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Earning Big Brother a Promotion

Here's a new story that contains sex between an older daddy-type and a nineteen year old. There are also some incest undertones. I'll finish it up in a few parts. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading. Charlie

Earning Big Brother a Promotion
Cosmic Charlie - cosmic709@yahoo.com

Twenty-nine year old Jeff eyed his younger brother from across the room, wondering if his plan would work. Ten years his junior, Evan had worshiped Jeff for most of his life, and it would be easy to get him to come with him on the retreat. He wondered how much he should tell Evan. If he told him everything, he might not be willing to come with. If he didn't tell him anything, things could get hairy once they were at the resort.

He looked Evan over from top to bottom. Evan had a lean body with good muscle definition. It was the kind of body that you get when you're active, but not lifting weights all the time. He had piercing blue eyes and light brown hair. There was something very masculine, but almost cute about his face. Jeff didn't know what gay guys usually looked for in men, but he thought his brother was good looking.

"Bro, I need a favor." Jeff said.


"At work we're going on a weekend retreat with a potential client. I'm supposed to bring a guest. You wanna come?"

"Take your girlfriend." Evan said. He didn't want to spend a weekend sitting around while his brother worked.

"She doesn't want to come."

"It's just two nights?"

"Yeah." Jeff said, "It's like a resort. There'll be things for you to do."

"I guess I can go."  Evan said. Jeff walked over and grabbed onto his shoulder.

"You're awesome bro." he said.

The following weekend they drove sixty miles out to the resort. Evan and Jeff were put in a double room together. Most of Jeff's coworkers had brought their girlfriends and a few of the women had brought boyfriends. There was a cook-out-slash-mixer scheduled for that night. The following day, the employees would be in a conference room together and various events were scheduled for the guests. Evan rolled his eyes and braced himself for a boring weekend.

That night everyone assembled outside around picnic tables and grills. The drinks were flowing and everyone loosened up. Evan was easily the youngest person there, but he got strangers to sneak him drinks. Even his brother Jeff looked young. Most of the guys were in their mid-thirties, some a little younger, some older, clean-cut, and fit. It was a tech company and many of them were a little nerdy. He rubbed his dick a little, wondering if he would get some cock over the weekend.

The crowd thinned out quickly after dinner, and soon there were only a handful of them sitting around a table, drinking beer, and talking. Jeff made a point to include Evan in the conversation so that he didn't feel like the odd man out. The others were older and paired up with wives. One man sat alone across the fire.

Jeff leaned over and pointed toward the guy, "That's Chris. We're trying to nail down a seven figure deal with him." he whispered. "He's tough to read, but we think we're almost there."

It figured that the client was the one guy at the retreat who Evan was really into. For starters, the man was big. He stood around six foot two and had a massive chest. His arms looked strong without having the 'body-builder' look that Evan found disgusting. His hair was just starting to go gray, and he had a nice shadow on his face. Evan imagined the guy picking him up, throwing him down onto the bed, and fucking his brains out.

While he was staring at him, the guy made eye-contact. Evan swore he saw a knowing smile flash across the Chris' face before he turned away. His dick got hard, and he stood up to try to calm himself down. He walked over to the restroom and took a quick piss. He was tempted to rub one out, but decided against it. When he got back to the group, one of the couples was gone. He sat down, and the potential client winked at him quickly.

The two men maintained eye contact for a minute before Chris' hand traveled down to his crotch. To anyone else the move would have looked casual, but Evan could see that he was grabbing himself. The bulge in his pants moved obscenely. Evan never took his eyes off of the dude, and his own dick throbbed. He was sure that Chris was making a pass at him, but he didn't know if he should act on it. If he fucked something up, a big account could be lost.

 Evan stood and walked away. He pretended like he was getting a beer even though his bottle was still half full. As he walked off, Chris stood up and followed him.

"My name's Evan," he said as they moved away from the group.

"Chris." the guy said.

He was big. Bigger than Evan had realized. While the stubble on his chin that showed the first signs of gray, his body was as solid as any twenty year old Evan knew. His clothes fit him perfectly and showed off his tight waist and strong chest.

