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Scott and Mitch 10

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been getting any stories up. I broke my wrist pretending to play rugby shortly after the last post and haven't really been able to type. Got the plaster cast off a few days ago, and I'm back at it. Should have some hot stuff posted over the next week or so.

Today, the last chapter of Scott and Mitch. I'm moving on to other characters and some new things (and yes, there will be a little more basketball jock and prof for all who are wondering).

Scott and Mitch, Part 10
Cosmic Charlie -

It was a Sunday afternoon. Scott had been out of town since Thursday, and Mitch had done everything he could to avoid jerking off. He had come to The Gym to work out and wait for Scott's return. Scott had texted him to tell him he was half an hour away. Feeling hornier and hornier, Mitch finally gave up on working out. Every time his mind drifted he started to think about getting it on with Scott and his dick would get hard. He couldn't justify working out with a tent in his shorts, so he left for the steam room.

It didn't help that while he was working out, Collin's brother Alex had leered at him the entire time. Alex had started lifting about a week before, and thus far Mitch had only seen him in passing. Today Alex had been there pretty much the whole time.

In some ways Mitch was embarrassed about what had happened with Alex. It had been fun at the time, but now he thought of it as cheating on Scott. He was dwelling on the scene as he walked out of the steam room. Scott would be there soon and then he could finally take care of his hard-on.

Alex was sitting on a bench in the locker room. As soon as Mitch entered, he stood up. The front of his gray shorts stuck out. Mitch found him oddly attractive. He was lean and edgy. Very different from the guys Mitch normally went for.

"Hey fag." Alex called out.

"I've got a name."

"I thought you liked being called that."

"Not all the time." Mitch replied.

Alex walked toward him. As he stepped across the room, he adjusted his cock so that Mitch could see all seven inches snaking down his leg. He had a dark leather strap tied around his wrist, which somehow made him hotter. Alex stood his ground about a foot away from Mitch.

"That blow-job you gave me was amazing." he said. "I want more."

Alex breathed heavily. For the first time, Mitch didn't feel conflicted about casual sex with a hot guy. "I've got a boyfriend." he said.

"C'mon, fag. Just suck my dick." Alex said. He stepped forward. Mitch stepped back into the lockers.

Mitch raised his voice. "Dude, I told you not to call me that, and I'm not sucking your dick."

Alex stepped forward again. Now his thighs were touching Mitch's. He pulled on his dick again and the shaft pushed into Mitch's own cock. Mitch felt his cock start to stiffen up. At another time, in another way, this was exactly what he wanted. Now, however, he didn't even make eye contact with Alex.

"A cock-whore like you can't resist. Why are you trying to put up a fight?" Alex growled. His voice was aggressive now. He placed a hand on Mitch's shoulder and tried to push him down. In a flash Mitch batted away his arm.

"Dude." Mitch said.

"Cock-sucker." Alex said back, mocking Mitch. He pressed down on Mitch's shoulders again. This time Mitch could push the arm off of him.

"Get away from me, man. I'm not fucking around." Mitch said. His voice was low, maybe lower than it had ever been before.

Alex pressed into his body, grinding his cock into Mitch's thigh. "Suck. My. Cock." he said.

Mitch brought both hands up and shoved Alex hard. Compared to Mitch, Alex was a light weight and Mitch over-powered him in a second. The tall lanky guy flew backward, catching his legs on a bench. He fell and slid hard across the floor, hitting his head against the opposite bench. Mitch was almost amazed at his own strength. He had done a lot of work with weights, but had never tested his power against another person. Looking at Alex, who was sitting on the floor half stunned, Mitch had to fight the urge to go to town on him. He turned and punched the locker behind him. Then he grabbed his stuff and made for the exit.

He had only just turned to the door when Colin and Scott walked in. Colin was in his gym gear and Scott was wearing jeans and a tight t-shirt. Mitch, who had been so angry that he was going to explode, felt himself relax.

Alex was still on the floor, and Colin and Scott had heard Mitch punch the locker.

