's up. Here's the latest chapter of Basketball Jock and Prof. Hope you like it.

Basketball Jock and Prof, Part 20
Cosmic Charlie -

The school year had finally ended. Mike graduated on a Saturday morning, and we spent most of the day with his parents. We ate a lot of food, celebrated a good deal, and enjoyed ourselves. He was moving in with me on Sunday, so graduation marked the end of his time in school and the beginning of his time with me. Ther We were finally going to start living like as a couple.

When I dropped him off at his apartment the morning of commencement our hug slowly turned into a full on grope fest. Mike grabbed onto my wrist and shoved it down his pants.

"No more molesting students after today." he said with a smile.

"No more sex with your professor," I said back.

"You're always going to be the Prof. to me." he said.

We made out for a few minutes, grabbing at  each other before he pulled away. "I've got to get ready," Mike said, "My parents are coming."

"You're going to leave me like this?" I said, pointing at the tent in my slacks.

"Maybe. I like the idea of you sitting through the whole ceremony with a hard on." he said.

As it turned out, I did have a hard-on for most of the ceremony. Mike and I had skipped sex the night before and we probably wouldn't have it today. I was so boned up I could barely keep my hands off myself.

The next morning Mike showed up at my place around noon with his buddy John, who was his best bud on the basketball team. I had fooled around with John a few times back when Mike and I were still just hooking up. The first time Mike had brought some friends over to my house unannounced to watch my TV, drink my beer, and make me blow them. That was back when I was still surprised about Mike's ability to take control and get dirty. After things got serious with Mike, it didn't seem right to fool around with his friends anymore. Random hook-ups were one thing, but friends were different.

John jumped out of the car and said, "Hey Professor," He was always pretty formal with me. He dressed like a thug and he had the build to go with it, but he was a pretty respectful dude.

"Hey, John." I said,

I shook his hand. His iron grip clamped down around my fingers. John was built on massive proportions. Tall and wide, his arms were huge, and his whole torso was thick with muscle. Somehow he didn't let it slow him down on the court, and he had always been good at using the extra weight to his advantage. Today he was wearing a white wife beater that glowed against his caramel colored skin. He'd gotten a new tattoo on his shoulder, which added to the rough look I knew he was going for.

"You two are finally shacking up, huh?" he said while Mike headed into the house to grab some beer.

"Yep." I said. I still felt nervous about moving in with Mike, and I didn't really know what to say.

John looked around briefly, his eyes panning across the wide open country in front of the house, "I forgot how nice it is out here. It's been a while." he said.

"You were only out here that one time, right?" I said.

"Yep." he said. His eyes moved down to the ground, before he looked up at me and smiled. "Man, that was the best blow-job I ever had."

My face turned red. Luckily, Mike came back out and whistled for us, yelling that we should hurry up. We both grabbed a box and hauled them into the house. The three of us worked slow, shooting the shit and drinking as we went. At one point, Mike and I were left alone in the house.

I grabbed a glass of water from the sink. "Nice of him to help out." I said, "It would have taken us forever."

Mike grinned, "He's not doing it for free."

"You're paying him?"

"No, you are." Mike's smile widened, his white teeth shining.

"C'mon, Mike." I said, "You can't just whore me out."

"You can't just whore me out." Mike parroted back, his voice about two octaves higher than normal. Then he dropped back into his normal voice, "I thought you'd like it."

"I will," I said, "But it's the principle."

He pulled me into his body and gave me a sort of bear hug. His lips moved across my ear, wetting the flesh. "He's been talking about the bj you gave him for a year now. I thought it'd be a nice going away present."

"Mmhh." I mumbled into his chest.

"Besides, he's got a massive cock." Mike said.

One of Mike's hands moved down my back and into the crack of my ass. His hard penis pressed into my thigh. We had been playing this game for almost a two days now. Coming together for a minute, getting boned up and horny, then breaking apart. The delayed gratification and constant anticipation was driving me nuts.

"You owe me." I said.

"Yeah?" he said, grinding into my thigh. "I'll pay you back tonight."

"No excuses," I said. I grabbed onto his dick and pinched down hard. His face contorted as I let go and walked away.

When we got back out into the yard, John was standing at the car, sweat rolling down his face. "Where you guys been? I was going to come looking for you, but I didn't want to walk in on anything."

"Just talking." Mike said.

We moved the rest of the stuff into the house, and then we settled down on my back deck with more beer. John slid low into his chair, his legs wide open. He wore red basketball shorts, and it was clear the he was going commando. The crags and valleys of his cock and balls were visible beneath the fabric. I glanced at his face, but he didn't seem to notice me checking him out. We sat in silence for a few minutes. The breeze was blowing through the trees. I was slightly chilled because of the sweat I'd worked up moving the boxes into the house.