Evan reached into a cooler to grab a beer. As soon as he did, he felt a hand on his ass. Chris gripped his left cheek, digging his fingers into the flesh. "Fuck boy, you've got an amazing ass." The hand kept groping him, digging into his crack. "I love guys like you. Small and muscular. I bet you're all boned up for my dick."

Evan didn't move away, but he did straighten up. He would never describe  himself as small, but next to Chris he certainly felt like a light weight. The hand on his ass moved across the front of his shorts and grabbed his hard cock. Chris' body came closer and Evan smelled his expensive cologne.

"I'm going to bend you up like a pretzel and tear your ass open," Chris whispered, "My dick will touch you in places you've never been touched before."

"You think so?" Evan taunted, "I've had some big dicks."

Chris grabbed Evan's hand, and placed the palm on his groin. Evan felt first the warmth and dampness of his crotch, and then a hard cock throbbing under the fabric. His fingers danced down the shaft, and he couldn't find the head.

"Have you had one this big?" Chris whispered into his ear.

"Uh . . . probably not." Evan said.

"Good." Chris said as he slapped Evan hard on the ass. "I like my boys tight."

Chris walked away. When Evan got back to the fire, his brother Jeff and the last remaining couple were getting ready to go to bed. When Jeff got up to leave, Evan stood to follow, but Jeff waved his hand no.

"You just got a beer. You can stay out here with Chris if he's sticking around." Jeff said.

"Yeah, Evan, why don't you stick around for a while." Chris said. His voice was laced with sarcasm, and a wicked smile stretched across his face.

"Uh . . . Ok." Evan said, sitting back down in his chair. He took a huge swig of his beer as the other three cleared out. Eventually, he was left alone with Chris. Chris waved him over.

"Turn around, boy." Chris snarled. Evan turned around and thrust his ass backwards. Chris' hands moved all over his big, round, muscular cheeks. "Fuck. Your brother told me he would bring me someone to play with, but I didn't expect this."

A bunch of conversations that Evan had had with Jeff over the last week popped into his head. He'd been told that Chris was an important client and that it was important for Evan to be cool around him. Maybe once or twice Jeff had even told Evan to make sure that he kept Chris happy. Fuck, he thought, his brother had brought him up here to sleep with a client. What had Jeff promised Chris? he wondered. Was he actually expected to let the guy fuck him.

"Kind of sleazy, actually," Chris hissed. He kissed Evan along the small of his back. "Throwing his little brother to me like a piece of meat. Did he tell you why you were coming?"

"No." Evan said. Chris's hands slipped inside of his pants now, feeling up his ass.

"He pimped you out. You like being your brother's whore?" Chris said.

Before Evan could answer, Chris slipped a finger into his asshole. He groaned a loud yes.

"Fuck , that's some sweet boy-pussy. Real prime stuff." Chris said, "I've been wanting to fuck your brother for a while, but this is better."

Evan mumbled a negative response. He knew that he was pretty hot, but he definitely thought that Jeff was hotter.

"You think your brother's hot, don't you?" Chris said. His hand was moving over Evan's hip, making it's way to his cock.

"Maybe." Evan said. "A little."

He would never have admitted it to anyone else, but he was quickly turning into putty in Chris' hands. The fact that Jeff had brought him here just to have sex with a client, the fact that what they were doing was already pretty kinky, seemed to make it ok to go a step further.

"You're a dirty little fucker, huh?" Chris said. He didn't wait for Evan to respond. Instead he pressed his tongue into Evan's ass without warning. The wet muscle felt hot, and Chris didn't fuck around. He pushed into Evan's body and began to open him up. After thirty seconds or so, he pulled his mouth away with a pop.

"We should go back to my room." Chris said. Evan just nodded in reply.

They walked back into the main building. As they passed Jeff's room, Evan looked at the door briefly. Chris saw him notice it and then stopped at the next door in the hall.

"Lucky coincidence that they put us next to each other." Chris said, "Your brother will know he did a good job picking out a guy for me when he hears you moaning like a bitch in heat."

Chris slipped the key card into the slot and opened the door. As soon as they were inside he pushed Evan up against the wall in the entryway. The door closed with a thud. Chris locked his mouth onto the younger man's neck. He chewed on the skin and bit along Evan's jawline. Evan found the aggression and the pain caused by Chris' teeth exciting, and he ground his cock into Chris' thigh. He sighed loudly and let his face drop into the older man's hair.