"What's going on?" Colin said.

"Nothing." Mitch said quickly.

"Really?" Colin said.

"I asked the fag for a blow-job and he flipped out." Alex said as he started to get up.

"Fuck you." Mitch shouted. He made a quick move toward Alex again but Scott stepped between them. "He didn't ask. He tried to force me"

Mitch expected that Scott would instantly get as mad as he was, but it was Colin whose face went white. He walked over to his little brother. Alex seemed tiny in comparison to his brother's hulking frame.

"That true, bro? You tried to force Mitch." Colin asked.

"C'mon Col." Alex said with a shrug. "The dude wanted dick."

"I said no." Mitch said again while looking at Scott.

Alex grabbed his stuff off the floor and turned toward the door. "I'm leaving, dude. I don't need this shit."

Both Colin and Scott moved to close off the path to the door. Scott pushed Alex back a step. "You think you can fuck with my boyfriend and just walk out of here?"

Alex didn't say anything, but the blood drained from his face. He was surrounded by three guys who were much bigger than him, and he was afraid that he was going to get pounded. His eyes drifted over to Colin, who looked almost as mad as Scott. He pleaded, "C'mon Col. Let me go."

"Nah, I think Scott deserves some revenge." Colin said.

"C'mon." Alex said, backing away.

"I could kick your ass, but violence isn't my thing." Scott said. "How about you give me a blow-job. If you're any good, I won't knock your teeth in."

Alex looked shocked, and Scott took the chance to push him down on a bench. "I'm not gay, man." Alex said.

"I don't care." Scott shot back. He walked toward Alex and opened up his fly. Then he pulled off his shirt. Mitch watched the whole scene and saw that Alex was starting to panic.

Scott put his hand on the back of Alex's head. Alex looked up at Colin one last time. "Col . . . please."

"Sorry, bro." Colin said, "You need to learn a lesson."

Scott pulled Alex's face into his abs. Colin walked behind him and rubbed his shoulders. "Just relax man," he said to his little brother. "You might like it."

"Probably not dude." Scott said to Colin. "I haven't showered in a few days. My dick is a little ripe."

Scott pulled Alex's head away from his body, and then pulled out his cock. He slid back his skin and revealed his dick head. There were flecks of white across the glans and the beginnings of some dick cheese around the ridge.

"Fuck bro." Colin said, "You really fucked up today."

Alex tried to pull his head back away from Scott's raunchy dick, but Colin pushed him forward. Then he clamped his mouth shut as tightly as possible. Scott didn't let that deter him. He pressed his dick up against Alex's lips and rubbed it around. Flakes of his smeg came off onto Alex's lips. When he was satisfied, he moved his cock away.

Scott gazed down at Alex, who was looking at the floor. Then he saw Alex's tongue slip out of the corner of his mouth just a little bit and taste his dick slime. Scott groaned.

"You like that?" Scott said, "You know, if you want to try cock sucking, now's your chance. You can always say I forced you."

Alex looked up at Scott. There was no anger in his eyes anymore, just a kind of shameful desire. Scott saw it but didn't say anything. Instead he gently pushed his dick forward again. This time, Alex let it slip between his lips.

"Aahhh," Scott said as Alex started to suck on his cock. He grinned at Mitch and then looked over at Colin.

"I just made your brother into a cock-sucker, dude." Scott said.

"That was way too easy," Colin shot back. "I'm guessing he's been thinking about it for a while. You been dreaming about dick, little bro?"

Alex shook his head, but he didn't take his mouth off of Scott's dick.

"I don't know Col, he's sucking it real nice for a straight boy." Scott said with a laugh.

"Is that why you're always making fun of fags, Alex. You've got a dirty secret, don't you?" Colin said.

This time Alex pulled his mouth away from Scott's cock. It was completely clean now, and the head was shiny and purple.

"I'm not gay, Col." Alex whined.

"Then why are you sucking my dick?" Scott said. He moved his fingers across Alex's chin and slipped one into his mouth. Alex's face went blank. He honestly didn't seem to know why he was doing what he was doing.