John finally stirred. He adjusted his cock as he straightened up. I saw him glance at Mike, and Mike smiled back.

"He told me." I said to John.

"You're cool?" John said, "You don't have to if you don't want to."

"Trust me, he wants to." Mike said. He turned to me, "Go get it."

I walked over to John. He had a hungry look in his eyes. In my past experiences with him he had always been very laid back. Unlike Mike, he didn't seem to get off on manhandling me. For Mike sex was, like almost everything else, a kind of power game. It was a chance for him to prove his strength and dominance. With John it wasn't like that. I now knew that I liked it better Mike's way. The give and take, struggle, and eventual surrender to his personality and body.

I knelt in front of John, almost waiting for him to pull me into his crotch. Instead, he put his hands behind his head and leaned back. I ran my hands across the front of his shorts. His dick was soft, but still felt big. I massaged it for a while, eliciting soft moans from him. I looked up, and his eyes were closed.

When his dick began to stir, I dropped my mouth into his crotch. I inhaled deeply, taking in the smell of his sweat and musk. Then I tongued along his shaft. I bit down a little and sucked at his dick. John slowly got hard, and his eleven inches draped over his thigh. He looked like he had fallen asleep and sprung a boner.

A deck board creaked behind me, and then Mike's hand was on my head. He pushed me into John's dick, doing what John didn't have it in him to do.

"Fucking go for it, Prof." he said.

He pushed me underneath John dick, into his balls. John moaned loudly and lifted his body some. His shorts still formed a barrier between his body and my mouth, and I could tell that he was frustrated. I was making him feel good, but not as good as I could.

Mike's hand gripped my skull like a basketball as he manipulated me. He pushed me into John's dick and up between his legs. When I glanced up John had his hands behind his back. His muscular arms framed perfect, ripe pits, and the white of his shirt played off of his dark skin.

Mike dug his fingers into my hair and pulled me out. Thinking that he was ready for some action of his own, I dove in between his legs. Mike groaned a little as I chewed on his shaft before snarling, "Later," He moved my head to John's knee and let go. I looked up the open leg of John's nylon shorts and knew exactly what I was supposed to do. I shoved my face up the leg, driving the fabric up his muscled thigh, and went for my prize.

John wasn't wearing any underwear, and my mouth made contact with the loose skin of his scrotum. His balls were big and had some course hair covering them. I stuck out my tongue and licked while I breathed in his sweaty smell. Mike had stepped away, and John's hands replaced his. He shoved me in deeper, pushing my nose and mouth into his sack. The heat from the day had caused his nuts to drop down, and they rolled around underneath the silky skin as I chased them with my tongue.

Mike soon had his hands on my ass. He alternated between gently massaging and roughly gripping and spreading of my butt. His fingers slipped underneath my waistband and pulled my shorts down. I lifted my knees and let him take them off.

Satisfied that I had done a good job on John's balls, I dove deeper and slid my tongue across his taint. He bucked up in the chair and moaned, "Fuck I forgot how good that feels. Chicks don't do that."

Mike laughed behind me. He pulled my ass open and soon I felt what John was feeling as his  tongue played with my asshole. I could barely get to John's hole because he still had his shorts on. Mike dove right into my ass, and he shoved into me with such force that the chair John was slid backward. It made a loud squeal when it moved across the deck. The movement caused John to straighten up, and he took the opportunity to pull me out of his junk.

"I gotta get these off." he said as he stood up and dropped his shorts to his ankles. I pulled them off and took a quick whiff.

"Smell good?" he asked.

"Hot." I said. I love the smell of a man, and getting a whiff of John while he stood in front of me made my dick throb. Mike was still behind me, working over my asshole, and I groaned loudly.

"Ok Professor, break's over." John hissed. His massive hand wrapped around my skull and he pulled me up to his cock. His dick was massive, eleven inches long and curved upward. Precum drizzled down from the tip. John clenched his ass, and his dick flew upward and slapped against his flat stomach with a thud. I leaned forward and took the head into my mouth, wrapping my fingers around his shaft. He was rock hard and horny. He began to gently move his dick in and out of my mouth. He let out a sigh of release, and I saw his upper body relax.

Mike jumped to his feet behind me. When I turned to look, he already had half of his clothes off. I gazed up at him. Something had changed about Mike's body after he finished playing basketball. He'd gotten bulkier, especially in the arms. His body seemed thicker and stronger, compared with the leaner build he maintained on the court. Hair grew across his chest and down onto his abs, terminating in a dense bush of dark brown pubes. We made eye contact, and I stared briefly into his blue eyes. He was just as hot, if not hotter, to me than he was a year and a half ago.