When Chris moved away Evan knew exactly what to do. With both hands on Chris' hips, he slid down to his knees. He unbuckled Chris' belt and opened his fly. Chris was wearing expensive underwear, the kind that Evan couldn't come close to affording. As he opened the fly, Chris pulled off his polo shirt. His stomach was flat and his chest well defined. The hair that covered his chest was dark and course.

Evan ran his fingers through the hair and felt the firm muscle underneath. He looked up at Chris and smiled, before kissing the top of Chris' groin and inhaling deeply. The smell of the man filled his nostrils. Good soap, a day's worth of sweat, and the lingering smell of woodsmoke. He moved his fingers under the waistband to pull Chris' underwear down.

"Not yet, boy." Chris said.

Chris grasped Evan's head and pushed his face into his crotch. Evan opened his mouth and started to chew on the mound of covered flesh. He felt Chris' cock pulse underneath. Soon, the massive cock was jutting out to the left, stretching the white fabric. Around the head, wet from Evan's kissing and licking, the fabric was nearly see-through.

At last, Chris pulled his briefs down and let them fall to the floor along with his pants. His dick sprang upward. Evan was in awe. It had to be at least eight inches long and was thicker than any cock he had seen before.

Chris grabbed his dick by the root and smacked Evan across the face with it. "Bigger than you thought?" he asked.

Evan nodded.

"You have been fucked before, right?" he asked.

"Uh . . . . yeah." Evan said, though he'd never taken anything like this.

"Good," Chris said. "This dick's not for newbies."

He grabbed onto the back of Evan's head again and pushed him into his pubes. As Evan ran his tongue through the thatch of hair, Chris's hand snaked into his shirt and felt the muscles of Evan's back. Not fully satisfied, he pulled the fabric up and over Evan's head. Then he pushed Evan away. "Strip." he said.

Evan jumped to his feet and pulled off his pants. Unlike Chris, he had very little body hair and most of it was too blonde to see. Around the top of his cock he had a dark bush that trailed up onto his abs. His muscles were defined, though he was not built up. His dick was already rock hard. It was six and a half inches long and stuck up against his stomach. The slit glistened with precum and a trail ran down the side of his glans.

Chris reached out and grabbed Evan's dick. He pulled it down from the boy's body and then let go. It shot upward and slapped against his stomach. Then he ran his finger over the piss slit, scooping up some precum and bringing it to his mouth.

"How old are you?" he said while continuing to fondle the kid.

"Nineteen." Evan said.

"Fuck." Chris groaned. He paused for a moment before pushing Evan back down to his knees. "Get your mouth on my cock."

Evan took the head of Chris' dick into his mouth. It was so wide he had to stretch his jaw open to fit it in. His leisurely, gentle suck job was almost immediately rejected by Chris, who started to push his cock deeper into Evan's mouth. Within a minute, Evan had gagged and pulled off the dick.

"What's the matter, stud? I thought you'd had big dicks before." Chris said with a laugh while Evan wiped the spit and phlegm off of his chin.

Chris grabbed onto Evan and pulled him back to his feet. They walked ten steps to the bed, and Chris lay down with his legs wide open. Evan jumped in between his thighs, mouth open. This time he took Chris's shaft into his hand and jerked him off while he worked on his balls.

There was nothing Evan loved more than sucking on a guy's nuts. The way they rolled around in his mouth drove him crazy. Chris didn't have massive nuts to match his cock, but they were big enough for Evan to enjoy himself. He sucked each one into his mouth in turn, before licking around the base of the sack. Chris moaned loudly and eventually batted Evan's hand away from his dick. Evan pushed Chris' legs open and moved his mouth underneath his sack. Suddenly, Chris closed his legs, forcing Evan out.

"Yeah." Chris moaned loudly, "You want my ass boy?"

Evan nodded.

"Say it." Chris commanded.

"I want your ass." Evan said.

"Say it louder." Chris said, maintaining the edge in his voice. "Say it loud enough that your pretty brother can hear it next door."