"It's ok." Scott said, "I don't really care what you are, just get your mouth back on my cock."

Scott groaned loudly as Alex worked him over. He loved the way it felt to have his dick inside the mouth of a newbie cocksucker. Even though Alex occasionally scratched his cock with his teeth or let him too deep into his throat and gagged, the gentle sucking made up for it. It was making him feel really good.

"How is it, bud?" Colin asked. His big hand was on his crotch, and he was rubbing himself through his pants.

"Real nice," Scott hissed. He looked over at Mitch. Mitch was also hard and rubbing himself. "Why don't you take care of Colin, Mitch."

Mitch was more than happy to take care of Colin. In fact he'd been dying to get back onto his cock for a while now. Colin was rugged and raw in a way that Scott couldn't be. Plus, seeing Alex, with his pointy hair and lithe body on his knees sucking Scott had Mitch hotter than he could imagine.

Mitch was on his knees and ready to pull down Colin's shorts when Colin stopped him. "You take care of your man, ok, I want a piece of my little brother."

Mitch moved back as Colin grabbed onto Alex's head and pulled him toward his crotch. "Things are going to change between us, little bro." he said.

Mitch watched as Alex pushed his face into Colin's gym shorts. No one was forcing him anymore; he was moving completely of his own will. Mitch knew exactly what he was experiencing. The oddly familiar feel and smell of his brother's body. The strange and incestuous taste of his brother's dick. Colin pulled down his shorts and let his dick spring up. Alex immediately took it into his mouth.

Colin's eyes rolled back into his head before he closed them and leaned backward. Both were completely oblivious to everything else going on. The brothers were sealing a bond that Mitch understood completely. Things couldn't be the same between them anymore.

When Mitch made eye contact with Scott, Scott just smiled at him. Mitch pressed his lips against Scott's cock, lightly kissing the tip. Then he kissed his way down his shaft and nipped at his balls. He breathed deeply, re-experiencing Scott's body after a four day absence.

"You miss me?" Scott said.

Mitch mumbled and sucked both of Scott's big balls into his mouth. He sucked hard and pulled them away from Scott's body. Then he let them pop out of his mouth.

"Sit down." Mitch said. "I want your ass."

Scott planted himself on the bench and lifted his legs. Mitch dug his tongue into Scott's crack and tickled his asshole. Scott relaxed and enjoyed the rim-job, while Mitch licked along both sides of his ass crack.

"You see that, little bro. Mitch knows what he wants." Colin said to Alex, "You think you'll ever be as good as him?"

Alex grumbled something back. His mouth was still full of his brothers thick, uncut rod.

"You want a taste of my asshole?" Colin asked.

Alex looked up at Colin with pleading eyes that made it clear the he wasn't ready to tongue a guy's asshole yet. Colin saw it and rubbed Alex along the cheek. "Some other time then, but I want to see your pussy."

Alex didn't know what Colin was talking about until he was lifted to his feet and his shorts were forcefully pulled down by Colin. "Turn around and bend over, bro. I want to see it." Colin growled.

Alex did as he was told. As he bent over, his cheeks separated, and Colin got his first peek at the tight, pink, virgin hole, surrounded by a little bit of almost black hair. He ran his finger over it and tapped on his little brother's rosebud. "That's a nice pussy, bro. I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this."

Then Colin tapped Mitch on the shoulder. "Check it out." he said.

Both Mitch and Scott looked at Alex's ass. It was firm but not as meaty as Mitch was used to. The cheeks were completely free of hair, but they were tan. Mitch guessed that Alex found time to lay out naked somewhere to get rid of his tan-lines. When he glanced up at Scott, he saw a hungry look in his eyes. It was the first time they'd checked out a guy like this together. Normally, Mitch was into getting fucked, but for some reason he was really attracted to the idea of fucking Alex.

"Mitch," Colin said snapping him out of his stupor,"Since he about tried to rape you, you can have it if you want?"