John cleared his throat and tapped his dick on my cheek. I had let it fall out  of my mouth while I was ogling Mike. I began to suck again, and John went back to softly groaning and purring.

"As good as you remember," Mike said while advancing toward us.

"Better." John said.

Mike stood next to us, looking down at me. I recognized the look in his eye. He wanted the cock I was sucking. Mike played it straight, but he was just as gay as me and the sight of a massive, black dick, attached to a muscled dude, tempted him. I wondered if he would get down on his knees in front of John and suck his cock. He had done it once before. This time, however, he resisted. The twisted smile came across his face again. He wasn't going to come down to my level. Not today at least.

Mike sidled up next to John and directed his dick at my face. My mouth was full of John's cock, and I didn't want to let it go. Mike grabbed onto his dick and pulled the head across my brow ridge, leaving a slimy trail of precum. He slid the skin up over the tip of his head and shoved it over my nose. When I looked up at him, he was smiling as he played with my face. With my nose inside his hood, I breathed in, smelling a day's worth of sweat, piss, and precum. Mike rubbed the side of my head, sliding his slimy glans across my upper lip. I opened up and let John's cock fall out and took Mike's into my mouth.

John jerked on his cock while I sucked on Mike. His hand moved up and down the entire length, and I was hypnotized by the action. His dick was shiny with spit and precum. Up close it looked even bigger, with veins pulsing  and a huge piss slit opening up as he pulled down.

"That's right, baby," Mike said as I dug my tongue in under his foreskin. "Get in there."

'You get this everyday," John asked.

"He's not always this enthusiastic." Mike said.

"Well, he's got me about ready to nut." John replied.

Mike pulled out of my mouth and directed my lips to the tip of John's dick. I nursed on the head of his cock while he jerked off, waiting to taste his hot load. John's balls, which just moments before had been hanging inches below his crotch, had drawn up against the shaft of his dick. He was going to blow any minute.

John started to pant loudly, and whine a little. I rubbed my tongue across the tip, hungry for his cum. Just before he came, Mike turned my head away, and when John erupted, he shot his load across my face.

John's cum oozed out like a fountain. It was thick and stringy, and the flow seemed to be endless. He didn't shoot far, but the amount was amazing. It coated my cheek and started to run down in globs onto my jaw. I reached under myself and pulled on my leaky cock. The stink of cum was all around me, and I desperately wanted to taste it.

John collapsed into the deck chair with a loud sigh. He looked totally spent. Mike grabbed onto my chin and turned my face to the side. With his other hand, he scooped up John's cum. I opened my mouth, hoping he was going to feed it to me. Instead he slathered it across his dick before saying gruffly, "Turn around."

"Dirty," Jordan said from the chair. "You gay dudes get into some sick shit."

Mike lined his cum covered cock up with my hole. The only lube besides cum was the spit from the rim job early and a gob of saliva that Mike drooled into my crack. "You ready?" he asked.

"Fuck yeah," I said.

He shoved his cock forward, and my ass stretched open to receive him. He moved in inch by inch, pulling out a little each time to spread John's load across his shaft. The smell of cum surrounded us. Mike slowly jack-hammered into me, making sure I felt every inch. His hands were all over my back and the sides of my torso, rubbing my muscles and seeking a grip. The head of his cock slid in deeper, pushing my guts out of the way. He was going to go balls deep.

Finally I felt his pubes rubbing against my ass. He settled in, twisting his hips a little. Then, his hands came down around my front and he twisted one of my nipples. He kissed his way up my back and then whispered in my ear, "You want it?"

"Pound my ass, Mike." I said.

"You've gotta do better than that, Prof." he said.

"Please fuck my ass, Mike." I wasn't in the mood for his games. I was boned up and wanted to get fucked, "Do it." I said in a low voice.

Mike sniffed at my face and licked the cum residue off my cheek. Then he straightened up and pulled nearly his entire cock out of me. I felt my insides collapse into the empty space. Just before I was going to beg him to put it back in, Mike shoved forward hard. About nine inches of cock slid back into my gut. I groaned as a dull pain spread through my torso. I would never get used to having that much dick enter me that quickly. Mike slid all the way back out and then shoved in again, I grunted loudly.

"C'mon, Prof. Take it." Mike said as he slammed into me again and quickly pulled back out. "Show John that you're a big man."