Evan hesitated, unsure whether he was willing to play this game. He knew, of course, that Jeff was aware of  what was going on. After all, Jeff had set the whole thing up. But he didn't like the idea of deliberately rubbing it into Jeff's face. For all he knew his brother might be feeling bad about what he'd done. While he was thinking, Chris grabbed onto his own cock and slapped it against Evan's face. Then he growled again, "Say it."

"Can I eat your ass . . . sir." Evan said in a very loud voice. If his brother was awake, he would have heard.

Chris opened his legs back up, and Evan dove for his hole. He couldn't get over how sexy Chris was. Just old enough to be the daddy type but not so old that it weirded Evan out. The hair and muscle on the guy was amazing. Evan ran his tongue over Chris' hole, hoping to hear him moan, Instead Chris snarled. "Get your tongue in there, boy."

As soon as Evan started to tongue Chris' shitter, two muscular legs closed around his skull and held him in place. Chris grunted and moaned a little, and continued to talk dirty to Evan. His dick was rock hard and oozing precum into Evan's hair. The foreskin was peeled back away from the shiny skin.

"I think I'm ready to fuck you kid. You think you can handle it." Chris said.

Evan looked up from Chris' open legs. The beer can thick dick was right in front of his face .The massive proportions almost didn't register that close up. Evan nodded. He hadn't wanted it this bad in a long time.

Chris pulled him up onto his knees, so that he was on all fours. Then he moved behind him and pulled his cheeks apart. Again, Chris was amazed at how sexy Evan's ass was. Strong but still a little meaty. His hole was completely hairless.

"Fuck that's a nice ass." he said as he moved his fingers over Evan's rosebud, "Fucking sweet, smooth, pussy."

Without warning Chris dove in and licked across Evan's hole. Evan always thought that his asshole was the most sensitive part of his body, and this time was no exception. He moaned loudly when the tongue made contact. It wasn't a low, guttural sound like Chris made, but a higher, almost feminine noise. He knew that his brother could hear him. There was no way they hadn't woken Jeff, and Evan was embarrassed by the noises he was making. He wanted to sound more manly, but he couldn't help himself. Chris' tongue was doing amazing things to his asshole. He relaxed and just let himself feel good, deciding not to worry about what Jeff might think.

"You ready yet," Chris asked. He pushed a finger against the ring of muscle, but didn't go in.

"Please fuck me?" Evan said.

"Please fuck me what?" Chris said.

"Please fuck me sir." Evan said back.

Chris did not immediately oblige. Instead, he spent the next five minutes drilling a finger in and out of Evan's tight ass while the nineteen year old bucked around on the bed, moaning like a chick. Occasionally Chris pulled his finger out and took a long lick across Evan's balls, over his taint,  and straight to his asshole. He never moved past just the one finger, and Evan began to worry that he was in store for a rough entry.

When Chris was satisfied, he jumped off the bed and walked to his overnight bag. He pulled out a tube of lube and greased up his cock before tossing it to Evan. Evan squeezed some into his ass and then rubbed it all over his hole. Chris advanced on him, his thick cock bouncing in front of his hairy stomach.

"Brace yourself against the headboard." Chris said. A bead of precum dripped from his cock to the floor.

Evan did as he was told, positioning himself so that his ass was jutting outward and his hands were planted on the top of the headboard.

Chris came up behind him. His cock, warm and slimy, slid into Evan's crack. His hands snaked around Evan's torso, and he twisted a nipple. Evan gasped, and Chris twisted harder until Evan was practically whimpering. Chris pulled his hand away and rubbed the sore spot.

"Did you like that? You want it a little rough?" he whispered.

Evan mumbled something but failed to respond in a satisfactory way. Chris bit down on the lobe of Evan's ear, which caused Evan to let out a low groan.

"Yessss" he hissed, as his dick danced beneath him.

As if he was reading Evan's mind, Chris grabbed onto the kid's cock. It was hard as steel and flat against his abs. He manhandled it roughly before rolling Evan's nice-sized balls around in his hand. He grabbed onto Evan's nuts and pulled down hard.

"Tell me you want it." Chris said.

"Fuck me." Evan said, "Fill me with your big dick . . . sir."

The last part was added only when Chris tugged on his nuts.

"Louder." Chris said.

"Fuck me, stud." Evan said. He was practically hollering. "Tear my ass open."

"That's right. I want Jeff to hear it. He's the one that set this up, he should have a front row seat." Chris said.