"Have it?"

"His cherry, Mitch." Scott said. "I bet he's nice and tight."

Alex struggled, but his brother held him in place. He hadn't cried out yet, but Mitch knew that he would put up a fight when there was a cock knocking at the door of his virgin ass. He also remembered how safe he had felt when Jase had taken his virginity. Even though Jase was a rough fucker, he knew that Jase wouldn't hurt him.

"It should be you," Mitch said, "His first time should be with you."

"I've got no problems with that." Colin said. He grabbed Alex by the chin. "You hear that, Alex? Your big brother's going to pop your cherry."

Alex looked totally resigned as Colin moved in front of him and started to push his brother back. It wasn't until Colin was lifting his legs that Alex put a hand on Colin's chest, "Col, not here. Give me some time, ok."

"I want it now, bro, and I'm not going to give you time to stretch out a nice, fresh asshole." Colin said, "Scott, come over here and hang on to him. Mitch, why don't you get him ready."

Mitch dove between Alex's cheeks while Colin went to find some lube in Mitch's locker. Fuckings at the gym had become common enough that Scott and Mitch always kept some grease around. Mitch did his best to get Alex to relax, and he really enjoyed licking away at the punk's sweaty hole. It felt differently with Alex. Normally, when he rimmed a guy, it was all about worshiping his body. With Alex, he was getting him ready for a fucking. First at the hands of his big brother, and then, hopefully, by his own dick.

He slobbered all over Alex's hole and dove his tongue into the guy's ass a few times. Alex seemed to relax, but Mitch could feel the tension in his body. When Colin came back and handed him a tube of lube, Mitch squeezed it onto his finger and rubbed it into Colin’s' virgin ass.

"Just relax dude." Mitch said. He knew Alex was in for a rough ride. Colin was hung, and it wasn't going to be easy.

"Fucking easy for you to say," Alex sneered.

Mitch shoved two fingers into Alex's hole. Alex yelped, pulled away, and then called Mitch a fag. Mitch turned toward Colin and handed him the lube, "Spear him dude." Mitch said.

"Ready bro?" Colin asked. He crawled between Alex's legs and pressed his cock against his hole. Alex was still cradled between Scott's legs and Scott held him tight. "Mitch is right, you've gotta relax."

Alex slowed his breathing and took in a few deep breaths. His stomach still looked tight. Colin waited until Alex let a breath out and then pushed in without warning.

"Ughhh!" Alex yelled out. He tried to pull away, but Scott held him tight.

"Take it man." Scott sneered, "You were eager to dish it out."

"C'mon, take it out Col!" Alex pleaded.

Colin ignored him and shoved another inch or two in. His brother's hole spasmed around his thick cock, and it brought him close to the edge. He wrapped his arms around Alex and their bodies together. Alex, who was still in pain, hugged his brother. It was almost like his brain couldn't get a grip on the fact that the person causing him the pain was also the person who he felt most safe with.

"You're ass feels so good, bro." Colin said. He licked across Alex's ears and across his cheek. "I'm gonna fuck you now, OK?"

Colin didn't wait for Alex to respond. He pulled the three inches of dick that he had managed to stuff into Alex out and then slid back in, getting to about the five inch mark on his nine-inch cock. Alex groaned again, but didn't fight. His chest was moving up and down quickly, and his eyes were fixed on Colin.

Colin fucked him with the top half of his dick, trying not to push his little brother too far too fast. His cock throbbed inside his little brother, and he wouldn't be able to last much longer. Watching from the side, Mitch was disappointed with the mercy Colin was showing. He put his hands on Colin's ass and pushed him forward on one of Colin's down-strokes. Colin's dick went in deep.

Alex shouted and bucked up. Scott quickly grabbed onto him. In an effort to get Colin out of his ass, he clamped down hard. Colin responded immediately. His dick swelled up, and he started to shoot his load into his little brother's gut.