He shoved in again. I was panting from pain and pleasure. "Or show him what a bitch you can be." Mike said with a laugh as he continued to long dick me. "I could do this all day, you know."

I was divided. On the one hand, getting pummeled by his big cock felt awesome, on the other, the roughness of the fuck was getting to me. I was having a hard time catching my breath in between thrusts.

"Are you a man or a bitch." Mike said. Again his cock plunged into me. His fingers moved to my nipples and he twisted them hard.

"A bitch." I moaned loudly.

"Show John that you're my bitch." Mike growled. He grabbed onto my head and lifted my face up. John's big feet, they had to be at least a size fourteen, spread out in front of me. I lowered my mouth to them and started to suck on John's toes. John had pretty much zoned out, gay sex wasn't really his thing, but he perked up when my tongue hit his foot.

"You like those jock feet?" John said.

I didn't answer, but sucked down on his big toe and moaned an uh-huh as best I could.

"Fucking jock dick in his ass and jock foot in his mouth. He's in heaven." Mike said.

John shoved the sole of his foot into my face and I licked it from heel to toe. Mike had finally started to fuck me properly, rhythmically pushing in and out. His dick hit me in all the right places and my cock was bouncing and dripping juice onto the deck. Mike moved a hand to my stomach, and I thought he was going to grab my cock. Instead, he just kept it there, rubbing my abs in a circle.

Suddenly, my visual field was covered up. I gasped and realized that I had John's shorts over my face. A hand, either Mike's or Johns, pressed them against my nose and mouth.

"C'mon babe." Mike said, "Time to cum for me. Show John how much you love my cock. Make me proud."

I huffed on the shorts and ran my tongue over the top of John's foot. John's musk was intoxicating. His gear was still damp with sweat  and the smell was fresh. Mike continued to pound me and ran his hands all over my body. Slowly, I felt my dick begin to bounce and my balls draw up. I dropped from my elbows and planted my chest against the ground. The feelings of pleasure were unbelievable.

"Uh, uh, uh," I grunted. "Fuck me. Fuck me, I'm cumming."

My body shook as my orgasm ripped through my body. As soon as my cock started to bounce, Mike reached around and grabbed onto it. He rubbed his finger across my glans as I shot my load onto the deck boards below me. It was one of the strongest orgasms of my life, and I could hardly keep myself up. I panted with pleasure and let my head drop down to the wood. Between my legs, I saw my dick shooting, big ropes of cum. There were five shots on the deck below me, marking out long wet lines. When I finished, my dick pulsed and a glob of cum hung out of the slit.

"Where do you want my load, Prof.?" Mike asked a few moments later.

"Inside of me." I said.

Mike grunted with approval. He hunched up a little and started driving his dick in and out of me with all his strength, sending shocks of energy through my body. I braced myself as his orgasm came. Mike stabbed into me, all the way, and brought his body down against mine. He wrapped his arms around my body and held on tight, as he slammed into me as deep as he could go. Then he whimpered a little and bit down on my shoulder.

I could tell Mike was cumming buckets. The throbbing of his dick made that clear. His abs and all his muscles rhythmically contracted against my skin, as his whole body worked to pump his DNA into his man. He didn't make a sound, but just chewed at my shoulder and held onto me while his body ejected his seed.

"He's going to knock you up." John said. His dick was hard again and he was half-playing with it.

When his orgasm faded, Mike licked his way across my shoulder and to my mouth. We made out for a second before he pulled out of me. Cold air hit my asshole and my wet back. I remembered that we were outside. Mike stood up and stretched, then walked over to his phone.

"Fuck," he said, "It's ten to four. I gotta drop of my apartment key."

He began to pull his clothes back on as did John. I stood up and shook John's hand. "I'm sure we'll see more of each other," he said.

"I hope so." I said. I reached out and grabbed at his junk with a smile.

"Hey, no flirting in front of me." Mike said. "You wanna come with?"

"No, I gotta clean up. Your load is running down my leg."

"It was a big one." he said with a grin. He pulled me in for a hug and one of his hands slid down across my asshole. He brought the shiny, cum covered finger up to our mouths, and we shared the load.

"My man seed, straight from my bitch." Mike said.

He fell to his knees and shoved his face between my legs. His tongue snaked across my inner thigh, and I turned so that he could get at my asshole. Mike sucked on my hole, getting all the cum he could. My dick hardened as he rimmed me. We probably would have gone for round two, if John hadn’t yelled at Mike from the other side of the house.

Mike stood back up. His hair was messy and his face shiny from the sex residue between my legs.

"Be ready for me when I get back. We're not done." he said with a smile, before bounding off toward the car.

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