Chris' dick had been sliding up and down over Evan's hole for a while. This time, when it hit the indentation of Evan's rosebud, Chris stopped and started to push forward. Evan groaned. His ass had never been stretched as wide as it was going to be tonight. He did his best to relax and let his body loosen up, but it wasn't working. Every time Chris made a little bit of progress Evan would get scared and tighten up.

"Not as eager as you thought, are you boy?" Chris said.

"I'm trying," Evan said, almost pleading. He was worried that Chris would get fed up with him and give up.

"Not hard enough." Chris said.

He reached around and grabbed Evan's nipple. He twisted hard. Evan yelled out in pain, and Chris took the opportunity to push his thick meat into the boy's ass. Evan practically screamed as his asshole was torn open. He bit down on his lip and tried to be quiet.

"There you go." Chris said with a wicked laugh. He didn't give Evan time to try to adjust, but immediately started to pound his ass. Evan grunted loudly as his hole was assaulted. It took a minute or two before the pain gave way to pleasure, but slowly the pleasant feeling of being stretched open overcame the pain. He half-grunted, half moaned as Chris pistoned in and out of him.

Chris brought his body down on top of Evan's. His mouth made it's way across Evan's shoulder blades and the back of his neck. He covered the territory with a mix of sloppy kisses and bites. When his lips touched the lobe of Evan's ear, he whispered, "How much you wanna bet Jeffs jerking off right now listening to us. Pulling on his dick while his brother grunts and moans like a bitch."

Evan dismissed the thought of his straight brother getting off on their sex noises, but then he remembered how often he had jerked off when he heard his dorm-mates having straight sex. Could Jeff possibly hear these sounds and not get aroused?

Chris straightened up again, sliding his dick in deep. He planted one hand on Evan's hip and reached around with the other. His finger's gripped Evan's hard leaky cock and started to jerk him off.

"Fuck yeah, stud," Chris said loudly, "I'm real close."

His finger's tightened around Evan's cock. Either Evan was going to blow his load or Chris was going to pull his dick off. Luckily, he was on he edge of cumming. He let go of any effort to stop his orgasm and started to shoot his cum onto the bedspread.

As he came, Evan's body twisted and he moaned loudly. As his groans got louder, Chris words of encouragement got louder. "That's right, boy, shoot your load for me. You like having that big dick up your ass, don't you bitch."

"Yes," Evan groaned again and again, "Keep fucking me."

Chris shoved his dick in and out of Evan's ass a few more times before burying himself balls deep. His orgasm ripped through his body as he planted his nut deep inside of Evan's guts. He leaned forward and bit down on the boy's shoulder. The pain shocked Evan, who worried that Chris might draw blood. Chris was too involved in getting off to even notice. He kept slamming his hips into Evan, pushing every last millimeter of cock into his ass.

When he was finished, Chris collapsed on top of Evan. His weight pushed the smaller man into the bed. Evan loved the feeling of the heavy, hairy body on top of him, and Chris twisted his hips a little bit as his body stopped shuddering. They lay like that for a minute before Chris pulled out.

Evan turned around. Chris's dick was still hard and a drop of cum dripped out of the slit. He reached out and scooped the cum up. He brought his finger to his mouth and shot Chris his sluttiest smile as he licked the semen up.

"Fuck," Chris said through a big smile, "you're hot, boy. I could get used to you."

Chris went into the bathroom to clean up. When he came out, Evan had put his briefs back on and was picking up his clothes. Already there was a wet spot on the seat of his pants.

"Where are you going?" Chris said gruffly.

"I  .. . .uh . . ." Evan said. He'd never had a one night stand last longer than about ten minutes after the orgasm.

"You're sleeping here tonight." Chris commanded.

Chris threw his naked body down onto the bed, and Evan jumped in right next to him. Chris pulled him in close before lifting the covers over them both. Evan's face ended up against his chest, just above Chris' armpit. As he drifted off to sleep, the smell of the man enveloped him and his dick became hard again.

I hope you liked this one, guys. I'll probably do one follow up chapter. Watch for it soon. Don't forget, you can subscribe to my notify list by going to my blog - cceroticstories.blogspot.com. Thanks for reading. Charlie.


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