"Fuck yeah, little bro. I'm breeding your ass." Colin growled. He licked at Alex's face as his dick kept pulsing, white-washing the inside of Alex's ass. "First of many times, bro. Your cunt belongs to me from now on."

Alex made a whimpering sound. As Colin's cock spasmed inside of him, the head jabbed into his bowels, punching him in places he didn't know a person could hurt. When Colin finally pulled out, he felt like his ass was on fire. His hole burned, and he felt slimy and dirty between his legs.

When Colin turned away from him, Alex made a move to get up off the floor. Scott's arms immediately closed around him. "Where are you going?" Scott whispered in his ear.

"Yeah, you're not done yet, baby bro." Colin said with a laugh. "Mitch hasn't had his turn."

"C'mon Col," Alex pleaded.

Mitch positioned himself between Alex's open legs. Alex tried to close them but Colin pried them open. Mitch grabbed his briefs off the floor and wiped the ass slime off of Alex's wet cunt.  Then he tossed his underwear onto Alex's face. Scott grabbed onto them and held them over Alex's mouth and nose.

"Get used to that smell, bro." Colin said, "Cause you're gonna be spending lots of time around men's nuts from now on."

Mitch noticed that Alex's cock was hard, and he grabbed onto it. "Looks like he likes it." Mitch said.

"Fuck," Colin said. "I didn't even think about looking at his dick." He pulled the briefs away from Alex's face." You're starting to like it, bro? Are you a little bitch?"

Alex turned his face away. His cheeks turned red as he blushed.

"Go for it Mitch. Give him what he wants. I got him all lubed up for you." Colin said.

Mitch pushed his dick into Alex. There was a moment of resistance and then the strong ring of muscle opened up and let him in. The tightness around his shaft felt amazing, and then his head entered the smooth, warm, silky insides. "Oh, god, that's nice."

"You like it?" Scott asked.

Mitch nodded.

Colin snuck up behind Mitch and grabbed onto his shoulders. "Fucking pound it man. Don't hold back. Alex will be ok."

Mitch began to thrust in and out of Alex's asshole. As he did, he grabbed onto Colin's hand and slid it down over his left tit. Colin got the message and tweaked Mitch's nipple. Mitch groaned loudly and leaned back. His head fell against Colin's hard chest. At the same time, he looked straight into Scott's eyes. Scott had a smile across his face from ear to ear.

Colin leaned in and licked the back of Mitch's ear, breathing hard against him. "Pound him, Mitch. Use my little bro's pussy like a real man." he whispered.

The combined effect was almost too much for Mitch to bear. He had a tight virgin asshole twitching around his dick, a muscled man behind him breathing into his ear, and his boyfriend across from him, looking sexy as he watched the whole thing. Alex was almost a non-entity. He whimpered every now and then, but he seemed to be getting used to it. At least he had stopped fighting. For Mitch, he was little more than something he was using to get off.

Scott kept smiling at Mitch, with a lecherous, lusty look in his eyes. Mitch leaned in and kissed him. In seconds, their tongues were inside each other's mouths. Colin’s' fingers slid down Mitch's back and one slid into his hole. The feeling was incredible. As his asshole was stretched open by the thick digit, he moaned loudly, breathing into Scott's lungs. Scott murmured something back, but they were way beyond talking.

Without breaking his lip-lock with Mitch, Scott leaned up onto his knees. Alex's face fell down between his legs and Scott let his nuts hang over the 'straight boy's' face. He wanted to see if Alex would go for them, and within half a minute, he did. His hot mouth sucked the egg-sized nuts up and licked them.

Colin was not at all shocked. Alex had gone too easily to not at least be bisexual. "Eat those nuts, you bitch." he sneered. Then he grabbed onto Alex's hand and put it onto Alex's hard cock.

"Jerk yourself off. Cum with a dick in your ass and a guy's balls in your face, bro." Colin said.

Alex started to pull on his dick and within seconds he was cumming. His first shot of cum splattered onto Mitch's abs, while the rest blasted across his lean stomach. As he came, his asshole tightened around Mitch's dick. Mitch couldn't believe how good it felt. He moaned and groaned against Scott's cheek while Alex's newly popped pussy milked his dick.

When Alex finished cumming he tried to pull his head out of Scott's junk, but Scott locked onto it with his thighs. Just because Alex wasn't into sex after he orgasmed, didn't mean that Scott was done with them.

"Keep that mouth on my nuts, bitch." Scott snarled.

Colin jumped in, "He's not so sure about this now that he blew his load." Then he grabbed onto Alex's chin and forced his face up against Scott's taint. "Get in there bro and think about what you're doing."

It took Alex a minute before he began to lick Scott again. Scott was horny and he wanted to cum badly. He reached down and began to yank on his cock. Between kisses, he told Mitch to get ready to cum. They both came within ten seconds of each other. Scott shot his cum across Alex's face and onto his chest. As his dick pulsed, he pushed downward onto the guy, trying to get his mouth in just the right place.

Mitch started to cum moments later, just as the harsh smell of Scott's load worked its way up to his nostrils. He thrust his dick deep into Alex and buried his face in Scott's shoulder. He sucked at his boyfriend's skin as his dick throbbed. Each blast of cum sent off fireworks in his body and mind. Six shots later, when he was finally finished, he felt exhausted. He pulled out of Alex and sat down on the floor.

"Nice job, stud," Colin said.

Scott rubbed his shoulder, suddenly acting more like a buddy than a boyfriend. Alex was already on his feet pulling on his shorts. Mitch could only imagine the pool of cum that would leak out of his ass as he drove home. Alex grabbed his keys, still in his gym clothes and walked out without saying anything.

"He'll be alright." Colin said, "Next time I'll take him slow and gentle so that he likes it."

"Looks like you finally found your bitch." Scott said.

Colin nodded before walking out. Scott turned to Mitch, "You wanna get dressed and have something to eat?" He pulled Mitch toward him and kissed him quickly, "I didn't get to tell you how much I missed you."

"I missed you too," Mitch said with a grin.

The End
I hope you liked this story, guys. I'm moving on to new things soon. You can subscribe to my mailing list by going to my blog - Thanks for reading. Charlie.


  1. it is sad that this story ends but I hope you write another great story, I would love you to write one nerd / jock type story ;):

    1. I've got an outline for a story like that. I'll probably start working on it soon. Not really jock/nerd, but closeted jock and an out regular guy.

  2. I'm really looking forward to new characters and settings, but will there be more of Jase from time to time? Reading about Colin and Alex somehow made me miss him (and if I may say so, I still think Mitch belongs to Jase ;))

  3. Hope the wrist's better Charlie

    Sad to see the end of Scott and Mitch. Also a little disappointed that this is the chapter you chose to end it on. It's a great addition to the story and as always the sex is incredibly hot but it doesn't feel like an ending. Scott and Mitch barely touched each other in either of the last two chapters. I guess I would have preferred their last chapter to be just them.

    Looking forward to what comes next very much but hope you might revisit Scott, Mitch, Jase, Colin and Alex at some point in the future.

  4. Charlie, I really enjoyed this chapter and thought it was a good ending. I love how you dovetailed Jase & Mitch, Scott & Mitch, and Alex & Colin. However, I have to say I agree with the 10:58 a.m. post with respect to Mitch and Jase. Those two together are still a couple of my favorite characters of yours.

    Also, you need to post chapter 9 of Scott and Mitch (it is on Nifty, but not here).

    Lastly, glad to hear your wrist is getting better. Were you doing "research" for your rugby story?


  5. I agree with the 11:18 a.m. post that it doesn't feel like the end.
    Wanted more of Scott and Mitch

  6. Glad you all liked these characters. The truth is, I got kind of tired writing about Mitch and I didn't really know where to go with Jase anymore. I know it wasn't a solid ending, but I figured it would be better to say, "The End" then leaving you wondering if I would continue.
    I've got some new ideas and hopefully some new character for you guys to fall in love with.